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Deep in the heart of Abyssus The Crimson King slumbered in the tallest tower of his kingdom. Two female members of the Crimson Guard lay naked against his chest. The King's mind was blazing with vivid thoughts. The dream focused on his desire's, much like his actions prior to retiring for the night, the only deference was his partners.

At first he stood before his Queen his chest bare in a pair of comfortable black pants. She placed her hand on his chest as they gazed in each others eyes. Remy bit down as Azrael dug her finger nails into his flesh pulling her hand down diagonally to his waist. Four gashes began oozing blood down ReEn's abdomen. Az bent down placing her tongue on Remy's bicep, she drank from him sating her thirst. After a few minutes the King grabbed his lover by her hair roughly pulling her up to eye level. He kissed her fiercely tasting the blood in her mouth. With his right hand ReEnforcer grabbed Azrael's crimson gown and torn it from her body, she wore nothing beneath. Still grasping her hair with his left hand the King flung her onto the bed with a mere flick of his wrist. When he was with Azrael it was a mix of pain, pleasure and bloodlust.

Then the scene changed, Azrael was gone, the Crimson King lay naked on his back in an empty room. The only light in the room came from several candles, silk drapes covered the midevil style windows of the tower, they matched the crimson sheets on the large bed. The weight shifted on his bed drawing the King's attention to the foot of bed. Justice was crawling onto the bed. Darkness wrapped around her chest and her waist, fitting itself tight against her body leaving nothing to the imagination. When her lower body straddled Remy's Justice sat up, the darkness spread out from her waist wrapping around ReEnforcer's posterior. Justice flexed and the darkness drew Remy up. The Obsidian Queen didn't shy away from using her abilities to take what she wanted and Remy wasn't about to deny her. His hands cupped her waist, his right hand traveling up her back until it reached her neck. ReEnforcer pulled her head down, her long brown hair brushing against his face, he brought her mouth to his and they kissed passionately. ReEnforcer's eyes burned with desire, “Soon my sweet.” He thought aware this was just a dream, “Soon the Colosseum will be completed and I shall be in a position to grant us time away from prying eyes.” The problem with evil men and woman working together is the fact that they don't shy away from their own desires, they give in to them. ReEnforcer pursuing Justice could put the hierarchy of Tenebrasque In at each others throats but that fact would not dissuade the Crimson King.

After the kiss broke, ReEnforcer looked to his right where Azrael sat on the bed. Az looked to Justice who in turn looked at her. Justice inclined her head toward the Crimson Queen and their lips locked. ReEnforcer smiled but as he reached for Azrael everything changed. Both woman were gone, then the bed and finally the castle. ReEnforcer stood in absolute whiteness for a moment, then a scene took form before him a large chamber with various hieroglyphs covering the walls, in the center of a room there was a large egg which sat on a pedestal seemingly growing out of the chamber floor.

“COME!” A voice said in the kings mind. Then others began appearing around the chamber, ReEnforcer recognized each one Nighthunter, Paragon, Mistress Redhead, Sovereign Son, Octagon Freak, Eclipse and finally to Remy's right stood Darkchild. Forcing himself to wake, ReEnforcer sat up in his bed, pushing the woman to the floor. Although he knew he was awake, Remy's eyes remained in the chamber with the Egg.

"Long ago the world was in need of heroes, and so the ICE Dragons were born. I called to you for more than just companionship and friendship. For a bond more than blood. To save one of your own I gave up my life, unintentionally stripping you of your guardians. An act that I forever mourn to this day. But the time is at hand. A rebirth may begin. Some of your may have wandered off the beaten path, however the light still shines. It is never too late. Come to me my family. The world is in dire need." The voice of Iceing Death said, then the dream broke and the Crimson King was back in his bed chamber.

Remy knew Darkchild would be gathering the Obsidian Court, they needed to move. It was essential that they reached the egg first. ReEn rose from his bed, his clothing manifested on him as he walked through the door. As he proceed through the long dark halls of the fortress candles erupted their wick's burning with hellfire. When he reached the main chamber of his castle, ReEnforcer was met with two members of his guard, in their crimson attire. “Go wake, Canine and Ripper. Bring them before me.” The King demanded. Once he was alone in the main hall, ReEnforcer focused on a large crimson candle that set on the round oak table before him. To the north the candles mate sat in his Queen's kingdom, the wick suddenly burst into flame and Remy knew that the Guard he had order to watch this candles mate would soon be waking his Queen and she would know to meet him in the capitol.

Ripper and Canine came before ReEnforcer, however the guards did not return. They were surely dead, it was very dangerous to approach a killer when they slept. ReEn smiled having known what would happen before he sent those men to their deaths. “The Courts are gathering, we make our way to La Citte Di Tenebra.” ReEnforcer told his Crimson Rooks. ReEnforcer looked the two men over, Ripper had sought out Darkchild after hearing of Tenebrasque In's conquest of France. While Canine had peeked ReEnforcer's interest after he committed a rather heinous assassination successfully, causing the Crimson King to seek him out. Both men had been placed in the Crimson Court due to the fact their powers and actions were more devoted to blood and fire than darkness and death. ReEnforcer turned his back on the two murder's, but kept his guard up if they were deceiving him this would be the opening either of them would be looking for.

After a moment when no attack came, Remy walked over to an arch way that sat next to the far wall. The arch was decorated with various carvings of magical symbols and runes, a few word's were carved in Latin at the arches peek. ReEnforcer placed his hand on the arch sending his energy into it, after a moment it began to resonate with power. Hellfire filled the demon arch opening the way, without a seconds hesitation ReEnforcer proceeded into the flames. In an instant he was transported from his kingdom to La Citte Di Tenebra, the seat of Darkchild's power and the capitol of Paese Di Tenebra. Each of the seven kingdoms had a demon arch which allowed their rulers to instantly reach the capitol. Darkchild however was the only one who possessed the power to open all of the portals to any location outside Paese Di Tenebra. 
After Canine and Ripper, came through the portal, ReEnforcer proceeded down the main hall and into a large room on the south side of the fortress. The King's eyes blazed for a moment, then the torches which line the walls came to life. A large round obsidian table sat in the middle of the room. ReEnforcer walked clockwise around the table, as he passed two chairs he placed a finger on them saying "Canine, Ripper" telling the men to take their seats. Remy left a space between himself and Ripper so his queen would sit at his right, to his left Darkchild would reside along with his Queen and Court. This is where Tenebrasque In would gather, the time was at hand for Darkness and Hellfire to lay claim to the Dragons.
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It was lonely out in the black. A darkness that went on forever in all directions, swallowing any and all light that would try to pierce it's depth. That was Paragon's world since coming back to the Champions of Peace. Just him, and his damn Green Lantern ring were the only things out in this vast, empty sector. Paragon flew around the darkness blindly, hoping that the direction he was going would one day get him back to the known sectors, and eventually home to Brooklyn, and the Champions. He couldn't tell how long he had spent out in the unknown sectors. It could have been days, months, or even years. The was no way of knowing, but he knew it was too long since he had seen anything other than the glow of his ring, or heard more than the sound of his voice, or the echo of his thoughts.
<COME!> thundered a familiar voice, seemingly from everywhere, and nowhere all at once.
"Oh god. I'm hearing things now..." thought Paragon. "That's it. I've been out here alone for so long. I'm going nuts." Just as he finished that thought, he materialized into a room. The room was both ancient, and beautiful. Carved from living stone, and elegantly decorated with hieroglyphs and paintings. People also began to appear around the chamber. People he recognized as one time members of the ICE Dragons. Everyone from Eclipse and Nighthunter, to the now evil Reenforcer and Darkchild. There was only one thing Paragon could focus on though, and that was the egg in the middle of the room.  
<Long ago, the world was in need of heroes, and so the ICE Dragons were born.> Boomed the same voice, now coming from the egg, which Paragon then realized belonged to IceingDeath. <I called to you for more than just companionship and friendship. For a bond more than blood. To save one of your own, I gave up my life, unintentionally stripping you of your guardians. An act that I forever mourn to this day. But this time is at hand. A rebirth may begin. Some of you may have wandered off the beaten path, however the light still shines. It is never too late. Come to me, my family. The world is in dire need.>
One by one, the people disappeared from the chamber, and faded back to wherever they came from, leaving only Paragon and the egg.
"IceingDeath! Don't send me back! I can't go back to there!"
<You never left, Dragon. It was all a dream. Now, awake!>
With a shock, Paragon suddenly awoke, confused about his new surroundings. It wasn't the same darkness he had become accustomed to. It was a different room, with a certain brightness to it.
"Daddy!" Paragon was almost instantly hit with hug from his daughter. "You're awake!"
Looking around the room, as his vision returned, Paragon realized he was in the medical bay of the Champions headquarters, and had been hooked up to several machines.
"Brooke!" he exclaimed, hugging her back with as much force and love as a father could. "How long was I out for?"
Brooklyn released her father. "Only a week." She said, brushing the blond hair out of her eyes. "I was worried, dad. The doctors weren't sure if you could wake up from whatever those Gods did to you."
"I was too, sweetie. That nightmare just seemed so real..."
"What was it?" asked Brooke, in her usual manner of wanting to know everything.
"Well, the Guardians made me go all the way out to the edge of the universe where there was nothing. No light, no sound, no anything. I had no way of getting back home to see you or anyone. It was my own personal hell. After what felt like forever, it was like I fell into a dream within the dream..."
"Like in that movie with Leo!" squeaked Brooke with a smile.
"Sort of. But this one felt different." Paragon laughed. "Anyways, the dragon who started the ICE Dragons back in the day, called a bunch of ICE together, but he was in an egg. He wanted us to come to him... The he woke me up."
"Weird. Maybe he really does want you to go find his egg. Then I can have a dragon too! And then Chevie can stop being so smug about her's!"
"It was only a dream, honey." he laughed again. "It wasn't real."
"Father." said Brooke, looking at him sternly.
"Daughter." he replied, trying to match her gaze.
"You said that the egg dream felt different. That egg with the dragon in it had the power to break whatever magic those gods used on you. What if it's not a dream? What if it was a vision that the dragon wanted all of you there to see?" She asked, before handing him his communicator. "Ask anyone who was there. You have a lot of choices on this team. Ask one of them if they saw the same thing. Think about it, Father. If the Dragons who went bad saw that too, they could be on their way to it already. It's a lot of power to be in the wrong hands."
Looking into the blue eyes of his little girl, Paragon could see she was serious. If she was right, they were already behind. Still looking at Brooke, he took the communicator from her hand, and put it in his ear. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up, and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action."
"Ready to go? Didn't you just say it might not be real?" asked Brooke.
"Didn't you just say it's a lot of power that could already be in the wrong hands?"
"Touché..." said Brooke, as her father stood up, and disappeared in a flash.

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The sun was rising across champions city bathing the various skyscrappers and monuments with a  fantastical golden glow, giveing the some times cold looking steel and iron structures the look of genuine wonders of science and engineering. Edward would often watch over the city as the sun appeared each morning from the comfort of his garden, marveling at his new home and its various artifical islands in the middle of the ocean. Sitting in peace never comes often for any active hero and mornings like these are sometimes what kept him going, they would awaken the princes inspiration and remind him of what is instake  everyday. There where thousands and thousands of people that relied upon him and his fellow champions. His services wheren't just a duty but an obligation and he would remember what he was told  as a child " Thoose who shoulder the powers of the world must also shoulder the troubles" the phrase being the only real piece of genuine advice his mother had ever given him still resonantes with Edward today.
As per usual thou Edwards COP's communicator  sparks into life breaking the slight somber tone Edward was feeling  "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up, and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action." Edward smilled as the sounds of the commuicator once again slipped into silence, one less cops member in the  ward is a good start to the day. Finishing his breakfast and then having quick costume change Eddy was ready for action just before leaving the cheeky prince also sneaked a quick shout up at Wando incase he was still asleep in his treehouse, Edward then left for Champions HQ at his usual high speed pace.
Getting to the HQ as one fo the quickest was something Edward continued to strive for being still relatively new member  and today was different. Getting to the teams board room armed  with a box of doughnuts and a paper. Edward Placed the doughnut box onto the desk and  also placed an individualy sealled bag with cookies in it labelled (For Nova). Then sat down and began to read his paper waiting for the others to turn up. Sitting with his back to the table in the classic bond villian style pose hoping to spook anybody who came in.

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Lady Death could sense something stir within her mind. She tried to sleep, but something running deep in her dragon's blood roared to life. It was very familiar to her. She longed to just ignore it. Lady Death wanted nothing to do with her brethren the dragon's. Walking away from her bloodline was her method of dealing with the past. Being from the Blizzard dragon bloodline made her almost a cousin to the other full blooded dragons. The full blooded dragons were thought to be extinct, but now Lyn could feel an unhatched egg calling out for help. Lyn was the last of her kind and ever since she gave up her human soul to become a higher form off hybrid made the eggs calling much louder.

Tossing and turning in bed trying her best to ignore this feeling only made it worse for her. She groaned as she sat up in bed.

Why do they taunt me to this day?” she spoke with an exhausted tone. Lyn closed her eyes and summoned her own strength. She sent out a weak pulse of energy and it quickly reverberated back the information she dreaded. There were still a few dragons left in the world. To her they were just a reminder of the ill of mankind. Long ago there were thousands and now only a small handful. Her mind drifted to her mother and she sighed heavily as she looked to the floor.

Lyn turned on the bed allowing her feet to grace the floor below. Rising to her feet the rush of the dragon's call overwhelmed her senses. Lyn grabbed her forehead to try to ease the rushing power. An unborn dragon was powerful in the method of drawing in other dragons. Carefully she rose to her feet as her Hell wolf stepped to her side to help her stand. She smiled and patted her wolf as she regained herself. The night gown curved to her body as she walked over to the window to look outside. Kain was outside looking out onto his new creation the Colosseum. It was bustling with movement as people were set to work to bring the setting to its' glory. Lady Death turned and went to her closet to dress. She was eventually able to withstand the need to answer the calling.

Dressing in an unusual choice of garb, she greeted the outside world in a red leather battle garment minus any cloak. Pulled up her thigh high black boots to walk out to be greeted by an ugly darkling.

Let me guess he needs us to come to the capital.” She groaned.

The darkling grinned with a white fanged smile and nodded. “Only you for now” the dark creature hissed. Lyn rubbed her temple and sighed.


Lady Death stepped into the portal to arrive within the capital's walls. She realized for the first time her team members would see her for what she was uncloaked. Being apart of this team meant they would find out eventually anyway. Better now than have one of them attack her in accident. Just before walking into the main meeting hall she felt the wave of the unhatched egg calling to her again. Leaning against the wall as she tried to reclaim herself. This was the only time she cursed being a dragon breed. It was very clear to Lyn this new life was reaching out for someone to care for it, but no mother to answer the call. Apparently it reached out to anyone who would or could listen. Her head became dizzy and felt like someone was screaming inside her skull. The unborn egg was indeed calling anyone who could listen.

Lyn took a grip on the wall and pushed her self to stand. She cursed her predicament under her breath. Once again she regained her senses just before stepping through the doors into the main hall. Lyn had to remain unnerved and capable of being the strong warrior she was known to be.  She could not allow herself to be weakened by this new event.
Lyn had a feeling this summon to the capital had something to do with the calling, but secretly hoped it didn't.  She wanted nothing to do with dragons even though she was more dragon than her former dragon/human self.

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The days that followed Final Arrows return to his war were filled with the thoughts of Darkchilds time with Chris. The moment he handed over the amulet an bow, Darkchild was filled with many emotions of those emotions anger and confusion were the ones felt the most. Darkchild laid in his bed next to his wife, she slept quietly on his chest as he held the amulet in the air looking at it. He tapped on it and from the shadows the children emerged. Their sick twisted smiles filling the pitch black room. They simply stood there marveling at their new master, one of them looked displeased with Darkchild. As if it missed Final Arrow, but they stood looking at Darkchild. He laid there playing with the amulet for few moments before he spoke to them. “You two are incredibly creepy, dear god I think you trump that old bastard in creepy smile.” Darkchild shuddered before he called them back with the amulet, they disappeared into the shadows.  They would follow his orders in their own way, but still follow them until Darkchilds last breath.


Rolling over and staring at his wife he could sense the slight sensation of pleasure in the air, someone was dreaming something very nice. His powers couldn’t pick up who or what they were dreaming of, but what they were dreaming of was quite naughty he thought to himself. Suddenly his arm filled with pain he screamed out in pain, not feeling this sensation in years. Only other time was the day of that damn Andferne death. He brought his arm out from under his sheets and stared at his palm, a large sigil burned to the surface of his hand the pain was excruciating he remembers the sigil. It was the one he branded onto his hand so many years ago, the brand of brotherhood. He thought it healed long time ago, then suddenly the room filled with an illusion. He sat up in his bed as the illusion took its hold Icing death coming to him in the illusion. Speaking of himself being reborn that Darkchild and the others need to return to him, find where he was an take rightful claim to who they really were. In an instant everyone in the “meeting” with the old bastard Icing Death disappeared, the brand still on his hand. He growled to the illusion as it faded “Damn dragon, lousy thing never liked me. Knew full well how I would end up, this rebranding is its sick sense of humor.” Darkchilds powers were seeping out from his eyes an scorching the sheets. Justice awoke and saw the brand on his hand, licking his wound the blood filling her teeth she tried to suck the blood from his hand but he pulled away. “Get up and get dressed, If I just received that then ReEn most certainly did as well.” Darkchild relayed the images he was just shown with the illusion to Justice telepathically, she nodded an she stood up. Her slender an sweaty naked body covering in a tight layer of darkness the moment her feet touched the floor, she walked next to Darkchild as he left the room. Jacobi emerged from there room as they left, hovering in a bubble of TK and Darkness. Darkchild had told the boy even in sleep he must remain in the bubble, his best chance at safety when Darkchild was gone or asleep. For when Darkchild slept he was at his weakest, since the boys birth when he drained Darkchild of his power of Darkness it’s taken some considerable about of time to replenish his power. He was at 75 percent of his power, not weak but not at his most powerful so Jacobi did as his father ordered. He hovered next to his father for a few steps before he hovered above Darkchilds head an plopped onto it. The bubble disappearing as he laid on his father’s head, sliding down to his shoulder he held on as they marched to the arch.  

 Darkchild snapped his fingers and the archway lit up as did every single on around PDT and each one of the exits strung across the world. Only the Tenebrasque could enter the doors, any time they needed to return home all they needed to do was think of the door an it appeared. The three walked through appearing in a large meeting room, as they sat darklings appeared from the shadows. One bringing food for the young sire Cobi, he giggled before slurping down what appeared to be remains of some form of animal. The Darkling that brought it to him Jacobi had given him a name Marvin, Cobi grabbed its jaw playing with it before Darkchild glared at the young child as if ordering it to behave. Darkchild ushered one of the darklings closer “Go get the others, Lady Death first please. She is needed first, her roots are deeper in this story than she would let on bring her first. Then once she is nearest bring the others Kain, Fox, and Somniac once they arrive we will give the orders out.” The darkling began to leave but Darkchild stopped him “Keep the recorder darklings on at all times, something’s amiss tonight in my home (Paese Di Tenebra) and I wish to know.” The darkling nodded his head knowing what Darkchild spoke of, demon darklings Darkchild had Gray Fox cook up to act as surveillance on his home. Once ReEn stepped into the room, Darkchild could sense he was the person having the dream of pleasure before the dragon stopped it, but something was off with him. As if he was hiding something within his mind, hiding it from Darkchild as he knew his powers included Telepathy. Darkchild leaned over to Cobi “What is he thinking?” He gestured to ReEnforcer, Jacobi looked up then back down to his food “That he can hear us, an he’s not dumb enough to keep his thoughts open enough for us to hear or read.” Darkchild looked up to ReEn who smiled as if he was taunting Darkchild. Darkchild smiled nodding to him thinking “Note to self, moment ReEn shows any form of betrayal destroy him and harness the Fire Oni.” He thought this whilst smiling wide to ReEn, they waited for the others to arrive. Because today they would go on a hunt, for a Dragon Egg.

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In the weeks since the Reality "M" crisis, Fox hadn't been acting like the good little mecha-ass kisser he usually was. He had been hiding from the other members of both the Obsidian and Crimson Courts and had been refusing to answer any of Darkchild's hails. Something had changed, was still changing, inside of him. Such changes had began manifesting themselves in the form of liquid Dark Matter pouring out of Fox's eye sockets and mouth like streams of mucus. He had, at first, merely dismissed his odd behavior and secretion of liquefied Dark Matter as side effects of overexposure to temporal energies unleashed by a reality-warping fragment of Maya Lopez's shattered psyche. But he was beginning to realize that it was more than just that and that if he didn't find out what was going on soon things could start to get ugly real fast.
"Sovereign..." 004578 spoke up, derailing Fox's train of thought, drawing his Master's attention to both him and the Darkling messenger from La Citta Delle Di Tenebre. "...a messenger from the Capitol to see you."
"Yes, I see that. Thank you, 004578." Fox said, who then turned his attention on the small demonic messenger. "What is it?"
"The Courts are gathering in the Capitol. Your presence is required." It replied.
"Thank you. I'll leave at once for the Capitol." The Darkling took its leave shortly afterward, leaving Fox alone with his thoughts, for only a second. In the next Fox found himself walking through a doorway leading directly into the meeting room at La Citta Delle Di Tenebre, where Darkchild and his little family were already in the midst of eating their morning meal. Sitting down at the far end of the table, Fox silently waited for the others to arrive, and tried his best to avert his gaze from those of his Obsidian King, Queen and Prince.

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The city of wonders! The magnificent sights, the bright lights, all the attractions! This is how Octagon felt about the City of Peace when he first arrived. He'd pretty much been accepted over the phone to join the team. He'd just come out of retirement and this team struck his eye as one to contact. After ICE went their separate ways, Octagon had pretty much gone into hiding. He didn't really have a purpose any more and he was ineffective as a single person. The city was a little to bright and a little too flashy for him, but he didn't complain. It was pretty nice. 
That was a few weeks ago. Octagon now sat in his small space, unpacking the last of this gear. The room was small, had no windows or lights, and only one door. He sighed as he put away the last of his hacking equipment. It had taken him almost three weeks to unpack everything. He didn't bring that much, it's just that he had almost fifty people to meet, and an entire city to get used to. It felt weird being back in the business, but he was getting back into familiar grooves. He stuck his hand into the box to grab the last object and he pulled it out. Without having any light, he knew what it was. He didn't even have to use his powers. Just by the feel, Octagon knew he'd picked up his old ICE communicator. He didn't have the heart to get rid of it, as it'd been through a lot with him. Octagon pushed the box under his desk and stood. The door pulled open and he walked out. 
Octagon wandered the halls for most of the morning, but after a few hours he found what he was looking for. He stepped into a rather large, dark room with only two things in it. There was a big statue and a frozen coffin in the middle of the hollowed-out space. Octagon walked over to it and stared for a few minutes. 
"Andy... I..." Octagon choked. After a minute of recollection, he continued. "I heard you were down here. Want... Wanted to come down to se- see you." It had been a long time since Octagon had had emotions keep him from talking. He didn't really know what to say, but he continued. "So, uh, how's it going down here? Must... Must be cold in there." Octagon could imagine Andy talking back to him, but there wasn't anyone there. "I decided to come here, to uh, help these... this, uh, team, and I... I just wanted to come down to pay my respects. I figure it's the very least I could do, considering all you did for me." He placed a hand on the coffin. It wasn't as cold as he had expected; almost like Andy's vigor for life was still burning as bright as ever. Snapping back from his thoughts, Octagon said, "Oh, I almost forgot. I wanted to give you something," Octagon reached into his pocket and retrieved his ICE communicator. "I, uh, don't really need this any more, I guess. Always thought it was cool," Octagon rubbed his fingers across the engraved "OF" on the back of the device. "Anyway, I've got this new one now, and I... I want you to ha-have this old one. Figure, as l-long as it's down here, you'll always have an open comm channel with me." Octagon turned the device on and placed it on the coffin. Wiping the moisture from his face, Octagon started to turn away. "Goodbye old friend. Rest in peace."
Octagon looked around the room before walking out, but something wasn't quite right. The whole place was black except for the statue and the coffin. Slowly, Octagon turned around to see a large egg where his communicator had been sitting. A surprisingly loud voice thundered from inside.
"Come," the voice said. The command was simple enough, but Octagon felt it hard to move. "Come," the voice said again. This time, Octagon managed to shuffle his feet a little closer to the egg. 
The voice thundered again, "Long ago the world was in need of heroes, and so the ICE Dragons were born. I called to you for more than just companionship and friendship. For a bond more than blood. To save one of your own I gave up my life, unintentionally stripping you of your guardians. An act that I forever mourn to this day. But the time is at hand. A rebirth may begin. Some of your may have wandered off the beaten path, however the light still shines. It is never too late. Come to me my family. The world is in dire need."
A bright light flashed and the vision was over. 
Octagon lay on the floor of the chamber and looked up at the ceiling, so very far away. Sitting up, he rubbed his head and tried to figure out what had just happened, but before he could, his new COP communicator sparked to life.
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up, and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action."  Octagon quickly got to his feet. 
"I better not be going crazy," Octagon muttered as he teleported into the board room.

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Canine was unable to sleep as he sat at his desk, head hanging low with his arms resting against the wooden surface. “Hail Mary, full of grace the lord is with thee…” All night he had been reciting the same prayer over and over again, repenting for his latest sins. “Blessed art thou amongst women and bles…” A knock at his bedroom door echoed throughout the room, interrupting Canine. “What is it?” He shouted, displeased with the disturbance as he turned grim faced to face the door. “Sir, The Crimson King demands your presence in the main hall.” The muffled voice announced from behind the door. “Give me a minute!” He returned to finish his prayer. “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God…” The door slowly crept open enough for the guard to peek his face through. “Sir, now!” The guard’s tone was unusually disrespectful as he tried to hurry Canine from the room, interrupting his prayer once again. Rising from his seat, Canine turned to face the guard who now fully entered the room. “Are you a religious man?” Canine asks, his eyes begin to narrow, waiting for an answer. “I don’t believe in Go…” The guard stops, his mouth and eyes widen as his body lurches forward in a full force of pain. He looks down to see Canine’s claws deep into his gut. “You should’ve just lied. Never tell a religious man that you don’t believe in God. We get very emotional when that happens.” Canine pulls his claws back and watches as the guard’s corpse drops to the ground. “Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.” Canine crouches down beside the dead man’s body and closes his still open eyes. “Amen.”

The sound of Canine’s footsteps echoed throughout the halls as he paced towards ReEn who stood anxiously waiting for him in the main hall at the far end of a large oak table. Stopping in front of the table, Canine looked to his left to catch the glimpse of another man beside him, The Ripper, a man of similar qualities and abilities. “The Courts are gathering, we make our way to La Citte Di Tenebra.” Canine stared back at his leader and nodded his head, no verbal answer needed. ReEn turned his back towards the two Crimson Rooks and paused, to which Canine shifted his sight back to the Ripper, making eye contact and waiting for him to make a move. He was extremely suspicious of his comrade as he clenched his fists and his muscles tensed up, ready to attack. Time seemed to stop, all three men frozen, expecting the same event to occur but it seemed like it would never come to pass. The Crimson King then approached a nearby wall and opened a portal to which he immediately stepped through. Without hesitation, Canine followed through after his king and arrived at La Citte Di Tenebra. He tried to hide his amazement as he looked around while following ReEn to a large empty room filled with chairs surrounding a massive table. “Canine, Ripper.” Canine looked at the seat where he was directed to and sat down with Ripper to his left and waited for the rest of the courts.    

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"His pens?" Hesperus snorted, holding back the laughter. "Why on Earth would I need to watch out for his pens?" In response to this statement, DaggerKlutz laughed in a typically evil fashion and brandished a plain, metal pen. With a click, a thin laser beam was fired out of the tip, which Damian had to leap to the side to avoid. Patrick Back softly chuckled at the scene.
"Told you so." Eclipse smiled, hurtling around the room at high speed as he lunged about with his crutches, clad in his yellow, black and blue nano-suit. "And remember, no powers!" Pressing a button on his newest invention, the modified battle-crutches, Jason was launched into the air by the jets attached to the base of the devices. He attempted to bring one of them crashing down into the face of his arch-nemesis, but Patrick grinned and pulled another pen. He aimed it at the crutch and shot out a grappling hook. With a swift yank, DaggerKlutz pulled the crutch out of Eclipse's grip, forcing the hero to fall to the ground. Then Patrick tossed the crutch back at Eclipse to mock him even further.
"Like I need them to take on one of your ridiculous 'villains'." Damian rolled his eyes, as he hurled a handful of ninja throwing stars at their opponent. "This is your arch-nemesis? HA!" DaggerKlutz grinned as he pulled out another pen. When he clicked the top, thick smoke spewed out. When the throwing stars passed through the smoke, the cloud dispersed to show that DaggerKlutz was no longer there. 
Suddenly, DaggerKlutz's voice came directly behind Damian. "I encourage you to use your powers." Before Damian had a chance to react, DaggerKlutz grabbed his cape and yanked it so he would fall to the floor. DaggerKlutz pulled out another pen. The tip glowed blue and an electrical buzz echoes throughout the air. He attempted to poke Hesperus with his pen taser but Eclipse used his used his gravity manipulation to make the pen fly straight upwards and out of DaggerKlutz's grip. Then Eclipse pulled Hesperus closer to him.

