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Sitting at a table playing with his mashed potatoes, Buckshot looked around the cafeteria. He saw methos and Walkingstone chatting it up in the corner, probably talking about phonebooths, screwdrivers and British stuff. EC and his gaggle of Marvel Fanboys were trying to convince everyone who would listen that Superman is in fact the devil. Forever and Slingshot were in deep conversation about pressing matters of a comic nature. Gambler was simultaneously hitting on about five girls at once while fesak and zero edge were on their laptops, submitting stuff even while they ate. All the forumites were engaged in some activity or another and Buckshot was bored out of his mind.

He tried (very hard) to resist that urges he felt when he looked at everyone around him and then at the mushy food in front of him. He tried, he really did, but he failed. Buckshot slowly lifted his tray of potatoes, corn and watermelon jell-o and looked for a target. For some reason his eyes locked on Eternal Chaos. Taking careful aim, Buckshot launched his tray…

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Catching Buckshot out of the corner of his eye, Gambler cracked his trademark grin as he watched the plastic comicvine lunch tray vault threw the air.

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EC sat there, debating his hatred for Superman with an unknown fury. Enthusiasm towards his cause was rising. The veins in his neck were popping as spewed his anti-superman campaign. The Superman hater stood up holding his labtop pointing at his screen showing how ridiculous Superman was until it happened. A plastic food tray rammed into the side of his face and knocked his labtop down, destroying it. Chaos looked at his labtop, then his shirt. His Silver Surfer shirt was ruined. Mashed potatoes and carrots slid down his shirt. He looked in the direction the tray came from and there he was. Buckshot. The man who had gone against him ever since he first appeared all those months ago. The Superman lover... Eternal Chaos moved from his seat, and pointed at Buckshot. His eyes were on fire.


EC's group of friends launched a barrage of tray's at Buckshot followed by EC's tray. This was war of the vine.

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"Super...Man... lover????"

Enigma threw a tray of random meats and other unhealthy foods at Buckshot, followed by a barrage of melted nacho cheese cups.

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Buckshot looked down and stifled a laugh as his tray smacked EC upside his head. When he looked back up though, any remnant of a smile was gone. He was amazed at how woefully he’d underestimated EC’s following. From what Buckshot could see, it had only taken 5 words to galvanize a good number of the diners. Waves of trays and random food were already headed his way and he only barely ducked under the table before they ripped through the air where his head had just been. Peeking his head back up he was greeted by a leg of chicken slamming into his face.


Covering his right eye, Buckshot dropped back to the floor and flipped his table onto its side to create a barrier. With his back against the overturned table and food flying overhead, Buckshot moved one hand over the ground and threw everything he came across over his shoulder at his assailants. Wiping chicken grease from his eye with his other hand Buckshot called out to anyone, “Ken a brutha get some F---ing backup?!?”

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Liverwurst, relatively bored, snuck up behind BS and made a grab for the back of his shirt in order to dump some jello down it, he told one of his friends to do the same.

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Eternal Chaos was over-joyed with the fact that chicken leg hit Buck. His revenge had not yet begun to reach full circle. He would beam as much food as possible at this, this lover of Superfruit. Oh the sweet revenge. EC called to his fellow Superfruit haters, he was barking orders. He was the Captain America of the anti Superman regime.

"Octagon, flip over the table, and duck behind it. The rest of you, gather as much 'ammo' as you can, we've got a Superfruit lover to dispose of. Cover my flank while go set up defenses!"

App had felt compassion for EC's enemy and attacked him with an apple. He was pissed off, however even though an apple was smashed in his face, he couldn't attack a woman. He needed his others to do it. He had morals too. EC jumped off the table. He felt "Captain America"-ish. His ruined Silver Surfer shirt swayed as mashed potatoes rolled down it. He scooped up a blue berry muffin that was covered with the sauce of "mystery meat". He jumped over a table, almost in slow motion. He launched the muffin at the wall behind Buck, and using his knowledge of physics, used the wall to make the Muffin hit Buck. He slid across the table, only to land on the other side of the table. He flipped this table over as well, with 2 of his men next to him.
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((OOC: Do we have powers?))

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For some insane reason Apparition had brought an apple pie to school for lunch that day. She was sitting fairly near EC so when Buckshot called out for help, she felt compelled to do something to aid him. So she calmy picked up her apple pie and made a move to smash it in his face!

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OOC: Can you guys respond to what I just did?

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OOC:Please ignore my above posts, my mom needs the computer. So I have to go.

