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Soaring through the dragon-shaped hole in the roof, Eclipse was soon out in the open air. This was no mere battle, there was too much at stake. This was a war. This was an invasion. The Skrulls had to be stopped, no matter the cost. Spotting a particularly large Skrull warship, Jason pointed his fingertips towards it and sped through the air like a bullet. Having attached a gravity anchor to the ship, when he finally made contact with it the hulking war machine took it hard, the power of gravity repulsing it away. There were no ships nearby, but the Teen Wonder soon changed that. Holding the flat of his hand against the hull of the ship, Eclipse concentrated and surrounded the entire thing in a bright red light, teleporting it into the midst of a few smaller ships. Teleporting himself to safety, the young hero grinned with satisfaction as, with two simple moves, he had caused one of the most devastating Skrull weapon-ships to explode, taking some of the grunts with it. Focusing on the gravitational field of the destroyed ships, he flipped the figurative off-switch, so the debris floated in the air. Plummeting towards ground himself instead, Eclipse held his right hand behind his head and focused. Reaching the ground, he slammed his crescent-marked palm against the Earth. A gravitational pulse was created. This invisible field would cause all of the Skrull battleships to float in the air, rather than crash to the ground below, when destroyed. 
"Mr. Eclipse, sir!" A voice called over Jason's communicator. 
"Jeez, make one heroic speech and suddenly everyone calls you sir..." Eclipse shook his head, before answering the call. "This is Eclipse." 
"Sir, this is Brian Walsh, from engineering. War Killer and our primary Champions squad went on a mission to Alaska in our best jet. I was trying to find it, to help in the battle, when I realized they hadn't called anything in or reported back. I suspect the Alaska mission may have been a trap, sir." 
"I agree with you, Brian." Jason nodded, leaping into the air and letting his gravitational control pull him through the sky, taking down the occasional battleship as he did so. "Send their target location to my communicator, I'll track them down." 
"Already done, sir." 


Once the location had been loaded onto his communicator, Eclipse stopped flying and teleported immediately to the location. As he arrived, he spotted Slight heading the opposite way and Charles standing on the ground, surrounded by a few Skrulls in his uniform. Turning off his gravity control, Jason fell from the sky above and headed straight for War Killer. Nearing the squad leader, the Fundamentalist outcast raised his knees, slamming them into War Killer's chest and knocking him onto his back, while Eclipse pinned his shoulders to the ground with his knees, his back rigid and hands clenched into fists, ready to beat the hell out of the possible imposter. "Tell me something only Charles would know." Jason snapped as his maybe-friend gasped for breath. 
"I don't... I uh... What?" War Killer panted, shaking his head as if he were trying to rid it of water. 
"What are your feelings for Fulcrum?" Eclipse asked coldly, raising his fist higher in the air threateningly. 
"What!?" Charles shouted, blushing furiously. "She's a friend! A good friend! What do you mean, 'feelings'? She's a... She's..." He stopped stammering as he noticed that Jason had stood up with a grin on his face, offering a helping hand to War Killer so he could get back to his feet. 
"Only you would react like that to that sort of question, a Skrull would just give a straight forward answer." Eclipse patted his friend on the back, handing him his shield. "I need you and the rest of the Champions to get back to the Tower. This whole Alaska thing was just a distraction, this is a full blown invasion we're dealing with here. They replaced Mistress Redhead and god knows who else..." 
"Charge Up?" Charles suggested, pointing to a figure on a hill. There, clear as day, was a Skrull dressed as Charge Up, commanding that they drop their weapons or else her squad would open fire. 
With a bit of quick thinking, Eclipse sent out a electromagnetic wave, scouting for the electronic signatures of the Champions in the area. This feature was something he had added, in case he needed to pull off such a stunt in an emergency. Finding all of the frequences but Cly and Esmerelda, Jason sent another electromagnetic pulse, this time teleporting each Champion in the area back into the jet they used to arrive. War Killer, Hotaru and Warrior Guyver X all instantly found themselves safe in the jet. "I need you three to get back to Champion Tower and help out, this is a full blown invasion and the troops have arrived. Before not it was mind-games, playing with our heads and breaking the trust we have for one another. Now they're just here to kill us all. Go now. I'll find Cly and hold off the Skrulls here. Sorry for being so blunt, but I made an epic speech earlier so I'm tired of talking. Go save the world, heroes." Teleporting back out of the plane, Eclipse telekinetically hurled the jet high into the air, safe from the wrath of the Charge Up impersonator and her lackies. 
"CLY!" He bellowed, taking to the sky in an attempt to find the dragon rider. After a bit of searching with his eyes, Jason found Cly, kneeling next to a bit, which appeared to contain... "Oh, crap." Eclipse flew straight down, landing next to his fellow Champion and former Titan. In the pit full of traps before them was Esmerelda. But the heroes didn't have time to do anything, as suddenly the Charge Up imposter appeared, along with her Skrull body-guards, each of whom appeared to have the head of Andferne, the legs of ReEnforcer, the claws of Hunter and the torso of Warsman. Getting to their feet, Eclipse and Cly stood back to back, one wielding a sword that could cut through anything, while the other, for one of the first times in his life, wielded nothing but his fists. As 'Charge Up' and her Skrull cohorts began to charge, Eclipse focused on the traps restraining Esmerelda and tried to break through them with his gravitational and electromagnetic powers...

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The icy screams resonating down the hall way caused the metallic bars to vibrate and the ground to tremble. Countless of screams resounded from the several human victims that had their fate sealed as tightly to this ship as her wrists to the wall. There was no lighting, except her bright yellow eyes that pierced the darkness like a stab to the heart. Fear lodged itself in the very corners of the cell that housed several slithering organisms and crawling creatures that were simply placed only for the prisoners punishment. She could hear them crawling on the floor each step as the hustled from one side of the cell to another. They were like the embodiment of despair ever present and bringing within it sting the loss of all hope and dignity.

The darkness never ceased the cries never faded the pain...it was a comfort the only thing left telling her she was alive. It was her one and only friend it was the only reassurance that she had not passed over into hell and was enduring her eternal torment. Yet she didn’t pity herself she deserved it, this pain. What else could a murder like her possibly gain in life but the same pain and torment that she had inflicted upon hundreds of innocent individuals? Her fingers hung numb with cold as her teeth chattered. Her locations temperature was lowered substantially. Due to her lack of respect to her suppressors they had ensured that they would bring her body as close to death as possible and inflict as much pain and torture upon her keeping her conscious and reviving her body each time her heart stopped.

Oh she was certain she had died several times but due to their advance technology and cruel techniques   they had revived her each time, she might have been ready to die but they wouldn’t let her...actually fate wouldn’t let her. God would not let her, why? Because her purpose in life had obviously not been achieved whatever it might be. In truth she could not really help to think on such thought provoking maters, the only thing running through her mind was the scents running through her nostrils and the drops of blood leaving her arms. They had driven nails into the bottom of her arms and attached them to chains that were hanging from the ceiling. This caused her arms to twist upward in a less than natural appearance as her body hung in the air. The knuckles of her feet were bent and scraping against the rough moist ground that was drenched with her own sweat, and blood...but not tears.

She never relinquished her tears except in the presence of those that she cared for and trusted and who trusted her, and in truth now a days there were probably only a hand full of them around. Her eyes slowly drew to a close as the darkness they were exposed to entered into the darkness of her mind. She had an odd habit of being able to actually invasion her mind, it did sound crazy but she could almost see it. Not her physical brain but her thoughts...the thoughts she had not thought yet. The memories that she had not experienced and was yet to experience. And the feelings she could only dream of feeling once more. Her head slung low bent she hung like a simple puppet already manipulated by her vicious subjugators.

And what was the name of this molested and tortured child? Well of course it was Laura Elysian Chabot. Daughter of Emile Chabot, Precise, descendant of Merlin and child of darkness taken from this world to another and taken from that world and brought back here, Daughter of Victoria Elysian member of the occult group Soul Hunter. But in truth she was just Laura, a girl with a dark heavy past fighting for a better future and so far her path had led her to here.

Silence, her ears detected. A deep and saddened sigh escaped her dried and scared lips as she realized something: they were killing the prisoners off one by one. A smug grin appeared on her face, she would have thought herself to be the one slaughtered yet she was kept alive, but why? It felt as if she had been in here for years, that this cell in truth was all she had known. Forgetting the beauty of a sun set and sun rise, forgetting the wonder of a stormy sky and the breath of fresh air. Those were all luxuries that her mind seemed to be unable to recall. She had often heard he guards talk, talk about her about how long she was going to remain here before they flushed her in space. She could not help to recal the phrase “in space no one can hear you scream.” A light snicker escaped her curled lips as she realized how true that statement was yet, if you were in space and were to say nothing...would you hear anything?

The sliding of a gate caused her head to slowly lift and her emerald eyes to resurface as a dim light flooded her eyes causing them to flicker. A tall hulking Skrull lieutenant known as K’bal stood before her. His over muscled arms folded and single eye peering at her. Her teeth showed in a smile as she fully examined her work. Yes, it was true that she had been the reason for him lacking a needed eye. It happened when she was first taken so long ago it seemed but it was just the other day she was sure of it. She was alone, but in company and out of nowhere with no word she was taken. She felt as if there was something on earth that caused her to fight to want to say. But trying to recall any reason why she could want to live was foolish because she had none. No one cared, no one would notice.

“Well little puppy, the queen desires you and the other two’s presence” he glared at the two cells in front of her that housed Mistress Redhead: The leader of the excellent Champions of Peace and another member known as Charge Up. They had been brought about the same time but long after Laura had been locked here. She could see the lieutenant was trying very hard to retain his composure and not to let his emotions get in the way with his mission she had to congratulate him on this. Roughly he grabbed her arm and ripped it from the nails driven into it. Her mouth opened as if she was going to scream yet no sound escaped her throat. She couldn’t talk, she didn’t know why she didn’t remember how but she couldn’t speak. Whether it had been some kind of poison or the Skrulls doing she could not speak.

Other Skrull soldiers took care of the other two super powered prisoners. Due to the large amount of dosage of drugs and other implements that had not paralyzed but just very disorientated as their powers had been suppressed to a certain physical degree. As Laura was being pulled she could feel K’bals hands digging deep into her wounds obviously purposely. Yet when she glanced up at his face there was no facial feature showing that he was taking any pleasure or distain in his job. As the lighting seemed to grow and her eyes adjusted eventually with a large thud two large hulking doors were pushed aside leading to a spectacularly designed throne room. The pillars were seemingly emerald or possibly another green substance and the floor all the way up to the large futuristic appearing throne was a shining metal. Guards were placed on either sides parallel to each other holding large weapons.