"Look, I know he seems like a joke at first, but Back is a legitimate threat." Eclipse said quietly, waving his battle crutch towards DaggerKlutz to keep some distance between them.
"Legitimate threat?" Damian hissed, pulling out his pair of swords and gripped them tightly as he stood there glaring at DaggerKlutz, as if he was ready to cut off Patrick's head and be done with it. "Remind me again what we're doing here?"  
"Oh, uh... Well, this is a, uh..."
Eclipse stammered, unable to word it. 
"I sent out a false rumor about me creating clones of all the Champion of Peace members and you guys came here to investigate it but I cleverly revealed that it was a trap so I could confront you two once again." DaggerKlutz kindly explained. 
"Yeah, thanks." Eclipse casually said. 
DaggerKlutz just gave him a thumbs up and responded with a casual "No problem."  
Suddenly, the young hero's communicator started to buzz, and a message from Paragon was relayed. "HEY! Time out!" Eclipse yelled, as DaggerKlutz lowered the pen he had in hand and patiently waited while Eclipse received the news. "Sorry Patrick, something's come up. Like, world-threatening stuff. Can we do this some other time?" 
DaggerKlutz took a quick glance at his Rolex and said, "Well if something came up and you need to attend it then sure, we can reschedule. I'll think of a better trap and then we can have a better fight next time. Just remember to bring young Hesperus with you. He needs the experience." 
Eclipse nodded as he got up on his crutches. He and Hesperus began to leave as Patrick waved as friendly goodbye. As the two heroes flew out of the building, Hesperus whispered to Eclipse, "Seriously, how is he your arch nemesis? And I thought you said no powers?"  
"Yeah, you're right, I should have let him taser you." Jason rolled his eyes as the two sons of destiny vanished in a flash of red light. 

Champions Tower

"Alright guys, listen up." Eclipse announced, as the murmuring and laughing around the meeting room immediately halted. Jason stood before the crowd, leaning heavily on his crutches, with Sarah Lockheart, known as Mistress Redhead, his co-leader and mother of three. How she had time for being a mother, wife, teacher and leader, he hadn't the slightest idea. Paragon and Octagon Freak stood behind the duo. "First off, Paragon is finally back on his feet and I for one think he deserves a round of applause." The young hero started clapping his elder team-mate, as the rest of the team (save Hesperus) followed suit. "But unfortunately, he comes bearing news, and Octagon here backs up what he saw. Whether it's good news or bad news, we'll know by the end of the day." Stepping to one side, the Teen Wonder gestured at his co-leader, waiting for her to continue. "Sarah?"
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As the Crimson King made his way to his seat he met Darkchild's eyes. The endless blackness which were the Obsidian King's eyes were filled with suspicious. The two men smiled at one another, Darkchild's new born son stood at his side. His eyes still on ReEnforcer, the King of Darkness said something to his son. A moment later ReEnforcer felt tiny fingers probing his mind, the smile vanished from his face in an instant. “You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?” ReEn thought.As the boy probed deeper ReEnforcer allowed his defenses to take over. A large claw shot out grasping the child's soul in ReEnforcer's mind. From the shadows the Fire Oni revealed himself to the boy, “Foolish child, any mind with knowledge worth knowing is protected. You can tell your father he shall gleam no insight from the mind of my host.” The Demon said, every word he spoke had a bite to it. The boys spirit squirmed in the demons grasp. The colossal form of the Oni towered over the boy, gripping his entire being with only the thumb and fore finger of his clawed right hand. “It doesn't matter how much power you possess, little one. In here I make the rules. I have lived for centuries, since before the parasite that spawned the being that is Darkchild, he should do well to remember that.” The Fire Oni explained.

“Now to teach you a valuable lesson.” As the demon finished, the boys spirit burst into flame, he screamed in agony. The pain was all in the boy's mind, but the fact that back in the room the boy began to perspire, was a testament to who powerful the mind was, it had convinced his body the heat was real. As the boy burned, the Oni continued his lesson “Let me explain something to you Jacobi.” The Demon said, “Your father is testing us both. The only difference is, you FAILED!” The child's eyes widened with the revelation.

“I shall release you, with this warning.” The Fire Oni said. “Be weary when you enter the mind of another, you may find yourself at the mercy of their defenses and should you EVER attempt to probe my mind again, you will never leave.” With that the child's spirit ceased burning and escaped the mind of ReEnforcer. Cobi's teeth snapped shut, he radiated anger and fear, but whether it was because of his encounter with the Oni or his father learning of his failure ReEn couldn't be sure. Remy was sure of one thing, this boy would feel enmity toward him for eternity.

ReEnforcer's smile returned, still looking in Darkchild's black eyes. Deep in the caverns of his mind, well behind his defenses ReEnforcer began to plot. His pursuit of Justice was no longer purely out of desire, now ReEn had a point to prove. Darkchild may have created Justice but even with his immense powers he couldn't not control her. Now whether his actions would put place the two Courts at war with one another only time would reveal. His thoughts would remain locked away for now, as they needed to focus on the task at hand.

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"Run, run! The beasts have taken Athens!". Shouted a young Athenian Soldier who ran towards his princess with fear and tears running down his eye's. Helena Troy the daughter of Athena and Hephaestus, princess of Athens ran towards him to seek what was going on but as she almost reached him a large axe hit the man on the back of his skull, blood squirting everywhere like a fountain. Helena eye's widen at the fall of a fellow soldier. As the young beautiful goddess approached the body she could hear something large coming towards her, something that was thirsty for blood and vengeance, whatever the creature was it was getting very close. Helena placed her hands on her Lasso of Truth ready to fight the creature that was coming towards her direction. As the creature got closer it finally revealed itself from the shadows, it was about eight feet tall, walked on its hind legs and carried a variety of a massive axe. The daughter of Athena and Hephaestus eye's opened up widely yet again, to find that she was about to face the blood thirsty, Minotaur. She was told that the Minotaur was the offspring of the King Minos of Crete's wife, and of a sacred white bull. It appeared as being part man, part bull, and was locked away in the middle of Labyrinth designed by Minos' architect Daedalus. Every nine years, seven young men and seven young maidens were taken from Athens to the labyrinth to be sacrificed to the Minotaur so that Crete would not attack the city.The beast was then later killed by the Greek hero Theseus. Helena knew something was not right about these creatures, they were returning from the Underworld, first Medusa then the Hydra, now the Minotaur which roared with anger at the princess of Athens ready to charge at her with it's deadly horns. 
"I am called Angeni. I am the princess of Athens, a warrior of peace. And as the protector of Athens and princess, I shall not allow you to kill anymore of my people". As, she said these words the Minotaur with rage charged at her with it's horns ready to stab into her torso but suddenly the goddess used all her strength that is literally as strong as the earth to grab both of its horns and lift the beast in midair, slamming the Minotaur onto the hard solid ground. As the Minotaur laid on it's back roaring with pain, Helena Troy quickly thrust her sword in its open mouth and out the back of its head ending its misery. " FOR ATHENS!!!!". She pulled the blade out of the beast mouth and held up her bloody sword with victory. As the princess was about to return to her throne with the body of the young soldier who was killed by the hands of this beast her COP communicator went off. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up, and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action." 
The goddess sighed. How was she going to make it on time for the meeting? As she thought of a way she just remembered that she had the sandals of Hermes, these allowed her to go fast then any speedster in the world. Before she could leave the goddess placed two coins on the fallen soldier eye's for the ferryman and then ran towards Champion City faster then the speed of light. 

Champion City

After killing the Minotaur, Angeni arrived at Champion City thanks to the Sandals of Hermes, and just in time for the meeting. The goddess quickly flew towards the headquarters that took half of the sky and landed on the ground, before she entered she took a deep breath and entered the tower with a bright smile on her, she entered the meeting room just in time for the announcement and took a seat next to Edward and a few other teammates. As everyone began to chat the young hero known as Eclipse spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. "Alright guys, listen up." The young hero announced. "First off, Paragon is finally back on his feet and I for one think he deserves a round of applause." Everyone on the team began to clap at his return, even though the goddess didn't know who he was she paid her respects and followed along."But unfortunately, he comes bearing news, and Octagon here backs up what he saw. Whether it's good news or bad news, we'll know by the end of the day." Stepping to one side, the young hero gestured at his co-leader, waiting for her to continue. "Sarah?" Angeni waited patiently for the rest of the announcement. 

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Three am flashed on the ceiling, its soft glow the only source of light in the dim room of the Lockheart parent’s bedroom, soft voices broke the silence of the room as Mike and Sarah spoke about the shared dream that had occurred almost half an hour earlier. “Do you think anyone else from ICE had the same call?” Mistress Redhead asked of her husband as she pulled herself up against their large headboard, Sovereign Son lay beside her, his arm tucked behind his head, the smattering of hairs on his naked chest rose up and down as he spoke “They must have” the pair turned their heads as a cry thought the small device beside the bed broke their conversation. Swinging her legs over the bed Sarah padded across the floor of their room and opened the door to the softly lit hallway, passing her daughters room she smiled at the faint snores that came from it, Chevie had only just had her 13 birthday party and was exhausted from the nights events, crossing past her room, louder grunting snores came from the guest bedroom as Crazy slept off his part in his God-daughters birthday.

 The cries from her son’s bedroom got louder as she opened the door, HUDSON was spelt out on the door in hand painted softly glowing letters, a gift from Circe at his naming ceremony they were protective as well as decorative, altering any who entered the room to the intruder’s presence. Sarah could feel the faint tingle as the spell noted her and let her enter. Her son was waving his arms in his crib, his cries of hunger having woken him, he calmed as his mother approached, stretching out his little arms to grasp hers as she picked him up and tucked his rug around him. Taking a seat on the rocking chair beside his bed she raised her shirt and began to feed her son, rocking the chair gently as she did. Humming softly to him she let her mind go back to IcingDeath’s call as she thought heard Mike’s cell go off down the hallway, a brief conversation and he approached his son’s room, he opened the door and with a small smile said “Paragon is awake”

Champions of Peace meeting room, Champion Tower.

"But unfortunately, he comes bearing news, and Octagon here backs up what he saw. Whether it's good news or bad news, we'll know by the end of the day." Stepping to one side, the young hero gestured at his co-leader, waiting for her to continue. "Sarah?”  She stood beside Eclipse as she looked around the room, its vast round table housing every member of the great team she led, she had been looking out the window as Eclipse spoke, they had not had a chance to communicate since last night’s occurrences, so much going on, she had had no time to fill him in or even discuss what to do next. The pair had mobilized in their own areas, Eclipse managing Paragons waking and talking to him about what he had heard, she moving to create a plan of attack, both had agreed in passing that they would simply follow the others lead in these matters.

Turning back to the group with a stern look on her face she spoke “Champions, Paragon and Octy are not the only ones who have received this call, every old member of ICE in some way heard or saw the vision that was sent out, and I believe we know who it was. Looking pointedly at the other ex ICE members in the room they all nodded softly, confirming her words. “ICE was in some ways powered by a great force of ancient beings, the last of these beings” looking at Cly “well the last of its breed, has made contact with us” reaching to pull the laptop she had placed on the table she pressed a few buttons and spoke again “I have managed to signal out the vision in my own brain, using technology not even the CIA have yet, this is a dim recording of what was sent to us”

The computer was plugged into the speakers that surrounded the boardroom as a faint powerful voice spoke.


"Long ago the world was in need of heroes, and so the ICE Dragons were born. I called to you for more than just companionship and friendship. For a bond more than blood. To save one of your own I gave up my life, unintentionally stripping you of your guardians. An act that I forever mourn to this day. But the time is at hand. A rebirth may begin. Some of your may have wandered off the beaten path, however the light still shines. It is never too late. Come to me my family. The world is in dire need."

The voice stopped as Sarah waited a moment for the room to digest the speech before speaking “I believe, and I think as does the others that this is the voice of Icing Death, the last remaining ICE dragon” Eyebrows rose around the table, people turned to each other and muttered, thoughts racing as she continued “I am aware of course that not all of you hold a loyalty to ICE, or in some ways even to Andferne” she glanced at some of the younger members who had never even had the chance to meet the great leader “but we have to follow this call, the pull is greater than we can describe” again nods from the other ICE members, including her husband who stood at the back of the room next to Hesperus and Chevie “Mike and I believe that there is a greater threat here, several ICE members now belong to the darker side of our world, and I fear that they will also have received the call”

Paragon and Octy frowned at the memory of their dear friends, ReEnforcer and Darkchild who were once great heroes and members of their loyal army but who now worshiped a darker god “We feel that we must go to the egg and do our best to rescue this dragon before others would come and corrupt it” leaning against the table she looked over her glasses at them all “The question here is, who will follow us, who will help us on this great journey?” she held eyes with each of them for a moment before turning to Eclipse who nodded at her as everyone in the room continued to process the information.

“If anyone here would say nay, you will of course have a place in our team, you will not be rejected or removed, we simply ask for you to help us” brushing a strand of red hair from her face she continued “If you would say no, say it now” she looked around the room at the stern faces, not a single one of them spoke and she smiled softly, looking out at the young faces she turned to Eclipse and nodded, he reached back and flipped the large white board behind him, a list of names and individual teams ran along it in his cursive strict writing.

“We had an inkling none of you would want to miss out on this so we have made a list, pairing each of you off with someone else, we hope this will help to keep you all safe” she waited as each member noted their name and their team “We know where Icing Death is located but getting there is going to be hazardous” she pulled down the great world map on the wall and pointed to the top of the map she indicated the Arctic “we have everything we need to get there, but we are unable to use our transporters, the distance is fine, but there is something protecting it, no magic or technology will get us there, we must make the journey ourselves” having discovered this as she tested everything they had to make the journey she was sure, but not certain, but the safety of their team was the most important.

 “Our other worry, is that one of us MUST get there, by separating you all, we hope that as each team takes a separate journey we will be able to have a chance to get there safely,  I have located vehicles and planes for all of us, and our coms will be in use until we get close to the dragons cave, we cannot locate it exactly, only that it is in the Arctic, somewhere, We believe its somewhere in the Arctic circle, so each of you will be landed in cities nearby and trek from there to the hazardous Ice around there, I have an inkling the egg lies beneath one of the large glaciers”  she was worried about the lack of real time that she and Eclipse had had to plan this out, but was content to trust him when he said they could all handle it.

 “After the meeting we will all take off, but each of you will be issued with a gem” she turned to open a box that held several small clear stones “I have been made aware that the closer we get to Icing Death’s location the stronger these will glow, follow their lead and you will get there, whatever you face along the way be safe and remember that we are a family, each of us are here with our own agendas, but the greater goal, the greater promise of a world without evil is what drives us. I know and trust each of you with my life, and hope, nay trust that we will all get through this with everything intact” she swallowed at this, fear at facing the powerful enemies she feared would beat them there “Look after each other and make sure you are safe, If I lose any of you I will personally get you brought back so I can beat you to death” she smirked at the spattering of laughter, she hated speeches and she hated too much emotion.  

 Eclipse stepped forward as she finished “Right, you all know who you are with, your vehicles and equipment will be issued to you as we leave, so get to it and do as Sarah says, be safe and be strong”

The room broke apart as everyone began to leave the room, getting ready for their journey she approached her group who stayed back to wait for her, Nicole, Crazy and Mantoid stood waiting for her, Chevie hung in the doorway as she approached her crew “Right guys, we are taking the newly built Champion plane, we will be taking two other teams and arriving near the arctic circle and starting off from there, others are arriving in Greenland and surrounding areas” she watched her daughter from the corner of her eye “Go, get your stuff organised and meet up with Nova and Hesperus’s groups” she indicated the list behind her,” they will be joining us but leaving us at Tromso, Norway” she mentioned one of the capital cities near the Arcitc Circle "meet me in the hanger in two hours"

As the others left the boardroom she gave Nicoles shoulder a quick reassuring squeeze, the girl looked petrified, turning away from them she took a seat at the table and watched her daughter who had wandered back into the room “you know why you’re not coming don’t you honey?” she said as she pulled her daughter in for a hug “yeah…” Chevie muttered into her mums shoulder the hurt rolling off her “Someone has to stay back with the nanny and watch Hudson, you’re the only one that daddy and I trust” Chevie nodded, tears forming in her eyes, she pulled away from her mum and rushed out of the room, hurt and disappointed. Sarah sighed and rose from her seat, making her way to her lab, she picked up everything she needed and made her way to the Champion Jet, it was time to begin a journey that she was not sure if they would all come back from.

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The signal in his head was getting louder an louder, Icing was growing restless he wanted everyone to be there not soon but now. He was an insufferable old dragon, even in spirit he was nagging on Darkchild. Darkchild leaned forward as the rest of his team soon arrived in the meeting room, each took there seats without fail Lady Death she sat across from Darkchild. The woman had roots to dragons, something she didn’t let anyone know Darkchild had to do his own digging. Many demons feared her, but many more would do anything to get out of being killed so they spoke of her history. Darkchild knew of most of it from his tenure as leader of VV she was one of his then, but Eternal Chaos now had her. Something he thought ironic in many ways, but now Darkchild had a grand ordeal to deal with now. He stood up his son looking up to him and Justice sitting quietly beside him. Waving his hand over the middle of the table a large orb lifted from the middle of the table. Gray Fox stared at the orb of light, his technology within Darkchilds base was the highest caliber only second to his own domain. With a slight twitch of his fingers the orb exploded into tinier balls of light an soon the form of Icing Death formed he serpentine through the air above the table. The members of Tenebrasque watched the show before he slowly fell into the table, where Icing Death hit the table a small egg appeared.

As it took its full image Darkchild explained who the creature was an what the egg was, that it was a creature born from Icing Death. A Dragon that depending on who acquired it would give untold power “He calls to those who were closest to him, that includes ReEn and myself…for this team that is.” Darkchild pulled up from the table with his hand bringing a hologram with his hand. A list of the members of Champions of Peace appeared on the team, of the many members six names were highlighted “These will also have received the call from that damned dragon.”   Eclipse, Mistress Redhead, Sovereign Son, Paragon, Nighthunter,  and Octagon Freak were pulled from the list and there statistics giving in full the rest of the table read over the information. The men and women hovering in hologram form above the table were each part of both Darkchild an ReEnforcers former lives. They touched their very souls or what once were called souls. Darkchild looked to the group and smiled wide “We go today to the Arctic Circle, the very place where this egg will be. The place itself is surrounded in something I have only come across on two occasions in my long life, the power of the place itself an what surrounds it will compromise any technology or magics the moment we enter it.” As he spoke this he tapped his fingers and Jacobi he giggled as he bellowed “Marvin!!!!” he screamed loud within his mind. From the shadows seven large figures approached Darkchild a red light appeared as one held a lightsaber, his eyes as red as the crimson blood that filled his body. Stepping into the light of the hologram Darkchild held his hand out grabbing the figures hand “We welcome Starkiller to our fold today, because like us he wishes to see the end of those who oppose us. And Today those people are the champions of peace.

The rest of the figures stood six feet tall, three feet long tails twitched like a cats tail. Jacobi climbed one of them an patted its head, they were modified Darklings. Morphed using Dark Matter an Darkness into larger than life duplicates of their former selves. One named Marvin smiled as Jacobi patted its head, Darkchild snapped his fingers and Jacobi stopped playing he slid down the beasts back an stood next to his father. Justice stood up next to the child as Darkchild spoke “Find your own steeds, we leave in fifteen minutes. The archways will bring us just outside of where the egg will be, once we get there we will need to enter the field where magics an tech will be compromised. So be prepared, today the war we began months ago begins. Because after today, if we are chosen to have this egg we will be known as kings.” Darkchild looked to ReEn an spoke to him telepathically “Stay close until we intercede the Champions of Peace we cannot fail at this brother. Icing death will not just give us the prize, he will test us you know full well of his sense of humor.” With that Darkchild left the meeting room with Justice and his son, Starkiller walking quite a distance behind them but keeping his presence known to them. “Justice you’re traveling with me until we get there go prep the darklings, feed them so they don’t feed on each other. You know that’s the only symptom of the modification, there hunger is great fill their bellies.” Justice nodded her head leaving the father an son.

Darkchild took Jacobi to the middle of Darkchilds mansion; he looked up to the room which was a large glass ceiling. Outside demons roamed the streets of Citti, Darkchild knelt down to his sons eye level an spoke to him. “Jacobi, I need you to stay behind an protect our home. The moment we leave put up the biggest and strongest psy field you can create around the entire city. Foxes drones an weapons will protect the rest of Paese Di Tenebra, you just worry about our home.” Jacobi now four months old in looks shook his head “I can help you!” Darkchild patted his sons head an tugged on the growing horns on his head “No my son, you must protect our home. I need you here, if anyone somehow gets in…kill them. And if you can’t you call Grandpa(Lucifer), because if someone can get even close to beating you…you will need him. I will not return until this is over, but I promise I will return. These fools don’t have the power to hurt me…fatally that is.” Jacobi nodded his head reluctantly agreeing with his father to stay home.

Darkchild left Jacobi who soon began the channel his powers, they seeped out from his body an began to cover the mansion an spread far into the city. Darkchild made his way to the archway where the others would soon to be, Justice stood petting one of the steeds. It churred at her with its white teeth showing, Darkchild patted on the back an it fell forward onto all fours. Darkchild leaped onto it grabbing the reigns an pulled hard, it was Jacobi’s friend Marvin. The Darkling he had given a name too, he hoped the beast didn’t die this day or his son would be very saddened. With a slight kick he along with Justice entered the archway,   on the other side they exited in arriving in Russia the frigid cold winds blowing against his armor. His face bare he pulled down on his face mask. He wore Magneto’s old suit, it was modified greatly but the original design was clear to those who knew the man. In his eyes he saw the glow that only those who were close to Icing Death would see, he kicked again and his beast strode forward. Soon the rest of Tenebrasque would arrive and even sooner they would run into the Champions. Darkchild smiled with the thought of ridding the world of them.

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The sun peeking over the cloudless horizon, today was looking to be a great day in Washington. Well, maybe for a normal person, but not for a certain hero. Fifteen minutes earlier, the American Dragon Rider, Cly, and his loyal Dragon and friend, Esmeralda, were briefed on the location of a meth lab. A small police force had investigated an hour ago, and they lost all communications, never coming out of the house. The situation was considered too dangerous to send in more officers, it was time to call in the big guns. Sporting oily dark brown hair, wearing tight fitting comfortable goggles over his hazel eyes, a black shirt that had graffiti type lettering of various colors all over it, tattered jeans that had been bought new a few days before, without any factory rips or tears, his sheathed sword at his side, and his callused bare feet, the Samurai was ready for action.

The lighting had been still dark outside, and Esmeralda approached the building as quiet as a mouse. Hovering silently she held on to a rope with her claws. Be careful. With my vision I can see the bodies of the police officers that had previously entered, but I can not tell if they are alive or not. The Knight smiled, "Gotcha. If they are alive, I'll get em out." Falling back off his Dragon, he slid down the rope until he was within distance of the roof, and slowed himself. The reason he had taken the rope down was because Esmeralda would be easier to spot, so close to the house, which he didn't want to get in the way of the success of this mission.

Cutting a hole in the roof, he peeked inside the hole to find an attic. Crawling inside, he quietly walked around looking for stairs or a hole to peer through. Locating a hole he took a step and realized his mistake. Crash! His body fell down through the ceiling to the main, semi lit floor. Tens of meth workers were inside working, along with four heavily armed guards. Everyone stopped what they were doing and surrounded the young man. Each worker drew a nine millimeter pistol and pointed it towards Cly. Not to mention four Kalashnikovs pointing at him from the heavily armed guards. Brushing off the dust, Cly said, "They don't make attics like they used to." Noticing all the guns, he joked, "You guys with the NRA?" (national rifle association) Two of the workers started to talk when one of the four guards yelled out, "Silence!" He walked up to the Rider, who was still on the ground, and poked him with the barrel of his gun. "Any last words punk?" The twenty year old Dragon Rider humored, "I didn't catch that, could you repeat please?"

SMASH! The entire back-wall of the house was demolished in an instant and four clawed feet grabbed hold of the four guards, and a long green scaled tail knocked out five of the workers. Bang! Bang! Bang! Gunshots rang out in the chaos, some towards Cly, some towards Esmeralda, and some in random directions. Leaping through the gunfire with his advanced agility, he knocked out two workers who were near five tied up police officers, still alive. During his jokes, he had been formulating a plan to rescue the officers as best he could without any harm falling upon them. Swoosh! With a swing of his sword, the sharpest sword in existence, the ropes that had bound the officers was cut free. Armed meth workers all around the officers, Cly struggled to stop the incoming bullets from many directions. Pierce! One hit the side of his head, near his temple, and took him to the ground. Rolling forward back to his feet, he withheld the intense pain and called out, "ESMERALDA! NEED AN EVAC!" Crash! Down through the ceiling the mighty multi-ton Dragon fell, grabbed all five officers in one swift motion, then pushing off and out with her wings, out of the house.

With at least twenty armed workers still remaining, Cly held his sword and stuck it in the ground. "My fists versus your guns. Bring it on!" Five minutes later, he hobbled out of the barely standing house, with fifteen gunshot wounds. Four to the head, seven to the chest, one to each arm, and two on his right leg. After speaking to the police, he climbed onto Esmeralda and she took off, headed back to the Champion City. You are very injured, best get some rest. He closed his eyes and was about to drift off when she said, Why did you do it? One of his eyes opened. "Huh...do what?" Fight those criminals with your bare hands instead of your sword. "Oh, I wanted a challenge." That's it? "Yup." You're crazy. An hour later, she could see the island far off in the distance.

Buzz! Her communicator went off. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up, and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action." The Mighty Green Dragon kicked her wings into overdrive, gaining hundreds of miles per hour in velocity so they could be to the meeting on time. Snatching a few tasty birds along the way, she landed and tried to wake Cly, who had been fully healed from his time asleep. Wake up sleepyhead. We have a meeting to go to. Nothing. Whacking him off of her with her tail, she put her claws on his shirt and poked lightly, nothing. A roar to his face, nothing. I don't understand, usually he wakes up to my voice, he must be in a deep sleep. The teenage Dragon got an idea. Cly! There is one more meth worker that you didn't knock out! Jumping from sleep to awake he landed in a cat stance ready to fight. "WHERE!?" She shook her head and dragged him to the meeting, informing him along the way.

Champions Tower

Listening to Mistress Redhead talk about the mission, both Esmeralda and Cly were interested because of the talk of a Dragon egg. They both did not think the Dragon would be similar to Esmeralda, because she was born from the Dreamworld. Taking a gem each, Cly slipped his in his pants pocket, while Esmeralda played with the gem in her mouth, careful not to swallow it. Mistress Redhead finished by saying, “Right, you all know who you are with, your vehicles and equipment will be issued to you as we leave, so get to it and do as Sarah says, be safe and be strong." The Knight tried to remember who was on his team, "Uh...do you remember Esmeralda?" Of course... Eclipse, Taiqod, and Circe. "Ah, that's right." He put on his goggles and spoke to the team. "Whatever means you travel, Esmeralda and I will keep up with the you in the air."
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Beauregard. Fox had only hoped to use him for training assignments, but it couldn't be helped. If he was going to get to the Arctic without crashing into the ice and becoming immobile he would require this Many-Angled abomination that he had summoned forth from one of the oldest, foulest, most profane and atrocious realities in existence's assistance. In comparison to everyone else's mode of transport, Beauregard was the most massive. He was a writhing cyclopean cephalapod; a mass of tentacles, bulging red eyes and mouths filled with razor sharp teeth that reeked of dead stars and lost aeons and tasted of gamma rads and exotic toxics the likes of which Fox had yet to uncover the mystery behind. Though most would never be able to find anything good to say about Beauregard, Fox was different.
Beauregard had many redeeming qualities...his greatest being his ability to exist in more than one universe simultaneously, which in turn gave him the power to get within reaching distance of the Dragon's Cave without worrying about his Chthonic magics failing on him. The only problem was Beauregard could only use his magic to fly and thus would be of no use in the battles to come, a fact that had actually made Fox a bit more willing to use him as a mode of transport rather than rely on Darkchild for help. Despite being a soulless machine, Fox still couldn't bear the thought of losing such a beautiful and magnificent creature to those savages in battle. But if Beauregard did somehow fall at the hands of those so-called "Champions of Peace" before making it back home to keep little Cobi and the whole of Paese Di Tenebra safe then he would make sure to return the "favor" tenfold.
"The souls of every Champion combined with the souls of every single member of their respective families equals...less than a third of one of Beauregard's angles. That paltry sum of souls will not be enough to resurrect Beauregard should he fall." Fox mumbled to himself. "Hmm...where did I put my other gun? Ah...here it is."
"GNAIIH!" Beauregard bellowed, his many eyes settling on the Darklings flying above them.
"Yes, yes...I'm going as fast as I can. I just want to make sure that I am fully prepared for what is to come." Fox replied as he placed two Tesla Shotguns in holsters on both sides of his belt. "Logic suggests that low-tech devices are not hindered by The Fundamentalists' safeguards, that only high-tech devices and high-end magic suffer the consequences of their restrictions."
"NOG GNAIIH!" Beauregard boomed, prompting Fox to get a move on.
He checked his supplies one last time and hopped up onto one of Beauregard's massive tentacles, gave the signal to ascend and laid down on his back as Beauregard took off after Darkchild and the others. It wasn't long before they entered Russian airspace right behind Darkchild and Justice. The wind was howling and the cold was biting but Beauregard seemed to be fine with it and Fox was almost impervious to its effects. Fox could only hope that his allies were fairing just as good, if not better, as he was and that Mother Nature had chosen his enemies to become the targets of her icy wrath.
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“Once upon a time.” As those words were uttered they ricocheted off the stone cold walls filling the empty silence that had previously consumed the dim lighted room. Yet a fire burned brightly as it cracked and shot of vapors of smoke and ash into the air. Near it was a wooden stool that held the weight of a young woman and a small infant only 4 months of age. It had been month since she bore this little wonder, and since then her powers were drained, she was helpless. This placed great strain on her to train harder to work harder but at the same time she had to juggle three separate lives. One as Laura Chabot of Champions of Peace, Talon of Shadow Squad and now…mother of a child born of darkness.