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Buckshot was about to shout out "I don't even like Superman that much" when a handful of cold pineapple jell-o dribbled down his back. The gelatin attack was so unsuspected that Buckshot jumped up in surprise and was pelted with even more food. Buckshot dove onto another table and slid down its length grabbing an apple and a tray on his trip. He chucked the apple back to nail the traitorous Liverwurst but didn't see if it hit because he was too busy using the tray as a shield/tennis racket.

Octagon Enigma says:

"((OOC: Do we have powers?))"

((OOC: You're thinking too hard.))
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Enigma did as told, and began establishing the bases, all the while pelting what appeared to be rabbit pellets at Buckshot. Having "connections" in most restaurants, Enigma got a quick order of spaghetti, and began tying a lasso while loading teammates up with meatball projectiles.

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Apparition felt that she had done her part, already hitting EC with an apple pie, but now this fight was getting out of hand. She was wearing a new white halter and thin white bra. With all of the liquid and food flying around she knew she would be in serious trouble if her top got wet.

Apparition pushed her chair back and dropped to her knees on the floor. She began to crawl quickly along the rows of tables headed for the door. Just then some milk ran off the table just in front of her. She was startled for a second and bolted upright only to just see some jello flying towards her!

"Eeep!" she said and barely moved out of the way in time. She ducked down again and looked for Forever. He would protect her from all of this flying food but he was nowhere to be found. Either he had slipped out or he was hiding behind a table somewhere. None of her friends were around! She just needed someone to hide behind until she made it to the door! She barely dodged an orange halve and had to duck down behind the tables again. This was getting maddening!

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Enigma let out a roar as he threw the lasso out at Buckshot. He aimed for the head, but would be able to make do with a limb at least. Something to slow him down.

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Eternal Chaos tasted the stupid pie on his lips. He liked it, but he was still pissed about it. He spotted a basket of Cherries on the ground and snagged it. He began throwing cherries at App. His morality was out the window. He was going to get her back for the apple attack.

"A-Station! GET RED!"

EC fired the cherries like a machine gun. The juices exploded on contact with anything. It was like a warzone of food. The killer of Superman was enjoying this. It was fun. A song was playing in his head. More like an opra. He remembered the song from Grand Theft Auto 3, the commercials. This was an interesting day...

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Seeing the assualt, Enigma lashed his spaghetti lasso upward, hooking a tray on it and knocking the pudding out of the air.

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Heart of Infinity launched a giant container of Jello pudding (enough to make Bill Cosby orgasm) at Eternal Chaos, laughing uncontrollably

#19 Posted by Octagon Enigma (2031 posts) - - Show Bio


Heart of Infinity says:

"Octagon Enigma says:
"Seeing the assualt, Enigma lashed his spaghetti lasso upward, hooking a tray on it and knocking the pudding out of the air."
Lmao how does spagetti knock pudding"

It was the tray I had hooked that did it.

#20 Posted by Heart of Infinity (1087 posts) - - Show Bio

Octagon Enigma says:

"Seeing the assualt, Enigma lashed his spaghetti lasso upward, hooking a tray on it and knocking the pudding out of the air."

Lmao how does spagetti knock pudding

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Maelstrom sat in the corner, wearing a rather large pimpish hat, while she scribbled in her notebook quickly, watching the on-going food fight from the corner of her eye. People came up to her whispering things, putting money in front of her and then quickly leaving. She was making bets on who the loser of this unfortunate little food fight would be. People were pouring in like moths to a flame. She grinned and happily counted the money, while tallying up the scores. So far many people thought EC would win. But she suspected Buckshot had an ace up his sleeve.

Infront of her lay a plate of nasty cream corn and she chucked it quickly towards the fray while screaming and trying to make her voice sound displaced. "Oh snaps, Spider-man is a n00b!" She got up quickly and moved to another corner while the people followed. "Bets here! Place your bets here people! The winner, male or female gets a date with Gambler!" She grasped the brim of her hat and smirked watching a flurry of idiots come to her.

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Hearing Maelstrom's taunting words, Eternal Chaos was getting more pissed off. He screamed at Maelstrom.

"Sue Richards is the queen of n00bdome!"

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App tried blocking and dodging the cherries but there were too many of them and they were coming way too fast. She turned her back and covered her chest with her arms. She silently cursed EC as the sharp sting of multiple cherries spread across her back. She could also feel her top begin to cling to her back as red juice soaked the back of her halter.

He's going to pay for this! App thought as she looked for something to throw. The only thing near her was a roll of french bread. She furrowed her brow, took the bread and as the rain of cherries finally slowed she turned and threw it with all her might. The bread fell clumsily to the floor.

Damnit! She wasn't used to throwing bread! She looked for something else and found a carton of opened milk. She grabbed that and hurled it in a high arc at EC.

