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The dibs and the idea factory that have just shown up gave me the idea to create this thread.

Basically, if there's parts of your character's lore that you think leave an area to create a character but you don't want to or are too busy to make it you can bring attention to it on here. A clear example would be the Windsor Family which could be posted on this thread as there's space for new characters.

The poster has the right to apply rules of their own choice, I'd suggest something along the lines of don't kill them without good cause or ask me before any large decisions, overall it's up to the user.

For an example post (not real):

For sale a prime version of Tellumo's brother. Refer to me for history, do not kill without a PM for approval.

So let the auctions begin, also it's up to the user to decide who gets the position if multiple people want the role, I'd advise first come first served to avoid heartache.

These Marvelous Characters Are Just Waiting To Be Used!
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For sale: Born and bred assassins from the Consortium.

Flexible origins other than a few main staples.

You are not superior to those deemed the leaders in my bio

You are not mentors of the leaders as detailed in my bio.

You are not superior in an aspect to those considered to be the best in their field as detailed in my bio (e.g. not more knowledgeable about poisons than Scorpion, or better at shadow stepping than Umbra, and definitelynot a superior swordsman to Swordsman).

PM for further info.

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I like this. I was meaning to make thread for this sooner or later (still might), but if you want to make/use characters with connections to creations of mine (like the Xantroa, the Azurian Artifacts, the Egyptian Eternals, etc), just let me know and we'll figure something out (info not found in the bios will be provided as necessary).

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Somebody wanna be an agent?

Cool thread :O

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I got ninety six frankenstein and eighteen primalborn slots open.

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@Death_Harbinger: Frankystein xD

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@Malicious Zaria: Agent of whom/what?
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@Malicious Zaria said:

Somebody wanna be an agent?

Cool thread :O

waht kind?