In most cases she should have hated the creature Darkchild and herself had formed but she had compassion for the child….that was why she stayed, the only reason why she ever came close enough to Tenebrasque Inn that was the only reason she controlled herself in the presence of that monster. Yet was a dark deal forged through secrecy and lies on both parts. By allowing her to watch over the Child she was placed in the hands of one of the members, he had experimented to his desire she didn’t mind, honestly she was made to be tested upon and manipulated. Emotionally she had shut down, what happened to her was irrelevant she had already attempted to sever her friendship with War Killer but that young was persistent wanting to know what was going on, where she was all the time.

They communicated via Text and in most cased the conversation would end with her saying. “I can’t tell you.” But Charles was stubborn, she hadn’t seen him since the incident when Darkchild himself spirited her away from Champions Island in the sight of War Killer himself she knew that he was no gullible fool none of them were but sometimes lies had to be kept even when the masquerade is slightly obvious. She inhale the stagnant air as her she slowly got to her feet and approached the small bed the child would be laid in. With that she stormed off, she had received a message from Mistress Redhead of Icing Death. She had only been a part of ICE for a very short time but long enough to know this was important.  

“DARKCHILD!” She shouted pushing past the two monolithic doors. Her feet slid across the cold marble as she was found the dark master sitting in his chair. So many times Talon had come close to death she really paid no respect for the monster despite the power he held. Her hair slung over her faded face as her deep emerald eyes glared daggers. She was dressed in white silk linen that was lucid since she found herself a toy not only to the dark Lord but any member in Tenebrasque Inn, though gladly she had not been noticed. Her enraged face knew she didn’t want to waste her time and with her newly used voice she made her desires clear.

 “You well know that I will not harm that child, but do not mistake my care for weakness. For my loyalty is to the Champions, I stay for the babes sake.” The words echoed off the dense walls so full of wrath and anger that it caused the candle light to flicker. “Though I will do all in my power to ensure no harm comes to our child, I shall do everything beyond my power to ensure that one day I rid the world of you and this team.” With her heart as cold as ice to him she turned on her heal but as did she found the monsters hand clutching her arm so tightly that his nails dug into her pale skin. She cringed slightly but didn’t make it obviously. Twisting her neck she turned to star into his hell fueled eyes as his breath beat against her face.

“Though you watch over the child, it does not mean that I wouldn’t kill you if I had the chance. For beyond these doors our agreement is disregarded and out there in the battle field I can end your life with only a word.” Feeling his slightly loosen she pulled savagely away. Chuckling slightly she continued to walk away finally stopping at the door to glance back at him once more as she whispered “Touché’”.

At Champions Island

On her arrival at base she was informed of the mission, and before she had much of a say paired along side with Ethan Stark, Over Killer and The Wanderer. She knew all three of the young men but contact was limited. Though gladly they didn’t know much of her and right now after doing what she had done to those closest to her she did prefer them over the others. Yet along with that she was granted an interesting bluish gem, she was told its glowing would increase the closer they got the Dragon, only time would tell if it actually worked. Determined to keep it close she laced it around her neck so it formed a more necklace type of ornament. With that done she turned her attention to how they’d get as close as possible to the arctic circle.

Now standing with the remaining young men that would she would be assigned to work with she proposed a plan. “I think the safest way would be by plane from here to Ellesmere Island located at the top of Canada , I know it might crude but I think best we take the fasted ship loaded with 4 equipped terrain wheelers and anything else we might need from that point and sail into the arctic circle. From there we can go deeper until we find any large land mass and take the bikes inward. I only say this because air travel will no doubt be hard due to any storms that might be rolling. And if we take a boat from the tip of Canada in that direction we’ll most likely be able to comb the area more precisely.”

Talon in no way was assuming a leading role she was just making a suggestion one that her group seem to agree on. With that the team agreed to meet in the hanger bay in 10 minutes while each individual would get what they needed. Talon on the other hand didn’t need anything. As she slowly walked down the busy hall ways of the Champions Apartments she managed to find her room. Placing the palm of her hand upon the wooden door she let in a deep sigh before turning around to see the door of Eclipse and War Killer’s dorm. Her heart raced as she slowly turned the knob and entered. Eclipse wasn’t present she had seen him at the meeting yet Charles she couldn’t seem to find. As she silently crept into the messy abode she found herself standing in front of the slightly ajar door of the star spangled hero.

Her fist was tightened as she was about to knock but then swiftly retracted. Lowering her head she slowly turned and quickly left the room in a spree and ran down the hall before pushing her back against a wall. Sliding her hand through her tangled locks of blue a small tear slid down her blushed cheeks. Her heart was aching inside her chest but she knew it would be too much of a distraction to get in the way. “Sorry hero.” She whispered before regaining her composure and walking toward the Hanger bay. When she entered she glance around before seeing the three heroes who had already managed to claim a jet. Smiling confidently she let out a deep sigh as they all entered. Sliding her hand across the metal she said a silent prayer as the jet door began to close, her prayer that each member of this team would survive.

The person she knew the best was Ethan Stark, they had served on Shadow Squad missions a few time and though she had never really exchanged words with him a simple glance was enough communication for the two. He quickly took control and piloted the vassal out of Champions base and pin pointed Ellesmere Island in the navigation systems. Instead of setting it to auto Pilot he remained in the cock pit the whole while to ensure that nothing went wrong. The rest of the three sat silently no doubt lost in their own thoughts. With her head laid back against the metal wall she slowly closed her eyes a moment formulating a plan, and the worst things that could happen. She was the type of person who always thought up a plan and always had a backup plan for the backup. But she was very confident that things would be fine, she knew what an expert Ethan was when in a jet, if anything surfaced she was positive he’d be able to handle it.

Finally she opened her eyes and glanced over to The Wanderer who sat across from her. So many memories were attached to that young man more than he ever knew. She really didn’t know much about him…except that a long time ago a future version of him, saved her life on an alien planet and then because of that action altered the future forever. It was a blurred memory but she hadn’t forgotten his kindness and if anything would attempt to show at least a little friendliness. “My name is Laura Chabot. It’s a pleasure to be teamed with you.” She finally said tossing him a smile before she got to her feet to check their ETA with Ethan. It wasn’t long before the jet landed in the icy rigid terrain of Ellesmere Isle. A cold wind howled as it beat against the frozen jet. Gladly there was warm attire onboard so that each member could suit up nicely.

Glancing over at Over Kill as they unloaded the bikes onto the ship she pulled him aside. “Over Kill I hear you have experience, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking control of the ship and steering her to her destination. She’s easy to handle and the ocean isn’t too restless“ Laura said as she hooded herself covering her face as the icy blasts of wind continued to pound against the small team. Her hopes were high that they’d over take the storm that was moving up, but no doubt they’d eventually have to face it. A fully grown blizzard would make finding the young Dragon harder but hopefully not just for them. Patting Peter on the shoulder she smiled brightly staring him deep in the eye. “I know you’ll do a great Job Peter, and who knows if we survive maybe you can keep the ship…if you don’t wreck it.”

With that she turned as Ethan and The Wanderer managed to finish loading the ship. The cold water splashed against its hull as Laura walked upon the dock. Glancing up at the clouded sky she could she a glimmer of sunlight as if for a brief moment shone upon the boat before once again being over taken by the darkened clouds rapidly approaching. Fully equipped and ready for action all members boarded and were accounted for. The Wanderer constantly stared out into the distance Laura couldn’t figure for a while what he was doing until she realized he might have been using the gem that Mistress Redhead gave him to search out the Dragon. Gladly nothing had gone wrong and even though the path Laura had chosen to get to their destination was unorthodox she had a reason for it. With Peter at helm, Ethan probably down below checking out weapons Talon stood there glancing out into the distance.

Communication with other teams were limited and as she looked out to the barren desert of ocean littered with ice isles she couldn’t help but wonder to herself how in the world they would be able to find this beast that had barricaded itself in walls of ice. No doubt they would encounter many a hardships before they reached their ultimate destination, but it didn’t matter. They were a team brought together under circumstances but chosen by fate to work together. Laura had no doubt that together with team work they’d find the beast, and bring it home….they had too. Yet as her thoughts continued to be carried by the light cold wind that whispered tidings of hope, the young teen couldn’t seem to stop her thoughts to drift back to the man that held her heart. Her only hope was that he would remain safe and hopefully fate  would work in her favor by bringing them together once again.

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Champion City Apartments

Arriving at his apartment in Champion City, Ryan placed his new videogame on the table as he takes off his eletric blue Nike sneakers. Finally... Ryan thought, time for myself and my new videogame. In a rush to play his new game, Ryan ripped off the plastic protecting the disc and soon ran towards his game console. He plugged the system in, turned on the 76 inch Samsung HD TV, inserted the game into the cosole, and as he was about to start the game, his Champion's Communicator rang. Dang it! Ryan thought, Of all times... He walked towards his communicator and listened to the message: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up, and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action." Five minutes?! Ryan thought The Tower is like 10 minutes from here. He soon ran towards the window, slid it open and flew out to the tower.  

Champions Tower

 Arriving at the door step of the tower, Ryan noticed that he forgot to wear his shoes. What a stupid thing to forget he thought, but with no time to get his shoes, Ryan ran inside. Just in time, he took his seat just as Sarah was about to speak. Listening to Sarah's words of the the mission, Ryan knew that this was going to be a hard one. He even heard Sarah say, “If you would say no, say it now.”    Knowing that helping others was the right path, backing out was not an option. He soon looked at the white board to see who he was placed with, Ryan was teamed up with War Killer, Angeni, and Boom Boom. When Sarah  finished her speech, Eclipse stepped forward and said, “Right, you all know who you are with, your vehicles and equipment will be issued to you as we leave, so get to it and do as Sarah says, be safe and be strong”     
The room scattered about to their teams, but before Ryan got to his team, he knew that wearing jeans and no shoes on a dangnerous mission would be catastrophic. So Ryan quickly went to a different room in the Tower and with his thumbprint, opens up a drawer. In the drawer, there were two suits. One was his iconic suit spare suit, but the other was his new suit given to him by V.I.N.E. Seeing the the other suit, Ryan knew that he would need it for this particular mission. Ryan took out the 'Alpha Suit' as V.I.N.E. called it and put it on. The suit was all black, with the exception of the large red eagle emblem on his chest and the grey belt wrapped around his waist, it was also heavy, since it has protective armor. The suit had no cape, and like the original suit, he equipped himself with gadgets and had a 15 second invisibility cloak. Ryan synced his built in com-link within his mask with the CoP communicator and was off for his new mission with his team.
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 Deep within the heart of Eternus Obscurum, the God of this dark city lay restless in his bed with his beloved Goddess, Lady Death. The vampire relinquished himself of his black satin sheets, allowing them to cover his pale queen. His long brown hair hung in front of his face as he sat over the edge of the bed. Kain simultaneously ran his fingers through his hair while rubbing the sleep from his eyes. A massive yawn erupted from Kain's mouth while his tongue seemingly rolled out his mouth. He placed his hands on the rim of his bed and turned his head to check on Lyn.
"Sleep well, my evil angel."

The cold marble floor led Kain's feet to his terrace where construction over his prized Colosseum could be easily watched over. In the streets below, life continued as it normally would in France with a few exceptions; Soul Feeders patrolled the streets abducting the most battle worthy civilians for the colosseum while dragons patrolled the air. A myriad of other beasts created of both darkness and light were also down below, the majority were putting finishing touches on the massive structure such as traps and cells. 

Kain leaned against the metal railing on the terrace. Exposing his wings and twin poison-tipped tails, the vampire stared out into the distance. Kain reached for a half smoked cigar on the table to his left. After putting it in his mouth and lighting it, he curled his fingers around the steel rail. He was immediately lost in thought after the first puff.

"The times have changed so much over the years. I've seen the birth of the earth and the destruction as well. I've outlived Julius Cesar, Al Capone, Ares, Hitler and every other being I can think of. Everyone has become weak, and fat. Living off machines and crying as soon as the temperature drops a few degrees. The colosseum is all that remains of the old world, back when most of these mortal parasites had spines and not lines of jelly. Everyday this world comes one step closer to self-destruction."

Kain's thoughts continued to run hundreds of miles an hour. He was eventually plagued by thoughts of losing Lady Death which was when he turned around to see an empty spot in the bed where she once lay. However before being consumed by rage, a small hopping darkling called out to the vampire.

"Hey! The boss man wants you! Get your ass over there now!"

It was a common darkling, the one Darkchild often summoned to anger Kain, knowing it would bring Kain out at his best. Obviously, this had to be important but before heading over to the meeting place, Kain had one minor task to take care of.
"You insignificant little insect. Go to hell."

Kain raised his foot and stomped down on the darkling, crushing it like an insect beneath his boot. A loud splat rang in his ears like music. He threw on a black silk shirt and white leather pants before heading off to meet with his team. He took Darkchild's method of transportation and appeared at the meeting, watching the events unfold. 

Kain appeared behind Lady Death and sat down next to her. He took her hand into his own and leaned on his right side. The vampire's cold eyes were like that of a snake; unmoving, callous and empty. He listened to Darkchild's words. Kain's attention was perfectly captured at the mention of power. He knew how powerful an average dragon egg could be, but if this special dragon was as powerful as Darkchild made it out to be, the possibilities could be endless if absorbed. Thoughts of enhancing his own abilities with pure dragon energy was incredibly inviting. His mouth became more and more like a waterfall as the briefing went on.
Kain held Lyn's hand tightly and smiled. He knew she wasn't too thrilled about this mission however he knew that once he absorbed this dragon power, his own personal goals would be all the closer to coming into fruition. Soon, this would be a brave new world. Suddenly, Kain sensed an abnormal energy signature which was when a new face graced the team with his presence. Apparently the man's name was Starkiller. Kain kept his interest in Starkiller a secret. It was obvious this being possessed untapped power, power that Kain could certainly use for his own agenda.

Kain was most displeased with news as to magic and technology being cancelled out temporarily on the journey. This meant no dark beast summonings. His only option was to bring forth a beast he hadn't used in centuries. The Horse of War. The steed was often as stubborn and hardheaded as Kain. 

With a snap of his fingers, the floor went ablaze and Kain's horse ran up to meet its master. The horse was black with red glyphs in its neck. The horse was slightly larger than a Clydesdale, yet several times faster than the American Quarter Bred. Kain's horse was a nightmare for any who dared to combat him. It's body was littered with scars in the same manner a city was littered with crime. Kain's horse also had armor slumped over the side of it. His armor would have to be put on once they arrived at their destination.

He took Lyn in his arms and softly kissed her cold deadly lips. She was a drug for him. He just couldn't get enough of her. They often slaughtered villages together, blew up towns and tortured priests. It was a past time for them. They had gone through centuries of war together. So many memories, so many experiences. Now, they prepared to enter the fray once again, this time, for an unknown power. These heroes would know the wrath of the two Horsemen, War and Death.

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The eyes of the Obsidian King kept projecting toward Lady Death. She could just feel them upon her while he was talking to the others. He must have caught wind of her connection to the dragons. It wasn't just a connection it was a bloodline. As he spoke he went into detail of the pursuit of a dragon egg. To Lyn's discomfort her assumption was correct. She did not want anything to do with the egg. Too many memories of the past would rise up. Unfortunately they already started. Lyn remembered living in close proximity of full blooded dragons in the far past.

Lady Death shifted in her seat somewhat as she tried to ease her thoughts. She had heard of the name IcingDeath from her own mother. He had lived many years and sided himself with many heroes to help balance the ways of good and evil. According to Darkchild the mighty dragon left behind his legacy. A legacy the team would be trying to obtain. The figures came into view and Lyn knew little to nothing about each. She sighed at the unknown factors that were rising up within Darkchild's story.

The call of the egg was beginning to swell in her mind. Almost like a banshee screaming at her prey. It took all she had to listen to Darkchild. They were to journey to the Arctic circle. She looked at the others in the team and wondered how each would fair in that could of a climate. Lyn would not be bothered having lived in those conditions before. ReEnforcer having a fire Oni dwell inside him would have no worries. The new members would be questionable.

The egg would be protected by powerful defenses that would block many things and keep some abilities at bay. It was true for most dragon eggs. It was a way to protect the young from influences outside their parents teachings.

Jacobi stayed close to his father playing with a darkling. Nothing new there. Now came the time for each member to find their own paths to the Arctic. Lyn had no idea how some would go, but everyone on the team would need to get their. Darkchild stressed the need for all to attend the event at hand.

Darkchild finished his presentation and then mounted upon a creation of Darkness. Lady Death sighed in relief. He did not consult her on the dragon egg. She figured it would only take time before Darkchild would dig deeper into her past. Everyone in the room except Kain knew so little about her. She kept many secrets to herself, but her Dragon's tail sword gave a minor glimpse into her dragon heritage.

Lyn stood up and drew out a whistle hidden within her blouse.

Those who need a ride. Take these Wyverns. They are quite fast and have the ability to fly. Great modes of transport.

She blew upon the whistle as she gracefully walked outside. An audible screeching and chirping sound resounded in front of the capital as the flying creatures appeared. Several white dragon like creatures stood with wings folded up. Their white scales would be perfect for camouflage in the snow. They were already bridled and saddled for a rider to take steed. The wyvern's were always mistaken for dragons, but there were many differences. Wyvern's never grew bigger than 20 feet tall and could not use magic or breath fire. They were more like a horse with wings in most aspects only appearing more lizard like. The wyverns that stood outside were 10 feet tall and quite capable of carrying 1,000 lbs on their backs. Their muscles were heavily dense creating a powerful creature.

Lady Death looked out and saw a creature unlike she had seen in many years. A Beauregard mounted by Gray Fox. The creature was very repulsive in nature. Lyn did not understand the choice that was made to take that creature, but it was not her choice. The Beauregards size alone made it hard to be discrete or keep a low profile.

Lady Death looked back at the Wyverns and spoke softly to them.

If you are chosen to be mounted take your rider to the Arctic Circle and aid them if needed. It is very important for the mission to succeed.

Lady Death was at Kain's side knowing he had plans brewing in his demented mind.  His steed of War rose up from the ashes.  She rarely summoned her own pale white horse, because the two horses were too powerful when summoned together.  Lyn did not want to push the edge of the envelope causing the start of the apocalypse.  She kissed the mighty horseman of War on the lips passionately and smiled to him as she was wrapped within his arms.  
"We ride again into battle.  May those who try to defeat us bleed upon the snow."

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Champions Tower

He looked outside at the beauty before him.  The city was the essence of magnificence, but how long would it last?  As most know the Son of Thunder can be a depressing type of individual but it is only because he worries about tomorrow.  While the rain merely drizzles upon this tower, new heroes relish this amazing life-style while a scrupulous Sarah Lockheart attends to her duties both as a mother and a leader. 
Pacing back and forth the blessed warrior of Hera does ponder about stance in this world and whether or not living like this was healthy.  Sure his leaders were fearless, there was no doubt in such a factor, but what of the consequences when living in this secluded isle?  Maybe he was worrying too much, but is it wrong to feel for what the fates may bring?  As much as he'll denounce feelings for his allies, Joan would not know how to handle separation from this family of personalities. 
Ring! Ring! Love, Sex, and Magic!  The song played in loudly and at first he was startled but soon did the Son of Thunder sigh in such relief.  He looked at the phone with an agitated countenance, he knew of this caller.  It was his supercilious ex-wife, ready to speak of their current relations, but Joan was not ready especially not now.  Falling back against the wall he shook his head because he just couldn't answer this call.  Thinking of what he has become, the young hero does grin because he's awfully stronger than before.   
Joan stands tall with nothing to stall for and walks off into the extravagant hallway of this tower for champions.  He looked from left to write, astounded by the many framed pictures of ICE Dragons.  Ever since his inception as Closure, all the young man has heard of is how much these heroes deserve his respect, but why must these men and women be given such a gift that cannot be given out so freely?  Andferne, LstPaladin, Hawk, and many others have been so privileged to be a part of an over glorified boy scout club.  Maybe they were great once upon a time but that was then and this is now. 
As he admires their stature in these portraits, the Son of Thunder knew they were to be admired for their overbearing hard-work too make this world better, but all Joan saw was people he would never meet.  Respect cannot just be given, no it must be earned, and no matter the stories this man's opinion would not be changed until proven otherwise.  Stopping an awe the young man froze when looking to see a group picture of these Ice Dragons, they were happy, they were a family. 
 "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up, and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action."    His communication-link was set off and this stranger's voice spoke to whomever decided to listen.  Five minutes he asked, but who was this man?  Worried of what might have happened the Son of Thunder rushed to the meeting room but stopped abruptly when he remembered talk of the man named Paragon.  Closure had seen him before but never had the two ever formed any type of interaction. 
A talk of an egg and its dire importance.  Closure listens endlessly as Mistress Redhead spoke of inklings, the division of teams, and how we must succeed on this mission.  It was yet another tale that had roots in the past and the Son of Thunder knew how this type of story would play out, but for the time being he would play his role like a good super-hero.  Joan rose from his chair while looking at Helena Troy, he was too nervous to speak to her because quite frankly he had no idea as to where their bond stood. 
Then it came to him like like a meteor crashing onto the surface of a fragile new world, his teammates for this mission.  Hesperus and Glory Nights!  There was no need to worry about tomorrow or his love for Helena Troy, no the Son of Thunder had to cringe as to what was happening now.  Smelling the scent of intimidation the billionaire looked below to see a boy with crossed arms.   
"As much as you frighten me, I must admit your the most interesting personality in this room.  We should walk to the jet now because we must find that egg.  Any sarcastic comments before we leave?"
 Closure could be weird at times maybe even ignorant but he knew what he had to do.  Joan did not want to disappoint his family, even if the worries about tomorrow loomed within his often fragile mind.  Pulling out his phone the Son of Thunder typed in a few words before putting it away.  With a grin on his face he was ready to take orders even if it were from a scrawny child that he could easily murder with just a spoon.
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“Agh!” Kincaid said as he tripped in the darkness. “beep, beep” The digital watch upon Victor's wrist sounded the passing of another hour. Vic looked down at the watch, it read '12:00' continuing forward, in the dark caverns below the Champion Tower. After hearing of the tomb that rested below the city Victor wasted no time, in making an expedition. He had snuck out of his room careful not to wake Aiden, Victor was using a map the Wizard had posted on Champions Viral. He had located the entrance to the system of caves in the garden surrounding the tower, proving that the map was in deed accurate.

After the first half hour of wandering the maze of caves, Victor found out this expedition wasn't going to be as easy as he thought it would be. Pointing his flash light down at the map in his left hand, “Everything looks the same down here.” Victor said to himself. The flash light began to dim and then went out leaving Vic in the dark. “Oh, that's just great.” Victor pronounced.

After several minutes of wondering around aimlessly in the dark Victor said, “Guess there's no helping it.” Thinking back to Cellphone Girl and her ability to control light, Kincaid was able to become a beacon in the darkness. During the time since he had joined the Young Champions, Victor had been training for a few hours each day getting a better handle on the different powers he had come in contact with. Learning to utilize Blair's powers like they were his own, tribal symbol's appeared on his skin radiating a soft blue light. “Cool.” Vic said smiling “Alright, I've only got an hour no time to waste.” To ensure the safety of the owners of the powers he was using Kincaid never used anyone’s powers for more than one hour.

Now his own light source the rest of Victor's trip went much smoother, he located the tomb of one of the greatest heroes the Earth had ever known. In a large enclave deep below Champions Tower, an enormous statue of the Andferne stood before a frozen tomb. The curious teen walked over to the statue gazing up at the replica of the great man. Victor swept his hand over the engraving at the base of the memorial, it read 'The World Needs Heroes.' The words were a testament to the man's greatness he was the reason so many united under the Champion banner. And although the days ahead seemed grim, Kincaid was an adamant believer in that age old saying, it's always darkest before the dawn.

After a moment of concentration a rose of light appeared in Victor's hand, he placed the rose upon the tomb of ice next to an old communicator. The rose would disappear when Victor cut his connection to Blair's powers but the gesture would remain the same, flower's died every day but that didn't stop men and women from leaving them on the graves of the ones they loved. After finding his way down, Victor found it much easier to find his way out. As Vic found himself in the the garden once more, he released his grip on Cellphone Girl's powers the tribal marks vanishing from his skin. Victor headed back to his room and hit the sack hard. When his communicator sounded calling the team to the conference room it felt as though only a second had passed since Kincaid had laid down to rest.

He reached the meeting room slumping down in a seat at random. Victor wiped the sleep from his eyes and tried to focus on Mistress Redhead. Sarah sat at the opposite end of the table Sovereign Son standing behind her. As the recording of Sarah's dream began Victor's interest was peeked, this mission was every comic book fans dream come true complete with dragons, good vs evil and the fate of an entire race. Kincaid set up in his chair as Eclipse flipped the white board over revealing the list of teams. Victor searched the list a wide smile breaking his lips as he saw Sovereign Son's name next to his own. “This is gonna be awesome.” Victor said excitedly, then he quickly cupped his hands over his mouth as several eyes fell upon him. “Right, serious business.” Victor thought “Fate of the world stuff.”

The meeting wrapped up and Victor eagerly walked over to Mike Lockheart, as the rest of his four man cell Michael Frost and Edward Windsor. “So whats the plan?” Victor prompted. “Gear up and meet in the hanger in t minus five minutes.” Mike answered. And with that the men broke all heading to their rooms to suit up or the armory to collect their toys. Victor had not yet made or been given a suit of his own so he simply wore his drowning pull t-shirt a pair of blue jeans and his red tribal sweatshirt. Victor's only equipment was his ipod classic loaded with all his favorite music, he would simple find what he needed in the Arctic hopefully able to take it from the enemies of The Champions.

Kincaid arrived in the hanger before the others, he watched as the other teams loaded into jets and planes preparing to fly as close as they could to the egg without the magical protection surrounding the egg sending the planes crashing into the Earth. Sovereign Son entered the hanger next, still ecstatic to be working with his hero Victor bombarded the man with questions. “So which vehicle will we be taking? The F-117 Nighthawk? The B-2 Spirit? Where are we going to land? Russia? Green Land?” Sovereign Son continued walking until the two stood before a large military grade helicopter. “Sweet, a Blackhawk!” Vic exclaimed. Sovereign Son climbed into the pilot's seat while Victor took one of the gun seats.

Placing his hand's on the controls of the .50 cal machine gun Victor took swung the gun around the hanger passing over the Jet that three of the teams include Mistress Redheads were now boarding. After passing them he reached the section of the hanger filled with the ground vehicles, “So is this thing loaded?” Victor asked as he squeezed the trigger. 'BANG, BANG, BANG' the sound of automatic fire filled the hanger as machine gun rounds tore into several vehicles include a purple motorcycle Victor knew to be the newly replaced property of Sarah Lockheart. His heart racing Vic slowly back away from the gun, “I'll just sit back here, quietly my hands in my lap.” Victor said moving to the middle seat in the back of the aircraft as his eyes met those of Mike Lockheart.

A few moments later Michael and Edward arrived, Edward took the co-pilot's seat and Michael was in the back with Victor. Looking to his left Victor whispered “Psst, Don't pull the trigger.” As he noticed Michael inspecting the machine gun at his side. After finishing his in flight check Sovereign Son got the Blackhawk Airborne. The team dropped down on Bank's Island well within the Canadian border. Victor exited the helicopter and was hit by the fierce cold of the arctic. Kincaid pulled his hood tight and placed his hands in the warmth of his sweatshirt. “So where do we go from here?” Victor asked his teeth chattering from the severe climate.