And so the Skrull queen seated herself comfortably. She seemed greener than all of the soldiers, and her clothes were brimming with beauty yet also death. Her hand rested lightly as she stood to her feet. Laura was throne before her as her knees skidded against the metallic surface that all of a sudden started to burn through her skin, it was a type of silver. “Well...” she said in a hissing tone as her feet slid of the chair and she stepped down toward the three prisoners now thrown before her. As she passed by each one of them observing she chuckled “Sssso you are sssuppossse to be the great hope of the world...” she said in a mocking tone stopping before Laura. Her face was to the ground as to hide of facial expression of pure disgust. Reaching down the Skrull queen clasped Laura’s chin brining her eyes to look upon this jade emerald beast.

“Look at me when I speak child.” She said vibrantly clutching the emerald eyed assassins jaw tighter. Laura smiled her full teeth showing, which was something she NEVER did ever. And with that a swift action she had all the guards swarming around her. For in that hideous situation she gathered all the saliva in her mouth and spewed spit on the Queens face. She let go in disgust and staggered backward wiping her face “inssssolent wretch!” she screamed All the guards swarmed around the small teenage now her head bent once again as if she didn’t commit the act. They all aimed their weapons at Laura’s head. Her dark locks slung over her face causing it to hid her devilish grin upon her lips as they curled upward in achievement and ecstasy. “fire...” she rasped. Yet as the word left her lips it sounded like the hissing of dying old woman but at least she said something.

“Ssstop!” the queen shouted her face cleaned and her hand extended. Her eyes were narrowed on the girl and then the general beside her as she said “This is too good for her....throw her off the ship and be quick of it.” And with that she turned to seat herself dealing however to Mistress Redhead and Charge Up. Leaving Laura only wishing she might have been able to do more. As once again she felt the Skrull’s tight grip around her arms as now the officer was being as vicious as possible. They reached a lower docking bay the dim lighting and silence alerted Laura that these were one of the more isolated bays. “Hmph! Well it looks like I have the honour of bringing your demise.” He said in a now more emotional tone as he dropped the seemingly lifeless body of the young magician’s daughter to the ground.

The world seemed to slow down for a second as she just laid there motionless, listening to K’bal hum some disturbing tune. She knew there was something missing there had to be, there was something in the back of her head nagging away telling her she couldn’t die, but what was it. “Alright now.” His tight grip once again landed on her arm as he now dragged her across the steel icy moist floor. As he threw her toward the still closed doors he smile and walked away before activating the shielding close so that he would not be swallowed up by space. Laura’s emerald eyes watched as the large bulk door started to close slowly. She knew the moment that thing got air tight she’d be sucked into space.

Her mind was racing there was something missing a part of her missing. There was a hidden reason a reason that made her keep fighting. Lying on her back as the doors groaning resonated in her ears she shut her eyes a moment as her mind attempted to remember. “That’s why I stay with you. Whether or not you care about me, about this random hero, whether or not you think your worth something in this world, remember what I’m about to say, I don’t care what happens tomorrow, I don’t care if some random laser zaps us both and it’s like we never met, remember this…No matter what the world thinks of you, no matter what you’ve done in this life, even if the whole world is against you, remember that I never am and that I DO care. You’re worth something to me, Laura, and even if it kills me, I’m going to prove that to you…one day.”  

Her eyes shot open like lightning as her body bolted upward. Stabilizing herself on her feet she stared at the Skrull guard with a smile as she charged head on. She knew who she had to fight for, she had her reason. It was the thing that brought a smile to her face, that caused her to be overcome with embarrassment. It was the thing that right now she couldn’t leave this world with out telling it how she felt. It was War Killer. But as she ran the ship shook violently causing Laura to fall back against the ship doors. Looking at the K’bal she could see the devious smile on his face as her lips mouthed the simple word “no” the doors were opened and her body was shot into space....

They say in space no one can hear you scream. Well Laura tested that theory when her body was being pulled apart and you know what? She could scream, with the last oxygen in her lungs and the funniest thing is: she was heard. For she yelled Gemini and though the sword remained still in an unknown location and though all the powers on earth wouldn’t have gotten to her in time, her sword’s power managed to get to Laura just in time. A Blue glow surrounded the young teen’s body as her faithful companion and soul sword had obviously heard her cry and found her location. It took Talon only a moment to realize what was going on. Instead of ordering a location she found herself instead pulled to one. Soaring toward earth her eyes fell behind her at the Skrull ship, it was basically invisible now.

What happened in the next few moments were fast pace and even now the young Laura cannot fully comprehend what occurred. Yet what is memorable is this: Instantly as if she had teleported she found herself on one of the landing mats of the Champions of Peace Base. Her eyes flickered adjusting to the bright lighting as she staggered a few paces. She was drenched in her own sweat and her black locks stuck to her skin like glue. She appeared as if she just recently surfaced from the ocean. She still remained in her prisoner clothing, which was basically a dirty coloured and badly ripped pants and the same coloured sleeveless shirt. But before her mind could calculate what was going on she hanger doors opened as a jet began its decent upon the landing pad. Backing away slightly or more like staggering she found herself covering her eyes as the force of the fumes from the jet hit the ground.

As the jet landed and the hanger doors closed. She stood slightly immobilized as bay doors opened to reveal three tall figures. Her claws instantly unleashed as her eyes narrowed on the individuals she didn’t want to fight but really now? She had been gone for a long time and replaced by a Skrull, no one would trust her and she had no reason to trust anybody. But as the steam and smoke cleared she instantly realized one of the individuals and slightly removed some of the hostility. She pointed to the young man in the middle as her emerald eyes looked over his seemingly tired appearance. She smile crooked and nervously at him before letting out a deep sigh pass through her lips. She wanted to make a joke on how she wasn’t there to bail him out this time from whatever trouble he had gotten in but alas she couldn’t speak. Instead she just stood there as awkward as anything   and just pointed her claws at him. 

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Bertha Prime as Crazy thought to himself as he stared at the Mech in front of him. The suit sang to him, he was one with the suit even outside of it MR had done her job in creating a device that not only augmented Crazy in everyway, but also was one with him. The suit was decked out with chains upon chains of bullets, two gattling guns on each wrist and shoulders. A singlular power sourced cannon in the middle of the chest, that when a button is pressed could rotate all around the mid section making even more fire power. Crazy stood he heard what Mike was saying but he didnt speak, he knew what had to be done and that was stave off all who came at them. 
Tank, her explosion though sad and damaging only hindered the Skrulls who were now at the doors outside. Crazy pressed his hand against the breast plate of the suit it opened, looking to DH he smiled as he stepped back into it. All the voices in his head were gasping, images of jaws dropping within his mind played. Zeek was giggling like a school girl in a store full of Backstreet Boys posters, he was touching everything and Mary slapped his hand. Crazy looked out at DH and then to Mike who suited up himself before taking off for MR. The wench was a pain in the ass, and Mike was a complete ass@#le but they were family. Crazy closed his fists and the suit followed following every move even the slightest twich, he switched over to Phillip and tapped into his speed. He did circles around the room in seconds flat, the suit was made especially for Crazy to withstand the powers of his personlities. "Wow that actually worked? hahahaha hmmm maybe if I survive this Ill take this out for a joy ride." he said looking to Dark Huntress who wasnt happy in the slightest at his comment. He smiled kneeling down to Chevie "Hey little one, your such a big girl you know that. Uncle Crazy loves you, so please be careful and look after this one huh?" Looking to Chevie his face plate rises and his full face is shown, he kisses her cheek then stands up looking to Dark Huntress "You need to go now, I dont care that Mike gave you an option between fighting for us or taking care of Chevie. Your only meaning in life is to protect her...goodbye Cassidy. Was fun." His face plate falls down and his eyes glow bright as he turns around an faces the massive hanger doors that lead out. The sounds of fists slamming against them echoes through the whole room. Crazy Eights smiles within his armor and Mary asks him "What are you smiling for?" Crazy chuckles again "The fact that Im leaving Dark Huntress in the hands of a child who herself could take these creatures on all by herself. Its only slightly amusing."  With that Crazy fires off a projectile and it slams into the hanger doors exploding into millions of pieces. The screams an roars of Skrull fill the hanger "Hey, I want to remind you all of something." He speeds forward raising his arms and firing bullet after bullet "BEING TURNED INTO HAMBURGER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!" The skrulls all have powers of those who they have taken the form of, thousands of heros stand in front of him as he mows down the first wave of skrulls. He looks back at the open door and smiles "Oops forgot the close the door, dont want any  coons getting in. Grendal..." Grendal takes control and forms a solid wall of darkness closing Dark Huntress and Chevie inside. He can hear Huntress roar screaming at him calling him an idiot, why does he need to be an idiot she screams.  
The heros all begin to prepare, his scans in the suit show that each person in front of him is an alien. The suit cant tell what they are, but it knows theirs something very different about each one something wrong. Crazy presses a button on the inside of his palm within the suit, three prongs sprout from his ankles and dig deep into the cement below him. Crazy looks at the group in front of him "COME ON YOU BASTARDS!!! COME GET SOME!!!" His chest opens up and the canon fires a continuous stream of energy, another button is pressed and the canon sprouts longer barrel two more sprout from the mid-section of his suit. They slowly begin to rotate around his body firing off more an more beams. The skrulls with projectile based powers begin their first assault, many fall as his beam slices them into pieces laughing the whole time Crazys suit begins to scream alarms red fills the inside of his suit as the power for the canon soon drops to 0 and the canons burst exploding taking parts of his suit with them. He laughs "She actually gave limits to the canons.....stupid wench im so going to kill her for that. ME LIMITS?!" The ankle shackles pop off his legs and fall to the ground, he runs forward slamming into the first Skrull he sees. Its got powers of Talon,Andy and Mike. Its face looks almost like Mike "HA!!! THAT F@#KERS UGLIER!!!" He slams the Skrull into the ground, and the skrulls eyes flash as energy slams into his face mask the suit speaking with him telling him integrity is falling "THAT ALL YOU GOT!!!" He slams his head forward into the skrulls, green ooze drips from his visor and he looks up as they begin to swarm him. Holding his hand out a shotgun forms underneath his hand an he fires sending a skrull with the face of a hero flying, green ooze flies through the sky. He stands his face mask nearly melted off, his body covered in blast marks he stands breathing hard and then turns around to find a palm in his face "Vlirrp Ghash GAHSA" the alien speaks just before he fires a blast point blank into Crazys face. The explosion it creates vaporizes the skrull attacking and a good deal of the ones immediately around Crazy. 
The smoke begins to clear from the explosion, and Crazy stands parts of his suit remain but for most part its destroyed. Hes breathing hard, and blood covers most of his exposed skin. His skin grey and rocklike debris embedded in it, Marv had taken control at the last moment. Suddenly Crazy erupts in a fit of laughter "Is that all you got? Come on Chevie is more fun than you guys." The Skrulls surround him all aimming at him in unison their fists, eyes, bodies glowing with power one steps forward an looks at Crazy with a grin "You would have been the better choice, taking you would have spelt disaster an death for your team. This would have been over along time ago." Crazy laughs turning on his com link "Nah, you made the right choice. Mike would have seen me right away, wanna know why?" The skrull scoffs at him "Humor me." Crazy holds up a his hand covered in blood, his right side cut open. He holds a small device in his hand "This...he put it on me a long time ago. In my very body, we knew that their are people with powers like yours shapeshifters. We knew along time ago, that if anything happened to me that this would go off right away on his end. He knows somethings happened to me, something that I cannont handle something that will hurt him and his family. And you wanna know what happens when it goes off?" The skrull noticed the device begin to flash "BOOM" The skrull doesnt even get a chance to utter a word before Crazy tosses the device at him and the room erupts in a volcanic explosion. The device held in a condensed form created by Crazy and Mike 800 lbs of thermite. The room erupts in volcanic metal as the blast takes the whole room along with a good portion of the right side of the COP tower with it. Not a single skrull is left, Crazy lays laughing and crying at the same time against the wall of shadow. Grendal chimes in "That..was extremely stupid...very stupid...even for us...." Crazy smiles a bloody grin "Yeah, I think Ive outdone myself this time. Lets hope no more come this way....I dont have anymore weapons." He holds up two burned hands with his guns melted

