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In a small town just east of a major docking city, Pallu had found his resting spot. It seemed quiet, nobody seemed to care that he existed. Maybe word hadn't gotten as far as he had thought. He even bought a coffee with out any hassle. This was turning out to be a good day for him. "What is this!?" He choked on a sip of hot coffee as he noticed a wall of wanted posters. His face on one of them. Quickly he ran over and scribbled on it so his face was blocked out. Then out of the corner of his eye he noticed the woman from before. Looking for a name he found none, but she was worth more dead than he was alive, and this made him steam with jealousy. An odd thing to be jealous over but he was.

"Stupid girl, why did you let me live!?" a mutter under his breath and a sigh later everything became apparent. There were bounty hunters now. Glory seekers, those who would kill him for money and boast about it for the next month or so. The thought sickened him. "Stupid people.. I will crush them if they dare ruin my fun." his tiny pupils shot over the faces of everyone around him, and he slowly began to walk again, no longer interested in the coffee. His mind was a blur of thoughts and scenarios. Who would make the first move, what could he do to stop it, what if they were like the other too, you need to keep calm, what if they all were after him. His mind raced and his face went red with worry. He had to leave this land. So he continued to walk until was out of town, he wandered down the highway towards the docking towns, there he could get a boat to the other continent.

Down the road he noticed a man that stood as if waiting for someone, something clicked in his head and Pallu was driven mad. "Stop! FOLLOWING ME!!" he roared, the ground shaking and the cement cracking. His breathing was coarse and his eyes filled with the same insanity and hatred that had seen the eyes of the other two. "I am sick of this.. I will kill EVERYBODY!"

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A teenager wearing headphones leaned against a nearby building. His eyes were closed, and all of his focus was on the music blaring into his ears. He ignored the wind, and the smell of the ocean, and people who walked by.

He didn't ignore, though, the ground shake under him hard enough to make him tumble to the ground. He hit the pavement hard, jarring his headphones off his head and forcing his eyes open. All he saw, at first, was a crowd of people running and screaming, but as they filtered out, a lone figure stood.

"Hey, isn't that...?", Eric began, before being cut off.

Only known name: Pallu Project. Wanted, dead or alive, for causing extreme chaos. Last seen a few weeks ago. Threat level: high.

"Yeah, that guy", Eric finished. He pushed himself up and brushed off the dust. "Well, I'd say it's our responsibility as the moral compass of today's youth to bring this malcontent to justice!"

You're light-demeanor never ceases to stun, Epsilon...

"It's a talent Nero. A serious talent"

Suddenly, the boy known mostly as Eric threw up one hand, palm open. With his other, he pressed a headphone harder against his ear. A large blast of bright, white energy shot out from his outstretched hand, and burst towards the crazed figure in the centre of the dock market.

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The man seemed to try and play as if he didn't notice him, this made him furious. Did he think Pallu was an idiot? "DIE!" screamed the insane man before he had to dodge past a beam of energy His hand seemed to grasp the sound of it whistling by him before he spun to add momentum and screamed to add more power, releasing it directly at the boy. Even children were challenging him now. "I've learned things, and I found a new toy to make me stronger! You will not beat me!" The man seemed entirely out of his mind. There was no reason to freak out, but he was. The ground shook with every word and in his hands, whirling balls of sound were forming Clashing them together he fired a beam of sound in the boys direction.

A trusty strum of the guitar was played as it was flung from his back and into his hands. Turning on his little amp he smiled wide. "The sound is so much more fluid then I had first thought.. you will see. Sound is LIMITLESS. Fear the power of music!" Again the ground shook as he spoke then he strummed down hard on the bass guitar causing the windows in the area to shatter. The cement began to brake. "Think of everything these people are losing.. and it is all because you will not leave me alone! YOU ARE NO HERO!"  Roaring with hatred the man went totally quiet then smiled that of an imp and giggled as he reached into his side bag.

Out from the bag he pulled a grenade, and his finger lopped into the ring with a "Oops!" It was pulled, his hand still holding down the trigger. "Imagine what I could do with the boom of this little honey? BANG no more YOU!" From where he stood he was overly happy to see the waves his voice was causing. It gave him an idea. Dropping the grenade he jumped into an alley. When it went off the whole side of a building had been obliterated. The sound was not aimed in the direction of the boy. But now the mad man was on the run for the docks.

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"Whoa-oh!", Eric yelled out in surprise as the (obviously) crazy man in the centre of the market began sending blasts of sound in his direction. The first waves smashed into Epsilon, and sent him flying backwards to crash into the corner of a building. It shatter into mortar and dust as he hit it, but he bounced off and landed hard onto the concrete.

