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Darkchild marveled in the moment as his fist closed in quickly to Aiden, but soon his excitement for the kill was slowly fading away as his knuckles met with a force field. The excitement from before slowly faded as he realized what was going on, Nova was frozen in the corner of the room. She wanted to act but something kept her from doing so and soon Darkchild realized what that something was. It was the whore, she was attacking him. Darkchild smiled to her seeing through her body the darkness that was held inside her, his seed had made its mark. He didn’t want to breed with her but to corrupt her slowly; her body was his vessel, one he could play with for a short time. He watched as the darkness within her slowly rose to the surface and her body trembled with its power. She was holding back, she was trying not to lose control and this brought a wide smile to his face.

“Its addicting isn’t it? The power deep within your very core, you can feel it now. Now that Lady has pointed it out to you, you will allow for yourself to use it in moments of great urgency. Well my young dumpster every single moment you use it….it will slowly destroy you. That was my present for you that day, not the torment I caused you but this. This power it’s my gift for you, don’t ever say I never...” He was cut off as a sync of TK and Darkness slammed into his body steaming off him he smiled as the TK peeled small layers of skin away. A blade dug deep into his palm as he held his hand out to it, a smile come to his face. He could feel the coming energy but he wanted to make her know he came prepared “Marv…now.” From the Darkness a darkling leaped slithering out from the shadows and behind Huntress. It stood up on its hind legs and breathed in deep before letting out a bellowing darkness cloud, it scorched the ground as it washed over both of them. Darkchild used the cloud quickly, he wanted to show her. Darkchild appeared sporadically from the cloud popping in an out of view of Dark Huntress. Her powers were rising slowly, becoming the level that would prove irritating if she knew how to use them properly. “You will know power my little whore; it will seep deep into your very core. And one day you will return to me, seeking guidance for the power. Much like your lovely Nova, she came to me once seeking help for her illness and I tainted her too. So know this, even the greatest of heroes know the power and the taste of pure darkness. They haven’t gotten control over it, and you never will either. Remember my sweet Cassidy, that one day you will need me.” He stopped porting in an out of the darkness and stood in front of her his palm dripping with black puss “And on that day…I will take everything from you so that you will be cured of this darkness. It’s the price you will pay for surviving this, just ask Nova…she paid the price and now she will long out live all of you.” He smiled wide as the cloud of darkness dissipated and Marvin hide once again in the darkness of the cave.

Suddenly a booming voice echoed behind Darkchild, he turned slowly around as Sarah hovered above him. She was angry, her daughter had died he sensed it…but now she lives thanks to his own wife. Something he planned on dealing with once this was all over. She shouted at him telling him it was time for them to fight, Huntress said something mocking him. He continued his focus on Redhead “Well my sweet redhead, aren’t we full of vigor and moxy today?” He held his arms out to his sides. A field of energy surrounded the rest of the group he wanted it to be him and Redhead. She had been a thorn in his side for way too long, he was going to extinguish this fiery little tart right here and now. Lifting his hand towards her he was going to unleash a torrent of Darkness and Hellfire but something shook the cavern they were in. Darkchild searched the minds of everyone within the cave system his team and those of Champions. Fixing in on those he has personally touched, the loudest was Talon. “That little whore!!!” Darkchild screamed in anger, raising his arms into the air the ground beneath them tore open Hellfire filling the room. The torrents of hellfire aimed at everyone, he focused the main attacks on Redhead but he was irritated his reason for being here was gone “That little whore!!” he screamed once again he looked up to Redhead “You survive this…we will meet again. And bring Michael too, I’ve been meaning to meet with him. We too have some unfinished business, but for now…I will be taking my leave.” It angered him so, he could feel his fellow teammates were leaving or had gone already sensing there need to be here any longer was null. He began to fill the room with hellfire, the hellfire simmered as it touched his body. “Marvin! Get your ass out of the darkness, I go back home without you Cobi will throw a tantrum.” Darkchild was no longer interested in killing them himself. If they were dumb enough to succumb to the hellfire he hadn’t a need for them.   

