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location: desert

Time Night

climate hot!

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Feral Nova stood in the middle of the Gobi desert. She was here tonight because of a battle between two groups. The group she is in, 'We Are Legend' and the group one of her best friend was in charge of 'The Death Syndicate'. Even though she tried her best to avoid it, she ended up having to fight her powerful friend, Sha.

“I guess the moon and the stars will be the light for this battle.” She said as she looked around the dark land

Nova stood there in the middle of the desert, looking up at the night sky. Even though it was nighttime, the heat that was left in the sand from the sun was still burning to the touch, well burning for others but not for her. She took a deep breath as the dry desert heat danced through the air and around her body and let it out slowly. She's been standing there for about ten minutes, allowing the sand to go between the toes of her bare feet. She always arrived early at a battle, so she could get a feel for the area around her.

But now, it was time. She knew Sha would be there any moment, and she had to be ready. She slowly opened her eyes as she looked around, using her heat vision to try and seek Sha. She then slowly got into a defense stand and rose her body temperature to 900 F, her body began to glow a faint red color as she stood there, waiting, for the fight of her life to begin

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Sha knew feral was a different being from the other's AR,WAL,TJ,Kenobi, they were strong but they were not feral nova.What Nova didnt know was that Sha was already there buried beneath Her toes.Inside a sink Hole she had created Sha emerged Her Blonde hair and blues Eyes eyed the Flame Mistress. Sha then began to grin evilly her right Eye turned Purple her left eye turned black.These were the colors of the sinister Chaos black. So are you going to be serious with me now she said in a low demonic voice.

She extended her right hand with a wrist watch on it she fired a skyrocket to a nearby Town. A town that nursed sick people She glanced at feral that's right, i am completely heartless now she reached in the sky chaos black! fill me with the power of darkness! her hair tunred purple A purple aura surrounded her hands and her angelslayer appeared in her right her Ninjeta sword in her left.

She slashed them both in a X like pattern at feral 3 coming from the right 3 coming from the left. a loud explosion can be seen to the right of there fight....her skyrockets hit the target.

Sha's now purple hair blew in the wind it's die die time

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Feral Nova jumped back in fright as Sha came bursting through the sandy land. Her force was so strong that it sent Nova sliding back about ten feet on the sand, her brown hair flapping in the wind. She then saw her blond haired friend suddenly attack a small village not too far away that held sick people from what she understood.

'This is going to be very interesting.' Nova thought to herself as she then saw Sha pull out two swords, her swords that glowed with purple energy.

“You know Sha, we can always play Uno to try and settle things!” She said with a smile.

Sha then attacked Nova with no hesitation. She swung at Nova left and right, three times on each side. Nova quickly dodged the first attack as she leaned back away from it, the second swing she managed to spin away from, the third one came so fast she didn’t have too much time to react, it slashed her left arm, causing her warm blood to drip upon the soft sand. She bit her lower lip, holding in a cry of pain as she quickly ducked under the fourth attack. She then stood back up as she rolled out of the way of the fifth attack but left herself open for the sixth attack, it slashing her upper right leg. Her blood was felt leaving her body and she could see the red puddle begin to form around her.

She looked back up at Sha, she was no longer the friend she knew, but even so, she didn’t want to harm her, but she knew she didn’t really have a choice. Nova stood up and this time only rose the temperature of her right hand, she then used it to cauterize her wounds shut, the smell of burning flesh could be smelt as she closed up both her arm and leg wound.

“Sha, I DON’T want to fight you, but, if you wont stop this now, I wont have a choice but to take you down.” Nova said as she then made a fist with both hands. She pulled them back as she slightly crouched down, and yelled with anger.

Her body suddenly burst into flames, her blazing body shone brightly through the dark desert night. Her yellow and red flames danced widely around her body, her fire crackled from the fresh oxygen it was feeding off of. Nova then looked back at Sha, and made a smirk

“You know this reminds me of the time we tired to spar with each other, only THIS time, you wont get to leave if something doesn’t go your way.” She said she then pound on the ground.

Her super strength shook the ground below them, this was only to try and get Sha off balance. Nova then stuck her hands out and shot out four fireballs at Sha. One aiming for her right hand, the other aiming for her left and, the third one aiming at her stomach while the last one was sent flying at Shas face.

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Sha watched Nova struggle the smell of burning flesh could be smelled from afar. You know what this reminds me of feral! The first fight between Goku and Vegeta!,Only i wont be scrambling for my lefe my "friend" “You know this reminds me of the time we tired to spar with each other, only THIS time, you wont get to leave if something doesn’t go your way.” Nova's sense of humor was still there as a matter of fact Sha did remember that spar Shye backed out like the weakling she was....or used to be.

