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Ermac had been accepted into a tornument for only the best and most skilled of fighters and it was time to hold his place as one of the greatest fighters their is. Standing on a Large Platform in a unfamilier universe on a Ocean Called the Atlantic, waves washing against the platform moving it slowly around Ermac caught eye of his opponent this was the point where he would prove himself.

Ermac felt more powerful here much more.  Teleporting instantly in back of his opponent Ermac sent a strong fast kick at his opponents spine to throw him off balance then sending a large fireball followed by an attempt to telekneticly grasp his opponent and slam him multiple times into the platforms ground. Then Bowing down to his opponent and entering a stance Ermac Prepared for what his target had to stand a chance.

"Good Luck"

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Zazamell had little reason to be in this tournament, just an ordeal mentioned that interested him. However, now that he was here, he was more than excited to be in it.

His opponent was odd in the way he dressed, a suit of red robes and a black mask, but Zazamell couldn't care less about how his foe looked, just as long as he fought well.

Taking a low battle stance, Zazamell prepared for a war atop the ocean he was told was the Atlantic, the platform moving back and forth slowly with the motion of the waves.

The kick was expected and Zazamell made his body soft like liquid so that the leg would move through him, but the fireball was less predictable and Zazamell's forearms melted into a mist as he put them up to block, his body still watery. The mist, however, became solid again as they reformed into his elbows, making hands once more.

"This is going to be fun." He said, making his hand into a blade.

Running at his opponent, he raised his weapon into the air and leaped, aiming to bring it down into his foe's skull.

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Ermac saw his opponent reform his body from the fireball then saw the blade flying down easily teleporting away Ermac then picked up many crates and nearly every object on the Platform with telekenisis then flung them all at his opponent but that was only a distraction as Ermac then sent a massive inferno at his opponent that consumed all the objects that had been thrown seconds before with the extent of his fire power.

Then Grabbing his large battle axe Ermac charged it with telekentic energy then slammed it on the platform causing a large sesmic blast in his opponents direction and slightly hovering in the air to avoid the aftershock. Knowing he would not be able to beat his opponent with pure strength Ermac telekenteticly drew some water up from the ocean and slammed it on the Platform leaving it soaking wet

Chuckling to himsel Ermac dropped back down to the ground and noticed some blood dripping from the back of his head

"Hmm i guess that blade scathed me more then i thought" Ermac said while waiting for his opponents next move

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The crates broke against Zazamell's solid form, filling his skin with splinters of different sizes, and the fire was painful as it seared his body. He became a liquid only to evaporate and become whole again, his body riddled with wounds that hadn't healed already.

The telekinetic attack sent Zaz flying into the air as the platform split. He landed on his feet, but was caught off guard by the immense torreny of water that came rushing at him, which tore pieces of skin with his forearms.

"Is that all?" was his only reply as he made his skin into iron, using the platform underneath him as a base for this transformation.

He charged again, this time slower due to his newfound weight, but his power was at least tripled because of this and he sent a barrage of punches at Ermac. In case of another teleportation scenario, he tore a nearby pipe from under the platform by forcing his hand through the sheet of metal that guarded him from the underbelly and swung it around 360 degrees and in a perfect circular motion. He threw it into the ocean once his attack was done.

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uff, ahh ,oof

Ermac was taken off guard by the hard punches and was sent flying back ducking luckily to avoid the pipe. Seeing his opponent slowed Ermac Charged his axe with fire and teleported all around his opponent sending a barrage of swings down at his opponent then teleporting back away surveying the bruises and open wounds he had suffered nothing fatal but he would be more careful none the less

Telekenticly tearing a chunk of the platform off Ermac attempted to squash his enemy with the bottom then teleporting over his enemy and sending a strong kick directly at the top of his opponents skull. Taking a small tank of oil and spilling it into the ocean then igniting it wih a large fireball causing a large fire to surround the platform. Using this to his advantage Ermac telekaneticly grasped some flames and smashed them down multiple times on his enemy then using it to enpower another inferno which he sent directly at his opponent.

