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The cloudless sky allowed the sun to shine its brilliant Rays on Severer skin, The concrete floor was littered with glass papers and other garbage, The trees in the small park provided shade for febrific organisms,the birds in the park discarded rotten foods that people left behind,the Squirrels searched for food inside metal trash cans. the smell of hot tar polluted the air giving Severer a mild headache. there were no wind gusts blowing through the park.It was just a hot Humid day just the way severer liked it.

Severer has never fought in central park before, actually he had never been to a public park in his life. Severer has never been the Natural type of person. he lived a rough life in his village. he watched his whole  family die in front of him,his wife and two daughters were slaughtered by bandit, His home was Destroyed in a civil war in his country. severer went through many hardships that got him to the way he is.

Severer Joined the Vv recently beacsue he had nowhere to go, evryhting he ever  loved was gone, he ad no other choice but to join Vv. Vv took him in and treated him like family, they set the path for him to become the perfect warrior and villian. even though The vv is not the Vv it used to be, it was ressurected from the ahses of the graet Mighty magneto's Vv. People hated the fact that Vv was ressurcted by to Foriegn warriors, but  the hatred could not stop the developement of the team.now severer is here to battle for the sake of his Clan,VV he will prove that there are great warriors in Vv by Deafeting his opponent here to day.

Severer   on a bench under a large tree in Central park, he awaited his opponent Morbid Assassin for an epic battle, Severer ahs never heard of morbid assassin, he only knows that he is from another clan called the morbid angels. Severer has not never heard of the morbid angels eaither and doesnt want to know who they are, he just wants to end Morbid Assassins life and return to the Vv.

Severer began to Polish his Giant sword while waiting for his opponent to arrive

what is taking my challenger so long?