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The grass is greener on the other side.

So it is inevitable that technology has indeed taken over the natural world, humans have become the dominant species when they diverged from their path with the aid of rudimentary tools and higher minds. So what happens to the rest of them? they go here, to the Evergreen Yonder. A place in between places where humans hold no ground, and never will due to the inherent superiority of nature that mimics technology that takes place on the normal world.

Access is easy as anyone can enter, yet 'something' will be taken away as a fee during that stay. It might be a power, an ability, or even a piece of lingering identity as in this realm there is no such thing as ownership. No singular or collective entities have grasp over the surrounding, yet the opposite holds true that the realm itself holds reigns over its inhabitants.

Communication is spoken with the 'All Tongue' a unified language that connects all living beings, a basic communication art that carries many functions. One such understood by observers as a form of 'magic', yet it needs a non-human mind to function or it will inevitably lead to short circuit and combustion. It is one that predates the true human language that is spoken prior to the abrahamic fall of the Babel tower, whereas that works only with humans this one transcends the boundaries of all living beings.

In a way it is much easier for children and those with 'dreams' to enter as it is Idealism, not cynicism that paves the way to a better world (Think Narnia). Most adults who have lost their imaginations will have hard time doing so, they may require additional aid or even an invitation to see what is taking place. Feral children and the insane can seemingly enter at will, some cases of missing persons end up as visitors to the Evergreen Yonder.

In the case of peril these creatures can be outgunned, it has been done in the past. They can be outwitted, it has been done in the past. Yet it cannot be outnumbered, in this regard ancient gods and outworlders have tried, and all have failed. For every one visitor there is a number that extends to every grain of sand spread upon a beach.

In this realm there is an ever shifting food chain, such intertwined with the webs of death and life. Such as the bridge between reincarnation, one that allows beings to take the place of others in a dynamic diversity. Fallen souls can retake their previous roles or choose to take the feet of others in rebirth, such as the characteristic of the Evergreen Yonder.

Magic in its terrestrial understanding gets a boost, yet foreign magic in a sense that they do not originate from this realm gets a penalty. It can be cast and expressed into the environment, yet something will be taxed out. As is the rule of the Green, the small percentage is taken in to be assimilated with the environment.

All matter of subversive faiths will fail, and all gods are treated equal (even so called omnipotents from a term that did not originally come from them). Power is measured in the lineage of anthropology, in a way that older gods have a higher standing that the new. Even they bend down to the rule of the realm.

Everywhere and everytime

There are also the 'Green Corridors' where from the inhabitants can freely observe humanity while taking a non interventionist stance. No animals are ever extinct, nor do they ever die but in that regard they merely 'move' on. The Green acts as their nexus of souls, a pseudo-afterlife that has sheltered lifeforms from the very first cells to the majestic beings that will hail at the ends of the cosmos. Time is perceived as a fractal non linear thing, so that there will be creatures from times unknown existing with ones pre-existing.

Human seers from afar will only see shadows, this extends to transcendent beings who originate as humans or those of humanoid origins. From the outside there is no 'color' to be seen, just a shifting arrangement of shapes that mesh together to create prophetic dreams. In the world of sleep the Evergreen Yonder serves as a window to infinite possibilities, anyone can tap into its insight.

It is a planar realm or a dimension that intersects the concept of the natural world between realities. It's very existence inverts the reality that mother nature is dying in a place of its own, one that decrees that nature still wins an immutable reality that can be taken as the one actuality where humans did not intervene. It stretches through eras, through the eyes of endless worlds.

As it is defined as a non-anthropocentric system which laughs at the belief that humans are the superior species there exists a phenomena that mimics the world, yet inverts it. The existence of 'super' flora and fauna to a way that humans have their new advent of heroes along with the new breed of villainy. Whereas nature holds an advantage over pre-industrial humans, such as the gap that has been claimed.

In Evergreen Yonder many entities from afar have come to take it as their own, yet reality fights back against the bends exerted from an outside force. It is an all encompassing force that seeps to all fundamental reaches interposed in this realm, where it is absolute. There are no gods as they all become the Green. Because the very Dimension is alive.

Newtonian laws need not apply, as science holds little to no value in such an ancestral place. The very center of nativity where all technologies will be annulled, those before and after the first spark of electricity. Intelligence and non instinctual reasoning will regress as basic skills will be forgotten. Humanity as far as this realm goes will be abandoned, yet in compensation visitors get animal forms which correlates with their personality. Most average humans are given primates, but there are cases of those appearing as wolves or lions.

All power

When punishing agressors the Evergreen Sanction will turn them into a tree where they will benefit the rest while retaining consciousness, they can observe but that is it. Others can destroy as they like, but the next time it will be completely immune. Others can kill as they like, but the next time they will be stronger. Others may walk off (no sell), but difficulty level will only increase. The lands are overseen by Spriggan security which goes hand in hand with the ever changing forest which renders maps useless, in the event of a fight even the air itself that circulates inside your lungs will fight you.