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"SONNAVABITCH! You're down now!* Grasps the betting box under her armpit and walks to the nearest table chucking food with one arm, all aimed at EC. "Die. Bed wetter!"
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Noticing the unfortunately dressed App, Enigma chuckled and began hurling cartons of milk and opened bottles of water at her. He laughed mischieviously.

#26 Posted by Vrakmul (23828 posts) - - Show Bio

Dread loads an machine gun with carrots and fires in random directions. "Eat this!!!" Said dreadnaught who quite clearly

had the pun intended.
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Dreadnaught says:

"Dreadnaught changes his focus of fire at Octogon enigma "Easy target and he's out in the open to boot" said dreadnaught as he kicked down tables for cover."

I'm in base A, which is a fort of tables.

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Dreadnaught changes his focus of fire at Octogon enigma "Hope you like carrots" said dreadnaught as he kicked down tables for cover.
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App slid under a table just before the rain of milk cartons and water bottles that octy threw were able to reach her. As she crouched under the table water and milk cascaded down unceasingly, wetting her legs and capri pants.

What did I do to deserve this??? App almost said outloud as she waited for the cascade to end.

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EC laughed at at App. Getting some satisfaction from her apple attack. He held his own against the group attacking. His men all came to him and they created a barrier of tables. He now had 2 more people attacking him. Mael and App. He was stressed now. His white Silver Surfer shirt was completely ruined and now, he was pissed. He took it off and it revealed his Captain America shirt. This was it. Things were going to change.

"Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum. But I'm all outta bubble gum."

Chaos scrounged some oranges up from off the ground. He held them close to his chest while scanning the area. He spotted the bread app threw and told one of his men to bring it back. He saw Mael and laughed at her. She was like his sister but he loved teasing her. This was fun for him.

"You can't kill me Mael, and you throw worse than a girl! Sue is ashamed!"

He launched oranges at her. He would duck then come back up to launch more oranges. App's milk had doused EC, turning ruining his Captain America shirt.


He crushed the bread and turned into a ball. He launched it at App.

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"Drat outta ammo" said dreadnaught as he grabbed a water ballon from his bandoleir and started chucking water balloons in random directions.

#32 Posted by Vrakmul (23828 posts) - - Show Bio

Dreadnaught removed the grenade on his Rocket propelled grenades and replaced them with water balloons and started fireing water rocket propelled water balloons from his bazooka into base A.
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"Oh you're going down." She watched as the oranges came towards and snapped her fingers a wall of guys coming infront of her. They took the hit for her. She smirked towards EC and then turned grabbing a bookbag, emptying it's contents and then placing the betting box in it. She slung it across her shoulders, and now she had a Rambo type of look on her. She grabbed some eyeliner some dumb chick left behind and threw two marks under each eye.

"TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!" And she started throwing everything around her towards EC. Corn, peas, mashed potatoes, carrots, meatloaf and gravy, and best of all apples.

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In all the confusion, Enigma threw a table towards a large group of people.


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Dreadnaught fired a Water Rocket Propelled water balloon at Apparation "I hope you don't mind having a balloon filled with dishwater exploding sending salty, chlorine filled, yucky dish water all over you" said Dreadnaught mockingly.

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Buckshot were beginning to get tired from smacking food out of the air with his tray and decided to step up his game. Throwing his tray like an oversized ninja star randomly behind him, Buckshot go to the head of one of the cafeteria tables and looked around for what he had in mind. Finding a soda machine he turned the table to face it and charged full force with the table ahead of him. Right before the table hit the machine Buckshot jumped on top of his battering ram and let its own momentum take it into the machine. The front of the Coke machine busted open on impact and the sudden stop sent Buckshot slamming into it. Not worrying about any minor injuries, Buckshot pushed away the table so he could grab the sodas that had fallen from the machine. Stuffing four in his pockets and taking three in each hand, Buckshot ran back to the action, shaking cans all the way. He spotted EC organizing his people while attacking Apparition and headed straight for him, running over the tops of tables and ignoring everyone else. Once he reached EC, his goons and their table/fortress he summersaulted over them and hurled the soda cans at the ground by their feet with all his might. Buckshot didn't look back to see the explosion, he just kept moving, planning his next move.

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EC chuckled slightly due to Mael's attack. He was confused as to where these guys came in. He was agitated by their appearance. He could've caught Mael but nooooo. God seems to have a sense of humor today. His eyes were looking at Mael. He grabbed the apples and put them down. He looked at them confused again.

"What the hell is going on with these f*cking apples today!"

The Spider-Man fan was launching the apples back at Maelstrom. He aimed at the back of the wall so the apples would bounce and hit her when he stopped throwing, he stood up and started dancing tauntingly.