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Starkiller walked slowly and with deliberate steps towards one of the wyverns that the pale woman had summoned.  As he inched closer and closer to the beast and reached out his hand to touch its head, the wyvern shuddered and retracted.  It was unsure, it was not confident, it was wary of Starkiller's intentions.  Maybe the beast had sensed the deep-seeded hatred that at that moment infected the young sith's heart, maybe he had been overwhelmed by the powerful presence of the Darkside that emanated from the deepest recesses of Starkiller's soul.  Whatever the reason, this bird was not fit to ride upon, it was not fit for battle.  Starkiller knew this and he would make an example out of this weakling; an example that he hoped that all congregated there at that moment would take to heart.  Starkiller brought his face to the winged beast's until he was able to feel the heat coming from its nostrils. The sith smirked and in an angered tone interrogated the wyvern. 
You fear me...You are afraid...You have been called to serve me by your mistress and now, at this critical juncture of our acquaintanceship, what I am sensing is not loyalty, it is not respect...it is the inferior stench of FEAR!

With utter disbelief still on his face, Starkiller placed his hands on the wyvern's neck and began wringing it.  The beasts eyes widened as it felt its life slowly fleeting from its grasp.  Feeling no mercy for the bird, Starkiller grinned a psychotic grin and let the full, unadulterated power of The Force run through his hands in the form of electricity.  The lightning ran through the wyvern's body as it writhed and twitched uncontrollably.  Finally, Starkiller let out one last burst of lightning that filled every crevice on the beasts ample body and the wyvern fell lifeless on the floor.    
Rabsus your knife,
Starkiller said in a booming voice, directing himself to his green-hued assistant as the smoke billowed from the wyvern's corpse.  Rabsus quickly and without question took his knife out of its holster and placed it in the hand of his master.  Starkiller squeezed the handle of the knife and smiled.  In one swift and forceful move, he plunged the knife into the left eye of the wyvern's corpse and pulled it out.  Starkiller picked up the severed eyed and inspected it for a moment before putting it into his black pouch.  He then reached into the dead wyvern's large eye socket until his hand was fully immersed in it.  After a second or two, Starkiller pulled out his newly-crimsoned hand and brought it to his face.  He inhaled the putrid smell of blood and opening his hand, he placed his face in it and ran it across his head, giving his whole face and head a thick coat of red coloring.   
As he removed his hand from his face, Starkiller caught another larger wyvern looking at him from the corner of his eye.  Still with the same sadistic smile, Starkiller walked closer to the wyvern.   
You lookin' at me, little birdy?, he asked in a mocking tone. Are you looking at me, you STUPID animal? The sith smirked with satisfaction as his blood boiled in anger and excitement.  Oh...Oh yeah, I know that look, little birdy. Rabsus do you know that look? That...that's the look of hatred!, he cried pointing at the creature's pale blue eyes that were burning with the fire of a thousand suns.   
Starkiller brought his face to the Wyvern's face and spoke in slow, carefully articulated words.  Do you hate me, little bird? Do you want to take those powerful talons of yours and rip into my body? Do  you want to feast on my organs and taste my blood just like I tasted your brother's? I know if I were you I would want to do all that and much, much more.   
Starkiller took a probing and piercing stare deep into the beast's eyes, You and I, little bird...we now share a bond.  We share a common and powerful emotion...and that emotion is hatred.  Let it flood your veins...Let it course through your arteries with the force of a thousand angry gods.  Feel it? Yeah? Hatred...hatred is the opposite of fear.  To hate something, you cannot possibly fear it.  At this very moment you do not fear me like your brother did.  At this very moment you are so angry, in fact, that you fear nothing, and, wyvern, if you fear nothing, there IS nothing that can ever stop you but death itself.   
Starkiller looked back at Rabsus and motioned for him to mount one of the other wyverns.  The young sith reached around the back of his wyvern's neck and pulled himself up onto it's back.  Crouching down and putting his mouth next to the creature's ear he whispered, A warrior is only as good as the horse he rides into battle on.  It will be my honor to serve alongside such a fearless creature like you. The sith ran his hand, still dripping with blood under each of the creature's eyes and across its snout, giving him an intimidating and distinct mark.  Remember your brother...remember me...hate me...but...do not fear a thing.  I will call you Fury and you will call me master.  Now ascend, follow Darkchild and his darklings.
With fury and great urgency the galvanized wyvern flapped its powerful wings and took to the air, as the smell of burnt flesh still flooded the air.  Rabsus and his wyvern followed closely behind as they flew towards Tenebrasque's mystical archways and were quickly engulfed in its blinding light.   
In an instant, the party emerged on the other side, the strong and chilling winds hitting their bodies.  As Darkchild descended, they followed. Starkiller didn't exactly knew what Darkchild would do with the egg when he found it, nor did he care, really.  But he knew one thing: that the blood of heroes would be shed over the cold, hard ice on this fateful day and that...that...made him happy.

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Just outside of Champion Tower...

Peter walked along the grounds surrounding Champion Tower.  The scene was always something that Peter had adored.  It was beautiful.  But, this day... It was horrid.  He walked on and saw blood and gore in all directions.  The clouds were thundering and at his feet lay the bodies of the Champions of Peace.  All dead, murdered by each other in a blind rage for no purpose other than unexplainable blood lust.  He looked upon his fallen team mates.  Closure, Mistress Redhead, Tempest, Honor Girl.  Peter began crying as he looked upon a young female body with her throat slit and her face cut off.  The only way that he could identify the body was from the one of a kind pink hair.  Cellphone Girl.  Blair, his girlfriend that he cared deeply for, was dead.  He knelt beside her and held her body crying.  His eyes opened to see his leader, Eclipse, who had one arm, covered in blood that was not all his own, floating inches above the ground due to his paralysis, and smiling.  "Peter!  So glad you could join us!"  Peter could not move.  He tried to run, but it was no use.  Eclipse pulled off his mask and revealed his face to be that of the Greek God of fear, Phobos.  Now speaking in Phobos' voice, he taunted the young hero.  "Come on Overkill..."  After this, he spoke while changing into the form of a large flaming skeleton of a bird.  "...let's have some FUN!"  The bird dove at Peter, ready to destroy him, mind, body, and soul.  Peter screamed loud as his body was swallowed by the god of fear... 

The apartment of Peter Matthews...

"NOOOOO!!!!"  Peter sat up in his bed, screaming loudly.  He looked around and saw that he was in his bed, at home.  He panted heavily, his body and the sheets were drenched in sweat as he realized that it was another nightmare.  He put his hands on his forehead and laid back down, trying to calm himself.  He was alerted by the sound of the door to his apartment unlocking and opening.  He sat up again as he heard footsteps running toward his bedroom.  The door flew open and in came the only person that Peter wanted to see at that moment.  Blair.  Peter gave her a key so she could stop by whenever she liked.  He trusted her enough and wanted her to have it even if she never used it.  She came in ready to fight whatever needed to be fought.   
Peter looked over at her.  "Hi there."  After quickly scanning the room, she looked back at him.  "Another nightmare?"  He nodded slowly.  She shook her head and relaxed, dropping her arms back to her side.  Shaking her head and smiling, she spoke again.  "What am I gonna do with you?"  Peter got out from under the covers and sat on the edge of the bed facing her, returning her smile.  "Kiss me and tell me everything's alright?"  She rolled her eyes and shook her head again before walking over to him and wrapping her arms around his neck.  He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tight as he lifted his head to kiss her gently.  She pulled away slowly and looked down at him, placing her hand on his cheek.  "Everything's alright."  He smiled as he stood up and hugged her.  "It is.  Now that you're here that is."  She looked up at him.  "Cute."   
He smiled and kissed her forehead.  Letting go of his embrace, he grabbed his phone and unplugged it.  He saw that it was around 11 am.  Placing the phone in his pocket, he went to his closet and grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  He walked into the bathroom so he wasn't right in front of Blair and changed out of his pajama pants into the clothes he brought with him.  The two then walked into the living room and he sat on the couch.  Blair laid down on the same couch so her feet rested in his lap.  He looked over at her.  He was about to ask her how she was when he heard his CoP communicator go off in his bedroom.  He would have gotten it if Blair's hadn't started ringing as well.  Knowing that it would be the same message, he just listened to hers.   
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up, and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action."  Peter looked at Blair with a semi concerned expression.  "Sounds serious."  Blair and Peter stood up.  Pete stared out the window as he thought about it.  "5 minutes huh?  I can make that.  Come on.  I'll drive."  He went back into his room and grabbed his comm before putting shoes and a hat on and grabbing his keys.   

Champion's Tower: Board room...

The pair arrived on time and listened to their leaders speak.  Sarah spoke of the thought of other members from ICE Dragons who were now some of the most powerful villains at the time.  This was dangerous.  Peter gripped Blair's hand tightly.  He'd battle heaven, hell, and everything in between if anything were to happen to her.  Sarah revealed a list of teams that the CoP would be divided into.  He saw that he was on a team with Talon, the Wanderer, and Ethan Starks.  He had to be sure.  He looked for Cellphone Girl and saw that she was on a team with Scion of Light, Despair, and Paragon.  She knew her team would watch her back and that she'd do the same.  Eclipse broke up the meeting and it was time to move out.  For a quick moment, he looked at Blair.  "You be careful alright?"  "You be careful."  He couldn't help but smile which she did as well.  "Alright.  Good luck out there."  He kissed her quickly before jogging off to the armory to get suited up.   
He reached the armory and unlocked the small room with his equipment in it.  On the wall in front of him was where his armor was mounted.  On it's right was where his claymore was hung and on the left side was mounted Natasha.  His SA-116 Triple Gatling gun.  He didn't often use it, but today might qualify as a good occasion to bring her out for a spin.  He suited up in his red jumpsuit that he wore under his armor and began placing the armor on piece by piece.  Gloves, gauntlets, boots, shin guards, and brestplate.  He looked at the mask and decided not to wear it anymore.  He didn't need to protect his identity and most people knew that Overkill and Peter Matthews were one and the same.  He sheathed his claymore on his back.  He passed a bit of energy from his body into the infraglium that made up his claymore and armor.  This process made the metal indestructible.  He pulled Natasha off of the wall and placed her in a large carrying case that held her 800 pound form and ten thousand 20mm rounds.  After locking up the case, he walked over to the door and placed his hand on a pad.  The pad was electrified and would give him back what energy he used to make his armor indestructible.  He pressed a button and made for the jet.   
The four loaded up their jet and began making their way to the designated area of Ellesmere Isle.  The ride there was pretty quiet.  Everyone knew what they had to do so there wasn't really a mission briefing.  Just a little chit chat here and there.  They landed and Peter immediately grabbed the case containing Natasha and two more cases that other members had.  The air was cold, but Peter didn't mind.  His energy always made him warm so cold temperatures weren't a problem.  The ship wasn't too far away from the jet and the four began packing everything they had into the hull.  Overkill was worried that Natasha, being 800 pounds, would tilt the ship dangerously, but everything was fine.  When they were almost finished, Talon pulled him aside for a moment.  "Over Kill I hear you have experience, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking control of the ship and steering her to her destination. She’s easy to handle and the ocean isn’t too restless."  He nodded as she lifted her hood.  "Sure.  She ain't my '70 Cuda, but I can get her there."  He smirked and Laura placed a hand on his shoulder while looking him directly in the eyes.  “I know you’ll do a great Job Peter, and who knows if we survive maybe you can keep the ship…if you don’t wreck it.”    He let out a small laugh.  "No worries.  I'll get her there and then we'll kick some #ss for our unhatched friend."   
The ship was fully loaded and once everyone was on board, Peter started the engine and began heading for the Artic circle.  There wasn't really much to it.  The ship had a GPS so he just pointed the ship in the right direction and let her go.  As they got closer, the GPS and radar kicked out.  "Friggin dragon messin up my equipment.  It's not even born yet and it's screwin with me."  He picked up the intercom microphone and sent his voice throughout the ship.  "Laura, can I see you in the wheelhouse?  Repeat.  Laura, can I see you in the wheelhouse?"  After a moment, the dark haired assassin entered the wheelhouse.  "Hey.  Our instruments just crapped out on us.  I got us pointed the right way but I won't be able to tell when the shore is coming, any ice, or even other ships.  Can I have you at the bow or even just near an open window?  You can see better than me, especially if this storm manages to hit us, and probably smell things you can't see.  Keep in contact and tell me what I can't see please?"  She agreed and made her way to her post.   
Peter then thought about what he had said.  What if they got attacked out here?  This ship wasn't exactly armed.  He got on the intercom again.  "Ethan and Izaac, wheelhouse please?"  He waited for them to enter the wheelhouse and spoke again.  "Thanks.  Izaac?  Take the helm for a second.  If Laura tells you to turn, speed up or slow down, can you do it for me please?  I'll be right back."  Him and Ethan made there way to the storage area of the ship where Peter pulled out the case with Natasha.  They went to the bow of the ship and Peter opened it.  "This is my girl, Natasha.  Take care of her."  Pete set up the mount that came with the gun on the bow of the ship which would give Ethan a 360 degree view.  He placed Natasha on it and showed him how it works quickly.  He pointed at the trigger.  "Shoot."  He pointed at a button on the side near the cartrige of 1,000 rounds.  "Eject cartrige."  Pointed at the box that he got Natasha from which had 10,000 rounds all pre loaded into catriges.  "Ammo."  He pointed to another button  on the gun.  "Emergency ammo.  It's a quick reload if you need to keep firing.  You can only do it once though.  Watch for anything and listen to Laura if she says we got company.  Ya good?"  After a nod, he went back to the wheelhouse and relieved Izaac of his job.  Now all they had to do was get this egg and not die in the process. 
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 Mike twisted in his sleep, before he awoke at the same time as his wife; the two instantly shared their dreams with each other. Mike was now sitting up in the bed, the top half of his body showing, every inch was toned muscle. It was hard for anyone to tell that Mike was now pushing fifty. He had a long life and the experiments that had been carried out on him in Sector 13 had changed him forever. Even with the ability to heal, Mike kept his scars a reminder of his friends who had fallen and the battles he had fought in. Sarah moved up beside him and Mike slid back down to so he could see her face as she spoke.  Do you think anyone else from ICE had the same call?” She knew the answer as well as he did, “They mush have” was all he could muster as an alarm rang out from a small device it would appear was awake. Mike smiled as Sarah got up and watched her leave, he always enjoyed watching her.

Mike pushed himself free of the covers and found an old NAO t-shirt that Sarah was desperately trying to get rid of, but it had sentimental value, well that was mikes argument every time. Stepping over some dirty clothes Mike pulled on his sweats and made his way into the hall, his mind tore him from reality, it seemed the dream had left more then a parting thought in Mikes mind as he recalled his time on ICE. Andy and Mike had not always seen eye to eye and Mikes thoughts on Lst Paladin where always painstakingly aired for the entire team to hear. He never truly saw ICE for what it was at the time; it came too late for Mike. To others it was the shinning knight that the world needed, to him it was the pompous, righteous spitting nonsense same old same old. Always to scared to cross a line and do what was needed. He wished with everything in him he could tell Andy how wrong he had been…how he could tell the Dragons that they where what the world needed and he was merely scared to be part of it, to see his actions in their eyes, Mike perhaps judged himself before he even let them see the man he was.

The phone on the bedside table vibrated against the black oak, breaking Mike from his thoughts. Picking it up he listened to the doctor “You sure..” Mike said his voice sounding as forceful as he could make it. A level of joy and confusion swept over him as he made his way down the hall to his son’s room. He saw Sarah on the rocking chair a worried look on her face; Mike caught a glimpse of his son who had a large smile on his face as if he knew something. Pushing it from his mind he looked at Sarah and smiled. ”Paragon is awake.” Is all he could manage, let out a giggle and looked back at his mum, his eyes seemed to be somewhere else. It seemed as if icing death remembered all of his dragons, even the ones without scales!! Mikes mind instantly recalled the rest of the ICE teammates, mainly Darkchild. Destroying the way they did already sent ripples round the world, pushing back Omega Justice just fueled the fear of the world.

 “Hon get a move one we’re going to be late.” Mike had just finished feeding , which was more of a threat then dealing with any of the rouges. “Go on ahead hon, I’ll catch up. I’ve got to change.” She gave him that look that simply implied she was going to bash him across the head and then held in a spurt of laughter as Mike came into view with baby food covering his face. “Well hurry up” She smiled at him before walking out the door. Mike walked into their bedroom and saw the morning mail sitting on the dresser. Sarah must have thrown it aside with everything that’s going on. Mike opened the top draw and pulled out his plain black t-shirt and turned to leave as he did he caught the edge of the dresser and the letters splashed across the floor in front of him.

“Better pick them up or she is just going to moan at me.” He said allowed he swore he heard laugh and brushed it off. Mike bent down while pulling on his top and stopped half way, catching the top of one of the letters. It was in a simple brown envelope but had HMS in the top left hand of the letter. Picking the rest of the letters up he threw them to the dresser and held the one for him in his hands and sat on the edge of the bed, he just kept looking at it. HMS,” Her Majesty Services “Mike knew what it was before he tore the edge of the letter open and began reading it. “F@ckers, F@Cking c@nts” Mike swore standing to his feet, the letter getting crushed in his hands as he stood. He had been drafted, ever since Darkchild made his move against France, the rest of the world began to move. Every member of the UN stood and took notice, which could only mean one thing war.

Mike hung his head, war was so very different from being a hero, heroes fought to prevent this, but they had failed. Now thousands would lose their lives for the sake of what is right People are only afraid only for a short time before anger takes them over, the reaction to 9/11 showed the world that fear only grips you for so long before it turns into rage, which will be pointed towards those that dared to use it as a weapon. But how many would be lost before the rage turns to pain, Mike turned to the door he had a week till he would be due back in and this was the time to be a Champion not a solider. The time for war was coming, boiling under the surface.

Champions of Peace meeting room, .

The meeting began and Sarah explained everything to the group, Mike let a smile cut across his face as one of the newest members of the C.O.PS forgot to think before he spoke “This is gonna be awesome.” The rooms eyes shifted to him with a couple of spurts of laughter that quickly died down. Mike had already been briefed on his team, Kincaid was one of them along with and Tempest , Victor planted himself next to Mike .  “So whats the plan?”   Mike lifted an eyebrow and wondered how many kids like Victor where going to be heading to in just over a week, how many of them would die for the heroes not stepping in when they had the chance. Mike should have killed DC all those years ago, “Gear up and meet in the hanger in t minus five minutes.”   He walked off leaving the group standing for a moment before they went and got their gear.

Mike entered the hanger and found himself attacked by numerous questions, it would have annoyed him thirteen years ago but bring up Chevie had changed him…a lot.   “So which vehicle will we be taking? The F-117 Nighthawk? The B-2 Spirit? Where are we going to land? ? ?”   Mike kept walking forcing Kincaid to keep up with him until he stopped, The Black Hawk most people in the forces called them angels, if you where ever in trouble on the ground and you heard those blades cutting the air, you knew it was going to be okay. Mike pulled himself into the pilot seat and Victor took the 50 cal. Mike was checking over the settings and gave his wife a wave as she boarded her “new Jet” that Mike was not allowed to fly.

“So is this thing loaded?”   Mike span in the chair as Victor pulled the trigger, the gun got off three rounds, several of the C.O.Ps cars where now written off, lucky enough Sarah’s new bike had taken the brunt of the misfire and was already starting to heal from it! Victor began backing away from the 50 cal “ I'll just sit back here, quietly my hands in my lap.”   Mike looked at him and gave his head a shake, they where all going to die.  The rest of the team met up and took their places on the chopper.  The flight was mostly in silence as they entered their drop point. As they landed Mike powered down and they exited into the cold arctic air. Mike frowned “I hate snow, it’s cold, wet and weighs you down and what’s the point of it really.” He turned to look at his team, after his small rant. .   “So where do we go from here?”

Mike looked at Kincaid “We follow the flashing beckon Sarah gave us!! You where awake during the briefing?” Mike throw Victor some of his gear, mostly the thermal top that was designed for black operatives working in this climate. “Put that on the enemy will here us coming a mile off with your teeth.” Mike pulled on his mask and placed his sword on his back, he was now in full black body armor. “We here to find the egg and deal with anyone that gets in the way.” Mike knew that if he could deal with TI here it would make the work of invading easier, but he also needed to protect his team and get them back in one piece, this was not going to be easy. Turning around he pulled out the crystal MR had given the teams and it flashed blue when he pointed it north .”North we go.” He said into the wind and began walking off.

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The rumours had spread across the land, like a wildfire of biblicial proportions. Every creature big and small, every city, every walk of life that resided in the mystical Exfairya had heard the story of the war which engulfed the peaceful land in darkness which lasted for five years, but it's legend would live for 500 years. It was a day which gave birth to the dark wizards, and guilds which now plague a land once tranquill, and now rumours had begun to rise that the dark mage of ashen hair and snow white skin had once again risen. Several unconfirmed sightings had been made, but nothing of great evidence. The people were panicking, kids were not allowed to play. The magic council, and the royal family assured the people that Andras had not returned from the darkness, and that their minds were playing tricks on them, but they too were lying to themselves. Every wizard of Exfairya could see the signs...Signs of an ancient prophecy, the days were getting darker, fire was seeping from the ground itself, all signs that Exfairya was once again falling into the abyss.
Walking through a dusty wasteland, the young mage Starkin had just finished another mission for his guild. It was an A-Class mission involving catching a magical fish for prince Gray of the royal family. A simple task on paper, but this particular fish was very rare and could block all forms of magic, and was known for being very crafty, but as always Starkin through stubborness had once again prevailed and had been paid quite nicely for his deeds. Looking around Starkin sighed as a shadow cast itself across the sky, envoloping the rock like formations which surrounded him in the same eery shadow. Dressed in nothing but shorts and a vest, which were finely decorated in runic symbols, his red hair had now turnd a shade of white due to the dust. The seven star celestial blade was strapped to his back. Beside him hovered Tristain....His  Griffin companion and also his best friend. Starkin could sense his friend was wary of the shadow which had been cast, like many creatures......Especially those of mystical origin Tristain had a sixth sense especially when it came to danger. Starkin patted Tristain on the back and smiled, as the eagle headed creature turned with solemn eyes. 
"I know........But untill the master returns we can do nothing"
"But....We must act now I can tell evil is upon us....Great evil I can feel it in my heart"
"So can I but it is forbidden to search for answears, the council stated so. The guild is in enough truble, thats why master went on this mission herself. Be patient Tristain"
Tristain nodded, knowing full well their reckless behavious and hard headedness would do no good in this situation. It was rare for the two bravados to follow their minds over their hearts but this time it was just and they knew patience was the key for everyones sake. Deep down beneath his somber expression, Starkin was happy, a happiness not felt since he was a child, but he hid it well for the sake of his friend. Not long after he had completed his job, a letter of magical nature appeared engraved on his skin, the writing was that of the dragons, and he was one of the few who could read it. The message read "Come home my son" The exitment caused his eyes to sparkle and his skin to shiver. It had been 9 long years since Levitas, the dragon of light had dissapeared along with the other dragons to fight a evil which was unknown to Starkin. He was nervous, but also angry, so many emotions coursed through his soul.
"Are you ok? You can smile I wont mind" Tristain spoke with reasurence
Looking at the Griffin Starkin smiled "yeah im fine"
After travelling for over 1 hour, the pair finally arrived at lush greenland and mountains which basqued in a golden sunlight. Even in times of great darkness, the home of Levitas always remained at one with the light. The rivers which coursed the beautiful land sparkled and gleamed with a shade of blue which represented the heroes from many lands. Birds chirped, and faeries danced. This was a place which always made Starkin feel safe, its warmth was his own safe haven as he walked down the mountain side, a gentle breeze brushed the leaves and branches of the tree's against his face. Starkin and Tristan continued to walk until they came across a large mountain which stood in the middle, it's shape represented an ancient castle, and it was in there Levitas was, and were Starkin had called home for the first 10 years of his life. Climbing inside the pair travelled through the mountain until they came to the deepest hallways, and their stood a dragon of great stature, its scales were golden and it stood the same size of a small mountain. Levitas let out a roar which shook the land, as golden flames burst from his mouth an lightened up the gloomy hallway. Flapping his wings, he moved closer to his adoptinve son who could not help but smile, as tears roled down his cheeks. Levitas reached out with it's right wing and wiped the tears away, a single tear also manifsted in his own eye, but the proud beast held back from showing emotion, deep down the follwing conversation would be very serious. Starkin and Tristain sat down.
"It is good to see you again, my child. I see you have grown strong and wise.....I am proud!"
Starkin smiled but his expression became more serious "Why didn't you call, 9 years and not a single message....I th...I thought something terrible had happened"
Levitas looked down at the ground for a few seconds, his eyes almost embarassed to look upon his son "I am sorry, truly I am but their was a darkness which I had to stop, but I fear myself and the others only held it at bay"
"The prophecy, the shadows of the coming darkness, it's all true"
Levitas roared out "Yes.......Andras has returned, but I feel even the once great hero has been manipulated, something far greater is behind it all, but alas my child this is a conversation for another time...I have called you today because the other world you have sworn to protect is in grave danger"
"How so?" Tristain spoke in a nervous tone.
Starkin knew deep down that Andras had returned, but he could not digest the confirmation, and knowing something far greater was behind it frightened him. The thought that something could twist the mind of that mage was almost unthinkable, almost mythical in it's own right. He had to warn the others, they had to know what was happening, he had almost forgtten that Levitas had brought him here for other reasons. Standing up Starkin was ready to rush out, but the voice of the golden dragon halted him.
"I will warn them, but for now we have other matters to attend to" 
"What are they" Starkin spoke as he calmed his nerves
"The world which you often journey to, like many worlds, many dimensions have had the dragons walk amongst their lands, but dragons are rare, they have become legends which are only spoke of in fairy tales. It seems only a few now remain......I know this because all dragons are connected, but now myself and the other dragons of Exfairya have sensed a dragon egg of that world has come to be born, residing in a icy land of solitude. The egg is indeed powerful, and those you have befriended have began to move to retrieve it, but like many storied of light so to have the forces of darkness began to make their move. That egg cannot fall into their hands, it could be catastrophic not for the dragons of that world but of all worlds"
Starkin looked up at Levitas and could see the dragon had sadness in his eyes, he had not seen Starkin for so long, and yet now he was sending him on a dangerous mission to fight forces of evil whose power were far beyond his adoptive sons, but deep down he knew Starkin could retrieve the egg and save it from falling into idle hands. As he continued to stare Starkin sensed another presence among them, small rocks fell from behind a small wall. Starkin could tell Levitas was keeping something from him.
"You can come out now" Levitas spoke, and looked back before his gaze once again feel upon Starkin. "I am afraid I have not told you everything, for uunknown reasons the egg itself quells the forces of magic. I am afraid you cannot get close to it, for this reason I have brought you a companion, he will help you when you are unable to help yourself. The boy claims himself as Darko and he wields the element which now casts itself over the land, but do not fear my boy I sense great hope for him, but also grave emotion, you must guide him down the right path"
From behinkd the wall came a boy dressed in dark clothes and even darker hair rested upon his head., his eyes narrowed as Starkin could see under his breath several curse words escape his mouth. He seemed uninterested, as if he wanted to be somewhere else. Starkin walked towards Darko and reached out with his hand. "Hi im Starkin......It's an honor to meet you" Darko's eyes met with Starkin's "Fuck off......I could have done this mission m y damn self, why the hell would I need some magical pansy to help me, especially one that cant get near a god damn egg, seriously dude how f'ing lame are you?" Starkin could feel his blood begin to boil, his skin became surrounded by the energy of the sun. Suddenly the dragon slayer launched himself at Darko and pinned him against the wall. "Dont speak to me like that you little emo" Starkin could feel small creatures of darkness climb up his shoulder, the two men began to scuffle, they seemd very different one wilded the light while the other wielded darkness, they were polar oppisite. Suddenly a giant roar shook them apart, as Levitas stepped in between the feuding youngsters. Darko stook up his middle finger, as Starkin gritted his teeth.
"STOP THIS AT ONCE. Only children mock, and only children fight over such trivial things. Despite your eyes showing that you two believe you are so much difference, you are both very much alike, you must work together...Help each other if your going to succeed, neither of you can fight this darkness alone, neither of you can save that egg by yourself, you must work together" Levitas opened a portal and signaled for the two to enter. "Tristain will stay with me for now, but before you go, I just give you this crytal, it will tell you were to find the egg" Levitas handed Starkin the small crystal.

