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Peter Parker scratched his left wrist harshly. Peter examined his action thouroughly, he had left a red smudge on his wrist. It was only a week ago when he was bit by the Super Spider during his class field trip. The organic web that was embedded in his wrists are always fresh and would give off an itchy sensation. Peter knew he had to deal with his new abilities and get used to his new body.

He also kept in mind what his uncle Ben said about power. He must be responsible with how he decides to use this curse, this gift. And what came up as a reply was the birth of the Friendly Spider-Man. He was known all around New York city as a crook, hero, vigilante, heck, anything. But no matter what, Peter will always face hard decision when it comes with doing the right thing, even if the odds are not in his turf, his web turf.

Peter wore the typical blue jeans, running shoes, and a plain white shirt. Peter would normally wear glasses, but since the spider bite, his vision was enhanced which enabled him to see even better than 20/20 vision. The Seventeen year old sat on a bench and watched a marvel from the past. In front of him was what was once a living carnivore, a Tyrannosaurus rex. Peter had always been fascinated with these creatures. Anything with a lomg name had always fascinated Peter. He's persona of a nerd is what you see outside, but in the inside, the truth lies more that can't be told. Who knows what would happen if people knew who Peter has been plsying as. Swinging around the city, fighting criminals, saving civilains.

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Amanda Duran, or Frigid or most, was walking through the Museum of History in New York city. She usually stayed away from large crowds or cities for that matter but this time she made an exception. Today they were going to show off the Red Ruby of King Tutune, which was said to be worth at least one million dollars. Unable to give up the opportunity she came to New York. As she continued to walk around and look at all the exhibits she paused for a moment to look up at some dinosaur skeletons, when she was a child she was always fascinated by them, on how large they were and powerful. She then chuckled to herself. "Foolish creatures, look at you now." She said as she shift her black jacket she was wearing over her body and continued to walk through. With every step she took the hills of her shoes could be heard, she could feel her heart beat faster as she looked ahead to see a crowd of people gathering around an item.

"There." Frigid said as she stood behind an older man and looked over his shoulder. She looked down to see the Rubi sitting there in its case. "It looks so lonely." She said with an evil smile as she then backed away slowly. She then lift her hands slowly up in front of her and took a deep breath in. She began to slowly freeze the oxygen in the room. At first people didnt notice it until it was too late, not one of them were able to even get a cry for help out by the time they figured out what was going on. With people now passed out from lack of oxygen she stepped over their bodies and made her way to the ruby. "Hello beautiful." She said as she placed each of her hands against the glass case and froze it along with any electrical wiring inside the stand. She then lift the glass over the ruby and looked at it for a second. Within another second she opened up her left hand and started to create an ice item that looked almost just like the ruby itself, only difference was that it was white, instead of red. She then picked up her ruby and slipped it inside her pocket as she then replaced it with the fake. She quickly put the glass case over it and turned around to make her way out, that is she would have if a security guard wasn't passing through at that moment.

"FREEZE!" He yelled out as he pointed a gun at her.

"Freeze?" She asked with a smile.

"Just put your hands above your head and freeze!" He said as his gun began to shake from being nervous.

"Like this?"
She rose her hands above her hand with a sly smile on her face.

"Good, now drop to the ground!"
He said as he lowered his gun to the ground to show her.

"You guards are so demanding, you know that?" Frigid said as she knelt down to the ground, but as soon as her hand touched the ground, she sent a wave of ice across it and towards the guard. Before he knew it his legs were frozen solid to the ground.

"Hey, Hey!" He yelled out in panic as the ice then traveled from his legs, to his waist, abdomen, chest and then up to his head, freezing him solid.

Frigid smiled as she stood back up and walked over to her ice masterpiece and ran her fingers across his face. "Thank you for the ruby." she then walked off making her way to the exit of the building with the ruby in her pocket. She smiled as she figured that no one else saw this, because of no alarms or other guards running around. "That was too easy."

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Peter stood up to read a large golden block planted on the base of the T-rex skeleton. He read a summary of the location where the bones were found, how many bones were retrieved, and the possibility of how this creature died. It said the creature may of died due to a much larger dinosaur, herbivour, falling on its head, crushing it. It was a sad way to die, even for this great creauture. Peter looked at his watch, it was 2:06 P.M, so it meant it was time to go to the carnival, just as Peter and his friend Mary Jane had planned. He couldn't afford missing it, again. She would hate me if I did.

Peter walked out of the exhibit and passed the exhibit of American History, Mythology, Art, until he stopped at a balcony. There seemed to be no one around here, no talking or anything. Above in the balcony, Peter could see a woman walking away with an object. It was probably from the museum. whatever she was doing she was going to walk off with something.