Nova punded the ground but sha jumped into the air but was met by Nova's fire balls, Sha swung Her sword at two fireballs aimmed at her hands but took the fireball in her stomach and in her face. She landed in the sand spitting sand and wiping it out of her hair.nice try Feral but need more than just your little fire works

watch my dark powers! Sha used her dark powers from her glove on the sand and created some Dark sand Cheerleaders ha some fun she created 2 of them and they attacked. Sha extended her right glove a cocked her hands back allow me to introduce you to my new attack....Chaos flare this attack was a combination of Sha's sonic ablities in her gloves with her dark power ablieties.

She fired the might attack directly at Feral soon you'll be a dead and i'll intorduce you to my friends misery,death and torment!Sha watched her mighty attack fly towards Feral her hair blowing in the wind she seemed to smile but Deep down past her dark powers she knew feral was a friend.

Feral was one of the Orginal WAL member that helped Sha into the being she was today and she did nothing but spit in her face.

She could do nothing but grin evilly and fire a sonic Burst after her huge blast She fired one with her right then left, then right and contiued until they filled the sky.They generated enough noise to make a rocket sound silent.

Sha Flew into the air and went back a few meters so She could prevent a close attack from feral.

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Novas watched helplessly as she saw her fire attacks not even faze Sha.

“Nice try Feral but you need more than just your little fire works”

Nova cursed to herself, she knew she wouldn’t be able to take Sha down easily but what was a fire girl to do? She watched as Sha used her dark power to create two cheerleaders that were made from the sand.

“WHAT THE HECK!?” Nova cried out in fear. She watched as they made her way to her and Nova felt a chill down her back. “This is SO NOT COOL!” she said as she panicked and shot a stream of hot fire at them, turning them into glass and causing them to stop in there tracks. Nova sighed to herself as she walked up to one and patted it on its shoulder. “This is what I call art!” She said with a smile as she turned back to Sha.

“Allow me to introduce you to my new attack…. Chaos flare!” Nova watched as a combination of dark energy and sonic power came swarming at her.

“oohh nice trick Sha!” Nova said as flew over the attack and smash into the ground, but the force of the attack was so powerful that it sent Nova flying through the air, spinning around out of control. Before Nova could try and take control her body smashed into the sandy ground. If it weren’t for the soft sand, it could have broken every bone in her body, instead it fractured two of her ribs and broke her nose. Nova struggled up as she spat out sand from her mouth. She wiped her mouth and nose from blood that was running down it and then turned back to Sha, this time, she was shooting out her standard sonic blast at her, but not just one, oohh no Sha was going all out, she fired one by one it seemed as if hundreds were flying at her.

“Crap…” Nova said as she didn’t have much to think, she only had one attack that could save her now.

With another yell of anger Nova powered up more, this time, she was starting to suck the heat from the ground around them as her body began to glow brighter and brighter. By the time she was done, Nova was in her white fire form, her most powerful form of fire. The fire was so bright that to the naked eye, it looked as if no fire was around her, but only a blinding light. The and around her immediately turned into glass and then disintegrated, leaving a ten foot deep crate below her.

Nova quickly waved her right hand in front of her, and created a shield around her body, the shield was so powerful that anything within ten feet of her was either turned to dust or just dissipated. The blast made contact with her shield and blew up but when the attacks were done, Nova was stood there, looking over at Sha with anger in her eyes.

“Sha, if you want to kill me, then do it right!” Nova said she took down her shield and then took off like a bat out of hell at Sha. She flew with such speed she was only seen as a blur.

When Nova was only three feet away from Sha she pulled her right flaming fist back and swung it at Sha, aiming for her stomach. She then pulled her head back and brought it down at Sha’s trying to head butt her friend. Nova then turned the ground to glass, trying to get Sha to lose balance as she then swung her left mechanical fist, aiming for under Sha’s chin. She then flew into the air about twenty feet above Sha. Nova threw her hands to the air as she concentrated her power to her hands. A white ball of fire started to form, getting bigger and bigger with every second. When she was done a ball of fire that was five feet tall by five feet wide sat upon her hands.

Nova then threw the fireball down at Sha, it spiraled at her while sucking in the oxygen around it, causing it to become bigger than it already was. It roared down at Sha as it was ready to come down to take her out.

