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Pro Log 

 The world as we knew had be torn beneath are feet, hell did rise on earth and mere mortals could only watch as their lives sat in the balance of a child. Families where torn apart, the leaders of countries fell lifeless to the floor and all the human race could do was die in the coming flames. Watching as heroes struggled to find their place and take up arms, the lucky ones where saved from the flames. But what they bore witness to was something different. They watched with open eyes as the line was drawn in sand at the pentagon. But it was not the Titans, Ice or even the U.S Army. Their hopes had fallen on the shoulders of villains. For a moment they watched as they stood fighting the final battle against a beast of unbeatable odds. Then he came the nightmare that they had all seen. But in that nightmare he also brought hope, a hope that they had thought was lost. People watched on their screens, listened on the radio’s and before them the world began to change, the demons vanished and the children awoke, dead family members returned and yet their leaders still lay dead.

Some saw it as freedom and others saw fear before them, but in that day they where all happy to be alive with their families. But change sat in the air, everything they knew had changed and in that hour of need they turned to their saviors. 

Press Conference spokes person for the American Government:

“The president and vice president are dead; this is a sad day in American history and the world. But let me assure you that steps are under way to reestablish our government and our country.”

The room remained silent for a moment and a single hand broke the ever growing tide of reporters, the world wanted knowledge, they needed to be reassured that the turmoil was over, fear had entered their hearts as other countries had already started to piece back their governments, how long would it take before one of their enemies took this chance .

Excuse me, Angela Smith the times.” The man behind the podium nodded “ What if anything can the government do now, we have been broken, there is no heads of state no congress men or generals to take over from what can only be called this disaster.”

The man took a moment before he replied “All of what you have said is true, but this will take time before we can fully rebuild, ranks can be promoted and are military forces are working on that as we speak, by the end of this week, this countries defenses will be back to full strength, as for leadership that is an issue that shall be addressed, we are in close contact with the United Kingdom and their new prminister.”

Before he could finish the women spoke again “With all due respect the armies where unable to stop this from happening! Will we be following the route of the United Kingdom and electing a hero to take the place of the President and why did none of them come to are aid.”

As I said steps are being taken place to make sure this type of event can never happen, as for the leader of this great country, well that is not for me to decide. I must remind everyone that the world was in chaos and some meta humans did come to help, remember this was not just a battle on our fair land but was one for the whole of humanity, The heroes did what they could. But right now we have to look for hope and for that we will be turning to those who saved us when others failed, those willing to push on and fight no matter what the outcome. No more questions” he left the podium and walked the halls that had been fixed by Final Arrow’s magic as he passed onto other life. Reaching the end of the hall the man stopped realizing he had nowhere to go and report, no longer did he have to inform the president and everyone was looking to him for answers that he did not have.

Washington had been put under marshal law as had most of the country to prevent riots, people can be just as bad as demons when they had the chance. Even the military where questioning what to do, but what ever the Presidents aid had to do he had to do it fast before a power struggle took hold of America. Picking up his phone he began typing in the pentagons direct line. “I don’t care who is there, I want someone to contact me to Gambler, I know that’s not his real name,” and from there the world began to reform. 

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This is a cannon rp following on from the events of All Hell.        
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The light shone through the pale curtains, beaming red across her eyelids she smiled as he bent down to kiss her goodbye, pushing her chair closer to the bed as he left.  The front door closed gently and seconds later she heard the Chevvy roar alive and drive off down the street. Stretching she pulled her misfits shirt down over her panties, placing her hands on the bed as she shuffled her butt across to the edge. Reaching down to grab her pyjama bottoms she felt a pain shoot across her upper back breathing through her teeth she rested for a moment before making the effort to pull her pants on. Shuffling across to her chair hissing as the cold bars hit her arms, reaching round to grab his hoodie she threw it on and wheeled out to the kitchen, flicking on the kettle and toaster of their redesigned kitchen she grabbed the remote and threw the news on as she set about making breakfast. The house had survived the invasion due to Mikes amazing ideas for their protection, underground and above the house was well managed and structurally unbreakable.

Ever since she was stabbed in the spine and lost all use of her legs he has been overbearingly cautious of her safety, not until recently was she able to finally break out and get back to what she does best, research and training. Her services offered out to people who needed them, she was mainly Mikes support system but , ately old friends has asked for her support as well as people she had met through her work with the government.

Chucking the remote on the bench as she wheeled to get the milk she idly listened to the Governments new spokesperson, banging out about what was to come next she knew most of it already, through Mikes work with W.A.R she was well aware of what the combat plans where after the invasion. Hell was opened and her niece had reigned havoc on an otherwise innocent world, men she had files miles long on had saved them all though, it was strange the way Gambler had stepped forth and taken the lead on so much after the incident. Her data had shown her long ago he was not way to swing for the good guys. Rina had disappeared supposedly taken away by Gambler after the demon Final Arrow had been killed; she had no idea where she was but intended on finding her and her sister in time.

Excuse me, Angela Smith the times.”   Looking up at the sound of one of her many contacts on the Times she watched as Angela did her thing, that girl could seduce a snake into rolling over. Pushing her crimson bangs out of her eyes she pushed her glasses further up as she watched the man squirm her eyebrows narrowing with every word.

“With all due respect the armies where unable to stop this from happening! Will we be following the route of the United Kingdom and electing a hero to take the place of the President and why did none of them come to are aid.”

As I said steps are being taken place to make sure this type of event can never happen, as for the leader of this great country, well that is not for me to decide. I must remind everyone that the world was in chaos and some meta humans did come to help, remember this was not just a battle on our fair land but was one for the whole of humanity, The heroes did what they could. But right now we have to look for hope and for that we will be turning to those who saved us when others failed, those willing to push on and fight no matter what the outcome. No more questions” 

Nodding at his response she was not surprised, Mike had left that morning to go deal with them, his work on W.A.R part of the rebuild, but she worried that his small community would be pushed aside during all of this. The kettle whistling in her ear broke her from her reverie, pouring the water over the soft grains of coffee she heard the siren from her room and pulled out to the lift in the main hallway.

To say Soverign Son was a good husband was an understatement, nothing but the best for his lady. Using his contacts and financing from W.A.R he had set his wife up with the very best of all communication and the latest in computer technology, her workroom as he called it was framed with giant screens linked to several servers and programs, all designed for her to research and support her teams in the fields. The buzzing continued as she slipped on her headset and flicked a switch and smiled as her husband’s voice rocked down the system “hears the BS he was prattling honey?” smiling as he prattled on she checked her emails as she spoke to him “any idea who he has in mind Mike?” laughing came down the line “it’s who we expected, and I have to run babe talk soon” as she switched off she looked over her list of items for the day and made a note to contact Sha about the new recruits as well as researching Gambler. They had an eye on him and something was not right, the crippled woman sipped her coffee as her screens flashed off her glasses.   

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Just after the ‘All hell’ events

‘Soldiers, arm yourselves and get ready to defend the base from more attacks’. The voice of the commanding officer sounded resolute until the weakened voice from Emile undermined his. ‘no..’. He was weakened by the use of his magic and the relentless attacks of the demons. Soldiers supported his bleeding body. But he could still sense the world around him. The demons had left the world returning to their rightful place in hell. The world had been taken over by a tremendous power far exceeding his own. It put everything back into place, healed people but even this mysterious power couldn’t heal everything. These attacks had left the world with a large scar, one that would remind people for all times what transpired here this day. His mind was snapped back to reality by the officer’s demanding voice ‘Hey! I asked you something, who the hell are you to undermine my orders’. Precise simply looked at the general before breaking away from the two soldier allowing the prideful man to stand for itself. ‘The demons are gone, they’re not coming back. Our first priority is to help those people who are still buried underneath the rubble’. The commanding officer looked at him in disbelieve ‘Look, I appreciate what you’ve done here but this army is under my command’. One of the sergeants stepped forward and motioned for his soldiers to follow him before turning back to the general. ‘Sorry general, that guy is right, we need to help those people’.

The general yelled out in anger ‘You’re disobeying orders sergeant, you’ll be court-martialled for this’.  The sergeant simply looked and smiled at the general ‘By whom?’. Ironically he was right. By whom indeed? The world was left without leaders after this hellish event, it was weakened. Precise knew as no other that this would be a perfect time for any man who had a craving for power to strike. As a matter of fact, if he didn’t follow his new path in life he would have done it himself.

The people around him that had helped to fight of the demons were scattered throughout the compound. They were all dealing with their losses in their own way, some sought comfort in the arms of their loved ones, other in the arms of the soldiers lacking a family after these events. ‘Emile..’ the soft saddened voice from his sister whispered behind him, her eyes were filled with tears mourning the loss of her son. He was at a loss for words as he couldn’t even bear to look at her, turning his head away from her. ‘I’m sorry Emma.. I failed you..’.  A slap of her hand hit his cheek with enough force to make his head swing to the left. ‘How dare you! Haven’t you learned anything? You saved us, all of us here today!’. Her voice was filled with anger. Confused Precise looked up to her ‘… I couldn’t save your son..’. Emma grabbed his face and looked into his eyes just as he wanted to turn his eyes away from hers. ‘That wasn’t your fault. That was the fault of those…. things’. She clenched her fists together in rage. Precise grabbed them gently in his hands. ‘I’ll stop those whoever did this, I won’t let this happen again. I promise’.

Days later

For days he had been working trying to alleviate the pain Rina left behind on the world. Helping wherever he could, wetter it was clearing rubble from the streets so help could drive through them  or comfort peoples minds. Messages from the shattered governments were everywhere on the media, all of them talked about how a stronger government would rise. But none seemed to care about the people that lived inside their countries. The government talked of the strong people that saved the world and how everyone should turn to them. ‘Foolish’ He thought. What the world needed now was aid to get through these times. Not relying on others to do it for them. The hero community knew this and did their part to help those in need. In recent times he had joined the ranks of the ICE-Dragons. They were scattered throughout the world all helping the people in their own ways.
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"Are you girls in it?". Those were the last words Stella spoke before commencing in battle to help a dare friend of hers, a "sister". "Somethings not right, my cards are telling me that new doors are opening, but old doors are closing." Aradia spoke with such fright in her voice, "What are you talking about, your not making sense gypsy!" the armored beauty named Titania commented. "My Death cards say death is upon us while the Wheels of Fortune means new beginnings, so it means: Someone is going to die, but that person's death is also the start of something new, something I don't know as of yet, a powerful spell is keeping me from breaching further." the elegant gypsy said, "We have to hurry, if this person is going to die, then I have a bad feeling of who it is." the voice of Stella became raspy. Her thoughts were only the concern of Maddie also known as Lady Redhead. The three girls conjoined their hands with one another, creating a circle, "Transportus Viorga." the girls disappeared from their current location to anew.

Appearing at the location of her friend, Stella saw the body of her sister, "Not you Maddie....." tears slowly dripped from her blue eyes, looking her head down, her lovely blonde hair conceal her face, "I'm so sorry." she whispered. Walking forward, towards her bloody friend, with a simple hand seal, creating a time-stopping spell "Domenzo Totalis.", every person in her immediate surrounding froze, the only movement was that of a young witch, crying out in pain of her friend. Holding the dead body in her lap, the crimson red blood stained her white attire, tears drip on the lifeless body of Maddie's head. Placing her hands on Maddie's forehead, Stella sensed the faint psychic residual energy, like a old newspaper, the caused of her death was by her own daughter, Rina. "Why Rina why?" she questioned herself, slowly moving her hand down Maddie's face, Stella closed her friend's eyes, which stared aimlessly to the void, "Sleep now dear sister, someday you'll rise.".


A new day, sun light shine bright over the world, with the death of friend, Stella was still traumatize with the event that had happen, but the scarred left by Rina on Earth was more serious. There were no signs of any demons or Rina, the gates of hell closed. Stella, Contessa, and Scarlet awaited patiently, the three witches soon witness half of the speech made by the spokes person, “As I said steps are being taken place to make sure this type of event can never happen, as for the leader of this great country, well that is not for me to decide. I must remind everyone that the world was in chaos and some meta humans did come to help, remember this was not just a battle on our fair land but was one for the whole of humanity, The heroes did what they could. But right now we have to look for hope and for that we will be turning to those who saved us when others failed, those willing to push on and fight no matter what the outcome. No more questions.”. "Where are you G?" Stella said in her head, as she remembered she had saw Gambler taking Rina with him in her dream. The three girls are then puzzled at which is about to happen.
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Few Days after Events of All Hell

"This place smells like the filth that swell within this damned city." Jake looks around the bar wondering why he is even considering what was asked of him, that damn witch took away any seniority he would have had being his age when she forced him to take her life. Hissing at the bar he slams a glass down an snaps his fingers for the bartender, the halfbreed lycan walks up and asks what he wants "I want the pure blood over their, get lost you f@#king mongrel." the lycan slams his fist and leans forward quick only to have a clawed hand over his throat "I am in a VERY pissy mood boy, be wise to shut the f@#k up an do as your told like a good little pet." The lycan growls low and turns around tapping a pale womans shoulder who walks over to Jake "You are a prick you know that? If thats how your going to talk to my husband then you can leave." Jake gestures for her to come closer to him whispering "I have a secret." she leans closer and with a snarl he grabs her head and slams it hard onto the bar holding it down while hissing into her ear "I am your f@#king senior you little whore. Making your ways with a mongrel like him." he gestures to the lycan halfbreed who leaps over the bar towards him. 
Without looking Jake swings a revolver out of his waistband and fires once, a silver bullet slamming into his forehead. Jake moves closer to the vampiress "Your hubby wont die, only be brain dead for a few months while that heals. I aimed carefully, I have enough of his kind on my ass in this century I dont need anymore. Now be a good little whore an get me real f@#king blood." he lets go of her head an she scowls at him.  Cracking his neck he brings out a little radio "Gambler....I am thinking this was a guy pulling our chains. No one here but a few halfbreeds and a lot of traitors to their kind. I will be..." sniffing the air Jake turns around quickly to have his own head slammed into the table. Hissing "One moment Gumbo, Ill get back with you." clicking the radio off he talks to his attacker "You will remove your disgusting hand from my head before you loose it." The hand is removed and sets onto the counter, staring at the long claws as they tap on the counter Jake lays his head for a moment before bringing it up.
"Viktor so very nice to see you. Kill anymore of your kind through blind ignorance lately?" Jake says with a toothy grin as Viktor glares at Jake "So you going to just going to stare at me all f@#king night or are you going to tell me what you hailed me here for? OR has speech been something your filthy breed has lost over the years. Has your species begun de-evolution already?"Jake takes his new drink and sips it waiting for the Lycans answer.
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Date – Time: 6:20 am
Location: Downtown, Manhattan

Crimson red, the color of blood swirled inside his glass with rhythmic texture. Château Pétrus was made almost entirely from Merlot grape. One of the most highly sought after wine in the world, and perhaps the most expensive drinks in the world, now sat unceremoniously on the tabletop, dripping liquid from the corner of the table. Having lost love for such small pleasure he so sought after since he arrived on this small planet, Verlieren  took off with a sigh, locking the door behind him. His white dress shirt was clean and ironed, which went well along with his gray pants. This man has a thin, slender body. His tense body had not a speck of flab on it. It was an athlete’s body, just barely making the weight class. Yet, he does not seem weak because of a peculiar, uncouth taste he possesses. He emits vitality. A vibrant, bestial vitality underneath that human form. He could help, Verlieren reasoned, but his...unique appearance would only cause more harm then good. And humans who fell underneath the arms of true despair, loosing all hope would only look for a target.

It was only ten minutes later he found himself on the busy, devastated streets of Manhattan. It was busy, people screaming in pain from the aftereffects of the invasion, lost. Dirty, tired yet still determined to survive at all costs, these humans were few and far. Some were broken, eyes beyond help, dead. He could feel their plight, yet as he watched, humans of all types lingering here and there, walking to and fro helping those in need. He watched from an entirely different perspective, and it was breathtaking.   
Dawn was under way, the light of a new day appeared, chasing away the darkest corners of shadows that dared fed upon the lost hopes of those who lost their loved ones. It was a new hope, a new day. Forgoing all intentions, Verlieren stepped inside a coffee shop nearby, unsure as slight hesitation cheeped in. It was lightly populated, most of the tables having already been taken by the few that survived and helping the injured while the workers gave out free coffee. They were watching the news with vested interest, indeed, an important event by an individual brought new hope to these people. Verlieren could see it in their eyes, determination burning bright. Few got in his way as he passed through the small narrow crowd, after having placed his order for black coffee. It was only luck to have caught the last table for himself. Verlieren sat down and carefully placed his coffee on the table and watched life passing by, surreal.    
Verlieren wondered what his team was doing. 
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Laying on his bed in the Veritas HQ known as "The Castle", Pulsar reflected over the events of recent past. Just twenty-four hours ago the world was in complete amd utter chaos. It was as if every creature from the pits of hell made earth their new stomping grounds. And in their initial bid for power killed over two millions people worldwide. The world was rocked to it's core. And in the earth's time of need, her champions came to her aid. All around the world resistance cells fought the demons. In europe, In Africa, In Asia, and most of all in the United States. Just thinking about it brought the stench of the demons to mind. It was enough to me him want to vomit, but in times of war any momentary slip could cost you your life. And no other Group had figured that out as much as Veritas. Even though most of the members were new, it shouldn't have played out the way it did. Now, Rico was in the infirmary, Despair was trapped in hell, and in a play to get her back Kurrent had given up his powers for the chance to brave the fiery pits of hell once more to save her. This had to be the worst twenty-four hours in the history of Veritas.  
Laying his right hand along the handle of the sledgehammer that laid beside him, Pulsar couldn't help but think of Despair. It was no big secret amongst the members of Veritas that Pulsar had been involved with many infamous characters in the past. For a while, he was even thought of as a super villain. Pulsar never liked the label. It was too limited for him. He was simply someone who did as they pleased with the power they posessed. And many of the members of Veritas made it aware they they would never trust him. Even Kurrent shyed away from sending him on missions alone. The only one who never questioned him was Despair. She had been his only friend on the team. And now that she was gone, the HQ had gotten an awful lot more lonely. Swinging his legs over the left side of the bed, The man who once styled himself as "The Next Big Thing" let everything go away as the cold chill of the steel floor against his bare feet brought him out of his fog and back to reality. 
Jumping up from the bed and walking towards the full length mirror he kept in his room, Pulsar looked at the ripped togs that were once his Veritas uniform and smiled. At was one hell of a fight, but he had fought it stupidly. Maybe if he had been there, just maybe, things wouldn't have gone so wrong. There was also the possibility that he would have been just as useless as everyone else who had when along. Running his fingers against the clawed remains of his togs, Pulsar could visualize the warehouses were it all went down. He was alone in the trenches. The demons were all around him and he was hurting. Forcing his fist through the mirror was no effort whatsoever, Pulsar shook those thoughts out his mind. He had survived like he always had. He was strong and fast and willing to do whatever it took to be the last man standing. This time was no different. Pulling his hand from the mirror, Pulsar smiled. Veritas would get stronger. This was their trial by fire. And they had survived. There would be hard times ahead, but they would pull through. They had no choice. They still had so much to do. And with the state of the world and the unknown status of their teammate. Hard times were right around the corner. 
Spinning towards his room window, Pulsar stepped towards it in a hurried pace. The sun was up. And even though there were fires that need to be extingished still, Orlando was still beautiful. It wasn't the beauty that a normal person would see. It was the beauty of freedom. It was the beauty of seeing the little kids playing in the streets once more after they had been forced to take shelter from the demon bastards that terrorized them. It was the fact that All over the world people were taking back their lives and rebuilding their beloved nations. Of course, there would be those that tried to take advantage of the current situation of the world, but there would also be people there to put them in their place. As the warmth of the sun shined over his face, Pulsar could feel the presence of other in his room. Leaping to the bed, Pulsar grabbed the enchanted sledgehammer and as he wrapped his hands around the handle, it glowed more fiercely with it's golden hued energy. Looking around the room, Pulsar was unnerved by the fact that he could feel it but couldn't see it.  
Slumping to the floor just underneath his window, Pulsar eyes were drawn to the closet as the doors began to open and he locked eyes with demon cat that had cornered him in the warehouse just a few days ago. It was still the picture of strength and power, but it was different somehow. As it walled across his floor toward him, he could feel it's hunger growing. It wanted to feed. To devour. Not only it's meal's flesh, but their soul as well. Releasing the handle of the hammer, Pulsar watched as the demon cat sat in front of him and stared as if it wanted him to pet it. Reaching his right hand out towards it's head, Pulsar marveled as the beast lowered it's head and allowed him to gently run his finger through the shaggy mane of hair on top of it's head. He had half expected it's mane to feel at smooth and inky as the rest of it's body looked. And for some odd reason, he felt a kinship with the beast. He knew it would never harm him and would attack anything he desired it to. It was bound to him. But for the love of god he can't figure out why. Righting himself as he pushed up form off the ground and with a small leap landed on his feet, Pulsar exited his room and headed towards the showers with the demon cat following close behind him. If the other members of Veritas weren't going to except him, it was fine. He had a new friend. And they were a package deal.     
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 There is no worse death than the end of hope… We have lost it and when hope becomes useless we embrace ourselves with panic and when in panic us human beings.. we become prostitutes of the government system we badmouth so much...

