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Location: Desert


waether: clear

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Sha gazed around the vast desert it appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary. She had entered a tournament where a King would be crowned; she scoffed at the male dominated world she decided to just enjoy her peace in the desolate wasteland where silence was its only ruler. Sha had fought many foes in the desert, Renagade Lantern a just warrior one who fought with the utmost care for humanity. Then one of her best friends Feral Nova, she was a free spirit, Warm at heart with no pun intended she had made Sha actually envy her. Then there was the Genetic beast Soul taker he was a wonder, Sha had often referred to him as the male version of herself He controlled the darkness just as she had, He had demons just like she had…and when pushed to the limit he turned into a slaughtering maniacal maniac just like Sha is. But until her opponent arrived she wanted to enjoy the setting sun. She had trekked across the sand wearing a bathing suit and some flip flops with a towel tied around her waist, if anyone saw her they’d think she was crazy, for there was no water for miles so there wasn’t a reason for her to be in a bathing suit, but she was a different person she didn’t have time to do fun things, She was always fighting. Always killing, She came to a spot in the sand Were she just decided to stop. She stood with the wind blowing her golden blonde hair, and her blue eyes gawking at the hot goldenrod sand.

She began walking again this time with a deck of cards given to her by an old flame throwing one card up and down using her newly found kinetic energy as her hips switched back and forth she began to think about how She was set free from her Demon: She had created a device a separator one that would allow her to keep chaos blacks powers but remove the being indefinitely. She succeeded but it was only temporarily there were times when the demon tugged at her soul and heart.

Every action sha did was dictated by her heart Breathing, thinking she made it so that every function of her body was carried out by her heart. Purple blood flowed through Sha’s body incased and protected by the darkness that her heart had produced.

Sha had daydreamed to much she hit the button on the side of her watch it changed her clothes to a blue long-sleeved shirt with her name in the middle and a short skirt with a yellow design on the seam. Sha had placed her sunglasses on her face. She was a warrior from the planet Ninjeta While she was indeed the weakest warrior there she had grown in strength in this universe, that even her rival Mikayla would be humbled before her. She was the only one representing her team LOVE Feral Nova was representing WAL as well as Angelic Reaper. She wanted the world to know that her group was not just a big booty call.

She then tried to recall what her life was like on Ninjeta before her powers

Sha was a professional combat soldier for the infamous Ninjeta military. In her young stupid days, she had thought that shacking up with the army was the greatest thing since pants with pockets, but now that she had endured a broken off engagement, And a wars ravished land..

When her alarm clock scared her half to death at the dawn of the sun, sha could only find the will to bitch and moan as she awkwardly tried to slam the snooze button without her vision. After irritatingly jamming the snooze several times. She would take her sword and cut the wires…she went through 47 alarm clocks. Realizing it was time for her to address who her opponent was. She did a search on him with her sunglasses and pulled up some information on him.

Akira Overdrive

Claimed to have been copied and studied,Akira's style is always changing in various ways.Swords always play a major role in the style,aswell as kicks.Unorthodox and Unpreditable,this style is unmatched.

• Form IV: Ataru, also known as the Way of the Hawk-Bat, or The Aggression Form, was the fourth of the seven forms of lightsaber combat. The history of Ataru stretched back through the Old Republic, to at least as early as the Mandalorian Wars, where it was commonly employed by Jedi of that day. Ataru continued to be a common form among the Jedi in the latter stages of the Republic.

An aggressive style, Form IV was fast-paced and effective against single opponents, though weaker in prolonged combat and confined spaces. Ataru was characterized by Force-assisted acrobatics, both for attack and defense, and fast, powerful strikes

• Gun Kata:Gun Kata, as a martial art, places emphasis on two tenets: shooting the enemy as efficiently as possible, and avoiding return fire. Hitting targets is a matter of knowing where enemy fighters are likely to be located in relation to the user, which removes the problem of aiming (especially at close ranges), not to mention allowing the user to defeat foes with pre-emptive fire before they can present a true threat. Avoiding return fire is also a matter of statistical probability, as Gun Kata users do not rely on bullet time-style evasions, but rather on avoiding the enemy's most likely lines of fire. In short, Gun Kata is the art of shooting where the enemy should be, while not being where the enemy should shoot.

• Gun Fu:The focus of gun fu is style, and the usage of firearms in ways that they were not designed to be used. Shooting a gun from each hand, shots from behind the back, as well as the use of guns as melee weapons are all common. Other moves can involve shotguns, Uzis, rocket launchers, and just about anything else that can be worked into a cinematic shot. It is often mixed with hand-to-hand combat maneuvers.