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Sha watched As nova transformed into her most powerful form Sha plan had finally been activated in this form Feral's power would be drained and with Sha being a Ninjan She would just have to last longer then Feral.The fightbecame a Race against time. Sha face ricochet off of Feral's punch each one landing and hitting her with prescion. A purple ooze excreated from her nose presummbly blood. Feral Flew into the air and fired a Huge white Fireball it got bigger but Sha's power gloves would save her it could generate huge amounts of energy in just seconds. She fired a sonic Burst and faster than sound it shot from the glove and repealed the fire attack Then Sha fired her Ghost ball the Dark ball Pushed the Fireball,and the sonic blast back at feral.Sha hit her watch and her clothes began to change to a white and red Ninjeta uniform with her Royal creast in the middle. that actually hurt Sha once again used her sword and began swining cesletrial slash a huge ray of energy flew from it towards feral. Welcome to my dominon A gasey atmospeher filled the Desert. The sand turned Puple the sky turned black.

i am a force more terryifying than death it'self Sha stood up and exteneded her arms and began spining around firing her sonic blast this manuver created a sand tornado. Sha used her Dark powers to duplicate it They spun towards feral. Sha then created a sinkhole under feral trying to stick her in the sand so The tornado can consume her.Sha entered a portal and emerged behind her and fired her Chaos Flare again it parted the sand like moses and the red sea towards feral.

Chaos Black wanted Sha to Kill every member of WAL Starting with feral, She wanted to put feral's flame out forever ending that ridculous Sense of humore (ooc no matter how funny)Then AR her do right additude is what made sha relize that there was no reward in heroics. She wanted to beat jet jaugar and Zenma sensless and She wanted to Skin T.j magnum alive. She would then Stuff Obiwan Kenobi's Lightsaber down his throat. While strapping Tekken and empona to a train track.

All these thought began to run in her mind she finally snapped.

A huge burst of energy emerged from sha The sand beneath her revealed a huge crater a drak purple energy filled her until a huge expolsion oocured.Sha had transformed into a Super ninjan. She was now surrounded by a Green gust of wind her eyes were back and she hand Two things in store for feral....Death and..her final Chaos flare attack much stronger than the first is shook the ground as it pended towards feral. Sha's powers were enhanced Her speed was upped and so was her Dark powers She levitated in the Air and began to think about what she would do to the rest of WAL.

Sha then said "Who do you think we are? Has it been so long since we have shown our united strength in this land? Have you truly forgottened what we are capable of? Are you so gullible that anyone claiming to be a hero is accepted as a hero? i have looked on in amusement as others have claimed to be a part of your hero clan. Small people without the courage or power to stand on their own. People that cringe at their own shadow. And when they are found out for what they are, we shake our heads in disgust, but we have allowed it. Until now.

Someone has stepped over the bounds. Someone has mistakened your generousity as weakness. And what is worse is that you poor fools have allowed yourselves to be deceived. We do not care that your so called leader has taught u. Remember that I Shayla Maria Lopez am a genetic Nightmare!

i killed lot of people in my time and the Death sydicate cares. We care that these acts were done in our names and that you thought it was wrong. We care that you believe the terror that you experienced when i shot that blast at that town was on par with what Villians are truly capable of. The Supreme one felt that it was necessary to remind you of who we really are, for you have so obviously forgottened. Dwell on that Feral s As your symbol of pride lies dead at my feet. and as your ribs ache and nose hurt

She yelled at the top of her lungs WERE ARE THE DEATH SYNDICATE

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Nova watched in shock as her own attack came flying back at her. She quickly caught the attack with her bare hands, she grunt her teeth as she used her energy to push the attack back at Sha. Nova sighed as she then saw a sonic blast come at her, but Nova just waved her hand once more and the attack was knocked down. She smirked to herself as she then saw Sha change into her Ninjeta uniform.

“You look nice in that, you should wear it more often!” Nova smiled as she then saw Sha swing her sword at her.

A ray of energy came flying at Nova. But Nova just shook her head and smiled.

“Sha, don’t you get it? In this form, I control anything with heat, and anything with energy, HAS HEAT!” Nova said as she stuck out her right hand and absorbed the attack into her body. It was a little over whelming for her, her body shook from the pure energy she just in took. But this kind of energy would be able to help her keep in her white fire form longer if needed.

She then watched as the atmosphere of the battle filed changed. Her green eyes darted around as she saw the sand turn purple and the sky turn black.

“Wow… I need to get my traveling agent to book me a place here when I’m done battling you.” She joked around with a smile.

“I am a force more terrifying than death it’self!” Sha yelled out at Nova.

“But should death be welcomed? There for if your worst than death, shouldn’t you be even more welcomed?” Nova joked, she couldn’t help it, it was just in her nature to try and find something to laugh about. Especially in a battle like this.

She then watched as Sha then created a sand tornado, but not just one, nope Sha went all out once more and created two! Nova, who was still in the air, watched as they both came roaring towards her. Nova couldn’t really control them but she could use her flames to try and slow them down. She quickly clapped her hands, the force of it caused a blast of fire to shoot out in front of her and through the tornadoes, it stopped one completely but the other one came up to Nova and sucked her into it. Nova spun around inside the tornado as she was then shot out of it and landed only a couple of inches from Sha’s feet. She felt a sharp pain in her chest, she knew she broke another rib and she could feel her left shoulder begin to throb in pain. She looked up at Sha only to see her disappear before her eyes.