Peter ducked down, with his head partially visible. Since there was no one around to see him, it was a perfect time to change to his alter ego. Peter took pulled his blue jeans off and white shirt off. Under the clothing articles he was wearing his spider-Man suit. It was blue and red, with thin black threads that would make the suit look like it was covered with cobwebs. Peter pulled out his mask and set it above his head. He could look through two large eye openings from the inside, but no one could see his eyes from the outside. Under his armpits, there were webs attached to the suit's material, making it look authentic. It took him days to complete the process of his suit.

"Okay, here I go."

The Friendly Spider-Man launched his to legs off the hardwood floor, and off of the balcony. His spider jump allowed him to fly twenty feet across the exit room. He was only inches from crashing on the wall, but was able to shoot a line of web, by moving his hand position a certain manner. The line shot out from his left wrist and hit the ceiling above. He was ten feet away from the ceiling and twent from the floor below. He was hanging for a second, but then turned his body upside down, still holding the web line with his left hand. He crossed his two feet around the line, still upside down and then grabbed the web line with his right hand. His form was similar to a yo yo. This move was called the spider yo yo.

The Suspect was walking towards the door. Spider-Man made the web line longer, by using the same hand posture and slowly began making his way down, but enough to stop in front of the woman. Spider-Man stopped right in front of the woman, a few feet away from her face. He looked at her face in the opposite side, since he was still the human yo yo.

"Sorry there, ma'am. I need that back."

Spider-Man let his right hand free from holding the web line and aimed at the obect in her possession. He fired an inticrate web at the valuable object, attempting to pull it from her.

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Everything was going to plan, she made it New York in one piece she got into the museum without any trouble and she managed to get the ruby, well, almost. As Frigid was only about ten feet away from the exit a man in a red, blue and black spandex costume fell from above her and in front of her.

"Sorry there, ma'am. I need that back." A young male voice came from behind the mask.

Frigid jumped up in surprise as she gave a small yelp.She took a few steps back. She looked down at her hands to see her ruby gone and into the hands of the wanna be spider person. Her cold blue eyes stared him down as she grit her teeth in anger. "For what? Dont you heroes work for free?" She said as she then held out her right hand to the side. With a quick flick of her wrist a changed ice whip formed in her hand. She swung it around a couple of times as the end of the whip formed a sharp pointed ice blade. She then swung it around her head as she then shot it out, a loud whip snap was heard as she then attempted to hit the ruby out of his own hand. Before her ice whip could even touch the floor she swung it once more this time she snapped it at his web that was holding him up, trying to cut him down.

Within another second the whip was then slowly absorbed back into her body. This time with her left hand she created four tri-star blade ninja stars. One by one she threw them at him with a dead aim. One went flying at his chest, the other aiming for his neck, the third going for his right arm and the fourth one trying to get into his left leg. As soon as her last star flew from her hand, Frigid then pulled off her jacket and threw it to the side as she clapped her hands together. As soon as she did this a armor of black ice formed around her body, covering every inch of her except for her head. The armor was slick, and cold, as jagged edges were formed upon her outer part of her arms and legs. She then lift her hands in front of her as sharp ice claws formed around her fingers. She smiled evilly as she looked back up at the hero.

"Winner takes all?" She said as she got into a defensive stance.

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After becoming known to the startled woman, she let out a yelp. I guess she never heard of the Friendly Spider-Man. Her daunting blue eyes struck Spider-Man with an uneasy feeling. She gave an angry look at him. Peter has never seen a woman so worked up about something. It was probably valuable to her.

"For what? Dont you heroes work for free?"

Answering Spider-Man's statement, Peter had to respond next.

"It's not yours. What is it with you crooks stealing in museums. No matter how many times you try, I'll be there to stop you. Maybe you should do something that will be worth your time, like selling lemonade in a lemonade stand?"

Suddenly, with her right hand, the woman was able to create a whip of some sort out of ice. Uh oh. This is another super villain. She made the whip swing a few times, the first time creating a sharp end to the whip, then trying to knock the ruby out of Spider-Man's grasp. She was successful, as Spider-Man lost the ruby and recieved a cut from the whip.

The ruby fell just below him. But before he could retrieve it, the whip snapped the line that was keeping him from falling to the floor. He was quick enough, thanks to his spider abilities to move his left hand palm right on the ground, leaving his body in the air, with legs up. With rapid speed, the woman with ice powers projected ice with star shapes and threw them towards Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man's spider senses kicked in, allowing him to be aware when to evade. With his quick spider speed, he would bend the elbow holding his body from touching the ground, which could make him create a power thrust.

With the thrust, he bolted up. Two starts missed him easily, the third was only thre inches from making a mark on his neck, the fourth was able to clip his the right side of his left headcap.