Sha wasn’t a women of much words but when the computer displayed these reading to her she only could mutter a

what the hell

(cpu) should I calculate your best approach to the fight?

nah I’ll wing it

(cpu) good luck your highness

Thanks she removed her sunglasses and stood……waiting….

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Above the desolate desert was only a few vultures,scouting for a meal and crying out with loud shrieks,that resonated in the valley that use to hold water,but now holds nothing but red clay and dried dust,maybe a few cactus.Akira had again been invited to the eminent King of the Vine tournament,it was time to confront his opponent and show the world that he could go further then he did before.He was so close to the crown but Cryo-Wolf and Eternal Chaos took that dream in a three way battle,Akira was the unfortunate one,he had to face both creatures.At the end of the battle,he was steeped in blood.

The large hellicarrier shifted to the sky and watched the orange and pink sky,Akira stood on the deck of his ship and walked out to the edge of the massive machinery.The wind blew with a tinge of dust that blew with it,Akira looked at his watch and wondered why the fight had been assigned for the desert,it was always to be at the Roman battleground,but he shrugged and gave a thumbs up to his men before he nonchalantly fell backwards into the sky,he was free falling before he spun around and straightened his body like a speeding bullet for impact,his distortion field surrounded him before he hit the ground,his entrance was laconic,anyone could tell that Akira as voracious for victory.The Ghost in The Machine stood up from the crater he mad and looked Sha in the eyes and there was reticence.

Clad in Armani,dressed to impress,and kill.It looked as if Akira was an international super-spy,he just walked around in a circle choosing not to say a thing to his opponent,that was unusual.The cigar in his mouth as almost finished and he spit it out,crushing it under his leather shoes.He gave a smile to Sha,and flipped up his coat tail,grabbing his two ivory Desert Eagles.He clutched the weapons hard and pointed them at Sha.

"Reach for the Sky."

Akira let his pistols say the rest,and dashed to the right with super speed,kicking up much dust.He kept shooting and ammunition continued to fall into the clip of his gun from the flat-space wristbands he always kept on deck,the Physics

field of Akira made the bullets fly everywhere the Femme Fatale would go and try to be.He pulled no punches.spinning around he lept in the air and pushed his hands forward to try and crush Sha with his forceful powers.

The battle was going to be kicked into overdrive,and The Director made sure he would be the one to make it happen,after unleashing his reign of shells,he back flipped ans pushed himself up off his one handed handspring.Waiting for Sha to react,he slowed down time as he shot,it would be only nano-seconds between his bullets and her chest.

"Ante up"
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She then tried to recall what her life was like on Ninjeta before her powers

Sha was a professional combat soldier for the infamous Ninjeta military. In her young stupid days, she had thought that shacking up with the army was the greatest thing since pants with pockets, but now that she had endured a broken off engagement, And a wars ravished land..

When her alarm clock scared her half to death at the dawn of the sun, sha could only find the will to bitch and moan as she awkwardly tried to slam the snooze button without her vision. After irritatingly jamming the snooze several times. She would take her sword and cut the wires…she went through 47 alarm clocks. Realizing it was time for her to address who her opponent was. She did a search on him with her sunglasses and pulled up some information on him.

Thanks she removed her sunglasses and stood……waiting….

Her silence was broken by a huge vessel she only managed to raise a brow, a being floated to the ground and began to stare at sha out of a crater he was dressed as if he was going to settle a business proposition he flipped back his coattail and pulled to huge guns and pointed towards sha saying “reach for the sky” Sha smirked this must’ve been her opponent Akira Overdrive a member of the Government agency SHIELD. At that precise time sha zoned out not paying attention the her opponent. She was forced back to reality by the sound of the bullets from his gun squeezed the side of his gun as they were horse released from the pin at the Kentucky derby.

Sha allowed all the bullets to hit her each one ripped through her skin drawing her purple blood she smiled…..pain made sha a savage it tapped into her inner Ninjan abliltes a released a warrior that would scare The demon in Sha. Akira thrusted her hands towards sha face. Her eyes began to glow a silent red as she thrusted her hand towards his trying to cancel out his telekinesis with her own. Sha realized him for who he truly was, not only was he a member of SHIELD he was the director. This only made killing him worthwhile Sha knew by tournament rules this fight had to be quick so she had to attack with her Heart acting as her instincts instead of her brain. Sha’s wound began to agitate her……perfect her Ninjan strength began to kick in he shot a bullets from his gun again aiming at her chest. Sha’s Keen eye adjusted to him slowing the time down his bullets just nano- seconds from her chest a dark aura made its self visible around Sha her eyes began to glow a pure white as the bullets stopped in their tracks and fell to the ground.