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Slight rushed into the ground level doors, panting. He had really exhausted himself, and needed to slow down. But he couldn't. There were hundreds, maybe even thousands of Skrull Warships heading for this one spot. In a way it was a testitmate to the mightiness of the Champions of Peace; the fact that they had to send such force to take us out. He ran, up the steps to the level his room was on. Fortunately he had left the door unlocked, so he didn't have to waste time fooling with keys and whatnot. He opened the door, and went directly to his dresser. Pulling each drawer open, and dumping the contents out onto his bed he was looking for something. "Where the hell is it" He was referring to his one piece of jewelry. Not a regular item, a small piece of hydronium, the size of a baseball, when not in the shape of a bracelet. Of course in the last drawer he found it, glowing blue as usual. He fit the aquamarine trinket around his upper arm and hurried, upper deck where he saw the fighter jets hauling ass out, when he arrived.  
Swinging the doors open, he saw CPG next to a smaller girl. In the face, she looked exactly like Mistress Redhead, so he assumed that it was her and Sovereign Son's daughter, Chevie. She was holding Blair's rocket launcher. Slight couldn't help but shake his head seeing such a little girl witnessing such violence. Of course with her parents, and the environment she was constantly surrounded by, there was a certain inevitability to this situation for her. The Hydro Hero was about to run to her side when Chevie covered her ears. Unaware of what was about to happen, Slight stood confused. Then Blair opened her mouth, and let out a screeching holler. The glass on the window blew out from the scream, and Avery was forced to his knees. He was close enough to grab her by the shirt, so he pulled and she turned around to see him begging her to stop with his eyes.  
The two heroes had never formally met, but Slight had heard of her. He knew of her abilities as a hero, and as a leader, and she was perfect for the plan he was attempting to enact. He wasn't entirely sure of what to say in a situation like this, asking for her help was the easy part, explaining the plan was easy as well, her decision to leave Chevie there alone was the hard part. "Cellphone Girl, am I correct" He asked knowing full well that it was her. "Yup, that's me. You must be Slight" Nodding, he continued. "I need your help. Those ships aren't going to stop until we give them the message that they won't win. And to do that, we have to take them out in a big way. Show them that there is no alternative but to retreat to wherever it is they came from" Her face seemed excited, but then her colorful eyes looked down at Chevie. His plan all hinged on her decision to leave a child, not helpless, but a child none the less. She let out a sigh, giving Slight a bit of anxiety. "Okay...What do you need me to do" She asked, alleviating all of his worries. "Basically, Give them everything we've got. This is a war, and in a war you go all in. I know I can count on you to do that" Blair nodded. "Let's do this then"  
The two heroes flew off, out through the hole in the ceiling. They ascended back to back, looking in opposite directions. Slight flew off confronting three Skrull Ships. From his experience with the last one, he watched for blasters. Taking the piece of hydronium of his arm, he placed it in his right hand. "Lets see what you can do" Having never used the item, except once, when he fought Percy Jackson, the aquamarine jewel was a mystery to him. All he knew was that it responded to his powers. The sky was virtually clear of clouds on this day, meaning the water vapor would be in nil capacity, so he had to rely on the hydronium. He hoped that it wouldn't turn out to be a one trick horse, so he levitated the brace before him, sending hydrokinetic waves through it, attempting to form what he would call a water drill, but on a much large scale than anything he'd tried before. His confidence was high, seeing as how he had flown faster than he ever though he could just minutes earlier. The piece began to pulsate, and ripple like water, and elongate like water. To his surprise, it expanded at least one hundred times it's original size. He flew close into the first ship on the right, guiding the hydrodrill into the side of it. Hoping against hope, he pressed on. He heard the first sign of a win, the sound of metal splintering. And then a full on explosion as the drill plowed clean through to the other side. Slight looked toward the sky, in thanks. He held his left hand up projecting a wall of telekinetic energy, avoiding plasma fire from the third ship on the left. Pulling that arm in, and thrusting it out, the wall slammed into the front of the ship, crushing its front. Slight was happy. As the two side ships, fell from flight, the King of the Sea readied himself to take on the the largest of the three. It was twice the size of the first two, and would take an extra effort to destroy. Flying above the ship, he reshaped the hydronium into a ball. He held his right palm flat, springer spread out, the ball hovering an inch away from it. Slight held his wrist with his right hand. The ball sprung downward crashing into the top of the ship. On contact, it burst into a wave of glittering madness, causing the ship the crumple up under its twisting pressure. 

Cellphone Girls Awesomeness, as told by me.

Blair was able to fly using a pair of hard light wings, pink in color. She flew off into the opposite direction of Slight, to handle the other incoming fleet of warships. She could feel it now. The air of war, the bestial freedom it brought. The enemy was of course her liberators. Never before, had she allowed herself to empty out all of herself upon the opposer. It was like for the first time, she could finally scream...Really scream. Her hands glowed with radiant energy, and a strong wind blew her multicolored hoar back. She forced her right hand at the center ship, releasing a spectrum of spiraling, double helix beam. As the traveled they shifted hue, blinding and beautiful.  The first beam hit, breaking through the ships hull, leaving a small hole in it. Then the next and the next until it looked like swiss cheese. Smoke began to seep out of each pierce, and finally it exploded. The two side ships fired at once, but she was ready. What they didn't know was that an invisible wall of light had been cast forth, protecting her. The blasts hit the wall, reflecting them and shifting them off in awry directions. She attacked the second ship, creating a hard light sword. As she flew, she tucked her body, and rolled in the air, once she was close enough, she released the sword, extending it from the front of the ship to the rear. The sword, dancing with brilliance cut clean through. Death had probably looked so beautiful. Unaware that the last ship had sent out heat seeking missiles, Blair turned to see them coming at her. She opened her mouth, loosing a sonic scream. At first they kept coming, but as her voice carried over they exploded, one after the other. She continued to let the voice resound, but she directed it at the last ship. The sonic waves would do more this time. Wavelengths that close together had the ability to liquefy solid matter. Windows started to shatter, random ship appendages began to disintegrate from the voice of the Cellphone Girl. Inside the ship the Skrulls fell dead, bleeding from the ears, eyes, nose and mouth, along with their other body orographic. And finally the ship began to melt, not from heat but from the pressure caused by Blair's voice. 
"I'm really impressed...Really Impressed"! Slight said, flying next to Blair. He was so glad that he'd gotten her to go along with him. "I mean that was really something...Although I'll have to sit in a quiet room after this...My ears are still ringing" They were about to go, when from behind the clouds, came another wave of the Skrull armada. They both simultaneously exhaled, knowing that they would have to fight for their lives, their home, and their world again. Then another candidate came rushing out of the hole in the ceiling. Slight knew this young girl, as Wavelight. She was a pyrokinetic, who'm he'd faced a few times in the training room. "Hey guys...Um. What's up." He could tell that she was young, and new, but he liked her energetic innocence. "We're fighting a war. That's what's up." Slight said strait forwardly. "Oh, Okay then...Like...Can I help"? He looked at her expectantly, as if he would say no in a situation like this. "Of course. We need all the help we can get."  