The world had fallen into chaos, hell in earth is what they called it as well as what it appeared. Chaos was in the air.. Literally, the stank of rotting corpses corrupted the air as well as the burning sent. The streets were empty and if there was someone on the streets they were seeking for food anywhere they could get it. Crime rate has gone through the roofs, gunshots were the new fireworks and the only music that filled the ears were the panic of the homeless and innocents been harassed by criminals… We should of seen this coming, but society is just too hard headed to understand what is just in front of their eyes.

“A scientist can explain how energy works and its function, however, its creation and origin of existence Is still unknown. No matter if you are, or if you are not a believer the truth is even Einstein was smart enough to know that at one point before the existence of the first particle something abnormal and unexplainable had to happen for that particle to exist. Other than the question: “What happened in the beginning?” There is also the unanswered question: “What made that happen?” No one can possibly explain it. It is a question without an answer…. And that’s where the divines come in.”

What is left of the foundation of what once was a enclosure hospital had become an improvised shelter for the needed. Surrounding a very large man were several survivors of the hell on earth tragedy, including kids and adolescents which gathered daily to hear from the large wise man. Inspired on the stories or fact that the large black man with a “M” marked across his right eye had told them a young girl raised her hand. “Yes, blondy? You have a question?” Acknowledged the big man. The young blond girl tilts her head to the side as she appear a bit embraced to ask “Are you an angel?” The group of kids were also curious, however the group of teens in the other hand just laughed at the question for just by the warlord appearance of the battle damage Marauder the answer in this teens’ minds appeared to be quite obvious. “What a stupid question..” Stated one of the teens, “Look at him, Is a miracle he is even talking about this stuff. I mean, what? Do you think he got all those bruises all over his body by praying on a church?” The teen then stands to he’s feet “You’re full of lies just like the rest of the people who fallow religions.”
The boy then turns around and walks away and with him half the group that were listening take off as well. Only a few remain, all of them were children. This brought a chuckle on Marauder --although his views were more universal rather than just a group-- the scene of the children staying even after a larger part of the group had turn their backs reminded him of some text from the middle-eastern testament which read "Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”
Marauder however stood silent and just opted to relinquish the children to their parents or guardians. “Go on to your folks and be back tomorrow.” The children seemed a bit down by the fact that story time was over. They stand to their feet and just do as they were told heading toward their parents and guardians. “You know, after all this is hard to just stay silent.. Is really inspiring to see someone like you take such insult. Why didn’t you just debated? After Hell on earth is quite obvious evil exist.”

Marauder taking his time he stands to his feet and dust his pants “Debating will just bring more conflict. You see if I debate that teen the children might be frightened and I think they have gone through enough already. I’m trying to bring hope to them not fear.” Marauder then walks over to the bathroom area and grabbed a very large cannon. “Besides, if the teens have witness evil and believe in evil why doesn't he believe in good? They have seen the power of evil and fear it, but in the other hand after all the chaos they have a shelter, they have their health, they are alive, have supplies and the best part they have me... A warrior of the source who has fought against legions working for them as a darn security guard! Yet they still don’t believe in good. That‘s human beings my friend, we are incredibly blind."

Quite amused the divine being hidden in human form he inquires the guardian “I heard you tried to go against a group of black-wings wind fallens, those are very powerful adversaries, even for you. For how long is your detention?” “I don’t know” Replied Marauder, “Master said I had to stay here vigilant and if I dare challenge his word he would strip me from my powers completely. How nice of him..”

Yeah, I agree, you shouldn’t be here you should be out there saving lives and helping the needed. I mean, really, guard this place? That’s what we the divines are here for.”  “Finally someone get me.” Stated Marauder, “I hope my detention don’t take too long I want to see what’s next.”

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 Only a day had passed since the catastrophic events of what was now being referred to as "Judgment Day" and already construction was underway in the District of Columbia. Aided by secretive mystical means Washington's Pentagon complex was being transformed into a state of the art facility. The entire area was to be completely re-fabricated. Nothing like it exsisted anywhere in the World and it would serve as the epicenter for the most sophisticated and heavily militarized nation, the United Order of the National Continental Colonies. Formerly the United States of America. With no conventional government to speak of the Illuminati swept in, cloaked in darkness and masked by a program known simply as the Initiative. Backed by an endless supply of resources and revenue the Initiative quickly set upon restoring social order. Almost over night basic living conditions had been mended throughout the colonies. Dazed, confused, frightened, and destitute, the people of the World didn't think to question, nor were they about to spurn the hand that appeared to be feeding them. Electricity was a fundamental part of the Initiatives plan, the need for communication was vital. The World needed to see the brief, but crucial National Address.

Unlike past coverages where an endless sea of flashing lights erupted each time a speaker stepped to the podium, the depleted media; some correspondence still in tattered clothes, weakly held their microphones and what little equipment they had an waited. In his long confident stride, Gambler, known throughout the political spectrum as Jean Luc LeBeau, stepped to the podium. A mysterious armor fitted stranger by his side. Gambler's silver hair and battle tested face presenting a strong persevering presence which was just what the people needed during this most pressing time. Dressed in a black and white star spangled uniform representing the Initiative's New World Order, he began to speak. "Ladies and Gentlemen here at home, and to those watching across dee Globe, I come to you at the most grievous of times. No doubt you must feel as if dhere is truly no more good in dee World, dat you've seen dis happen before and dat you can not trust my leadership. But I assure you, do not judge me, no, do not judge us, the so called villains, on our past deeds. For it was us who so valiantly laid down our lives on Judgment Day. It was we, who with our backs against the wall, defended dee very principles in which dis country was founded on. I know you have many questions and I promise you you shall have answers in the coming days. But first, as the newly appointed Czar of Homeland Security, I'd liked to take this moment to ensure you that a strategic and tactical solution was deployed the minute our World leaders fell victim to the fates. Under my new Initiative program we have already established fully staffed and stocked shelters around the nation. Thanks to the heroic sacrifice of the legendary Final Arrow those who were seemingly lost to use during the war have been given a new lease on life. The demonic hordes that nearly destroyed us all have been vanquished. And an entirely new croup of heroes are being trained here and abroad. Within the coming months we will be able to restore a fully functional democracy wit open elections and shall turn dee page ushering in a new chapter in history. But for now I beg, I plead with you, dee people, trust dee Initiative, work wit us and together we will raise from dee ashes. Thank you."

Accompanied by his entourage and the patriotic suited stranger the newly formed leadership of the Initiative disappeared back inside the fortified walls of the Pentagon which was quickly resembling its own nation within a nation. As they walked Gambler could feel the penetrating stare of his old comrade burning a hole straight through him. "Do not worry Arrow, by dee time dee World figures out what is going on they will be powerless to do anything about it. I know you exhausted much of your power but under dee secrecy of your new armor you should be capable of fully regaining your abilities uninterrupted." As they turned the corner they entered the eastern section which was humming with energy and blinding lights. "Meanwhile, I think your little trouble maker will be right at home here." he smirked while gazing upon Rhina entrapped in a magical barrier. "Tis okay chere, soon we let you out to play."


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 A bar somewhere in Mexico
Cigarette smoke is blown in his face, the thick fog makes his stomach churn... He's never liked the death sticks. he didn't like them when his father smoked them', and his opinion certainly hadn't changed.  Hastily, his muscular bewhiskered arm snatching the cigarette from the man's mouth, dropping it in the smoker's drink. With a smirk, he leans back in his chair, a certain squeaking noise abundant as he places his cowboy boots on the table they sat at. 
"I didn't come to play games" The mob boss said with a scowl. 
"I know, you came here to talk about this whole damn mess. And yet here you sat for the last hour, smoking that cigar, making me listen to this god-awful salsa music in this cantina in bumf#ck nowhere."
The mob baron simply sighed and continued with his thought.  "See, theirs a girl. Somewhere in America that caused this mass hysteria. Call her Rina as I understand. Lots of people would pay big money for her head you understand of course. So I'm hiring a man of your talents to...execute this job"
Closing his eyes, The man just shook his head and replied...
"You don't get it, I may be a hired hand but I expected better from you. Don't think I don't know what you want, You're a rival of a company I've worked for, more than likely. And you think that the pay would be so good, you could lead me into a suicide mission. Well, thats not even why I'm not taking the job. It's cause...see, being a villain, a guy like Arrow, or Rina or Gambler...they don't just make a damn mess everywhere they go and thats why people fear em'! They do scary things, they bring fear. Thats what I wanna do with mah life. So f#ck off" The man said as he splashed his drink on the man. 
Infuriated the leader of the gangs of Mexico, pulled out a gun from under the table and fired off two rounds. The shot aimed perfectly to the man's head.  Slowly the skin pushed out both the bullets.
Klink Klink 
The ammunition went as it fell to the floor.
"What are you?" The boss exclaimed.
"Me? I'm just a little sick"  He retorted as he slammed the door behind him.
The man sits in his humvee, both burly hands clinched to the steering wheel,  wearing a grey tank top with silver dog tags dangling around his neck and tattered jeans accenting his battered look. 
"Mags...I'd do you proud" 
He whispered under his breath as he drove off, in search of the ruins of a castle...somewhere in the ruins of America.
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Solar Orchid hovered a few feet over a flowerbed. He looked at the vibrant hues, and the occasional bat flapping by to drink the sweet nectar. Solar Orchid's jaguar pawed at them, confused when it was unable to make contact. "Oh jaguar, you know we can't touch them. We're dead, remember?" He ran his hand along its back, feeling its soft fur. It was hard to believe that it was spectral as well. In some ways though, death was better than life. In the last few months before his death, Solar Orchid had entered a downward spiral. It started when he joined the New Avatars, and was forced to work in the city. The jaguar, still unnamed, was hit by a car, and Solar Orchid had to watch it die. The bystanders only watched as the young hero wept for his fallen friend. No one so much as lifted a hand to help, no one offered to ease the dying animal's pain. But Solar Orchid went on. He received an anonymous tip that a certain company was behind the destruction of the section of the Amazon that was his home. In desperation, and perhaps a moment of madness, he planted a bomb, blew it sky high. Immediately his mistake was glaringly obvious. The note was a ruse, planted by the mercenary Handcannon. Handcannon had long wanted to kill Orchid. Solar Orchid, wanted by several governments, fled, went into hiding. Miserable, he went to Las Vegas, where he assumed no one would think to look. But he was wrong. The Expendables, led by the Drifter came to collect the bounty on his head. They succeeded, Thunderstone killing him. His body and soul gone, only Solar Orchid's spirit remained. He was slightly more than a memory kept by nature. Eventually he found how to make his presence known. He found the Vine Titans: West, and joined, looking for somewhere he could belong. 
The transmitter, specially designed for his ghostly form, buzzed.   "Someone...ANYONE!!! I've been captured by Tarot. In a holding cell. I'm not sure if I can break out. Requesting IMMEIATE assisstant! " Solar Orchid pressed the communicator, "Solar Orchid here, I'm on my way. Hang tight Mattersuit, I'll be there soon." He looked at the small radar dot on the face of the transmitter. Making a small clicking noise, he called the jaguar. It followed, running through the air gracefully. The bright city gleamed below. The communicator beeped more loudly. It said Mattersuit was in a small house, of a normal appearance. Solar Orchid slipped through the wall, and found Mattersuit. Hovering by his ear he spoke to him. "I'm here. Hang on, I'll try to get you out of here." What had this house been built on? A swamp. The land had been plowed, the swamp drained. The ghosts of plants still lingered. Solar Orchid spoke to them, and they reached their spectral tendrils towards him. Then they pressed into the wall, finding purchase on the steel. Slowly, slowly, it split, leaving a passage into the dark night.

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She walked into an unfamiliar building, one that rose high into the clouds and gave her the reminisce feeling of the VT tower. "Wow...so this is headqurters!" She looked around in awe of the great structure and the team she had high hopes for. She had always known of the VT titans but never truly thought she would be on any sister team of it. She would joined by other heroes of the vine universe such as Mistress Redhead & Mister Number 10 Man. She had been through a lot in her life, in a parallel reality she had an alter ego to contennd with, she had been used by the governtment and evil villians countless times before and now she is a key/original member of three teams(X-Viners, the Unknowns, and VT West).
Heroism had always been in her blood, starting the t in the 1930s with her great grandmother Daphne Hart, the tradition halted after that but picked back up with LL and her sister Velma Hudson. A tear passed by her pastel chick as she brushed it away. Not one to be wanted for being seen as weak she continued to strode through the halls. It seemed empty, uninhabited, devoid of life that would someday consume it. She walked down to what appeared to be a series of large screens, which showed various members of the team along with news coverage and other meta human activity. She slowly walked up to a rollie chair placed on the center of the room. She plopped down to get a better view. Then a metallic voice emerged from what appeared to be nowhere.
"WELCOME MISTRESS REDHEAD." In a panicked attempt to escape she brustly rose from the chair. "I gotta get out of here!" She tried to leave the room but a large metal wall sealed the only exit. "YOU ARE NOT MISTRESS REDHEAD. I AM SORRY TO INFORM YOU THAT YOUR ARE STUCK HERE UNTIL I MEMBER OF THE VINE TITANS WEST LETS YOU OUT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COROPERATION." 
"Look you computer! I may not be LR but I am a member of the team, I am Lady Loveless!"
"Okay, sure thanks computer cya later!" The metal sealing had lifted, and LL continued searching the tower for her room, and any teamates the computer described may be lurking within. She eventually became bored with her self tour and ventured outside. To the local city where she knew there would be people needing her help, and she do whatever she could to help her new home.
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No one on earth can now more about darkness than him. No one can know what it means to be in a deep hole of pain and torment like him on earth and beyond. No plane that exist can anyone know just how bad he feels. In short "he's pretty f@cked up" and it just Friday. He's standing on top of the Castle also know as the Veritas headquarters. The sun is shinning bright and directly in his eyes. His view looks incredibly beautiful and like something you would want to make a painting about. Its so much better than how the world recently was. Over run by the forces of hell the underworld hades tartarus  whatever else you want to call it thats what happened and then the world got better. The demons where either killed or sent back. The unholy souls where punished once again.  
The people where protected and the life was persevered and the bad guys behind it all either died or where sent away for ever just so they wouldn't bother anyone at least for a little while, but no matter how good things get his life can always find some way to suck. All he can think about when looking at the world is what he did wrong during the whole thing and oh boy did he screw up. 
First off he just couldn't let his pride just die and he had to join the team of Veritas going to hell. The problem is him knowing almost nothing of magic screwed up the spell and that forced Kurrent to stay on earth instead of joining the fight against Lucifer. Next when they arrived he got separated from the team and found out that his life time of bad deeds has marked him to go to hell at the end of his life. Then just as they got ready to fight the devil himself Final Arrow showed up and basically told them they where going to die because they just can't hack it in hell and to make matters even worse and what Midnightist truly regrets was what happened to Despair. She allowed the rest of them to escape back to earth and sacrificed herself doing it.  
Something Midnightist knows something all about and he just can't stand the idea that he was a fool for escaping instead of staying with her and fighting with her in hell. She is now stuck them fighting with the Devil all on her own and he did nothing about it. It is worse than a blade in the gut being twisted inside and ripped out. He thinks to himself this is why I deserve to be in hell because he basically betrayed his entire team and no one deserves to be in hell more than a traitor. 
"Screw this" He starting walking away from the sunlight and away from his sorrow and guilt his little cry baby moment was over and its time to act tough like he always does. Make himself look like the really cool SOB he is dressed in all black like a big ol goon of goons. He made his way through the halls of the Castle and came across one of the many siting rooms. On the channel was one of the worst faces to see when your in a bad mood.  
"Ladies and Gentlemen here at home, and to those watching across dee Globe, I come to you at the most grievous of times. No doubt you must feel as if dhere is truly no more good in dee World, dat you've seen dis happen before and dat you can not trust my leadership. But I assure you, do not judge me, no, do not judge us, the so called villains, on our past deeds. For it was us who so valiantly laid down our lives on Judgment Day. It was we, who with our backs against the wall, defended dee very principles in which dis country was founded on. I know you have many questions and I promise you you shall have answers in the coming days. But first, as the newly appointed Czar of Homeland Security, I'd liked to take this moment to ensure you that a strategic and tactical solution was deployed the minute our World leaders fell victim to the fates. Under my new Initiative program we have already established fully staffed and stocked shelters around the nation. Thanks to the heroic sacrifice of the legendary Final Arrow those who were seemingly lost to use during the war have been given a new lease on life. The demonic hordes that nearly destroyed us all have been vanquished. And an entirely new croup of heroes are being trained here and abroad. Within the coming months we will be able to restore a fully functional democracy wit open elections and shall turn dee page ushering in a new chapter in history. But for now I beg, I plead with you, dee people, trust dee Initiative, work wit us and together we will raise from dee ashes. Thank you."      
He just stood there in disbelief and looked at the screen. He looked around the room and saw that no one was there. Veritas was in shambles after the last big battle and it just seems like no matter how much the good guys fight the good fight every one is dying or being corrupted and no one can even care or do anything about. They just bend over for the G 1 bad guys. The 1 % that no matter how hard they try the bad guys just can't beat even if the killed them they would lose simply because they killed them and someone would probably catch it on their phone and put it on the internet and then the bad guys would look like the bad guys and then the government bans super heroes and then they fight back and then everyone fight and good guys lose and the world because a dystopia and then a whole bad dimension is made just like every other Friday. 
He walks over and then grabs the TV. He adjusts it so that it is just a little bit over to the right. He then looks around the room and finds remote. He sits down and uses the DVR on the LCD screen and plays back the image. He watches the whole thing and then pauses it just as its about to end "perfect". He sits the remote down and then gets up and picks up the TV and smashes it against a wall and walks away.

