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The Planet Ephemera (Open CVnU RPG)

The Planet Ephemera is located in a solar system far from Earth, although the environment that developed there is similar enough that most of Earth’s life could exist here unassisted. What makes this planet notably different, however, is that many of the flora, fauna, and minerals possess some manner of unusual magical property.

Unfortunately, it was these properties that brought Ephemera to the attention of Nordok’s Abyssal Imperium. Under the command of the ruthless General Xundar, the Imperium swarmed into the planet’s capital city. The Ephemerans, possessing no magic and only medieval-level technology, were quickly overrun, and their simple yet beautiful cities were transformed into industrial monstrosities, centers for extracting, experimenting upon, and processing the planet’s unique resources.

However, the Ephemerans were unwilling to admit defeat, and quickly organized a guerrilla resistance to fight against the occupation of their home. Though outnumbered and outgunned, they are prepared to fight until the very last of them falls.


- All the standard RPG and CVnU rules apply, of course.

- Your first post must explain how you arrive on the planet.

- If you want to make Ephemeran characters/NPCs (detailed below), go crazy.

- Feel free to use any basic Imperium forces (detailed in my blog), as part of this RP. The only units that are off-limits are the capital ships and the commanders.


- Lunaris City: this once stately Ephemeran city bore the brunt of the Imperium’s invasion. Now, it has been completely rebuilt as the center of the Imperium’s presence on the planet. Brutally ugly military facilities, refineries, and research stations mar the landscape and spew a never-ending stream of industrial pollution into the surrounding areas. Building are constructed, modified, demolished, and simply abandoned as need dictates, creating a chaotic and ever-changing sprawl that is massively disorienting to most. At the center of this technological monstrosity is Volcanis, the massive fortress that Xundar constructed as his personal headquarters while he subjugates the planet in his master’s name.

- The Forgotten Woods: an enormous, primeval forestland, the Forgotten Woods is quite literally a place that time forgot, as dinosaurs and other creatures grown several orders too large call it home. The trees exude a strange aura that creates a dead-magic zone, as well as emitting a powerful EM field that renders most technology inoperable. It is because of these qualities that the Resistance is based in these woods. Their camps are kept deliberately small and spread out in easily defensible locations. The headquarters is whatever camp the leaders happen to be staying in at the time.

- The Mountains of Power: a range of volcanic peaks that divides the planet along its equator, these mountains contain rich veins of arcanium, a remarkable metal that enhances magical energies. As a result, any magical effects or abilities activated in this area have a vastly enhanced power level.

- The Sands of Chaos: this vast desert, which encompasses most of the southern continent, contains sand laced with arcanium particulates from the Mountains of Power. As a result, the magical energies of this area are random and unpredictable, and any magic used here will almost certainly behave erratically. The desert is largely uninhabited, a result of both the inhospitable climate and the massive, carnivorous worms that burrow beneath the shifting sands.

Ephemerans (new race): Ephemerans are physically identical to humans. They cultivated a civilization that was roughly on par with Europe’s Middle Ages prior to the Imperium’s invasion. They have no magical traditions, and in fact have a genetic resistance to magic, a trait that becomes more potent with age and can also be enhanced with meditation.

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Xundar, Supreme General of the Abyssal Imperium, sat upon his throne at the heart of his fortress, Volcanis, and brooded darkly. As expected, the planet had fallen easily; the Ephemerans possessed no magic and only a pitiful level of technology, and despite a surprisingly spirited defense, the forces of the Imperium had utterly crushed their military and leveled their cities. Rather than reveling in his victory, though, the cybernetic demon was gripped by a growing frustration with his inability to snuff out the ragtag Resistance. The woods in which they cowered was anathema to both sorcery and technology, and this had thus far prevented the Imperium forces from attacking the camps of the rebelling natives. Still, the damage they could do to his master's operations was superficial at best. The Imperium would strip this world of its unique resources, and soon Xundar would have a task more worthy of his abilities to focus upon.

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No. Our... our master has told us not to. Told us that we may not infest this place. It would be... wicked.

Lunaris City was not a place that spoke to Nyurien. So few life forms -- the city sprawling and chugging out fumes that made the Infestation writhe within the azalian woman's captive form. She could feel them wiggle, feel them squirm and strain against her skin, thin barbs and protrusions forcing them out through her skin every second, roiling within her.

Despite her lack of sight, Nyurien -- or the Slayer, as her master had been referring to her -- was able to easily navigate the dark, smoggy fountain of industry. The parasites guided her. The Infestation had replaced her eyes and her ears, had all but replaced her mind. Bindings of leather and chitin kept them inside, and with what small semblance of autonomy she still retained, Nyurien forced herself forward, step by step, searching for some sort of superior....

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@Lady_Liberty: Thankies! She is gonna probably be in a cage or on a leash most of the time though. Nyu can't really... control herself. Or, specifically, the host of symbiotic parasites that own her and use her as a vessel to expand.

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@Joygirl: Having reviewed the information he had been provided with concerning his new arrival, Xundar took it upon himself to greet...it...in person, as such a purely biological being would no doubt find Lunaris disorienting. Spotting the hybrid creature wandering the chaotic jumble of streets, he approached and addressed it without formality or pleasantry, in a deep guttural voice that had a echo-like, metallic quality. "You must be Nyarlokat. I am Supreme General Xundar. I have been expecting you."

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"Not... Nyarlokat..." Slayer rasped softly, her face still tilted at the grimy streets beneath her. Having no eyes, she had no need or desire to face the hulking beast before her. Such humanoid behavior was long behind her, since she had become infested. "Nyu... Nyuri... Slayer."

The "girl's" voice was a soft rasp, words seeming to scuttle from her lips into the air around her, creating a sort of organic acoustic -- as if thousands of voices spoke at once, in flawless harmony and pitch with one another. "Slayer. It comes for us all."

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"How ominous." A hivemind. He'd been sent a hivemind as a weapon. Interesting...

"I understand that infestation is your sole purpose for existing, so I have prepared tasks for you that align with that drive. Tell me, would you prefer many small targets, or one large one, first?"

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"Sole purpose of... all. Infestation is coming for everyone." Nyurien settled down into a sort of awkward crouch, her head tilted slightly to the side, as if she were staring at some small thing in front of her. "Soon... soon we are all infested... soon everyone is... us." She doesn't seem to hear the question, if, in fact, she's capable of physically hearing in any fashion. However, she does seem to be comprehending her surroundings in... some way.

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General Xundar was in the midst of a review of Lunaris' security details when he received the message. It arrived telepathically; the voice of his master suddenly audible in his mind. This was an exceedingly rare event, and if the message conveyed had not given sufficient indication of its importance, the manner of conveyance would have. Brushing aside all other business, Xundar hastily informed his highest-ranking officer that, until such time as the Supreme General was able to return, operations on the planet Ephemera were his responsibility. Without further explanation, the General boarded his personal ship and departed for Infernus.

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(When el generalissimo is away, the rebels will play.

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