Arctic Circle

Turning to Darko, Starkin sighed and jumped into the swirling vortex, clearly not happy that his first official mission with the COP and for Levitas was to work with someone who clearly pissed him off, but he could tell Levitas had his reasons for putting the two together, and as much as he wanted to beat Darko, he once again knew patience was the key for this mission. After a few seconds inside the portal, the two of them landed upon soft snow, insnantly, the brittle cold hit Starkin, his visionwas blurred by a small blizzard. He could be in many places. The crystal began to glow dimly signalling the egg was a fair distant away, but also showed they were in the right region. Using the power of the sun, Starkin warmed his body, he then placed his hands upon Darko who knocked Starkin back "What the hell are you doing?" Darko spoke from behind chattering teeth. Once again Starkin placed his hands upon Darko "Shut up, and trust me, the cold will kill you if I dont do this" Muttering in a strange language, Starkin placed a runic symbol representing fire across Darko's body which would helpwarm his body on the harsh climate. Looking at Darko, Starkin remembered he still had his COP communicator. "Ok lets try and signal the others and then find out where the hell we are" 
Starkin opened the communicator, and spoke knowing the blizzard was likely to block the signal "All COP members come in, this is Starkin speaking, first off I want to apologize for my abstence over the past few days, but I know of the egg, and off its importance, how I came across this information will have to wait.......I am somewhere which I believe lies in the arctic circle and I am not alone, a boy named Darko is with me helping me to find the egg, if anybody can hear me use the tracking device to give away your location."
The two waited for 10 minutes, but recieved no answer, for now it appeared as if they were alone on this journey.
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Pacific Ocean

Void of sunlight, a room with a five and a half foot ceiling was filled with activity. Numerous switches, dials, and displays covered all the integrated tables. Warm, semi recycled air flowed into the room via vents. Piled a foot high on the floor, were hundreds of tin cans containing canned food. Sitting, standing, and shuffling around, three men were working hard to keep control of the operations in the room. On one of the screens, a line swept through a circular patter, producing a beep as it passed a dot on the screen. Sonar, an acronym for sound navigation and ranging. Normally the sonar guided the submarine through the water with ease, but today was different, today there was a malfunction with the sonar. This was a nuclear powered submarine, thousands of feet below the surface of the ocean.

The hull shook as the submarine brushed against an underwater mountain range, tearing a hole in the side of the vessel. Chaos took over the crew as hundreds of gallons of water poured in per second, filling up the limited space aboard the submarine. Moving past waist height, the crew knew they were doomed, and said their prayers and goodbyes. Rising to their necks in water, the crew would only have seconds before they would drown. One of the crew spotted a woman submerged in the water, who had a calm expression on her face. Strange the man thought, for there had been no women on the submarine. The water overtook him and the others, completely filling the submarine with water. It would take a miracle to save them now.

Draining out of the submarine faster than it came in, the water left through the same hole in the hull, until the inside of the submarine was dry. Coughing up water, the entire crew were alright. Ten pairs of eyes from the crew stared at the woman who was standing by the hole. Wearing a few pieces of seaweed and shells to hide her private parts, she was nearly unclothed. Speaking in a soft, gentle voice, she said, "Deep sea sailors, I have saved your lives and your submarine." Holding her hand up to the hole, thick ice filled the hole. "Investigate your reason for crashing and return to the surface for repairs as soon as possible, this ice will hold until you get there." She smiled and her body fell apart into water, then became ice and passed through her repair to the submarine.

Floating up to shallower waters, she caught a signal in the water that was for her. By focusing on how radio waves moved through water, she could pick out them one at a time to decipher. The message was from Paragon, calling for a meeting back at Champion City. Mantoid was in the Pacific Ocean, over two hundred miles away from the base, and she had five minutes to make it. Moving through the water in a ripple at the speed sound travels through water, almost a mile a second, she would have a minute to spare.

Champion Island

Washing up on shore on the Champion Island, she dispersed into the air and reformed in her room, getting dressed in her usual bikini, the top blue and the bottom black. Glancing at herself in the mirror, she smiled and briskly walked down the hall from her room, to where the meeting was being held. Not to her surprise, most if not all of the Champions had already arrived. She thought to herself, "They must have been in a close proximity of the island to arrive so fast on such short notice."

She listened to the information about the mission. Arctic ocean, she smiled at the thought. Continuing to listen she heard talk of Icing Death, the target of the mission, a dragon, and a special Gem, to help locate the dragon. Holding a stingray in her hand, she let the fish swim into her body when she heard, “Right guys, we are taking the newly built Champion plane, we will be taking two other teams and arriving near the arctic circle and starting off from there, others are arriving in Greenland and surrounding areas.” Smiling, Erika said to Mistress Redhead, "This will be a memorable adventure!" Waving to Honor Girl, Mantoid said, "Hey there! We haven't officially met yet. I'm Mantoid." Glancing at Crazy, she said, "Hello." Thinking to herself, "I'm going to keep my eye on this man."

Entering the Champion Jet, she marveled at the design of the aircraft. How spacious the craft was and what comfortable seats! The ceiling was high enough for her to jump without hitting her head, a much different experience than the compact submarine she had saved earlier. Feeling the stored water on the plane, she thought about the possibilities with her hydrokinesis if she needed to act. Reclining in a chair, she was excited for the trip they were about to embark on.
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Quickly the feathered quill danced over the nostalgic paper and created finely drawn letters to the rhythm of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. The scratching of the ink tipped writing tool was pleasantly audible all the time yet it was never louder than the subtle gentle music from the speakers. Word after word appeared in the little black leatherbound book and told stories and stories, built world after world. A single ray of moonlight from outside fell through the oppulent glas window and tried to catch Despair's hand as she told her tale in an old fashioned and elegant style. Again and again the little white spot of lunar light raced over the paper to touch her pale delicate hand but never succeeded for more than the fracture of a second as both her hand and the display of light were driven on, she through the wish to write her story down and the dot through the movements of the clouds covering the moon in this dark night. A burning followed her motions as she wrote and soflt illuminated her corner of the room and her powers burned the testament of her journey into her journal.
Sleeping was a strange thing to her. Depending on the cycle of her depression she either slept more than twelve hours and still felt exhausted or lay in her bed staring at the ceiling alone with her thoughts that evolved and evolved till they were monstrosities. Till they felt too big for her head and forced her to get up and write them down, ban them onto the paper till the early morning when she would finally get two or three hours of sleep. Tonight was not different. One volume she had already filled with her reports of the things she had seen and thought and this second one was already half through. 
With a soft smile and mild jealousy she turned her angelic face to look at her roommate Circe who lay there under her blanket in her luxurious bed and slept the slumber of the righteous on all her fluffy pillows. If Despair could only do the same. Simply close her blue eyes and reach that beautiful wonderland of dreams that seemed to be barred from her. Now that the details of the wondrous and sometime atrocious things she had experienced were burned into these pages she knew why.

The silence of the moment was broken and Circe moved sleepily in her bed as both their CoP communicators squawked
 "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up, and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action."
Within seconds Despair was on her feet and on her way to the briefing room while Circe still fumbled for her communicator. The emotions around her coming from various team members who were excited and rejoiced over the return of Paragon filled her and made her nearly euphoric, a sweet rush akin to the exhilarating extasy of heroine. It rejuvenated her, brought a wide smile on her ruby red lips and quickened her feet wose naked soles made flapping sounds on the carpet floor. With effort she supressed a shriek with delight of joy. The sweet joy of her friends filled her for this moment and she would do her best not to let go of these emotions.

A bit later:
The euphory had ran dry but that did not stop Despair from cradling the fascinating gem in the palms of her hands. It shone through her fingers and illuminated an area around her. For some time the Witch Of Light had tried to unravel the mystery this pearly gem proved to them now and was still clueless. It was no technology and no magic either, a mesmerizing thing in between that captured all of her attention. Mistress Redhead had made clear those gems would lead them to the newborn dragon infant but how they worked was still not clear to either of them. Once this was over she would have to study them but before more pressing matters required her attention. 

"Despair?  Are you ready?"
Blair's friendly voice let her focus on reality again as she ripped her out of that fascinated state she was in. As she saw the concerned smile on CPG's and felt the weight of her caring hand on her shoulder Despair laid her hand on hers and silently nodded showing all the strength she could bring up in that gesture. CPG pressed her shoulder trying to comfort her clinically depressive friend and together they made their way over to the... special plane.

Icebird was something special, an artificial intelligence in a robotic body able to transform into a jetplane with supersonic capabilities. They had been happy to hear Paragon still had the authorization to use it. Like a predatory bird in ebony and blue it towered before them ready to take them to their destined area but they would shorten their journey by a lot if they could cut as much way as possible. And Despair could enable them to do exactly that.
Though she had never before transported something so big she was sure she could take the plane as close to the Arctic as possible. She knew it would take her out of the game for a few hours with painful certainty but still the gain in time was perfectly worth it when they crossed more than a quarter of the world in zero time. Paragon and Scion already awaited them in the ritual circle Despair had quickly burned into the ground with her powers. A stern aömost nervous nod was everything they had to give her as she started her invocation, too big was their inexperience with the light arts that Despair practiced.
One last breath. Focus a last time before the latin formula was spoken. Hands lifted into the air. Slowly the light around them grew in intesnsity, it was as if it was collected around them and the intelligent plane, created a coccoon around them. As she progressed further in the formula her hair became animated, blew like in a strong breeze and began to glow with a pure radiant white light while her voice became louder shouting the final part of the spell.
"Evocanto portam: Groenlandia transimus ut draconem invenire. Dei lucis rogo pleadem nostrem audire."
And suddenly they were gone. 
It did not need time per se. In the span of a second they were first here, then there. Crossed millions of miles in less than the blinking of an eye. Still Despair thought one of the hardest fights of her life. The energies of the light dimension they had to cross raged and burned against her shields, demanded all she had to give and more.  Like a wildfire the abundance of light urged to burn them, not out of maliciousness but simply because of what it was. For a moment the ever changing vortexes of white fire displayed forms representing her deepest wishes and needs, threatened to break the barriers she had put up to protect her and her co-travellers. And then they were gone as well.
Despair felt the cold wind on her cheek, how it blew through her raven hair. She heard the rumbling see beneath her and the melancholic cries of the gulls above her as she and the others stood on the most northern part of Greenland, right at a cliff. But that would be last she would sense for a few hours as she dropped to the floor unconscious, strained too much from the effort it took to bring  plane plus passengers to this place.
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Recently, Andy Whippoorwill, the hero known as Glory Nights, had been suffering from terrible nightmares. Horrors beyond the mortal ken. Visions of dimensions encircling our own, creatures from the deepest of abysses, the darkest stars. Most of it was beyond description…seemingly mundane things laced with an air of menace. Or visions of his TRUE childhood, not just the part he experienced…images of Yog-Sothoth pulling the threads of fate to mold Glory. Wilbur Whateley's true form. Things that were enough to drive many men mad. Glory Nights was sane, but barely. He had deep circles under his eyes, his hands shook. But he was much, much too stubborn to ask for help, tell people what he saw. Dreams were just dreams, right? No point in fretting over them. All he needed was a mission to clear his head. Then he'd be fine.  

Champion Tower, Champions of Peace Meeting Room

Mistress Redhead had assembled them all. Glory Nights had scrambled to get ready as soon as he heard the call. This was just what he'd been looking for. Didn't matter what the mission was…could be a milk run for all he cared. He just needed to get OUT. (From where? A voice in his head whispered, but he payed it no heed). Turns out this was WAY important. Bigger than anything Glory Nights had been part of so far. This was about a dragon. A dragon that some very diabolical people were after. The old I.C.E Dragons were after it too, and Glory would be helping them. He had heard of the Dragons a bit as a kid, but then again, who hadn't? They had faded out of the spotlight then, and recently disbanded…only to form the Champions of Peace which Glory had managed to earn a spot on.  
Mistress Redhead plugged a cable into her computer, and there was a brief burst of static. Then the computer spoke, it's flat tones contrasting sharply with the importance of its information. " Long ago the world was in need of heroes, and so the ICE Dragons were born. I called to you for more than just companionship and friendship. For a bond more than blood. To save one of your own I gave up my life, unintentionally stripping you of your guardians. An act that I forever mourn to this day. But the time is at hand. A rebirth may begin. Some of your may have wandered off the beaten path, however the light still shines. It is never too late. Come to me my family. The world is in dire need. " Huh? What was that? Glory Nights frowned slightly. Sounded more like a spiel to join the army or something than any major mission. Luckily Mistress Redhead explained, " I believe, and I think as does the others that this is the voice of Icing Death, the last remaining ICE dragon". Oh, that's what what this had to do with dragons! Seemed a little fishy though…Glory Nights felt a chill rippling down his spine. There was definitely something subtly wrong here, like in one of his dreams. Could just be residual paranoia though. "I am aware of course that not all of you hold a loyalty to ICE, or in some ways even to Andferne.  But we have to follow this call, the pull is greater than we can describe" Sounded more like a fishook…they got snagged, now reeled in. Glory didn't like the image, and shifted restlessly. " Mike and I believe that there is a greater threat here, several ICE members now belong to the darker side of our world, and I fear that they will also have received the call" Wait…Glory already knew this. Deja vu, in a major way. Crazy. Eh, no big deal. Science had proven it was just brain lag, or something like that. Probably just lack of sleep. "We feel that we must go to the egg and do our best to rescue this dragon before others would come and corrupt it" Were dragons all that bad really? All you needed to do was stick a sword in their heart, problem solved. Good ol' Saint George was doing that long before I.C.E. "The question here is, who will follow us, who will help us on this great journey?" Glory Night's sense of deja vu ended. New territory here. " If anyone here would say nay, you will of course have a place in our team, you will not be rejected or removed, we simply ask for you to help us" Why not kick 'em off the team? It's not like they were pulling their weight. Then Glory remembered that he had been MIA during the most recent crisis. He had really good reasons…he just couldn't remember what they were. Or where he was. It was like someone had wiped his mind clean.  
We had an inkling none of you would want to miss out on this so we have made a list, pairing each of you off with someone else, we hope this will help to keep you all safe" HECK YEAH! Glory wouldn't miss this for the world. Pairings though…meh. He looked at the list with his partners, tilting his head so he could read it with his good eye. Oh, this wouldn't be so bad; he was teamed with Closure and Hesperus. He liked the kid, he didn't take any nonsense. Closure he had barely met. "We know where Icing Death is located but getting there is going to be hazardous" Mistress Redhead pulled down a map of the Arctic. "we have everything we need to get there, but we are unable to use our transporters, the distance is fine, but there is something protecting it, no magic or technology will get us there, we must make the journey ourselves" No big deal. Would give Glory a little time to prepare. He'd have to find out some way to add another layer to his costume anyway. He was going to freeze if he couldn't. "Our other worry, is that one of us MUST get there, by separating you all, we hope that as each team takes a separate journey we will be able to have a chance to get there safely,  I have located vehicles and planes for all of us, and our coms will be in use until we get close to the dragons cave, we cannot locate it exactly, only that it is in the Arctic, somewhere, We believe its somewhere in the Arctic circle, so each of you will be landed in cities nearby and trek from there to the hazardous Ice around there, I have an inkling the egg lies beneath one of the large glacier"  
After the meeting we will all take off, but each of you will be issued with a gem" Mistress Redhead opened a box, in which several stones gleamed. “I have been made aware that the closer we get to Icing Death’s location the stronger these will glow, follow their lead and you will get there, whatever you face along the way be safe and remember that we are a family, each of us are here with our own agendas, but the greater goal, the greater promise of a world without evil is what drives us. I know and trust each of you with my life, and hope, nay trust that we will all get through this with everything intact" Glory wondered if the former Dragons had these stones too. This is why he didn't like magic so much. Way too unpredictable. Problems were best solved with fists.  
Glory was going to be taking a plane with a few other groups. Wouldn't leave for a little bit yet, giving everyone time to get their stuff together. Glory threw a few things together, not much. He was about ready to go when hit with severe abdominal pain…kind of like before he had his appendix removed. He grit his teeth, trying to remember if he had been hurt recently. Probably. He didn't really keep track of his injuries anymore. He should probably stay back, he wasn't fit to go to the Arctic right now…no, no way was he missing this. As quickly as it had started, the pain ceased. Glory Nights shrugged, finished packing his bag. Then he boarded the plane, ready to go save a dragon.
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Of course Somniac did not receive the call. He had no connections whatsoever to the I.C.E Dragons. But he did get its reverberations. The dreamworld rippled as if a stone had been thrown into its center, and images (memories, fantasies, they were interchangeable) were surfacing. Ashton Miles, the human host known as Somniac, payed these dreams no mind…he had had far stranger. The Dreams, imagery and symbols made flesh, took interest…but they knew next to nothing, only that scales were unbalanced somewhere, and old friends were going to come into play soon…nothing more concrete than something that sounded like a poor fortune given by a supposedly mystical quack.  
But Questions were soon going to be answered, and the cards read: Death, the Fool, the Sleeper, the Fallen God. The unreadable Tarot of the inner mind. Darkchild kicked things into motion. He called them, and so they assembled. Somniac somnambulantly stumbled into the meeting room, promptly collapsing with his head on the table. The waking world no longer held him in its sway, clung to him by the merest thread. Much more and Somniac would be gone…swept into the turmoil of the world embedded in the unconscious. 
Darkchild's Story
Once upon a time, there was a group of mighty heroes. They ruled justly, had many adventures. But their goals differed, and the team went on their separate ways. Their stories are told elsewhere, and would fill many a volume, too much for this simple fable to relate. Then, a shot rang out….no, no, no, that wasn't it. There was an egg. Yes, an egg. Not just any egg. You couldn't scramble it, or cook it sunny side up. This was a special egg. A dragon egg. And it was going to hatch. But the bad people, the ones without any motivation, the ones who merely wanted to maintain the status quo, those formerly known as heroes…they were going to try to get the egg. Sir Darkchild wasn't going to let that happen. He was going to get to the egg first, and his new group would help him get it. So they were going to go to the Arctic, and there they would face many tests. Not all of them would necessarily make it. Once the quests had been completed (there was no fairy godmother to help…this was one of the stories that relied on wit, and trickery), they would be Kings, and rule the land as they saw fit.  The noble dragon would not be slain by the nasty knight, oh no, not at all.
That was the gist anyway. Darkchild's actual words blurred a little, but the meaning came through loud and clear. The Dreams were at full alert now, the more violent ones restlessly pacing in the Dreamlands. They're motivations were unclear…anything a Dream ever did was only a reflection of what they meant to. Everything was distorted…like looking at a reflection through a warped mirror. The Dreams wanted the Dragon, that was all that was clear. 
Lady Death was now speaking. " Those who need a ride. Take these Wyverns. They are quite fast and have the ability to fly. Great modes of transport" Ashton's eyes snapped open, glowing a strange green. "No need. I can fly." And even as he spoke, translucent insect wings were unfolding from his back. His eyes were compound, reflecting the room in myriad. This was Dragonfly, the embodiment of all dreams of flight. Wings buzzing, Somniac took to the skies. 

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Dream (First part is end of Chaos Black vs Feral Nova)

Taking a few steps forward, Stephanie now looked like a zombie, her body drenched in her own blood, weakly and rigidly moving forward, her skin so pale. “No.” Stephanie mumbled. “Finish this.” Her breathing was rigid, forceful. “FINISH THIS FIGHT YOU COWARD!” her words may have been filled with anger, but her body was just so weak, her words might as well been a joke. But She knew of one thing she could try... one more... just one more move... one last stance. Taking in a deep breath she closed her eyes, putting all of her focus into this one thing... then she vanished, quickly appearing behind Chaos who's hand's were preoccupied holding into the two spirits. Just like what she saw in the movie that was played in the sky, she opened her mouth wide as her demon like fangs pierced through the neck of the beast. Blood oozing into her mouth as she could feel Chaos body freeze in her grasp as she began to absorb the essence of Chaos Black, into herself just like Chaos did with Sha. She wanted her to feel the same pain, horror, and helplessness that Ziccarra and the other woman felt all those years ago that Chaos had put upon them.
But then the entire area around them wen't black, leaving Stephanie standing alone, with a dark laughter surrounding the atmosphere around her. "You think you've won?" the voice hissed inside her mind. "Through you, I shall live, through you... I will create... CHAOS!"


End of dream

Sitting up from her bed from taking her nap, her entire body was covered in sweat, steam emitting off of her as she looked around her room frantically. She continued having that dream over and over again Stephanie sat in her bed, her knees pulled up to chest as the thumping her head grew louder and louder. For the past couple of days, the Fire Goddess has had one halvah headache, it could have been from her fight with Darkchild… or… maybe her fight and absorption of Chaos Black when she saved Ziccarra. Ever since those two fights… the hero hasn’t felt the same, she could feel it deep within, just beneath the skin, a power growing inside herself, and it was beginning to scare her. She could’nt sleep, wasn’t really eating (other than her cookies of course), and was slowly avoiding everyone. No one, other than Sarah and Mike, knew what had happened to Stephanie these last week, and she was going to try to keep it that way. She just had to put on a show for everyone, showing that she was ok… she was fine… nothing was wrong.
Her emerald eyes the looked over to her communicator that was on her nightstand, a call coming in. Staying silent she listened.
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up, and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action."
Confusion settled in as she slowly got up from her bed, picking up her communicator as she tucked it in the pocket of her pants and began making her way to the meeting room, others were gathered inside already as she silently took a seat and began to listen what was going on.
“Go, get your stuff organized and meet up with Nova and Hesperus’s groups” she indicated the list behind her,” they will be joining us but leaving us at Tromso, Norway, meet me in the hanger in two hours."
‘Nova’s group?’ She could feel nervousness growing inside of her as everyone began to look at the list; trying to figure out what team they were on. Her eyes looked closely at the list as she saw ‘her group’. Aiden Cross… she didn’t know him… Octagon Freak, oh… Octy… she’s never got to work with him before and then… the last name made her hair stand on ends. “Cassidy.” She whispered to herself as she looked over at the redhead. The young teenager never trusted the hero in the first place… now she was going to have to trust each other with their lives? Well… this was going to be VERY interesting.
Turning to the group she rubbed the back of her head, forcing a nervous smile on her face. “Well… lets get our things gathered up like Sarah said… and we’ll meet in the hanger with the other two groups.” She took in a deep breath as she walked awkwardly away.
In her room she began to gather just a couple of things, her The Honoo Tachi for one, and a nice warm jacket! There was no way she was about to travel to the Arctic circle without one. Looking around she let out a small sigh as she tied the blade around her waist, and began making her way to the hanger. Getting there she could see some of the members of the other groups already making their way inside the jet, one of them she knew, Mantoid, The Aqua Diva, the one who could totally kick Nova’s ass with a simple wave of her hand if she wanted to, damn she was awesome. With a smile and nod she greeted the fellow hero as she then looked over to another… er…. She assumed was a hero. His dirty blond hair and grayish creepy eyes made her give out a weary grin as she greeted him as well, she honestly didn’t know his name… well… yet anyways, maybe he’s a talker, and hey, maybe they can even have a little heart to heart conversation on the way to their destination, she chuckle d to herself. Then a Young Champion, the one that Mistress Redhead herself was training, Honor Girl. She honestly looked like a ball of nerves as she seemly hesitated to get onto the jet. Stephanie stood behind her as she could hear her mumbling to herself.
“Don’t worry.” Nova spoke wit ha small smile, her voice semi startling the blond teenager. “Honor Girl, right?” The girl nod her head, her blue eyes wide. “You’ll be fine, just listen to Sarah, work as a team with your group, and make sure to keep an eye on each other’s back. You do that, and maybe we’ll be able to get back in time to catch the last few minutes of American Idol.” She winked at the girl who smiled back.
“Thanks Nova.” She spoke as she walked onto the jet.
Nodding her had she then stood just outside the jet, waiting for the rest of the group to make their way into the jet.
“Aiden.” She nod her head at the other Young Champion’s member, the one that was rumored to be dating Honor Girl. “Octy.” She smiled at him. “Well get this dragon.” She finished off as he walked into the jet. “Cassidy.” She then spoke with a hint of uneasiness as she struggled to keep eye contact with the Shadow Squad member, ugh… she was going to have to get over her ‘fear’ of the girl if this mission was going to go smoothly. Once all of her members where on the jet, she quickly joined them as she took a seat closest to the door. Looking at the ground she began to pray silently that no matter what happened… she could keep her group alive. Because she knew… with the ex-ICE members like Reen and Darkchild… this fight was going to be one for their lives.
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"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up, and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action."

GAH! Did they really ALWAYS have to announce things early in the morning in this team?! I mean there were noons, afternoons, evenings, nights… WHY ALWAYS IN THE FREAKING MORNING!! Pulling the sheets down from his head his ‘bad mood face’ showed itself. “Dude.. get up, we need to go” He looked to the bed next to him where Kincaid should be sleeping but it seemed he had already made his way out. Raising his eyebrow he wondered where Kincaid had gone to, he wasn’t really the type to be picking up girls.. or maybe he was just good at hiding it, girls do love that whole mysterious silent type. Shrugging his shoulders he quickly cleaned himself up and hoisted himself in some clothes laying around the floor, he was probably wearing something of Kincaids but oh well, they had about the same size anyway.

Sighing and rubbing the sleep from his eyes he got up from his room and walked through the hallways, normally booming with activity but now not a soul in sight. Entering the board room with everyone already waiting and carefully listening to what was said Aiden sat himself down next to Honor Girl. Great.. late again.. this reeeeally did nothing for his reputation as he gave a glare to Kincaid “Thanks for the warning dude” he mumbled. It was something about a dragon.. guy named Andferne.. a team whose name he reeeally couldn’t pronounce.. and half of it didn’t even connect with him as he was still sleep drunk. All he knew was that they were about to get into a big fight, with powerful people that would most likely kill him.. yeah, great motivation right there!

Shaking his head wondering why he ever joined this team Mistress Redhead was about to give him a way out.  “If anyone here would say nay, you will of course have a place in our team, you will not be rejected or removed, we simply ask for you to help us. If you would say no, say it now” He was just about to raise his hand until Honor Girl kicked him against his shin with an evil look. Quickly retracting his hand before Mistress Redhead could see him he gave Honor Girl an evil glare “If I get killed I’m sooooooo blaming you..”. After several minutes falling almost asleep during the briefing and receiving various kicks on his shins the meeting was FINALLY over.. good thing to, because his shins really couldn’t endure much more, being all black and bruised.

Alright, time to suit up he thought to himself as he gathered all his things. Bulletproof vest.. yeah that’ll do much good against evil hellfire demon things.. his guns.. yeah that would break through adamantium armor. And of course the bike that Mistress Redhead gave him as he loaded it in the plane. At least he wouldn’t have to walk to his death, that was something. Looking around him he saw his team already preparing themselves for the coming battle as the plane closed the cargo hold. Feral Nova was trying to talk in some courage to Honor Girl.. Octagon Freak was doing… something. And Dark Huntress.. ugh.. He hated her. Teachers little pet, selling them out to Mistress Redhead when the LITTLE mishap with the bike occurred. He’d get her back.. somewhere, some time, some place.. oooh yes.. he’d get her back indeed. Looking back at Octagon Freak he heard somewhere he was on the original ICE Dragons, it would probably be a good idea to hide behind him although with ‘freak’ in his name.. you’d never be quite prepared for what he’d do. Anyway, then there was Feral Nova, big time hero! And not too shabby looking either.. he looked her up and down but quickly looked away when she looked at him. Then a little fire extinguisher caught his eye as he looked to the side of the plane. Quickly grabbing it and putting it inside of one of the compartments of his bike he looked back at Nova with a smirk. “What? Better safe than sorry!” He really wasn’t in the mood to get set on fire today… Killed, fine. Set on fire, no.

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"So, let me get this straight.  You've been gone for two years...two years.  You've gone an"d had your "Magical Space Adventure."  You've probably spent all your time banging loose green chicks and 'chllin' in paradise planets...and now that you're back,  you expect to just go drop me off at Champion City? So what, so you can relax a bit?"
Obi looked back at the angered teenager and spoke calmly and with a smile on his face.  "Listen, Darko, Yes, i've been gone for two years but every second of that time I was trying my hardest to get back home.  I didn't exactly want to be up there, I didn't choose it."  The Jedi paused for a second and was sure to make eye contact with the youngster.  "I'm taking you to Champion City for one reason.  I still see great potential in you, i sitll tihnk you can make a great hero, but look around you," Obi said motioning to the once bustling headquarters of We Are Legend, now quiet and mostly empty, except for a few UNSC Agents.  "WAL has run into some difficulties.  We're not doing missions, UNSC has stopped funding, and a lot of our members are busy with the CoP now.  There's nothing you can do here and how can you refine your skills with nothing to do?  So...yes, Darko I have enrolled you in the CoP's Young Champion program.  They will further train you, take you on missions , all that good stuff you need to develop into the hero we both know you can be."
Darko looked up in disgust and talked in a soft voice,  "But I like it here...this is home to me.  Why can't I just stay with you.  I could tag along on some of your own missions. I can be your sidekick. Isn't that what you've always wanted anyways?'
"No. I have no missions at this time.  Contrary to what you believe, I didn't spend all my time in space sipping margaritas by the beautiful beaches of Gowan with busty, bikini clad aliens.  I was working my ass off to get back home, I was protecting helpless people from invading alien hordes, I was training, getting stronger and stronger.  I did more work up there in two years, than I've done here all my life.  Now...it's your turn to go train and get stronger. It's your time to step up.  This is still your home, and you can come back here after initial training ends, but for now, Mistress Redhead has done me a favor.  She has a nice dorm set up for you, with all the black sheets and Green Day posters you could possibly want.'      
Obi got up and sat next to Darko.  He voice took a much more serious tone. "You're like my little brother, D.  I love you and I wouldn't be doing this If I didn't honestly feel it was best for you.  Trust me.  Nova, Wando, Cly they're all there and there's a lot of kids your age to. You won't be alone."    
"But I don't even like Wando and Cly! and I hate kids my age, they're all into stupid relationship drama and Twilight and sh!t."  
Obi chuckled as he replied, "Yeah, you're right, kids your age are tough to deal with..I know this all too well.  Darko, my decision is final, you're heading to Champion City." 