“Crap, she can teleport?!” she blurted out as she then felt a sharp pain throughout her body. She could feel energy smash into her body. Even though she had her shield up, it was no match for Sha’s power. Nova screamed in pain as the attack was so powerful that it BURNED Nova’s own skin, reveling her mechanical armor beneath in.

Nova collapsed on the ground, her back was burned so badly that blood couldn’t even escape from her body. Nova laid there as she imagined all those she would let down if she fell right now. Her parents, who she hasn’t seen in over four years, her friends and more importantly WAL. She forced herself up, even though she felt she had no chance against Sha she HAD to stop her some way. Even if it meant killing herself in the process. She stood up, her flames still standing strong around her body as she began to breath heavily. Her knees shook as she struggled to keep her composure.

She watched as Sha shot out another Chaos Flare at her, she knew if she didn’t stop this attack from hitting her full on, she was going to be dead. Nova dug her bare feet in the still hot sand and began to suck in as much heat all around her as she could. She could feel her energy slowly coming back at her. Slowly yes but it was coming, Nova looked at the attack, it was roaring towards her then at the last moment Nova stuck both hands out in front of her, using almost all of her energy to create a shield to protect her. The impact was so strong that Nova could feel the power of the attack slowly making its way through her shield. But Nova stood her ground; she wasn’t about to give up, no matter how grim things were looking. Within seconds the attack finally gave, fading away. Nova sighed as she slumped over. She used most of her energy to just stop that last attack, and Sha was still full of it. She then heard what Sha said, it priced through her skin, she was couldn’t believe that it was Sha saying this.

“Sha, for every person you have killed, did it really make you feel good? Do you REALLY take pleasure of watching people suffer?” she struggled to breath as she regained her composer. “Sha, you know that I have NEVER called myself a hero, because I know I am not, I am only a person who wishes to change the world, for the good of mankind. What will YOU gain if you kill everyone?? What good will it do to destroy everything here?!” Nova would have continued on but she knew it wasn’t going to do much good. Sha was already consumed in her dark energy too far in to most likely even hear what she was saying.

She then smirked as she looked at the sky. The stars still shining. “You may be the Death Syndicate…” she then looked down at Sha. “BUT WE ARE LEGEND AND LEGENDS NEVER DIE!” Nova yelled as she shot out towards Sha, she pulled her right arm back once more, and this time took aim at her face, she then spun around in attempt to kick her in the right side.

Nova then quickly dropped to the ground as she jumped up and punched the ground with all she had. The Earth below them began to shake violently as a sudden burst of lava came from the ground and straight to Sha, trying to engulf her body into it. Nova then made her way till she was only a couple of feet away from Sha. Nova quickly rose both of her hands to each side of her body and slowly began to suck the life out of everything around her, by sucking the oxygen out of the air itself. Anything within fifty feet of her would be sucked dry of oxygen within only a second. And that’s what happened, everything around her, except for the small area around Nova was sucked dry of oxygen. Then in attempt to take Sha down, Nova then shot her hands forward and attempt to raise the body heat of Sha. She wasn’t sure how hot a Ninjan body could take but she knew that all organisms here on Earth couldn’t live pass three and fifty hundred degrees. So instead of just going that way, she would try and raise it three times as much that’s what Nova tried to do, raise the body heat so high for Sha that it would cause her to go into malignant hyperthermia and cause her body to shut down on her.

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Sha knew Feral was to strong for her to just beat she would have to continue to where out that fire form a little bit more time she would tire out so she kept attacking and talking hoping that this combination would where feral out.

I take the utmost most pleasure in watching people suffer the high and mighty society we live in Needs someone to knock them off their feet someone to open there eyes at what is really descending on this world Sha then looked at feral stiking the ground be she was in the air so she wasn’t effected But sha’s body temperature began to heat up she dropped on her knees in purple sand and began gasping for air but sha intensified her super ninjan powers strengthen her body once again.I thought you would try to suck the oxygen from the air that’s why it’s purple, Nightmare effect attack The air feral had sucked up now began to create dark images of feral’s mother and father and cheerleaders and everything else that was close to her. you brought it on yourself feral. I am not a human therefore my brain adjust to temperature changes Besides what do you think I have this suit on for. you were the very reason I chose to become evil! I hate the way everything is so nonchalant to you! Well guess What feral Nova I’ll send you in to the vast oblivion! Sha raised her hands into the air a loud whirring sound emanated from her glove soon a purple and black aura filled her hands. With every second the ball grew bigger it some what rivaled the diameter of Venus. (Sha’s use of dark powers stems from the darkness in people’s hearts, with every heart that contains huge forms of darkness she can manipulate it to help increase her attack) The ball was raised above sha’s head she then raised her other hand a rocket like sound whirring in this glove. This ball was identical to the blast she had created earlier. (This attack was generated from sha’s surroundings) you better give up feral I have one transformation to make and I still haven’t even used my strongest attack! Sha held the two blast above her head She threw her Dark ball directly at feral she then opened a portal to the right of her self and threw the sonic energy blast inside it .She opened a portal under feral’s feet a released the sonic blast it came up under feral’s feet. Sha flew to the side of feral and fired her two more Sonic burst. She stood back watching her attack run a muck She began thinking…..did she want to kill feral did she really want to bring humanity to it’s knees…