His first attack was a quick one. Sha went on the offensive pulling a deck of cards from her bra and shuffling them she pulled the black 10 of clubs and tossed it at Akira the card fell a few feet from him as sha put a devilish look on her face the card began to glow and soon the 10 clubs on the card began shooting 10 huge blast of dark energy at akira.Sha wasn’t done that was to take Akira’s mind off Sha’s offensive onslaught. She next held sonic energy in her hands and punched the sand created a huge tremor Sha levitated so she wouldn’t be affected by the earthquake. She took a fetal position in the air and began to create sand tornadoes with her dark energy her power gloves were activated at full power which allowed her to create 7 tornadoes at will without using a .10th of her energy the vortex began sucking up everything but sha still wasn’t done in addition to the tornadoes she made the ground turn to quick sand everywhere there was sand began to turn into an unstable surface.

As the sink holes began to open Light, sonic and dark energy began to fly out of them all with a locked target on Akira. Sha began to

She stood there processing the painful thought. The thought of her. The experience was the last step but there was more. She had to somehow face this thought and experience.

She knew what to do. I’m going to obliterate all thoughts of her from my mind. The hole left will be enough of a sacrifice to complete the last step.

Her hand reached towards her temple. Her fingers tingled as she began to browse for the painful memory. But she stopped. she stopped and her lowered her hand. No, she thought. This is not what the inscription meant.

The truth dawned upon her and she stood there. I shall not remove the memory, but keep it instead. Her hand instead reached for her heart and she pulled the pain into his heart, encompassing it within her soul. she gasped as pain flared through her body. But the pain was over in a matter of seconds.

She stood there breathing heard.

She stood there with a pair of angel wings wrapped around her body, and she knew….Chaos had returned.

Sha’s purple blood began to pour through her pores. …… the bullets had finally affected her but she stood ready awaiting Akira’s rebuttal.

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Pain,bullets,power,king,crown.Those were the thoughts of Akira as his shells shot through the flesh of sha,ripping holes into her alien skin,and he watched as the wounds oozed purple blood.It was a sight to see,and it pumped the adrenaline in the old dog fast.He could feel the blood in his body moving through his veins like race cars on a track.Akira could only awe at the display of intestinal fortitude that Sha produced,she took the pain like a champ and stood back to fight,canceling out the Physics field he had put forth to crush her,in all his years,there was never a woman so....so Sharp,yet smooth.

Desert Eagles rounds were scattered around on the ground and soon Sha began to glow with a dark purple aura and reached for a deck of cards hidden in her voluptuousness,she then shifter them around like a true card shark and thrust the the 10 of Clubs forward.Akira was hesitant as the card lay life less,but realized its malicious intent when the Femme Fatale's eyes glowed and the card became vibrant with dark energy,shooting to kill.


Akira could only hope to be fast enough,he spun around into a dead sprint avoiding the blast,and jumping over one that came hurling towards him.He stopped and turned around,there was till one left,he was preparing hie shield,but not even his super speed helped as the energy singed into his chest and sent him flying.The Ghost in The Machine was in pain,his chest was sizzling with smoke and his suit was ruined,he ripped the top from his abdomen and showed his toned body,the dog tags around his neck jingled and his gun holsters were thrown back over his shirtless body.It was far from over,there were still attacks to be dodged,and a chasm ripped through the earth as Sha hit the ground with Sonic-like force.All that was left was thin pillars of earth that stood in between huge gaps of nothingness.

The Director was breathing heavily as several tornadoes came storming towards him,he launched grenades and then watched them explode as quickly as they were created,but all that attention was diverted and many more blast hit him.Launching his body into the air and volleying them upwards,until Akira used his E.C.I.W to create a staff.He used it to land back to the ground.He had a few broken ribs and finger,but things were still good.

Akira twirled the energy staff round and round,a well appreciated skill he learned from Gambler,then he motioned for his challenger to come once again as he bounced around and held the staff tight.

"That all you got?"

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She knew what to do. I’m going to obliterate all thoughts of her from my mind. The hole left will be enough of a sacrifice to complete the last step.

