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May 2013 - Botanical Gardens

"Please, enlighten me as to your spontaneous resurrection." She acted indifferent, even if her thoughts screamed in terror. And like a true predator, she analyzed her precious prey. Brown eyes, raven hair, and a figure only a grandfather could jack off too. "You can't expect me to believe the words you say. Cassandra Addams is dead. I killed her. You cannot be her." Miss Michelle huffed and she puffed, ignorantly downplaying this apparent revelation.

T-This isn't possible. This doesn't make sense. I specifically remember tipping that cow over. So how in the name of Betty White did this Jurassic Park escapee return? I-It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense!

"Your powers aren't exactly full proof. Turns out your powers have an expiration date. Killing me only lasted about seven years. My son's death last like two weeks and voila! We're back in the realm of the living, but don't worry I'm not here to rain on your parade. In fact I'm willing to let you continue your crusade for the crown", the mother of madness shushed her opponent before continuing, "so long as you leave me and my son alone. That's right. From here on out Addams' Global is controlled by my son and myself. You leave us alone and we'll leave you alone. Do you understand me sweetheart? I know with so much plastic inside your body....communication can be difficult."

As much as I'd like to snap her neck the saggy gorilla speaks the truth. My powers have been awfully wonky as of late. I'll have to converse with my people soon enough. And even though I am frightened by her aptitude, I see no reason in causing further disarray.

"I get to become Queen, but your son controls military contracts and organization funding. If I'm hearing that correctly, I do believe I've just been put on a leash. And if what I'm hearing is right, any foul actions will result in me losing just about everything I've worked for?", the true matriarch nodded in agreement, "Wow. I'm impressed. You pulled a fast one on me you hungry, hungry hippo. I'm in a bind, but know that won't be for long. And when that happens...know I won't hesitate in killing you again. I'm a stickler for sequels", she said blowing a flirtatious kiss.

Ending the Addams family has proven most difficult. I killed Cassandra. She returned. I murdered Noah. He returned. I initiated the death of Jonathan. Will he return? I don't know and I can't take any chances. I've got to get to Washington fast, and hopefully my darling Ziev holds the answers I seek. Who am I kidding? This is all on me. I screwed up, but I don't know how.

Next: National Anthem

"Is that all you got? Come on baby cakes, you know I like it r-rough!"

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Bravo. Claps

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Days go byyyy :P

Good sh!t

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Indeed. I guess I know what side to take.

I like these. You're like a short tv show.

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O'well, this is awesome. Nice job! :P

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