It was what she wanted to do it was her destiny it was what her heart desired. She knew her brother’s and sisters would be angry at her because she was supposed to be a fighter of justice but the rewards were not good enough for sha.

Her power intensified even Scaring herself She cocked her hands to the side you can tekken for my next attack HYPER…….CHAOS DESTROYER Sha was planning on destroying feral Nova the Gigantic attack headed straight for feral. if you block it your dead if you dodge it The earth will be destroyed! Sha knew this attack would either be the death of feral or herself it was a huge form of energy that’s effects would have catostfic results.Sha thought to her self I am a being with lots of energy; I have brought terror to the very planet i came to protect. Sha opened a portal and went inside she would emerged to see what happen to feral.

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Nova dropped her hands to her side, her head falling down to her chest, sucking up all that oxygen into her system and trying to take down Sha by making her go into hyperthermia really took out a lot of her energy. More than she hoped, and it didnt even work. She knew if that wouldn't have worked that this battle was not going to end liked she wanted it to. Nova's body started to shake from being exhausted, her flames were going to be going out soon and all that would be left would just be her herself with her super strength. Suddenly everything around her went dark, Nova looked around in a panic trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Then from the distance she could see her parents standing before her, they looked as if they were crying, but Nova couldn't see why. She then heard laughing, the bubbly laugh that pierced through her ears like a knife to butter. She turned around to see Cheerleaders jumping around her, teasing her, calling her names and shoving there pom pom's in her face. Nova backed away in fear as she then grabbed a hold of her head with both hands and yelled out.

"STOP IT! STOP SCREWING WITH MY MIND!" Nova said as she then snapped out of it. She heard Sha just finishing up saying.... something but since Nova was stuck in her little mind game thing she didnt hear what she said.

Before she knew it she heard a whirling sound from behind her. She turned around to see Sha, still floating in the air but this time with a black aura in her hands, but NOOO it wasnt JUST a ball of energy, it was a ball of dark energy WITH THE DIAMETER OF VENUS! Sha looked up at the dark energy, her right eye twitched and her jaw dropped. Never in her life has she had to fight so hard not to just take someone out, but to just survive. She then looked up at her other hand that grew into another blast attack that Chaos Flare is what it looked like.

"You better give up Feral, I have one transformation to make and I still haven't even used my strongest attack!" She yelled down at Nova with her attacks glowing brightly in each hand.

"Give up? What for?" Nova said as she was still floating only a few feet away from Sha. "I'm not done kicking your butt." She said with a smirk on her face. She knew this was going to piss Sha off, but she just couldn't help it. She didn't want to upset her, but if she was going to die in this fight, she might as well get some good lines in, some that Sha wouldn't forget. "Anyways, I know your just trying to wear me down, which is working I may add." Nova said as she stretched out her neck, trying to get some kinks out before trying to survive Sha's next attack.

Then almost on cue Sha threw her dark aura of energy right at Nova. She watched as the energy came at her with such force that it forced her back a few feet. Nova knew that this thing had energy in it and even though it was dark... it had to some SOME SORT of heat in it to cause it to explode. Nova stuck her hands out, and slowly started to absorb the dark energy into her own body. But when she tried to absorb it, it felt as if thousands of needles were piercing through her skin. This is what Sha must have felt, all this pain, all this anger. It was so overwhelming to Nova that she couldn't intake the whole attack. She looked up at the remaining attack, it was smaller now, yes but it was still raging at her.

Nova quickly flew over the attack and as soon as she did a sonic burst came flying at her from below her. Nova, now powered up once more from absorbing some of the last attack, just flicked her hand once more, knocking the attack down. But she didnt see the other two that Sha shot out at her side. Nova took the attacks to the side. One smashed into her legs, causing her to lose her balance in the air and flip sideways. The other one smashed into her right side and caused her to crash into the ground. With a loud THUD Nova fell face first into the purple sand.

"DAMN!" Nova said as she lift her head up, a pile of sand falling down from her mouth as she opened it to speak. She then stood up once more. From the previous dark energy attack she had more than enough energy to keep going, but for as long as this energy would flow through her body, she would feel the sharp pain in both her head and heart. She dust herself off as she heard Sha's voice once more.