Wavelight as told by me

Wave was a fun loving girl. And she was young. This was not the life she ever expected to have and yet here she was, flying in the midst of warships that given the chance would end her life, once again. Young, Fun, and maybe even naive, she was not going to give them that chance. Her body was engulfed in golden flames, ready to burn anything that touched her. She flew forward meeting a ship head on. She sent fire ball after fireball, and nothing much happened. Only the breaking of the front dash windows, and a propeller wing. Then she though. "This thing is like a bagillion times bigger than me...If I don't do something big I'll loose to it..." The flames intensified, and she unleashed a plumed of graceful fire on the ship. Not that she had to prove herself, she was already a hero, already a member of the Champions of Peace. But, she was not unique in the fact of what she could do. There was another, more famous, more renowned fire goddess. Of course, she was thinking of Feral Nova, the actual Fire Goddess of Awesomeness. Wavelight, didn't want to be known as the new Feral Nova, or the girl that tried to be like her. She wanted to be known as Wavelight, a woman that can stand on her own two feet, a woman that is compared to no one because she made a name for herself. None of this was, for that matter was for fame. She knew the stakes, and she knew that if she didn't fight as hard as she could that everything she had gone through would have been for nothing. And so she riled up. The fire plume had infiltrated the ship, causing it to burn from the inside. But that had taken to long. Wavelight needed to dispatch the ships quicker if it meant saving her world. And so, like so many others on this day, she would go all out. She looked directly at the sun, the source of her power. Accepting its rays, her own flames burst outward almost out of control. The young fire mistress, was about to use the move she named Sun Blindness. It was rare that she had to delve so deep into her power, but in this case it was important. She concentrated the plasmic energy into a sphere, and raised it above her head, when the time was right, she would release it. 
Slight and Blair, fighting within the air, turned. What was it that drew their attention? The covered their eyes, so that they could see what was happening in the midst of such warfare. A wave of fire and light was heading towards them even though they were about five hundred feet apart. Slight couldn't help but to be scared of the incommunicado wave. He didn't know where it had come from, or who did it, but he shielded himself from it. He'd had his own bad experiences with fire, as in he'd been burned alive on more than one occasion, and this was not going to be one of them. 
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"Did he really need to give me directions? HE could have made it a lot simpler. 'Fly into Champion City and its the first OBNOXIOUSLY LARGE TOWER ON THE LEFT!" I would have gotten the message crystal clear."  The young hero known as Overkill was making his way to the Champions Tower for his first day of licensed heroing.  He flew over the majestic city with a small bag filled with his clothes.  He would grab the rest of his belongings from his old apartment tomorrow.  He just wanted to get some things to his new room and anxiously awaited one of his two requests for joining, a laptop computer with as much information as the Champions of Peace had about their enemies and the teammates he would be working with in the near future.   
As for his second request, he needed to speak to someone very intelligent.  "Eclipe said that i should speak to Night Hunter about my plans.  I can't believe that fight ended that way.  No matter what anyone says, I didn't lose and I'm going to surpass him someday."  Peter was very stubborn about these things.  He had never lost in battle before and wasn't going to let it start with his new job.   
The Blood-red Brawler of the CoP had finally arived at his new home.  He landed on the steps of the tower and slowly pushed open the doors.  He was ready for the greatest sight he could imagine, an entire army of the worlds most powerful superheroes in one building.  However, when he opened the doors, the main hall was empty.  Not a hero in sight aside from the statue of Andferne.  Overkill bit his lip and started shaking.  He knew he couldn't stop what was about to happen and made sure no one was around to witness is before he unleashed a side he wantd no one to know about.  "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODIT'SANDFERNE!!!" His fan-boy side.  Peter was once saved by him.  Not directly.  Kind of.  Actually Peter wasn't in danger at all.  He watched him stop a bank robbery across the street from a grocery store where he was shopping.  He always told people that he was saved though.  The inscription on the statue read "The World Needs Heroes."  A chill went down his spine at the awesomeness.   
In the distance, he heard a squadron of jets taking off.  Hm.  Someone is in a hurry.  I wonder why? He turned his attention to a large hole in the ceiling.  The light from the setting sun poured through and really enhanced the beauty of the hall.  This didn't distract him from the fact that the hole was in the undeniable shape of a dragon. Oh great.  I got a dragon working with me? Hope to god its tame.  Please let it be tame. I like dragons. I don't want to have to kill one.  BANG! THUMP! 
The Crimson Crusader turned around in a battle stance, staring down the hall way with energy charged in his fists.  Upon seeing the hallway as empty, he turned down his power so he didn't emit so much light.  Very rarely did Overkill do quiet reconnisence work, but he can when the occasion calls for it.  Peter edged allong the wall until he could peak around the corner and saw a small band of green alien looking people who obviously shouldn't be in the CoP HQ.  They began slinking round and speaking amongst each other.  Remarkablly in perfect english.   
"Once we get to the center of the tower, it will be a short amount of time before there's only one floor left."  "Yeah, the ground floor that is! Haha!"  Two of the aliens must have been refering to the package two more were carrying behind them.  Overkill asesed the situation.  This is bad.  There's ten of them.  A few weilding weird looking spears and i have no idea what they're capable of.  Thats too many for me to concentrate on effectivly.  So thats it.  I'm helpless to save this tower?  One of the green monstrosities carrying the box spoke out.  "Don't forget, our Queen wants us to do a Skrull remodeling project on the statue of that Andferne guy.  Says it will weaken their moral if any survive."   
Peter's eyes widen.  The statue?  No... He turned again to the statue and read it's inscription.  The world needs heroes.. He's right.  The world does need heroes.  And being a hero is what put me here in the first place.  And its being a hero that's going to get me out of here.  Not only that, but  I'm not letting them do ANYTHING to this tower and that statue!  
His eyes glowed a bright red from his energy trying to escape his body as Overkill flies out from hiding and lands in the center of the hall on one knee with his fist embeded in the floor which has cracked all around him.  The creatures spoke.  "What's this?  A stray that didn't leave with the others to fight the armada?"  Peter looks from the corner of his eye out the window to see large otherworldy ships decending on earth.  They would hav to wait. Overkill has another mission to attend to.  The aliens spoke again.  "A weak little rookie Champion who thinks he can save their tower?  Hahahahaha!"  Several more of these so called Skrulls surrounded him from seemingly out of nowhere.  It didn't matter.  And seing as these are desperate times and they aren't human, None of them are leaving alive.   
The Crimson Crusader stood up slowly and then spoke to his new opponents.  "Rookie?  Yes.  Weak?  So far from right it's not even funny.  Sorry, it seems I'm a little late for my first day at this new job.  But now that I've punched in..."  A Skrull weilding a spear jumped through the air at Overkill.  "Die hero!!!"  As it came into range, Overkill charged his right fist with enough power to level a small skyscraper with one shot.  He hit the Skrull so hard its ead came clean off.  Green blood spewing straight up in the air.  "I get to punch you out."  
The band of Skrulls advanced upon the young hero.  There's about 14 now.  Lets see why i was invited to the CoP!  Overkill hovered about three feet above the ground, a small energy field around fhis body for what limited defense his purely offensive energy allowed him.  Two enemie jumped at him, the first holding a spear, the second attempting a straight jab.  Peter used an energy blast to send the first flying backward, his spear escaping his grasp and gliding straight through the torso of the second.  I meant to do that, I swear. That's 11 left.   
The second wave began.  Three unarmed assailants rushed from the front, left, and back.  A forth stood behind the first reaching for some kind of alien pistol.  The hero flew low to the ground, causing a large series of cracks behind him.  He grabbed the right foot of the first and lifted him off the ground.  As the fourth enemy drew his weapon and aimed at Peter, he used the one in his hand to smack the gun out of its hand, shattering its arm.  A screech of pain came from its mouth and was quickly silenced by Overkill crushing its throat with his left hand.  He threw what was now a corpse at the last two enemies in the second wave hitting one and two more who were waiting behind it.  The sound of bones being crushed as the three bodies hit the wall behind them assured Peter that they were all dead.  Overkill started to lossen up and began using more energy, further enhancing his strength.  The final alien in the second wave landed on the ground in front of him and began to run away as he raised the skrull who had become his weapon over his head and brought it down on top of the foe before him. It's body becoming a crumpled mess and the neck of the alien in his hand finally broke.   
Overkill dropped his deceased club on the ground next to him.  The two who were carrying the box had just managed to place it on the ground and armed themselves with spears.  One of them began to charge as two more drew guns and opened fire.  Down to five and i let them draw guns.  Dodge the fist few shots, they're aliens, they might have energy based weapons.  I could absorb that. Peter performed a quick barrel roll and avoided damage.  He started his pursuit of the two with guns.  As he approached, he shot two blasts from his hands and destroyed the two skrulls.  Interesting.  Energy wrapped around a projectile.  If I absorbed the energy I would be dead.  Peter changed his flight path to aim for the skrull who was charging him with a spear.  He front flipped and landed on his feet, running to engage his opponent at close range.   
The aliens voice shifted.  It sounded strangely familiar.  As Overkill ducked his opponents spear thrust it said to him "You think you can beat me? Pathetic."  Peter was astonished to see the aliens face change to that of the one and only Sovreign Son.  Oh sh!t.  This thing is a shapeshifter? If it gets to use his powers... I'm not letting that happen! Overkill planten his fist firmly inside his enemies torso.  "Sorry.  Can't let you do that."  The Crimson Crusader began to force energy into the pseudo Sovreign Son's abdomen.  Its face began to boil and as it shouted to the skies in agony, deep red energy soared through his eyes and created another hole in the roof.  As the body disintigrated around his hand, he again observed he situation.  Ok.  1... 4... 7...12 down. That leav- "AGGGHH!!!!"  
The second carrier of the box had caught him in the left shoulder with his spear from the back.  His lung began to slowly fill with blood.  He spun around, breaking the head of the spear off as he does so.  Overkill grabbed his opponent by the colar and roared as loud as possible as he used beams from his eyes to burn away the skrull.  He knew if he removed the blade that he would bleed out much faster, so he left it where is was.  The next skrull had picked up two pistols and was preparing to fire.  I cant waste time here.  It hurts so much.  Gotta focus.  The adrenaline will mask the pain.  The Blood-red Brawler lept at his foe and cleaved him in half with his fist.   
Covered in green blood, Overkillonce again assessed the situation.  Ok.  Thats two more.  Total of 14.  So where's the last one?  Before he could look around, he heard a terrifying voice.  "Looking for me?  Took you long enough."  The terrifying voice was his own.  
Overkill turned his head and gazed upon himelf standing in front of his own eyes.  Am I hallucinating?  Could this be?  Wait... Shapeshifters.  Oh yeah.  Peter took his stance.  "You know that the original is always better than any copy right?"  "Maybe.  But you're injured.  Pretty badly too."  Overkill checked his wound again.  If his costume wasn't red in parts it would look a lot worse.  "Eh. I'll live.  At least long enough to kill myself!"  Wow. Talk about irony. He smiled while thinking about staying alive to commit suicide at a later time.  It was funny.   
The two Overkill's took to the air in the hall.  Flying at each other with fists full of great power.  The fake managed the first hit.  A punch to the torso.  Ignore it. Just ignore it.  You have to ignore the pain.  Peter threw his punch and caught his copy in the chin.  After it backflipped through the air, the copy executed a kick to the side craking a few ribs.  "AAAAAHHHH!!!"  Broken ribs.  This is bad.  Keep going.  Cannot... Lose... Must... FIGHT! After flpping and pushing off the wall, the Crimson Crusader of the CoP flew at his mirrored self and began pummelling it into the wall behind it.  He opened up his power and used more strength than he ever had in his life.  The wall began crumbling under the pressure.  Overkill screamed his frustration as the barrage of punches obliterated his enemy.  "RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE ALREADY F*CKING DIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" 
The crumpled mess that no where near resembled a body lay in a massive crater in a wall.  For a few brief moments, he could breathe easier. 