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Standing next to Jake Malcom, Viktor spoke in his usual grim tone saying, "Call it ignorance if you'd like....  I did what I had to in order to preserve the species."  Before Jake could reply, the lycan standing next to him attempted to clamp its jaws around Jake's neck.  Feeling tired and annoyed by the interruption, Viktor suddenly snapped. Reaching up, he took the dog by the neck and brought it down to the ground.  Extending his arms, two short fighting blades shot out of the sleeves of Viktor's long overcoat.  In the blink of an eye, Viktor quickly decapitated the downed beast before bearing his fangs.
It had been so long since Viktor had tasted the thrill of battle.  By nature, he was a warrior - a tyrant nonetheless, but still a warrior.  Ever since he had met his end at the hands of one of his own kind, Viktor's corpse was kept in a preserved state.  Later on, a witch summoned forth a spell which resurrected the fallen lord.  As soon as he was resurrected, Viktor thanked the witch by draining her of all her blood.  After that, Viktor was forced to roam the earth alone.  Markus had destroyed Viktor's coven, all of Viktor's wealth and power going up in flames.  At this point, Viktor was faced with limited options and he would do whatever it took to rise back to power.
Unfazed by anything that had happened, Jake casually looked up at Viktor while sipping his drink and said, "Right.... preservation of the species.  Tell me, where is your coven now?  Oh, that's right, you don't have one anymore."
Annoyed at Jake's response, Viktor bared his fangs and nearly attacked Jake right then and there in the bar.  "How DARE you!" he exclaimed.  "I was BETRAYED!"  In anger, Viktor clenched his fists and prepared to strike Jake.  However, he turned and instead punched the vampiress bar tender directly in the face - knocking her down to the ground instantly.  "And YOU!" he said while looking down at her.  "You should NOT be consorting with that ANIMAL!"
Viktor's bright blue-colored eyes shone brightly as he turned away and leaned back against the bar.  Breathing angrily, Viktor eventually regained his composure.  Meanwhile, Jake was staring at him with a raised eyebrow.  "Forgive me...." Viktor spoke in a calmer tone.  "You are right.... I did lose my own coven.  However, I will not lose my power again.  You and I are of the same species - different by nature, but still of the same species.  Both of us want something.  You want revenge upon your enemy.  I want power."  Turning his head over towards Jake, Viktor looked his fellow vampire directly in the eye.  "If you help me rise to power and for our species to once again dominate society, then I swear I will help you ascertain your revenge....."

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The more things changed the more they stayed the same, at least that is what it seemed like for Veritas. The Heroes fight for the people yet the people embrace the underhanded Villains that own the definition of manipulation. It didn't matter though, not to Kurrent, it was never about the glory it was about saving innocent lives and keeping the world decent. It's funny because Gambler in a position of power was the very thing that brought The Veritas Leader into "the life" and now as he watched the television and the Cheshire Cat grin stamped on the face of his mortal enemy the only words he could muster were "Fu@king Gambler". That was all the effort he could put out for this situation at the time his mind was somewhere else...
Looking in his closet he reached for an old suit that he used to wear back in his Mobb Deep days. The black and blue colored costume was perfect for his present condition. It's a shame that is the way he saw it, like a condition. He was normal now, an average joe, no more powers for him, hell he doesn't even have a Kurrent factor going for him. He is just a man now that has no problem looking danger in the face and telling it to go F@#k itself. As he put on the suit the was lined with a very hard, light  and flexible Kevlar he digressed and got his mind back into the mission but not before putting on a different holster that would replace the one he wore now. This new one came with retractable Kali sticks like the other but these unlike the previous had 25 feet of line and a grappling hook that shot out of each of them. Also he now carried two hunting knives that were secured under his arms generally where his guns would go. They were all made of silver, it was not the strongest of metals but they were enchanted by Despair herself and by that alone in Kurrent's eyes they had no equal. Armed and ready for the literal hell he was about to go through hit the button in his room that sounded the alarm letting Veritas know he needed them in the War room. 
War Room(The Castle)
"I know that only a few hours ago we were all in one hell of a fight and some relaxation is deserved but we are a member short and we don't leave anyone behind under any circumstances. If you notice we have some new members and as you can all see I no longer have my powers. I had to make a sacrifice that I would have made for anyone in here  to get us a ticket back into the Underworld. Is this amulet around my neck  going to work......I don't know.....are we going to try you bet your ass we are." He paused for a moment to let everyone take it all in and to get them ready for yet another bomb. He knew he asked too much of them but he also knew that this team were war bound to each other and a bond like that could not be broken. "I'm sure you all know how I feel about this thing with Gambler and all I have to say about that is .....let him do it. He is a man that has to win the trust of the people back and what better way to do that especially right now then to take care of them and give them what they need. Yeah he'll protect them,  rebuild what Arrow couldn't finish and why should we stop that. He is on borrowed time with me and I will collect but right now Gambler is exactly where WE want him."
With that he finished his speech and set the Amulet of Arrow on the ground right in the War Room. On the amulet was a dial the he began to turn until a blinding light shined all over the room. Suddenly a large 7 foot portal opened over the amulet where it lay and Kurrent took the first step into it followed by the Veritas members. Once across Kurrent came out with a nauseating feeling. As he got his bearing he looked around and noticed that it was not like the Underworld he had went to before. It was indeed Hell but something was very off. Looking around he confirmed something that sent a chill up his spine yes they were in Hell but Hell was deserted.

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Winston leaned against the gate that had been erected outside the rebuilt Pentagon, fiddling with what appeared to be an ipod, scrolling through long lists of numbers and figures. He'd been there for well over an hour, waiting patiently, having caught Gamblers speech from a distance, he'd watched the Czar move back inside and waited for the crowd of journalists to begin to leave before he made his move. Some time ago he'd assigned a clone of his to join the U.S Military, this clone had passed training with an extremely high level of competence. With the aftermath of 'Judgement Day', where many of the armed forces had been casualties, this clone had survived and Winston had tracked it down to enlist it in his newest goal, ensuring that it was assigned to the protection of the new government at the Pentagon. Winston pulled out what appeared to be a keyring from his pocket and pressed it tight. 
Within moments an armed patrol passed him by and Winston began to walk away. One of the armed soldiers strolled a little further behind from the others and, having gone fairly unnoticed, Winston approached him from behind, lay a hand on the soldiers shoulder and allowed himself to be reabsorbed into his clone. The duplicate smiled as all the memories of Winstons feats during 'Judgement Day' came to him, as well as his current objective. Still a little further behind his patrol, Winston scooted over to the fence and grabbed the pair of binoculars that had been placed there. Glancing through them, the overpowering aura of Gambler was easily visible within the Pentagon, so too was that of two other individuals. It just gets better. 
Not far from the Pentagon, a large truck pulled up in an empty side-street, having driven for many thousands of miles all the way from Brazil to reach here. Inside a pair of Winston dupes smiled as they heard the stirring grunts of their cargo. "Just in time huh?" "Yea, I swear if I had to go back there one more time." They both laughed, a tinge of fear in their cackling. Back in Rio Winston had been conducting some experiments, he had aquired for himself an undead being, had captured and studied Lycans and Angels themselves and the materials he'd contracted from them, as well as the magical capibilites he'd learned from Angel hunting cultist aquantances of his, were used in the creation of the behemoth chained up within the back of this truck. The Winsti hopped out of the vehicle and pulled open the back compartment. 
Civilians came towards the soldiers, frantic and screaming at the height of their lungs. The patrol watched in confusion as the civilians passed them by before they heard a roar, like that of a beast being tortured, echo down the streets. Before they could react a car was hurled into the patrols only tank, denting its roof and crushing its gunner. The source of the commotion leapt high into the air before landing amongst the soldiers with a snarl. It stood roughly 7'7 high and had shoulders as wide as the car it had thrown. It looked human, though it bulged abnormally with muscle and its grey, dead skin was flaking off. Demon was the first word that came to the soldiers minds as they opened fire. The bullets seemed to bounce harmlessly off the giants muscular build and it roared once more before flinging a soldier aside and chasing them down along the street. The patrols commander tried to access his radio to find there was no transmission, communications were impossible due to some interference. "Sir?" Winston grunted as he ran alongside 'his' commander, hopping over an abandoned car for cover before firing at the undead behemoth "Gimme access to the building, the troops here need you and we got supers in there, by the time they notice this thing we could all be dead!" 
"You think you can make it past that thing private?" The commander asked, shocked at his troopers sudden surge of courage. 
"Positive." Winston tried not to laugh at the absurditiy only he could see in the situation. The commander nodded and told him a series of numbers, still firing rounds at the monster as he muttered them. With a grin Winston slid back over the car and ran next to the fence, the monster threw out a lazy punch at him as he passed but Winston dodged under it with ease before rounding the security gate and running along the pathway to the Pentagons door, where he hastily punched in the codes his commander had given him whilst his other hand again pressed the keychain-like button. The two Winsti drove out of Washington in their truck, taking their jamming device with them, they were heading back to Brazil where they would commit suicide so as the information they knew would never get reabsorbed. Winston pushed open the door to the Pentagon, he'd gained access. 
Now inside, Winston ran along the corridors yelling for reinforcements for the forces outside, briefly halting by a storage closet which he opened a fraction, before he followed several more soldiers back out the front door. When he'd left the storage closet reopened as a recently produced clone stepped out, no longer adorned in military apparel, picking up the binoculars his 'parent' had conveniantly left behind. The corridor he was in was mostly abandoned so Winston slipped the Specs on to check for the location of his three targets before making his way towards the closest of them. Merely a few turns away down the labrynth Gambler walked alone. Even with his Specs off the sight of the man was aweing for Winston, he held the appearance of a man who'd seen and done it all, learned in manners Winston couldn't even begin to understand. 
"Excuse me? Mr LeBeau? I'm Winston Sharpe," He offered his hand to the man, "and before I go on, I think there's a little problem outside you might want to look into, I hear we're being assaulted by some giant beasty-thing, I think it could make some dents in publicity unless it's dealt with quickly and preferrably, spectacurly."
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 Walking through the broken remains of the city formerly known as Solace, she showed no emotion, for emotions would bring together painful memories that her heart could not bear. Strolling through the city, the remains of those who were not fortunate enough to escape Rina’s minions; they were slain while trying to survive no one could for see the pending doom coming for the world. President Barack Obama advocated change and in this decade and he would die, before he saw the horrors that change brang.  Sha stopped at what looked like the hand of a woman, this was not just any hand, but the hand of her mother she could tell by the solid blue ring, she and her sister had given her for Christmas. Bending down and slowly caressing the limb, she could feel the sour sting of remorse building a foundation in the pit of her stomach.

“Mom…” she said letting out a soft whisper; however this moment was broken by the sound of a moving chopper. Returning to a lateral position she watched as the chopper landed in the middle of what used to be downtown, Solace City. Two men that had to SHCA seal on their chest ran over to her, making sure the area was safe. “Miss Lopez, there is something you should see” Sha placed her mother’s hand back on the ground; however she took the ring and slipped in into a separate pocket within the confines of her cape.

She didn’t glance at either of the two guards in route to the Chopper, the guards directed her towards a small TV. Sha watched as the man whom many called the ultimate Opportunist took to the TV screen. She knew the REAL Sha had a brief thing with this man in the past but she herself did not know him; however his aristocratic stature made her feel uneasy. “What do you think about this guy?” one of the soldiers remarked. Carmen turned her head towards them and replied. “You know those Movies made on The LIFE of Jesus Christ?” they both shook their head yes. “Well the devil is depicted as a handsome man in a suit, with a great smile, He offers Jesus the world if he just bows to him” The men didn’t know where she was going with the whole thing. “There will be a lot of bowing knees…” she said turning around to see a redheaded girl walking towards them. The guards quickly aimed their assault rifles but Sha motioned for them to stand down.

“Tower must have been boring huh”, she said under her breath. “First thing we must do is rebuild this City but before all that, let’s let them know were here.  Turning to the soldiers once more she started handing out orders.   “Alright you guys go find, Solar Orchid, and Inertia, and Tony Orton have them meet me in the old Press conference room down at city hall in an hour” She turned to Lady Loveless also handing our orders. “I read you file… You can contact people through their emotions? And you can project yourself before them, both of them are useful to me right know, we have a member named Verlieren who is still on the east coast, I need you to locate him and find him, Also Eclipse.”’After dismissing the girl Sha returned to the chopper, with her index fingers she massaged her temples. “These kids are going to give me grey hair” touching the intercom link on her forehead, she messaged a long time Mercenary who had just signed on to her squadron. “Clutch…what can you find out about this Jean Lebeau guy, I want everything all the facts from his birth date to the last time he pissed; meet up at the conference room in an hour”

1 hour later Press Conference Room.

She didn’t need her team present in the room; she needed them there to discuss how they were going to work things. She knew giving a message Via the Television was useless because many of the power lines had been damaged. It would take months to get the city thriving again, however hopefully she could get them to remain calm.

“People of the West… This country has just witnessed what many shall call Argeddeon, Judgment day, the Apocalypse however there was no Rapture for those who did good deeds, just a quick, but painful death. However, From Oregon to Hawaii, from Solaria to Texas, there will be Solace! As we speak there is the mobilization of the Future. As for the messaged lay out by our New “Czar”, just know this that Kurrent once said that nothing GOLD can stay. She got up from the microphone and looked at her guards. “Unfortunately, I think they have us right where they want us…” As she sat at the table in the conference room awaiting her team, she was greeted by a bouquet of Black Roses.

“What the hell?” she said throwing them in the garbage. “What was that all about…” once again massaging her temples. She touched her intercom link that linked her and MR. “Carmen here, what’s the rest of the world look like?”

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The blue canopy of Solace city used to be such a peaceful view to look at, but as time flies it became contaminated by the smokes of the fiery flames from a recent event that's usually called Judgement Day. Inertia. One of the heroes in Solace city that didn't incorporate himself in the final battle, but for a reason. His task was to rescue the injured and displaced civilians, while safely extracting them to a safe zone. But those days have elapsed, and a new day has emerged. Inertia sprinted throughout the ruins of Solace city, where shattered memories made its way back to his mind. " Ughh.... why can't it go away ?! " Inertia yelled as a significant tear slid down the green tinted mask of the speedster, that was slowly stopping on the abandoned road. This sign of sadness was created by a feeling of regret, when he tried to save his girlfriend's live but was unfortunately too late. Mirages of the incident, still haunts him till this very day. So Inertia kneels down, covering his face that was drenched in tears. " I could have saved her, why did i have to be so damn SLOW ! " Inertia pounded the ground in rage, " And because of that, i can't get those memories out of my mind ! " he yelled influenced only by rage. " Are you gonna let one mistake bother you boy ? " A man spoke from behind, interrupting Inertia. " Huh ? " Inertia peeked over his shoulder, " We were sent here by Sha. " the other guy explained their presence. Inertia merely wiped his tears, before he stood up slouching. " Just tell me where to go, and I'll go " Inertia muttered, " You know the old Press conference room down at city hall ? " the first man asked " Of course " Inertia answered " Well you have to be there in an hour " the second man cuts off the first man before he could answer. " Thanks for the information, be seeing ya " Inertia said his goodbye, and ran in mach 9. Leaving a trail of dust, as he sets off to his destination.

One Hour and Twenty Five Minutes Later, Press Conference Room.

Inertia undoubtedly arrived first, as his speed was surely an advantage. Upon entering, Inertia bowed in front of Sha as an act of chivalry. " Good day madame, allow me to introduce myself. I am Inertia, and like my name I am a speedster. " Inertia straightens up from his bow, and takes a seat. Looking around at the half empty room, " It seems the others haven't arrived yet " Inertia remarked trying to light up the atmosphere in the room. " Oh well i guess I'll wait " Inertia continued his las statement, and leaned back on the red exterior of his seat. As he waits for his teammates, that are probably already on their way here. 

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Survivors shelter: Manhattan

“Marauder! Marauder!” The quick stepping of a young divine approached the freakishly large man. “Danny?” The young divine reached the warrior out of breath as he had been running all over the hospital. “Catch your breath, boy; What’s wrong?” Between his breath the boy just howled as he could: “The earthling have a big problem at hands, that human Gambler is now in one of your human high ranking positions!”  

However, the amount of knowledge of the guardian on the villain was not quite much for he was not around in that time “I’ve heard of that dog," He said "Wasn’t he a big deal once in the US?” Inquired Marauder. “What?” Exclaim the divine in disbelieve, “Don’t you know anything about your own country?” “Look I am Puerto Rican not American if you ask about Hannibal Acevedo Vila I would, besides I've been here for maybe a year and besides I hate politics.“ He explained, “Now are you going to tell me who is this Gambler person?”

Rolling his eye as he sighted the divine was about to speak before a familiar voice when ahead of the young divine: “Gambler or Lebeau was president once before he had brought up war upon the humans and has been in the most wanted list before his full pardon. Once he even defied us by trying to bring upon the apocalypse using the Key of Templars. Luckily one of our knights --Slinger-- and his team were able to outdo his plan before it was too late."

The source of the voice then comes out from hiding and the master reveal himself to the present. Marauder is seen bowing to his master “Good to see you again master. Now can I go back to kickin’ some rear-cheeks?” Mildly chuckling the master looks over to his disciple“I regret to inform you that you wont be joining the direct battlefield just yet my son.” He informs the Marauder. “Say wut?” Inquired the skeptical young guardian. “I am afraid this mission calls for someone with more experienced facing the ones we are facing.” Explained the master,  "We need someone who has experienced facing the likes of Gambler and these forces. We need someone who has lived through deception and can look at death in the eye and laugh.”

The master reached into his pocket and extract a medallion as he set his attention to Marauder. He continues, “And it is your duty to bring him to me..” With a flick of the wrist the medallion spins toward Marauder who catches it in mid air. “Who are you talking about?”

The master as he opens a window of light in mid air almost as if he was breaking through reality itself. In the window lied a image of a shadowed red and blue hero crawling on a wall looking into the distance.

“You will find him in Hawaii, he’s name is Adam Write.”  

The room kept staring skeptically at the wise old man. Marauder couldn’t believe his ears as the only words that escaped him were “Hawaii?” The other two divines were scratching their human form head as they were not sure if they understood either. “You got to be kiddin’ me!” Burst out Marauder. “You do not understand my son.” Said the master. “I sure don’t, I’m here! Me, the earth’s guardian, why would you want me to go on a wild goose chase to Hawaii to track down this man? I mean, really, why is he at Hawaii in a time of world wide crisis?!”  
The master was quite eloquent for explaining Adam’s ways was not easy and he knew it was no time to be in Hawaii. “Adam is.. Complicated; He does have a good heart one which is brave and strong but only when he must be.”
Adam’s location raised many doubts and it was evident that the master was vouching for him almost as if he favored the hero above the actual guardian. “In other words as long as he can keep away from conflict he will not get involved? Is that what you are trying to say, master?”
“Well, yes”. Replied the master. “Wow, my hero.”  Express his sarcastic opinion the guardian of earth. Regardless of criticism the divine old man believed in the retired hero’s abilities to the level of vouching for him even in the current position. “Just get him here, we are wasting precious time already.” With that said the old man then vanished in a thunderous sparkling flash.