"You can thank Tekken for my next attack... HYPER.......CHAOS DESTROYER!" Sha said as she threw her giant attack that was still in her hands at Nova.

"Thanks, thanks a WHOLE bunch Tekken!" She said as she saw the attack head right twoard her. 'Note to self, kick Tekkens butt next time I see him.' She thought to herself.

"If you block it your dead, if you dodge it, then the Earth will be destroyed!" Sha said as she then walked into a portal and hide inside it.

"WHATS THE MATTER SHA!? SCARED OF YOUR OWN ATTACK OR ME?!" Nova yelled at Sha, hoping she could hear her. She then turned to focuses on the blast that was coming at her. "ok, ok, ok, ok... so this sucks, yes but I can do this... I can... I CAN FREAKEN DO THIS! I AM FERAL NOVA!!!"

Nova powered up with ALL the energy she had left and flew right toward the attack, there was no way she would be able to absorbed this attack, the dark energy she absorbed form the last attack was already too much for her body to handle. She could feel the power of the attack coming closer and closer at her, and it was now or never. She had to either somehow re-direct the energy, absorb it, or take the hit full on, and all of these were not even a guaranteed for survive, especially the last one. Nova yelled as she stuck out her left had at the attack and pulled back her right hand. Her flames glowed as brightly as they could, anyone around five miles of the battle would be able to see this flash of light.

"Time to light up the darkness!" Nova said as she used her left hand to lower the heat that came from the core of Sha's attack, this would help with impact so that when her right fist would smash into it, the explosion wouldn't be AS powerful. With all her might and will she smashed her right fist into the dark energy.

As soon as the two met the two energy, dark and light, both canceled each other out, but a sonic boom was heard and then a mixture of light and darkness filled the entire sky. The Earth below them shook violently, causing the desert ground to crack in half and shift sand down into it, making what looked like a very slow whirlpool of sand going into the Earth itself. Then in the sky a small figure was seen falling down from it, smoke coming off the figure as it fell. That figure was Nova, her body fell down to the ground smashing into the part of the desert that wasnt being sucked into the Earth.

Her body was badly damaged and burned. About 90% of her skin on her body was now gone, and her mechanical armor was only seen. her body sizzled as smoke plum continued to rise from her body. The skin on her face was half way gone, her left eye was close while her right eye had no choice but to stay open because her eyelid on that eye was gone. A pool of blood surrounded her body as her right arm twitched involuntary, only the armor that was under her skin is now seen.

If it wernt for her armor inside her body and the fact she lowered the core of the blast energy a little, she would have been dead.

Nova's right eye then shot open as her back then arched back and she screamed in pain waving her arms franticly around her. Her scream sounded like a mixture of machined and young woman. She grit her teeth as she tried to roll over, her body was in so much pain she couldn't figure out what part of the body hurt more. She was now on her stomach, she reached out with her right arm and dug her burnt and damaged fingers into the sand trying to find some sort of heat to absorb into her body, but nothing, there was nothing left in the ground, the air... nothing around her. In a desperate attempt to find some energy she crawled using only her hands to pull her across the sandy land. When she couldnt find anything she yelled in anger and pound on the ground only to cause more pain than relive stress.

"S-sha..." She struggled to get out as she planted her hands on the sand, her arms trying to push her body up. "C..come...." She then managed to lift her head slowly up, blood pouring out of her mouth as she spoke every word. "a-a...and...." She ten lift her upper body up, her muscles screaming in pain and agony to stop as they burned as if they were about to claps on her. "...fig-fight..." She then managed to lift her upper body and was now on her knees. Tears streamed down her face as she could barely breath, her eyes struggled to look around, focusing in and out as she then managed to lift her left leg up, her right hand still on the ground as she lifted her left arm and rested it on her now knelt down knee. "....m-m-e...." Nova then shouted out in pain as she forced herself up from the ground, she stumbled back and forth for about five minutes, blood still coming out of her body, dripping down upon the purple sand.

"Fig-fight me... NOW!" She yelled out as she finally managed to just keep her balance. The adrenaline started to pump through her body as she could barely feel the pain that consumed her body only a few moments ago. Her head hung low as her body still swayed back and forth, blood running down from all places of her body. From her head, down her forehead and slowly makes its way down her nose as it then drips down to her chest and makes its way down her stomach and swirls down her leg until it reached the ground. As well as down her shoulder, to her arms and flowing to her hand and dripping off her fingertips.

“D-did you... th-think I was kid-...ding when I told you... if you want to kill me, then do it right!" She smirked even though you couldn't tell because of her damaged skin on her face. She stood ready to continue the fight with Sha.