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Sweat dripped down her forehead, beading under her crimson bangs and dripping down the length of hair loose over her hanging head. Her body strapped tight and kneeling on the ground listened to the reptilian drone of the Skrull queen, the voice sounding in her ears fighting against the pounding headache that rattled inside her head. Green eyes assessed the room as she worried at the binding behind her, the drugs causing her movements to be slow and disjointed, Talon had played her cards well, the girl had a way to survive in Space and had used it to get herself free, Sarah knew Laura would find Mike and tell him what was going on. Laura had done her best, but Sarah knew that the Queen would torture them before letting them escape. Closure had done his best to convince the Queen to trust him, but she had ignored him and chained him to the floor as much as the others, herself Charge and Closure were surrounded by guards, each of them stripped of weapons and any useful equipment.

Shifting her legs caused a guard to smack her in the back of the head with his knee, the blinding pain flashing across her face as she fell against the grate blood dripping and mixing with the sweat to drip down her face. The queen’s sibilant laugh echoed as another sound mixed with it, a sound that caused Charge and Closure to look up while Sarah strained to keep herself from fainting. Green figures began to stir as another sound, this time closer and louder echoed through the halls, guard’s shifted uneasily and watched their queen, the beautiful Skrull had narrowed her eyes and waved for her Captain to attend, the strong man moved to her side and listened as she commanded. Another sound, this time clearer and obviously in the next room got the guards moving, racing to block the door smoke from the explosions began to seep underneath the metal doors as a pounding sound began, Sarah raised her head as another bang came closer. A boom echoed through the room as a metal fist hit through the doors ripping them off their hinges, a large suit clomped through into the chamber, crudely put together the visor glinted as the machine loped through the room, the grate clanging at each footstep sounded.

Guards hesitated as the machine moved into the room, Charge and Closure moved closer to Sarah, looking for reassurance as their leader began to laugh. The Queen screamed at the guards who leapt into action and began firing upon the suit, each shot bouncing off as it moved closer into the room. Charge up threw a shield around the CoP members as the blasts echoed around the room, green blood splattered across the walls as the Guards were blown up around them, the suit moving into the room, firing a shot at every Guard that approached. Sarah covered her ears and looked at the other two, yelling through the noise “It’s Mike, I know that suit, once the air is clear we need to get out of here, there must be some kind of escape pods, Charge, you’re the only one who can get out and find them” Sarah gave one last yank to her bindings and pulled her hands free rubbing the wrists she grabbed Charge’s and pulled at the binding, snapping the device. “Go, find them, Closure you go with her as back up, Charge shield the pair of you, there is so much confusion out there, we can make it out” The beautiful blonde stared at Sarah for a moment then dropped the shield and ran, Closure close on her heels.

Sarah stood up and ran to a panel on the wall; her keen eye had spotted it earlier. Yanking at the wires she pulled out the strange keyboard and ran her fingers over it “come on… come on” she whispered as Mike stood behind her, automatically covering her as she did her thing. “YES” she cried as she managed to set off the automatic self destruct button, a siren went out and a Skrull voice announced the countdown in a language they could not understand, but knew the tone.

Mike had flipped the helmet back and was by his wife’s side, lifting her in the suit and running after the others, Charge yelling from the hallway and keeping the Skrulls off her as the creatures raced around the ship trying to get too the escape pods, Charge had managed to find enough for each of them, two per pod, Closure and Charge leapt ahead of them sweeping out as Mike yelled “GO” behind them. Sarah turned to Mike as he dropped her “Babe, you have to leave the suit, you can’t fit with it on” Guards ran down the hall yelling and firing as they ducked, stripping off the parts, Mike yelled and grumbled, Sarah rolled her eyes and pushed a button on the side, each piece dropping off, Mike looked at her and nodded. Sweeping her up in his arms again he dived down the tube for the pod and landed, Sarah reaching up to hit the big blue button they were shot off into space, following the pod containing Closure and Charge, Mike attempted to drive cursing at the controls before letting Sarah take over, the space around them flashing orange and black as the giant Queen ship exploded behind them, debris flipping them as it hit, Sarah clinging to the controls to keep them steady, as they zoomed towards earth, Sarah flipped at buttons around them and manoeuvred towards Champion City, keeping an eye on the other pod she watched Closure and Charge follow behind them.

She breathed out a sigh as Mike rubbed her shoulders slightly, the pair tense, but a moment of peace washed over them “Chevie?” Sarah asked, scared of the answer “She’s fine, I left her with Crazy and Huntress” nodding Sarah allowed a moment of relief at her daughter being alive. Mikes hands shifted as he looked out the thin window “how long til we land” Sarah flipped another dial and levelled them out “Not long, this thing can go” Mike chuckled at his wife’s appreciation of the alien technology. Sitting back in his seat Mike let out a happy sigh “well, at least we took out the mother ship” Sarah’s jaw tightened as she replied “we didn’t, that was the Queens ship, the mother ship is still up there”….

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Cough! Blood splattered onto the white snow. Holding one hand around his badly bruised neck, Cly fell to one knee. No oxygen was making it to his lungs with his crushed windpipe, and his vision began to black out. He thought to himself, ‘I can’t breathe… fading away…’ He coughed up more blood. His mind spun in circles from the loss of life blood. Gripping his neck tighter, he crushed his own windpipe even further, making a clot for the bleeding. The intense pain echoed through his entire body. His eyes barely open, he moved slowly on his knees and looked over the side of the pit his Dragon was trapped in. She was in the center of the pit, with large shackles around her feet, tail, and neck. Large nets bound held her wings, drawn so tight that they were cutting off circulation. A single Skrull guard jabbed towards her face with a sharp spear type weapon to keep her at from trying to move. Nearly blacked out, and angered, the Rider unsheathed his sword and swung it in the air. Pop! Both of the Skrull’s eyes split open from an air slash, and the eye fluid inside spilled out. The guard dropped his weapon, and held his hands over his face as he screamed in pain.

Both hazel eyes finally closed, as the Swordsman drifted off into unconsciousness… “CLY!” Listening to his name called out, he recognized the voice as Eclipse. Uncovering more of his undying willpower, he forced himself to open his shut eyes. Thoughts ran through his mind. ‘Eclipse! I…must find a way to…to save Esmeralda…but first I’ve got to…get back up.’ Gripping his sword tightly, and bracing himself, he twirled his blade backwards in his hand, and… STAB! The tip of Valor entered into the base of his neck. He expertly moved his sword in a perfect circle and then removed his sword. Grabbing the small circle of bleeding skin, he pulled on it. Exhale! The old air was forcefully pushed out of the hole. Inhale! Fresh, icy air rushed in through the hole and filled his lungs. Taking a lighter out of his pocket, he lit it, and burned the flesh together around the hole to stop the bleeding. Cringing from the pain, a single tear ran down his eye. ‘I’M ALIVE!’ He caught a figure in his peripheral vision that had landed next to him, Eclipse.

Putting on his best bloody toothed smile, Cly shook his fellow Champion’s hand and tried to explain to him with improv sign language that he couldn’t talk and that Esmeralda was trapped in the pit right beside him. Before the Rider could finish, both heroes froze. ‘I…wasn’t prepared for this frigid temperature…’ But then his mind lost the humorous thought as his eyes scanned the snow banks all around them. Surrounded by Skrulls that had stolen body designs from people he either knew or had heard of, he had trouble counting the numbers because they all looked the same, except for one, a Skrull disguised as Charge. Standing back to back with Eclipse, he watched as the Skrulls charged. The Knight reached for the handle of his impossibly sharp sword, and unsheathed it. The high pitched hum of the blade vibrated through the air. Turning his head over his left shoulder, he listened to Eclipse, the Champion telling the Swordsman that he was going to try and break Esmeralda free from the traps. Cly nodded, and turned back to face the incoming Skrulls charging.

Cling! The sound of blade against blade rang through the air as the Knight blocked three clawed attacks simultaneously. Reaching his free arm back over Eclipse, who was busy with his powers, the Warrior caught a Skrull around the neck with his hand. Using Eclipse’s shoulder for leverage (possibly applying some pain), he brought the Skrull over and threw him into the three Skrulls who he had blocked. Tackle! The fake Charge Up tackled Cly down to the ground, leaving no guard for Eclipse. Cly saw that five more of the Skrulls were nearly to Eclipse. Punch! Two teeth flew from the Rider’s mouth from a powerful punch from Charge. She went for another, but missed by an inch and her fist went into snow. Cly rolled over, swung his feet around in a circular motion, and tripped the fake Charge Up. She went down to the ground, and before she could react, she saw what was coming. The tip of his sword collided with the side of her head. Smash! His impossibly sharp sword had changed in sharpness, becoming quite dulled, and sent her unconscious body flying through the air.

The Knight turned and saw Eclipse, and many unmoving green bodies around him. 'What...no more?' He looked over to Cly and smiled. ROAR! Esmeralda climbed up out of the pit, and walked up to Cly and Eclipse. Her wings began to regain their brilliant green color, having been restored circulation. One of the Skrull’s that Cly had subdued, squinted his eye, and saw that the Dragon was free. He was filled with fear knowing that he was the one who had been the bait to catch her in the pit. Esmeralda sniffed the air, and walked over to where he was. Using an electronic device to allow her to speak, she said, >>I remember you, and now you’ll always remember me.<< After she walked back to Cly and Eclipse, the Skrull, still alive, didn’t have a single bone that remained unbroken in his body. >>Thank you for saving me Eclipse.<< She outstretched her wings. >>Let’s look for anyone else who is here and then get out of here.<< 
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Eclipse hadn't realized how complex the traps which bound Esmerelda where, nor how many Skrull warriors there truly were in the area. He was so engrossed and focused on disarming the traps with his powers that once he had opened his eyes, he found that the battle was over. Cly, dripping in his own blood and a fair portion of green too, had managed to take on several Skrulls, all mimicking the powers of his fellow heroes. With Esmerelda at his side too, Jason had to shudder at the thought of what Cly could do if he ever decided to stray from the path of a hero. "Excellent job. A Skrull couldn't possibly imitate that display" Eclipse complimented his fellow Champions with a grin, patting Cly on the shoulder gently and bowing his head slightly to his dragon companion. "I sent the rest of your squad back to Champion Tower, I recommend that the both of you head there too. That's where the invasion seems to be focused, the Skrulls are actually ignoring everywhere else. Obviously they believe that once the Champions are out of the way, their invasion should be a cakewalk. So we have to prove to them that we're going to be in their way no matter what." Noting Cly's damaged throat, Jason added: "Get Esmerelda to contact my communicator if you need anything, but if my plan works out, the Skrulls should lose this war in a few minutes time." And so, the leader of Champions took to the skies again, quickly vanishing into a flash of red light as he did so.
A moment later, the Teen Wonder had reappeared atop the Tower that the Champions of Peace called home. A huge chunk had been taken out of it, but at least it was still standing. It seemed like the war on the ground was slowly being won, but there were still far too many warships polluting the sky. So Jason decided to take charge and do something about it. He was sure he could pull it off, just unsure of how much energy it would require. Pulling out his Champions communicator, Eclipse sent a message to all C.O.P.s "This is Eclipse here, keep fighting back the ground troops, but leave the airships to me. I've got an idea." Allowing his nano-suit to flood into the communicator, Jason tinkered around with the inner working until he had created what he was looking for. Holding the device in front of him telekinetically, the teen hero broadcast his voice and image to every Skrull ship, including the mother ship. Also, he was accidentally broadcasting his message around the world, to Champions, computer and televisions alike. "My name is Eclipse and I represent the planet Earth. I request an audience with the leader of this invasion." 
A transmission from the mothership was sent directly to his communicator, so both parties could see and hear each other. The area was dark and empty, until a Skrull appeared before the camera. Clearly, this man was in charge of the Skrull military. His obvious age and wisdom, the wrinkles, the grit and determination in his appearance all gave away these hints. He was also, apparently, furious. "Og-Har, Commander of the Skrull Armada." The alien spat in response to Jason's request, taking in the colourful appearance of his foe with a look of disgust. "As your 'heroes' murdered our Queen, I am now in full command of this army." 
Totally unaware of this until that moment, the shock was clear on Eclipse's face. "I'm... Sorry for your loss. Truly, I hate to see blood spilt unecessarily. But you cannot argue that my people were unprovoked..." 