"Ow....", he groaned as he began getting back up. Before he knew it, more blaring waves were flying towards him. He raised one hand, holding his head in pain with the other, and made a large circular shield to cover him from the front. The sound waves collided with the construct, and rebounded into the sky. Slowly, Eric forced himself up to a wobbly standing position. He was just in time to watch Pallu drop a grenade without it's pin. "Aw, jeez...."

The cylinder exploded, and instinctively he raised both arms up and unconsciously create a shield. There was no need, however, as only smoke and dust flew his way. He lowered his construct, but saw nothing. Waving his hands, he manipulated the air and blew the smoke away, compacting it into a small, tightly packed orb. With that, he could see his enemy rushed away towards the docks.

"Oh, no you don't!", Eric yelled out. He thrust his hand forward, and hurled the orb towards Pallu. The "smoke grenade" exploded near him, sending smoke all over. Raising one of his hands once more, Epsilon create half a dozen energy bombs fifteen feet above Project, and dropped them over his general area. They would each explode with the force of a grenade.

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Smoke curled around the fleeing psychopath which caused panic. He looked around and screamed using sound to push everything away from him. Then he saw the orbs. The first explosion blew him back, then there were hundreds of others that seemed to level the area. Some hero this kid was, destroying everything.  That was Pallu's job! He screamed as one ball almost fell on him and he launched himself towards the docks. Chuckling, sound seemed to cushion him as he fell onto the wooden platform above the now busy ocean that Pallu had stirred up.

Watching the end of the destruction he looked at his shaking body, then felt a curl in his gut before he let out a disgusting display onto the wood in front of him created of blood and vomit. Then a wave of pain ran through his head. This boy was strange, he took a blast head on and was merely dizzy. This could not be good. Why were all these people finding him NOW!? "Go away.." He muttered, before his hand stroked the pendant. "Why did you die.. If you didn't die I wouldn't be running.." he spoke quietly, no projection then suddenly the green pendant began to glow and his eyes peered up at the boy. The sound of the ocean began to roar, and behind him a cyclone slowly arose like a pillar of death, so big that it sucked up and destroyed all the boats in the dock. The mans dreads were flinging in the water and wind before the dock below him was ripped away, and he remained floating there in a cylinder of sound where the world to him sounded hallow. "They will all die now. Because they wont leave us alone.." Pallu, was completely oblivous to the shards of glass that had impeded into his skin from the blast the boy created.

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Eric watched in stunned amazement at the vortex that Pallu had created. He didn't think that he could even do that. The wind whipped around in a wide radius, making it hard to see. Small particles of water were knocked towards him from the gigantic splashes where the docks had once been. It was a good thing that Eric hadn't pursued Project when he ran for the docks, or else he might be stuck inside of that thing.

"Uh, Nero? Any good suggestion!?", Eric yelled over the noise of the tornado of water. For a few seconds, Eric didn't hear any response, but it came eventually, like it always did.

Target is surrounded by water-sub-zero temperatures would prove to be an unexpected action

"Alright then, time for some Iceman moves then!"

Moving closer warily-and still wobbling a little from the hits he had already taken-Eric raised both hands in a determined gesture. He raised up some of the water from the ocean, creating a roof that ws fifteen feet long and wide. Concentrating, he manipulated the water's molecules crudely, lowering the temperature of the air around them. With a crackle, the "roof" of water turned to a sheet of ice. With a separating motion, Eric split the sheet into dozens of shards.

"Okay, let's see how he likes....", he began speaking, before thrusting his hands towards Pallu, or where he thought he was.


The numerous amounts of sharp shards of ice hurtled towards his opponent in a shotgun spread, hurling towards Pallu while spreading.

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Pallu floated closer to land in his ball of sound, followed by the cone of watery doom. The outer world was a blur and the sounds were like he was in a pool. He barley made out the word 'This' as it was yelled at him. The elements were at this boys control, he could feel the chill in the air. This water, was beautiful, and he did not want it to stop. It was fueled by sound, and the sound it created was in turn used to fuel it. A perpetual motion machine made by basic physics. Wonderful. When the first shard of ice crashed against his sphere of sonic energy it jolted and slowed, it was chipped into snow which fell onto the lunatic causing him to chuckle. There were more and it didn't take an idiot to find that one out.