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Sha emerged from the portal watching the Feral Struggle to get on her feet. Sha was shrouded in a hood that covered her whole body she wore this hood to hide the fact she did care for her heroic friend. fight you? If death is what you want then I shall grant it to you She removed her hood Sha’s once beautiful face had changed her hair was now a spiky white her eyes were white. Feral Sha said in her own voice it was simple and clean not poessed by the darkness. I’ve given in to the darkness my heart has been completely filled with the hate for others, I don’t think I’ll be able to emerged from it….., I had given into the Darkness by my stupid inventions, These power gloves I use have fused with my being I cannot take them off. She looked down at them then back at feral She looked down and then responded in an evil voice neigh do I want to take them off, Darkness is in the World it is what possesses us to Think and Act the way we do, In our hearts there is light and darkness people draw power from these elements Sha floated to the ground. Those who draw there power from the light are fool there powers are limited by there Brain, While those who chose darkness have unlimited power think about that town I destroyed……in one flash innocent sick lives gone….and why because it is what the darkness I chose to be in my heart chose me to do! Sha extended her arm and hit a button on her watch a bright flash occurred and she had the looks of a vampire fangs and red hair. She prepared to launch her next attack. Through her eyes life was moving slow her heart was indeed consumed by the darkness feral told Sha that she would have to kill her to win but Sha plan was to kill feral all along. Sha was a master at killing she had fought her hated rival on Ninjeta and killed her within seconds….why was feral different the sha of the past is gone the sha of the present was a killer a ruthless being. Sha looked at feral she saw her blood body and began to smile she had turned something as plain as feral into a sadistic form of art. She then looked down at her own wounds she had a burn mark on her stomach and her body ache. But the power of evil propelled her to fight. The power was derived from chaos black it wanted to see Feral beat into a coma it wanted to kill the flame goddess know as feral nova. Sha came back to reality She began to grin then a dark aura filled her body She shot a dark day into the sand Turning it to a purple ocean of dark water. I’ll drown you! In a flashing instance it occurred to Sha Feral absorbed her Dark energy which means she had it flowing through her body like blood, she let out a loud sadistic laugh. did you forget I can manipulate darkness She extended her arm trying to summon the darkness that was now inside feral. She can feel it responding to her call She began to pull at it playing with it inside feral’s body. She then began to make it crumble like magneto with metal she wanted to crush feral nova’s body. She then fired a Darkness ball with her other hand. I think it’s about time we end this the purple ocean roared from underneath them Feral was badly injured Sha was injured also but she didn’t show it. Sha was also angry but she didn’t show it….this was key in being a good villain. She once again released a blast from her other hand screaming good bye FERAL NOVA! Before the blast was released she Copied a dark image of feral but this clone didn’t use fire it used dark energy. She manipulated it into a blast and shot it full speed at feral about 4 feet away from her it turned into a dark electric attack.

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Nova watched as Sha came out of the portal, she was wearing her hooded coat with the hood covering her face, only showing her lips. Nova struggled to breath as she rose her head to take a better look at Sha.

"If death is what you want, then I shall grant it to you." sha said as she pulled her hood down. If Nova wasnt so tried, she would have taken a few steps back from the sight. Her hair, eyes, just her face entirely changed.

'Those gloves, those damn gloves, I should have been trying to take those out the whole time.' Nova thought to herself as she looked down at her own hands, nothing but blood, pieces of torn tissue and her armor underneath it showed. She clutched her hands as her green eyes looked back up at Sha who was now floating to the ground. Then a bright light filled the area, Nova too tired to cover her eyes simply moved her head to the left to try and avoid the light as much as possible. She then turned her distorted head back to Sha, she now had dark red hair and fangs hanging from her mouth.

Nova knew this was going to be the end of her, she knew if she didnt call for assistance that she was indeed going to die. Nova looked down at her left arm, inside her arm was a emergency button that N.O.V.A industries placed inside her body, if she was ever heavily wounded or if something ever went wrong with her internal armor she would just have to press this button and the N.O.V.A agents would be there as soon as five minutes. Nova dug her right fingers into her armor and pulled back a small flap that was were her elbow was at. There a small yellow button sat, a soft glowing white color was around it. She wasnt sure if she should press it. If she did, she knew the agents would be here to take whatever was left away, and who knows what they would do to her. They may be able to rebuild her and make her stronger than she already was but... then they could wipe her memories, make her stronger and unleash her into the world like they wanted to from the start. But what choice did she have? She could die and stay dead, or die and be brought back to life to get another chance in life. Nova looked back up at Sha her body was starting to glow a dark aura and Nova knew she didnt have time to think about it anymore. Nova quickly pressed the button and a soft buzz was heard and the button began to blink repeatedly. She then closed the flap and turned her attention back to Sha.