Her hand reached towards her temple. Her fingers tingled as she began to browse for the painful memory. But she stopped. she stopped and her lowered her hand. No, she thought. This is not what the inscription meant.

The truth dawned upon her and she stood there. I shall not remove the memory, but keep it instead. Her hand instead reached for her heart and she pulled the pain into his heart, encompassing it within her soul. she gasped as pain flared through her body. But the pain was over in a matter of seconds.

She stood there breathing heard.

She stood there with a pair of angel wings wrapped around her body, and she knew….Chaos had returned.

Sha’s purple blood began to pour through her pores. …… the bullets had finally affected her but she stood ready awaiting Akira’s rebuttal.

That all you got?" he said with his staff in his hands Sha had just launched a violent pit of rage against him and that’s all he could say. She somewhat had thought he would scream in horror but maybe she wasn’t being sinister enough.

The wind continued to blow her hair, and disregarding the fight sha began to walk back away from the fight switching on her way to a certain spot in the sand then she pulled 4 cards an ace a joker a 2 deuce and a king all but the joker was a red diamond she sent the cards at Akira the cards grew bigger and began to rotate around akira. A portal opened right in front of him and sha emerged in front of him smirking with her hands folded she didn’t like to use portals but in this instance she would. She finally spoke to Akira

this is the game we’ll fight here in this circle, the joker is lightening the ace is sonic, the deuce is dark and the king is light as we combat in this circle they will randomly strike at us a will not cease until a winner is determined ….or you find a way out

Sha extended her arms in both directions in one of her hands her Ninjeta sword appeared in her other her legendary angelslayer a sword she had received from Sepiroth it grows according to Sha’s feelings. She crossed both swords in an X like position. She ran towards Akira dragging her swords in the sand she jumped up and put her Angelslayer in his face as she is jumping over him she extends her sword to make it take his attention off of her. She had her sword ready to block. She landed behind him and attempted to slash his back while leg sweeping him. Trying to knock him on his chest so she could get his heart. In this motion the joker fired a huge lightning bolt. Grazing Sha’s back as she swung the smell of her flesh as she tried to complete her plan caused her to strike more fiercely and savagely.

She once again zoned out she was reminded of the times where she was a hero

It was in the early days of spring, when the Cherry Trees had only started to bloom full of their ethereal pink blossoms that float to the ground like faeries in flight at the slightest caress of the wind, that she was called upon to make a decision that would affect the better part of her life forever. This decision, of how she was going to live her life from that point on, was one she felt she wasn’t ready to make. she could almost feel Time, cruel and cold as she is, starts slipping through my fingers as she delayed in her decision. It caused her to feel empty and without purpose at all. For behind her was the past: That youthful, Jubilant and hot-blooded sha that laughed at anyone who told her that she couldn’t do things her way. And then there was the matter of her future, standing before her as cold and uncertain as the snowy days of winter, and an older sha, in turmoil because of the decision she had failed to make. she then began to feel her guts squeeze together in the cold grip of Anger. Anger at herself for not being able to make the decision that would kill off both visions she was seeing, she couldn’t be hot-blooded anymore as she was still growing up, and she didn’t want to grow old and be full of regret… Time was forcing me to make my decision in haste, and she hated Time for it. That’s when she came to a realization… What effect could darkness have upon me? Here she stood, looking back at what she would say good-bye to, her younger, Hot-blooded self, and what she would be welcoming with her decision borne of haste: The older and uncertain Sha a powerful deadly evil sha, was she even ready .

And Time himself was forced to bow to my mightiness as she made the decision most people never make and avoided becoming a sad and lonely girl in the future. And that one minute passed by with honor, as an arrogant 15-year-old girl became a 16 year old girl who would search to add more purpose and more light into her life. And as the dawn arrived, the wind of the early spring ran through the Blossoms of the Cherry trees, making them dance through the air in jubilation at the decision that one girl had made to change her fate in life.

Now at 19 years old Sha’s descion could probably cost her, her life she once again step back dodging a dark blast from the cards as she watched akira.

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It was about to be over soon.Akira could tell by the look in the womans eyes,she seemed so desperate and unfocused,that would be her downfall.Anyone who faced a foe like Akira should go into the battle sound of mind and focused on his every move,for he was true warrior and masked his true intentions with fast paced attacks and flashy moves.Soon it would be over.Sha walked over to a place in the hot red sand,and dug cards that seemed to hold more power then the ones she produced before.A vision flashed before Akira and he gave a smile as Sha used the cards to teleport her to his destination and explain the mystics of her cards.

