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"Thuds, smacks, and cracking noises echoed through the room that I was in yesterday. Two big gentlemen brutes gave me the old fashion way of torture and that was by beat up. Not the most creative forms of extracting information, but because of this healing factor they were able to rinse and repeat the process for a week without the fear of killing me. It felt like grade school all over again, mmmm nostalgia.

I asked them if I could keep this diary, and they obliged, thus the word 'gentlemen' but not before throwing me inside a small, dark room that randomly lit up with near blinding lights accompanied by loud siren like sounds that they blasted in random intervals throughout the night. Dat sleep deprivation. Thus, the word brute.

It was both mentally and physically stressing, everyday they tried to extract information from me, as to where 'Jade' was. Everyday I tried to recall if I've ever met anyone that went by that name, was she an asset before? Was she a client, heck even a high school sweetheart? These thoughts were running around my mind, trying to think and remember who Jade was, before getting my concentration rudely broken by solid strikes on the chin.

Sunday night, I knew I had to get out of that hole, at night they'd blast that siren like sound, along with the near blinding white lights to weaken me mentally, and by day they tried to get the information by physical torture. Not really friendly folks.

Chains and cuffs prevented me from fighting back, and only gave me limited mobility, even eating was a challenge...but the food tho, twas amazing! Anywho.

I accepted the fact that I'm no martial arts master like some guys out there, I mean I'm no brawler, I could hold my own against a few guys, but I lack the skill to do so with cuffed hands and feet. Then, I had an idea. I thought that I would be able to mess around with their pride a little bit, use that to my advantage.

Monday came and I heard the footsteps of the two large men. "I need to practice my boxing form again friend." One of them taunted, with a thick German accent. I could hear the key being inserted through the keyhole, and adrenaline started to surge around my body. Finally the door opened, and there they were, one being cliche and started cracking his fists, while the other dragged me outside to to their thang. 'I can't believe you guys pamper your hands too much. Do you do each others nails when your not busy acting tough too?" I said in the most disrespectful manner.

Thud! The German brute threw a punch that landed cleanly on the side of my face. "Yeah, it's a nice feeling hitting something soft doesn't it? Do you hit pillows when yer training too?" I again taunted them, and two more punches were thrown and a cheap baseball bat bonus shot at the back from his friend. I knew I was getting to them. "I'm pretty sure you'd break down and cry, if you hit me again while I wear that hockey mask, I mean..with those pampered, manicured hands? And hey, if I'm wrong, which I'm pretty sure I won't be, the shrapnel when it breaks could do some awful lot of damage to me." I spoke, pointing to my mask with a nod. "That is, if you can break it with those sissy hands" I added.

They were lame taunts, but maybe it was the language barrier between us that he took a little more offense than he should've, but hey, it was to my favor. "Ha-ha-hahahahaha!" He burst out laughing, then with a straight face he spoke. "I will show you, I will knock your healing factor off your immune system. Give me the mask" His friend took my mask and gave it to him, with a few knocks on the mask he added "You've made a big mistake..friend." before roughly putting the mask on me. My healing factor already healed the damage they caused from yesterday, and with adrenaline rushing all around my body I knew this was the time to strike. "Stand him up!" He once again told his friend who, without hesitation obliged. "Let go of him, he can stand on his own." The scar faced brute added. He was telegraphing the punch and I knew exactly were he was aiming it. He was charging up his haymaker and as soon as he threw it, I moved away from the punch and with all the force I could generate from the position I was in, I threw a headbutt that landed cleanly on his forehead, a big gash opened up and blood splattered all over my mask. Still in shock, the other brute froze up, I tackled him against the wall and threw another headbutt, rendering him unconscious. With both brutes temporarily incapacitated, I spoke. "No..you made a big mistake" It made me felt cool, and boosted my morale.

I quickly searched their pockets for the key and found it. It was on the second brute, I hastily uncuffed myself and escaped. Apparently it was an abandoned warehouse, which made it even more cliche.

I ran to the bar where they kidnapped me, and got my coat, then I noticed a small bulge on it's pockets. I checked it, and it was a usb with the name "Jade" engraved on it. Then, it all came back to me, I was drinking a bottle beer before the incident happened, and apparently a woman, maybe in her early 30's bumped into me, and I think it was by that time that she planted..Jade.

I'll write whatever adventures I'll have for the next few weeks, at least the significant ones. And I must find a computer too."

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I need someone to help me breakout in the rp world. :)

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what do you need help with??? Its pretty easy