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An act of random shooting takes place outside internet cafe in Europe, windows are smashed apart and monitors are holed. However what happens tonight in denmark is not a random act of wanton gang violence, it is something else. Two factions who are usually at each others throats are now cowering behind whatever hurdle they can find as they spray from behind the safety of breakable goods such as cars and corners. Originally the duo planned to go to Glostrup to have some middle eastern food, yet they are lucky to see a commotion between two groups, one representing the 1%ers like hells angels or the a k81 and a multiethnic gang of muslim immigrant gangsters not unlike the Black Cobra. Both younger and more radical offshoots of their predecessors as Molotovs are seen carried by hand, whatever they have against each other it carries several connotations of drug trades , racial identity and money.

All tasty pieces of red meat, bristling with youthful ignorance but not worthy for reanimation. People that tend stick together or adding more youths into there fold to protect each other from the outside world, yet they fail to see the things that will shatter that illusory veil of lies. Violence, vandalism, and car burning to send a message to the authorities who have other things to do at the moment. Luckily for the cops there are Rolf and Ratger. Tugging on arm and leg to pull a man apart as they are having fun, people followed to attack which proved utterly futile as these men will show that those filthy saps need to get in line.


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(Sorry, was sleeping)

Felix leaned over the handlebars of his motorcycle. The informant could wait. These scum would be taught a lesson. The motorcycle, a sleek design of matte-black metal, slid to a stop. There was a CLICK! as he put the kickstand on, and left the bike standing. He pulled the keys from the ignition and slipped them into a trouser pocket, then laid a hand on what appeared to be a loose strip of leather that dangled from the large bandaged shape on his back. He pulled it taut, then approached the scene of carnage, the utter gore before his eyes being brushed away as inconsequential. He stopped before two blood-covered men, and smirked. No doubt that these two were the brand of crazy the Consortium liked to higher. Umbra paid their wages, perhaps, maybe even the Executioner. That was immaterial. Rhino's hand pulled the strip of leather tight, and then tugged. The strips of leather and the bandages fell from his back instantaneously, the large shape already in motion as Felix ran at the two men, aiming a stab at one's stomach.

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@Sideslash: (s'all good man)

Ratger had sucked a shiny pink fleshy tube that slipped out of the part of the man that he pulled "I love eating middle easterners, because sometimes they may carry undigested cuisine in their intestinal tracks and they are best before they become processed into feces" although he has bits of brownish red on his mouth as there were pieces of human waste on his mouth. But who can blame the guy, he was the wolf man and thus he eats what his vampire friend won't touch. "You can take the neck if ya want, but gimme the rest m'kay"

Before the vampire got a chance to reply Rolf noticed a man rushing at blinding speeds before his stomach was penetrated just right under the sternum, luckily it did not pierce through the structure of the spinal column. It had hurt like a mad mother****er in his own words, he was sent back as Ratger laughed in joy. "Didn't see that one coming, well since I am eating you can have that one matey... buut if you need assistance I will help in about 30 seconds"

The vampire finally caught composure as there was a wedge that punched a sizable opening through his stomach, he was surprised that someone had tagged him. "Damn. That there sir was a very good move but If I were you I would have aimed a wee bit higher as to pierce the heart", Rolf was also thankful for his senses that made him move at that crucial moment. Had he stood there the man would have moved and torn him to bits, The vampire plunged his finger at a nearby body to drain blood.

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Felix scowled. He had meant to drop the first one quickly, and turn his attention on his friend. He grinned in spite of himself and pulled the Rhino's Horn back in, and backed up a couple of steps, holding the Horn in front of himself with one hand, his confident smirk failing when the man touched a nearby body and it began o lose it's colouration, whilst the man seemed to grow more flushed. The man was, in a way...drinking the blood of a human being. "Vampire!" He roared, his fingers tightening around the handle of the Horn. He pulled back, swinging the Horn behind him for an instant, then pushed his entire body forward, letting go of the Horn, allowing it to fly through the air, aimed, vertically, for the monster's body. A split second later, he would spring after it, leap onto the monster's shoulders, grasp the blade and flip around behind him, bringing the blade down like some kind of obscene guillotine.

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Ratger is amused as he sat on the hood of a mangled car, slowly munching on some danish thigh while watching his comrade enter battle. He respects that the enemy does not **** around with that good gut strike, it reminded him of how he dispatched a bunch of magicians back then. Stab them when they chant. "Good show, good show and good leg", while watching Ratger looked at his surroundings to map out weapons and interesting environmental hazards to play with after 30 seconds are up. So far their speeds froze them at less than a quarter.

Rolf puts his left wrist in front of the blade as the metal edge cleaves cleanly through, his hand about to fall at any second. Except that his right hand caught his left hand, as he reattaches the hand while moving back the enemy had already appeared on his shoulder and attempted to move for another closer. This time the vampire used common sense and dodged, the ground shattered as there was a crevice between them. It takes a while for the bones to reattach but this was getting fun.