"this is the game we’ll fight here in this circle, the joker is lightening the ace is sonic, the deuce is dark and the king is light as we combat in this circle they will randomly strike at us a will not cease until a winner is determined …or you find a way out"

At that moment her blades crossed and she began to dash towards Akira with a certainty in her eye,little dis she know,Akira was steps ahead and unleashed grenades that rolled under the cards she produced.As she lept over him the sword in his face matched his vision,and he parried the blow by spinning upwards avoiding the leg sweep then landing onto her other blade with a motion so swift the naked eye couldn't possibly record the speed.As he made it into the air

the lightning crackled straight for him but he simply stuck out his staff and the blow dissipated.

"I do it to the death.

AK-47 was at the opposite end of the circle now,and stood grinning like Dante himself.He crossed his arms downward as if he was pulling an invisible string,and then the pins flew up into the air,the grenades blew up simultaneously.A beautiful thing the way the explosions destroyed the cards they were laid under,and the smoke and dust it caused.

When it all cleared,there was nothing.Akira wasn't in sight.He was past that,he was above...in the sky.He came crashing towards Sha with his staff and then quickly spun around to barrage her body with blows he learned from a monk in tibet.As he attacked the ground began to shake and sand moved towards Sha in a line,as if it was a shark in water only reveling its massive fin,at the end it was a razor force strong enough to split adamantium,courtesy of the Selective Distortion Field of AO.

"Told you...to the death."

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Sha looked at Akira grinning she knew this would be the end She had a few strings left on her cuff and her appearing to be absent minded while her true intentions lay in her heart. She thought about the tournament and what it could mean if she won in the name of LOVE regardless of how she thought the other competitor’s fights were going. Or whether or not she thought the tourney was fair or not she intended to show Akira Overdrive that she was indeed a force to be reckoned with. She felt it was about time for her to get the respect she deserved……and since she couldn’t be herself and earn it she would take it by force! Her thoughts appeared to her with in split seconds the Ninjan anatomy was astounding when enraged her heart strengthen the body X10 making Sha invulnerable to certain attacks. He was able to skillfully sway and dodge sha attacks. All she could think was that he had to be trained in some advance type of fighting she thought nothing of it, her opinion didn’t change he was to be defeated so she could move on to the next wrong. She had little time for error every movement was important the sand under her feet began to fill little tough. He was then able to block the lightening strike with some type of staff.

"I do it to the death.

He said at the most random moment of the fateful encounter sha thought about that word….death to cease existence, Sha had been the last being many people have seen before they drifted into their eternal sleep. Some times Sha would arrive right when the angel of death arrived to capture a lost soul.

Sha had seen the grenades the whole time as they exploded she quickly summoned her dark energy her eyes began to glow white and a dark shield protected her. She gazed around there was nothing her cards had been destroyed and Akira wasn’t in sight…..once again peaceful but sha wasn’t that naïve she Glanced up and down he fell Sha smirked and flew into the air to meet him. She quickly spun around with his staff striking at sha whenever his staff got close enough to land a blow sha would counter by smashing her sword into his staff blocking the blows she grinned and spit at him. A sound caught Sha’s voice the earth was breaking up sha saw a fin the attack was surprisingly powerful coming from him Once again she summoned her dark energy when the attack smashed into her it was cushioned by the energy Sha flew half way across the sand but she rebounded with her hunched over and her hands in a football players position her eyes began to glow a ruby red followed by an emerald green.

"Told you...to the death."

This made Sha laugh as she stood a few meters away from Akira she had an attack like that of her own he fired her dark energy at the sand and a huge serpent arose from the sand it shout out Sha’s sonic energy towards Akira. Sha then looked up at the sky and shot tiny flares of sonic mixed with light energy in the air the flares turned into hundreds and hundreds to thousands while they slowly float to the ground sha fired a Sonic burst directly at Akira,she then fired her skyrockets located on the side of her wristwatch the sped towards her cutting through the peaceful air on their way to drop their explosive load on Akira

All that could be heard was a huge rush of wind and energy and the ground began to explode and crumble as the tiny flares began to hit the air raining down on Akira.

Sha just began to laugh and await his daring and elusive manuvers.

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The battle raged on,furiously with explosions and blast of all kind.Akira could only marvel as Sha blocked his amazing attacks and parry the force blow he dealt,even though she was pushed back he could tell that it made no harm.The girl was furious fighter,but not good enough to face a veteran,a master at martial arts,or someone Akira's caliber for that matter,she must have not calculated right,her math must have been off,there was no Akira could lose,she was sleeping,Akira was her wake up call.