 Looking up he blew a hole in the ceiling of the cave, flying out of the hole he landed on the surface and smiled looking down to the COP members “Have a good night, if the hellfire doesn’t kill you…the water will.” He began to let the cave itself fill with hellfire, ice began to melt everywhere tons and tons of water tunneling through the caverns.   He sealed the hole he exited through and looked into the sky. The sun was shining through and he groaned “Damn wench, needed the egg so that damn old fool would stop complaining.” Icingdeath was still deep within his mind but he was silent, but in the silence he was laughing. Laughing at the fact that Darkchild and his team were not able to acquire the egg.

Hours Later 

Darkchild stood atop the balcony as more joined in their numbers, his wife at his side the child inside her nearly here. He suspected within days she would be here; he smiled holding her close as ReEnforcer spoke to the masses, introducing Darkchild as the Emperor of Paese Di Tenebra. Then as ReEn finished he bowed to Darkchild an gestured for him to come forward and speak, both Justice and Darkchild stepped forward. “My people!! Today we did what many before us have tried to do; we have shaken the world’s morale entirely. We have defeated the Champions of Peace.”  The name burned as he spoke it “We may not have killed many, nor do we know we killed any of them. But know this, today is the beginning of a dark and vibrant future for all of us! Because with today’s victory we culminate the beginning of what will soon become our life goal.” Darkchild held his hand out above the masses, in the middle of his City of Darkness something began to emerge from ground. A replica of Vine City and behind it the world created out of hellfire and darkness. Both Justice and Darkchild allowed for the replica to rise above the earth, the masses stare at it. Darkchild balls his fist and Vine City collapses in fire and brimstone, and the World behind it burns all the land replaced with darkness “We shall take over everything; no one will be safe from our darkness. Because Tenebrasque In is within all of us, we all have darkness within and today we will show the world that no light will ever shine through our DARKNESS!!” He stood his hands high in the air as the masses below him screamed his name loud. It echoed throughout the entirety of his new country as one single voice, the voice screamed “Tenebrasque In!!” 

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The Crimson Eagle stood firmly on the ground with his bo-staff at hand. He looked onto Azrael and tried to ready himself for any incoming attack, but the pain on his dominant arm was bothering him greatly. Resist the pain, resist the pain Ryan thought repeatedly, focus on the battle. Ryan saw his oponent make a movement. Strange, Ryan thought, Why would she-? Ryan looked down on the floor and noticed a red glow growing on the floor. Aw crap! Ryan came to his senses and yelled to anyone around him, Get out of the way! He jumped with all of his strength and a geyser of lava erupted from the icy floor. As Ryan jumped away from the geyser, the tip of his boot was caught by the lava and soon fire came about and spread through out the suit. Ahhhh!!!!!!! Ryan screamed as his open wound was beginning to burn. He rolled around on the wet ice cuaed by the heat and the fire was soon put out.  
Ryan opened his eyes and saw greek goddess clash with the demon. Knowing that not helping a comrade is not the meaning of being a team, Ryan got up in pain and was ready to help out Angeni, but as Eagle put his hand on his utility belt, he realized that it was melted shut. Crap!Where's my staff?He turned to where his bo-staff fell and saw that it was a victim to the geyser. Now, with no other options left, Eagle had to go and fight Azrael with his fists against her chainsaw. Ryan ran towards the fight, but was soon stopped by Boom Boom and he heard her say, "Crimson stand back for a second". Ryan saw that she threw a grenade at the two fighters and it flashed, blinding them. Boom Boom then grabbed Angeni and said,   "Everyone listen to Talon, we need to leave!" Leave? Eagle thought, Things must be bad. Obeying orders, Crimson flew towards the portal and disappeared through it.
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Azra came out of the portal a hairs breath away from Angeni. She could imagine what it would look like if this attack went through. Angeni's beautiful frame torn asunder as a hungry blade grinded its way through musscle. The chainsword laping up the blood from the hero's corpse. The second blade cleaving through the woman's neck leaving only a bit of tisue to hold it on. The head would slump over her saphire blue eyes fading into a dull icey blue as she met her end. This bloody mess was not to be the end result however to Blair's disapointment. As sudden as the demon had teleported the young sword wielding woman who had slain one of her pets had thrown a flash bang and rushed to the aid of the demi godess.