“Well, that’s lovely…” Said the great warrior, “The whole world is going to hell and I have to go find this so call “hero” in a tropical island because her decides doomsday is party time.” Grabbing his hand cannon and activating the medallion of teleportation which opens a window before him Marauder walks through the light into his journey in beginning the search for the hero of heroes The Wandering Spider.  
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The battles of those that go out before us, the sacrifices made by the humble by the weak that is what happened. The battle of for power, the battle for hate, anger revenge that was what took place here. The much built up anger and sorrow given to those who deserved none. The dysfunction of a family like brokenness of glass against the floor. The timely tail of death grasping its victims yet not without the heroes.   They who stand in the face do danger where torture and turmoil met to eventually meet them. Yet as the Heroes surged so did the villains. Plans unlike anything were woven between lies and slander between the blood and the death. For those that deserved judgment now deserved death. And those who death grasped were no mere shadows.

For the events that took place, the hideousness that she was forced to watch of deception and deceit dwelled with in her mind soul and body. She was unable to relinquish the grim memories that faced her, the dark horizon that was before her and the icy hands that clasped her. Her mind, like a sea of thoughts never resting every thought crashing against another on the way to the shore. She could hear the voices of those that had been slaughtered by the demons hands. She could hear the call of the mother to her child that remained a burned pile of flesh. She could feel the cold icy wind of the morning blow against the tress it’s icy hands outstretched ready to consume all that fell to its hands.

“Every thing’s silent now…” her thoughts trailed off like the leaves of brown and golden tossed by the stronger gale and superseded their desires.  “All I see is darkness” her midnight eyes grazed the surface of every plant every tree in hopes to catch a glimpse of colour, and glimpse of delight but nothing occurred.  The word around her had grew gray, no colour no smell no taste. For the only taste she wished to feel in her mouth was that of human flesh, the exuberance of the liquid crimson swilling in her mouth.  Though she held back, she’ d fight he desires even if it killed her for she had not forgotten that night in the field the man she murdered she shucked the life out of with a single harmless touch.

Her bright moon light coloured strands of hair slung against her pale face as she stood upon a large monolithic stone that had plunged from one of the several mountain peeks surrounding the area. She remembered her mother telling her, that though Canada was a closet filled with pain and lost memories it had some calming to the sou. And she had to admit her mother was correct. As the harsh wind caressed her deadly skin she found herself holding not a weapon, but a pen and paper in hand.  Her eyes were drawn to the mountain peaks where the beak of dawn would occur in moments. And it was here she chose to write to him, and here she chose to leave the remnants of Alexandra Monroe:   A Cheery girl, with hopes and dreams that where briskly shattered.

“Dear Emiel. For you might not be acquainted with me….as of yet and you might not even have been told of my existence. But I am alone and in this world of loneliness I find you a pillar of hope in darkened times. I am…Alexandra Brook Monroe daughter of Vincent and Laura Monroe also known as Laura Howlett, Dawn, and Greystoke and...Chabot.   I am your granddaughter I have emerged from the future in hopes to end the past. Yet I have found myself in a situation where I have no choice, for darkness beckons me and my conscience is almost snuffed out. I do not know why I wished to contact you…perhaps the hope that you’ll receive this letter in hopes you’ll know of my existence. Though I fear this will this will be the last letter that I shall write concerning my conscience. For I know that if you do reply my conscience would have already been consumed by the demons that grasp ever so tightly to it. Yet I shall fight on, I desire you to reply for I care not of what you say just any thing would be better than the demons hat torment my mind.”

Tears filled her eyes as she found it hard to grip her pen before calming herself down and slowly writing once more “Please, reply to this letter. And if you want assurance that what I say about being related I shall tell you a fact, a name of the one person that was able to get the closets to you..and closet to murdering you. Victoria Elysian. Question me please, I do not care. I just need to talk to someone or I will go mad”. She dropped the pen as she cringed feeling the hunger in her stomach. She was hungry she was starving but she’d not quench it. That was a line she never wanted to cross yet knew she eventually would have to.

“It’s harder than it seems…” she whispered as a tear slid down her cheek. She was a girl, lonely and scared trying to be a woman trying to desperately hold on to her own sanity. Possessed by darkness she staggered to her feet holding back forcing control over her body once more over her urges vanquishing them. “I won’t...” she breathed clenching the letter tightly as she out held her hand and summoned her faithful sword Gemini “Gemini, please grant me this desire and deliver this message to Emile Chabot also known as Precise. Holding the edge of the blade by her lover lip she whispered “Rapture” and with that a bright light beamed and consumed the letter and as soon as it passed the letter was gone without a trace.

Taking in a deep breath Alex began to slowly walk onward. Every step hell on earth ever thought trying to hold back the thousand that wished to enter her mind. For as the small about of sanity that which bounded her was falling apart she could feel darkness overcoming her at every step at every breath. For now, she was no longer human, she was something else something that had only one word to describe it:   A Monster.    

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The events of the past days had seemed to warp all knowledge of reality. The perverbial hell on earth was created, all thanks to one known as Rina. Her sick mind, and instatiable appatite for power drove her madder than anyone could have imagined. She was the one that apocalypsed the viel of the darkest realm known to any being on earth. If you didn't believe in hell, then, there was your proof, beating down your door, trying to eat your soul. But, enough about that. 
As hard, and impossible it is to believe that happened, ...it did. But now it was over, and the time for reconstruciton was at hand. Slight didn't know exactly what to do, seeing as the destruction that ran rampant was world wide, there never seemed like a good place to start. Each place in the world was hit with unspeakable evil, and was now rubble. He wondered what kind of person could be so full of malice that they would unleash hell upon earth. 
These questions needed to be answered, but first the rebuilding of a world scorned was the main priority. At the Ice Mansion, there were only few members, Slight was one that stayed behind, but he still wished to help, and so he would.  
The next day, he set out to the nearest city, or one that was he was familiar with. New York. He had somewhat mixed feeling about this place. After all it was his first home, The New Outsiders resided here, and he wondered what they were up to. He knew for a fact that they would not be involved in this, and for a second he wondered if they had anything to do with it. Magick was a villian at heart, and no matter how hard she tried to fight it, she would always be that way. But, he knew that his ideals, along with Holly Cross's, had made an impression on her soul. She would more than likely have the team sit that fight out.  
When he left them, he knew he was leaving a patchwork team, but a team none the less. Slight decided to visit them, and ask for thier aid in reconstructing the city, in which they resided in. The only problem was that he didn't know what they would say, or how they would react.
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Last Night...

 Samuel stood in the face of his one time foe Drifter and shouted, then suddenly he heard a roar from behind him. He spun on his heels and watched as his fellow Veritas member flew away from the battle leaving the beast still alive. Luckily there was now a tear in the monster's skin and Samuel saw opportunity. He glanced back at Drifter who did nothing before running as fast as he could towards the beast, with only a few feet between the two Samuel lept up into the air. He grinned as he slid perfectly into the wound his comrade had made. Once inside the foul beast though Samuel's smile faded. 
The creature's inside was burning hot, its fleshy inside enough to sear the meat off even Samuel's bone. He reached out and grasped one of the creature's arteries then released it just as quickly screaming in pain as the skin on his hand immediately blistered and he began descending downward. He again reached out and grasped the artery and screamed with pain as he hand's flesh began to seer. He knew he had to reach the heart, so he reached up with his other hand and grasped the artery again, beginning to climb his way up. After a few minutes he had reached the creatures massive heart, and the skin had been completely removed from his hands along with the muscle. What was once Samuel's calloused and tough hands was now no more than bone and veins. He could feel his blood boiling inside his veins shortly followed by the horrendous sound of a few them popping. As his blood ran down his body he reached behind him and grabbed his knife. Quickly cutting a small slash into the heart he then stripped off his belt and thrust it into the cut. Finally he grabbed the string to the grenades and lept towards the open wound on the creatures flesh. 
All while Samuel was on his escapade inside the beast in thrust itself widely and began to flatten more and more of the small warehouse district. When Samuel's body finally ejected from the creature it let out one more houl before the explosives Samuel had put inside its heart detonated. Samuel hadn't made it far enough away from the creature though, deep down he knew he wouldn't have, he had left enough explosives in that creature to level half of Manhattan. Samuel had just exited the wound when the first few explosives went off ejecting him further forward, but what happened next was what would kill the beast. All of the different chemicals and such that were in Samuel's blood substitute combined with the chemicals of powder and explosives creating and effect close to a nuclear bomb, and it was all contained inside the beast. 
As the creature exploded it sent out shock waves, these many waves thrust Samuel through two small warehouses that had survived before he finally smashed into the small bridge. The force of impact was too much for the bridge's brace and it bent as Samuel splashed into the water below. He had hoped it was over but then he heard crackling above him, as he looked up his eyes grew wide as the bridge above him swayed. "F**K!!!!" was all Samuel could say as the concrete and metal crashed down on top of him. 

The Next Morning...

 The battle had been fought, the dust had settled, and the rubble remained. Women, children, men, animals any living thing that remained was now scowering back up out of their hiding spots they made during the battle. The people of Orlando looked with curiosity in their eyes at the pile of ruble that once was a bridge. Then after a few moments the people would just keep walking, they didn't have time or effort to wonder what was under the ruble they had to find food, they had t find water, they had to rebuild. Eventually the ruble began to move, and the children that played carelessly in the streets stopped, as did their parents that were scavenging and rebuilding to stare and find out what could possibly have survived all of that concrete and metal collapsing on top of them. After a few moments a few young men ran over to the pile and began pulling away rocks and girders. Half an hour passed before the young men removed enough of the ruble to find anything. Suddenly one of them shouted, HEY THERE'S A GUY OVER HERE. QUICK CALL A ME..... Suddenly he was cut off as the ruble below him shifted causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground. 
The other young men lept back and stared with wonder as did the other people in the area. Suddenly the rock and metal broke away and the mangled body of Day Hunter lept up. Samuel's burned hands now a film grown over them, it was tough strong enough that he could grasp things without it bursting, although it didn't look like it. The film was clear, and the bone could be seen clear through, people could see the veins that had burst due to the boiling blood that they once contained beginning to grow back.  What once was Samuel's uniform was now shreds mixed in with the shreds of his flesh that hung off of his body like ribbons hung on the wall at a birthday party. His chest was now home to large gaping hole and the left half of Samuel's heart could be seen, the blood flow through his arteries could now be seen. 
Samuel no longer looked like the man who has been defending his country for years, he was a monstrosity of a sight. He lept off the pile of ruble and grabbed hold of one of the young men standing there. His animalistic nature told him to tear into the man's flesh and feast upon the man's blood in order to heal himself, but his mind told him not to. He stood there for minutes, his eyes blood shot and glazed over, his flesh blowing in the breeze. Each gust of wind stung as the oxygen hit the inner layer of flesh and organs. The young man shook with fear and the other people around the area held their breaths in horror. Finally Samuel thrust the man away and turned, Samuel began sprinting towards his one time home...Veritas Tower. 

A few minutes later...

 Samuel drug his horrid body to the door and placed his hand on the scanner, after a few seconds the hum of the scanner stopped and the words Scan complete flashed upon the screen soon followed by the disappointing message Access Denied "SONOVA B!TCH!" Samuel's rage took over as he ran to the back side of the tower swiftly shattered one of the windows on the old half of the building. Once inside he made his way to yet another door, and this time he ran full on into the door. The strength and speed of Samuel was enough cause the door to swing open allowing him access into the tower.  "HELLO?! ANYBODY HERE?!" Once inside he stumbled to the fridge and began searching for raw meat or anything that would contain blood.
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New Orleans, Louisiana.

“There you go!” Solace said doing a shuttle run taking water to and from the dehydrated. The streets were cluttered with debris, homes were toppled, the streets were cracked, and various dead bodies had lay in the streets, there carcasses so badly damaged that the Buzzards and the Vultures didn’t touch them. Since the start of the “judgment day”, this city had been plunged into a forever veil of darkness, the levee’s once again broke, but that was the least of the cities concern.  Human bodied piled up in the streets, the city had become the trash can. Bourbon street in the French corner had no neon light’s not carnival mask; no life.   As she continued a hand on survey of the city, she could smell some grit in the air which left a foul metallic taste to her mouth, Children were sleeping on a wet mattress next to a demon body, she really had her hands full down here, but she was up to the task of restoring it.

The Louisiana Superdome had been used again, but this time Solace was en garde, she wouldn’t allow anyone to commit a crime while the city was under her protection.

Sitting high up in the stands she sat with her hands massaging her temples (At the same time Sha was doing so in my other post). She heard someone coming up the steps, slightly tilting her head up she saw a little blonde haired girl and a black girl, both with opposite color barbies.   “Hello” Maya said trying to suppress her emotions.

“We picked this for you…” the blonde said handing Maya a Black rose. Maya’s eyes surveyed the bad omen and then she quickly turned back to the girls. “Hey what are your names?” The blonde responded, “I’m Hilary, and that’s Larissa”. “Those are pretty names, hey listen can you tell me where you found this?” The girls grabbed Maya by the hand and dragged her over to a makeshift grave yard, a bunch of perfectly cut black roses were sprouting from the ground. Maya’s ocean blue eyes got bigger. “g-girlsss go back to the dome and play” “Maya snapped a picture of the field and sent them to the ICE image databanks.

On her way back to the dome she was able to catch what was going on with the rest of the world, via a radio that run on batteries. She could just faintly hear the voice of Gambler. “That man actually survived all of this?”

Maya accidentally said out loud. “Ah course he did” a humble white man sitting on the curb said while looking down in the water.

Maya bent down pushing her hair from her face and then placed them on her knee’s “Why do you say that” the man spit out a huge chunk of tobacco from his mouth and then continued. “Wella dat man has been a figurehead of Amerika since the days of hisa youf” Maya could barely make out what he was saying. “Heesh gonna lead usa outta thisa mess” Solace stood up looking back towards the superdome. “I sure do hope so old timer; believe it or not, him and the rest of those fools seem to have a better plan than us heroes…”

As she walked away the man, studied her switch and her demeanor, finally losing the accent, he replied with. “Have some faith Little Maya Lopez, he’s a changed man chere,” Maya turned around however he was gone. “People don’t change…they substitute”

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 The midday sun shone down on the deserted baseball diamonds, a cold wind rustled through the knee grass and weeds that acted as a barrier between them and the squat brick building that hulked over the small playground. Parents were still afraid to send their children to school after the demon attacks, despite the fact that things had been quiet for several days now. Parsons Elementary sat hollow, small desks turned on their sides, books discarded on the floor, dark smears spotted the walls and floors. Far too many. Half finished math tests danced in the breeze coming through the broken window, a large gray rat sat on the teachers desk nibbling a rotting apple scuttling away as a rhythmic squeaking filled the air.

Happiness bubbled up inside her as her brown hair flew back from her face. Pumping her short, skinny legs Dollface pushed the swing higher, leaning back she imagined she was flying. The chains creaked as it reached the apex of its swing and she leaped. Tucking her knees to her chest she hit the ground with an soft thud before rolling to a stop. The dead grass tickled the back of her neck as she lay spread eagle on the ground her small chest rising and falling in silent laughter. She scratched her chin leaving a dirty smudge before landing gracefully on her feet in a kip up. Deftly climbing to the top of the nearby jungle gym the small gymnast smiled peacefully as she looked over the vacant playground, enjoying the solitude and freedom from the ugly people. When the demons had come the people had turned on each other when they should have banned together. They were stupid and deserved to die. She had even killed a few after dispatching the small demons that attacked them. Her pale face scrunched up in anger when she thought of the names they called her. It wasn't nice. Hooking her knees over a bar she hung upside down inside the metal cage before flipping to her feet as the whirring of a helicopter grew near. Crouching near the ground she scanned the horizon, seeing the dark speck growing closer in the Eastern sky she sprinted towards the school. Leaping into the air she grabbed the sill of the open window and pulled herself into it's concealing darkness.

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Fractal stood on the stage, invisible and silent. A few feet away Gambler spoke eloquently, his eyes full of fire. " Ladies and Gentlemen here at home, and to those watching across dee Globe, I come to you at the most grievous of times. No doubt you must feel as if dhere is truly no more good in dee World, dat you've seen dis happen before and dat you can not trust my leadership. But I assure you, do not judge me, no, do not judge us, the so called villains, on our past deeds. For it was us who so valiantly laid down our lives on Judgment Day. It was we, who with our backs against the wall, defended dee very principles in which dis country was founded on. I know you have many questions and I promise you you shall have answers in the coming days. But first, as the newly appointed Czar of Homeland Security, I'd liked to take this moment to ensure you that a strategic and tactical solution was deployed the minute our World leaders fell victim to the fates. Under my new Initiative program we have already established fully staffed and stocked shelters around the nation. Thanks to the heroic sacrifice of the legendary Final Arrow those who were seemingly lost to use during the war have been given a new lease on life. The demonic hordes that nearly destroyed us all have been vanquished. And an entirely new croup of heroes are being trained here and abroad. Within the coming months we will be able to restore a fully functional democracy wit open elections and shall turn dee page ushering in a new chapter in history. But for now I beg, I plead with you, dee people, trust dee Initiative, work wit us and together we will raise from dee ashes. Thank you." The people only found it natural, thought of Gambler as misunderstood before, kept down and out of sight except to make a scene. None knew of the complex mechanics, metaphorical gears and chains, that kept everything working. Fractal slipped off the stage, moved through the crowd of reporters. Intangible, invisible, unnoticeable. He searched for anything that could possibly tarnish Gambler's image, any scrap of paper with a victim's interview, any crinkled napkin with scrawled text. Nothing. Good. Fractal drifted back to the stage, and continued his vigil. 
Men like Gambler would be the face of the world. Those charismatic men who could coax an old woman out of her retirement money with a smile. The people admired them, secretly. Fractal though...Fractal had to stay well behind the scenes. He was too clearly malevolent, and much too alien for trust. But this was considered the perfect criteria for trust from another being. The King of Tears. With the almost complete collapse of structure on Earth, the tendrils of the Fractal Realms were taking root. Already in the obscure places around the globe strange things were appearing. Mirages were no longer limited to deserts, and a red tint could be seen in the sky. As the Envoy of Tears, Fractal knew this better than anyone, knew the causes and the effects to come. The Fractal Realms were poised for war. 
Now though, Fractal had other matters to attend to. He removed all traces of those who could harm the new Earthly regime, and watched the people struggle across the globe. What he saw was reported back to Gambler...and later to the King of Tears. Gambler knew that Fractal's loyalty lay with the King first, and the Illuminati second, and knew that if there was war Fractal could not be counted on as an ally. But against all Earthly powers, Fractal would be loyal, would destroy or build, though all would be twisted and distorted.