"To murder our Queen is an act of war!" The Commander roared, his temper increasing by the second. 
"To kidnap our allies and lay siege to our planet is the same. And you struck first. Now, listen to me." The Commander was prepared to erupt once more before another Skrull appeared at his side and whispered advice into his ear. Reluctantly, the grizzled war veteran nodded for Eclipse to continue. "You are losing this war, whether you admit it or not. The Champions of Peace remain strong and your side has suffered far greater losses. The time has come for you to consider a retreat." 
"RETREAT?!" The Commander bellowed, his eyes wide with fury and indignation. "Insolent little cur!" He continued, ignoring his advisors. "We will grind your people into the dirt, before we take this planet as our own! You cannot stop the might of the Skrull empire!" 
"I can, and I will." Eclipse interjected simply, a note of sadness in his voice, causing the Commander to fall into stunned silence. "I'm offering you a choice, Og-Har. Either you order your men to retreat, or face the consequences. This is a one time offer. My allies would probably prefer to see you all burn, but I'm offering you a chance to leave. To survive." 
"You think I am fool enough to fall for such a bluff?" Og-Har yelled, pushing his men aside as they tried to reason with him. "Do your worst, little Earthling!" 
"Fine." Eclipse sighed, planting his feet firmly on the roof of Champion Tower and raising his arms, so his crescent-shaped birthmarks were revealed to the world, glowing with blue energy as he summoned the power of the gravitational force. "I will." While he had been talking, Jason had used his nano-suit and communicator to track down every Skrull ship on the planet, all of which were surrounding Champion City. Seizing control of the personal gravity fields of every ship, the Skrull warships slowly began to float into a formation, until they were all in the same area, packed tightly together. Then, with a roar, Jason Dodd fell to his knees, clenching his fists and bringing his hands together, as he gritted his teeth and yelled in the agony that the stress on his body was creating. Slowly at first, the ships began to pack tighter and tighter together, causing the wings and protruding pieces of metal to bend and snap and break. Then, their hulls began to bend, as the pressure increased and the ships started to press together. The process was accelerating and soon, many of the inner ships were crushed, while those on the outer layers continued to push inwards and Eclipse continued to scream out in pain. It was a remarkable sight, hundreds of airships being slowly crushed together. With one final push, Jason's work was done in an instant, as the mass of crumpled ships collapsed inwards, forming a rough ball around the size of two regular airships. 
Getting to his feet, panting, shuddering and bleeding out of his nose due to the absolute concentration he had just exerted, Eclipse slowly lowered to crumpled mass to the ground below and spoke to the Commander once more. "None of your people were killed by what I just did. My power is vast, Commander, I don't truly understand most of it myself. But before I performed that little stunt, I used my powers to teleport all of the warriors piloting your airships to safety. They're all aboard the mothership now, with you. This is your last chance to save your people. Your final warning. I am a hero and, while I fight, I do not kill. I will not slaughter your people. However, many of my brothers and sisters do not share my view on things. They won't be so forgiving. Abandon this planet now and never return, or I won't be able to stop them. Your choice, Commander. Freedom or destruction. Victory is not an option for you today, the Champions of Peace have seen to that. Earth will never be yours, so long as there are people here who still draw breath. We are Earth's Champions and you will not disturb our peace." 
"FIRE!" Commander Og-Har shouted triumphantly, as the mothership finally reached the correct position in its orbit around the Earth. Unleashing a powerful blast of energy from the ship's main weapon. The strike moved with such speed that, even with time to react, Eclipse couldn't move, he was so surprised by the sudden counter-attack. The green blast of energy collided with the young hero and sent him flying backwards. Taking a chunk out of the top of the Tower with his body, the Teen Wonder was sent plummeting down to the ground, where he smashed backfirst into the front courtyard, forming a small crater. Broken, bruised, burnt and scarred, Eclipse faded slowly out of consciousness as he contemplated the idea that he might die here, in this pit, after saving the world from certain destruction. Perhaps his destiny was finally fulfilled? 
Meanwhile, unknown to the fallen hero, the Commander was preparing his final move. "Earthlings, that was just a small taster of what this ship is capable of! In a few moments we will strike again and your planet will be reduced to a barren wasteland of dust and fire! If the Skrulls cannot have this planet, then no-one can!"