The blocks came fast and Sha made it back to the ground after the energy staff and sword met.She seemed fatigued as she bent down like a worn out defensive tackle,but soon the position turned deadly when she summoned a dark energy snake that shouted out a sonic scream.All the One could do was hold his position,he used his physics field to make him immovable and stand his ground,but the scream blew past Akira,and soon the hero was bleeding form his ears and clutching his chest.He stumbled and kneeled down to one knee,then staggered back up only to met with a reign of blast that cam from the sky,the pounded Akira into the ground even more,creating a crater around him.His body was smoking and he spit up a little blood,before standing back up and sticking to his stance as if the blast cause no pain.

"That...all...you done?"

The Ghost in The Machine asked as he fixed his dog tags back to the center of his pecks and rotated the joint of his shoulder,seems as if he spoke too soon as rockets came flying towards him with amazing speed,cutting air like an aerial razor,he had an answer finally.A swift move of his hand and the velocity of the missiles changed,heading back to the sender.Akira made no hesitation to fire back an attack,he switched his immovable field off and ran with speeds equivalent to mach 10,he skidded to a stop before the missiles made contact and launched his energy staff straight to the chest of Sha and then ran to the right firing off force blows from his palms at the same speed he ran,circling around and around.

"Thousand palm,Crushing Blow."

Dust soon kicked up and turned into a cyclone that Sha was in the middle of,he continued to fire more gravity blows and then lept from his massive cyclone,watching it from the out side.It was far from over,Akira raised his hands to the sky and ripples could be seen above the cyclone,it was trick Akira learned on accident and found it useful.Gravity that was used to fall down onto opponents with enough weight to crush Darkchild.

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Sha’s attack had hit almost perfectly but she was not able to deter the warrior from further fighting he continued to attack sha’s presence had switched to that of a charming women not that of a sinful demon. He waved his hand and sha’s missiles began to make there way back towards her and and he quickly made his way towards sha he was moving so fast sha’s keen eye almost didn’t see him sha’s eyes began to glow again stopping and making the missiles explode in route to her but she acted to quickly his energy staff hit sha dead in the chest knocking the wind out of her but that wasn’t enough to keep her down she grunted abit and rose to her feet he was indeed strong but sha had fought armies, she had fought samurai, she had fought soldiers made of tin…..and she slaughtered anyone who looked down upon her. Dust began to kick up and it formulated into a cyclone and sha was in the eye of it he soon disappeared sha tried to run out of it but was knocked back. The unforgiving sand had pelted her skin and was helping him in the case then a change in the earth’s pressure sha sensed it the gravity became even greater than her home planet she hunched over in a goku like manner trying to fight it. She began sweating gritting her teeth and eventually screaming never had she ever had to fight against an element of nature so bad. Sha’s mind began to go every where the best way for her to handle the situation was not to think about it. It felt as if the earth had just dropped it’s self on sha like she was the mighty Greek god atlas holding up the planet. There had to be a way she could escape the gravity she began to think hard….it was pushing her down at this point sha’s clothes began to rip her shirt split at the top and her skirt seemed to just slip off she was once again in her bikini from earlier the sweat had dripped from her head all the way down her breast and eventually off her body Screaming some more she began to generate an electric aura the hunched over sha was fighting for her life and even as a genius she couldn’t think of a way out of death’s trap her breast grew huger! Trying to fight the force they rivaled Powergirls in size when enraged or under stress the Ninjan female’s body got stronger she was reduced to one knee all she could think of was the time when she first appeared in the comivine universe when things were simple for her. She had just come and she joined the team wal she had no powers; all she could do was invent and get in the way. But eventually this didn’t satisfy her she was being looked down upon at wal so she created a pair of power gloves that became poessed by her demon chaos black fusing them to her hands and forever implanting the evil energy forever. Chaos tricked sha into touching a core of pure evil energy living sha to wonder back then what it was. It had a large vortex of energy, but didn't seem to be harmful. So she touched the energy what she saw on the other side mystified her. What was that powerful mass of energy? That night she observed a great meteor shower in the sky. Could it be related to the darkness that she has touched? It was related and that’s how sha became the psycho killer. But during this fight she had a change of heart and fought back against chaos and was fighting on her own accord but during this time of remembrance Sha remember the darkness that lay in her heart. Still in her hunched over position she reached down she could hear her spine screaming in pain. it sounded as if someone was having there soul ripped from there body’s was unsuccessful the first time she reached down but the second time she got it! She was able to create a portal on the ground as it sucked her down the vortex had almost stripped her of the oxygen she needed. The portal sha went through had deposited her about 30 meters from akira. She lay passed out in the middle of the desert for about 5 mins then she slowly rose to her feet spitting the sand from her mouth she felt free the small breeze blowing over her half naked body the pressure of her body all she could manage to mutter is darn what a work out she flew back to where akira was she had a huge bright smile on her face throwing up a peace sign.Sha had managed to get out of her most painful attack ever and she stood before it’s master smiling and breathing. She was taught under extreme pressure trained to maintain her composure she knew Akira didn’t give her enough credit. Back on Ninjeta Sha’s home planet a massive civil war was occurring and her was one of its princesses fighting in a tournament for fun. Sha didn’t like to be called princess even though many in the comic vine universe had believed her to be strong she was indeed her planet’s weakest fighter but she was fighting like she was the greatest warrior ever. In a show of disrespect Sha used her magnetism to pull Akira’s dog tags of his neck and she would crush them. Sha pointed her hands north and south the planet began to shake sha was using her magnetism to pull the earth’s poles together creating a huge fissure where there fight was taking place the ground rumbled sha had disrupted the earth so much lava began to pour from the sand shooting up and attacking akira but that’s not all the attack did it fired a magnetic pulse in the area if it hit Akira’s heart it would stop his heart.

