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I know that there a couple of Role players that like to lay low and not joining any team. I was just wondering if Anyone had a RP Idea that would like to share?

I'm not new. Just my Character.

My character.
My character comes from the future and is trying to kill everyone who has any relation to his enemies in the future. Why? Because they killed his teammates who were his only family. So he came to this present to try and do what the Terminators were trying to do to John Connor kill him in the past so he wouldn't exist in the future.

Anything else you need to know is in my page . Now anyone has a good Idea that don't end up in the unfinished RP list and that is actually interesting?

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hmm...who are you usually known as from everyone?

If you want to hear one of mine, i'll give it a shot.

My character
A demon god turned mortal, lost most of his powers and is working on getting back his original status.

So...what happens when he needed to go back to an alternate time line and decided to do what he does best. However..........something followed him. One of his experiment was a seed that grew with the nutrients from pollution, garbage, rats, worms, anything that is evil. (kinda like spawn) Anyway, as it grows stronger, it takes a form of a humanoid and starts gathering the hunger from humans. Soon, his presence was noticed and you team set up to attack. However, with the consciousness and the instincts of an intelligent wild beast, it escaped and went to look for something that is drawing him to it. A crystal, an artifacts that houses the essence of left over dead demons, angels, humans and what not. As he rampages through the city, it grows stronger while looking for the crystal.

The thing is, you guys gotta stop him before he reaches it. And if he reaches it....

Well, that's the gist of it. what do you think?