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What does a 19 year old boy do in his spare time?  Normally, they would go to the mall, play videogames, snuggle with their girlfriend, and so on.  But, for one named Peter Matthews, this was far from fact.  He didn't go to the mall, he'd rather fly over the city.  He didn't have a girlfriend, maybe he needs one, care for one person rather than a mass of them.  And he hardly played videogames.  Why would he?  He's living in all the action and fantasy he could ever need.   
It's times like these that thoughts like this crossed the mind of the superhero known as Overkill.  Broken, exhausted, covered in alien blood, staring down an other-worldly invasion.  Wait a minute, I'm making it seem like this happens all the time.  This is definitely a first for me!   
Overkill took a moment to catch his breath.  He'd never fought so many difficult opponents at the same time.  Just another thing to get used to now that he was on the Champions of Peace.  This was a troubling realization for him.  His powers are based upon how he is physically feeling.  If hes tired, dehydrated, or in this case, had the snot beaten out of him; his energy that he used for all of his powers would be used up that much quicker.  And once it is all used up, there's a good chance that Peter wouldn't survive.   
Once he regained focus, he looked around himself to survey what was a battlefield a few moments ago.  14 dead alien shapeshifters known as skrulls pepper the landscape.  Their green blood spread all over the hall of Champion's Tower.  Broken pillars, cracked floors, bullet holes and craters made from his and his opponents bodies in the walls.  One downside to the hero's powers that he did as much as he could, under normal circumstances, to minimize.  Collateral damage.  Oh great! First day and I decide to remodel the main hall!  How am I gunna explain this one?  Hello, I'm Overkill.  I hope you don't mind but i decided that there should be a hole in this wall with a dead alien in it.  Do you like it?! The Young Champion though to himself as he shook his head at the thought of how they chew out superheroes.  His eyes made their way to the statue of Andferne.  Haha, mission accomplished.  Not a ding, dent, or scratch on him. That reminds me...   
He looked around for the large box that two Skrulls had been carrying.  He found it on the ground next to a wall that he had previously been kicked into by himself.  As he began his walk over to it, shuffling along in pain due to cracked ribs and a spearhead still lodged in the back of his left shoulder, he was once again startled by a random sound.  Upon finding the culprit of the new noise, he exhaled thankfully to find out that it was a monitor that had just turned on.  He watched it intently as a familiar face appeared on the right half of the screen.   
"My name is Eclipse and I represent the planet Earth. I request an audience with the leader of this invasion." The man who had beaten him not a week before now and recruited him to the Champions of Peace.  A young hero with exceptional powers.  "Wow, this should be interesting."  The Crimson Crusader covered his mouth and coughed, blood covering the back of his hand.  Just then, another face appeared on the screen.  "Og-Har, Commander of the Skrull Armada.    As your 'heroes' murdered our Queen, I am now in full command of this army."  After listening to what the creature had just said, Peter looked around, making sure nothing he obliterated resembeled a queen.  After knowing that it wasn't him who killed the queen, he turned his attention back to the monitor.   
"I'm... Sorry for your loss. Truly, I hate to see blood spilt unecessarily. But you cannot argue that my people were unprovoked..."  
"To murder our Queen is an act of war!"      
"To kidnap our allies and lay siege to our planet is the same. And you struck first. Now, listen to me."    Overkill jumped out of excitement.  "WOO! Go get 'em boss! Oh! Ow! God that hurts!"  The pain from the spearhead moving as he jumped sent waves of pain through his entire body.   
"You are losing this war, whether you admit it or not. The Champions of Peace remain strong and your side has suffered far greater losses. The time has come for you to consider a retreat." Peter spoke to himself "Oh come on.  I want to have some more fun."  The Blood-red Brawler smiled as his eyes glowed red from the overflowing energy.    
"RETREAT?!      Insolent little cur!  We will grind your people into the dirt, before we take this planet as our own! You cannot stop the might of the Skrull empire!"  
"I can, and I will."    Overkill became slightly offended.  "Uh.  That's 'WE' will, kid!" 
"I'm offering you a choice, Og-Har. Either you order your men to retreat, or face the consequences. This is a one time offer. My allies would probably prefer to see you all burn, but I'm offering you a chance to leave. To survive." As much as he really wanted to fight more aliens, the Teen Wonder's words made Overkill realize something.  He didn't want to kill more.  Sure he wanted to fight, but he only killed when necessary.  Just like a few moments ago.  If he hadn't killed those aliens then the tower would have been destroyed and him with it.  He decided to hope for the enemy's retreat.   
"You think I am fool enough to fall for such a bluff?  Do your worst, little Earthling!"   At the sound of those words, Peter's eyes became as wide as can be.   There was a short pause before he heard Eclipse simply reply "Fine" 
Suddenly, Overkill felt a strange sensation over his entire body.  A sensation that he's only felt on one other occasion.  That was the feeling of gravity being manipulated.  He picked up the monitor and stumbled to the door of the tower and pushed it open with a pained grunt.  Peter took a few steps outside to see a massive battle on the ground of skrulls against heroes, and a truely amazing site.  Eclipse had taken the entire armada of alien warships inside earth's atmosphere and began to spin them around each other.  From the screen in his hand he heard possibly the most terrifying words a skrull could hear at that point.  "I will."   
Peter heard Eclipse roar as the ships began to move closer together.  Not from the monitor, but from above him.  He looked up and saw a tiny figure with what looked like outstreched arms on top of Champion Tower.  The Young Champion turned his attention back to the ships and saw them begin to crunch together.  As if someone took a hundred or so alluminum cans and began smashing them together.  Slowly, the mass of warships started to become one, when all of a sudden, BOOM!!!  The entire Skrull armada had become nothing more than a giant ball of scrap metal in an instant.   
Overkill stood in awe of the power his fellow Champion possesed.  He heard his voice, but his eyes remained on the massive ball.   
"None of your people were killed by what I just did. My power is vast, Commander, I don't truly understand most of it myself. But before I performed that little stunt, I used my powers to teleport all of the warriors piloting your airships to safety. They're all aboard the mothership now, with you. This is your last chance to save your people. Your final warning. I am a hero and, while I fight, I do not kill. I will not slaughter your people. However, many of my brothers and sisters do not share my view on things. They won't be so forgiving. Abandon this planet now and never return, or I won't be able to stop them. Your choice, Commander. Freedom or destruction. Victory is not an option for you today, the Champions of Peace have seen to that. Earth will never be yours, so long as there are people here who still draw breath. We are Earth's Champions and you will not disturb our peace." The new member of the Phenoms Squad smiled as he knew that even without his help, the CoP would demolish this threat before sundown.  The sun had already been low in the sky.  While Overkill thought about how quickly victory would come in the timeframe he referenced to, he also thought of how he would not be able to absorb solar energy if he was wrong and the battle continued into the night.  He then saw a strange sight.  A much larger ship began to move into sight.  Before Peter could react, a booming voice came through the monitor which was his only way of knowing what is happening.   
"FIRE!!"  Fear engulfed the young hero as he saw a large green energy blast from a weapon on the Skrull mothership move with great speed at the top of the tower.  He had only enough time to turn and dive into the tower as the attack collided with the top section of the tower, removing it from the rest.  The entire structure shook from the force of impact.  Rubble fell all around the tower, several pieces hitting the same spot he had just been standing in.  That... Th... That was huge!  It wouldn't have mattered if i had gotten in it's path to attempt to absorb it.  I'd just be commiting suicide and taking a portion of the blast with me, still not changing the outcome at that speed.  Overkill, for the first time, was paralyzed with fear.  He once again heard the Skrull general speak over the monitor.   
"Earthlings, that was just a small taster of what this ship is capable of! In a few moments we will strike again and your planet will be reduced to a barren wasteland of dust and fire! If the Skrulls cannot have this planet, then no-one can!"     The screen faded as the connection was lost.  Peter was torn at this point.  He knew that he had to take action.  But what should he do?  His new friend had just been hit by a blast that decimated a part of the great tower he stood in.  Should he help him?  Or should he trust that he can handle himself and instead head for the ground troops that he had seen outside?   His contemplation was interrupted by an unmistakable sound.  A steady beeping noise.   
Overkill's eyes widened as he turned to the source of the sound.  The large box that the Skrulls had brought inside.  How could he not have guessed?  It was a bomb.  Powerful enough to level what was left of the tower and many of the Champions outside.  Peter's choice had been made.  And now, he had a plan.  He took flight, leaving a small crater where he had been standing, and grabbed the bomb by one of the handles on either side of it.  He soared, up and out of the hole he had previously pounded a copy of himself through and headed straight for the front lines of the ground battle.   
As he flew overhead, he spotted a female hero whom he had not known was The Dark Huntress.  Standing next to her was yet another strange site, a little girl who he would come to know as Chevie Lockhart weilding what seemed to be a rocket launcher.  He landed about ten feet behind the heroine with a loud thud.  A move which he would regret as she turned around and pointed a gun right in his face. Peter put his free hand in front of his face to hopelessly defend.  "Woah woah woah! Easy! I don't have time to explain but I'm on your side!"  Dark Huntress stared at him, not lowering her weapon to a potential threat.  "Then start talking! Who are you?!"  Overkill lowered his left hand and gave his reply.  "Not now!  Listen! You're a Champion, right?  You guys have some way to keep in touch, correct me if I'm wrong."  The dark haired woman looked to her side to make sure Chevie was out of harms way.  She returned her gaze to the Blood-red Brawler.  "What's your point!"  She yelled.  Peter wanted to laugh and cry upon seeing the child taking aim with her weapon pointed right at his forehead.  "Ok, send a message to the other champions, tell them to get as far away from the center of the battlefield as possible.  Do it! NOW!"   
"Why?! What are you-? Where are you going?! What the-" Huntress' voice was cut off from the small explosion of the earth under Overkill's feet as he took flight again, heading for a high spot in the air overlooking the field of battle.  He was being followed.  A skrull taking form of another Champion unknown to Peter.  This one was named Slight.  Oh sh!t.  Move it Overkill, faster, MOVE IT! The hero egged himself on to outrun the skrull and its projectiles made from water.  His cracked ribs and the spear in his back causing him unbearable pain making the concentration necessary for flight nearly impossible.  He zig-zaged, barrel-rolled, and flipped through the air to avoid the onslaught of attacks.  It wasn't long before the copied Champion took a spot over Peter, preparing a large spike of water to impale him.  Overkill put his hands up to defend, but was not hit by a devastating water attack.  A large ball of fire where Skrull Slight once was, the product of Overkill being saved by a child and her rocket launcher.  Remind me to get her a toy.  Or an AK-47.  Whichever she prefers.  I'm thinking the AK.  Unsure if Chevie saw it or not, Overkill nodded in appreciation and turned to his original course.   
Peter hovered for a moment, then looked down at the package he was carrying.  For the first time he saw a timer.  Wow my observational skills are lacking right now.  Probably focusing too much on all this pain.  There weren't numbers, only a bar, much like a battery life indicator on a cell phone.  Except when this 'runs out of battery' you lose more than service.  And this one was almost done.  He "pulled his hand back over his head, the package dangling from his fingers.  He then screamed at the top of his lungs "CATCH, F*CKERS!!!"  He threw the box as hard as he could.  So hard, a sonic boom could be heard as the outer layer of the bomb broke apart.  At the end of it's journey, the bomb had collided with the unsuspecting chin of a skrull grunt.  Not a moment later, the bomb exploded, taking a vast amount of alien invaders with it.  A small mushroom cloud rose over the corpses and those that still survived.  Peter looked behind him and saw the massive force of earths most powerful heros.   
An alien invasion force in front, a legion of champions behind.  It was time that this battle ended.  The Crimson Crusader roared at the top of his lungs, "SHOW THESE FREAKS THAT THEY PICKED THE WRONG PLANET!!!!! CHAMPIONS!!!!! GIVE 'EM HELL!!!!!"  He heard the battle cry of all the Champions behind him as the began to charge.  The skrulls still disoriented from the explosion, slowly regaining composure.  The red glow from Overkill's eyes became flames of energy as it pushed through his eyes, only his will holding it back.  With one last loud roar, he let it go.  A laser-like beam from his eyes sped for the ground in the front lines of theskrull ranks, creating a massive explosion upon contact.   
Before he could fire another blast, a bullet from a skrull firearm pierced Peter's right thigh.  With a scream of pain, the hero stggered through the air, falling around ten feet.  The pain from the spear, the broken ribs, and now a gunshot.  It was too much pain for him to concentrate on flying.  He stopped propelling himself with the slow stream of energy from his feet and allowed himself to fall to the earth.  Why would I do that?! Nothing new is broken or anything, but now my face hurts!  Overkill forced himself to stand as he saw the charging skrull horde advancing, projectiles and all kinds of powered range attacks flying by his head.  Several aliens were rather close to him.  One in particular was running right for him, an alien looking axe held above his head.  "How about a knuckle sandwich, Mother F*ucker!"  He reared back and punched the alien square in the nose sending it flying backward towards his comrades.  The axe had fallen behind Overkill, who picked it up and hurled it into the Skrull ranks, not caring what he hit.  It would have been a skrull or the ground.  He knew this because the rest of the Champions had just passed him.  Army met army like two tsunamis colliding head on.  Some Skrulls had begun to get past the front line of champions who were busy with other adversaries.  Overkill began to walk straight for them.  Not my planet.  Not while I'm still alive and kicking.  The first skrull had a longsword in its right hand and was preparing a slash attack when Overkill caught it's hand in mid-swing with his own right hand.  He then palm thrusted the alien's torso and lifted it over his head with a groan of pain, slamming it flat on its back behind him.   
Noticing the alien was still alive, Peter lifted his right hand and caved in the creature's chest.  Grabbing the dead monstrocity's sword, he stood up straight and faced his next enemy.  This one also had a shield with its sword.  Overkill blocked its swinging sword with his own and delivered a powerful punch to it's shield, shattering it and the arm that was holding it.  He finished the alien with a stab through it's forehead that made it fall to its back.  Pulling the sword back out, a skrull attempted to shoot Overkill at point blank range.  The enemy's hand was severed clean in one swing and then its head in the next.  A foe attempted to get a sneak attack on Peter by running up behind him with a halberd attempting to cleave him in the back of the head.  Overkill quickly turned to stop the attack with an overhead block.  He then made a move that he was forced to make for he would not win without doing so.  He reached around to his back with his left hand and removed the spearhead with a roar of searing pain and thrust it upward through the aliens jaw.   
Blood quickly filled his left lung as he swung straight down wildly, slicing a enemy in two from head to groin.  He had no time to rest even though every fiber of his being was screaming at him.  Another skrull approached.  It tried to punch Peter in his face, but was stopped by his left hand which caught the alien fist and crushed it.  After unintentionally coughing a mouthful of blood into it's face blinding it, Overkill forced the hilt of his sword into the skrull's forehead.  As the skrull died in front of him, Peter raised his hands, crying out in pain as he did so, and let two energy blasts fly devastating two skrulls instantly.   
Just when he thought he was winning, when he was sure the pain couldn't get worse, a skrull fired two shots and hit the Blood-red Brawler in the chest and abdomen.  He stood, astonished at what had happened.  Another Champion managed to defeat the invader who had shot him.  Unable to continue, Peter fell backwards, landing flat on his back.  His body which was in an immesurable amount of pain had suddenly become numb.  No pain.  Is this what the end had in store?  He looked down at his wounds.  Blood, oozing out of the holes in his torso.  A large puddle of the red liquid beginning to form around his body.   
This is it?  Day one on the champions, shot dead by some alien grunt?  The fading hero thought to himself what were his final thoughts.  Did i even matter?  Did I make a difference in the world?  I save hundreds of innocents in my days as a street level hero.  I protected Champion's tower from being destroyed.  I killed countless aliens in this battle.  That was me.  I did that.  And now... I finish my life.  Content with it's ending.  The sun nearly falls completely below the horizon.  The hero known as Overkill, the young adult known as Peter Matthews, gazed upon the battlefield before him to see his brothers in arms, the Champions of Peace, turn the skrull army into a mass of dead and dying green bodies.  The Champions of Peace.  The hero laughed to himself.  Maybe if i hadn't become one, I wouldn't be able to find peace.  As the sun set, the thoughts of a true champion finish.  And now I go to find that peace.  The darkness of night falls upon the land, and Overkill's glowing red eyes fade into the night... 
They open again.  A glowing beacon in the growing dark.  Who am I kidding? Die?! Never! I may not be able to fight right now, but I sure as hell am NOT going to die! The seemingly reborn hero lifted himself, proping himself on his elbows while laying on his back.  A surge of pain went through his body, tracing all his wounds.  Overkill lets out a groan.  Pain.  Pain is good.  If I can still feel I can still live.  He looked arround the landscape and his eyes found a large piece of earth.  There, I can get to that and stay out of the way.  Hopefully someone finds me.  Come on body, we're pushing it to the limit.  Now move! He crawled.  For roughly 20 feet of battlefield he crawled to the large rock that was to be his shelter.  Wincing in pain at every movement.  Every extended arm, every puch with his legs, every time he dug his fingers into the ground to pull himself to safety.  He leaned up against the rock.  Tired.  Broken.  Knocking on death's door.  Overkill laid his head against the cold rock.   
Let's hope that i make it out of here alive.  I'm not ready to go yet.  It's my life.  I'll end it when I want it to end.  In one last effort, he charged energy into his right hand which was proped up in the air.  It glows with a red light that would hopefully beckon someone to his body.  Someone who could help him.  Someone who would let him continue his life as a Champion of Peace. 