"Face it im too powerful for the likes of you"

Ermac said in a boasting voice while chargeing his hands with flames and sending a barrage of punches at his enemy then teleporting away.

"Now surrender and maybie you will live to be my slave"
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His new armor cracking under the pressure of the axe, Zaz stepped out from under it, discarding his iron skin for his normal skin. He caught the platform Ermac tried to crush him with and gained another iron skin, his strength enough to overpower Ermac's telekinetic power. He tore the plate from Ermac's control and tossed it at his foe, hoping to do, at most, fatal damage.

The iron skin deflected the kick and Zaz sent one of his own at Ermac's stomach.

"C'mon, you seemed fine at first!"

Zaza proceeded to throw punches at Ermac's face, but was interrupted by the oil barrel, which struck his face and stunned him momentarily, making him a target Ermac couldn't refuse to exploit.

The flames were intense enough to melt away patches of Zaz's metal skin and he could feel their full heat after a while.

Zaz stood painfully and was subject to a barrage of flaming punches, sending him down into a heap. He became a mist and then solid again, regaining some measure of quality in his form. He was still injured badly and his breathing was hard.

"Is that all?!"

Zaz charged, fists drawn and transformed into blades, primed straight at Ermac's chest.

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Hit by most of his enemys attacks Ermac was taken aback only to see two blades charging at him. Easily teleporting away Ermac was still bloodied although the leigons of undead which helped create him didnt leave him the ability to be too tired. Ermac was the one that enjoyed using fatal moves when hurt and using his telekenesis he was able to bring a tidal wave of fire upon the platform in which they stood nearly burning away the platform.

Teleporting away  from his safe distance Ermac sent many more explosions rocking across the Platform decimating half of it Ermac came down to survey the damage and splashing what was left of the platform with large waves to try and wash away his enemy

"I hope that was good enough"

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Angered at his attack failing, Zaz made his body entirely spiked, thorns the size of baseball bats protruding from every inch on his body. He retracted his spines and grabbed the fireball that was heading for him, becoming just as the flames were.

Zaz put up a guard against the explosions, yet his fiery flesh absorbed most of the impacts. The water put him out however and he returned to normal.

"I hope that was good enough." Ermac said.

"Nope." Zaz replied, smirking.

He ducked and weaved across the remaining platform, making a grab for Ermac's shoulders. He would give him a hug and then extend his spikes once more, killing the menace instantly.

"I hope this is good enough!!" Zaz mocked, cackling madly afterwards.

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Feeling the attack a "hug" Ermac teleported backwards his whole body completly bloody. Instantly healing the wounds with fire Ermac pulled a small pole out of the ground and sharpend and charged it with fire to use it as a sword. Teleporting at amazing speeds Ermac sent 4 slashes at his opponent 2 in the stomach one along the neck and another at his enemys leg then another stab at his enemys heart.

Telekenetikly grabbing nearly every object on the platform and sharpening it Ermac sent them flying at his enemy like a rain of arrows near impossiable to dodge everyone Ermac was confident that it would finish his target off but just to make sure Ermac sent a massive rain of fire onto his enemy

"I can do this all day. Face it your beaten" Ermac said rather confidently

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Zazamell was a bloodied heap by the time the attacks were finished. He didn't really care though, because he was just about to win this fight. Reaching a quivering hand skyward, he transformed his index finger into a remote control of sorts that was linked to his body, which he had recently transformed into a bomb. He ripped the digit from his hand and looked at Ermac with barely-open eyes.

"I won't be damaged by the blast...I wonder if you would be."

He snapped a joint on the finger and the platform went up in smoke and flame.

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A huge explosion and pain is what Ermac both saw and felt as he quickly teleported away but not unsctahed. His shoulder cloths ripped and torn with third degree burns running down it, but he was not dead which is what mattered. Harnassing the flame from the explosion Ermac cuased 2 more explosions of the same caliber which would be deadly to his enemy.