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@RumbleMan_Exe: Felix growled, waving the Rhino's Horn through the air, focusing upon his enemy. The thing was a vampire, and his occult knowledge was lacking at the best of times. He seemed to recall someone (it might have been Psykick) say that it was near impossible to beat vampires through sheer physical force. But then again, they'd never reckoned with the physical force of a p!ssed off Jackal. The Horn itself had marred the street, but Rhino smirked at the vampire, shot a glance towards its friend, then charged again, aiming a horizontal slash across the thing's waist.

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Ratger clapped his hands "Bravo, bravo" as he is amazed how a mere human can lift a wedge-blade the size of a surfboard and wield it so efficiently, had they met under different circumstances he would probably call that man 'Friend'. As the horizontal slash cuts the skin of Rolf's right ride the vampire moved his body at the same direction , moving slightly faster yet the blade sinks to the layer of fat. Then the muscle as it shatters the lowest rib, however by following the movement Rolf closed in and extended his left middle finger. Aiming to perforate the man's right eye so that he can extract vitreous fluid, as the blade removed his rib. His nail dead on the eyelash, separated by only a millimeter.

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He saw the incoming digit, and did the only thing he could see as working. His mouth was too low, and there was no way he'd get his hand up in time. So he brought his head down on the finger, hard, ensuring his forehead pushed the finger down and away from his face as he passed by, taking a rib with the Rhino's Horn. He rolled and spun to his feet, taking up a low stance, the bloodied blade behind him. He grinned, but he was breathing heavily, and sweat covered his form. Slowly, he shifted his balance and prepared to spring, when suddenly.

"Rhinoceros!" A voice shouted. A man with slicked back dark hair that ended in spikes, ran down the streets towards the combatants. "I'm going to kill you and be known as the best Ja-" His voice was cut off when he got in range as Felix delivered a powerful kick to the Executioner's flank, sending him flying into a car.

"Now, where were we?" Felix asked with a grin, Executioner already stirring. He shot from the ground, bringing the Horn through in a horizontal attack aimed at the vampire's right leg. By dismembering the being, he would no doubt cut it's battle effectiveness.

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He was disappointed that his finger did not sink into the eyes socket as he had intended, but his claws are share enough to 'slide' across the forehead. In a quick moment he changed to cut above the eyes to create a curtain of blood, something he did to obstruct vision in a swift movement. When the forehead pushed against the dight the vamp made a swift incision.

Ratger caught the loud man who was thrown at his direction, only to throw him at the direction of the Internet Cafe. He did not want to be disturbed as he moved on to eating a bosnian youth after having a mouthful of arab delight, the danes are for dessert after all. Ratger counted again, as they are already a third of the way through in the allotted time.

Rolf this time reacted with the right timing, using the flat edge of the wedge-blade as a stepping platform (left foot) while he raises his knee with one foot (right). This time the knee is aimed at the nose where his striking point would most likely prevail, should he open his mouth the vampire would gladly mow away the top row in exchange. He wants to hamper the opponent's senses first before moving in for the kill.

Crushed rib, loose wrist and healing torso... so far those are the things to worry about

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He felt the knee crush his nose, and heard the splintering that meant it was almost definitely broken. Warm blood began to pour down his face, but Felix only smiled, and flicked the Horn directly up, flinging his foe high into the air, if he didn't jump off the sword. Felix's smile would no doubt unnerve his opponent. "You see, mate," He began, his voice sounding quite nasal due to the broken nose. "Us Jackals get injured every day. This," He pointed at his nose. "This is pretty much just for show. I can barely feel it at all." He grinned, not trying to show the sharp daggers of pain leaping through his face with every breath he took. He moved smoothly into a defensive stance.

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Flying up through the sudden motion he prepares to descend and this time he pulls out a knife from the punk he killed earlier with Ratger, as he sighed at the idiot while Ratger screams in jealousy "Damnit man, why id I have to eat right now when you get to fight this enemy?" fortunately for the wolfman there is only ten more seconds before the time is up. The wolf was simply not satisfied as everythime he was full from eating a corpse the hyperkinetic fight made him want to eat more. As he falls down he takes a shot at the man's skull with his unerring aim, It would not be dodged but given the man's sizable blade it can be easily blocked.

However when he does cover with the blade Rolf will land once more on the wedge-blade.

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Felix watched the man descend towards him, and jumped smoothly back. The small knife would miss by yards, and the monster would be off guard for a moment as it landed. Half a second maybe. Against the Rhino, that would be half a second too long as he flung his sword again, and charged in with a series of rapid punches to the monster's torso. With each punch, though, he slid off his heavy coat a little more. A second later, he flung the five kilo coat at his enemy's face, hoping to blind him, allowing the Jackal to deliver a series of punches that ended with a brutal uppercut.

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The coat covered him as the barrage of punches pummeled him, his reaction was to keep his guard up to create an opening enough so that he can see below. His offensive had failed yet the projectile is planted firmly on the ground, as he takes body shots after body shot he kicked the knife as the sharp edge stuck on the ground. The shoe was cut open with the sharp edge of the flying knife, then his feet seized the dagger grip in between the hallux and the second toe. Using enemy's focus on the dead punches Rolf used this opportunity to stab the groin with the knife, at the moment that the upper cut made contact. The kick was done firmly so that even if he were to miss a scrotum he would pierce the shaft.