Two Days Later...On Top of an Ice Covered Mountain...Somewhere In the Arctic Circle...Ball Numbingly Cold...

 "So, pixie dust.  Do you have any idea where we are.  I mean we must not be that close to the stupid egg if your communicator and this emblem you put on my head still works.  MR clearly said all tech and magic would stop working when we got close enough."  

Darko did a 360 degree turn and tried to gather himself in the cold that was in fact, getting a bit more bearable with the symbol that Starkin had placed on his forehead.  The blizzard made it difficult to see anything.  "Maybe we should look for some of our teammates..I mean, they can't be too far from us.  The freaking Arctic Circle can't be that big," he said sarcastically.  Darko looked at Starkin who was clearly  starting to lose his cool.  "Ok...sorry...I should stop talking.  Seriously though we need to..."
Darko was interrupted by a chilling cry of which he had never heard before.  Looking up he could see the outline of two dragons with one man on each of the dragons.  "Hey look! that's probably them now!" Darko said with as much enthusiasm as an emo kid can muster up.  The two dragons and their riders landed close-by, but Darko was still having difficutlies seeing who exactly they were.  He had been briefed by the CoP when he joined and he could recognize every member of the team.  As he ran closer to the two men, each step taken with incredible difficulty because of the layers of hardend ice and snow, he saw something that made him stop dead in his tracks.  A thin red light emanated from one of the man's hands.  Darko knew from his training with Obi Wan Kenobi that that could only mean one thing: STARKILLER.  
Darko nervously looked back at Starkin.  "Hey man, I'm not ready for this, I'm really not.  This guy almost killed Obi.  I..I can't fight him."  As he started slowly pacing backwards, the fear growing ever stronger in his soul, Darko bumped something behind him and quickly turned.  He was face to face with a large green man decorated with red tribal tattoos and a scar on his left eye.  he knew him to be Starkiller's loyal servant, Rabsus The Indebted. In the mans hands were two blades that looked like they could cut through steel.  
Darko immediately panicked and ran back towards the other side.  He stopped immediately as he saw that Starkiller was now right in front of him.  He looked at his surroundings and wondered where Starkin was.  Finally he coughed up the courage to say, "Starkin...you...you take Starkiller..the one with the red lightsaber...I'll.." he stuttered, teeth chattering, not from the cold, but from the fear as he looked over to the imposing Rabsus.  He was no Starkiller, but knew from Obi's tales that he was not someone to take lightly either.  His immense strength was going to be a problem for a sickly looking boy who was quite clumsy himself.  However, remembering Obi's emphasis on fearlessness, he swallowed and continued as an awkward smile slowly spread through his face."...I'll take the big green guy..."
His eyes darkened as he looked down to the ground.  A puddle of darkness surrounded his feet and from it, sprang forth seven three-foot-tall darklings.  They were mean looking creatures with sharp teeth and equally sharp claws, who relished combat.  These were the main weapons in Darko's arsenal of darkness and shadows.  Go!, he said and the darklings sprang into action.  Four of them grabbed Rabsus by the feet and three jumped into his torso, knocking him back and sending him tumbling down a steep slope.  He took one last breath and one last look at Starkin.  Good luck, he said, his words dripping with a lack of confidence.   He ran towards the slope that Rabsus had fallen from and jumped, the wind-propelled drops shards of ice hitting his face as he fell.  Obi you want me to be a hero?  Well, here I go.   


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Today was filled with a chill, that something in the air was watching me.. I've noticed recently that i'd sometimes get that feeling right before a mission, though none have been really announce yet, gives me the feeling that some shit will be going down that'll cause us to be on our way in know time. A good thing too since i don't have any appointments with any teammates, then i'll have to go a rearrange them which might be a whole mess. 
I'm really glad that i have Chloe back, now i just need to find my other friends. She tells me how West was really the only one that stayed in Chicago, but when i went back looking for her after she ranaway.. he was gone too. I miss him, i miss my mommy.. Who i know i will not be able to see her anytime soon.. I miss Jenny.. she's in Colorado, but choose to stay.. i saw her with my auntie Risky. I miss Risky as well.. like.. i know it's kind of weird to have two people that are complete opposites to find out that they are related, kinda like Talon and us being roommates but taken up a few notches.  
Maybe it's just hard for her to really accept, I just want her to see me for the person i really am... I don't have my daddy anymore, i don't really have my mommy anymore.. My Aunt Florella and my brother and i aren't.. as close as we used to be from being doing this whole superhero stuff, mainly because i'm afraid i would end up being like Spiderman and risking the lives of people i love.. but.. I know that if anyone tried messing with her, she'll probably kick their ass. So.. It'll be nice to see her more often.  
Now that i think about it, those people need to make a damn facebook.
However, i do have a bunch of people who are like my family though. Mistress Redhead, Chevie, Feral Nova, Hotaru, Charles, Eclipse, Talon and many others. Thought why do i feel that ever sense i watched Moonglow die in front of me that i might loose them in every battle or mission we are in? I love them, if anything happened i would stop being the nice Cellphone Girl i'm known as, and just become this walking shell. 
Meeting Peter.. It was amazing, It's been a long time since i saw someone and felt like a normal teenager again. When he smiles, i can't help but wonder what this strange feeling is inside of my stomach. Whenever i go to talk to him.. I'm never sure what to exactly saw because i don't want to sound like an idiot.. but if i don't talk he might find it awkward.. I sometimes can't get him out of my head.. It's strange how just one person, whether it's a crush or if your dating them.. they could always be on your mind, driving you absolutely nuts but in a good way.   
A ringing in my pocket tells me that it's time for a mission.


 After the meeting we had, Peter walked up to me saying that i should be careful, i said the same thing to him.. but i couldn't help but blush from the fact that he really does cares for me.  
Then looking around i saw Despair, my amazing clinically depressed friend that i couldn't help but want to talk to understand what she is really going through. Whenever i meet someone that has been though something i never have, i quickly become fascinated by how it must feel, what is must exactly be like.  "Despair?  Are you ready?" I had asked her, with a the friendly tone that came out of me. Then together we made our way to this epically awesome plane that you would expect to see in some action movie or something, i loved it. 
As we met our other teammates near the plane, we watched as Despair transported us to our location, we were suddenly gone in seconds.  
Now we had been in Greenland, I personally love visiting new countries since it gives me the chance to view the world a bit differently each time. Next to me i looked over to see Despair collapsing onto the ground below her. In literally seconds i tried to catch her, but sadly missed her. When she touched the floor i did slide my left hand under her head, then looking at her sleeping eye lids i said. "Sleep well, your gonna need it." I looked above her to my other teammates. "One of you guys should carry her, i would.. but you two are stronger than me." 
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“Why am I so damn weak?” Aaron muttered to himself angrily as he sat in a meditating position. The young warrior had realized just how small and weak he was over the course of his time as a Champion of Peace, especially during the battle against the twin Gods of fear, Deimos and Phobos. Having to face what was his worst nightmare made him feel helpless, and during the final battle against them he felt the same way. The final straw was in his battle with the monster known as Remoness, when the only thing that kept him alive was Shamash, the spirit who had granted Aaron his powers. He hadn’t been able to help his team or himself at his current level, and that angered Aaron to no end.

After facing such powerful foes and seeing how little his usual tactics fared against them, Aaron realized that it would take more than just some flashes of light to fight the foes that threatened the world, and his quest to become more powerful had begun with a search for knowledge. At first he tried to speak with Shamash to try and better understand his powers, but the spirit gave no advice and simply ignored him. He tried to pray, as he usually did when confronted with a personal problem, to God every day for answers, but received none just as he had with Shamash. He began to feel that the only one who he could depend on was himself, and since then he had done nothing but train. He had not gone to church in the past few weeks and he had not gone to any of the recent meetings for his charity organization, believing that once he was stronger he could save the world as Scion of Light and not as Aaron Kingsly.

As he sat in the darkness of his room trying to focus his thoughts he heard the COP communicator on his desk go off, ending his meditation session as he stood up with a grunt of annoyance and walked outside into the main area of his apartment. His cat, Walter, was playing with his communicator by pouncing on it whenever the message signal came on again. The ever fun-loving cat continued playing his little game as Aaron approached the desk until the communicator was knocked to the ground. Aaron smiled and gave his cat a funny look as he bent down and picked up the COP communicator, activating it to hear the message. After it finished playing he rushed over to the meeting spot for the debriefing of their next big mission.

After the meeting:

Once the meeting was over and they were assigned team mates, Aaron looked around to try and find his group before stumbling upon what would be their ride. He looked it over with a face that showed the awe he was feeling being in the presence of such advanced machinery. He placed a hand on its cold steel as he walked around it, amazed that he would get to fly in such a vehicle. After spending enough time ogling the ship he spotted one of his team mates, Paragon, standing near the ship as well. Aaron walked over and stood next to him silently as his stomach churned out of nervousness.  Before long Blair and their other team mate; Despair.

The two women ladies walked over towards the ship, CPG’s hand on Despair’s shoulder. He had never worked directly with any of them so he knew that this mission would prove very interesting. The woman known as Despair was supposed to be teleporting them as close to the Arctic as possible with her abilities, which made Aaron a little nervous and excited at the same time. She was supposed to be a wielder of light as well, but as she began the ritual he knew that she was in a league way above his own. She began speaking in Latin as the light shifted and surrounded them, her hair becoming a radiant light of its own as she spoke, and before he knew it they were simply gone. A second later they were in the frozen cliffs of Greenland, and Aaron looked around to try and spot his fellow team mates. They all seemed to be alright, but when Despair collapsed he began to understand not only how draining the trip must have been, but also how powerful she must have been to even do it in the first place.

Blair rushed over to her aid, and after lifting her head turned to the two men and asked one of them to bring Despair aboard the ship. Paragon went to get the jet ready for launch as Aaron walked over and lifted Despair out of the snow, trying to be as gentle as possible as he walked towards the plane with Blair right behind them. He stepped aboard the jet and looked around for a spot to place her down in, settling on one of the seats up front. He looks around and found a blanket to keep her warm, tucking it around Despair’s sleeping body before strapping her into the seat’s safety harness. Finished, he walked up and sat next to Paragon, who was busy getting the coordinates set up for their flight.

Blair quickly joined them after checking on Despair, strapping herself into one of the chairs as the jet lifted off of the ground, making a humming noise as it moved up into the air. They were now ready to begin their journey for the egg, and Aaron closed his eyes to meditate as the jet began zooming forward, crossing the waters of the Arctic ocean at incredible speeds. Something in his gut told him that there would be a difficult battle ahead, and with team mates like his Aaron wasn’t worried at all….


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Octagon sat through the meeting silently. He took in all the information and caught the chart that had all the teams on it. He had been teamed up with Feral Nova, Aiden Cross, and the Huntress. He quickly glanced at each member of the team he was on. He only really recognized Nova. She was one of the great heroes of his time before this team. He'd never worked with her before, but he was looking forward to it.  As the meeting concluded, Octagon teleported out of the room and went to retrieve his things. 
In his small, dark room, Octagon strapped on his bandoleer which had the majority of his equipment. He didn't think electronics would do him much good in the Arctic, but he brought them anyway. He made sure to grab his handheld computer before he left. Octagon teleported again, this time to the hangar where his team would be meeting. He found his group getting ready to board the jet and was about to say something to them when he heard gunshots ringing out in the hangar. Instinctively, he threw an arcing force field in front of him and his teammates. Seeing that it was a friendly fire accident, Octagon lowered his defenses and got into the jet. 
"I don't mean to ignore you guys," he said to his team,"But I'm going to study over some maps I have of the area. I'll probably just sit and be quiet most of the trip." And with that, Octagon pulled up his handheld computer which projected a screen in front of him and he began poking and resizing images and memorizing layouts.

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The two young champion affilates continued walk through the heavy snow, each step taken proved more difficult than the last as the further on they continued the heavier the thick white blanket which surrounded their feet became. Visibility was cut down to its bare minumum as  semmingly gale force winds created a cloud of heavenly white. Finding any bearings of where they were in such harsh conditions was going to prove a near impossible task, for all this walking was worth they could have just been travelling in circles. Starkin could hear the voice of Darko through the howling wind but chose to ignore it and concentrate on the task at hand, but like many things in life that one simple task was quickly multiplying inside of his mind, and as he thought of the duo's next move, Starkin began to feel a sickening sensation arise in the pit of his stomach.
It started off as a small stomach ache, the kind you get when you have eaten something bad or simply digested too much, and so he shrugged it off and didn't pay it much attention and so after 10 seconds the pain passed. Breathing a sigh of relief, his breath had barley escaped the narrow slit between his lips before his insided felt like they were wrapping themselves around one another. His stomach began to tighten and sharp shooting pains started to travel up and down his spine, it felt like a thousand blades were penetrating his entire body and his mind had no idea if they were blades of hot or cold temperature. As the pain continues it felt worse and worse, until the young wizard could take it no more. He grimaced in pain and fell to one knee. By this point Starkin's senses had become dulled, his vision was blurred and thus he failed to notice the arrival of two enemies, he could only make out feint outlines and the colour red which glowed brightly against the snowy backdrop. Trying his hardest to think of what was happening he could only come up with one logical conclusion. Levitas had been wrong, ine did not have to be close for magic to be nullified it was the journey itself which dulled the mage from tapping into his source of power. The affects had not hit straight away, which gave Starkin a short ammount of time to use magic.
From inside his deep thought wich was wracked with anguish, Starkin could still hear Darko's voice, it was a voice filled with doubt and fear but also a tint of hope it made him feel a bit better, but at the same time fearful that the coming events would prove costly for the two of them and potentially the entire Champions Of Peace. As Starkin could barley make out Darko fighting, the sith lorf had began to approach the fallen Starkin, slowly as if too mock the young hero. Each step only added more despair into the fragile mix of emotions. His eyes had now become bloodshot, and his body simply would not react, it felt ice cold for many different reasons on many different levels. A thunderstorm had begun to bew in his mind, wave after wave of pain crashed against his temples, as saliva and blood began to pour from his mouth onto his skin which had now turned a shade of purple. It wall seemed so random, but for Starkin magic was life, without it he could not survive for too long. If his magic is low his body will not react, if his body is weak his magic will not reach the desired affects. 
As he looked on, his body shaking , the sith lord reaching ever closer, his blade became too heavy for him to carry. Starkin looked up knowing if only he had joined in the COP meeting he could have avoided this fate, but then he would not have been able to see his adoptive father. Starkin began to look back at his life, all his mistakes and triumphs and through it all he had got through it by being stubborn and never giving up, always following his dream, but now he was helpless and for the first time in his life he was genuinely scared before the end drew near Starkin mustere dup the last of his energy and spoike into his communicator, only managing one word "Help". Starkin's eyes rolled into the back of his head, as his body finally collapsed and began to shake violently....

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Jumping across the roof top the teen hero tumble rolled onto the next roof, sticking her land while continuing moving, jumping back up from the roll and making her way to the next building gap that seemed to be a bit further than the last one.

MIGHT WANT TO GET A LITTLE MORE SPEED WITH THIS JUMP NICOLE. ALICE, sister to EVE and her very own personal AI gave her advice to the hero.

“I think I got it!” She replied back with a grin on her face she leaped off the building, her cape flapped behind her as she reached out to the building before her, gritting her teeth she held her breath for a moment as her fingers suddenly missed the edge of the roof, sending her falling down to the ground, only to have her slam into what seemed an invisible floor just about four feet lower from where the edge of the building was.

I THINK YOU MISSED EVE chuckled with sarcasm at the blond hero as she pound the ground in frustration.

“Damn it!” she yelled out as she stood up, now seemingly to be standing in mid-air. “EVE, shut down Pakour training 003.” Honor girl spoke as the entire night city vanished and instead, showed the training room that she was actually in. “I was so close this time!”


“HEY! I wanna see YOU jump that!” she glared up at the camera that seemed to be focused on her.

I ’M A COMPUTER AI NICOLE, THAT IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, I THOUGHT YOU WERE SMARTER THAN THAT. EVE and even ALICE chuckled a bit after that! Damn it… she thought ALICE was suppose to be on HER side.


Nicole grumbled as she simply walked out of the room, she didn’t have time for this! She had to get her butt to studying! She had a biology test in the morning about something to do with DNA and RNA… was there even such thing as RNA? Gathering her things she was about to walk out, until her communication went off.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up, and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action."

“Wha-!?” She stopped in her tracts. “Are you SERIOUS!?” she slapped her hand on her forehead. “How the heck am I suppose to graduate at this rate?”


With a sigh she lowered her head. “I’m going to have to… there’s no WAY I’m going to be able to pass that test now.


In the meeting room  


 Nicole sat with an anxious look on her face, maybe this mission was just going to be a update on the team… and maybe she WOULD have time to study! As the meeting began the way things were already starting to sound… she might not even make it back from the mission to take the darn test, and of course Aiden comes in like ten minutes late! Seriously, why is he even on the team? Sitting right next to her she rolled her eyes at him as she adjusted to her seat a bit, the sound of everything was actually starting to get to her… she wasn’t even sure if she should go ON a mission like THAT.

“If anyone here would say nay, you will of course have a place in our team, you will not be rejected or removed, we simply ask for you to help us. If you would say no, say it now”

The young hero had to admit… she did feel like raising her hand, she REALLY didn’t want for an egg… but… this was for the team, and there was NO WAY she was about to let Mistress Redhead down. Out of the corner of her eye she could see AIden slowly lift his hand off his lap. With her blue eyes wide in shock she forcefully kicked his shin. Was he SERIOUS?! He was actually going to raise his hand?!

Aiden shot back a glare “If I get killed I’m sooooooo blaming you..”

“Please, knowing you, you’ll just let everyone else do all the work.”

The rest of the meeting was like babysitting a five year old! She had to keep shoving his shoulder to wake him up, and kicking him over and over again so he could pay attention! Ugh he was like a little brother, only worse, because he’s not five… he’s EIGHTEEN!

When the meeting came to a close Nicole stood up from where she sat, while everyone went off gathering up things the teenage girl simply stood there, looking at the ground, fear starting to settle inside her. She didn’t really know anything about the team ICE, that was before her time, but names like Darkchild and   ReEnforcer were coming up as everyone began talking within their ‘teams’. How was SHE suppose to go up against villains like THAT and live through it? She felt a hand gently place upon her shoulder, giving it a small squeeze as she looked up and saw Sarah, she couldn’t help but smile back, even though it was a weary smile. With a simple nod she walked off as she new she was going to have to gather some equipment.

I THINK YOU SHOULD JUST TAKE EVERYTHING WITH YOU. ALICE spoke from her wrist communicator that was connected to her AI.

“I don’t think I have ANYTHING that could do damage to those guys…” she ran her fingers nervously through her hair as she looked down at all her equipment, already dressed in her Honor Girl outfit with the exception of her mask. Honor-Rangs of different kind, smoke pellets, flash pellets, grappling hooks, grappling guns, her bo staff, ugh… she was going to weight a ton!


“Yeah… something else I’m not good at.” She spoke as she slipped all of her equipment on her, buckled her honor belt around her waist and slipped her mask over her face. Turning to her full body mirror she stood tall, trying to push the fear out of her. “Well, how do I look?”


Her stomach began to flutter with nervousness. “Now lets not overdo it.” she chuckled as she began to walk her way out of her room.   
When wasn’t the AI thinking? “Yeah?”


“If this is your version of a pep talk… your doing a HORRIBLE job.”


Her eyes almost bulged out of her sockets. “AIDEN!?” she blurted out. “What for?!”


Nicole got on the defense. “We do NOT have a… a… ‘THING’ of any kind!”


“No! Your being ridiculous, you must have gotten a virus or something.” She was not about to confess her secret crush on him on the day they both might die! I mean, how cliché would that be? Tell someone you like them JUST because you might not ever see them again? Pphhh well SHE was not about to fall into that category! No way, no how!


 “THAT’S IT! Stop or I’m turning you off for the rest of the mission!”


“Oh we BOTH know I would!”


Aaahh… silence, just what she wanted. Finally making her way to the hanger she watched as some heroes were already making their way into the jet. She fidgeted a bit as she stood just outside the door. “What am I doing here?” She looked over at Mantoid who was waving to her with a huge grin on her face, well at least someone was confidant in themselves.

"Hey there! We haven't officially met yet. I'm Mantoid." Her blue eyes almost seemed to glow with excitement.

“I’m Honor Girl.” Nicole smiled back, greeting her teammate with a firm handshake. “Its great to finally meet you.” She watched as Mantoid went inside the jet as she still stood outside. “Ok… Nicole you can do this… just pull your own weight and you’ll be fine.”

“Don’t worry.” A voice came from behind her, startling the teenager. She turned around to be face to face with Feral Nova, she’s heard stories about her for YEARS. Well mostly about her rivalry with Sha, but STILL, she watched almost ALL their battles that were captured on video through youtube! And now… she was right here standing in front of her. “Honor Girl, right?” Nicole nod her head, omg she felt like a noob right now. “You’ll be fine, just listen to Sarah, work as a team with your group, and make sure to keep an eye on each other’s back. You do that, and maybe we’ll be able to get back in time to catch the last few minutes of American Idol.” Nova winked at her. Well… she did like American Idol…

“Thanks Nova” Nicole replied back as she looked back at the jet, and walked into it with a little more confidence, Nova was right, as long as she listened to Sarah and worked with the team, they would be fine! Right? She groaned to herself, this was going to be a VERY long trip.


“UGH! I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING!” she slapped her hands to her forehead as everyone else were already making their way into the jet. She then looked over to Aiden who seemed to be clinging onto a fire extinguisher and chuckled. "I think your going to need something a LITTLE more powerful than that to take out villains like Darkchild." she gave a grin as her foot began to tap on the floor of the jet nervously. She began to think about all the stories she heard about him, how he killed Sha once, brought Nova to her knees, help destroy an entire planet! Thoughts about the million different way's Darkchild could kill her started to flow into her mind, her stomach was starting to get a bit queazy. Then it was like her stomach was doing backflips... omg... I think she was starting to get sick...and they werent' even in the air yet! "Is there a bathroom?!" she quickly stood up and ran over to where the bathroom was, well... there goes her lunch... at least now she wouldn't puke out of fear in FRONT of the villains and embarrass herself.

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Two Weeks Ago 

“Grendel just do it!” Grendel looks in the reflection looking confused “But it’s going to hurt….alot.” Crazy screamed into the reflection “Just do it dammit!” Grendel shrugged as if saying alright. He turned from the mirror then suddenly the shadows around him began to take form. A silhouette formed from the shadows and stood facing him. The shadow was a half assed form of Darkchild, the man who has been around longer than anyone can even imagine. He himself may not have been alive the entire time, but information has been found that gives detailed descriptions of him all through time. Not to the same level of Final. Arrow but he has been around for a very long time. Crazy knows full well the man could take him in an instant, but those who know him know his powers. His power over darkness is on a level many can’t even duplicate or fathom of doing such a thing. The shadow raises his hand then stops in his palm forms a ball of darkness. Grendel speaks up “You know if we ever meet up with this guy, my power is no where even close to being his. This is only speculation, hell its half assed.” Crazy just shook his hands getting pumped up. He pressed a button on the inside of his palm, suddenly the normal looking Shadow Squad uniform he was wearing tightened skin tight. It hugged every inch of his body, defining his muscles. For a small skinny man he had quite a large amount of muscles, he got into stance no powers other than Grendels in control. “Alright…do it.” Suddenly his suit began to pulse, his suit began to shine. Grendel did as he was told an tossed the ball of darkness at himself using the dupe, the ball of darkness slammed into his chest.

Crazy held his ground the ball of darkness pushing into his body; he could feel bones snapping an cracking. He continued to push against the darkness, even taking a step forward he screamed “More!” Grendel did as he was ordered firing three more balls of darkness at himself. They slammed into his face, thigh, and leg spinning the whole time as they pressed against his body. Crazy then smiled as the energies pushed against his body, then he flexed every muscle he could. As he flexed the shine that was being given off his suit shined even brighter, suddenly the balls of darkness ricocheted off his body expelling a huge force as they did. Sending Crazy flying backwards into the wall behind him, the darkness slammed into the walls leaving impressions. Crazy smiled every other personality inside his head simply stared awestruck at what just happened “Did that just happen?” Crazy chuckled loudly “I think it just did!”

For weeks Crazy had begged Sarah to let him have access to a lab, that he had an idea. She always told him “I give you access you’re going to blow something up…or yourself. So no.” Finally the recent events had given Sarah a bit of clarity on things, which everyone needed to be prepared for something like that to happen again. Or even worse for them to be attacked by much superior forces like the likes of Final Arrow or Darkchild, so Sarah gave him access to an incredibly small lab within the Champions of Peace base. Far away from anything of great value, weeks went by as Crazy worked on his “idea” he told Sarah one thing about it “It won’t give us a sure win, but if I’m stuck in a place alone with people like Darkchild I might survive long enough to by people time. If the first test run works we can give everyone one.” With that Sarah interest was perked. The suit would give off a high concentration of light, something that in theory would stop weak attacks of darkness and ricochet higher levels of it, but people like Darkchild would push the suit to its max. Someone like Crazy with healing powers would work best with the suit, since most of the damage received would heal in time. But the suit would not stop or even ricochet his attacks simply allow the wearer to endure them. The suit was then laced with vibranium and low levels of adamantium which would make the suit nearly invulnerable to weapons like guns, knives and swords. Crazy was stoked with his new creation, hell it was the first one not to blow up in his face.

Now Conference Room  

Watching the entire team brood over what was happening Crazy could do nothing but doze off. He knew what needed to be done, and that soon they would be facing the strongest team they have ever fought. The skrulls were nothing compared to these guys, but Sarah’s speech was more guided to those who were on ICE, Crazy wasn’t even on the radar at those times. He was in Brazil getting piss drunk with the locals, now only thing he cared about was keeping his family alive and safe. He listened to what Sarah had to say and give her orders. When she was finished with the speech everyone went their ways, he stood up once they all left and looked to both Mike and Sarah. With a smile he left, the smile told them they would get through this no matter what. But he knew this was a lie, some of them might not make it back. He knew that he himself could die today, that he would give his life for his new family. For his team his life was nothing, because as long as they survived it as long as Chevie lived everything was okay.

He walked slowly to his room, to his secret room packing everything he knew would take down big brawlers like Darkchild…which were none of his weapons. The least they would do is do damage to him, he knew Darkchild had one weakness and that was Light along with decapitation. He took his normal uniform off, slipping on his new one he was calling it “Light switch” he thought it was ironic and funny. The suit hugged his skin even when it wasn’t activated; he stretched before he slung his sword into his sheath on his back. He nodded into a mirror looking at a photo of Mike, Sarah, Chevie and Hudson with a smile before taking it off his mirror and tucking it into his sleeve. Making his way out of his room he watched those he was traveling with make their way to the Jet. He smiled walking into the Jet, soon they would be in the Circle and it would all begin there. He prayed that they got to the egg first, hell he prayed that they took it before Darkchild could even get there. But he knew that was a hopeless thing, he looked to everyone on board an watched as Honor Girl ran to the bathroom. He chuckled thinking “Looks like I need to protect that one….dear god babysitting all over again.” He said with a smile

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She was deep in the midst of a dream when she heard the whispering in her ear. "Time to wake up, my love." She mumbled something incoherently and tried to pull the pillow over her head. "C'mon, a meeting's been called. I know today was supposed to be an "off" day, but it's time to go. Get your shapely rear in gear." Cass stayed tucked under the covers for about three more minutes drifting in and out of sleep. She had been trained from a young age to be able to snap awake at the slightest disturbance, to be on her feet and moving with a weapon in hand seconds after awakening. But she had become compliant lately and couldn't help but feel that soon enough it was going to bite her in the ass. She was getting lazy, she was taking skills that she had honed to a fine sharp edge for granted and she was letting those skills get rusty. Sooner or later she would reach a breaking point, she would end up needing the skills and she wouldn't have them. She was going to have to fix that soon. Rolling to her side, her back to him, Cass tried once again to pull the covers over her head and slip back into the bliss that was sleep. They could make do without her for one day, right? Leaning forward he draped his arm over her waist underneath the covers that they shared and pushed her hair over her shoulder, exposing her neck, placing a quick kiss there. "Time to wake up. Wouldn't want to irritate Poppa Sov, would you?" The words were whispered against her neck, his slight stubble scratching against her skin.       
"Ugh. Fine." Turning around she gave him a quick kiss before she flipped the thick comforter off and rolled out of bed. She stood there in a black tank top and grey sweats that were riding low on her hips and scowled at him, her crimson hair tangled around her face. "We were supposed to have a lazy day." Sliding the ever present elastic off of her wrist she slid it into her hair, tying it up in a high ponytail that hung down between her shoulder blades. Running her fingers through the ponytail she combed out the leftover knots in it as she made her way over to the walk in closet. Opening up the double doors she stepped inside and brushed her fingers along the bronze plated light switch. Stripping off her pajamas, she threw them on the ground and grabbed a pair of jeans and a deep green turtleneck, pulling it over her head and giving an extra tug as her ponytail got caught on it.  
Hitting the switch again on her way out of the enormous closet, she pulled the ends of the sweater down, smoothing it out. Looking up as she closed the door behind her, her eyes caught Ethan's and an enormous grin crossed her face. This was the man she was going to marry, the man she was going to build a life with and she couldn't be happier. Without realizing it her hand went to the elegant diamond ring that she wore on her left ring finger, gently touching it. She had been doing that a lot lately. "Why are you still lying in bed?" She arched an eyebrow inquisitively. If she had to get out of their warm bed and go to a meeting then he sure as heck did as well. She'd drag him out if she had to. Oh how the tables had turned.  
"Because I'm not as high maintenance as you." There was a joking tone to his voice as he knowingly pushed her buttons and watched the scowl cross her face. "I'm already ready, babe." He threw off the knit blanket that he had pulled up over himself, revealing the fact that he was already fully dressed and walked over to her, placing a kiss on her nose that was scrunched up, showing her irritation. He grabbed her hand, lacing his fingers with her's as she muttered something about being low maintenance. They walked out of the room, making quick time as they made their way to the conference room.  

