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Just outside Los Angeles, 2:35 PM

Epsilon sat on the freeway barrier, waiting. He had been waiting for a while, and so the excitement of a battle had dulled. He now leaned nonchalantly against the concrete half-wall, and stifled back a yawn.

It was pretty hot, outside L.A., but luckily for him, Eric dressed lightly in his usual wear-shorts, and a light hoodie. Cars whipped by at maximum speeds, blowing wind his way and cooling him down for a bit of time. Dust flew by, and leaves and garbage were thrown about. Birds flew by overhead. The place would look pretty nice if not for the huge stretch of road.

"Uh, Nero, you're making sure he's not sneaking up on me or anything, right?", Eric asked the sentient piece of alien technology out-loud. In his head, he received a response that, if you listened closely, you could hear in a garbled language.

No life-forms in immediate battle vicinity. Most advisible course of action would be to scout out, possibly firebomb the area

Eric flinched at the mentioning of blowing the whole area up. Sometimes Nero's coldness really showed. He settled down after a moment, and leaned back against the barrier.

"Nah, I think I'll just wait"

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The all black Lamborghini zoomed down the highway at speeds that couldn't normally be reached by such a car,the cops didn't even bother to pursue the blur that just passed them.It was a lovely day for a drive out on the town but the was about it,there was nothing here but sand,desert,a few trees and of course the usual gas station that no one went to.Akira Overdrive kept his foot on the gas and one hand on the steering wheel as rap music blared from his speakers,the music was so loud it could be heard over the monster engine under the exotic cars hood.AO was suppose to be looking for a newly appointed target his Watchmen system  had just verified as a threat.A young boy named Eric Williams;Codename-Epsilon.

Satellites locked on to a small alien device that seemed connected to young Eric someway,and Akira being the man he was-was most interested in what this device was.The beacon grew bigger on the small dashboard navigational system and it was clear that his target was near,and Akira prepared for his next fight as he drove faster heading straight for the freeway barrier the kid so nonchalantly waited on,changing gears Akira Overdrive lifted his door and hopped out quickly rolling on the ground and pulling his Dual Eagles aiming with a hawks eye.The car raced straight for the barrier,AO smiled as he shoot out two bullets straight for the back wheels and the expensive car flew high into the air ,one more shot rang out and it flew straight for the gas tank of Akira's car.

"Hey there kid."

Akira waited as the bullet hit the gas tank and it began to implode,he stood to see if the kid could get out of the predicament.