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San Francisco Night Before

After overseeing the outfitting of the helicopter the Japanese American followed her marks to a local bar. Nothing to attention grabbing just a girl out for the night. The targets though had no subtlety. Each in a security jacket of the infamous Rock. A trio of people thinking they were grandest people in the bar.

"So Eric you tap it yet" one of them remarked.

"You insane James that Razor chic has still dropped guards despite cuffs dampeners and drugs." So that was Eric, a coward tech guy presumably. Not the choice candidate.

"Lame! I could take er" remarked James. He was big probably on steroids or enhanced but also stupid. He wouldn't be high in the echelon just muscle.

"Bitches please she'd go for me in the first place. Secondly she's off limits she's scheduled for the pits soon." The exotic flower recognized this one as Maria Gonzales high in the security chain that was the one to go for.

Enticing looks and a mastery on the dance floor drew Maria in like moth to flame. Ruse was perfect, the moth came then it burned to become hers. Drinks came and resistance softened the prey thought it was leading. Anxiously a cab takes the duo to a motel. Maria payed. There's an embrace, a kiss and things progress.

Heading for the showers though a whispered "sorry" comes subtle enough to send shivers down the spine. Then a needle enters the heart. Small machines devour the heart learning the DNA, Maria falls to the tub absent everything as she moves to the world beyond. As the exotic killer rests her hands on Maria's chest the machines come to her and a metamorphosis begins.

Maria gazed into the dead eyes of Maria, flawless change. A remarkably thin Evolium blade is withdrawn and wedged into the breast plate. So thin and used the energy absorbing weapon was unstable. A flick was enough to result in to much charge for the weapon. Exploding the victim was vaporized, time to move to phase two.

Following Day 11:57 Helicopter Pad/Entrance

Arriving ahead of schedule Taylor Oveeya arrived by helicopter to the island. Her suit was firm fitting with small infinity symbols throughout. A pair of ornate unordinary pistols were at her hips holstered. "Intro's bore me. I'm here for diplomatic reformation. You'll probably want to just fight though. Should that be the case know this. I won't seek minutes and hours of stylish combat, I'll just want a body count of those blind to what's just."

Security Room 11:58

The woman assumed to be Maria entered the security room greeted her coworkers. Then shut down all fields of specialized prisons. Cuffs fell to the ground as powers flared to life once again. Rioting started at once.

11:59 Cellblocks

Rayne was first to leap from her cage claws spearing into her watchers skull. And many more assaults followed. Arterial spray became the paint of the macabre first act.

12:00 Entrance

"Revolution comes not by supremacists. Nor idle leaders. Never by players of media. Absent from the Shepard. But rather from the people seeking reform." It'd begun conflict on the matters of mutant and human on American soil. Actions as justifiable as they were controversial. First steps had been made.

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Chaos had arisen outside the massive and unwelcoming walls of the Rock. It was a matter of seconds before the humongous group swarmed inside the entrance, fueled by righteous fury.

" Oveeya must of misspoke when she was talking about diplomatic action." Henry muttered as he jogged along with the revolutionaries pouring through the entrance, an alarm blaring out to announce their presence.

"Last time I trust Fox News."

Henry, hiding his face with his helmet, had merged in with the group about half an hour ago, which had been easy as they weren't too organized. Essentially they were a mob of angry people, albeit one with drive and an assortment guns and mutants. Their supposed leader had made that clear to them.

Henry really didn't believe in what Taylor Oveeya was preaching and didn't particularly feel like offing the guards even if it was for a worthy cause. He'd come here to report on the event and have the public see the truth of the matter first hand. Of the supposed revolution and the inner workings of the Rock.

Henry had already manage to store shots of many of the revolutionaries and some good ones of Oveeya along with a recording from her speech. Scouting ahead with his unusual way of sight, he went up past the island light and administrative building to a large concrete mass that had to be the main prison. From a bird's-eye-view he watched as a few guards scrambled away. At first, Henry didn't think much of it. After all, they were being charged by an army. As he passed the island light, he realized something odd in them running. This attack had been no secret. Security should have been prepared for a fight even if they figured it was improbable for them to get passed the walls. Something was wrong.

