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Gambler made his way through the halls of the LaS mansion. His red cloak swayed behind him as his staff stretched up past his head. He had received word that an old enemy of his had resurfaced and was staying at the MGM Grand in . Dark Alpha had been one of the founding members of the legendary New Age Outlawz and teammate of Gamblers before the first Vine Wars. However after the Cajun changed his affiliations and betrayed the NAO, Dark Alpha went underground. Years had past causing Gambler to give up hope of ever finishing what he had started.

But finally the hero had come out of hiding. His bodyguards where on every floor of the illustrious Hotel and Casino strapped to the teeth with automatic weapons. Gambler was convinced that he would need only one other team member to accompany him on his mission of revenge. After entering the training room, he spotted the LaS’ newest member, Homicide.

“Get your gear together. Your coming wit me. Meet me on dee roof in 5mins. chopper will be waiting.”

This is just a quick run through RPG for Homicide and Gambler. Other LaS members may join if they so choose. But keep it simple. The goal here is to help Homicide do her first story Rpg.

Normal Rules Apply:

The bad guys and Dark Alpha will be NPC (non playable character) This means you can move, kill, or dictate what they do. Have fun :)

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A grunt was heard out of the LaS training room while explosions and smell of smoke filled the air. Homicide, the newest member of LaS was busy doing some training, trying to keep up her skills. She would be in the training room almost everyday for hours at a time, trying to perfect her skills as an assassin. Daggers flew from her hands as they strike down what looked to be a police officer right in the middle of his forehead. Just then laser guns came out from walls and began to shoot at her, she quickly got onto the balls of her feet and began to shift her weight around, moving out of the way of the attacks. She then pulled out her sword that was strapped to her back and ran forward at one of the guns, the lasers shot at her, but they went right through her, she jumped high into the air and slashed downward upon the device, causing yet another small explosion. Right before she was about to continue, the whole room seemed to have stopped. Homicide stood there for a moment, her chest rising and falling from breathing heavily as her brown eyes darted around the room. Just then, the face of Gambler was seen from the doorway of the room.

 “Get your gear together. Your coming wit me. Meet me on dee roof in 5mins. Dee chopper will be waiting.”

Homicide nod her head as she placed her sword back in its rightful place upon her back and ran over to the left side of the room, phasing through the wall and all the other rooms till she reached hers. She stopped at her closet and slowly opened it, reviling a black steel safe bolted to the ground. A smile ran across her face as she opened it to show her two Desert Eagles laying inside. She quickly grabbed a hold of them and slipped them onto their pouches that hung from her thighs. She then snatched up some rounds of A UV bullets, sulfuric acid filled bullets and some standard bullets that were all covered in a thin sheet of vibranium. As she got those ready she then moved over to her dresser were her daggers, and ninja stars were. She loaded them up, her daggers on her upper arms and lower legs and her ninja stars on her belt. Since she was already training, Homicide was already dressed to go, she then looked at herself in her mirror for a moment, making sure she had everything she needed, when she was sure she did, she slipped up her mask and darted out of the room and to the chopper, already ready to take off.

As soon as they got in the chopper seemed to have flown at faster speeds than normal ones, she didn’t question it, or even bothered to ask were they were going, why they were going or anything. She stayed quite the entire way over there, only staring down at her feet and occasionally up and around the chopper. When the chopper made it to their location, it was reviled that they were at MGM Grand in . Homicide smiled to herself, before the chopper landed she phased out of it, landing on the ground and running straight to the door that lead to the entrance of the building. Homicide’s heart began to beat as ran up to the door and phased right through it, coming face to face with about five men holding automatic weapons. A smirk ran across her face as she pulled out her guns and loaded them. One with A UV bullets and the other with sulfuric acid. Then men yelled out to her and they began to shoot at her, Homicide simply smiled as the bullets went right through her. She then took off through the wall that was to her right, sending her through a bathroom, screams were heard as she ran through and came through another one that was right behind them. She shot the Sulfuric acid bullets up at the lights, killing them. She then pulled out her A UV bullets and shot one right at the ground, causing a blinding light to shine through out the room. The men grunt and tried to shade their eyes as Homicide then slipped her guns back in their case and slowly pulled out her sword that was still strapped to her back, the only sound made was that sharp noise that came from it, and then nothing but screams of pain.

Homicide then pulled out a flashlight from one of the men’s pockets and shined it in the room, nothing but dead bloody and sliced up bodies were seen as she walked back up to the lock door and opened it.  She simply stood there and moved out of the way for the rest to walk through.

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Sebastian had taken up the contract for Dark Alpha because he was an assassin one of the best to be exact and as he stealthly made his way into the fortress Sebastian heard sharp screams of pain: other's were here he didnt know who they were but hopfully there would be no conflict between him and whoever lied before them. Entering the room and engaging nightvison Sebastian saw nothing but blood splattered all over the walls and floor and Alphas bodyguards sliced up on the floor. With a door open Sebastian entered only to come face to face with fellow LaS member Homicide the new recruit who was right now also working on the job with Gambler.

"I see your here too" said Platinum before hearing the footstepts of some upcoming guards "A line of six Guards down the hall get ready we need to take them out quietly, dont let them get a shot off or it will alert the other"

Homicide probably knew the basic rules of the kill but if the guards were allowed to make the smallest alert sound they would have to go head to head to a fort of guards armed from head to toe. "I'll take out the back three and you take out the front three" Sneaking by them was too easy and as Sebastian unsethed a small knife and excuted the back three of them by slitting their throats and hiding back in the shadow before the front three could notice they were gone Sebastian could only hope Homicide could take them out  as he wiped the blood from his knife before unsething it and using the shadow made by the wall to hide himself leaving Homicide to her work.