Conference Room 

They sat together towards the back of the room in two chairs right in front of the wall. Cass refused to sit with her back to anybody, it went against every instinct that she had, it didn't matter whether she was surrounded my teammates or not. You always sat with as clear a view of everybody as you could possibly get. You always noted where the exits were, how many people were in the room and how long it would take to disable them. These were things that had been drilled into her from a young age, the basics, things that stuck with her now even as she was surrounded by some of the world's greatest heroes and family. She was always calculating, always prepared.  
She listened intently to what her mother and Eclipse were saying as her eyes wandered the room. They fell on the man who had taken her as his daughter, who had in so many ways become her father. Sovereign Son, or as Ethan so jokingly called him "Poppa Sov". There was tension in his shoulders, in the way he was standing and on the slight look of discontent on his face. He was almost always stoic, but something seemed a bit off. It bore further investigation, or at least an interested inquiry.            
Her mom laid out the mission, what was going on what was happening. There was a tense yet excited tone to her voice. Cass honestly had no idea how she managed to have enough hours in the day to do everything that she did. She handled the government officials like the pro she was, organized mission specs, requisitioned equipment and still found the time to take care of her kids and spend time with her equally as busy husband. She would never understand how she managed to fit everything in. Cass let her arm fall down to the side of her chair, her hand dangling there. As important as the meeting was, she couldn't help her need to fidget. She hated keeping still for too long, she got uppity and needed to move around or fidget. "Relax." He whispered the word to her underneath his breath as he held out his hand and laced his fingers with hers, running his thumb across the back of her hand.  
Groups were assigned and tasks handed out. Her back straightened as she heard who she was paired with. Octagon Freak she had never heard much of before. He was knew to the team and Cass was used to working with Shadow Squad for the most part, which would make this an interesting learning experience. Aiden Cross. Well, that was just lovely. He for some reason harbored a dislike of her. It wasn't her fault that he and Nicole had ruined her mom's bike and thrown a TV out the window. That was on them, not her. She knew that if she wanted to blow stuff up she had to be smart enough to do it away from home and that thought instantly brought back memories of the time she had accidentally blown up one of Sov's cars. He had been displeased to say the least. The last member of their little team was Feral Nova...awesome just awesome. Cass did not particularly care for her. Everybody lauded her as this amazing hero, and she may have been at one point, but when Cass had met her for the first time she had been nearly pure evil. It was during the Skrull Invasion and she had nearly taken out the entire Shadow Squad. If Mike hadn't used his powers there was every possibility that she could have taken out the entire team. She had a lot of redeeming to do in Cass's eyes and that seemed to be just fine with her, because Cass knew she didn't particularly care for her either. They had a relationship of mutual distrust and it worked fine for both of them. Perhaps one day they would learn to trust each other, she held out no hope that it would be anytime soon. 

After the Meeting 

"OOMPH!" She was outside the conference room, walking a few paces behind Ethan as something hit her from behind, knocking her into him. Cass got her hands out in front of her just in time to brace them against his back, preventing her face from smashing into his shoulder blades. Turning around, she was all poised to fight, thinking that it was somebody trying to start something. She was completely and utterly shocked to see her little sister looking heartbroken, the evidence of tears running down her red tinted cheeks. Her first instinct was to assume that somebody had tried to hurt her and every protective instinct that she had went into overdrive. She would kill anybody who brought harm to her family, this was a well known fact, one that she had made quite clear. Nobody f*cked with them and got away without being grievously injured. "What's wrong, Chevie?" Her voice was calm, with an underlying hint of worry. "What happened, sweetie?" She asked as she placed comforting hand on Chevie's shoulder, surprised at how tall she had gotten. Before long she would be taller than Cass. Of course, that wasn't saying much. 
Chevie looked down at the ground, her brow furrowed in frustration. "I wanted to help. I wanted to go on an adventure. I hear everybody talk about ICE and dragons and Andferne. I wanted something to do with it." She let out a delicate little sniffle as her lower lip quivered. 
Cass knew what it was like to want to be part of something only to be held back, she knew how mind-numbingly frustrating it was to watch people older than you do something and not be able to partake in it. She held out her other hand, palm up. "Can I see your knife please?" She had given Chevie a gorgeously crafted dagger for her thirteenth birthday, weapons were what she knew best and blades were her specialty. "I promise I'll give it right back." Reluctantly Chevie placed the blade in Cass's palm. Her hand wrapped around the hilt of it, rubbing against the engraving. Gently gripping the blade of it, she held it so that the hilt was clearly visible. There was a dragon carved in it, one that resemble Chevie's new companion, Annabelle. "Do you see this?" She ran the tip of her finger along the wing of the dragon. "It's a dragon, so that no matter what, you always remember your roots. It's not just to remind you of Annabelle, it's to remind you of the ICE Dragons as well. Integrity. Courage. Excellence. These are all things that you have, Chevie. They run deep inside of you and you show them through your actions all the time. Sometimes those things mean doing not what you like, but what's needed of you and sometimes they mean doing the unexpected to prove yourself, to help people. But remember always, whether your're out on a mission one day, out getting ice cream with friends or just hanging around the city; you are a Champion of Peace and all the merits of ICE are exhibited by your actions. Never forget that and never let anybody make you think or feel differently." 
She carefully handed the weapon back to her sister and gave her a huge hug and a quick kiss on the top of her head before going back to her quarters to get geared up.  

On the Plane 

She sat in her seat, her legs tucked underneath her as she checked and double checked all her weapons. The standard gear FiveseveNs with armor piercing rounds, the katana that she wore strapped to her back, the kukris that she wore strapped to the tops of her thighs and her special baby, the purple lightsaber. She only whipped it out for very very special occasions, but she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was going to need every weapon that she owned. Cass tried not to think of who she may be coming into contact with soon, but couldn't help her mind from wandering. Darkchild had betrayed her in more ways than she could count. He had been her teammate, he had been her friend at one point, he had been part of the family she had made for herself on Vis Vires after leaving Gambler's side. He had taken the trust that she had placed in him and he had done something truly ugly and despicable, something that she was only just now beginning to heal from. She had found a man who accepted her. Ethan knew she was damaged and he loved her anyways, all of her. His love and support had, unknowingly to him, given her the courage to try and obtain closure. Cass had done something very foolhardy and had gone to France, Darkchild's new domain, all by herself. It had not turned out exceedingly well, but she had managed to obtain partial closure. So there was that.  
Looking up from her weapons her eyes met those of Aiden. He was glowering at her like she had stolen his candy or something. He looked pouty and irritated. "Can I help you with something?" There was a condescending tone to her voice as she arched an eyebrow inquisitively.  
"Snitch." He muttered it under his breath. 
Cass rolled her eyes. He may have been the same age as her, but he acted nothing like she did. She didn't know if it was because her childhood had been robbed of her and she acted like an adult or if he was just overly young. "I'm really not going to have this argument with you right now. You want to fight with me when we get back to Champion City, presuming we don't die..." she let the word sink in, "then that's fine. But right now, I really really don't have time for childish nonsense like this. We need to take this time to prep, to gather weapons, to share any and all intelligence that we have on the location and on the people we may be facing. It's members of ICE getting the call. The Champions who got the call are bringing back up, we have to assume that Darkchild and ReEnforcer are as well." She spoke to all occupants of the plane, looking around the cabin. "We have to be prepared for what may very well be the fight of our lives."     
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Taiqod hadn’t been on the team long he thought to himself, and in thinking this he couldn’t comprehend why he was on one of the teams to go an stop Darkchild and his team from getting the egg. He listened to Redhead as she spoke about how everything was going to happen, in her best interest they needed to get to this egg before anyone else could.   Sitting there listening he couldn’t help but hear the purs and vibrations of his weapon, Bianca was a very protective weapon. Rattling around his waist the blades clanking together as she vibrated, he stroked the weapon slowly trying to calm it down. The coming battle that would happen no matter how effective an quick they were in getting to the egg, it scared Taiqod and therefore his weapons. They each were given a small portion of his very soul, taking on the characteristics of his lost family. Meaning everything he felt they too felt, but beneath this fear was excitement. He hadn’t been in a fight for so very long, he itches when the thought of fighting people superior than him popped into his mind.

He lay back in his chair listening as his team mates were given. Circe, Eclipse and Cly they were the ones he knew almost nothing about. Eclipse he knew slightly more about because he was Co-Leader of the team but even then what he knew was close to nothing. He looked each one over trying to figure them out simply by looking at them, but came up with little. He found Circe quite attractive that was all he could come up with, something that irritated him. He thought to himself “Find out more about these three, especially the woman.” He said with a smirk popping onto his face, Bianca dug a blade into his side squeezing as he thought that. He yelped out loud as she did it, everyone looked to him for a moment. He blushed bright red, he then gripped Bianca’s hilt tight whispering “Not funny.” She was quiet after that making her point clearly. Once the meeting was over Cly told the team he would follow on Esmeralda, the dragon she was magnificent. He thought it was funny, a knight himself in league with a mighty dragon. As the rest of the team stood up an made their way out of the room he stopped Cly by grabbing his shoulder. He smiled moving around in front of him “Do you think you got room on that mighty beast of yours for two?” He thought as he spoke it sounded much like a come on, as if he was hitting on Cly. He rose his hands shaking them “No no no…god that came out very awkward.” He held his head low and took in a deep breath rewording his question to Cly “When we leave do you think Ez would mind if I accompanied you. I’ve read about Dragons my entire life, they are beautiful creatures and I would love if I could ride with her as well.” He said smiling trying not to look like an absolute moron.

He didn’t wait for Cly to respond an moved towards the door “If you think she wouldn’t mind, grab me before everyone else takes off.” He hid his face as he once again began to blush beat red. He walked out of the room tapping his forehead “Moron!” he said to himself as he made his way to his room. Once he got there he pulled open a drawer taking a picture out. It was of him and his family; he smiled at the image then tucked it into the drawer. He then moved to his closet pulling out a long cape and his uniform, up until now he had been wearing his civvies. Pulling his uniform on he loved how well it fit, the people who made his uniform knew every arch and curve on his body. It felt like a second skin and he loved it, he then swung his cape around his body then strapped it on. It was a dark blue, much like his eyes it shined as the light hit it. With a smile he looked in the mirror admiring how he looked, he then took out Tai and Mariah his other two weapons and snapped them into place on his belt. They hung on either side of his body while Bianca still lay snug around his waist. Leaving his room once again he made his way to where his team was hoping that they would all make it home. Because he has once again found something he could call a family. 

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She sat in the court glad they were finaly doing something agin. This time they were being called. She toned out the majority of the briefing. As far as she was concerned there were only four things that mattered. First was she could actually get away from Rigus Mortis. As time went by with nothing to do she had to resort to passing time in her city. She had her home in a constant flux. Buildings would be blown to dust before being rebuilt a new. In her eyes the rise of Tenebrasque In and consequently France was by hands of chaos. To build a greater world one must first pave the path by leveling what came before it. So Azra went burning and rebuilding, while the layout remained the foundations never were. A woman who longed for destruction however could only play arcitect for so long. Now she could be more active agin.

The other three things were actually relevant to the matters at hand. They were going to the arctic to some quaint little cave where magic and technology were useless. This was a bit confusing to her did it truely matter that it dampened these. Powers were not magic she hated the principle of even calling it magic, she didnt say hocus pocus to light her hands on fire she did it mentally. It also wasnt electronics, she was not powered by batteries though in a way Gray Fox kind of was she thought with a slight laugh. Whatever the cause she would make sure to be armed and ready prior to rushing in. The third thing that caught her atention was the fact that the C.O.Ps also got the memo aparently that things worth value were in the arctic. Of all the super powered organizations that aimed to keep peace by playing the soldier you wind up and put in front of the opstacles the cops were by far the most successful. They had the largest numbers of "heroes" of any team out there. Not only that but were successful at maintaining order and quelling any pivotal threat. Not only this but she also knew her sister Cassidy resided on the team. It would be enteresting to see how they might react if bumping into eachother. Justice her clone had infact just recently been with her and ReEn before this meeting. She at first hated the Child of Darkness but as time passed she grew fond of the clone. She was ambitious and demented while Cass sadly wasn't one to favor murder even if she were willing to.

The final thing was the potential prize. ReEnforcer and Dark Child were not stupid they wouldnt take the team to fetch something just for them. A team of this kind of caliber required the constant promise of greatter power or chaos or whatever the member desired. If enternal fighting was to be kept to a minimal the sides needed to be taken care of in a manner that at least apeared to be fair and beneficial. If they successfully got to the arctic and conquered the cops then she could look forward to having a dragon of her own. Rigus Mortis was home to hundreds of demons and monsters. She took pride in how many creatures walked the streets of ash. Dragons however were not exactly an easy species to come by some believeing them to be nearly extinct. Dragon's were also great for loyalty, they didn't stray from their companions which was a nice ensurance policy when a good portion of your team may turn on you at any moment.

All said and done it was high time they prepare to leave. In fifteen minutes they would be leaving for the arctic. First things first was weaponry and armor, with powers active she could obtain them at any time as well as forge their amunition at any moment. Now however it was best to have tools at hand. On her hips rested her two bolter pistols each with five ammo clips each with a sickle like blade on the end. Then resting on her arms were her chainswords. Her armor was in the same vote being needed to be put on now rather than in conflict. Making the red and black armor wrap around her body was nothing dificult however.

Prepared for the fight to come she opened portals to her castle and whistled fot a pack of oversized hell hounds. From the firey ring that tore a rift between the court yard of Dark Child's castle to her own came half a dozen of the oversized wolves. Black fured with manes of fire and hornes that sprouted from the back of the ears the hell hounds were some of her most prized creatures. The eyes glowed crimson red speaking of a deep profound blood lust that was compatable with their queens. The greatest atribute of the wolves though was the speed. Mounts that could travel fast enough to run across water. They were ideal for geting to the destination quickly. Lady Death also provided transportation and a good number of the team had their own transportation which ment that most of her beasts would reside with her.

The crimson king would likely take one but aside from that the pack was hers to unleash on others. So she sat waiting on ReEn so they could get under way. She wouldnt savour the departure however with some intament moment. ReEn was a person to lay with and give body to but nothing on an affectionant manner. His blood was the only thing that kept her coming back the taste of his possesd blood was adicting. All she wanted her king to do was show her the rout so she could do what was her best trait. With any luck the new arivals to the team would be as promissing as they looked and not get in her way.    

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"We are...lost." There was no other way of saying it, the evidence was all around them. Upon reaching the Arctic; a massive, all-consuming blizzard had struck and placed Fox's allies out of his line of sight. Now, Fox knew not which way they were headed. His systems were already being affected by the magic/technological repulsion barrier surrounding that Godforsaken egg. So far he had been robbed of his ability to fly, teleport and channel Dark Matter both offensively and defensively, his ability to see through such conditions as these and could no longer establish communication with his allies. He still had his strength, his speed, his reaction time and much of his low-tech weaponry, but none of that was going to help him in this situation.
"G-GNAIIH..." Beauregard gurgled.
"What is it, Beauregard?" Fox asked, not bothering to look up at any of the creature's faces, until a series of vibrations began spreading throughout it's body like tremors from an earthquake. "Beauregard? Beauregard!"
"G...G..." Beauregard's entire body began to convulse, causing him to spin around and begin descending towards the ground below. Fox had managed to grab onto a tentacle and get a good look at his mode of transport. Beauregard was as pale as a ghost and all of his eyes showed signs of terminal illness. Moments later, Fox found himself being flung far away from Beauregard as the monster crashed into the snow and collapsed into a giant, lifeless tumor-esque mass of eyes, mouths and tentacles. A mile away Fox hit the ground rolling uncontrollably across a vast, empty snow-covered plane. When he finally came to a halt, Fox began looking around, almost as if in desperation, to see if he could locate Beauregard. But all he could see was an impenetrable wall of falling snow.
"BEAUREGARD! Beauregard, your Master is speaking to you! Answer me! Please..." Fox dropped to his knees, though he could no longer feel sadness or loss or pain, he could still remember what is like to feel such things. There was one thing he could feel though and that was the sensation of liquefied Dark Matter pouring out of the openings on his faceplate. What almost seemed like gallons of it spilled all over the snow and melted straight through it. As it continued to pour out, images of what could be construed as things to come flashed before his eyes. The inevitable conflict with The Champions of Peace, the acquisition of the Egg by an enigmatic figure, an image of twin Earths, one on fire and the other frozen in ice and an all-out war between The Crimson and Obsidian Courts of Tenebrasque In within the grand halls of La Citta Delle Di Tenebre were just a few of the things he had seen.
And then...it all stopped, the liquid Dark Matter was gone and the snow it had supposedly melted had returned. Fox looked up, only to find that impenetrable wall of snow still blocking his view of the world around him. With Beauregard dead and no way to fly or teleport, Fox simply and silently picked himself up off the ground and began walking, hoping that the path he had chosen would lead him to The Dragon's Lair...or, at the very least, his enemies.

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Ears ringing, feet sore Michael walked home after a long night performing at a club in . The sun was rising and he still felt the buzz for his performance. Walking through a set of doors Michael made his way up the stairs to his own dorm room which he was lucky enough to get. Opening the door he fell on his bed a nodded off ....*BEEP BEEP*......opening his eyes he stumbled out of his bed to look for the disturbance. Finally finding his COP communicator in a pair of old jeans he had been wearing the day before he heard the message "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Paragon speaking. First off, congratulations to me for finally waking up and second, I need all available personnel to report to the board room in five minutes, ready for action." Yawning Michael thought *Do I dare not go...hmmm Naw better go someone will skin me alive if they thought I was lying in my bed* Stretching Michael got up begrudgingly and made his way towards the board room. 

Champion Tower: Board Room

Arriving just on time Michael made his way in and took a seat beside Crimson Eagle. Once everyone had settled Eclipse gained the rooms attention "Alright guys, Listen up" the gentle hum of noise silenced. After stating Paragon waking up Mistress Redhead took the floor and explained the situation further something about ICE Dragons, evil forces at work, Fate of the world.....Blah Blah Blah same story different version every time the world was in peril. Once Mistress Redhead had finished the briefing a list of the COP members appeared behind her on a board each link to a team getting a closer look he read aloud "Edward Windsor, Mike Lockhart, Victor Kincaid and Michael Frost" Looking through the crowd of Champions he couldn't see his team-mates *must’ a already left* 

After the meeting

Heading down to the hanger bay Michael saw each and every member busy boarding jets and planes. Walking though the army of heroes he saw his ride at the end the Black Hawk suddenly the room was filled with gunfire several people jumped at the sound of it and from what Michael could se at least 3 of the COP vehicles’ were destroyed. Climbing into the Black Hawk Mike and Edward were in the front getting ready for take off, Victor was behind them beside one of the guns that had been fired earlier taking a seat beside another gun Michael was just about to grab the handle when he heard a whisper it was Victor "Psst, Don't pull the trigger" gulping and looking back and fourth from Victor to the gun Michael took a deep breath and sat back in his seat 
Nothing was said during the flight to there drop zone. Landing with a gentle thud in the snow the hatch opened a the team left the comfort of the chopper to the harsh Arctic weather Michael felt the air hit his face but for the rest it was much worse as they felt the bitter cold thanking his Mutant powers Mike interrupted his train of thought "I hate snow it's cold, wet and weighs you do what’s the point of it really" Turning round to his team-mates Victor spoke up "So where do we go from here". After explaining the Victor what they were doing and handing him a jacket so that his knees would stop shaking from the cold Mike gave the orders "North we go" Rolling his eyes "Finally but were hardly going to be able to get their in this weather so I going to nip this problem in the butt" eyes shifting to their sliver aura colour the wind stopped and the temperature increased just enough to stop Victor's teeth chattering "Now about you snow problem" stepping in front of Mike with a slight smirk on his face Michael outstretched his hands and a gust of wind started to clear a path at their feet "You said north right...well then follow me"

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The gathering had proceeded without a hitch. For many this would be their debut has members of Tenebrasque In, now was the time to prove themselves worthy or risk being seen as the weakest link and killed by one of the Lords. Should any of the new recruits show a great enough potential they would earn the right to become a Lord themselves, if they so desired. Final Arrow's lands remained unclaimed, although some what diminished with the construction of the training facility.

After the meeting ReEnforcer approached the Obsidian King, “I wish to delay the arrival f our foes. Summon four elite members of your Guard, I shall do the same.” With that the Crimson King left Darkchild. Seeking solitude ReEnforcer held his hand out before him palm up. An orb of flame appeared in the palm of his hand, “Morningstar.” The King beckoned. Seconds later an image solidified in the orb, “Yes, my King.” the image said. The man had long blonde hair, crimson tattoo's accented his facial features. “Bring three of your furies and come to the capitol. I expect you here in minutes, do NOT disappoint me!” ReEnforcer ordered. “As you wish my lord.” Remy closed his first and the orb vanished.
The Crimson King strode into the main chamber of La Citta Di Tenebra just as Darchild and his queen entered the portal mounted upon the shoulders of two transfigured Darklings. The rest of Tenebrasque In was gathered in the hall, preparing to depart. Kain's, Lady Death offered steeds to any who required them. ReEnforcer proceeded to the woman, having never spoken to her before. As he approached, Remy felt Kain's eyes upon him, should he make a move against the woman, a war between the Courts would be started then and there. With a slight bow he began “Thank you, lady. If I may have four of your Wyvern's, a few members of the Obsidian Court will need transport, should they delay our enemy we may be able to reach the egg before the Champions. Lyn nodded, then she proceeded to mount a Wyvern of her own and make her way to the Arctic with her lover, aboard his Horse of War.
Seven Wyvern's remain in the capitol, Starkiller a recent addition to the Obsidian Court, approached one, a large green brute at his side. After a rather heated exchange Starkiller wrapped his hands around the beasts neck and began choking it moments later electricity flowed from the siths hands, running through the Wyvern's body. As it's lifeless form hit the ground Starkiller reached a hand toward the green brute, the masculine alien produced a blade and handed it to the sith, who proceeded to cut the beasts eye from its socket. The sith stuck his fingers into the Wyverns eye socket and smeared the blood on his face. Starkiller approached another beast this time he was able to come to an agreement with the thing it seemed, after smearing its fallen brethren's blood upon his steeds snout Starkiller mounted the beast his brute mounting another of the Wyverns and the two followed after the other members of the Obsidian Court. “It will be interesting to see how Lyn reacts once she realizes Starkiller has slain one of her kin.” ReEnforcer thought to himself.

ReEnforcer left the rest of Tenebrasque In to make their preperations off in a room to the east four members of the Crimson Guard awaited their King. Remy stood before his men, his hands locked behind his back. Moments later four members of the Obsidian guard entered the room, darkness shadowing their eyes. All members of the Guard's bowed before the Crimson King, those of the Obsidian Guard only slightly. Remy know their loyalty was to Darkchild, if he were to order them to attack ReEn they would throw away their lives in an instant. The Crimson King paced back and forth before the gathered men and woman, all proven warriors. “Today you are given the honor to die for your Kings. Your only objective today is to delay those who would stand in our way. Should any of you return alive, I would be greatly surprised.” ReEnforcer informed the soldiers. “Those of you from the Obsidian Guard shall take the Wayverns Lady Death has provided, those of my Guard shall take the hell hounds provided by your Queen. The lives of these mounts are more valuable then your own, never forget that. Now go, gather your mounts and await me at the portal.”

ReEnforcer waited until he was alone. Looking down at his attire, Remy felt that he needed to make more of an impression, after all he was going to be seeing old friends. Flames engulfed the Fire God black chain mail covered the King from head to toe. Crimson grieves, bracers and a chest plate rested upon the chain mail, lastly a hooded cloak appeared on ReEnforcer living flame dancing upon the fabric. His battle attire complete ReEnforcer returned to the main hall.

Striding to his Queen's side, ReEn accepted his steed from Azrael. A large black hell hound, large horns protruded from his head. The hound turned it head toward the King, and ReEn met its glowing crimson eyes. Through that gaze an understanding was made both man and beast burned with a fire deep in their hearts together they would enter battle and together they would slaughter any who stood in their paths. Taking the reins of his hell hound, Remy gazed up at Azrael, who had already mounted her steed. “My Queen, I know you wished to keep the remaining Hell Hounds with you however I wish them to go forth with members of the Guard. They may slow our enemy while we proceed toward the prize. I'm sure there are protective incantations blocking our way to Iceing Death's egg, we may require the extra time to find a way past them, without suffering from the blow back.” As he finished the four Crimson Guard members walked in bowing deeply to their Queen and thanking her for their mounts. As Morningstar and his three furies lifted themselves onto the backs of their Hounds.

With a quick pull of the reins ReEnforcer ascended his steed. His Queen at his side ReEnforcer kicked the hound in its side telling him to proceed forward. An instant after they entered the portal they arrived in Novaya Zemlya a group of islands off the Russian coast. The location nearly blinded ReEnforcer, with his mutant ability Remy was able to see and feel the residual energies left in the world. The amount of energy in Novaya Zemlya was devastating, the islands held a rich background. Tsar Bomba, the largest and most powerful nuclear weapon to ever be detonated had been tested in the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

Remy closed his eyes focusing, pushing his power outward away from the archipelago, searching for any energy signatures that might be familiar. His power reached across the Arctic lights began popping up like wild fires, signaling human life. Those life forms Remy was familiar with burned brighter like becans. His eyes still shut he spoke “Their are seven groups, one is rather large Mistress Redhead and Octagon Freak are among the larger group. Sovereign Son is far to the east with three others, I don't recognize. The others are two to four man cells, the closest is to the west in Greenland, Paragon is among them.” ReEnforcer focused on a group of four indivials, “Hmmmm. It seems Starkiller and his associate have engaged two of our foes already.”

Opening his eyes once more the Crimson King turned his mount around facing the members of the Guard, “Go forth seek out these Champions and destroy them, if you meet your end it had better not be before we reach the egg, for even in death won't allow you to escape our wrath.” As they prepared to depart, ReEnforcer said “Wait.” Holding his right hand out eight spheres of flame shot forth growing into small impish creatures, ReEn had first conjured them when Omega Justice had invaded Peasa Di Tenebra they were created in the likeness of Darkchild's darklings, this time however the Firelings had wings they would allow them to cross the ice without it melting beneath their clawed feet. Darkchild opened a portal allowing eight of his Darklings to enter the area. “Each of you will be accompanied by a Fireling and a Darkling. If you stay the course and delay or destroy our enemy they shall assist you. However should you show weakness in battle, they will devour you.” ReEnforcer informed the warriors. “Now GO!”

ReEnforcer and Azrael's mounts stood behind Darkchild and Justice, the Obsidian Knights rode beside the Kings and Queens of Tenebrasque In, while Somniac soared overhead. “Let us not waste what little time their deaths may buy us, Brother.” ReEnforcer said addressing Darkchild and with that the convoy proceeded forward. Toward the call of Iceing Death which Darkchild, ReEnforcer and even Lady Death felt so strongly.