As a basic characteristic of the Evergreen Yonder the location itself is flooding with life energy at its purest form, such is that can be absorbed at will but in return will assimilate the user at it's basic cost. In human understanding it is a phenomena that is comparable to the existence chi/reiki/qi, but in this form if used directly without a planar avatar (animal form) it is lethal. It ebbs as a circuit in the underlayer of the green.

The state of the location can oftentimes reflect the states inner self, which is why for children with idealism and optimism it presents as a fairy tale world with unlimited adventure. There are some cases of illegal loggers who are 'taken' and removed as broken mental cases, such as the fate of those who seek to damage the environment.

Huxley is ambassador from this realm to the human one, yet he also serves as an animal guide for those interested in entering to experience the perspective of their true ancestors. A place rooted with the beliefs of animism and totemism, where some can evolve at will.

The place that forever is unchanged by individuals, it changes them.

Like the belief that humans can reincarnate as animals some of the beings here can cross over to the human realm where they will be reborn as a human being, while retaining their instincts. Plants, animals and even minerals can gain sentience should they choose to deviate from the cycle. At the end, they all return.


The realm itself bestows weakness to alien influence, such as the concept of vulnerability to “natural, unprocessed materials,” meaning that sticks and stones will break your bones.

Break them, chop them down at will be beware that one piece will become a new Spriggan. If a being kills over 1000 Spriggan then they will gradually become more plant-like.


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Now this is something different. Good stuff (someones going to make a Poison Ivy character I'm calling it now lol)

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@the_last_arashikage: A place where people can go 'beast mode' provided that they can take animal forms, or plant forms (thinking of adding mineral forms next)

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Gotta pay a fee!? Death!!!!

I'm surprised no one's used Poison Ivy before.

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@strongarm: I might have a character like that.

Gotta pay a fee!? Death!!!!

I'm surprised no one's used Poison Ivy before.

No one skilled enough apparently :P

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This looks good

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First let me say, that this is amazing.

Story time.

There was blood on his hands. No denying it. No getting around it. He could smell it every time wiped his nose. Placing a morcel of food into his mouth, the minerally taste of it lingered in his mouth. In his dreams he could see it. And it was all for nothing. His misdeeds however had not gone unpunished. As a subordinate to a menacing existence that kept him entangled in the taking of life, Atticus was trapped in Alice he never wanted. He could only remember the face of his mother, and every time he did, her face was one of a disappointed parent. He was red to drive the thoughts from his mind, but the creature lived there too. It was an inescapable bond, his sight betrayed him. At a moments notice Atticus could be pulled into a world of darkness, and taken to a place where his hands once again would being covered in the blood if some individual. He never even knew if they were guilty or not, just that they were "in the way".

He was invisible to the world. What good he could do was insignificant. And all the bad he had done was ignored. He was in a word, nonexistent. Atticus Blaire crowned prince of Atropos, now only a mere assassin to a devilish entity. This was no life for a man.

Once again, the shamed prince walked the streets at night, his clothes stained and dingy from week of wear. He smelled like the alleyways he slept in. He watched his battle scared feet move in cadence, and it began to happen. The many paterns around him warped, he was being pulled by "it" to do biding. The darkness began to overcome him, and he was swept away. The place he found himself was unlike any other though. There was an ether of serenity and balance. A spiritual hub, he thought it could have been. He looked around him, taking in the ravishing beauty of of the place. Atticus intimctively moved to stand but his arms were limp. He could feel them. They were not heavy, they were not numb. They just were not mobile. He noticed this but wasn't alarmed, oddly he was comforted by the sheer amount of sunlight there was. Birds and animals played, and he was not frightened. Defending himself did not seem necessary, nor was he even attempting to slaughter another soul. This place was an antithesis of the life he had lead. Some higher power had intervened, somehow he knew that fact.

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@_sojourn_: [Nice post, and do make an animal avatar. I want to compile them in a blog]

A deeply rooted pineal force sends him the message of choice, the option of change in the face of overwhelming adjustment. One voice that communicates deeper than that bonds of the soul, a primordial envoy in the form of the subject's inner animal such as that which had been hidden all these years. The side existent in all man and women alike, a facet that has been kept under the chains of human development. Yet a part that is never removed from human roots. There, in front of the man presents a bear one that stands on two feet. Offering paw, in welcome and without little trace of enmity. A bond that unites all living beings, one in terrestrial realm and another in realms beyond those of human understanding. The bear shows an image of different animal forms to take. Now it is up for them man to decide what he wishes to be, a body to take in this realm and perhaps to carry over to another...

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bump due to recent abundance of animal themed and one plant theme chracter

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