The gernade went off with an ear popping bang and a flash bright enough to think you had stared at the muzzle flash of a flare gun. Bright explosions and light were nothing new to Az. When you live sevral years causing explosions your eye's ears learn to recover quickly. If its your frst flash bang or your hundreth though you still feel the effects. Blinded for a moment the crimson queen lost her aim. Azrael's first blade set to impale the woman found itself uselessly under the warriors arm. The blade rather than riping open an abdomen found itself cuting through air. A bruise near Angeni's ninth rib was the most she could expect from her attack thrown arye. The other blade was blocked by the rightious ones gauntlet. The gernade bought enough time to position the enchanted bracelet exactly where it needed to be to hault the murderous chain sword. The demon found herself exstatic by the moment in a way. Sure the trio could now get a decisive shot in but that was the fun of war. Angeni could have fliped her sword around and likely stab Az in the ribcage. It would probably dig inbetween her ninth and tenth rib. With enough force it could of even severed her spine. The diversion also would of allowed the raven haired woman who Ang seemed out to protect to also get a fatal blow in. It might not have ended it like the other women thought but it would slow her down.

Striking devastating blows however was not on the minds of the three heroes. The young teen who had thrown the Flash bang grabbed Angeni and ran. Forced to go with Angeni left and lastly was the hero who had thrown a hound at her. His armor smouldered and his staff layed on the ground in shambles. The caverns were giving in and most people were making a break for it. As her prey left the demon joined the effort to get the egg. She saw it thrown by Laura out of the corner of her eye. Like many who tried to grab it she failed as it vanished the last instant. Her fingers were right there she could practicly feel the shells rough surface brushing her pale skin and then it was gone.

The champions as they were titled had fled the scene. chosing life over ending a growing threat they abandoned the duel. The mission coming before pleasure she had to dive for the egg. The concept of never having mercy was slightly tarnished as the goal interfierd. Most frustrating of all was that the goal itself was lost. She didn't mind not geting a kill, but to have nothing to show for the crusade left her annoyed. As the cave began to give in she stood still. Hellfire washed through the various caves as ReEn made his exit and DarkChild made his last move. The demonic queen bathed in the blazing blood. Savouring the parts of the battle that were victorious. As the icey cavern drew to its last legs she opened a portal to home. The clouds of dust came with her as she reapeared back to the city of darkness.


She stood with the other members below the new Emperor. In the brief time that they had been after the egg Tenebrasque In had risen in numbers and strength in a way the blood haired woman would have never anticipated. They had gone from a city to an empire and now Darkchild was being coronated. It was no secret that Blair was not on the best of terms with Dark Child. The more time she spent on the team however the more her hatered was stripped away. Rather than boost his oversized ego even more the emperor actually lived up to his name. The 'love' for the team however was obvious. Feelings for Cassidy aside DC did seem to actually deserve this. Her arms remained folded for a while during the chant but as the demons behind her began to roar in unison with the other various men and women of Tenebrasque In she joined in. It was aww inspiring to be in the mass army that seemed to sweep outwards as far as the eye could see. Darklings, machines, firelings, demons assasins and so much more stood before their emperor. Blair always felt darkness was like a plague or a parasite gradually takeing control what she was standing in the middle of only strengthend the belief.    

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Darklings were coming from every corner, Honor Girl and the others had their hands full. Crazy was barking orders but he knew honestly he was a liability now. He had the smallest bit of powers left after his outburst in the snow, looking around he spun his guns out of his bag one after another firing bullets into anything that moved. Firing around corners and through walls he was loving it as much as he should, this was his day to shine his new project keeping the tunnels bright with light and his team still alive. He heard Sarah bark orders for them to keep the unknown woman from returning, he found out the woman’s name was Justice and thought it was an odd name for such an evil woman. But this evil woman brought back his god daughter so he held some form of respect for her; he simply wanted to repay her somehow someday.