Sha extende her fingers and one by one she fire a sonic, light, dark, lightining and magnetic pulse. She made it so that they spread so at least one of them had more than a 70% chance of hitting him. Then began throwing her explosive cards at Him again they created a “no walk zone” around him meaning if he trekked across them they would go off. She then made her swords levitate the flew towards Akira slashing vertically at his stomach and horizontally at his collarbone they then returned to sha. She caught them all this attacking made sha extremely sweaty she was tired but she didn’t show it she was doing to well to show her exhaustion. She opened three portals around Akira and huge claws emerged from the portal slashing at him they were the dark versions of her swords.

Sha turned her self into a shadow and charged him at full speed a bright flash had appeared in her hand and there lay a 3rd sword this was sha’s sword made from total dark energy this was her Angel slayer dragon sword the sword could be seen breathing as sha moved towards Akira. Sha had the case in her right hand and the sword in her left.

Sha as a shadow moved right behind akira and her dragon sword broke into hundreds of pieces and flew towards akira to make a fatal blow.

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Crushing blows and massive ripples,held down the fierce alien woman.Akira felt the rage in her and really admired that,but it all seemed surreal.Why did she think he was going to just lay down and let her slip in with a victory?or did she?Sha was the stronger in the realm of powers but when it came down it,Akira was a veteran.As it pushed on Akira held himself together from the menacingly painful attacks,but his body was begging to fade and his muscles were feeling as if they were falling apart.

Sha was a beast,and Akira began to notice how much it actually was taking him to fight her.That respect was there now,and it made Akira want to go harder,but his body couldn't possibly take much more,and knowing Sha she had plenty.The Femme Fatale struggled in Akira's cyclone but found her way out with an amazing display of powers once again,she popped up towards him and ripped of his dog tags with the magnetic force,then quickly pointed her hands outwards to bring the north and south poles to there location,A faint shield surrounded Akira and he pushed forward to dodge the forces coming together,lava shot up and scorched his body as he barely twisted enough for it to catch his arm,the heat was intense,but it was still more.

"Are you fu#king kidding me?"

The Burning One rolled to one and spun around still planted in the sand and his precognition flashed,he could see the magnetic pulse coming towards him.He began to make peace with his death,and closed his eyes awaiting,but a dark blast whizzed forward before the heart-stopping attack and buried into his chest,the light hit him aswell,and as he twisted in the air like a rag dog he inadvertently dodged the second pulse and sonic blast.Akira rested thinking of stopping but lifted off the ground and watched as Sha made more cards,making mines that would explode elephants.AO just levitated into the air as if he was an air-walker and blocked the swords coming at him with his famous roundhouse kick.More came.Thousands of shards of a broken sword that launched from the air at Akira,his E.C.I.W. flashed and created a shield,he held it there until the shards dissapated but one peered through the defense and struck his Achilles heel,he fell down.

"I wanted to die you b!tch.But now,you are."

