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DC has finally realized the only way for him to never hurt one of his friends is that HE DIES

He teleports to the SL HQ and announces

"I have had it i no longer want to be the one judges those as enemies, i am done with killing my former friends. I want all who think they can take me to come forth, i have killed your leader who was once a friend and i am done, for this will be my final fight"


Usual gist of rpg rules obey them or be killed immediatly.

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Dc looks at the men in front of him, each want to prove their worth to their dead leader.

He hopes that this will be his last time fighting.

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Post Deleted.

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Cryo claws his way in, hanging onto the ceiling with his claws. He swings down in front of DC, saying,"So, What's Crackalackin'Sith people?"

He formed the live long and prosper sign in front of them all sarcastically. Cryo turns to DC and said,"Is this a private fight or can anyone join?"

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Dc thinks to himselfarrogant little whelp

" Dont worry you will be the one i fight for now"

DC uses his dark power to shoot a ball of energy at Cryo while also charging him with his Sword of heaven i hand

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Cryo jumped up and clung to the ceiling dodging the Dark energy ball. "Don't tell me your going all Boken on me. I can barely stand that dude already!"

"As for that sword," Cryo dropped down and formed his ice staff but formed a trident on one end and a spear tip on the other. "I call it Anaklusmos."

He charged for DC, swirling Anaklusmos in hand.

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DC replied to his comment

"Me like Boken no that would never happen"

Using his long unused power of super speed he gained from Northstar he rushes right and left finally appearing in front of Cryo

"Lets make this interesting"

DC uses the force to shove Cryo back a bit

And he channels his powers into his sword, and shoots it at Cryo, as the blast gains momentum it begins to grow and starts to break the ground around it.

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Cryo uses the force push backwards and flips backwards. Skidded backwards, he sees the force blast coming at him, and gaining momentum.

He freezes his feet to the ground and begins twirling and twirling anaklusmos faster and faster until it looks like one singly giant circular shield. He lets the blast hit his weapon, knocking him back onto the floor and cracking the ice.

"Well," Cryo said between breaths,"That was pressing, wasn't it?" He looked at Anaklusmos. Thankfully, it was able to withstand the blast but barely.

"You know, Anaklusmos is Ancient Greek for RipTide. Kinda like this!" Cryo spun RipTide around and froze water vapor in the air around it into water, still spinning around RipTide and gaining mass.

Cryo then let The Wave of Water charge for DC, A massive wave towering over him.

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Hmm you have grow yes you have but it is nothing.

DC lets the massive tidal wave hit him.

the water fades away

You really think the man who killed Gambler would be done in with WATER!

DC vanishes and appears behind Cryo.

"You have grown arrogant with power, your greatest weakness"

DC steps back and shoots Lightning at him.

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Some water still on Cryo absrobs the lightning and magnifies its power. Cryo-Wolf is zapped with the energy and falls to his knees, smoke rising from his body. "Oww....That hurt."

He spun around with what strength he had and let loose a massive Super-Sonic Howl at DC, the soundwaves growing larger as they manifested.

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Hmm this may sting

And DC is hit with the eye of the blast and sent flying

DC gets up with his body smoking from the blast.

Dc looks at his left hand.

"How bout we take this up a notch"

DC starts to create a circle of energy around his hand.

DC runs at Cryo dragging his hand along the ground.


And right before DC gets in front of Cryo he tosses the ball of energy at Cryo

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DC sees Chaos


ANd DC sends Chaos flying out of the way

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Dilios grabs Choas and stabs him threw the tongue with a rusty screwdriver.

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DC looks at Dileos and Chaos

"Dileos keep the idiot busy for now you will both have your chance"

DC looks back at Cryo and charges him with his sword at his side.

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Ghost boy use his gun and shoot Dilios

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OCC: look in the bloody sodding forums

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Dilios bows to DC. And then kills Ghost boy and Chaos, as they hold each other ever so gay.

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deam i am dead

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Thank you Dileos i was gonna kill them either way since they didnt read the rules or even know how to rpg

DC waits in anticipation for Cyros attack

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The Energy Ball hit Cryo and flipped him backwards, slamming him against the wall. "Oww."

This fight was taking its toll on Cryo. He was really beaten. He didn't know how to even beat DC. Once Cryo got used to One power, he'd use another, different power right back. He'd just have to go toe-to-toe and hope for the best.

Cryo spun out RipTide and attacked DC. RipTide and DC's Heaven Sword clashed, sparks flying from ice and Metal.

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"Seems your arrogance has taken a toll on you"

DC pushed Cryo forward and jumped up and came crashing down with his sword down at Cryo

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Cryo fell back and put up RipTide instinctively. The Sword came crashing down on RipTide and Cracked it. "What the-!? I liked this weapon!" Cryo pushed DC off and broke RipTide in half, one half, the trident in one hand, and the other half, the spear, in the other. He spun both of them around and said,"C'Mon. Enough push and shove. Let's just fight it out."

Cryo brought down the spear end while keeping the trident in waiting.

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DC seeing his weapon coming down stretched his arm out catching the spear but still it had enough power to cut through the skin

"Hmm you still have some energy left in you"

DC lets go of the spear he lets loose a flurry of jabs, slashes and swipes

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Each jab, Each slash, each swipe met Either Cryo's spear or Trident. Cryo finally spun around and shifted his Trident to perform a stab with the three-rponged end.

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DC was struck by one of the tridents spronged ends.


"Hmm you actually drew blood"

DC finally shows his true weapon. He creates a sword of darkness alongside his sword of heaven.

He begins to channel both light and dark energies into both weapons causing each to glow with the energies.

DC begins to attack Cryo with a ferocity not seen in him. He slashes at Cryos gut with his sword of darkness and slashes at his face with the Sword of Heaven.

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Cryo held up his two weapons in a X-shape to block the Sword of Darkness but it shattered his two weapons to bits. The Sword slashed at his gut, causing a huge gash to form, spilling blood.

Before Cryo could react he was hit with the sword of light across his face. He fell to the floor, the gash on his face spilling blood, the blood staining his fur. He was beginning to lose consciousness from the lack of blood both from his face and gut.

He looked up at DC and said, having trouble breathing and coughing up some blood,"Go on. Kill me. I hope I fought well."

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"You fought well, but mercy is something i cant give now, i want everyone to know i am ready to die and i want to. But it will not be easy"

With that he brought his Sword of Darkness down and put him out of his misery

"To let you live would have only prolonged your death and it would have been agonizing."

DC turns around covered in his enemies blood

"Alright well whos next?"

DC wants more he wants a fight that will truly be a test of his powers
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