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Location: Mid Kentucky: mountain and forest

Lighting condition: sunset.

Environmental hazards: loose rock

The cool night air rushed over Ptero's muzzle, his wings slicing through the currents as he rode the thermals. The sun would soon set as he was making his way, but he was taking his time as he lazily flew over the forest.. soon breaking into the more barren mountains he called home. Across his back was strapped a backpack containing the meager supplies he had taken on this day. He climbed in the air, knowing this place well.. spiralling lazily as he gained altitude, the occasional beat of his wings needed as he came to his cave. His mindset was relaxed.. few things troubled him as he flew, the gift of flight was one blessing his mutant abilities gave him that he would never question.

As he landed, he sniffed the air.. something seemed odd around. He glanced around on the rocky prepice, then into the cave he called home. Something was different...

Have I been followed again..?

The thought came unbidden... a cold feeling swelled within, icy fear intermingled with uncertanity as he moved quickly forward into the cave and quickly threw his backpack to one side, the clatter of canned food sounding as its contents hit the floor. Then he hides behind a crate near the entrance, an awkward hiding place at best as he watches for intruders, but one of the sole ones around. The cave turns quiet... unnaturally so.
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