The sphere openned from behind and exploded like a sort of E.M.P. blast, but not electromagnetic, and made entirely of sound. It ended the assault of ice for now. Then the water fluctuated and molded with the sound that twirled it. The lunatics hand raised and he no longer wished to speak of parties or death. This was it, he had to end these folks. He sent it crashing downwards like a slinky down a flight of stairs, leaping right over Pallu and down towards Eric. With this the sphere was recreated and Pallu was well on his way to the east to flee. Who needed a boat when he had his own flying orb. It screamed across the ocean while he looked back at the diminishing cyclone use the last of its fury on the entire area. Though, the boy controlled the ice, it was more then likely he wasn't even harmed by it. Pallu could only think that he was now making chase. He felt it in his gut.

A cringing thought that was, feeling it in his gut. In fact he did. Lifting his bloodied shirt he saw a shard of glass sticking into his abdomen. The man panicked for a moment and looked around for his bag. He had dropped it.. and his guitar too. They were likely long since gone in the wreckage.. he would have to get new ones. But what to do about the wound.. pulling the glass out would make him bleed out, but keeping it in leaves it a chance to break inside of him and cause further damage. "What a bother.. when I get to the new continent I will have to hold up a hospital before that boy arrives." He muttered angrily. "What have I gotten myself into.. all these superheroes after me for what? Ugn... I need a costume."

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"Oh boy....", Eric whispered to himself in stunned words as the maelstrom of water came down onto him. It engulfed him wholly, and hurled him in every which direction, flinging him to and fro as the mass amount of water split upon the concrete of the dockside marketplace. Wood stands and tables were shattered like snowballs, and Epsilon was finally thrown aside, waterlogged, to crash against the stone wall of a building. Hard. He let out a groan as he collided with the wall, and his headphones flew off his head as his skull smacked against the stone.

He slid down a few feet to the ground, coughing up water. The wind was knocked out of him, and it hurt-like if someone punched you in the stomach really, really hard, but all over his body. He coughed some more, and a bit of the water that he spat out was tinged with red. He held his head steady with one hand, as he-very-slowly pushed himself up to a sitting position where he could lean against the wall. He choked a few more times, before gasping in air heavily.

"That....was painful....."

Quick analysis indicates that you have at least three broken bones. I advise heading to a hospital-you aren't fit to continue with this battle.

"I dunno if you actually got a good look at that guy, Nero, but...", he coughed some more, "..I think it's pretty clear he's a little unstable. Speaking of which, where'd-where'd he go?"

Before attacking, he fled out over the ocean at a high velocity.

"Oh man, now I have to chase him? What kind of a villain is this guy?", Eric groaned as he got himself standing. He leaned against the wall for a few more seconds, catching his breath. Finally, he wobbled out over to the edge of the docks, to where the piers used to be before the battle started. "Alright Nero, I'm gonna need some assistance with this-"

When don't you need assistance?

"-Let's just try and focus here, alright...? I'm still pretty shaky, so I'll need some stabilization or whatever......anyways, full speed ahead!"

He put himself into a stance that looked as if he was about to start sprinting. Then, he bounded forward, and instead of running, he jetted through the air head first, leaving a faint trail of light behind him. As he flew low over the waters, the waves sprayed up behind him. He was going pretty fast-he was sure it wasn't his fastest, though-and eventually, he could see Pallu in the distance. He pushed harder, ignoring the pain that he felt over his body.

"I need you to steady me, Nero!", he spoke over the wind. He reached his arm out, again with his palm open. Faint trails of energy began to draw to it, and gather. A bright orb of white light grew at his hand, and as he drew up to Pallu's right, he fired, discharging the orb into a wide and high beam, Nero's targeting system kicking in with the best shot Eric hoped he had ever made.

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An amusingly different look was plastered on the face of the mad man as he noticed his litting friend catch up. "No.. no no no. NO!" he growled, looking down at the glass sticking out of him. "No! Stupid boy! STUPID STUPID BOY!" His fist slammed against his leg and then suddenly the orb of sound shook and rattled. Slowing slightly, he realized he was just hit. The sound grew weaker, it was fueling itself now and it would get dangerous to attack back. These thoughts constantly rang a note in his head. He could only hope the boy would tell him to stop. He could use that sound to blow him back without harming his already damaged bubble.

One of the small populated islands around the other continent were growing closer. While Pallu's face grew paler. He looked back to see that the boy was still there. "Stupid boy.." he was growing weaker and so was the bubble. By the time he reached the shore the bubble had left and he was now hobbling as fast as he could throwing the screams of frightened people back at the boy lazily. "HOSPITAL!" he called out with a terror in his voice. "Hospi-..." The man stopped to cough up blood. Soon he was pointed in the right direction, and looking back at the boy he growled. Not enough time. The anger fed him adrenalin. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GO AWAY!!" he yelled, the sand moving away and the water parting as a ball of visible sound shot at him. This made Pallu dizzy, and again he stumbled away. It was live or die, and he was out of alternate options.

