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A small package, some kind of high tech fiber was what brought world’s best Courier into the magnificent city of London. He delivered it in record time, thanks to the lack of any danger or obstacles. Az decided to use one of the two days he had gained by putting his back into the task to tour London, with Catherine permission of course. The Cyborg Courier was starting to wonder if he wasn’t giving her too much power over him. He dismissed that thought as he marveled upon the view of the Westminster Abbey as he was in route to the Tamesis to get a boat to tour the riverside. But suddenly as he pleasantly enjoyed the warm climate and clear sky, the Bodhi SYS picked up a signal, a very particular signal. Asura noticed immediately thanks to the HUB installed in his eyes. A similar technology to his was in the vicinity and maybe this was his chance to get some answers. The Bodhi SYS measured the technology as even more advanced than his, so maybe the source was another cyborg as him.

Without doubting for a second he moved towards the source running as fast as he could without damaging the exquisite British architecture or the crowded streets of this afternoon in London. In no time he got to the source only to find a man…

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London's brisk air etched it's way through Micah's nostrils, he absolutely loved the fresh breeze of pastries being baked in small cafes, the aroma of the freshly ground coffee, and the sweet decadent smell that the french wines gave off. If there was no such thing as paradise on earth, London was just that to Micah. Micah had flown all the way from Los Angeles to London, just to get away from all the super heroics, and be dare he say it...normal. Micah decided to stop by his favorite bistro, "Bistro Francais" and couldn't pass up the chance to order his favorite dessert; Pêche melba. While dining at the lovely french bistro, Micah couldn't help but feel like his french vacation was about to be cut short. While glancing out the window of the small bistro, Micah noticed a figure approaching at an alarming speed. Dropping his handkerchief on the table, Micah rose from his seat and exited the bistro. Folding his arms, he patiently waits for whatever is approaching, "I was having a lovely dessert, only to be cut short by some raging bat out of hell. This should be grand."

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The Cyborg Courier noticed the source of the signal. He looked like a regular human, at least more regular than Az himself, that had bio-mechanical parts in plain sight. The Deva Cyborg stopped in front of the source as he talked -I was having a lovely dessert, only to be cut short by some raging bat out of hell. This should be grand.- The young man seemed angry and Az noticed that immediately – Sorry, I didn’t wanted to interrupt you, but I need you ask you some things.- Asura was really embarrassed of the situation bothering somebody else, but he was thrilled to find a possible lead about his past. –My sensors picked up a similar technology to mine inside you, are you a Cyborg like me?- A powerful gust of wind raised as the Cyborg Courier asked that question, while the sun slowly started descending to the horizon this almost perfect London afternoon.