But this was not the day, he continued fighting down further into the tunnel with his team, he looked back to Honor Girl who Sarah had tossed behind a rock. He reached down to her grabbing her hand “I promised to keep you safe, now fight girl!” He bellowed to her and she did as she was told fighting for her life as the demons came crashing into them. Crazy could hear Sarah yelling to Darkchild and he turned to go and see how everything was going running towards the direction of her voice. Suddenly the entire cave shook and rocks an ice came crashing down Crazy screamed to everyone “Get down!” They all did as they were told more for the fact his voice came out of silence and echoed through the whole cavern. As the dust cleared it was revealed that the only way to Sarah was through the rocks, he wanted to make sure she was safe but he could sense using Zachariah who was with her still. He smiled as he realized who was with her “Poor f#cking bastard.” He stood up an ordered loud and clear “Alright we do as we were ordered too, we keep that witch of a woman from returning. We find her and we neutralize her.” The group looked to him as if he was crazy he sighed deep “Lets just make sure we can get out of this place after we find her alright?” Honor Girl looked to him as he put his hand on her shoulder “Don’t fret girly, Chevy is alright and so is Sarah. We are the ones who must continue on. Chevie is with the Magic guy whoever that guy was; Sarah and Mike trust him like they trust us. So she’s fine alright, and Sarah is with the big guns of our team. I’m sure they are kicking Darkchilds ass right now.”

Crazy and his group continued down the cavern, the ceiling was shaking and it looked as if it was beginning to melt. Crazy caught a droplet and he looked at it as if was something unknown to him, tapping on the wall he got the attention of everyone “Alright…umm…”Suddenly the room they had walked into through the cave began to shutter an shake violently the ceiling began to crumble above them, pieces of it came crashing down. Crazy could hear something from down the cave coming towards them, he tried to listen but he knew it was fruitless he couldn’t hear anything beyond his own thoughts. He closed his eyes and let Mary take control, she gleamed into the future and she began to shake and finally after a few moments she screamed “RUN!!!!!”   They did as they were told the entire group ran Crazy behind everyone down a long tunnel. Light at the very end of the tunnel, he turned around and saw water and hellfire collide together from two conjoining tunnels. The fights that were going on in the room with Sarah had evidently escalated to the highest of levels; Darkchild had brought forth Hellfire into the entire cave system. It then melted the ice already within the cave; he looked in front of him at the end of the tunnel. They were a few yards from the exit, but even if they got to it in time the hellfire and water would still hit them.

Crazy stopped running and stood, in a flash everything he ever cared for or ever saw in his entire life past before his eyes. His mother, his new family and finally Chevie all in an instant were before his eyes. He smiled wide an yelled to Honor Girl “I told Sarah and I promised you…that I would get us all through this somehow.” He raised his hand in front of him and a thin yet strong layer of darkness dug into the ground in front of him an stretched to the ceiling of the tunnel. He continued to stare at Honor Girl “Tell Chevie…..Love you.” Grendel was in control and his appearance was one of a kind man not like his normal psychotic look.   Turning around he continued to smile “Ready guys?” he said to himself as the hellfire hit first slamming into his body and pushing him against his own wall. He screamed in pain no in complete and utter agony, cracks were beginning to form in his wall. He screamed loud “NO!!!!” He pushed against the hellfire his suit was melting quickly he could feel the heat. Watching the water coming just behind the fire he knew what would happen the moment the water hit him. He looked behind him as the last of his group made it out of the tunnel and further away from the entrance for a safe distance. With a proud smile on his face he screamed “COME ON!!!!!” And the water slammed into him. The metal that covered his suit the one he had just completed exploded as the heat was immediately dowsed in water.

Outside the cave the hellfire oozes slowly into the snow, slowly followed by what remained of the water…and then....Crazy’s body.