Almost on cue, Henry's "out of body" spying picked up the doors to the main prison violently swinging off their hinges with a hoard of orange clothed people squeezing out of the doorway. Smaller groups detached themselves from the larger orange blob to chase down any of the escaping guards on the ground. The rest tried to head off towards the revolutionaries, towards the exit. The cameraman was busy taking dozens of pictures at the same time, at all the different angles he could think of when the shooting started. Wind brushed him as a bullet whizzed past and sent some girl in a cap tumbling to the ground and disappearing beneath the feet of others. The bullet had come from one of many guards positioned on the walkways across the wall, all aiming towards the army. Deafening gunfire erupted from both sides and people started to fall in waves. The air filled with screams, cursing and blood. Henry could see it all, the screen in his helmet split to show a hundred images of people dieing and dead, lying in limp heaps on the ground. He had it all and he had to get away.

Using the light manipulation of his helmet, he vanished, having the light rays that usually would bounce him and make him as noticeable as everyone else avoid him. After that, Henry detached from the revolutionaries and headed into the the main prison, hoping he'd stop shaking at some point along the way.

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The speech at the front of the prison was interrupted when a green blur slammed down at the back of the crowd, shaking the ground. "I understand your cause, but these are criminals. You have no idea what they'll do if they're released." Massive power flared up and the dust caused by his landing blew away, revealing Nucleus. "Turn back now and let me clean the mess you've started up. I don't want anybody to be hurt, but it's better you than hundreds of innocents."

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Josiah Whitby sat in his office in the warden’s house. Though comfortably furnished, the domicile was a veritable fortress unto itself, as well as a nerve center from which he could observe and run the entire prison. At the moment, he was watching the feeds from a number of the cameras, each showing prisoners rioting, in some places pushing back the guards by sheer numbers and virtue of their unique powers, in others, such as the yard, being held at bay by the superior position held by their jailors.

A twisted smile spread across his face as his jet-black eyes observed the carnage. The chaos, the rage, and the fear that now choked the prison like a miasma was so primal, so pure, that even feeding upon it from the outside was borderline intoxication. Still, this was not sustainable. If the prisoners overran the facility or if too many of them were cut down by the brutish guards during the battle, this would wind up being the last easy meal he would enjoy for some time, and he had no intention of allowing that to happen.

With a sigh, he opened a comm channel to every guard station and radio. “Attention all guardsmen: don your gas masks, and begin venting the sedative into every prison common area. All Shade units are instructed to seek out and neutralize the ringleaders of this riot. Use nonlethal force when plausible.”

His instructions given, he closed the line, and resumed his observation. If his lackeys proved unfit for subduing this rabble, he would need to take a more direct hand in matters, but until then, he may as well enjoy the intense negative energy that was his to feed upon.

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@inner_demon: @web_flotsam: @lens:

Taylor had spotted Lens before he went invisible but she made no motion to intercept him. Best the event recorded unedited and unbiased. And at first the riot was a maelstrom pure calamity and mayhem. But then it happened.

A mutant army wasn't dangerous because each had a power. Or even because their burdens made them rabid wolves in combat. It was dangerous because if it could be controlled it was an unrivaled phalanx. In a mass of mutants there was everything. Drug controllers, survival adapters, teleporters, telepaths, elementals, tanks, force fields. An infinite combination of powers, and then there was Taylor. Her mind could process an infinite amount of variables, in an infinite number of ways, in an infinite variety of situations.

When telepaths found her mind they began instantly forming a communication system between the rioters. Amplifier mutants made it swift, they suddenly all knew each other like family. And the unrivaled brilliance of Infinity made them an army. Some played offense some defense squads were made that flowed seamlessly. Her abilities, plus telepathy links, combined with amps made her aware of the entire battlefield. Her mind let her conduct all sides with grace. Flanks were outflanked, assaults met greater barriers. Defenders were onslaughted.

"Nucleus most of these people were put here without trial and many more without cause. This prison is unjust. I need an army should I be like the Arcani and ask the public to fight? Or should I recruit the willing?"