Before she knew it the soft purple sand she stood on turned into a purple ocean! Too bad Nova wasnt in her fire form anymore, or this would have done some major damage. Nova sank in the water, her body felt too tired to try and swim, so instead she allowed herself to stay under the water, she used what little power she had left from her suite to suck in the oxygen in the water and place it into her system, allowing her to 'breath' underwater. She looked up at Sha as she saw her say something but because she was under the purple water she couldn't understand her. But then felt a pain, a pain worse than she was already feeling go through her body. It felt like her body was being crushed by a force so strong that her armor was shaking inside her. Nova threw her head back in pain, as yelled under the water as loud as she could she then managed to get to the surface of the water, trying to gasp for air and trying to get rid the pain in anyway she could. Nova's hands clutched to her chest as her head swung forward and was now to her chest. Her screaming didint stop, it was a shriek of pain that pierced through the air.

"S-HA!" Nova yelled at the top of her lungs Novas body went back under the water. She forgot about Sha's power to control darkness and stupid her just HAD to absorb her energy. Nova then saw as a ball of darkness came flying down at her.

When the energy ball hit the water it flew up and around, causing a tidal wave to happen. Nova didnt have to dodge the attack or have the energy to absorb it. Nova's body flew up and out of the water and landed on her back onto a small island that was left in this desert ocean. Nova coughed up water as she flipped over to her side, and struggled to push herself up form the ground whatever was left of her brown hair was in her face, and her armored body shook violently, the sound of a sizzle and views of small sparks flying from her body were seen.

She then turned to Sha and she heard what might be the last few words she would ever hear.

"good bye FERAL NOVA!" Sha yelled out as she then somehow formed a copy of Nova herself but instead of using fire, it used dark energy at her.

Her copy flew over Nova, and Nova looked up at it with almost a smile on her face. "I'll...se-e you... later... Sha" Nova smirked as she barely managed to stand up, her body making a sizzling noise with every movement she made. She then then saw the dark version of herself shoot out a dark wave of energy at her. The energy came at her so fast she knew she wouldnt be able to doge it, let alone try and absorb it. Nova stood there, she slowly dug her feet in the sand to try and at least hold her ground. But before the blast even hit her Sha changed it at the last moment and turned it into electricity.

Nova grit her teeth and her body stiffened as she felt the dark electric attack smash into her body. She could feel her insides burn and melt with each other. Flashes of memories flew through her mind, but none that were good, all were those of when she was at N.O.V.A HQ because she knew the next time she would open these eyes would be there. When the attack finally stopped Nova's eyes went dark as her body fell onto the ground. Her mechanical body was now partly melted from the abuse it just took and her insides were burnt. Nova's now lifeless body laid there, no life showing what so ever.

But as soon as it did happen a portal opened from above her. Three men dressed in black suites and red shirts with black ties came down from the portal and landed all around Nova. One of them knelt down at Nova's side while the other one got into a cellphone and the last one was glaring up at Sha.

"Sh!it she's gone." The one kneeling down growled as he looked up at the one with the cellphone. "Doctor. Sting isnt going to be happy."

The one on the cellphone nod in agreement as he looked down at Nova and kicked her lifeless body. "Stupid robot, I knew nothing good was going to come of her." He then turned his head as he heard a voice on the Cellphone. "Y-yes Doctor, project N.O.V.A is a failure, her body has shut down and there is no sign of life within it." he then paused as he turned and looked back down at Nova with disgust look on his face. "Are you sure?" sigh "Fine, be there in a sec." he then hug up his phone and looked at the man who was sitting next to Nova. "Doctor Sting wants her, said he has a few 'upgrades' for this stupid thing." He said as he knelt down next to Nova as well. "You just messed up my who freaken weekend you robotic piece of trash." he said as he and the other guy picked her up. The two then jumped back up and into the portal while the last one was still standing there looking up at Sha.

"We have our eyes on you demon." He said as he turned around and jumped into the portal as well. The portal then vanished as he went inside it. Leaving Sha by herself at the battle field.

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Sha stood with her hair blowing in the wind it would be a while before the darkness transformed her face back to the way it was but what that NOVA member said echoed in her head "we have our eyes on you demon" sha couldnt put her finger on it where they talking to her...or chaos black She absorbed everything the ocean the purple skies and returned the desert to it's natrual state. She fell to the ground after taking some abuse from feral she vowed to achieve her true purpose eternal life.

no agent of N.O.V.A i have my eyes on you she said she then summoned her cpu battleship and set her sites on the hevans she would travel back to ninjeta to confront her enemy Gwen.

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HA hows about this muahahahahahaha

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rushes back in and flicks Sha behind her ear Yeah but hey, I got stronger because of it XD
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Yeah so! lol

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so...so.... cries and walks away

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lol time to let it die

bye feral vs sha fight 2

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Sha said:
"lol time to let it die

bye feral vs sha fight 2"