He felt a sharp stinging feeling on his head. The star was able to rip a small patch off from Spider-Man's mask, with his brown hair sticking out through the hole. The human spider was still in the air, until he his feet hit the ceiling. Thanks to the hairs in his body that were given to him, he could crawl and walk on walls. He was looking down at the ruby, that was just below him and far from his reach. He fired another web line at the ruby and recovered it once more. He caught it with his right hand as it came to his reach. With his left hand, he covered it with web, sticking it to the ceiling so the woman would not get it.

Spider-Man spun backwards from the ceiling where he stood, positioning himself in a manner that when he would land in front of the woman, he would be facing her and not be upside down. He landed easily, but in a crouching positions, just a few feet away from the exit door. She was not leaving this place. The woman began form a black armor around her body but her head, and this got Peter worried. Sorry MJ, I'm not gonna make it again. With sharp ice claws, she would intemedate Peter even more.

"Winner takes all?"

This was another challenge, and it seems like it happens everytime something good happens. How could I ever impress MJ? Maybe telling her I'm Spider-Man....no.

"Fine by me, but let's hurry, I have a friend I need to meet in a few."

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"It's not yours. What is it with you crooks stealing in museums. No matter how many times you try, I'll be there to stop you. Maybe you should do something that will be worth your time, like selling lemonade in a lemonade stand?" The hero said as if trying to upset the frozen villain.

"Lemonade? Is that the best you could come up with?" She chuckled. "Leave it to a hero to say such things."

Frigid smiled as she watched the hero drop the ruby, just like she wanted him to. As her second attack with her whip went after him, she watched as he managed to keep his balance as he landed on the ground, he moved with such grace as he did this she became a bit jealous. "Damn heroes, always showing off." She said to herself as she then let go of her ninja stars. She watched him move his body, dodging three of her four stars, but allowing one to cut through the top of his mask.

"Agh!" He cried out as his brown hair was reviled.

"You know, I pictured you as a blond." Frigid said as she saw him pick up the ruby off of the ground and stuck it up on the ceiling, as if trying to make sure she didnt get it. She sighed as she rubbed her hands together, she knew this was going to be an interesting fight.

"Fine by me, but let's hurry, I have a friend I need to meet in a few." She heard him speak after she asked him her question.

"Oh, I'm sorry, am I making you late for a date?" Frigid asked as caring as she could, her eyes looking at him as if she was sorry for what she did. She then paused for a moment as if giving the hero a chance to respond as she then evilly laughed out. "Well too bad!" she then shot her left hand out in front of her. As soon as she did this a wave of white ice shot from her ice like claws and at the hero. If this hit him it would freeze his right wrist completely, making it impossible to shoot out his webline from it. With her right hand she then touched a pillar next to her. This caused a wave of white frost to form around the pillar and climb up to the ceiling were the ruby was, the web that was holding it froze instantly and crumbled from the cold. The ruby then came falling down from above as Frigid then jumped up and cough it with her hands. As she landed on the ground she turned her back to the hero as she smiled and gently ran her fingers across her treasure. 'Cant let him try and get it again.' she said as she then placed the ruby on her left shoulder, the ruby was then encased in ice onto her armor. If the hero wanted it now, he would have to literally kill her for it.

She then turned back around and lift her right hand in front of her as ice started to form in her hand, taking shape of a throwing dagger. With a smile she threw the dagger at him, it flew towards his abdomen, slicing through the air, however when it was only three feet away she snapped her fingers of her right hand, this caused the dagger to break apart into ten mini daggers, still flying at his body. She then stomped her foot on the ground making the ground become in cased with a clear coat of ice, making it super slippery with those who do not have her power or any type of snow shoes on.

"Common Spider boy, I'm waiting."
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Spider-Man was still crouching down. His foe's comment about MJ hurt him, but he could manage. He had to keep it together and stop this person. This would be no easy task, but he has to try not to fail.

"I take you as a person who had a knack with playing princess Barbie too much in your freezer?"

The woman began to laugh and then put her hand in front of herself and fired a wave of ice towards Spider-Man. Spider-Man's spider sense kicked in once again, still in crouching position, he fired two web lines at the ceiling, pulling himself up before he could get hit. As he was moving up, the villain threw a dagger she created out of ice and threw it, trying to hit Spider-Man's abdomen.

Spider-Man was ready to evade it, since he was able to see it. But suddenly, a burst made the one single dagger into ten smaller pices. still in the air, Spider-Man's spider senses warned him. Peter let go of the two web lines he was holding with both hands and put his two arms in font of him, crossed together. seven of the ten small daggers made mark on his arms.

Peter began to bleed once more, landing on his knees below. He was breathing hard and did not move for a bit. He was way in over his head this time. There is no way to beat her. He looked up. This villain was able to retrieve the ruby into her hands now, by using her powers to get it. And now, she placed it into her armor suit. Bummer for Spider-Man. Spider-Man was on her turf.