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Solar Orchid looked at the ivy climbing up the wall. The tiny tendrils gripped tightly, as if afraid of heights. A lone ladybird spread its tiny wings and launched itself off a deep green leaf. "Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home..." Solar Orchid murmured. He kept only a marginal awareness of Mattersuit behind him, knowing the hero was perfectly capable of taking care of himself now that the wall was open. Solar Orchid's jaguar, the jaguar that lived and died without a name, twined itself around his legs. He turned his head as he heard the sound of marching, of the strict rhythm that a soldier never forgets. Orchid drifted towards him, looked at him upside down like a seal does in water. The soldier, mildly unnerved by Orchid's spectral nature rapped out his orders. "Solar Orchid, you are to report to the Vine Titans West headquarters immediately." Orchid remained silent for a while, watching a drop of perspiration fall from the soldier's forehead onto the sparse grass. "Okay" he said, and flitted away towards the base. 
Within the hour, Solar Orchid arrived at the base. He slipped through the walls, which hummed in their electronic voice to record his presence. Down a long hall, and into the conference room. "Solar Orchid here." he said, nodding at the woman at the head of the table. Then he floated over to a chair, and levitated over it. Next to him was a man in a sleek green costume. The jaguar took an immediate liking to the main, and curled itself around his legs.

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The cold grey stone became slippery as the rain from the dark clouds above came crashing on the temple shrine that was hidden from sight in the thick jungles and mountains of Peru. Today seemed darker then ever as the young monk warrior Clutch sat poised in a mediation trance repeating a mantra that he was taught,though his concentration was lost when the faint sound from his high tech monitors alerted him of a press conference on national TV. Pushing upward with his arms Adrian lifted from the concrete floor and slowly walked to the monitors,watching carefully and looking at every screen simultaneously. A grim smirk came across his face as he watched the man feed the public lies like he always has. A manipulator of words,and a devil of a man was this Jean Luc LeBeau. The fact that he and Clutch were family made him grimace a little as he picked up the blibking intercom Sha had given him when he joined the Titans. Quickly pressing the recieve button he listened to the heros voice as he began to gather weapons for his next move. 
Clutch…what can you find out about this Jean Lebeau guy, I want everything all the facts from his birth date to the last time he pissed; meet up at the conference room in an hour”    

The Paragon of Parkour punched in several keys on his super computer and brought up a quick dossier of the man known as Gambler to some,Jean to the world,and uncle to him. The file uploaded quickly and Clucth pressed the commlink to let Sha know he got the message. His gear was ready and his next move was pretty clear,find out exactly what he had to do with all that was going on. He contemplated and stared into space,perhaps retrospecting on a life he had known with the Leader of the Assassins Guild,but snapped back into reality and intiated a link between him and his Titan leader Sha. 
"I'm sending a complete dossier on Jean,but I'm afraid I cant meet you. There seems to be a few loose ends in this campaign,I'm going to find out why. My commlink will be on for 24 hours if you need me,otherwise I'll contact you...Out." 
With swiftness Clutch grabbed the quiver of arrows and his longbow,and the small gust of wind he caused blew the candles and incense that rest in front of his small shrine out.

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Press Conference- Outside Wallace Enterprises, London, England

Scott stood behind one of the last three surviving government officials left in Britain. He nervously rubbed his hands, this was a weird moment for him, he had never been nervous in his life, with a few exceptions involving his wife, but never has he professionally been nervous before, not even when he roamed the streets being a hero, but that was thanks to immortality, something, the man beside him reassured Scott, that would last him more than a lifetime. When it came to immortality he never liked to think about too deeply, but thanks to the man he stood next to, he was forced to, he was standing next to Constantine, himself, a billion years from now. He had gone back to the beginning of time and lived every waking second up until this point. Truthfully, that was scary, to know you'll live forever was a huge burden. Yet he could still not think of that, he still had a long way to go before even having to, plus there were bigger things at hand. Like why he was so nervous, his new promotion being the answer.
It was quite a surprise but apparently he deserved it, along with another award to follow tomorrow. Scott was wearing a fine tailored Italian suit, he felt bad to look so good when everyone else didn't, but it was advised he had to look his best, even his luscious brown hair was unusually neat. Though two long demon scratches were present, going from his jaw and ear down his neck, stopping at his chest. He straightened his red tie and did up a few buttons on his jacket, covering half of his waistcoat. Beside Constantine stood in a new suit, different to the suit Scott wore, it was Con's new superhero attire, an updated version of what Scott had worn in the nineties and early noughties. A white Kevlar suit, with a hood, as well as the letter C emblazoned on it's chest. He thought it was time to pull it back out and play. Truthfully the newly revamped costume did look good and now it was out there for all to see thanks to this televised press conference. Constantine, older Con, was their as a sign of hope, and the obvious costume was also a symbol, that way if people saw him it would let them now they're safe. Everything was strategical nowadays, everything had an ulterior motive behind it.
The balding government official, who stood in front of Scott, was behind a podium, gripping it very tightly, yesterday's events obviously taking a toll on him, as they had done everyone. It was weird to think that all the havoc, that was in such plain sight, had only happened yesterday, and that all the demons had disappeared just like that, Scott was informed it was thanks to Final Arrow they'd gone away. The man at the podium coughed, silencing the crowd, "hello all," he said in a gentle tone, "as you may know I am one of three government officials left, the others as you are well aware were killed by a monster, my condolences go out to their families, and all families in fact, to everyone who has lost someone, even if it was years ago, I am truly and sincerely sorry for your loss, I know your pain, and the whole world in unison is feeling that same pain right now. There is not one part of God's green Earth that has remained unscathed by previous events. We have seen some dark times these past few days, very dark indeed, but in the darkness shone a light, in the form of a man and his company. So it gives me great pleasure to announce to you, agreed by all government officials, your new Prime Minister, Scott Wallace" the crowd clapped and the balding official stepped aside, leaving Scott to step up.
Stepping up to the podium he shook hands with the government official and exchanged a thank you, he stared across the crowd, now the official new Prime Minister. He brushed a hand through his silky brown hair, and took a sharp breath, it seemed ages before he mustered up the will to say anything but in reality it was less than a second, "hello everyone, first off, I'd like to thank all those who have entrusted this power with me. I understand that this is not how a new PM would come about normally, but due to events things have changed drastically and they thought it best to act right away," Scott drew breath, unnerved by the silence, "now, I know some of you may not agree with that, or agree with me, the trashy billionaire, who does nothing but produce weapons. Well you're wrong, I'm here, in front of you, to make things better, Britain is sick, I've come to heal it, the plans that we're executed the other days have been in motion for years, and there not the last, we're prepared, ready for whatever is thrown at us, we have lived through Judgment Day, we can live through anything. Earlier I was called the bright light in the darkness, but truthfully I think something else shone brighter, my whole company and each and every one of my employees who put their lives on the line, and lost them, so we could have a brighter future. The wall of the dead is being made as we speak, all who lost their lives will not be forgotten. The UK seems to be at a lack of heroes, we've been neglecting our own country, effective immediately Britain is priority number one, though we will help other countries as best we can we need to put ours back on track before we can help theirs, you may of noticed my friend Constantine next to me, I highly doubt you missed him with that costume. He's here to help put us back on track, he's agreed to work under government legislation to get things back the way it used to be. As you may have noticed Shelters have popped up everywhere, this is the first step toward a better tomorrow. That is all for now, thank you, and goodbye..." with that Scott left the podium and entered his company building, Constantine at his heals, followed by two assistants.
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Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean

A large state-of-the-art battleship / carrier cut across the water like a sword.  On the main deck, a tall individual walked tall among those under his command.  In reality, one could say that each of those men were pressured into service.  There was nothing else they could do with their lives because all records and evidence of their previous existence had been obliterated.  Now, they were forced to do the one thing that they had been genetically created to do - fight.
While the men were all wearing suits of advanced body armor and carrying never-before-seen weaponry, their commander wore a fine Italian suit and puffed on his cigar.  His long brown hair blew in the wind as he looked into the horizon.  "Sir," an officer said as he approached his commander and saluted.  "We are nearing the coordinates."
Taking his cigar out of his mouth, the commander looked over at the officer and smiled.  "Excellent." he said with a smile.  "Have you contacted Israel and alerted them of our arrival?"
"Yes, sir." the officer replied.
"They feel it is unwise to send the Defense Minister to our location, sir."
"I see...  Well then, prepare my armor."
"If they will not come to us, then I will personally go to them.  Keep in mind, we do not want to convey any hostility.  If this is going to work, then they will have to trust us."
"Very well, sir.  I'll see to it that your armor is prepared and that the Israelis are made aware of your arrival."
With that, the officer saluted once more and left to attend to his commander's request.  A few minutes later, the commander stood before his armor wearing a tight black jump suit.  Stepping onto the platform, he spread his arms and the armoring sequence began.  The armor was then mechanically attached to his body.  As the torso unit was mounted, several probes extended from the chest area and slowly inserted themselves into the wearer's chest.  As the probing cables moved throughout his chest cavity, they literally attached themselves to his heart.  The wounds around the insertion points then closed shut and the wearer's heartbeat intensified.
The suit then powered itself up by using the power from the individual's heart itself.  That powerful heart would then provide the main source of power for the suit of armor which he wore.  As the final pieces of the armor were mounted, the helm was then closed.  Stepping down from the platform, the commander made his way out towards the hangar on the other side of the ship.  Two teams of operatives were already assembled and waiting in aerial transports.
Walking out between the two air crafts, he looked back towards each group and nodded his head.  With that, he powered up his thrusters and took off towards his destination with the two airborne teams directly behind him.  Later on when he would meet with the Israeli Defense Minister, he would give him no name.  Instead, he would simply call himself Armored Avenger.....
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When he slept he was falling. Falling from high orbit. Cold numbing him as the Earth expanded to fill his field of vision. He could see night and day as he fell, the dark and the light. The dark was filled with orange specks, fire burning out of control, whereas the day side was streaked with black clouds. The world was burning. Then he hit the atmosphere and he was burning too. The heat stripping the flesh from his bones. He opened his mouth to scream and the fire swept into his lungs, searing them closed and trapping the scream of agony in his throat. Then he was through, a blackened, charred mass of flesh that was unrecogniseable as a man. He tumbled through the air, every few moments getting a glimps of the earth rushing up to meet him. If his heart was still beating it would have stopped then from terror. But he was already dead. 
Switch opened his eyes. For a few moments still feeling the fear gripping his chest and making breathing difficult. He blinked to removed the after image of the burning planet from his vision and sat up. He was in a crappy motel in a crappy town in a crappy state somewhere in the midwest. He got dressed slowly and left the building in no hurry, leaving the keys to the room at the front desk. Walking out onto the street he looked both ways. The town was deserted. Shops boarded up and streets devoid of cars. It was eerie to see such desolation but it was becoming a more and more common sight. With the population dropping so rapidly in recent years a number of things had happened. For one thing the slaughter of the general populace had caused food prices to plummet, there was simply too much food for people too eat, destroying the agricultural economy. The only jobs for those in rural areas were in the cities, where the destruction had been the most horrific. There were a thousand and one jobs and not enough people to do them. People bought property cheap, as it was going to be destroyed at some point like as not and the entire country wallowed in excess and decadence as they spent money that only had value because they still believed it did. The birth rate had practically flatlined, so many people were dying before they could have kids and those that didnt perish in the numerous disasters and conflicts being unwilling to bring a child into the chaos. 
It was the same around the globe. Russia was still a wasteland from the Red Lantern attack during the Light Wars and Japan was much the same after the Darkchild Corps dropped several replica nuclear bombs in the same conflict. Long term attrition of American urban centres had led to a collapse in trade, leading to famine in many countries which relied on that trade to keep themselves afloat. Africa was a battleground as petty crooks and warlords attempted to carve out a kingdom. Judgement Day was just the latest in a long line of atrocities. Switch just hoped that it wouldnt be the final nail in the coffin. Gambler and the other new world leaders had a hell of a mess to sort out and in his opinion they were welcome to it. It would keep them occupied for a while and hopefully prevent them from causing any trouble for the recovering world. 
Switch slid into the driver's side seat of the only car in sight, an electric blue 1959 Cadilac convertible. He had found it in some overgrown backyard somewhere in Virginia and had somehow got it working again. It felt good to fix something with his own two hands. The sky was wide and blue and seemed to stretch forever. For the first time in his life Switch felt truely free, although he knew that it was just an illusion. Pretty soon something would happen, maybe Gambler would play his hand, or Arrow would reappear. Whatever it was he would be forced to return to the world and do what he could. But for now there was only the open road.
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Hawaiian islands.

The trail was incredibly cold Adam write could be anywhere in any of the islands and hidden in the worse of places just to keep from recruitment and danger. There was chaos everywhere however, it is unknown if its because of its location or its lack of political importance but the Hawaiian archipelago was not as damage as the other courtiers world wide. The politicians were dead but the structures were not as harmed as the world and for the look of things apparently even in vacation the spider seems to remember who he is and where does his allegiances lie.

Just by the mentioning of the Hero’s name those around Marauder came to the big guardian greeting him and pointing to the hero’s location. “What’s goin’ on? Why are they all cheerful just because I said TWS?” Asked himself the Marauder as he was been taken to a guide house by a crowd. The divine companion of the guardian responds with his own theory “Maybe Adam was helping during the crisis here.. I guess he wasn’t just sitting around after all.”
A walking guide without a word of English or Spanish nothing but gestures lead the two divine soldiers throughout the way. After two hours of hiking into the most living  piece of jungle with snakes, spiders and other dangers the trio finally reached their destination. “What in the world?” Exclaimed marauder as he witness the hero walking on the beach wearing nothing but his birthday suit. The divine member on the side of Marauder couldn’t find the words to explain why a member of the divines was walking around naked on a beach. “I guess he though--” But he was quickly interrupted by Marauder, “Don’t you try to justify the fact that your so call hero is a damn nudist!” Growling as he couldn’t believe he was replaced by a man of such low moral as Adam Marauder tears off the divine being’s cape and walks down to the beach where Adam was unaware of their presence. “Hey!” Yelled Marauder as he stomped on the sand walking over to the hero. “Hey you Patrick Wilson!”

“Patrick Wilson? I thought he’s name was Adam-- Oh, lord, Watchmen…” Realized the divine who quickly runs after the guardian warning him about Adam’s comedic personality trying to avoid a stand up war. “Marauder you really shouldn’t call him names, all you will do is encourage him.”
Adam looks over his shoulder just to see a the Marauder walking towards him, “What the-?” Gasped the Spider.  Elgin at that time he balled up the cape and tossed it at Adam‘s chest who catches it. “Party is over, cover up and lets go Hugh Jackman.” Tossing the cape to a side the Spider’s white symbiotic suit just crawled all over Adam’s body baring only the head to be able to speak and gesture. “Hugh Jackman? Who the hell is that?” rhetorically asked the spider before he continues “Never mind, what the heck are you people doing here?” Adam walks over to the guide as he speaks to the man in Hawaiian

[“Hey, what are these people doing here? I thought I asked you people to just bring food and for privacy, and not to tell anyone I was here”]
The guide responds in Hawaiian while gesturing while he explained [“They are foreigners and they dress like you did when you helped, so we thought they were your friends and were here to help us in case there be more trouble! I am sorry to anger you sir Spider.”]The guide bows before the Spider. Marauder and the divine were quite skeptical about the guide bowing before the hero. By nearly shrugging his shoulders the only words that come out of the Spider are “I’ve told them not to do that but what can I do.”

Adam can tell it was not of their liking, “Just a second” he said before turning over to the guide [“Hey! You’re embracing me! Only the girls are allow to do that! We were fooling around I didn’t expect for you people to pop in and think I want to be worshipped! Now stop bowing and scram!”] The guide as commanded he got on hes feet and ran away as fast as he could.
 “Well, that takes care of that.”

Adam then looks over to Marauder and the divine,  “Now I know what you are going to say, so, let me save you some time and tell you that I am not interested in joining back into society for about two more months where my vacations which I haven’t been able to enjoy end. In other words, whatever is going on you can count me out.”

“Oh, Is that right?” Retaliates Marauder. The big man takes a few steps forward and reach as face to face encounter with the Spider, “Well guess what thinkerbell? I was assign on this mission and I cannot continue my duty without taking you back so you’re going to come with me.. Even if I have to drag you, savvy?”
The spider tightened his lips as he stared at the eyes of the Herculean guardian. “Look 50 cents, I don’t think you know who are you fantasizing about dragging but it better not be me.” 
The divine youngster suddenly interrupts as he push both me away from each other. “OK! OK, that’s quite enough of that guys.” The temperature of hate seem to just build between the two powerhouses. “I’m fine, is your Incy-wincy spider that needs to watch his mouth before I put my fist in it.”
The divine came to Marauder as he tried to maintain peace between the two heroes, “How about you let me handle it M? Have a rest” Without words Marauder just turned around and walked away but only because he knew he could be in trouble for assaulting a fellow divine soldier. 
After a exchange of words with the hero and explaining about the circumstances the hero seem to be thinking about joining the cause, however it is not until he watched a window of the destruction he is been ignorant about. The window showed him the current conditions of the world and specially Massachusetts.. Adam's home.  
"Fine.. I'm in." -TWS
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South America: Brazil

Seemingly overnight the once decimated country was teaming with humanitarian aid. The American Red Cross, now controlled and operated by the Initiative, had established a rather large and versatile command center in the heart of the country. Food, shelter, and other accommodations were being made readily available to the impoverished people. The Red Cross insignia had been replaced with a symbol that was becoming increasingly more recognizable with each passing day, the symbol of the Initiative. But underneath the surface, a for more nefarious scheme was taking place. Deep in the jungle shielded from satellite imagining and protected by miles and miles of treacherous rain forest stood a heavily guarded complex. Its exact purpose was a mystery, but with the World in a perpetual state of upheaval there was no one focused enough to ask questions. Isolated from the population the screams of the poor tortured experiments within the depths of the complex went unnoticed.

Africa: Angola

Armored convoy rolled through the country handing out supplies as well as offering medical assistance to those in need. Boxes of food were continually handed out, each box marked with the symbol of the Initiative. In the initial days following the horrific events of J-Day local and tribal warlords tried to seize control of the country but were quickly eradicated by the Initiative, who then seized control themselves with the promise that once the country was stabilized control would once again be handed over to the African people. And as the Initiative worked around the clock to restore basic living conditions, the deal seemed like a good one. But meanwhile off the coast in the Gulf of Guinea abandoned oil rigs had been converted into self sustaining production facilities. Day and night a total of 24 rigs continuous constructed state of the art fully aware Sentinels. Each one branded with the Initiative insignia.

Now - Washington D.C.

Stylish dressed in a shaded John Varatos suit with silver cuff links, Jean Luc LeBeau, alias Gambler, sat and monitored the construction progress of his Pentagon. The glass table situated in front of him was congested with files, letters, reports, and classified documents ranging from surveillance data on the newly formed Titans West and their leader Sha, to security protocols that would soon be written into the local legislation. Never before had one man legally obtained so much power. And it was only the beginning. As the Master of Manipulation checked his watch he casual flashed a brief smirk before grabbing a rather large package and making his way to Rhina's room. Standing on the opposite side of the energy field Gambler pressed the small red button located on the wall disabling the security measures. "Why so sad chere?" he mockingly questioned. "Dis living situation is only temporary, you be free soon. Provided you can behave yourself" he smirked. "In dee meantime I had something made for you. I hope you enjoy it." Opening the package to reveal a beautifully painted picture depicting Rhina's destructive war. It was a genuine sign of Gambler's admiration for what the young rebellious mystic had accomplished. "Soon if you like, once things settle down, we begin your training, no?" he said before leaving the child with her thoughts.