The orange energy shield vanished and Akira summoned his last energies to create a shock wave of his Selective Physics Distortion Field,it was massive.Like a tsunami of pure energy,he rotated his hands and then put his palms together and fired,it was almost impossible to dodge and Akira fell back still on his knee from the Achilles heal injury.He was panting hard and just looked into the sky,not wanting to see the outcome.Yet still breathing,and alive,
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Sha’s attack was savage his body had take harsh amounts of damage already sha who was still feeling the effects of his bullets from earlier seemed to take a sympatric tone towards him. She knew his body had taken serious amounts of damage and while sha had unlimited energy because of her Ninjan background the dark energy that saved her almost every time was beginning to take its toll she dropped to the ground and began to hold her stomach in pain…..chaos had indeed returned and was punishing her for getting rid of her the first time.sha dropped to her knee’s in pain thinking too much of chaos she didn’t even see Akira’s attack the huge shock wave came over sha violent throwing her body back and forth as if she were having a seizure the electricity surged through her body a single electric surge had entered Sha’s body shutting down all her major body functions except her heart a huge flow of dark energy had clogged her pulmonary arties. Her purple blood began to turn green as if pour from her eyes on the outside. Her blood changed from purple to black. On the outside sha fell down and hit head first and was out for a good 20 minutes sha rose to her feet electric energy still crackling off of her she spoke referring to a comment he said earlier "I wanted to die you b!tch.But now, you are."

Sha spit out her black blood and said death? It’s only allowed to those who are lucky

The wind blew softly from the east, causing the sand to blow in the light of the setting sun. She stood at the edge of the Sea of sand, that little-traveled land that had claimed so many lives. Behind her, the lights of a city were beginning to be lit.

Sha had rose to her feet ready to launch her strongest attacks she floated in the air and cocked her hands back in a ryu and ken like manner her light energy, dark, sonic, magnetic, telekinesis, kinetic and lightening energy all in one attack as her final display of pure power she fired her attack which she called genia into the air and all 7 forms of energy began to rain from the sky scorching the already destroyed earth. The shards from the sword sha had earlier came back together as she reformed the sword and ran towards Akira for her final rush she ran towards him and time began to slow down for her the final rush seemed like one of the parts of a movie were the good and evil fought and the sweet fight music began to play sha summoned her Angelslayer and using her Angelslayer dragon sword with her Angelslayer she began to slash at his chest while still dodging the attack from her genia energy she jumped into the air right when the dark energy was about to fire. She threw her dragons’ sword with the blast and manipulated it into a dragon the raged towards Akira.

She entered a portal and emerged from behind him about 30 feet she fired a sonic rush burst that couldn’t be seen only heard the earth breaking away from under the attack was the only indication of where it was sha pointed her ring, index and thumb out awaiting his attack.

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The end of the battle was the best part,especially if your foe has survived as long as you have and shown that they were just as stubborn as you.Akira heard the impact of his shockwave and laughed a little as he lay in the sand shirtless.He rolled over to his front and pushed him self up,he used his E.C.I.W to create a brace for his heel and burnt the wound with his lighter,it was going to be over very soon,Akira was damn sure of it.His Selective Physics Distortion Field was burnt out and he could only access his Super Speed and the amazing agility he had,but that was all that he needed.His Flat-space wrist bands lit up and grenades popped out,he clutched them with an uncanny grip and spun around utilizing the mach 10 speed,he launched the grenades and they all met with the "Genia",the velocity and several grenades was a perfect match for the blast,and it grew into a purplish smoke,that covered Akira's true location once again.

Sha still made an attempt on his life,cutting through the smoke like sharp knives.The slash came fast but Akira merely leaned back into a handstand and pushed himself up with one arm,then another dragon roared straight for him,he just spun in the air and launched himself through the mouth catching flames and felling pain,but made his way out and watched the energy beast crash into the ground with a heavy thump that shook the earth once more.

"Where the Hell?"

The girl was nowhere in sight but once again his eyes flashed whit and he heard the sonic blast coming for him,he used his powers to push himself back to the ground and managed to dodge yet another fatal attack.The Ghost in The Machine,smiled and began to catch his breathe,his torso moving up and down,his gauntlets flashed again and his two Desert Eagles flashed into his hands,and there he stood.The blood rushed from his head and his body was suffering from many burns with and he had at least 7 broken bones,but it wasn't over.

There it was,man and woman,assassin and killer.Standing in a classic face off stance,Akira just held his guns tight and took his Gun Fu position,waiting.