Spider-Man stood up slowly and brushed the daggers off of his arms, by using each arms to brush at a time to take them out. He looked at the cold woman. He took one step forward and slipped. He fell on his face. The floor is slippery and is covered in ice, bummer yet again.

"Common Spider boy, I'm waiting."

Spider-Man began to panic after hearing her words. Get it together Parker. There must be some way to stop her or at least handicap her some way. Think, think, think......wait. Spider-Man lifted his head up to look at the walls and the ceiling, then the villain. Think spider. Still laying on the floor, Spider-Man shot two web lines once more at the ceilings, sending him up as he was about to a while ago until he was stopped by the daggers.

This time, he had made it. His feet were on the ceiling again like before. This time he was focused. He prepared for a web frenzy. On the ceiling where his feet kept him stable from falling, he began to fire web lines like crazy on every wall inside this room. He was shooting three web lines per second on each wrist. He made sure to cover the doors with web first, so there could be no escape for either of them. Spider-Man did not stop. There were over fifty web lines in the room now, none made contact with the villain. It was not meant to.

Now Spider-Man could move safely. He jumped off from the ceiling and onto a web line, where thanks to his spider powers, he could balance himself when he walks on the thin web. He was above the villain, only ten feet away from her. Spider-Man walked towards her, but not right at her since he was above her, only fifteen feet up. He continued to shoot web, calmly walking. He was increasing the number of webs in the room to over a hundred. He stopped as he was just above her. He looked at all available lightbulbs, anything that could generate light. He fired web balls at them, breaking them, until the room was pitch black.

This is my turf now. Luckily for Spider-Man, his spider senses could allow him to sense beings around when everything is dark. It's not his that helps him see, it's his powers. While as far as he knew, the villain could not see in the dark. Spider-Man did not talk, and tried to breathe softly. He thought there could be a sense of fear of not being able to see. With this, it may cause the villain to panic and make a mistake using her powers. It was just what he wanted her to do. Spider-Man stood in the same web line for a moment, then changed to one above him and moved south of the villain's position. He could sense her and fired ten web balls right at the foe, then moving to another web line above the one he was on, now east from the foe.

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"I take you as a person who had a knack with playing princess Barbie too much in your freezer?" He joked.

"Barbie? Hell no! That little slut wasnt worth playing with, I blew up GI Joes for fun!" She said as she shot out her ice at him. She watched as he managed to dodge out of the way by shooting up to the ceiling, only to get hit by her exploding dagger and falling to the ground and onto his knees.

"So you are only flesh and blood, GOOD this will make it even more fun." She said as she watched him slip on the icy floor below him. She chuckled and laughed at him. "Need some ice skates sweetie?" She asked as she then watched as he made it back up to the ceiling.

This time when he was up there, he started to shoot webs around her like crazy. Each of them covered any way of exiting the building and ditching the fight, but not just her, HE was now stuck inside the building with her. She ducked under some of the webbing and shift her body a bit, trying not to let the sticky web touch her. She then realized what he was doing. Long strands of web covered the entire area around them. He would be able to walk freely upon them, without having to touch the ground.

"Smart." she said as she watched him jump down onto the line. She had to lift her head up just slightly so she could see him, he was above her about fifteen feet up and ten feet away. She got into a fighting stance getting ready for what he could throw at her. He then shot out more webs while walking, more than a hundred lines were around them. This made almost no room for her to move around in. Very bad for her indeed. Before she could do anything the lights went out, and the room turned black.

"Oh snap..." She said to herself as she knew this was going to be some trouble. She stood still for a moment as she then heard a faint sound of almost.... a swishing noise from behind her. Before she could react to it ten balls of almost mush smashed into her back. She stumbled forward only to bump into a bunch of web line. She yelled in frustration as she then created a sword into her right and left hand and began to swung around her, cutting down any line that was withing five feet of her. Without the light she couldn't see what she was doing. She could feel the web cling to her back as she then powered down. Her body temperature lowering until the web crumbled from freezing and broke off of her and onto the ground. She growled as she then absorbed her sword in her left hand back into her body as she then rose it into the air. She then took a deep breath and relaxed, as she let her breath out the oxygen around her began to freeze, covering thirty feet up and around her. She knew that the spider boy wouldn't be able to live without oxygen, just like all human cant. She then smashed her fist into the ground, as she did this spikes of ice formed around her on the ground, sticking up three feet from the ground. If the hero were to ever fall down on the ground, he would fall to his almost certain doom. She then moved around a little bit, the ice spikes dissipating were she was stepping and forming were she left. Even though there were spikes, they were still ice, she would be able to control them upon command.

"Common little spider, come out play!"
She said as she then threw out ten ice ninja stars once more, even though it was dark and she couldnt see, she knew throwing them would have to at LEAST cut down a few of those lines, making it harder for him to move around.