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Through years of training, Felix had developed a sort of danger sense. The only thing that would make sense was a low atta - "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He roared, and retreated a few steps as the blade penetrated. Reaching down, he tugged the knife out, the pain almost unbearable. He turned the knife over in his hands, then tossed it thoughtlessly to the side. "Call that a knife?" He asked, reaching behind his waist, wrapping his right hand around the dagger he wore at his back, pulling it free of the scabbard. "This is a knife!" He leaped at his opponent, aiming his knife for the monster's throat.

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Luckily the man stopped, one of the punches separates the left hand from the wrist again. It seems the he needs something else to keep it together, however as the coat begins to fall away from his face he saw a glimpse of the man charging against him with another blade, "Yes sir, and this is your coat" with that said Rolf returns the favor by throwing the coat towards his attacker. He remembers where the metal plates are as he was weighed down by them earlier ago as his opponent punched him, his left wrist dropped to the ground as he prepares for a series of three kicks.

A low roundhouse kick aimed at the man's knee, followed by another roundhouse kick that aims to connect his shin to the man's floating ribs and finally finished by a high roundhouse kick aimed towards the head as his leg is swung against the target, while his hips and trunk are simultaneously twisted in the same direction as the swing.

The hole in the stomach is forming scar tissue, rib is in the slow process of recovery left hand totally missing, and face is mildly swelling from the punches. 3 seconds left.

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The coat caught him in mid air and took him to the ground short of his target. The metal plates in the coat were an issue, but he rapidly threw it to one side, before his knee was knocked to one side. He yelled in anger, and pain, and felt another kick to his chest, the power snapping a rib. He dug deep, pushed the pain down, and ducked under the final swing, feeling the air whistle over his head. He had to finish this, now. He grabbed the knife tightly and stepped in, aiming a myriad of body shots at the monster, his knife flashing in the sun as it darted back and forth like a viper's tongue, and drove a final slash at the thing's face. "Why won't you stay down?!" He yelled.

The Executioner ran at the pair, decapitation rings in hand. Felix pulled his leg up, back kicking and launching the Jackal for several feet. The Executioner rolled to his feet. "HEY!" He yelled, throwing his rings at Felix. The white haired man jumped out of the way, the rings heading straight at the vampire. "Don't have time for you right now, Ex." The Rhino said simply.

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Ratger shouted "Time's Up!", he took the knife shots square on as they reopened the stomach wound and damaged the injured ribs again. As the dagger slashed open his cheek the vampire replies nicely by giving an palm strike to the solar plexus with such an explosive force that sent a mild shock to the ground beneath them. Rolf shivers and the skin fell of the knife-wound on his face The solar plexus is a center for nerves that control the cardiorespiratory system. "That is how I say goodbye" A blow to this location is painful and can take the breath from the opponent.

Since thirty seconds are up and the opponent is still standing the vampire jumps away to avoid the rings, a series of three acrobatic leaps as he takes back his hand with on the second jump. "My turn" the larger man of the two finished his meal as six corpses disappeared in the span of their very rapid fight, half a minute was hardly enough to contain such action. "Would you like a break before we fight?" said the wolf to give a sporting gesture as Rolf is chasing the ring-wielder off focus.

Round 1, wedge-blader

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Felix took the blow solidly, the force of it dropping him to his knees as all the air in his body was driven out by the blow to the solar plexus. Slowly, he climbed to his feet, and stared at the other combatant, and picked up the Rhino's Horn, dropping into a defensive stance, his legs far apart, the Horn in one hand, held above and behind him, the other arm cradled in towards his body. With his free hand, he beckoned the wolf man towards him. "Just continue." He grinned, readying himself for a counterattack.

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Ratger lights the fuel soaked wick as he held the molotov cocktail picked from one of his victims earlier. The bottle is filled to the brim with a gasoline and oil mixture. The bottle is thrown against the man, aiming at the stance yet the projectile changed directions as the weight shifts it towards his feet. The bottle breaks, spraying fuel into the air. The vapor and droplets are ignited by the flame, producing a fireball around the feet. The cunning wolf man took to all fours and dashed int a counter-clockwise manner to tag the man, yet there is something else hidden beneath his clothes.

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He spun the blade around him to block the molotov with the flat of the Horn, but was unprepared for it to stop short of him. As it began to create a small amount of fire around his feet, the former Jackal jumped back, bringing the Rhino's Horn up, looking for his foe. As the wolf man ran at him, Felix aimed to stop its charge with the Horn's blade. He was beginning to tire. He specialised in defeating foes quickly, not long, dragged out brawls like this. As he put his sword in the wolf man's path, he lashed out with a foot, aiming for his foe's chest.

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Ratger tried to capture the leg by bringing both hands to his chest, yet he took the full brunt of the kick and was sent buckling back. He did some form of damage before he fell to the ground as his hand formations are close to the heel before they are pulled back, that chance was used to slash towards the achilles tendon. He was utterly impressed that this man managed to send him back, and rubbed his chest to check for any damages, he smirked and waited for the man to react.