Hours Later  

Lights shined in a dark room as a body was lifted onto a table covered in bandages, cries were heard from outside of the room. When finally the lights were turned on it his body was shown, it was Crazy kept alive just barely by his own healing abilities. He wasn’t conscious, nor did he even look human anymore. Covered in burns and chunks of his skin missing from the exploding metal, bone showed through in many places. His suit kept him alive just barely, the hellfire burning more of the suit than his actual skin and the explosion rocketed him further down the tunnel into the snow so his body could cool down. He was lucky they said, but he wouldn’t be recovered fully for a few months. So he lay on the bed as his body healed itself.

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Chaos rained down upon them all as the cave continued to crumble into pieces. But even so, the Star-Spangled Hero’s attention fell not on the collapsing rocks that crashed around him, but instead his eyes looked over into those of his lover, as he pleaded with her to for once listen to him and save herself. And with step by step, he watched as she slowly backed away, before turning completely away from him as she began to run towards one of the cave’s exit. His eyes watching as she fled for safety, his attention then turned back to the demon known as ReEnforcer of whom young hero has just impaled with the mystic blade known as Gemini.

The blade piercing through the Fire Lord’s back, slicing its way through his body, before bursting out from his chest. Feeling as ReEnforcer began to struggle, his hands clasping around the blade as he now tried to push the blade out. But with all his strength, the Champion of Peace held his ground, his hands gripping tightly around the hilt of the sword, pushing the blade further through the demon’s chest. Continuing to struggle helplessly, the fire demon clutched the blade once again, using his demonic powers to send a burning flame up the blade of the sword all the way to its hilt, scorching the young patriot’s hands.

Feeling the heat engulfing his hands, the pain becoming almost too much to bear, War Killer knew he still needed to buy Talon time. Ignoring the hell fire, he continued to clutch the blade’s hilt as he forced the blade to remind within the villain’s chest. But instantly the two warriors ceased their struggle as their eyes looked on as Talon slung the dragon egg into the air, “NOOOOO, Someone grab it!” The Crimson King yelled out, forcing Charles to tighten his grip around Gemini as he used all of his strength to hold the restless demon at bay. His feet leaving the ground, Charles’ eyes grew wide as ReEnforcer began to struggle even more violently to break the Champion’s grasp.

But without warning, his eyes looked back as he felt a force beginning to pull on him. Staring back, he found Talon, her hands tightly wrapped around is shoulders, as she literally pried the hero away from his foe; their bodies falling roughly backwards, slamming onto the ground. Sitting back up, he looked over at Laura as she lay on the ground next to him, both their eyes watching as Gemini vanished within a puff a smoke, before then looking back at one another. Rocks and boulders crashing down around the, ReEnforcer crying out in pure anger, the two Champions of Peace looked upon one another, “Go…I’ll be with you in a--” But as she spoke, his eyes quickly glared at her, making it clear to her that he wasn’t going anywhere. “Fine….you…you’re impossible!”She shouted, shaking her head in frustration as a smirk grew across his face.

But light a bolt of lightning, quickly leaping to her feet, Talon charged towards the Crimson Demon. Her body glowing with the same blue aura as his did just moments ago as Gemini once again made itself known within her hands. Her finger wrapping around the hilt of the blade, the Emerald Eyed Assassin leapt into the air, her body gracefully soaring through the air, landing on ReEnforcer’s back before then speaking with the demon. “Remy…I don’t care how far you’ve gone if you’ve gone too far to come back, I don’t care! If you can hear me then just know, I won’t leave you like this.”Leaping backwards, she landed before War Killer, facing him as she was now breathing heavily.

