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Philadelphia, PA

"One hot dog, no bun." Natasya looked at the vendor, her dark eyes focused on him. He was middle-aged, probably 45 or so, and he had a thick grey beard. His Flyers jersey was hideous to her, but not everybody could like good teams. The stall was busy, and he was doling out hot dogs like the civil courts handed out fines. There was a young Asian student, a family of three, and a seriously looking business man with a Bluetooth headset in his ear. He was trying to order in between sentences, and the vendor just went about his business. When it came time for him to hand her the hot dog she ordered, the small paper that held it contained a bun. With a sigh and a shake of her head, she slowly reached her left hand behind her back, whipping out a pistol and aimed it at his head.

"I said NO BUN!" The loud bang was hardly a milisecond before the bullet went right through his forehead, and the other patrons screamed and sprinted in the opposite direction. She tore the hot dog out of the bun, dropped the bread on the dead vendor, and turned, stopping just in time to avoid the Volkswagon that roared past her, end over end. Whatever collided with that car hit it with enough force to launch it like a baseball, and with the hot dog in hand, Natasya followed the line it had come from. Standing there in the middle of the street amongst a pile of overturned cars stood one of the largest men she had ever seen. Like, ever.

She stuffed the hot dog in her mouth as she started towards the man, her pistol in her other hand. As she drew close, she felt something stir inside her. She wasn't one for fear much. Chaos dictated that natural order and disorder be present, and thus she never feared. But if she did, she would know that the feeling making her stomach clench up was just that. It was strange, she didn't know why she was afraid, but she definitely was. As she drew nearer, she tightened the grip on her gun and leaped onto one of the overturned cars.

"Now, now... I get that you're a big guy, there, but they make Hot Wheels for this kind of thing." With a grin, she held her arms out. "Unless you've got a reason for doing this. But who really needs a reason to throw a car at an innocent bystander?" Because that would be... Crazy.

She dropped in front of the car, about 311 inches from the huge man. The taste of the hot dog lingered in her mouth, and she was mad because she could still taste the bun.