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The shards of ice hitting his bare face, the screeching of the wyverns and darklings all around him, the air that was tinged with the stench of impending death: it was all so much to take in for the Sith.  Starkiller closed his eyes as he felt a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach.  It wasn't because he was nervous or because he was anxious, no the warrior of darkness had done away with such useless feeling a long time ago.  It was because he was excited; he knew that today would be a great day, a day of blood and suffering a day in which the forces of darkness would reign supreme.   As he opened his eyes and looked onwards, he could see that the wind had picked up and the blizzard had made it almost impossible to see in front of him.  He tried to tap into The Force and locate the Obsidian King of Tenebrasque In, Darkchild, but just as he closed his eyes again and tried focusing, he was interrupted by the sounds of yelling behind him.  It was Rabsus, his assistant, whose voice, barely audible through the howling winds, was still able to convey a sense of urgency.   
"Master Starkiller, Master Starkiller! Look down! On the mountain!"      
 Starkiller looked down at the mountain and could barely make out two figures just standing there and looking around.  The Sith, an expert on body language, could tell that the two individuals were lost just by the way they were standing.  He did not recognize them as part of the Tenebrasque In.  Starkiller deployed his lightsaber and raised it straight in the air, making sure Rabsus saw it.  After holding it in place for a couple seconds, he drew back the blade of the lightsaber and began his descent towards the mountain, Rabsus following close behind. 
Starkiller has never rode a wyvern in his life, but the connection he had with this one made it incredibly easy for him to maneuver and lead it.  As stealthily as possible, Starkiller and Rabus landed their wyverns about thirty yards from where the two unknown individuals were.  They were shrouded by the thick blizzard that even still, was getting stronger and stronger.  In this kind of visibility, it would be easy to surprise the two heroes and kill them both.  The young Sith focused the Force energy around he and Rabsus to try and disguise his presence.  He walked towards his two targets but suddenly stopped when he was close enough to one of the targets.  He knew that these men were ripe for the taking, he knew he could have them if he wanted to, he knew that these heroes would never see him coming...and that was a problem.   
Starkiller relished the fear of his victims as he killed them.  Surprise attacks just weren't his thing.  He wanted to smell the fear in the air as the heroes learned of their impending doom.  He wanted a struggle, wanted a fight, only then would his near-limitless blood lust be satiated.            
As he stood there looking at what soon would become his prey, he slid his thumb over his lightsaber's button and turned it on, allowing the red blade of burning light to spring forth from the hilt.  In an instant he felt it: the fear in the air, the dread of his prey after learning that their fate was sealed.  One of the heroes came into view.  He was a young boy with dark hair, someone who looked to have no business amongst heroes.  The boy began yelling something but the howling winds made it difficult to hear anything he said.   Starkiller felt Rabsus rush past him and get behind the two heroes.  The young boy, now overcome with fear paced backwards and bumped into the mighty warrior's body of Rabsus.  Starkiller continued pacing slowly towards the two heroes.  They were pathetic.  The young boy wouldn't shut up and the other, a blonde young man, was visibly breaking down.   
With whatever courage the weak boy still had he uttered, "Starkin...you...you take Starkiller..the one with the red lightsaber...I'll.... the boy paused.  A new look of confidence came across his face.  The fear that Starkiller had sensed in the boy was quickly melting away like ice in intense sunlight.  The boy still had fear, that was evident, but he now spoke with much more courage and determination.  " ...I'll take the big green guy..."   
The raven haired boy turned around and faced Rabsus as a puddle of darkness gathered by his feet.  In no time, that puddle had given way to small vicious-looking creatures that immediately went to attack Rabsus, propelling him off a steep incline behind them.  The boy immediately and quite courageously chased after Rabsus down the slope and out of sight.   
Starkiller was now left with what looked like a fancifully dressed young man.  However, this man did not look like he was in any condition to fight.  What Starkiller sensed in the young man was not fear, but pain.  "Oh well, he thought, "that would have to do."   
"The boy, he called you Starkin...is that your name, young hero...Starkin?" Starkiller kicked the fallen hero in the gut furiously.  The thud created was audible even in spite of the howling wind that now surrounded them.  The young man fell to the floor, his skin now a sickly shade of purple.  His eyes had become bloodshot, he was foaming at the mouth and he began convulsing wildly.      
The blizzard began to gradulally calm until it stopped.  The silence was deafening, he could hear the branches of trees cracking under the weight of the snow and ice that had just fallen.  Starkiller evil laugh broke the newfound silence.  All he could do was laugh as he watched the would-be hero suffering. " You probably had big dreams, no?  You probably thought that you would just come here with your pirate shirt and boots and save the day.   But instead you are here...about to die.  You won't even get a proper burial.  you will be frozen in this unforgiving corner of this unforgiving world, that is, unless, a bear or whatever the hell lives in this part of the world comes here and eats your corpse."   Starkiller could not hold back the laughter as he watched the young man shaking wildly. 
"Your name...it's similar to mine."  Starkiller knelt down next to Starkin and spoke loud enough so that Starkin could hear him.  "Your name is Stark...in, my name is Stark...iller," he said with a trace of dark humor in his voice. "I want you to remember the name.  When you are sailing down that River Styx, waiting for the doors of Hades to open for you to enter, I want you to remember my name.  When your soul is being ripped apart by thousands of demons in the underworld, I want you to curse my name.  Every time you reminisce on your happy life with your happy friends in whatever happy village you're from, I want you to remember the name 'Starkiller.'   i want you to loathe this name.  I want your hatred to grow so much that by sheer willpower, you climb the walls of Hades and escape back to the land of the living.  I want that hatred to steer you towards me, with a mind fixated on sweet vengeance.  I want you to find me, wherever I am whatever I am doing I want you to hunt me down.  Look at me in my eyes ready to swing the deathblow, and then...and then.... 
....I will kill you again...This time in a warmer place, hopefully
Still crouched down, Starkiller took out the hilt of his lightsaber and pressed it against the forehead of the shaking Starkin.  The moment he pressed the deploy button, a beam of hot light would burn though the skull of the young hero, burning his brain and sending him to a  permanent slumber.  Starkiller slowly moved his thumb towards the button, his sadistic smile growing with every millimeter that it trekked.  He loved moments like this, when a life was in the palm of his hand, ready to be crushed by his mighty power.   
Starkin began convulsing wildly.  the evil Stih laughed as he tried to steady the young man's body.  Starkin continued to shake as ice began forming on his clothes.  As he shook, what appeared to be a gem fell from under the young man's garment's.  The pulsating gem shone brightly and was a stark contrast from the white of the snow.  Starkiller put down his weapon and picked up the gem.  There was something about it that drew his attention, he couldn't quite put his finger on it.  The Sith was in  state of trance as he felt the power emanating from the stone. 
Suddenly, Starkiller's daze was interrupted by a loud screeching sound.  The Sith quickly looked up only to see a small black creature the size of a house-cat running at him.  He tried to get his lightsaber to attack the creature but the creature was too fast.  It jumped on Starkiller's face and began biting and scratching at him.  When the sith tried to pull him off, the creature took a bite out his left arm and tore away a strip of skin.  Now dripping with blood, Starkiller yelled and let out an intense burst of Force Lightning that fried the creature.   
"That wasn't very nice, Starky" 

Starkiller looked up and saw the young, dark-haired boy from before standing about 60 feet away.  The young boy was now covered in darkness, a fact that was made the more visible by the white, snowy landscape surrounding him.  The boy's face was devoid of the fear that was once so thick and palpable.   
"What? You think that you and your little creatures scare me?"  Starkiller paused as he waited for an answer from the young boy but none came.  "BOW BEFORE THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE, you stupid b!tch!" From the Sith's bloody and bruised arms sprang forth a surge of intense blue lightning that made its way towards the boy.  The thick layer of snow that had fallen during the blizzard picked up all over and created a whirlwind of white powder around the surrounding area.  The Force Lightning was not an attack to be taken lightly, it had victimized many an innocent and could overload a person's nervous system, delivering a painful  and almost instantaneous death. 
However, as the snow fell back to the ground and settled, Starkiller was shocked to see that the boy was still standing, a wall of living darkness shielding him from danger.  The wall began shaking and it re-formed into the shape of a huge spear.  "Go..", the boy uttered.  It seemed like  a whisper, but somehow it resonated and echoed throughout the mountain.  The spear of darkness hurled itself forward ths Sith at an intense speed.  Starkiller tried to run but he was kept in place by what seemed like hands of darkness springing forth from under the snow.  Everything felt like slow motion as the spear barreled towards him.  He could smell his own blood on the white snow, he could feel his body bracing for the impact. Starkiller closed his eyes, ready for his death.....  
Or not...
..Starkiller yelled loudly as he expelled a powerful telekinetic wave from his body that took the form of a forcefield.  He sent electricity through his legs and feet to free himself of the hands of darkness.  Still dripping with blood from the darkling's attack, Starkiller ran towards the young boy so fast that the boy had no time to react.  He hit him with a strong fist in the stomach and then landed a mighty punch on the youth's face, sending him to the floor.   
"Son of a b!tch!"...Starkiller looked down to where Rabsus had fallen and saw the emerald warrior slowly and gingerly trying to climb back up the slope.  The Sith grabbed a hold of him with his telekineses and pulled the man up to where he was.  "You useless bastard.  You were bested by him?  him?" Starkiller said in a mocking tone as he pointed to the young boy.   
"Master...where is he?" Rabsus said. 
Starkiller looked towards the boy's direction and saw that he was no longer there.  He looked to where the other young man had lied dying minutes ago and saw the he was gone, as well.  Starkiller focused his energy to try to locate the two heroes but couldn't detect them.  "Come on, they couldn't have gone that far."  
"But what about our mission, are we not to find the dragon egg?"     
Starkiller reached into his pocket and pulled out the gem that he had gotten from the young man.  "I have a feeling this will lead us straight to our objective.  But I believe they will try to find their way down the mountain towards the rest of their team.  If we find and follow their team, there is no doubt in my mind that they will lead us towards the egg.  Now make haste.  We can't let them get far away." 
Under the surface Starkiller was seething.  His loyal servant and powerful warrior had been beaten by a kid, HE had almost been beaten by a kid...but it wasn't over, not by a long-shot.  Starkiller had tasted blood and he wanted more.  The blizzard was slowly picking up again.  He knew that today would be a great day, a day of blood and suffering a day in which the forces of darkness would reign supreme. 

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Heading North

Edward  and his team mates where standing in the harsh artic conditions for a mere few seconds before  Umbra went to work on the climate. After he did his weird silver eye thing the air was slightly less bitter and Eddy could now sence his armour begining to warm up again. Not contempt with his first little warming the air trick Umbra proceeded to clear a path creating a nice walk way for the team. Edward clapped and commented " You gonan pull a polar bear out of your cape next? (letting out a little laugh).  How fast can you clear the path?  i dont mean to be a pain but i will be dammed if we fly hours to get here and i have to walk the last  part.  Getting to the egg before the bad guys is important right ?." Edward did a few stretchs and continued "Actually dont worry about it Micheal  i have a plan B you focus on keeping the air around you guys warm, i have some equipment i want to try." looking down at his boots edward says "Snow spikes" his boots come alive for a second sending out some nice snow traction to his soles. Turning to the chopper Edward grabs some rope tieing it firmly around his waist before throwing 3 pairs of skis he had stashed in the choppers overhead locker.  Looking back at his teamamtes once again he says " Ok guys i hope you can waterski  since this is whats gonna happen. I altered some old water skiing equipment in order to be able to tow people/objects up to my speed on water and theoretically  on ice and wet grass etc to. You hold on tight and keep an eye on the nav system and i will get us right on top of that marker before you guys can whip up a hot drink. Any onjections"  Pausing for a second as the team nervously put on their skis and  preparerd themselves Edward set off picking up pace where he could before shouting back " Theres still a few kinks with stopping guys, but i think i have that worked out to. Hold tight be there in sub a minute." 
Some 40 seconds or so later Edward stops his wild ice run, spinning on the spot with his hand outstretched towards his on rushing teamates, channeling his telekentic abiltiesonto   his teams skiis forcing them to drag more in the snow. The team come to a abrumpt  but slightly jarred stop, their expression was one of clearly unhappy people. Looking at his teammates he noticed they where covered in what was no doubt the snow he's feet had kicked up in the brief assult on the sences they just went through. Hanging his head alittle at his teams disgust he simply said " Its for the good of the world guys, iam sorry it wasnt as pleasent as it could of been thou." the team walked past Edward into the cave that was now wide open in front of them. Sov Son and Kincaid walked past without so much of a word both giving Edward an icy glare. Umbra walked up to Edward tapped him on the shoulder and says " perhaps next time time googles would be nice" as he brushed the settled snow out of his hair.

Cave Men

Entering the Cave mouth Edward could see Kincaid and Sov now ski less waiting for Umbra and Edward before they contuined into the belly of the cave system laid out in front of them. As Eddy and Micheal approached Lockheart cracked some glowsticks from his belt and handed them out to the team members. The squad set off into the darkness surrounded by  an eerie green glow, as they walked deeper and deeper into the winding pases of the snow labyrinth the air became more and more stale while still breathable its smell wasnt the most enjoyable to the prince of powers nose. Eddy spoke to anybody in hois slightly annoyed team that would listen " So how we ment to find this egg then?, i would volenteer to run a round and see what i can find but i will more than likely just get lost or run into our hostile former friends of yours ( looking in Sov sons direction). I mean just listen with us just walking i can hear our footsteps , echoes of our footsteps and the sound of the wind in these caves god knows how far the sound will travel in here. We will hear each other a mile off and with these confined spaces a cave in wil be likely if anything kicks off. "
Waiting for a reply  Edward and his teamates come to a stop and just as Mike Lockheart is about to open his mouth to reply a the sounds of loud cracks can be heard further down the tunnel. Sov signals to his teamates to kill their glowsticks and the team disburst into the collective shadows waiting to see what was coming their way.
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The meeting assembled quickly, and was over almost as fast. Paragon barely had time to confirm his vision with Octagon Freak and Mistress Redhead before he was on his way to prepare for the journey to the Arctic. Everyone was split up into smaller teams in order to spread out and find the egg more effectively, and from what he could tell, Paragon was paired with a bunch of kids. The oldest one was Scion, who Paragon figured was early 20s at best, and only recognized from the meeting with the main team before the Fear and Terror gods ripped him a new one. The other two were a pair of teenage girls, with what he guess were mid-western accents and a history together. He worried about the level of experience in the group, and if they could hold up, should they meet opposition on their journey. "Well, let's see what these kids can do first, before I judge them." He thought to himself, while he quickly changed the frequency on his communicator. "This is Paragon, calling Icebird. You nearby?"
"I am within 200 kilometres of your position, Paragon." replied the gigantic robot jet. 
"Fantastic. Need you in the Champions of Peace hangar ASAP. Got a small crew in need of transport to the Arctic."
"Right away. Be there in ninty five seconds."
Paragon didn't doubt the transformer's accuracy on it's landing time, so he knew he had no time to waste. "Team, we're taking the jet called Icebird. You'll see it when you hit the hangar. "He announced into the communicator as he quickly changed into the snow gear version of his costume to prepare for the blinding snows and deadly colds the Arctic would be throwing at them. If Paragon knew Icingdeath, this could very well be a test, and that old dragon wouldn't be making it easy. As a last minute thought, Paragon grabbed his Green Lantern ring, and put it in a pouch on his belt. "In case of emergency, break glass." He thought.
It took Paragon longer to change than he thought it would, as the rest of the team was already packed up and ready standing under the nose of Icebird. As he approached, Paragon noticed a circle had been burned into the ground around the jet, and Despair looked very focused on something, but Paragon couldn't quite tell what. With a final big breath, Despair broke out into a Latin chant, as winds began to swirl, and light broke around the circle, seemingly from nowhere.
In a flash, they appeared in Greenland. Snow covered hills as far as the eye could see one way, and frozen ocean at the bottom of a cliff the other. Paragon was used to moving around the world almost by teleportation, but having it done to him by someone else, and by magic was something new to him. He was impressed by the girls power, didn't like someone else moving him. 
"One of you guys should carry her." Paragon was quickly brought out of his thoughts by the sound of Cellphone Girl's voice. Looking down, he saw that Despair was completely drained from the spell she had just cast. "I would... but you two are stronger than me." 
Scion walked over to the two girls, to help move Despair, while Paragon went to do a final check on Icebird.
"Icebird! How'd you survive the trip?" asked Paragon as he stepped into the bridge of the ship.
"I am slightly confused. Our last known location was on Champion Island, here." the jet indicated on it's navigational map. "Now we are here. In Greenland."
Paragon chuckled slightly at the robot's confusion, as he sat in the pilot's seat. "I know. I didn't like it either. Redhead said that there's some sort of shielding around the egg's location that preventing tech and magic from getting close. How close can you get us, Icebird?"
There was a moment of silence from the robot just as the rest of the team walked into the cockpit. "I can take you another four hundred and ninty kilometres before the technological dead zone begins. This should put you within five hundred kilometres of the North Pole."
"Shiny." smiled Paragon, as Scion sat down in the chair next to him. "Alright everyone. Buckle up." With those words, Icebird hummed to life and took to the sky.
As the jet ripped through the cold Arctic clouds, Paragon looked around at his team, before his vision settled on Scion. He was meditating, but Paragon could see little bits of frustration poking through. "I sense great anger in you." he said, doing his best impression of Yoda from the Star Wars movies. "Listen. I'm guessing those gods got to you too. That's what they were trying to do. Thing is, you can't let that shake you. If you do, you'll be out of this business pretty quick, and up in they sky with your dear and fluffy lord. So..." A loud ping from Icebird interrupted Paragon.
 "Sorry to intrude on your lecture, Paragon, but we have arrived at our destination." said the robot.
Paragon smiled, since he had no idea where he was going with his talk. "Alright ladies and gentlemen, kiss the warmth of our wonderful Transformer friend goodbye and snowsuit up! Let's go get us a dragon egg!" With those words, he threw on his fur-lined hood and stepped out into the frigid Arctic air in search of the newest dragon brood.

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Somewhere in the Arctic Valley 

 Snow pelted against her bare skin, her hair whipping around her in the wind as they three groups marched through the snow, tracks following them as their footprints plundered against the beating white storm threatening to dim the glow that echoed from all of their crystals “STEPHANIE get your butt up there try to see where we are” Sarah screamed into the air as Feral Nova trod beside her, as the fire goddess made to move screeches overhead roared down upon them as the second wave of attack came from the demons Darkchild and ReEnforcer had sent at them “DAMMIT there back” Sarah spat as the demon creatures got closer, their beating wings louder than the snow storm their hot claws melting the snow as they began to attack, creatures straight from hell reigned down out of the sky as behind them seemed to travel armies of demon guards.

Sarah winced as they began to attack, her sight hindered by the snow she raced towards the wreckage of the great plane she had built desperate to get a hold of the case containing her suit…

Hours earlier

The Champion jet was ready to go and fuelled up; Sarah ran a hand down the sleek blue stipe that surrounded the elegantly created plane, its wing span and nose sleek and designed to perfection. It had taken her hours to design and months to perfect,  a secret project done with funding left over from her days with the Section Eight. It was a thing of beauty and she was insanely proud of it, hearing footsteps behind her she withdrew her hand as the two teams accompanying her began to enter the hanger, each of them weighed down with packs and dressed for the freezing weather of the artic.

 Crazy, Aiden and Honor Girl were the first in, Aiden and Nicole standing close as they laughed over a shared joke, Crazy looked sideways at them slightly annoyed, following them was Nova, Dark Huntress, and Mantoid, each girl could not look more different if they tried, Steph and Cassie were dressed for the weather, her eldest daughter all black with tinted glasses and Nova in a kind of coloured outfit that would stand out against the snow while Mantoid looked comfortable in simple designer clothing. Octy, Glory Nights and Hesperus were the last into the hanger; Hesperus was looking at the room with disdain while the others piled forth admiring the new jet and congratulating Sarah on her creation.

Unsmiling she addressed the little Hodge podge of Heroes, as they waited to enter the plane “Right guys, we have a long flight ahead of us and a bloody cold time when we get there, make sure you have enough of everything and find a seat, we will take off shortly” she began to walk up the small steps leading to the plane, twisted and looked back “Make sure you wipe your feet”

Stepping into the cockpit she took her seat, the plush leather moulding to her form “ALL SYSTEMS READY FOR TAKE OFF MISTRESS” Eve’s voice echoed in her headphones as she pressed the buttons in front of her, the console lighting up at her touch “Activate and initiate take off procedure EVE” she replied as the plane began to pull out onto the runway, the rain began to pelt onto the plane as it made its maiden voyage into the skies above.

“Activate autopilot” Sarah spoke into her mouthpiece as the jet levelled off “Activate cloaking system” “AUTOPILOT AND CLOAKING ACTIVATED MISTRESS” Eve replied as the AI took control of the ship, Sarah pushed her glasses up her nose and stood up to stretch, joining the others in the back as the jet raced through the clouds, driving them to their destination.

Sarah woke at the shudder as it hit the jet, screams from the lounge had her leaping from the small bunk at the back of the ship as she raced through, smoke billowed from the massive wings the jet began to spin as she screamed instructions Eves voice boomed through the plane “ENGAGING AUTOMATIC DISEMBARK, ALL PASSENGERS PREPARE” Sarah had run through instructions on how to evacuate as every member of the three teams braced themselves Nicole screamed as a claw ripped through the side of the second wing, a giant beast racing beside them just as every member was removed from the crashing jet by the transporters that locked onto each of them, landing them safely on the snowy mountains below. None of them aware that the little crystals they held had begun to glow a bright white light.

Somewhere in the Arcitc valley

Sarah cursed as she raced for the flaming wreckage of the jet, totally unprepared for the crash she had left her wrist device contacting her suit on the plane, her only hope was that the suitcase containing her spare suit was intact. Leaping over the flames she thanked whatever was watching over them as she spotted the purple Adamantium case lying in the wreckage.  

Leaping for the case she pressed open the buttons and activated the Nanobots as they began to weld around her body, forming and weaving as they encased her body, standing in the snow she could hear the battle raging around her as the hell creatures attacked her people, her mouth set firm as the last bot swarmed around her face forming the shield she fired her arm cannon at one of the nearest small demon its claws ripping out to attack, obliterating it before taking off to the skies where she could get a better look at the creatures attacking 

Racing up wards a tiny drop of pink against the snow caught her attention as a whispered "NO...." erupted from underneath the helmet, she raced and ducked the creatures as they attacked, flying for the ground below, landing next to her youngest daughter her suit flipping backwards as she disengaged it. 
Chevies body lying in the snow, blood dripping from her mouth her pale skin bruised and beaten her little eyes staring upwards as Sarah began to scream at the girl, rocking her in her arms as she knelt in the snow, pushing breath into her mouth and desperately performing CPR, totally unaware of the war battling around her as a giant claw coming out of the snow ready to slice down her back as she slammed  her fists against her daughters chest, begging the little heart to start beating again, tears streaming down her face, totally unaware that her youngest had stowed away on the jet, so eager for adventure...
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Octagon spent the hours of the flight studying layouts of the area they would be exploring. Anything to give them the upper hand. He'd fought Darkchild before and knew what kind of a threat he was. He had studiously been studying his maps when all the lights in the jet turned red and EVE was giving emergency warnings. The ship started in on a sharp descent and Octagon grabbed hold of a handle over head. Octagon reached out with a few dark hands to grabs his fellow teammates to keep them from bashing against the walls. Within a few seconds, all the noises, the yelling, and the explosions were replaced by nearly dead silence. 
Octagon looked around and saw several of his teammates among him in the snow. The frigid air blew harshly, kicking up snow like a sandblaster. Shielding his face, Octagon looked around to make sure everyone was okay and then heard the jet crashing nearby. Octagon threw up a shield to protect himself from the shock wave. It wasn't quiet very long before there was more screaming. Demons and fire creatures flew around and  through the flying snow, Octagon thought he could see the outlines of Darkchild and ReEnforcer amongst them. Before he could tell if it was his mind playing tricks on him, one of the tiny dark creatures latched onto Octagon's arm and bit down hard. With a scream of pain, Octagon ripped the creature away and flung it with all his force. Trying to get a quick assessment of the situation, Octagon looked around. He saw Mistress Redhead running for the ruins of the jet. She reemerged with her nanite suit. Octagon's attention was drawn away by another of the small creatures. He launched several beams of darkness at the creature, but it seemed to have little effect. Octagon realized the creature was probably a spawn of Darkchild and would utilize some sort of darkness abilities. He opted for a brute strength method and punched the small creature into the snow. It landed with a crack and was buried in the powder. 
Octagon's attention was turned back when he heard a scream pierce through the fighting. He turned to see Mistress Redhead knelt in the snow. He teleported over to her and found her hunched over a small body. Octagon realized it was Redhead's youngest daughter. He put up a dome of darkness around them and reinforced it with his arms. Several of the tiny creatures and fire demons were striking at the dome, weakening its integrity. It was quiet in the dome, as it cut out the sound of the howling wind and the creatures screeching around them. This brief silence allowed Octagon to speak. Grabbing his communicator, he said, 
"If anybody's hearing this, we need backup over here! We've got a teammate down! Repeat, teammate down!" Turning to Mistress Redhead, he said,
"I can't imagine how unbelievably difficult this must be for you...," then thinking quickly he added, "I've got some first aid supplies in the middle pouch of my bandoleer. Take anything you need. I can't hold up this dome forever, so we'll have to move to a more secluded location. If I studied the maps right, there should be a shallow cave about three hundred yards from here. I can take you there, or anywhere else you have in mind. We just can't stay here." Octagon grunted through his teeth under the strain of keeping the dome up. Sweating, he hoped help would soon arrive to cover their escape.

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Darkchild moved slowly atop his steed the darkling stopping just short of the field that stood between Tenebrasque and their powers. The powers of magic were no use within the field, just short of the arctic Valley the brotherhood of evil stood. Their darkness seeping out from their bodies, Darkchild let his powers drip off from him creating darkling’s. He put his hand to the field and it went through he looked to ReEn “Damn aliens, I can deal with demons like myself. But aliens, they make life so very difficult.” Darkchild went to step forward when the air echoed with the sound of an incoming Jet. He turned around and looked into the sky….they had arrived. The champions were here for the very same thing Darkchild was after; he looked to ReEn who was creating his own Firelings. They were an offshoot of Darkchilds darklings, they produced hellfire something Darkchild found quite amusing. The Jet was covered with the sigils an designs of the Champions of Peace, but what brought a smile to Darkchilds face was not who they were or who they worked for. It was who were all inside the one jet, everyone he had touched in his life they were in one space. “Well, looks like its begun my brother.” Darkchild lifted his hand into the air, the darkling’s he had created transformed as he snapped his fingers “Go…bring it down. Let’s bring the family together shall we?” He thrust his hand forward and his creatures took flight.

He watched as they took to the skies screaming and laughing the whole time, the Jets defenses were not capable of preventing something like this. The entire jet was overcome with hundreds of Darkling’s, the firelings stood in attention on the ground as Darkchild spoke to ReEn “Keep the ground troops away, the plane will be coming down soon.” He watched as the jet began to burn and tear apart as his minions tore into it, soon the entire ship came crashing down with a loud boom. A wave of force shot out from the jet as it slammed into the ground, blowing past Darkchild as it exploded. He smiled wide “ReEn take  Azrael and go for the Egg. Leave few hundred of your Firelings with the ground troops, I will stay here with the others and keep them busy. I’ve been waiting a long time to face these ones together, plus some of my old friends are here.” He created an image of Nova; she was as beautiful as ever. He smiled as he could sense the demon inside her; it knew he was close which meant she was close too. The rest of the Champions would be here soon, Star Killer had already taken on some of them. Turning to the Obsidian Guard who were standing in wait for the signal “Go, anyone of them who aren’t mutants…kill them. They will prove no fun in the fight, take them out.” The Obsidian Guard all roared in unison floating on darkness as they rushed down the hill that Darkchild stood atop of. He knew that the Champions would put up one hell of a fight, and he knew many would die but not all of them. He just hoped the important ones would die; Mistress was a thorn in his side. He never liked her, and she needed to be rid of.

The wreckage of the jet showed many things but one thing caught Darkchilds attention, from this distance he couldn’t tell who it was but someone was gravely wounded. He shrugged “Well theirs one down.” He laughed as he spoke his words, suddenly the call of Icing Death filled his mind “Do not be too eager my old son. These men and women will give their lives to stop you, who do you think will show more in this fight. Those willing to die or those who simply wish to end all life.” Darkchild shook his head in anger “Be gone you old bastard, I’ve had enough voices in my head for a lifetime. No need to fill my head with anymore voices thank you very much.” Justice at his side he held her hand “Take the ones with Mistress. I have some business to attend to with Nova; once she gets here my love things are going to get very dicey. If they bring Octagon with them, their deaths won’t be as fast as I had intended. Stick to the plan my love, no stupid moves understood?” With that he kissed her, she turned around heading towards the battle that already had begun between the forces of Tenebrasque and Champions of Peace. As Darkchild waited for those he wished to fight to arrive he took in a deep breath, he stood just outside the field. Which meant the Lair, and thus the egg were very close his eyes began to roll into the back of his head “Incase we do lose this fight, let’s begun the plan shall we?” He spoke to himself; slowly darkness began to flow from his body. It hit the ground in gobs and began to slither through the field that protected the Lair. It slowly began to cover the border around the lair, Darkchild thought if he couldn’t have the egg and its power. Those who would get it would be in for a world of pain, he slowly began to seep his power into the good that made up the lair and the egg. He was planning on corrupting it as he did so Icing Death spoke to him again “What happened to you my son? You were once one of the greatest, what do you plan on doing once you have this power you think you will receive?” Darkchild smiled wide “Nothing much, I will take the power as my own and continue to corrupt the world.” The darkness continued to seep into the field.