Teleporting over to what used to be the platform Ermac observed the remains and then begun to hover back to land.

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Floating in the ocean, Zazamell felt at peace, but at the same time in danger. The sun was covered by clouds and the seas began to churn. A storm was near and Zazamell was right in front of it. Panicking, he thought of a plan to get out and win this fight at the same time.

Zazamell formed his feet into small jet-engines for flight. Raising himself from the ocean, he began to bolt towards Ermac, who had foolishly turned his back on him. He would collide with Ermac's spine and then crash into the nearby cliff with Ermac in front of him, therefore crushing his opponent to win.

However, something told him it wouldn't be that easy.

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Feeling himself grasped by an enemy who apparntly was not dead Ermac saw himself heading towards a cliff. Chuckling to himself at his enemys foolishness Ermac teleported away leaving his enemy to hopfully ram into the cliff. Flying onto the land that the cliff provided Ermac then took two large rocks with telekenesis and charged them with fire turning them into large exploding fire balls that even if missed the explosion would be too much to avoid.

Hurling the rocks at his enemy using telekenesis Ermac Watched the massive destruction from the explosion and knew surving that alone but he was not done. Using Telekenesis Ermac picked up every rock and pebble and turned them into fire balls hurling them with massive explosions with each one blowing off  the whole cliff.

Ermac knew it would be nearly impossiable to come out of the attack unscathed and stood waiting for his enemy to formulate his next move.

"Are you done yet"

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um.... okay

Ermac triumphed for he would make it to the next stage of this tornument and began to rest preparing for his next encounter

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Zaz crashed into the cliff and the rain began to fall.

He burst from the rock, evading the flaming attacks Ermac threw at him with an instant to spare with each, and Zaz reached out with an antimatter cannon pointed at Ermac's face, using the explosions afterwards for added momentum.

However, he lost some balance in his attack and instead of Ermac's face, he pointed the cannon at his foe's chest. Nonetheless, the explosion would be far too much for either to walk out of.

"If I'm going down, you're going down with me!!!"

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The Explosion came... It was too Massive Ermac found himself missing his left arm after the mans attack was finished with new found burns running down his body. Making a firey construct in the shape of a arm and temporarly replacing his arm with the subistute until he could replace his own in the firey pits of hell.

Nearly drained of fire powers Ermac pulled out his axe and charged it with telekenetic energy slamming it against the ground to destroy another part of the cliff in the scenario that his opponenet survived.

Breathing Heavily Ermac jumped in the water to minorly ease the burns although it was not much when Ermac flew back out to examine the remains it was a little bit of pain off the burns... Hovering over the water Ermac waited for his enemys next move

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Seeing the resourcefulness of his foe, Zaz collapsed into the resulting rubble Ermac made of the cliff. He himself was extremely tired and worn, but he wouldn't give up the chance of bloodshed his Symaarian blood, which was scattered across the rocks, yearned for.

Laying still in the rubble, he raised a fist as it was beginning to glow with black light. He was turning his fist into an antimatter bomb of sorts. But he doubted Ermac would realize that until it was too late. The explosion would harm Zaz, of course, and it would take some time to rebuild himself, but at least he would win.

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The explosion of the bomb sent Ermac flying into the ocean nearly knocked out. Nearly drowned Ermac managed to teleport into the air seconds before his death would have come coughing up water Ermac kept his distance and burned the water out of his lungs hurting him greatly.

Using his telekenesis Ermac grabbed another boulder and hurled it onto the rubble to wound his opponent the grabbed a small sharp rocked shard and turned his enemy around and began to slice and his chest then backed away

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Zaz was nearly dead when the attacks came and he couldn't move or do anything to stop them.

He almost allowed the boulder to crush him and the rocks to pierce his flesh. As said before, he would have to rebuild for a while after he used two antimatter bombs in the same day.

He smiled before fading into dust, his traditional way of escaping fights he stood no chance of winning.