She spotted the smoke valves opening. "Overdose clear the air. Life Support alter lungs. Vapor clear the air let us see. Sparks shock any machines and suits." She had the options to trump smoke screen, remove the drugs, shut down or electrocute any stealth units or other machines, and provide stronger lungs so her army could stand even if drugs got to them. Last just as a last resort she made it simple "Port and all other teleport types extract all but me."

"Come on Warden let's play. Nucleus, your better allied with me then him. You're of like mind but not method and that can be useful in a general."

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@infinity_: He didn't recognize this particular woman, but he unfortunately recognized her rhetoric from people like Daemon. "If you feel the system is unjust, take it up with the lawmakers. You can see them fighting now, in more pain than they were before. I feel compassion for their situation too, but this isn't the way to help them." He doubted she would listen to him. Fanatics never did. He readied himself for anything she had to throw at him.

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The Warden frowned as he watched the activity on his monitors. This behavior was far too coordinated to be a mere riot. Reaching out with his own vast, malevolent consciousness, he detected it immediately: a psychic network. This would explain how the rioters were able to coordinate their efforts, each prisoner applying their abilities to such great effect. Tracing the lines of astral connection as one might the strands of a spider-web, the demon located his spider: a brilliant tactical mind that directed the efforts of her fellow inmates.

Without hesitation, the Demon of Silence projected a manifestation of himself before her mind’s eye, not as Josiah Whitby, but as the inhuman predator of the mind that he was. The hulking image towered over the young mutant, a sadistic grin playing across its fanged maw. “Well hello there, my little revolutionary. If I didn’t know better, I would almost think you were not satisfied with the generous accommodations I have provided you with.”

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@web_flotsam: @inner_demon: (sorry for delays. Works been draining a lot of time)

Successfully the tactician elite had executed a strategic offensive that placed her false convicts into the victory lane. No force could pin the mutant mass down thanks to an infinitely depth game plan in Taylor's mind. All the cards were in the leaders deck plus a plethora of aces up her sleeves. Then the conflict primarily came to a close. No counter measures could occur thus making the escape flawless. In flashes of light, puffs of smoke and more inmates vanished.

Not all rioters were taken away however. Many still fought and rebel though absent Taylor's insight. "Those held unjust have been moved elsewhere. Those here truly vile or morally corrupt shall remain here." Hazel eyes uncaring of their fates. "You say look to the lawmakers, but that is the problem. I am! This, this unjust, sinister, brutal, corrupt place is what we are to call justice. It's a concentration camp and you're fighting for it? What does that say?" She paused a moment "I feel this lesson will be cut short soon." As she expected she was milliseconds later plucked away into the astral plane.

At Taylor's side were her allies Razor and Decaying Rose. "This is over, save your retaliation for a better time." Rose remarked intending to spare this day any more blood.

Meanwhile Taylor was taken to a world few ever got to see, the astral plane. Before her was a devilish giant a colossus of psionic might. Despite it all however the petite arrogant figure stood unimpressed visually observing her fingernails with more care then her opposition. "You evidently already have lost this game. Only thing you got right in that assessment was revolutionary. Much of your hand has been shown, and yet you're oblivious to even what games in play." Taylor possessed a mind of infinite potential and because of this she believed herself invincible here.

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Before Nucleus could respond to the last taunt of the strange rebel, she suddenly disapeared. He glanced back and forth at the empty space where she had stood moments before, but found nothing. "I do my best." He said to the air, hoping she could hear him. There was a long moment before he turned and walked to the first cell block. Two prisoners instantly lunged towards him and he smacked them back down. Another group turned in response, and he blasted through the crowd with a far beam, sending all those hit flying. "I don't want to hurt any of you, but if it comes to blows I can't guarantee anything. I'd rather you all surrender."

The woman had mentioned that she had already taken what she felt were innocents away. Even if she was right about all this, that left a dangerous riot on his hands, and it would be best to end it quickly. He raised a single hand and began to charge. "Of course, if you want to keep fighting, I can join in."

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“Lost?” The psychic predator chuckled as he leered down at the strategist. “I’m afraid that your colossally complex mind has missed the simple and the obvious, my dear. My purpose has ever been the spread of fear and hatred throughout the world, and you have advanced my plans quite nicely.”

