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Shadows forming over the land, creeping along the barren ground, hunting for those few lucky survivors. They slowly rise up as they reach a makeshift shelter, a lab where an experiment is to be done. The Captain salutes his troops, he will never see them again if he succeeds in his mission. The shadows are in the lab, ripping and tearing all in their way. They know what the Captain plans to do. The Captain can do nothing to save his crew, nothing but get in his ship and head to his destination. He actives the ship, it slowly warms up, soon he will blast off, not into space but into the past. The shadows leap onto the ship as it flies off into the timesphere. The Captain stares in horror as the shadow prepares to strike...BEEP BEEP BEEP. Captain Starheart hits his alarm his fist smashing the poor clock. "Damn, I lose too many of those things.." He mumbles checking his wrist computer. Today is an important day. Today he takes another step towards saving the world.

A parking garage in the middle of Huston Texas. Unassuming, but the location of a deadly foe. One of the men who would end the world. So the Captain hides, waiting for his prey. He'd never killed another man before, but desperation was eating away at his mind. The future, all Captain Starheart could do is look to the future.

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Sonic's pov-

I was still sitting on my bike when the argument began. He in the seemed to think that there was a rupture in the inter layer of the plasma array within the next 20 years in earths solar system (and that I helped cause it). But what the scientist I knew thought differently. He was standing so I shut off my bike and stepped onto the ground, we were surrounded by by gray walls with gaps in between them and polls holding up the next floor. From what I had counted we were on the twelfth of fifteen floors and we were both about ready to throw each other off. But so far we had each kept our head.