As he made his way through the incomplete halls of the installation his mind was in a continuous state of organized chaos, methodically trying to map out each step, along with counter measures for any unforeseen situations. So far the mirage that was the Inatiave was holding strong but the true remaining heroes of the World would soon begin to take a closer look and piece the puzzle together. Everything needed to be perfect in order for the Illuminati to keep its grasp on the throat of the World. Gambler's PDA was continually downloaded vital information from around the globe, such as the newly appointed Prime Minister of England's press conference. "Interesting" the Cajun thought to himself as he watched the televised event, the key points of the speech being replayed in a continuous stream along the bottom the screen. With a quick motion of his hand Gambler summoned one of his personal aids. "I want you to go ahead and contact dis Constantine and set up a meeting on neutral ground. We have much to discuss he and I." Bowing his head the assistant quickly scurried away.

Then unexpectedly the silence was interrupted, "Excuse me? Mr LeBeau? I'm Winston Sharpeand before I go on, I think there's a little problem outside you might want to look into, I hear we're being assaulted by some giant beasty-thing, I think it could make some dents in publicity unless it's dealt with quickly and preferably, spectacularly."  

"You dont say" smirked Gambler as he looked the man up and down. "Are you not a soldier yourself Mr.....Sharpe? How about dis." he began to say before pausing and allowing a small contingent of lightly armed men to run up behind him. "Take control of dis unit. I've named dhem the Shadow Initiative. Each one is specially trained and enhanced with my newly perfected Super soldier serum. But they have yet to be battle tested. Lead dhem, handle dis beast, and when, or if, you return, we shall continue our conversation."

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The Forbidden City now known as, The Nation of Hong Kong.

Standing in front of the steps with her mighty Green Dragon blade at her side, her brown eyes gazed out at the masses. It seemed that all of China had been quiet, for a few months the world had been plunged in a veil of darkness; the people were forced to choose between the lesser of two evils, it was the worst of times and there were only more days of desperation to come. Many had tried to flee the country, however More borders were put up, trading with other nations had been completely closed off, The last of the Political Resistance were found and killed, finally There was one nation, under Zing Xiao, and all who didn’t pledge their allegiance, they were not killed; their families were killed. The people had no choice to but given to the leadership of the specter.

Any memories of restoring China to whence it was, was a mere Apparition of the past.   Looking out she could see many of the people holding on to their black roses, which now had become a symbol of the Chinese, which signified the long journey it would take for them to regain its position as a world power and what Zing planed to do; she might not be able to fix. She finally ended her prayer and  readied herself for her worldwide speech

<Translated from Chinese Cantonese>

“People of China… It is at this Hour that you’ll witness the birth of the New Hong Kong Nation, those black rose you have in your possession is a symbol of our attitude to the rest of the world; for they are dead to us. I know I’ve done things in the past that have not sat well in your eyes, but tell me, who else is there that will forcefully take what is ours!, Who else will bring this nation from nothing to something, if there is anyone like that then please step forward…”

Zing backed away from the microphone, still looking at those who came they wore all black everything, her eyes were the sharpest of her Clan, from the back of the masses she saw someone’s knee hit the ground, followed by another, and another; until everyone in the forbidden city had pledged their allegiance to her.

She let out a smile and then walked back to the microphone, “Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the nation of Hong Kong” with that a bunch of fireworks lit up the sky; followed by the release of Money from balloons. “Now people go and stimulate our economy” she had given her generals control over every other province, while she herself stayed in the city.  She returned back to her quarters, once inside her maids quickly removed her clothing’s and began to wash her body.

“Ready my Jet, I’m off to Japan, I have to met with the Yazukas in 4 hours to talk about how we are going to get our imports from San Francisco now that we have cut of trading with the U.S”   her Executive Assistant  brushed her long and silk hair while asking.

“So what now”

Zing kept her eyes closed trying to focus, “Now I find my mentor and bring her home”

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Greystoke Manor - Scotland

Steam filled the Hunter's chambers as he stepped out of the hot shower.  He chuckled to himself as he thought about it being quite some time since he had showered alone.  Though she was not currently present, Lady Tlieso's scent still faintly lingered in the air.  After drying off, William wrapped the two around his waist and went over to the sink to get ready.  Pushing a button on the wall, he caused a small compartment to come out which contained various grooming products.  He then picked up the trimmer and turned it on.  "I sure am going to miss this thing." he thought to himself as he ran his fingers over his beard one last time.
He then turned on the trimmer, sighed, then got to work clipping off his beard.  When he was finished, William put back the trimmer and took out a pair of shears.  Running his fingers through his long brown hair, he then proceeded to separate it into strands and cut it.  Several minutes later, he put the finishing touches on his hair - evening out the edges and so on.  Afterward, he lathered up his face in shaving gel and shaved off the whiskers that were left.  After rinsing off his face, he did one more thing before finishing up - he colored his hair.  Although he knew that it was needed, William was not particularly thrilled with the arrangement.
Finally, he got dressed in a black-colored business suit accompanied by a blue french-cuffed shirt, a blue-and-gold-striped tie, and a pair of black dress shoes.  Overall, it was elegant yet not too extravagant.  As he exited his chambers and made his way down the stairwell of Greystoke Manor, individuals could not believe what they were seeing.  Whispers could be heard accompanied by occasional laughter.  William simply nodded politely and proceeded to the control room.
As he made his way into the control room, he was met by Chameleone.  "Alright," William said to him.  "Is everything prepared?"
"All of your necessary documentation is here." Chameleone said, handing him an envelope containing an international driver's license, passport, MI6 credentials, and more.  As William looked at the passport, Chameleone continued saying, "Your cover ID James David Holmes, born 1978 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  You were recruited by MI6 eight years ago where you specialized in espionage and other areas of counter-terrorism.  Four years ago, you were nearly suspended for killing innocents while on-assignment in Sierra Leone.  Aside from that, you are an experienced gambler - excelling in especially in Hold 'Em poker; and your drink of choice is Jameson Irish Whiskey.  Your main reason for being called to the United States is to assist in the rebuilding of their national security and to aid them in anti-terrorism."
Looking at Chameleone with a raised eyebrow, William smiled slightly and said, "Right.....  Please see to it that our other members receive such wonderful cover identities as well."  With that, William fitted himself with a personal firearm, packed the belongings of "James David Holmes," and then departed for the air port.  Other members of Wolf Pack would arrive shortly to begin their part in this operation.  Things would have to be done in a smart fashion if this plan was going to succeed.  If too many individuals showed up at once, then it might raise suspicion.

Dulles International Airport - Northern Virginia

William calmly finished up the last of his Irish whiskey as he unbuckled his seat belt and stood up.  Gathering his carry-on luggage, he then made his way towards the exit of the plane.  As he approached the door, he could see several agents of Homeland Security standing by outside.  Making sure to maintain his calm demeanor, he hung the bag from his shoulder and took out his identification.  Stepping down the stairs to the runway, he held up his identification and said, "Agent James D. Holmes, MI6, at your service."  Then, with a wicked smile creeping upon his face, he then said, "At ease, gentlemen."  With that, he took a comfortable seat in the government-issue limousine and rode off towards the nation's capital -  Washington, D.C.
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Hours had passed since Samuel had entered Veritas tower, his body finally a resemblance of what it once looked like was now rested and able to carry him through. Samuel showed scars of his venture from the night before but soon enough it would all disappear. While his body did not appear to be in peak condition, his will was, and that was enough to make him strong enough to fight, he was as strong as ever now. After searching the tower and finding nothing but locked doors and empty air Samuel finally gave up and sat on the couch. As soon as he turned on the T.V. he couldn't help but grit his teeth. 
"Gambler, figures you'd have your ugly mug up on screen..." Samuel mumbled to himself as the picture of Gambler in the corner of screen faded away to a recording of the Cajun's speech a few hours before. 
 "Ladies and Gentlemen here at home, and to those watching across dee Globe, I come to you at the most grievous of times. No doubt you must feel as if dhere is truly no more good in dee World, dat you've seen dis happen before and dat you can not trust my leadership. But I assure you, do not judge me, no, do not judge us, the so called villains, on our past deeds. For it was us who so valiantly laid down our lives on Judgment Day. It was we, who with our backs against the wall, defended dee very principles in which dis country was founded on. I know you have many questions and I promise you you shall have answers in the coming days. But first, as the newly appointed Czar of Homeland Security, I'd liked to take this moment to ensure you that a strategic and tactical solution was deployed the minute our World leaders fell victim to the fates. Under my new Initiative program we have already established fully staffed and stocked shelters around the nation. Thanks to the heroic sacrifice of the legendary Final Arrow those who were seemingly lost to use during the war have been given a new lease on life. The demonic hordes that nearly destroyed us all have been vanquished. And an entirely new croup of heroes are being trained here and abroad. Within the coming months we will be able to restore a fully functional democracy wit open elections and shall turn dee page ushering in a new chapter in history. But for now I beg, I plead with you, dee people, trust dee Initiative, work wit us and together we will raise from dee ashes. Thank you."
Samuel's eyes widened with regret as the people that had been there cheered and clapped for the Cajun. "JESUS HOW F*CKING DUMB ARE THESE PEOPLE. WE'VE BEEN DOWN THIS ROAD BEFORE!!" Samuel was overcome with anger as he watched Gambler walk off the stage with the sea of cheers behind him.  
Thats right ladies and gentlemen a savior has stepped up in this great time of need, I'm Jessica Murry with channel 6 news. Samuel shut off the T.V and quickly made his way out of the tower stopping long enough to pick up a new com link and a cell phone. "Sorry Kurrent hope you won't miss these too much." 

A few minutes later...

 Samuel walked down what was central Orlando watching the people and animals scavenging through the ruble. Suddenly a sharp high pitched ringing broke through the silence of sorrow. 
"Yeah.." "Samuel? Dude is that you? Thank God bro we were all worried you didn't make it. Are you ok? You wanna talk to Moriah? Samuel grinned as his brother-in-laws voice rang through the phone, if nothing else at least him and Moriah were safe. "Yeah man I'm fine. Listen you still got that safe house in the subway under downtown?" After a few minutes the voice answered, 'Yeah man if the damn demons didn't tear it all to pieces. The passcode's the day you and Moriah met." "Thanks bro, listen one more thing, I need you to take care of Moriah alright. I gotta go man. Peace." With those last few words Samuel hung up and took off for the old west bay station. 
Samuel quickly reached the old deserted station broke through the planks of wood that stood as the only barrier between intruders and the station. As soon as he was inside Samuel worked his way down the tracks and through the darkness until he reached a turning point that to an unknowing individual led to a dead end. Samuel however knew of the secrets the back wall held as he approached it with caution knowing there was sure to be traps or alarms. Finally after pulling away planks of wood and metal bars Samuel located the key pad to open the hidden doors. He quickly punched in the numbers 11-10-09, the date on which he had met the love of his life Moriah. After a few seconds a load screech tore through the darkness before two large metal doors slowly pulled open. Samuel walked into the large room and grinned with pleasure as an animatronic voice echoed out...Welcome Day Hunter 
Samuel ran to the back of the large room tore through a curtain into a smaller room containing some of his old effects. He grabs his old red devil uniform before quickly making his way back into the larger room. "Alright now for a ride to D.C." Samuel runs to a large suspended tarp and forcefully rips away from its suspended state revealing an old V jet. Samuel grinned a rich man's grin as he remembered how he had come to own the jet. Back when he was a with Veritas he had a run in with Bane during one their missions, it was believed by all that the jet had been obliterated in the fight , luckily Samuel had scavenged enough that he and Jimmy could rebuild it.  
With great pleasure Samuel lept into the cock pit and the familiar sound of the computers filled the air. "Computer activate, Find the quickest route to Washington D.C. Launching.....NOW!" Suddenly the jet came to life as its engine spit fire and it shot through the dark tunnel towards its hidden exit in the middle of downtown Orlando. 
The ground rumbled and the people in the area shook with fear as they believed more demons were making their way to the once great city again. Suddenly the jet burst through the concrete, having its original exit blocked off by a fallen building, and shot straight into the air. The people marveled with excitement as they witnessed the jet bolt away wondering where it was going, who was inside it, and more importantly what were they doing. 
Half an hour later Samuel was flying over the gray skies of  the District of Columbia. Without a moments notice Samuel opened the cockpit and lept out pulling his hood over his head and free falling straight to the ground. His long black trench coat flapped in the darkness as the jet flipped around and flew off into the shadows headed back for its home to refuel. Samuel soon was close enough to the ground that he could make out the once great city, he quickly pulled his parachute and guided himself into what he believed was once a park. With a thud he landed and cut himself free of chute. 
"Alright now to scout out the enemy." And with that Samuel began his hike towards the capitol where Gambler had built his fortress. 
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 For her own selfish reasons,Vida refused to acknowledge what was going on. To do that would remind her of where she has been and what she had been through and she never wants to go back to that. She was too young. This whole superhero business seemed cool when it was just common criminals but this was bigger than that. Even more so then her scars this instance brought back bad memories. Her pain her torture, the kind she moved away from. She wouldn't even look at her costume. She had been sitting there, wasting away all day in her underwear. In this situation, she would usually look toward entertainment to console her. As soon as she turned it on she was reminded of why she has stayed in bed. She knew what was out there. She could feel it. The news is exactly what she was hoping wasn't on when she turned on the television. Her emotions overwhelmed her. She started to curse her parents. She couldn't figure out why they would teach her all of those things, make her a some type of warrior. She didn't want to hurt people, she wanted to make peace. She was too immature to understand. Just then her older brothers walked into the room. As she turned to look at who had entered they could she tears coming down her face.They asked...
"What's the matter little Sparrow? Are you hurt.Would you like us to do anything for you?"  They were more like servants than brothers at times.They had no idea what she had been going through, but she answered..."Nothing, nothing at all is wrong and there is nothing you can do for me...now go away". Being the only ones who knew about her cape and cowl they felt it was their place to advice her on what to do. Her brother Amun, most of all had a pep talk waiting to go. "Listen little Sparrow, as your keeper: I think I know when something is wrong and judging my what I just saw on television, I would say those tears on your face weren't there before you turned the tv on.I would also say that because your costume is over there in the trash and your closet is locked..you weren't planning on doing anything. Is that correct?" She yelled at him.."Get out!" And he responded, "I can also tell by that response that you don't know how you should feel about this. You weren't even born here. You aren't really obligated to care about the United States. But you do. That's not how we we're raised but you've been through alot at such a young age and it's caused you to mature and to find your own path. I only wish I, like you could have chosen my own path at your age. In a way I can say I envy you. However, my envy will fade if you just sit there all day and do nothing. Maybe you won't be a big help. You may not even scratch the surface of doing something that matters with all that's going on. But isn't it worth trying? I know your purpose. You want redemption. You've done things in your life that you regret and you want to make up for them. So go, go help someone. Get the experience so when something like this rises again..you can say that you did more than enough to be a valid asset to stopping that threat." Without even acknowledging the effect that little speech had on her she jumped up and threw her costume on and then her clothes over that. Just like any of the other times she went out to put her life on the line she remembered the day. She remembered her old life in Egypt, and how many people were slaughtered because of her family. She was going to show the world, starting today that she is truly remorseful for what she had done in the past.As she left the room, she looked back and smiled at her older brothers and they smiled back as if to say.."We're here for you".

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The Humvee pulls up along side a small mid western gas station. The city around it was in ruins, the gas sign reads "Diesel - 8.08 gal.", the eight flaps off into the breeze and twists and turns amongst the wind until finally finding it's resting place on a rock nearby. The gas station sign reads "Shell" but it's rusted, battered and bruise.
The man steps out, his muscular arms dangling by his narrow hips. Dog tags draping down from around his neck to his silver cropped tank top, bruised blue jeans accentuating the look of hard times.  Clutched in his hands is a handle, a black leather handle that swings down, hooking onto a charcoal colored portmanteau.   Inside is a silver haired gentlemen, all dressed in a traditional yellow and white garb of a mechanic.  He twirls a oil covered towel around a small muffler piece, his eyes fixated on the piece of equipment before his eyes eventually bring themselves up and sit on the man who's carrying the Attache. 
"Well hello" The old man said placing down his muffler piece with a smile.
"How much for a candy bar?" asked Sickness in reply.
"Well, prices have gone up ya know. State of the world and all that, prices sky rocketed. I've got to make a livin--" The old man said in a fake confusion.  
"You talk too much" Sickness snarled
"7.56 for a Snickers"
"Oh drop the act and cut your sh!t" Sickness cussed in reply.  "Pietro Maximoff? Is that right? I know who you are and more importantly,  who's son you are".  He continued
The old man's eyes widened in shock as Sickness sat the suit case atop the counter and pulled out a nail gun. 
"You ever played Russian Roulette with one of these things?" 
"I can't say that I have..." Quicksilver replied with a still surprised look on his face.
20 Minutes Later
The Greyheaded son of Magneto fell to the ground pain, his last words was the location of the VV castle.
"Thanks...you old fart" He smirked as he threw the gasoline coated towel atop the old man. "Clean yourself up"
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 Broken glass lay scattered throughout the halls of the Palazzo Medici Riccard. The echoing sounds of combat filtered in and around the magnificent art work and perfectly crafted sculptures as the egotistical assassin known as the Rated R Superstar cut a path through the remaining members of the legendary Les Assassins Silenciuex. One by one and two by two the illustrious group fell upon the mysterious killers blade. His stylish symphony of death was conducted with the precision and execution of a prodigy. Trained by the infamous King of Kings himself, his skills and tactical abilities were a match for any accomplished martial artist, as the LeBeau Legacy was soon to discover for herself.

"Come out come out where ever you are little bird."
mocked the assassin. Slowly maneuvering down the dark and twisting corridors silently stalking his prey he could sense the young LeBeau's presence and tightly gripped the hilt of his sheathed katana in anticipation. Suddenly the shimmering gleam of Angelique's katana raced through the air in one quick and seemingly effortless strike. With incredible speed Gambler's hand taught assassin reacted with the reflexes of a Black Mamba as he brought his blade up to meet the lovely Angelique's. Instantaneously both predator and prey transitioned into a display breathtaking swordsmenship. Both spinning and twirling their blades with graceful allure. Tiny sparks igniting each time metal met metal. The Superstar lashed out with a disguised pressure point attack which Angelique narrowly avoided by contorting her body into a gravity defying backbend, allowing the open handed strike to sail overhead leaving Gambler's assassin briefly exposed, or so she thought. Expeditiously the deadly beauty spun around dropping to one hand as she brought both legs around in a helicopter spin attempting to sweep the legs of the Rated R Superstar. However, the arrogant assassin had anticipated such a counter attack and before Angelique could recover she was overwhelmed with a ruthless series of Israeli martial arts known as Krav Maga. Rated R was unforgiving as he delivered a cluster of nerve strikes that instantly crippled the daughter of Jean Luc.