Giving him a slight smile, he noticed as her eyes fell upon her hand which was now covered in blood that ran to her wrist. Extending his arm, he ran his hand down the side of her arm; his eyes looking her up and down, seeing her body both beaten and battered from all that she had been through today; his lips slowly began to part as he began to ask her if she was okay. But before he could even get the words out of his mouth, he was caught off guard as Laura quickly wrapped her arms around him as she pulled him in tightly. Feeing as he head rested against his chest, her tears running down onto his uniform, he slowly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in close to his chest, his hand running up her back, clasping gently to the back of her head; his fingers sliding through her blue hair as his head rested on top of hers, feeling as her hair slid across his cut and bruised cheeks.

Pulling herself slightly back from him, Charles looked upon her as her hair ran down the side of her face. Letting a small grin break across his cheeks, he slowly lifted his hand as he attempted to brush the hair from her eyes, allowing him to see her beautiful emerald eyes. But grasping his wrist tightly, her eyes were then filled with fear as she began to take a few steps back, “We…we must leave.” She said softly. “Go.” The two teen lovers looked over at ReEnforcer as he said this. Talon looking back at War Killer, their eyes staring deeply into the others as he felt her hand running down his arm, grasping tightly around his as she began to pull him towards the exit, forcing him to take off running behind her.

Large icy columns falling on all sides, large chunks of rock and ice crashing from the ceiling to the cracking ground below, shattering to pieces, sending bits in all direction; time was running out. Leaping past anything that fell in their path, the young lovers forced their way through the chaos that surrounded them as the entry cave was just moments away from caving in and collapsing on top of anyone still trapped inside. Reaching of the chambers that exited the crumbling cavern, the two sprinted down the tunnel. Talon running just a few feet ahead, the young patriot looked back behind them, watching as the chamber they just exited finally gave way and collapsed in on itself, he could only pray that his team made it out alrig--Suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks as he found Talon standing before him. Wondering why she had stopped, his question was then answered as he found her staring down at a large cavern that seemingly dropped off into a dark pit before them.

The whole cave rumbling and rattling violently around them, they knew that the tunnel was next to go and that they were running out of time. “Do you trust me?” She whispered as she asked him, his eyes looking over at hers. “Yes, Laura, I do.” He said with a slight smile upon his blood stained cheeks. “Then don’t struggle.” She then said as she began to take a few steps backwards. “Charlie your back needs to face me and when I say jump, jump into the chasm!”She said to him as her body quickly broke out into a sprint before then throwing herself into the air. “Charlie Jump!” She screamed out. Leaping into the air, he threw his whole body forwards, now placing both of them flying across the top of the dark pit. And for a moment, their bodies glided across the air as they were now about center of the pit, but with sharp knife in his chest, he felt as Talon’s foot violently jammed into his chest, sending the unsuspecting hero flying across the cavern to the other side.

And as he his body flew back, time seemed to have come to an almost halt as both of their bodies moved slowly through the air. Charles’ eyes looking in horror the girl he loved was now falling to her death. “Laura…no.” He whispered as their emerald eyes locked onto one another’s one last time as he heard her loving voice shouting out to him as tears ran from her eyes, “I love you!” before her whole body vanished into the dark abyss. His eyes grew wide with terror as he thought back to the moment where he held onto her hand as she dangled from a cliff, as her body fell towards the ocean and how he couldn’t save her, causing him to yell out to her, “LAURA, N--!” but as he yelled out in agony, time instantly returned to normal as he felt his body slamming into the ground as it reached the other side. Pain jolting up his back, forcing his eyes to shoot open, the young hero quickly jumped to his feet.

He wasn’t going to lose her again, not this time, this time he was going to save her! Running full speed as the tunnel began to collapse around him, his body swiftly leapt into the air before then diving into the pit as he dived into the dark abyss after her. “I’m not losing her this time…not again!” This thought ran through his mind as his eyes locked onto her body as it continued to fall. Their bodies falling deeper and deeper into the darkness below, his hand reaching out as he desperately tried to grab onto her as she was now just a mere inches away from him. But just as his hand clasped onto hers, their bodies both splashed into the icy waters. Rocks and chunks of broken ice splashed all around them as they both sank deeper and deeper into the freezing waters.

