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I was Once A Prodigy In the Art of assassination , I would Creep Through The Nigresence of The Sleeping villages Sneak Through The windows Of my Innocent t Victims Homes And Slay them While They Slept. I loved the way My Ensate Object Craved its way Across the Necks Of My sleeping Pray, The Blood Would Trickle Down the Sides of there Neck Quitely As I Licked The Blood From Thier Fresh wounds to Supply Energy For my well being. My lust For Blood Was Something Vast And Unqeuchable, I would never be satisfied after One Feed, If there were women In children i would Kill them For there Blood also. The Children I killed In a More fashoinable manner, I would Cut there Throats, then Let the Blood Pump Itself IntoA large container That i would carry with Me when i left my liar. I would Take there Blood Home to My lair And refrigerate it So it would Remain Fresh and delicous. The women Were More Of a plesurable choice For me, As they Laid In there Bedly Comfortably having A Glorious dream, they Would Be awakened By a fierce Unenjoyable Penetration from the Lust i Developed From there Indescribable beauty. As I Viced the womens neck Tighy Enough To kill her i would Force Myself On her Lustfully, And Raped Her brutally , the More She screamed The More I would become Aroused. The the Most excruciating deaths Possible,I would Crave Through there Body With my Bloodthirsty Dagger,  I would Cut the Skein off of there Bodies, then Lick the Blood off of the raw Gore That was exposed, I didnt Not want to have my feast with such i disgusting Creature revealed In front of Me.

Killing Is my profession, I suck the Blood Out of Innocent People Until they Become Lifeless cadavers, i do not feel any guilt about what i do, I want to experience what Vampires life. When I was young i always wondered what it would be like to be a vampire? Drinking Blood Under The Luminous Moon, hiding Denigration, Unable to Eat Garlic,etc. My reasearch as a vampire has granted me experiences , that i would have never experienced as a regular human in this world. I am happy  to live life as a murderous cannibal, i get a sense of satisfaction from hearing the discordant screams of average People, It something That i would never give up for the world. I never thought that The ravuishment of My mother would be so enjoyable? Her screams Made Me urged to go on and On And On until I finally climaxed. I understand why  father was attracted to her now, he made a very wise choice in life. i donot blame him for marrying Her.


I awaited My opponent  Ina darkened swamp south of my cave, The forest was filed with  deaden weeping willows, the humidity had not effect on me, I enjoyed the stickiness, it remind me Of A sweaty Victim Before there death, The Moon was radiant, barely emitting the Night forest up With Its Phosphorescence, soil was damp and mushy Like A humans Entrails Scattered across the floor, the Smell Of  water filled the air attrcting misquitos to the enviroment. The owls were congrous with The crickets creating a creepy tune Into the night elegance. I was eager to smell the blood of My Opponent, I hoped it would be ripe and nutrious, I longed for Some Tasteful blood for a long time

He will not notice me in this weeping willow making him an easy prayFor My Blood craved dagger