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Epsilon noted with some satisfaciton that his blast had hit, and seem to have a effect on the crazed man. However, as he would've followed it up, Pallu pulled away and landed on the populated shore of nearby island. Eric pushed harder, speeding over the waves towards the piece of land. If he had been paying more attention, he might've noticed the attacks coming at him.

Epsilon, look out! Evasie manuevers!

"W-what!?", Eric yelled out in confusion, when the redirected waves of sound crashed into him. He lost all control of his flight, and smashed down into the surface of the ocean, making a huge splash. Flipping head over heels, he skipped on the top of the waves like a rock, heading towards the shore, drenched. While still in his fall, Pallu's orb of noise collided with his legs and increased his velocity. He crashed into the beach hard, and skidded in a blast of sand, before stopping and falling over onto his stomach.

Weakly, he tried pushing himself up, before coming back down onto the beach's sands.

"Oh m-man....", he muttered feebly.

Epsilon, it's critical that you pull yourself together and retreat! Or at least get back up into fighting form

"That's a lot harder than it sounds, Nero.....", he responded. He was hurting all over-as if his entire body was a part of a funnybone, and someone just smacked it with a hammer. Barely, he got up to his knees., and turned his head to survey the area. Bystanders gawked at him, and looking around he spotted a parting in the crowd. Pallu. "Jeez.....guy doesn't know when to quit...."

Hmm, who does that sound like that I know?

"Come on.....R-really?", Eric shook his head and got to his feet. His knees felt like rubber, and he fell back down to one of them almost immediately. "Man, screw this!", he yelled in frustration, and began levitating himself. To the bystanders, it looked like he was walking, since he was low to the ground, but still making the motions. He made it halfways to Pallu before tripping over a high dune and falling softly on his face. Wet and covered with dirt. He must've looked like a sorry sight.

Shaking his head in determination, he raised a open hand towards Pallu, who was walking-with apparent difficulty-away.

Epsilon, I don't think energy attacks are being effective. Use a construct on him. Not only will it be unpredictable, but it will trap his sound.....and that would cut off some of his offensive power

"Thanks, Nero"

Don't thank me yet.....let's see if it works first

With immense determination and willpower, Epsilon pushed himself up to his feet and stood steady after wobbling a bit at first. He brought his hands up, palm facing upwards, in a quick motion. Suddenly, two white, semi-transparent walls appeared in front and behind Pallu project, lifting up through the sands. They immediately closed in on him in a crushing movement with a speed that belied their size. Epsilon made sure that the move would hurt, maybe break a bone, but wouldn't kill.

Of course, he hadn't seen the shard sticking out of Pallu's stomach, either....

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Pallu was now halfway through the beach filled with people, pushing and shoving his way past tourists and hometowners alike. He could see in the distance, someone had called an ambulance and it was coming. The people had become quiet but that didn't help his headache for he still heard the words "Thanks Nero." Which drove into him like a hammer. Turning around to face the boy he saw a weird hand movement, and then he felt squished. The glass broke into many peices inside of him, the pain of crushing and rending made him cry out in pain and tears. Blood splattered against the transparent walls frome where Pallu coughed it up, and from where it leaked from his stomach.

Using the pendant he stole from another who wouldn't be needing it anymore he attempted to force the walls apart, his muscles bulged in ways that were impossible if not for the pendant, but no use. His mind went boggled as he began to slip away, thinking of the time it happened. When he decided that the world didn't deserve itself. His pupils shrunk in memory, then rolled back.

The parametics arrived on scene quickly, yelling. "What is this! We need to get him out of here! Get the boy on a stretcher and find away to move these... who stuck him like this!?" One small boy pointed at Eric who was laying on the sand. So now they had Eric, on a stretcher on the way to an ER. Close behind him in another vehicle was a more deadly case, Pallu. The entire way they removed glass and tried to stop the bleeding but there wasn't much they could do. Blurried he saw men in white huddled over him while then worked at his stomach, being careful of his ribs and arm. Both were severly broken.

Inside the hospital, they were placed in seperate rooms. All their personal belongings were stripped away and placed on a desk next to them. They were confident in Erics life and after being patched up and having his head examined they let him alone. Pallu went right to life support, and was being checked up to see if there could be anything done. "St-tupid boy." He whispered out, with a smile on his face.