 Her body drifted deeper within the icy depths, bubbles swirling around her as her lover with all his might forced himself through the debris that was now raining down around them as the cavern above began to collapse on top of them. His hand reaching out towards her, he clasped onto her hand, pulling her body towards him as he wrapped his arms around her. But as he did, he felt as his body was now being pulled into a current, doing his best to fight it, it was too much for him defy, causing both him and Talon to be pulled into the current as they were slung into one of the many current tunnels that cluttered the watery abyss floor. His arms wrapped tightly around her body, they was violently sent into a spin as their bodies were sent twisting and turning as they were now at the mercy of the ocean current.

Finally being spit out of the tunnel, Charles looked up to the ocean surface as he saw a bright light shinning down from above onto them both. Holding onto Talon with one arm, he quickly used his other to swim towards the surface. His head bursting up out the water as his lungs gasped for air that he thought would never come. Still grasping onto Laura, who was now unconscious due mostly to fall, he quickly looked around for anything to use a floating device as waves began to crash and rush around him. Looking back, he watched in amazement as the whole glacier they were just in began to break apart into large chucks of ice, splashing onto the water, sending large waves crashing over the two lovers.

Using what strength he could muster up only to find that he was out of it, he could feel as his body was beginning to give out on him as he slowly began to sink into the water, only to force his head back up for air; desperately using his remaining strength to keep Talon’s head afloat while he slowly felt his lungs beginning to fill with water. And as his whole body disappeared with in the icy waters, his hand still sticking out but just barely, like an angel to his rescue, he suddenly felt something splashing into the water next to his hand, landing close enough for him to grasp onto it, pulling his head out of the water. Finding himself clinging onto an orange buoy, he looked off through the crashing waves to find The Wanderer pulling him and Talon in towards a boat. Wrapping his arm around the buoy, he handed Wanderer Talon, allowing him to pull her aboard while Charles pulled himself into the boat.

Looking up, he saw as Over Kill was driving, carefully trying to guide us out of the rugged glaciers. Pulling himself to his knees, the stubborn patriot crawled his way over to Talon. “She’s not breathing!” Wanderer shouted out as Charles leaned over her. Not wasting any time, he acted quickly as he placed his fingers over her nose, placing his lips upon hers as he then began to blow air into her mouth, filling her lugs with the breath of life as he slowly pulled back, taking a deep breath, and then leaning back into her mouth once more. “Come on, baby…come on.” He whispered as he repeated this multiple times. Pressing his dried up lips against hers, he breath one more time into her lungs, before quickly pulling back as she violently jerked forward, as she began to cough up a mixture of both water and a bit a blood.

Catching her as her body began to fall back towards the floor of the boat, holding his hands out he caught her head, stopping for slamming backwards as his other and slid upon her back. Leaning against the side of the boat, the waves crashing against it side, sending a mist of water splashing over them as he looked down upon her beautiful face. Her eyes slowly began to open, his hand places slightly on the back of her head as his fingers ran through her hair, causing his face to be the first thing her eyes would see. Her emerald gems glaring up at his, the full moon’s light beating down behind his head, casting a slight shadow upon her face which only caused her eyes to shine even more brightly.

“Hi.” She whispered softly as her eyes looked up into his. A light wind slowly blew across the boat, causing her wet hair to cover her face, the wet strains sticking to her skin. Giving her a light grin, he gently brushed her lovely blue hair out of her face, revealing her gorgeous green eyes once more as his grin grew across his face into a bright smile as he saw the beauty as the moon light beat upon her rosy cheeks. “Hi.” He whispered with a slight chuckle in his voice, tears beginning to slide down his cheeks as she closed her eyes, her body fully exhausted. And slowly as she drifted off into slumber, he gently wrapped his arms fully around her, their soaked wet bodies pressing up against one another as he pulled her closely towards, holding her tightly; allowing her to fall asleep inside of him.

“Peter…” Charles managed to mutter towards Over Kill, his head now resting upon Laura’s as she was now fully asleep, his eyes now closed as he was too starting to drift away as well, “…let’s go home.”