"Can't Touch This!"

Buck appeared randomly and tossed soda at him and his "soldiers" soda exploded on the ground, one of them hitting EC's foot. He was pissed off. He jumped over the table fortress and chased Buck. He jumped to the side and snagged some mac and cheese from the table, only to launch it at his mortal foe.
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Dreadnaught unpacked his mortar and loaded it with a large coke a cola can and started shelling base A with them.

#39 Posted by Octagon Enigma (2031 posts) - - Show Bio

Doing a half-assed matrix roll, Enigma jumped out of base A, and picked up the forbidden food: the ham. He jumped onto a table, and shouted, "I'll do it! I'm crazy!" as he held the ham above his head, ready to throw it.

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She watched him launch the apples and quickly doubled her efforts throwing out several mac and cheese plates at him. She hadn't been paying too much attention because if she had she would have seen the apples. But too busy on the attack, that she didn't have her defenses up and she was hit in the back by several apples.

"!" Her only expression on her face. "Die, you little maggot." And she pushed the guys to the side and ran towards EC, that was until she saw the soda pop bombs and then took a few steps back. Near her foot she saw it. Some soul must have dropped it after taking it from the lunchroom. Spaghetti. Her eyes grew with excitement and she grabbed a hand full of them and ran forward, she jumped up as to not get the soda on her shoes, or to slip and turned the palm of her hand down so that all the spaghetti was aimed towards ECs head, when she landed she ran towards the other end of the lunchroom and set up shop again.

"Bets. Place your bets!" And a throng of new students came towards her.

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EC was bombed with spaghetti. Spaghetti covered his hair. His hair ruined, his Captain America shirt was ruined. He just gave up with trying to stay clean. EC was done playing with his sister had bigger fish to worry about. Like Buckshot. He smiled at his sister. Giving her a smile to let her know he liked her play and there were no hard feelings.

#42 Posted by Maelstrom (4587 posts) - - Show Bio

She made a little move with her hand at the same time tried to make the spaghetti gunk fly from her hands by flailing them and went back to her money making scheme. Already $500 bucks. Man, how sweet it was.

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Scott sat behind his over-turned table he was soaked with milk and water

"God damn them all!!!" he muttered to himself

he looked over the table and saw OE standing up holding....ham, he wouldn't.

Scott looked around for the closest thing it was a ballony sandwich and a carrot....yes this should stop his crazy reign of madness, Scott stood up sandwich in one hand carrot in the other, he took off the top of the sandwich so it was all buttery ballony with a bit of bread, he threw it at Octagon Enigmas eyes hioping to blind him long enough so he wouldn't see the oncoming carrot, Scott threw the carrot going straight for OEs chest.

all whilst shouting "DIE SUCKA!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Dreadnaught fired coke a cola cans at constantine's posistion via his mortar. "Target is at zone alpha delta six unload!" said dreadnaught as he continued his soda shelling.

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Switch jumped on to of a nearby table, snatching a can of coke out of the air. He opened it and sent it spinning back towards Dreadnaught, spraying coke everywhere.

"A date with Gambler? Pinch me!"

He dived across the room, lumps of mashed potatoes and peas flicking around him, matrix style and landed on the floor with a crash. Luckily it was slimy with the amount of dropped food and he slid along, winding up behind Constantines barricade.

"Sup bro?" he said.

With a heave a whole tray of food went over the top, on a high arching trajectory for god knows where.

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The coke went all over dreadnaught "Gah that's it I'm calling in the big guns" said Dreadnaught as he walked out and then

put on GDI commando armor basicly he just went to get fresh clothes. "Let's get this party started" said the commando as he used his jumpjets and fired some carrots out of his railgun.
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Constantine ddropped down fast but one can hit the table and exploded over constantine soaking him, then he saw Switch slide beside him.


he looked at the vending machine in front of him then with an almighty kick loads of cans fell out he shook them up, opened them and threw them over the table one at a time.

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Dreadnaught get's his chem sprayer and proceeds to spray dishwater everywhere the moment he lands. Then he walks up to a group of people's barricade and sticks the chem sprayer in one of the openings and drenches them with water.

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Dreadnaught walks up to a carrot machine gun pillbox's rear and spray's everyone inside with year old dishwater "Hahahah Like shooting fish in a barrel" said dreadnaught as he continued to drench Npc's with very unclean dishwater.

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Spectrum oushed through the double doors, tray in hand. Oh the chaos.

A triangleler blcok of cheese landed square in his tomateo soup, splattering the red sauce all over him.

"DANM IT, THIS IS DRY CLEAN ONLY" He roared. Picking up a ham sandwhich he threw across the room and dived behind an upturned table.