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note: this is just a character I just thought of. I might use them later on, but only time will tell. Tell me what you think and what could be added.


Lisa and Emily Cazarich are two sisters who were chosen one day by the deities of order to be their herald (their reason for choosing two hosts was due to the fact one mere mortal would go insane with the idea of order). Together they form the hero Equal and Librium!

As Emily and Lisa
As Equal and Librium

Why: Heralds of order

Who: two teenage sisters

Where: LA, CA

What: human/herald

When: present

How: Vigilante/hero


Lisa and Emily are step sisters who never got along. They constantly fought and bickered, until one day a car accident occurred. They were both fatally injured in a car crash. While they were "dead" they appeared in a purgatory world where they met the deities of order. Their deal to the sisters was that they would serve as their heralds on Earth and they both got to live. Lisa and Emily agreed and went back to the world of the living, healthy and fine.

They learned that they could become the hero Equal and Librium, by joining their hands together and shouting "Et tu, Brute". Their jobs as heralds of the deities of order is to fight for the law and be a hero for the people. This does involve though their decision whether to kill villains or not. Normally they let their enemies live(except a few cases), but most do leave with scars and broken bones.

Identity: Unknown to public


Super strength: together they can lift around 25 tons.

Speed: as Equal and Librium they have enhanced speeds. They have been shown to run up to 20 miles per hour. It should be also noted that Equal and Librium has shown enhanced reactionary timing.

H2H: Lisa has said they know every form of fighting in creation, but that has yet to be seen. They have shown Krav Maga, Kenpo, T'ai chi, Thang-Ta, Kuntao, Hapkido, Savate, Scottish Backhold, German Ju-Jutsu, Russian Fist Fighting, and Kapap.

TP resistance: Equal Librium has limited TP resistance.


Kurn the Revolutionary

Kurn is from a small village in the Middle East. He was told stories from his grandfather that his family were the last of Mesopotamians. When he became an adult he became obsessed with finding a new land for his people. He decided to cause a revolution in America by pointing out how corrupt the government was. He was able to take most of the East Coast and rule his new kingdom until Equal and Librium tore it down. He remains as a political prisoner waiting for revenge.

Adrian Smith aka R.E.D.(II)

Adrian Smith was a former con artist in the 80's. He eventually began to steal government secrets and sell them to America's enemies. He was from then on a wanted man. Everyday he moved from one city to the other. As fate would have it Adrian had found a former superhero's base of operations on one of his daily moves. He went inside and found an armory filled with former villains weapons. He took Gravity's gravity gauntlets, Ice's freeze gun, Magnet Man's electro magnetic staff, and R.E.D.'s costume. He became a big threat to many superheroes, but he eventually let go of the super villain gig. in time though he began to make his own weapons and sell them to up and coming criminals. He now serves as the go to guy for tech.


Reverse is the governments response to Equal and Librium. He is literally a clone of their superhero form. Due the mystic form of Equal and Librium the clone came out disfigured. He was thought be a failure and was "thrown away". Due to this his hatred of his genetic parent grew. He began to hunt down Emily and Lisa. No matter how many times he has been defeated he constantly comes back stronger than before. It is important to note that despite his lack of a vocabulary(he only says terminate and obliterate) he has a high IQ. He is also the only villain to know Equal and Librium's secret identity.


The half demon son of a high ranking demon, Lord poses as a Senator of California. He often uses this role to appear as a high moral citizen. He serves as Equal and Librium's main enemy. Not much else is known about him.


TP is a man with a rare skin diseases that makes him appear inhuman. Tortured as a child for his looks, all he wants is to make them pay. He learned later on in life he has TP abilities(thus giving him the name TP). He began to kidnap the people who tortured him when he was younger and forced them to kill themselves. He was eventually defeated by Equal and Librium. He slowly went insane and escaped from prison. Now he roams the streets, unnoticed to society. Some say when someone goes missing without any reason, it was TP who did it.

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Kurn is by far the coolest thing but all of this is pretty badass!

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I found this to be pretty cool. One question, though, when they do the hand shake and chant thing do they transform into a guy?

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@Emerge_In_C: They get the body of a male, but are still females. It is kinda like Mighty Guy in a sense, but their herald/hero form is a being made of pure energy so they technically do not become a male.

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@joeagentofhand1: I see. Well this is pretty solid, man. Good work.

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Awesome, mad creative

I knew this dude was a good fit

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@Emerge_In_C: @Maximus_Knightfall: @Quintus_Knightfall: Thanks!