“Observe.” Holding up one clawed hand, the demon summoned into existence a window into the material plane, one that showed the chaos and devastation that currently engulfed Gothic City. “Your powerless kin already fear your kind. How greatly will that fear increase once the news of your mass egress spreads? How much panic will grip the hearts of the public when it realizes that not even their most state-of-the-art prison can contain you?” He abruptly closed his fist over the image, shattering it into aetheric shards. “You’ve just given your power-hungry president all the justification he needs to escalate your persecution. You have gifted your fellows with death, not freedom!”

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Her palm covered her lips as she gasped "no!" To which she then chuckled rolling her eyes in radiant sarcastic retort. "Surprise surprise humanity and mutants are feuding. Startling it is that a demon craves nothing more then fear. Indeed these revelations have rocked my foundations deeply."

As she ended her arrogant remark she watched as the scenery of the astral plain changed. A collage of war was fabricated as the backdrop of the two mental giants. Scenes of fear sparking acts, of moral boosting speeches. Fights of people over creed, love, religion, race. "This is what I want to end, wars over dead concepts. You want fear, I want revolution." The scenery changed to sights of terror and inspiration. Atomic weapons that halted armies, young heroes stepping up to inspire men. "Fear and encouragement are both a side of a coin, a staple of ones armory. Yes the worlds strongest prison was bested how frightening, nobody is to be held unjustly how inspiring. A woman caused a riot how unappealing, a girl was willing to go to any extreme to save a friend how inspiring."

"Better to have a victory in two conflicts rather then twenty. That's a idea I'm sure even you can see logic in Mr Demon. So isn't it in my interest to do something that inspires actions to be taken?" She conjured herself a chair to sit in and relax. "Now just out of curiosity, we're in my head. If the psychic link was cut what would happen to you? Would you be stuck in my head would apart of you be lost? Slightly off topic I know but curiosity got the best of me."

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A clever little mouse, this one. She understood the complex way in which emotions related to each other, and the power that such equations contained, better than many of her dullard kin. Still, cleverness was not power. Power was power.

"There is no link to cut, my intellectual escape artist," he answered, the corners of his fanged maw twisting in a sinister parody of a smile. "I am a being of pure psychic energy, and I am not bound to my host bodies as human minds are to theirs. I would be more than happy to remain in your well-apportioned consciousness, however. In fact, I think that once I have beaten your will into submission, I will be remaining for a long time."

With that, the demon raised his hand and pointed one clawed finger at Infinity, a finger that suddenly lengthened into a dark tentacle which shot forth to ensnare its target.

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"Wipe that smug grin away Demon." The incalculably complex mind thought intangible and so she was. Elongated talon speared through the air inefficiently. "Powered by thought and energy of the mind, the strong intellectual in the astral plain is not by simple power." Contrary to what she was sure the Demon believed. But just having a lot of power equated to nothing if someone couldn't use it.

Her attack began, think it and for her it happened simply. Gun, and a gun went off, tank and tanks began opening fire, air strike and gets flew by dropping bombs. Spartans, and silver reimagining of Spartans rushed in. Dragons, and an astral dragon flew in. An idea was all she needed and she was thinking up ideas at a rapid pace. From five to fifteen, to three hundred to seven thousand. On and on she conjured things as if she was playing with Legos. She became more and more defended at the same time. Intangible, well built legionnaires around her shields raised, a bank vault, a bunker, a castle, an energy shield. It was an unfathomable wave of actions. And then it stopped and vanished a single blade rested in her hand. It was blinding to gaze upon as if it were stars in her palm. A psi-blade of infinite thought in her hand and then she tossed this blade and thought hit. Going simply until it buried itself in the demon. She was intending for it to destroy the psychic devil.

"Enough" she remarked and she was back to the physical world about to use a device to teleport away. This scuffle was over she figured there was no point left being here.

(Eh >.> it'll do I lost aloto ideas in waiting lol still been fun though <3)

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@infinity_: (My bad on that; RL has been unforgiving, of late. Still a strong post and was a fun ride!)

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