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Relief washed over Noah. For the first time in his life, he felt free. The indescribable fear of being called useless, or even worse, forgotten altogether had dissipated. A hand was extended to him, and elation overwhelmed his being. He could not recall the last time he had been so welcomed into another's embrace, especially after doing something so seemingly unforgivable. But he had been forgiven, and by the most important person in his life. Not only had she forgiven him, but she had promised not to give up on him like everyone else had. It was then that a smile gradually spread across his glowing face, but his bliss could only last so long. And as he looked into her violet eyes he could remember the transparent truth. This is what she wanted all along. Death in its purest form.

"Get away from me!", he hollered, pushing her away with all his might. He knew all along. He knew her intentions, but still he followed along. With bloodied hands, the prince staggered forward. Danger intoxicated his soul and now he desired reverent revenge. "I was a fool to think this would work!" His father's body lay broken and torn, a shell of its former self. And as the pretentious protagonist pushed forward the thought of killing Clarice felt nice.


Anxiety consumed Clarice Michelle. A feeling her body wasn't at all accustomed too. Shock and awe coursed through her veins, very much startled by what she's done. Perplexed is the damsel in distress, because if he were any other man she'd murder him without another thought, but he's Noah....he's Noah....he's Noah. She cries crocodile tears as her lover inches closer. And even with all their history, her plans will not be pummeled.

"Please, don't do this!", she screamed, as his blood stained hands tightened around her sweaty throat. She saw opportunistic value, not for his unoriginal charisma.hatred in his yellow eyes. She knew his intentions, but she knew his heart wouldn't allow it. With frazzled fingertips she touched his wholesome heart. Through tears and exasperation, the lavish lass spoke as fast as she possibly could. "I love you. I love you. And y-you love me." She worked at godspeed to ensure survival. One false action and he'd snap her neck. "Stop!" She'd play to his every whim in hopes of preventing further blood shed.


His gruesome grip loosened. Instead he pressed he palms against her enigmatic face, dingy thumbs digging into her flawless flesh.

"Clarice, I won't kill you. Not because you demand it. Not because of those powers you so selfishly kept away from me. I want you to witness what you've created. My father is gone. My mother is gone. Everyone I've ever cared for his gone because of your selfishness. You're probably fine with that. You're probably relishing in the chaos you've caused. I'd like to commend you for your work. It's fantastic really, but you won't get shit out of it. You won't be Queen. In fact, you'll be stripped of your riches and everything you own. How does that feel? How does it feel to get nothing after ten years of finely calculated work? Death is way to easy in our line of work. Living life without happiness seems far more appropriate for you...you insignificant piece of crap."

She expected his puppy love, but not such luck. She fell onto the cold hard ground. At a loss of words the guilty party groveled for forgiveness. Even with all she's done the brash beauty still saw a future with Noah by her side. However, he didn't desire her existence whatsoever. In fact he wanted her gone. She didn't like that. In fact she hated that.

"You're gonna regret what you've said....", spoke the seductive serpent.

To be continued......

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@closure: this is full of baddass emotion....dat gif amplified the awesome complexion of this.

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@amaranth_strix: hehe the next one might make you feel like "oh damn...."

*throws feels

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Aww. Trouble in Paradise?

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@masterofchaos: haha you're immune to the drama but yes, yes there is.

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You are one of the writers I would want to see interact outside your circle more often. You can understand and convey that there is more than battles and explosions to a story, and take the time to add background and layering to what your trying to say and do.

(If you choose not to I am not going to harass you as that would make me quite the hypocrite, I tend to also stay to my own corner of the sandbox)

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@armistice: Thank you. It's hard to work with others since my style isn't exactly intricate. I do drama to a tee, fighting is still hard for me, but I do like working with others, and I do my best to sell regardless of who you are. I'm more than willing to rpg with anyone....just let me know and I'll give a try. Addams Estate is basically an open invitation but no one besides the circle nibbles.

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I prefer smaller closed interactions to open events myself, as my style has meshing issues as well. It's more subtle and tends to get missed or completely overlooked for the most part. I don't like to just sell a battle, I want to sell the concept, the story line, the motivations, etc. before even getting to the endgame. The lead-up to the recent HFC Civil War is an example of this being done well.

My major focus has been on two one-on-one RPG's between Armistice and Ellie Knightfall (Mercy) all set in the past and each one coming closer to the present (1st is 7 years ago, 2nd is 6 years ago, etc). They are 90% personal interaction and 10% action and the current one has been going on for over a month in real time.

If I have something in the works I will let you know and see if it interests you, may not be anytime soon as my availability is limited currently M-F.

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@armistice: You're like a cooler version of me. Everything you've written is what I appreciate. Selling the concept, not so much focusing on blood and guts. I live for motivation. I learned to love it a lot last year when I had tons of great writers working with me (I was on my A game than). I like to consider myself foil at times. Put me with a great writer and I'll shine in my own way. Make me the antagonist and you'll love to hate me. I like the humanity side to writing characters while still conforming to the other worldly ideas ingrained into this community. And definitely if you got something just shoot cause I'm pretty much down for anything....so long as the groundwork is solid.

*raises the roof

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@closure: Immune to drama? I take it that's a good thing.

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Just amazing. Always one of my favorite writers. ^_^

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I appreciate the action, but only if the lead-up to the payoff has hooked me. As for working with the right writer, it's always a two way street, the best bring out the best in others in pretty much every walk of life.

The first RPG with Mercy took 2 weeks and 36 posts and that was just our characters meeting for the first time, almost all dialogue and inner thoughts.

I'll keep you in the loop when my schedule clears to allow expanding a new concept again

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@crimson_eagle: All these feels! Thanks. Didn't know you were still around *throws confetti

@armistice: I have like five basic moves that I use in case of danger with the addition of powers! Definitely. Keep to your word or I will harass you via pms and such. *Stars counting the days

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If I forget you are granted permission to harass PM and publicly at will

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@clara_mass: Lol, I'm still here. I have exams and I've lost track here. I'll probably come back the following Monday after exams and get my head back into the RP section.

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