"He said you wouldn't go down easy little bird, but I assured him you...would, go down." he smirked as he ran his tongue along the length of her face. "Dont worry I'm not going to kill you. My orders are simply to bring you back. The Czar has bigger plans in store for you, you treacherous backstabbing c#@!."

Pulling out his communicator Rated R called in his men who were on stand by. "Yeah its done. Bring in the clean up crew, torch everything and burn this lovely palace to the ground. Leave Esther the message....correct, make it look like Veritas was here." Lifting Angelique up onto his shoulder he carried her outside before securing her aboard a black CIA issue helicopter headed for Washington.

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Weeks or was it days or months he couldn't remember as he hung there in the dark

They filled the sky like the locust of Biblical times. He could only imagine the feeling that the Pharaoh must have felt when Moses called for God to blot out the sky with the plague. Now there was a plague like none other in front of him, and he was certain that it was not God's doing. They flew down on him in an unrelenting wave pounding on them one after another. The men that he commanded, men if he could call Lycans that, fell into line with him slicing through all that stood before them. But they kept coming over and over. Hawk thought he had been fighting for over two hours when he glanced to see the setting sun. 6 hours he had fought without a break and his arms were starting to grow weak. 
His eyes adjusted to the light seeing his hands chained high above him, still he thought of his men fighting.

Richard Wolfe a young Lycan was the first to fall, his blood pouring out onto the ground like the sky watering the Earth. His body shook as it returned to it's human form, bile rose in Hawk's stomach to look at the man who couldn't have been more than 19 years old. But he had no time mourn the lost of life, he only had time to claim life's of his own. His sword flew into the night until he could no longer see his targets and his feet slushed in the ground now soaked in blood spilled. His men getting more and more overwhelmed by numbers stood back to back and fought into the night. 
The smell of copper rose up into his nose and he could feel the stickiness of dried blood on his skin. Voices could be heard in the distance but still he could not make out the words.
He prayed for morning to come as he ripped and shredded his way through the demons who came after him. Long ago he lost track of his men as their voices grew further apart. Hawk began tearing off the wings of his enemies as prizes as he fought. He still claimed his right as Lord of the Sky even though his lack of wings left him grounded as he fought. Never would a demon have more rights to the air than Hawk. 
A tall figure came into view as Hawk hung chained to the wall. His deep voice and tall frame called to Hawk's memories begging to be revealed.
As dawn approached Hawk's bare hands tore flesh and broke bones as his weapons were long since lost. He could hear the ocean in the distance and the smell of salt was in the air, the cliffs that surrounded the area were filled with jagged rock beds below. Hawk's body was bloody and broken as claw and teeth had been dug into him over and over. Making his way towards the ocean, he struck out with shear exhaustion, his hands falling short of their target more than once. With his last bit of energy he took off at a sprint and leaped. 
The voice spoke of finding Hawk on the beach and about the gift that he was to be given. 
The air passed by him in a rush as he fell to Earth. He couldn't help but think about Icarus and his fall from the heavens. Hawk wished that he could build wings out of wax and feather so that he could soar once again. But instead the jagged rocks crept closer and closer until only blackness took over. 
The lights shot on and Hawk's eyes screamed blindness as the chains loosened letting his hands fall onto the ground. And Hawk screamed into the light "How...how?"  The voice  answered back before leaving "Like Icarus....with Wax and Feathers"  
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Grunting blended with the sound of gun shots as she walked, her assistant by her side babbling on about meetings and events she would never attend. Raising her hand she halted Jess and her insistent prattle crossing her arms she stopped to watch as her second in command Risky put the new recruits through their paces, the woman’s face showed no sign of mercy as the recruits grunted through the gruelling paces she put them through.  

Two of the trainees sparred as she watched. Her eyes focusing on one of them , his moves echoing his partners but his smile wide and cocky; he shifted as he moved dodging the other ones steps with a swagger she had seen before. Easily taking down the other with a swift kick to the back of the neck he was quick to revel in the applause flooding over him from his small band of friends in the corner.

Stepping forward she placed a hand on Riskys shoulder; the woman turned a smile crossing her face when she saw who was too step in to the ring. Removing her jacket she walked into the ring and bowed slightly to the man, his eyebrows rising as he saw his challenger he was quick to bow in return and prepare himself. Speaking as she raised her hands to place her long black hair into a high ponytail “do you think you have the skill to beat me young one” the recruits eyes washed over the slim but firm figure in front of him, her body belying her age the simple silk bodysuit flowing in the wind he replied “Oh I think so maam” winking to his friends he took his stance as she lowered her arms weighting her back foot and nodding to Risky “go” the woman yelled as the recruit flew across his leg high his foot aimed at her head, not a single hair shifted as the woman slashed through the air her hands moving too fast for anyone to notice, the man was on the ground his leg broken in three places her foot crushing his skull into the dirt before anyone watching could take a breath. Shock hovered around the camp as blood poured from his mouth, his bone popping through the flesh of his leg breaking through the skin, his screams echoing around the camp made other training areas stop to watch. Twisting her foot into his neck she lifted it and stepped away, bowing lightly to him she turned to address the others “never believe you are ready, always trust you need more training, more work, to be part of this army is to never stop working” Bowing low to Risky the sensei stepped away, continuing her walk around the compound. Riskys laughter could be heard as the newly weakened force made their realisations.

A voice behind her called through the returning sounds of training “interesting approach, kill them before they can learn enough? Is that right?” grinding her teeth she turned to face the cocky assassin standing behind her “how would you do it better Rated R? shoot first?” he laughed as he walked off, munching on an apple she could hear his voice echo “whatever needs doing I do hot stuff” turning away from him his voice echoed again “oh and Gambler asked to see you” nodding she continued her walk around the camp before making her way up to the section of the pentagon that still stood, his office.

Without knocking on the door she slipped through the opening and stood to one side as Gambler finished up a phone call. Spinning in his chair he motioned the commander of his army to him pointing at a chair, Surreal moved away from the wall and seated herself next to the massive desk.

Watching the monitors around him she watched as the workers busied themselves with his new kingdom. Frowning to herself she was momentarily absorbed in the memory of her monastery destroyed by the United States Army, not long before Judgement Day the then Commander in Chief attacked her compound labelling them terrorists. She had watched her brothers and sisters brutally murdered in front of her only managing to get away with the support of Gambler and the Illuminati. As that helicopter had flown away the vision of her monastery burning the blood pouring down the snow capped was burnt on her mind forever.

Shaking herself she rose as he spoke, his voice soft “chere thank you for taking time to come see me, I need a report on how we are doing down there” crossing her legs she spoke, her Chinese accent faint but present “numbers are growing every day, meta humans and humans are attending and Risky is doing a fabulous job training the new ones” looking at him she continued as he nodded “I have sent out a telegram to China, I have asked my oldest trainee and leader of her own rebel group in China Y intercept, she will bring them forth and help to build that part of your army” his voice broke through “our army Chere, you have lead them since the start, you are one of us now” nodding she continued with her report “we are now waiting on the recruits you sent for, those with unique powers and then we should be ready” getting up from his desk he moved to the window his hands behind his back “ it’s all coming together now Chere” raising an eyebrow she stood, walking to his side she looked down at the camp below. 

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A single bead of sweat rolled down his brow, every piece of derby he lifted kicked up more dust in the air, but he pushed on along with his men. Arrow’s powers may have saved some of the world and repaired some of the buildings but there was still a lot to do. People’s souls would need rebuilding and the hunt for anyone still buried under the chaos that had been created. Using the cuff of his uniform to clean his forehead from the thick layer of dust that now sat there. The sun was relentless on his back, the commander of W.A.R laughed for a moment. W.A.R was just one week away from official being lunched and then the world went to sh!t. Now Gambler and his imitative would take their budget, he knew it with out being told but none the less people needed heroes. Mikes mind came back to reality as a cry of cheers echoed down the streets, it broke the thick dust clouds and each man that was digging looked up to see a man in armor decorated with red and blue with one single star in the middle of his chest lifting a large piece of the 4 street building above his head, In front of him a mother holding a young child broke free of the last part of rubble. Her eyes puffy and a dark red, she could not even speak her mouth was so dry. “MEDIC” Mike screamed at the top of his lungs, he heard nothing as he ran forward pushing past the others, the man in the armor threw the piece of the building he held aside.

Sovereign Son stopped looking at the woman and pulling a water canister from his side, and holding it out to her, but the woman held the child to her chest refusing to let her baby go. The medic’s where behind him and moved forward looking at the woman and still she never gave up the child. Moving forward again Mike reached out “I will look after her I swear.” Holding out his arm’s he smiled at the woman “We need to help you both, will you let me help you.” She locked her eyes on to his and held out her arms a small tear rolled down her left eye as he took the child. She could not have been more then twelve months, the Medics moved to the mother as Mike shock his head at them. The child’s head slumped backwards in his arms and he moved away sitting at the edge of a rock he just held her close and ran his fingers over her gentle face closing her eyes. A lump sat at the back of his throat as he looked down at the girl, her life taken from her before she could even live it. His heart sank as the mother screamed, her voice finally coming back to her, but their was nothing they could do for the pain that now coursed in her veins. She had held on to the girl while the whole world crumbled around them, the one thing she wanted to save and she could not do it.

Mike’s head snapped up as a shadow covered him and his eyes met a large white star on the chest of the armored man. His voice sounded more robotic then anything else, his arm reached out and touched Sovereign Son’s shoulder “We can not save everyone, but we can keep trying” and with that he took to the air and Mike stood walking over to the medics, he found a small coat and laid the child down and took one more look at her before returning to the hunt. Several hours passed and reports from all over the city of Precise and this armored stranger helping where they could came flooding in, with each passing hour they found more and more people alive holding onto hope that a sigh escaped his lips and in twenty four hours mike sat a plate of food in front of him. Sitting away from the rest of the men he let the pain flow over him a rush of tears shivered over his body. It was not about who he saved but about the one’s he lost, he had been to late, if he had been faster, if …if.

Throwing the plate to the side his ear piece rippled with sound “Lockheart,” he knew the voice instantly, he had been keeping up with the news as he moved around the city and MR had been more then happy to fill him in on any new information “I already know sir, W.A.R is disbanded forth with and you want my men to report to HQ as soon as possible, well stick it right up your ass”  tapping the ear piece twice he turned the frequency to MR “Honey can you pull all of the records of the W.A.R database and close it down” a smile crossed his face “Already done Mike, also found jobs for everyman and woman who worked for you and they start as soon as they can. Mike you okay you sound off.” He could never get anything past her even when he was miles away from her “just a bad day at the office.” Walking over to his men. “hey guys I just got word from the white house we have been disbanded, don’t worry we have all of you covered for work, MR will email you all with details, Look I can’t order you to stay and I won’t if you want to go home and be with your families I understand, but there is still families stuck out there that need our help. “ the whole table stood each one picking up a spade and clanking them on the table. “Your all heroes in my eyes, forget the Iron Patriot and the Magic users at the end of the day, it’s you guys who are digging.”

Turning they all moved back into the city of dust and pain, “Honey I got to go” turning of his ear piece Mike began his decent back into the aftermath of hell on earth. They worked until the sky went dark and then until it was light again, for hours he worked side by side with his old men and then one by one they started drifting off heading home, but he kept working until the blood escaped the palms of his hands. It was to late to head home but he needed to rest pressing the ear piece he was met with a sudden surge of her voice “How dare you turn that off,   I’ve been worried sick, when are you coming home for god sake, Oh great look at the time and judging by your location god damn it mike.” Mike had kept his distance from MR ever since the accident, he partly blamed himself for it and found it hard to see the woman he loved sitting in that chair. It was not that she was weak, but it was the fact that he was, the fear of losing her was the greatest thing to him and it almost happened and watching her struggle to reach the sugar in the morning almost killed him every day. “Hon im sorry, im going to head to Vetrais castle and speak to Kurrent and get some sleep, I will be home in the morning” the radio went silent “Mike I love you, please come home soon” she knew what was going on in his head, she saw the pain in his eyes but it hurt her as much as him. “I will honey, tell Kurrent im coming.”

Mike walked the darkened streets , the rocks breaking beneath his feet as he moved, finding his way in the dark he finally found the Vetrais castle and he wondered what type of welcome he would have from his old friend, but in truth all he really needed was some sleep and maybe something to eat, everything else could wait. Little did Sovereign Son know that this was only the start of his adventure with Kurrent and his team and the place it would take him would be to the deepest parts of the heroes emotions. 

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 It was no surprise to sha that the first to arrive was a speedster named Inertia, she had a feeling he’d be the first to arrive. She never looked up from her files, she knew another person had entered the room but she was so hard pressed to find out more on Gambler; that it took away from her properly meeting her team; When she finally did look up a series of dots showed in her helmet letting her know that these were males. She gave a brief smirk and then went back into her work. Sha’s comlink went off she was expecting it to be from Sarah; however it was from Clutch a titan whom usually did his own thing.  "I'm sending a complete dossier on Jean, but I'm afraid I can’t meet you. There seems to be a few loose ends in this campaign, I’m going to find out why. My comlink will be on for 24 hours if you need me, otherwise I'll contact you...Out." 

“Thanks a lot” she messaged back; keeping tabs on him would have been an insult, she knew in all his years he had enough experience to lead this team himself, but she appreciated his allegiance.  She still kept the two members in the dark about what was going on. Handing a hardrive to a guard she turned around once again massaging her temples.   Not long after SO entered her helmet picked up a breathing pattern from Tony Orton, however he was heard before he could be seen laughing in Maniacal crazed manner. His demeanor had been different from what was described in his file; however he passed out before anyone could ask what was wrong. “Help him up place him in the rest room, I’ll talk with him soon”

She could feel the emptiness in the room, her team wanted information, sweat beads formed all around the heads of the guards who were in the room, and it was time to break the silence. “A few moments ago, Jean Leabeu preached an address to the union; in this address he promised an “iniative” to the average citizen this sounds like a good plan, however to the ears of the cunning, this sounds like a cover-up.” She paused to take a sip of the coffee.   “We’ve found huge bases off the coast of Borneo and in Key West Florida, not really sure what’s happening there but I intend to find out.”

She jumped up from her chair and pointed to her map, “Inertia I want you to see what’s going on in Key West, take pictures and document everything you see. This is strictly a recon mission No one is to be harmed.”

Touching her comlink she messaged into Eclipse, “Eclipse, are you there? I want you to meet Inertia in Key West; I want you and him to both bring me back a detail report on what you see.”   She then turned to Solar Orchid, “You my friend I want you to access the damage in the Gulf coast, and aid anyone still in need”

Touching her intercom again this time messaging Ebony, whose whereabouts were unknown. “Ebony, this is Sha I’m heading to Washington DC to gain some information on this…Iniative I’d be rather happy to see you there with me”

“Clutch… I just want to know your situation and whereabouts stay close in case things get hot” After dismissing the team sha went into the rest room to deal with Tony and his problems. “Listen I’m not sure what the hell is wrong with you… but you need to get it together, join Solar Orchid in the Gulf Coast to help with the rebuilding when you get better”

Leaving the room she headed for her jet, en route to Washington, removing her mask and letting her dirty blonde hair draped down her face she began to massage her temples yet again. “I think Y2k and 2012 were all a set up for this time period” she said tilting her head back resting before she arrived in Washington. “Make sure gambler knows I’m coming, Just say SHA, it should pack a bit more power” She said smiling.

One of the guards nodded but then replied with “What if he KNOWS were coming…”

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Switch drove without knowing where he was going. Down deserted back roads that hadnt been used for months, through little towns that were abandonned years ago. He used a hand pump for fuel and ate whatever he could scavenge from convienience stores and motel lobbies. It wasnt much but he could live off it. After a few days the hectic world of governments and demons seemed so far away that it didnt matter anymore. Then he took the road signposted as leading to the town of Harvest and all that changed. It was inconspicuous enough. Just another simple track that lead between fields brimming with wheat or corn or some other crop. He drove for an hour before the twon came into view and he saw the first people he had seen in almost a week. 
Glad for a bit of company he reached the last stretch of road before town, which had trees planted either side that cast dappled shade over the road. It was pleasant and he found himself anticipating a bit of conversation and a hot meal. It was only when he reached the last tree that he noticed it. He slammed on the breaks and screeched to a halt, jumping out of the car without bothering to switch the engine off. The tree had a child nailed to it, limbs spread wide and head slumped. Looking back he now saw that every tree held a similar grisly burden. Slowly, disbelieving what his eyes were showing him, Switch approached the crucified child. Falling to his knees on the soil at the foot of the tree he reached out, his fingers brushing the dress of the little girl who was fixed there. He felt sick. 
"That girl is possesed by a demon. So are all of these kids." 
The voice came from behind him and Switch twisted round to see a man standing with a shogun cradled casually in his arms. 
"Take them down." 
The man hefted the shotgun and shook his head. 
"Did you not hear, theyre possessed? They died and then came back, thats the work of a demon. We staked em up so that the demon would leave their flesh, at least that way they'll die clean." 
Switch stood slowly, his eyes burning with anger. He felt the rage rising within him and he struggled to control it. With a thought he could kill this man, then walk through the town and blast the mind from every person who lived in it. Send them straight to hell and be done with it. People who crucified children didnt deserve to live. But he fought it down. Locking the anger deep inside him to be called forth when he needed it most. 
"Do you know who I am?" he asked. 
The man shook his head and jacked a shell into the chamber of his weapon by working the action. He levelled the weapon at Switch's head. 
"This isnt up for discussion, this is how we deal with demon spawn here. Now we going to have a problem?" 
Switch walked towards him, every muscle in his body telling him to flay the man's mind from his skull. Put him through the agony that the children had felt.  
"My name is Switch and I am the most powerful psychic on Earth. On judgement day I saved every person in New York and then went to hell to try and get the person who caused the carnage the help she needed. I can hear the thoughts of every single person on this planet. I have faced aliens, demons, gods and the very worst that humanity has to offer. So understand that you and your silly little gun do not scare me. I could fry your brain in an instant or make you put that shotgun in your mouth and blow yourself away. You cannot harm me but I can cause you unimaginable pain. Dont f#ck with me. Now I want these kids down from those trees and brought to the biggest house in your sh!thole town and then you and everyone else within a fifty mile radius is going to get out before I do something to make you. Are we clear." 
The man had paled at the mention of his name, his actions on that fateful day had spread far and wide, fast becoming the stuff of legend. It didnt take long before his order's were carried out. People fled in whatever they could find. Pilling into cars with fearful looks at Switch, who stood silently, his face dark with anger. In an hour it was done. There was nobody but him and the children. Under his supervision beds had been made up and any kids still alive had been put into them. The rest were arrayed in rows, ready for burial. Taking up a shovel he started to dig, not a mass grave, but a hundred individual holes, gaping maws in the earth waiting to be filled with small bodies. He dug for an hour, then two. Hole after hole. Sweat poured off him and he ached with thirst, but he didnt stop, he couldnt stop. 
"Let me help you with that." 
He glanced up and then went back to digging. Eve stood at the graveside, he arms wrapped around herself, hair blowing in the wind. 
"I wont have it done by magic. They deserve better than that." 
Even nodded, understanding. 
"Then let me help the ones that survived. I can save them. Would you allow that?" 
It was Switch's turn to nod. He kept digging as she entered the house where the thirty or so survivors slept fitfully. After twenty minutes she emerged and returned to his side. 
"Its done. They'll all live. I made them sleep, properly I mean, they wont wake up for a day or so." 
Switch didnt reply. He finished the grave he was working on and climbed wearily out. He had taken off his shirt and jacket and his trousers were caked in dust and dirt. His hair was wet with sweat and dangled limply over his face. Eve looked at him sadly. 
"I actually came because I need your help. There's something I need you to hold onto for me."

Switch worked through the night, filling the last grave as dawn's light stained the horizon. Then he gathered up the bundle that Eve had left in his care and staggered into the house. He was asleep before his head touched the pillow and thankfully he didnt dream.

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 She gave a devilish grin, smiling for apparently no reason, her executive assistant felt a little uncomfortable, 24 hours after closing Hong Kong’s borders to Western Civilization she received a Telegraph from her mentor about an imitative in America.   She debated and debated about what plan of action she would take, surely indulging in the affairs of The U.S would halt her plans for imperialism in the pacific; however with the U.S on her side; her opponents in the French Polynesia would have no choice but to cower to the Chinese. “What is it ma’am” her Assistant finally spoke up; while massaging Zing’s back. “I’ve been requested to Aid America in its attempts to rebuild” Her Assistant showed no emotion, she just kept rubbing her back. “Politics as usual huh” she said now oiling Y’s back.

“Precisely, do you know why it’s so important that we act right now in rebuilding this world?” Zing asked placing her underwear on. Her assistant shook her head no and then cleaned off her hands. “The world is broken… and the people who show dedication for fixing it, become “The Gods” Have you ever read comics?”

Her assistant shook her head yes, while cleaning the supplies on the table. “Well If your familiar with a Marvel Story arc known as Dark reign, The Psycho-path Norman Osborne came to the aid of the states in their time of peril, thus him becoming a reformed member of society with a high social status, However my dear this isn’t some story or comic, this is the real world, and acting now, can have an everlasting impression on generations to come”

Finally zipping up her black lycra uniform, she made her way out to her jet with a new destination in mind. Legions upon legions of her Army crowded into air carriers and headed east across the pacific towards DC. The loud whirring of the choppers, made the pacific islanders fear for their lives, they had been hit the hardest by “Judgment day” and this could only be another bad omen, however they were most pleased when the choppers flew threw.

“How long has it been…Master… to long” she whispered it was probably hard for anyone to realize young Zing as a carefree little girl, but back when she was created in Thailand, she was a pretty carefree girl, meeting up with her mentor at a young age she was taught to fight, however a few back influences changed her into the evil person she became.

 “Ma’am you’ll be in Washington in about an hour” Zing gave a slight head nod and then closed her eyes.

Washington, DC

The huge plans landed on the grounds of BWI, givening off aftershock as the many planes landed. One by one the Green Dragon army exited the planes and quickly stationed themselves behind Zing. Anyone walking on the street would have thought this was a Chinese invasion, she stood with 70,000 troops blocking the air port however, and most of them were in an “At ease” position.   She called for her assistant “Tell whomever called me here to come meet us, Will be here for a while
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Solar Orchid received his orders, "You my friend I want you to access the damage in the Gulf coast, and aid anyone still in need" Always sparse with words, Solar Orchid saluted and started to fly towards the Gulf Coast. Solar Orchid never used vehicles if he could help it. This habit had continued after death, despite the fact that the Titans West had offered him state-of-the-art transportation. Orchid needed to be near nature, not seeing it through a metal box. High in the air, Orchid felt the coolness of the breeze, and darted into and out of several clouds. Being dead had its perks. Soon, Orchid came in sight of the Coast. It was a mess. Chemical factories had contaminated the already meager supplies of drinking water. Buildings had been shattered, people lay dead in the streets. "Looks like we have our work cut out for us, don't we?" Orchid said to his jaguar. It merely purred and rolled over, showing its soft belly fur to the sun. 
Orchid thought about what to do. Water first, then food and shelter. Solar Orchid stepped onto the pond's surface, not creating so much as a ripple. People pointed and stared. One old man looked at him knowingly. Orchid knew he wanted to talk after Orchid was done here. This was going to hurt. The water was badly polluted. But Solar Orchid focused anyway, drew the contaminants away from the water and into himself. Slowly the water regained its crystal hue. Solar Orchid coughed ectoplasmic blood. Even dead that really hurt. He flew a short distance away and coughed up the rest of the contaminants. Nasty stuff, silicon and arsenic. Now then, food. This at least Solar Orchid could deal with easily. Finding a central place that was relatively free from rubble, Solar Orchid placed his hands on the ground. Shoots grew, and shot up into the sky. Within seconds fruit trees of all sorts had grown. The people swarmed to get the ripe fruit. There was plenty, and it would grow fast. Tired, Orchid took this opportunity to speak to the old man he had seen earlier. The man grinned as he saw Orchid approaching. "Well, if it isn't Solar Orchid! You used to stop by here plenty, make sure everything was in order. What happened to ya?" Solar Orchid looked at  him mournfully. "Jim Baker? Is that you? It's been a long time. But to put it simply, I died." The old man's grin faded. "I feared it was so. Ever since the weeping willows by the lake started actually crying. But you're still doing good. That's what really matters." Solar Orchid smiled at him, and flew off. 
 It looked like it would rain soon, acid rain that would hurt the already suffering survivors. Shelter was mandatory. Orchid thought about what he needed to do. Pine lean-tos would be damaged to quickly. He needed a more permanent solution. A spark of inspiration. Orchid placed his hands on the ground, drew power through himself. A great tree shot into the sky, hundreds of feet tall. More followed until there was a small forest. The people could hollow them out, or hide under the roots. In the meantime the lush canopy would provide cover. His work done, Solar Orchid switched on his communicator. "Sha? My work is done here, I did what I could for the people."

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Negotiations had not been easy.  Still wearing his armor, "Armored Avenger" sat face-to-face with the Israeli Defense Minister.  Speaking in Israeli, the armored one explained his proposal to the Defense Minister saying, "Israel has the best soldiers on the planet, and I have the resources to make them even better.  The fierce fighting going on with your neighboring countries will be over in a matter of no time.  Imagine warriors whose bodies were resistant to toxins, who each had more power than your most advance battle tank, who could go on fighting for days without tiring.  They would be faster, stronger, and more durable than any fighting force on this world.... or any other for that matter."
"And what exactly would you want in return for this "gift" which you would be bestowing upon our nation?" the Defense Minister said with a look of pessimism and doubt.
"I wish to take command as the new Defense Minister." Armored Avenger calmly replied.
"HA!" the Defense Minister scoffed.  "You expect me to give over power of my country to a man who does not even show his FACE?!"
"I expect you to do what is best for your nation.... to pull it out of its state of vulnerability and make it a force to be reckoned with." he replied.  "I have the knowledge, technology, weapons, and research that will save your nation, end the fighting, and save countless lives.  Think about your wife....." he then said, standing up from the table and turning his back.  "She's had cancer for several years now.  Your physicians say that she will not last throughout the end of the month, is that right?"
"How do you know this?" the Defense Minister said.
"That is not important." Armored Avenger replied.  "What is important is that I have a cure for her.  I have a cure for her and everyone else like her.  Cancer, lupus, fibromyalgia..... those are all a thing of the past.  There is a cure for all of that, and I am the key."  He then turned back towards the Defense Minister and held out his armored hand.  "Please," he said.  "Let me help you."
"I want to see trials of this research being done." the Defense Minister said.  "If the trials are successful, then I will consider your request."  With that, he extended his hand as well and the two shook hands and then walked towards the exit of the Defense Minister's office.
"Oh," Armored Avenger said before leaving.  "May I see your wife?"
The Defense Minister agreed and the two left via government transport.  Some time later, they arrived at the Defense Minister's house.  Going into the Defense Minister's bed chambers, Armored Avenger saw the woman lying on the bed.  She was pale and the majority of her hair was missing due to the intense chemo-therapy treatments.  Her eyes were barely open and she epitomized frailty and weakness.  Sitting on the bed next to his wife, the Defense Minister gently held her fragile hand in his and greeted his wife with a kiss.  Tears streamed down the government official's face as he looked upon the one person whom he cared for most in life.
After a moment, Armored Avenger asked for everyone except the Defense Minister to leave the room.  The Defense Minister agreed to it and ordered the staff to wait outside.  Finally, only the Defense Minister and Armored Avenger were left with the minister's wife.  "You wanted your trial?" Armored Avenger said.  "Here it is."  Suddenly the armored gauntlet withdrew itself mechanically, revealing his large bare hand.
With that, he reached down and gently touched the woman's bare shoulder.  Just then, a red aura began to emanate from his hand and flow into the woman's body.  She then suddenly arched her back and cried out in pain.  The Defense Minister jumped up to strike at Armored Avenger, but Armored Avenger just grabbed him by the neck with his other hand and said, "Stop it!  Look at her!"  As the Defense Minister looked down, his wife's body stopped convulsing.  Her natural complexion began to return to her and her beautiful long hair began to grow back.  Her bodily structure began to restore itself as well as she began to fill out and take on her original form.  At last, her eyes opened and she looked up at her husband with a smile.
The Defense Minister could not believe his eyes.  It was as if his wife was completely healed.  As the two embraced each other tightly, Armored Avenger stepped back and his gauntlet was remounted - covering up his hand.  "Get her to your physician." he said.  "You'll see that the cancer is completely gone."  Walking over towards the open doors which led out to the balcony, Armored Avenger said, "I will let you meditate upon the manner, Defense Minister.  Good day."  With that, Armored Avenger powered up his thrusters and took off into the sky....
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"Well, Shite." 
The words had'nt left his lips before he stood, raising his behind off the park bench where it once sat, he looked around with a grimace. The symbiotic creature had taken off and left him, off in search of another being to be it's host.
 Leaving Vincent as nothing more than a human with an insane amount of knowledge in the occult. His clothes smelled like dirt, the black leather jacket and black pants he'd stolen off a dead body not withstanding from his fight with the demon in the warehouse.  Walking through the park, the children's swings rock back and forth in the breeze, an eerie sign of what has become of the world.  The sandbox empty, the slide has blood and carnage down the little plastic ladder that lead up the little slide.
The warm breeze slaps across his face as beads of swear pour off his furrowed brows. 

Veritas Tower

The doorbell rings twice as the tall gentleman stands and waits politely. His name is Vincent Torez and he's requesting to join. "Ello?" He says with a confused look. Turning around he see's a man leaving the tower by foot, out the backdoor. "Well well, Izzat....Day Hunter? You sonnovabitch" He said with a smirk, breaking down the door with a swift kick. Drifter showed himself in.
"Can't answer the doorbell, sons of b!tches."  He whispered to himself as he looked around. Wiping his finger on the dust on a small coffee table in a living area. "Well well, What 'ave we here?" Vincent smirked as he took the robot to the television that sat infront of the coffee table.
Cracking his neck, Vincent took the remote and in instants and entered a flurry of codes. The last of which caused a ringing out of success.
"Day Hunter"
"Guess who? It's the same guy who saved your ass from that demon, remember me now?" Drifter said as he leaned back in his seat, Veritas's systems were at his control.
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Forever and Always there will be a Tragedy

The past few days have been very rough for the world as we speak, with the recent events the Vine Titans thankfully weren't caught in the mist of the destruction that was caused by Rina. While this did happen the Vine Titans were sent in the past of the year 1944, even though each of them had to go through something bad, they came back to a shatter world, and thought that their actions in the past might have caused this, but they were wrong since Rina's sickmind made this all happen.

Vine Titans Tower 

With returning to the present the team did indeed find the co-leader Moonglow on the floor dead, with Charmix standing right over her body crying. Moonglow was one of Blair's best friends and the person she was closest to on the team, and Charm was her rival, who did infact beat Cellphone Girl in their battle, so for her to do that was one of the worst things that anyone could do to hurt Blair. After the funeral that took place, She pretty much with everyone bone in her body to get revenge on Charm for what she did, but that is something Moonglow would not want her to do that. With all of this they did think they had gone through hell, but this was nothing compared to what the world had gone through while they were gone. Looking at her left arm she could still feel the pain of the tattoo the nazi's gave her while being trapped in a concentration camp. Sitting down on the black couch that stood in the middle of the living room, Blair picked up the long remote to put on the news to see what was happening in the world, once she started to read the bold words on the bottom that were flying quickly, her mouth quickly dropped, along with the remote that hit the floor having the double A+ batteries fly out. "Seriously what do people get from causing this to happen? Like what fun would you get if you killed everyone on Earth.." Pushing herself off of the couch, Blair still in her all black dress that she wore at the funeral, she raised her VT communitcator to call out to the rest of the teammates."Everyone report to the Living Room of the tower like now! Something very bad just happened in the present while we were gone.." As Blair released her long Pink hair that she had tied into a pony tail, she waited for some of the members who recieved her call to come.   
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Watching Viktor take care of the lycan he shrugged grabbing a pack of cigarettes from his jacket pocket and popping one out he lights it, taking in a deep drag from the cig he looks back to Viktor who had calmed himself once again. And as he was about to start talking again he turned his com on again so that the conversation would be recorded and relayed back to Gambler. Staring at Viktor Jake glared "I do not lump myself with you, you are far from what I would call a relative let alone a member of my own kind. Your kind died off a long time ago, ones with egos that made it unbearable for my kind an type. Using us like the dog on the ground dead." Motioning to the dead lycan. Taking in another drag from the cigarette he flicked it off and it popped onto the unconcious vampire "I do not wish to be with or part of your ultimate scheme, you benefit me an what is mine now. Gambler saw your call to me as something that we could use, what your plans are I really do not give two sh!ts for but I will help where I can." 
Taking the bar in hand Jake stood up and lite another cig, before somewhat smiling to the vampire that was just now coming back into reality. "One moment Viktor." Jake leaped over the counter and grabbed a bottle of Everclear and the bartender tried to stop him putting her hand on his wrist "Your not leaving with that." Viktor motioned forward to stop but Jake held his hand up to him stopping his movement "And you lass are not leaving at all." grabbing her by the chest he slammed her into the wall she hissed at him as he held her down and formed a stream of necro and with one fluid motion swiped at her neck. Blood formed around her neck before her head fell completely from her body and came to a thud to the ground. Smiling he tossed the bottle into the air an caught it before leaping back over the counter "Alright Vikki, come with me I have plans for you and you have them for me." They leave the bar and it grows silent as the bar slowly erupts in screams as undead poor in at Jakes request with a simple snap of his fingers an direction. 


Jake rounds the corner of a hall within the catacombs that were the Pentagon. A tall man stood at his side this was Viktor, not at his command but working beside him. These two men had two different goals an needs for being on this side of the equation. Jake wanted nothing from being one of the Illuminati besides allowing him to wreak what havoc he could in small dosages in calmer times, but now that the world was in chaos he had the chance to do as he wished, but he also needed to be laid back at request of Gambler "Dee times are changing moi friend, the worlds now in total chaos. One such as we are could take this opportunity to cause much more, but why do it when the pickings are so easy? We shall wait till everything falls into the right places." Gambler was a man of tactics, something that irritated and excited Jake. No one since the witch gave such thought provoking orders or tactics. It made him glad he was on his side. 
Passing Initiative after initiative guards an men as he walked the halls, no one knew who they were in reality or even if they were what they said they were. But Jake could smell it on them, the smell of angst and rage. These men an women wanted nothing more than to put a fist or a foot into someones face, and it was drenched all over their bodies. Their sweat told the entire story that they held within, he didnt care to know who they were only if they would do as they were told.  
Finally rounding a corner he found Gambler speaking with someone, walking up to him he placed his hand onto his shoulder
"Your little pets are quite obvious to the trained eye or nose, might want to figure a way to hide their anticipation Gumbo." Jake also looked to the man he was talking to with interest "We are ready when you give the order." motioning to Viktor
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Washington DC.

Through a window of light rolled out the Wandering Spider into the world he had left behind. He stands to his feet and cast a web and pulls himself using the resort as a jumping aid which springboards his body up and beyond into the air. Spreading his arms and squatting his legs in mid air the Spider reaches the top of a building and lands on squatting position on its surface. The view amazed the beholder as it had been no longer than weeks since the spider had last left civilization and now the sight of destruction throughout the city it appears as there is no one to come back too. “I leave for a few weeks and the whole world goes to hell… Typical.” Joked the jokester to maintain his sanity with what is called black comedy.

Reaching to his communicators on his red and deep blue mask that matches his full body Kevlar spider armor Adam seeks to establish communication in the area with whomever is online. “This is Captain Adam Write former US. Army. If you’re hearing this you are the resistance… Well, you be more of a survivor actually…. yeah, moving on! I have just arrived into the cold arms of what’s left of civilization after been interrupted by a big black guy while on my vacations at Hawaii.. I found myself seeking for a fill in on the situation and I am willing to help in anyway I can. This is Captain Adam Write Code name: TWS in waiting for response.”

He drops his arms as he laid eyes upon the city, he didn’t actually expect an answer in this crisis however trying has never hurt anybody. While he waited in case there was a response the Spider just walked along the ledge of the building with perfect balance until reaching the corner. Suddenly the spider sense alerted Adam and like lightning this one just turns his head toward the south were a jet seemed to have dropped a soldier on what is left of the city. Adam turn over and watch the jet as it kept going and saw something somewhat familiar on it but he couldn’t quite remember what it was. “I hear that little voice on the back of my head sayin‘: “Don’t fallow“ But what the heck I‘ve come this far right?.” Casting a web the Spider-man without responsibilities just dives off the building and swings on its webs building by building and block by block speeding toward the landing zone of a lone soldier. The Spider as he spring rolled in mid air he lands against a wall in wall-crawling position as he stealthily gaze upon a park in the distance. The soldier appears to have a one track mind as he speeds walks toward a certain direction. TWS look to the distance and the view was not pretty for what lies ahead was a were all the media attention was at.. Most likely where the Czar was at. “Heh, dropping off far away from the location alone and undetected.. I got a feeling this guy is on his way to do something stupid… And I want in.”

Casting his web the Wandering Spider headed toward the soldier, Adam makes a demonstration of his speed, reflexes and agility as he snaps the webs from which he is swinging before landing  and jumping off the branch off a tree using it as a resort then spinning in mid air before a landing just five feet away from the lone soldier. “Hello, cuz.” The Spider then stands to his feet. He realize the sudden approach and the fact that they are so close to the big boss may bring forward suspicions of alliance, Adam makes sure to announce his allegiance. “Don’t worry, I don’t work for them, in case that’s what you’re thinking.“ The person before him seems familiar to the Spider as he stares at the hooded man. However he did not mention the fact and just left it unmentioned just in case. “You think is wise what you are doing? I mean, I think we share a same mind, I saw how Massachusetts looks like now and I feel he is somehow connected as always; But the truth is that if you ever manage to scratch him --that will be a miracle-- but if you do go through his forces of assassins and soldiers all you will give him as Czar of defense is an excuse to deploy blood thirsty soldiers all over the states with orders to kill and bring in more bloodshed.” The spider pause but soon he thumbs up at the man before him right before adding “I mean, think about that, but also If you insist in this suicide attempts you can count on me.”