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Listen Carefully: "Daddy? Daddy is that you?"  Crawling to the nearest rock, Joan pushes himself up in hopes for a better view.  Such a great vibe warms his body up, a smile spreads across his face for the first time since the birth of his own babies.  "Daddy can you please slow down!  I've been looking for you everywhere."  The man across the palm is crying but laughing, happy yet sad, the father across the pond says not one word to his baby boy.   "Daddy please!  Don't you know I love you?"  Joan cringes in terror as he quickly begins to feel isolated, shunned, and even unloved.  He limps but trips into the shallow dark water.  Screaming and panting the young man can't help but wait for a heroic rescue, to be held in the arms of someone stronger than him.   
I have stayed strong enough for twenty-years, ignoring every emotion or notion I have ever felt.  I can't do it anymore, I just want to give up!  Why can't I just die?  Its not like anyone would care....my children will forget, my ex-wife will deny my existence, my mother will shed but one tear, and my aunt will be the only one to mourn my death.  Maybe I should fight, maybe I should stay alive for the very few that do care.  I'm fine to admit that i'm an insecure man, I guess its because I worry to much, I worry about what others may think, I need to change, I know I must get better, but denial works best when living the life I wake up to---"Shut up!" 
A punch to the got opens his eyes to see a much older version of himself yelling like a father.  "Stop bitching!"  A slap across the face.  "Buhh I miss you"  A kick against the torso.  "Be a man boy.  Your a daddy too!"  A quiver of the lip.  "Your dead and you left me all alone with no knowledge of being a man"  He holds a gun aimed at his son's head. 
"Your mother trained you to be a killer.  Stop bitching and grow some damn balls.  Just cause i'm not with you doesn't mean crap.  Admit your afraid of becoming a monster.  Admit that killing excites you.  Admit that for years you have held yourself back from becoming what you truly wish to be.  This aint about me boy its about your damn girly insecurities."  He checks the bullets that silver gun contains.  "I thought you loved me daddy even though you never got to know"  The gun rises and the father clenches his teeth.  "I do love you boy and I always will.  I love you boy and ill always be here whenever you need me....BLAM!" 
Destiny Awaits:  "Closure wake up!  Your the intelligence and I really need you"  Charge Up was trying her best to stay calm but trapped within a close-space while her teammate was not completely sane made her increasingly impatient.  Holding Joan by the hand she brushed her finger-tips onto his chin.  "Its okay...I'm here for you"  Awakening from such a meaningful trance the Son of Thunder winks at the often invisible Champion of Peace.  "Everything's good babe just a froze in fear that's all"   
Joan's finger raced across alien keyboards and although viewing holographic imagery formats was odd indeed, Closure was able to handle the controls with the slightest of ease.  He was grinning but when turbulence shook the pod he rapidly cursed in his native German language.  Time slowly passes by and with every second the serious intent on the face of Closure never ends.  Soon they land near the somewhat decimated Champion Tower.  Exiting from the skrull vessel the Son of Thunders acts in the most courteous manner.  "Ladies first"  Holding the hand of his new friend the Son of Thunder pauses only to gaze into her beautiful blue eyes. 
"Keep in contact cutey, I have to go find my aunty"  Pulling him in close, Rebbecca Oyama lightly kisses Joan Zeraz on the lips.  "Your grammar is to funny.  Stay safe Closure"  Fading inside the dreary night the Son of Thunder finds is aunt Clarice bleeding out.  Hugging her tight the youthful hero promises medical aid.  He whispers to her about life and what it means to calm her during her weakened state.
"Shhh don't you cry.  I love you aunty.  No matter what happens next I'm here by your side till the very end.  Shh don't you talk, don't waste a single breath.  Aunty your the one person thats actually been a parent to me, I want you to help me raise my darn bratty kids, I need you by my side, I need you to help me fix my way of speaking because right now I feel like I've disgraced my nationalities and became partly southern.  Aunty as much as I joke I want you to know that I love you till the very end....."   
Closure's emerald eyes widen for Champion Tower had shaken, he wonders what the hell is happening outside, but he stays quiet and sings a song to lighten the tension.
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Constantine stood in the distance behind his teammates, he was disconnected somehow, but then again he had never really been close to the team, he guessed nobody really liked him, he could see why, he was a hard guy to get close to, cold and calculating, he didn't have much love for anything anymore, billions of years serving duty could do that to the warmest of souls. Maybe the coldness would go with his past life, he had been waiting a long time for this upcoming event. Rebirth, he would see this Omniverse in a new light once again, just a little more time. For an immortal it was just a blink, but yet the years still tugged at his being, he never could pass time all too quickly, for then he would miss the little things that made this worth while. In the shadows he watched the Skrulls display (a race he was familiar with just as much as the Humans), he felt the whole structure of Champion City shake beneath him, he let his members pass and go upstairs and he saw the child this world of that green being with a smile on his face before he followed her and Blair upstairs.
Constantine had a plan, today was not the day Earth was defeated, history can be rewritten but somethings just have to be and Skrulls did not win this war, he would make sure of that. He listened to Eclipse's speech with an absent mind, Jason was a man he was proud of, in a mortals eyes he was a child but too an immortal they were all babies and Eclipse shone amongst the rest. Con knew of the great things Dodd was to do and was certain he'd be there, but things can be rewritten and so can Constantine's existent, if he wished it, it seemed he was powerful enough to conquer himself entirely, he was a ball of energy and he was not sure what would happen if he let that loose. The speech ended and his comrades dispersed, they all smelt human but with the strong stench of Skrull in the air it was hard to tell, it was so strong if he knew no better his nose would lead him to think that he did not set foot upon Earth.
When he noticed he was alone he guessed it was time to get to work, looking to the sky he saw the closest ship and set his mind on that one, the air around him shook and his coat flapped slightly as a magical yellow glow encased his body, outlining his figure, he hovered from the ground a millisecond before phasing through a window and shooting through the sky, like a rising star, to his destination, moving this way and that to dodge any obstruction in his path. He reach the ship in seconds and awaiting outside its metallic complexion he rested a hand on it's surface and found himself a path through as the exterior melted away. He stepped inside and was immediately confronted by two guards holding out a palm they rose into the air and screamed as their skin peeled from muscle and muscle peeled from bone. He took a moment to check if there were any non Skrull lifeforms on board before he put fingertips to the ships interior and concentrated his mind sending disruptive crippling waves through the system, rendering the ship useless before flying out the hole and watching the alien craft get swallowed by the very planets water it had tried to take over just moments ago. 
Con floated about in the air for a second taking in all his surroundings, the Champions were handling this fine and there was no point having the heroes clumped together when the whole world was under attack, so he decided to leave but not before sending a shock wave of power at another legion of Skrulls, to help his fellow beings. With a simple thought, a memory more or less, maybe an imagining he was floating in darkness above the great city of London, Canary Wharf at his heels, he let himself drop to it's rooftop. Standing upon the edge below he watched the zooming lights clash with the fires, his people were at war and he was to end it, others didn't understand but the Skrulls would not stop and Earth would give in, not to make himself seem like a big deal, but in the end, looking back, maybe he should be. Turning his head to the sky he saw the outlining of the ship in the night sky as it sent platoons down to the surface to conquer the Human race.
The ship was just out of reach and too powerful for him to do any lasting damage without making a hindrance to is big finale. Below he saw his men fighting, those who took up arms during J-Day, those he trained personally, those who would protect and serve, for Queen and Country in his name and under employment of Wallace Enterprises, those who would continue his work after him. He was satisfied. When he next looked up he saw Gemma in a slight panic, getting dressed, preparing herself, his wife of another, she gasped when she noticed him in the room, somehow he was not the same man she knew, so it was still almost forbidden, but he needed it. Constantine strode across the room and embraced her in his arms, kissing her passionately, just the once, at first she was shocked but let the emotions take over, tears welling up in her eyes. Con pulled away, and she gave a slight sob and burrowed her head in his chest. He frightened her, he was the man she loves and she was scared about what Constantine is, what her husband will be, but that kiss would show her, even in the end, deep down he was the same man.
"I love you. Always have. Always will." Constantine whispered before fading back out of her life, he did not know if he would ever see her again. Con next found himself in front of a mirror of time, Sir Scott Wallace, the Prime Minister, stood in front of him, a bit derailed with all the work to keep Britain under control, he was doing a good job. Con was proud of himself, time can be rewritten and he could have gone either way. They shook hands "Until we meet again" were the only words exchanged, nothing else was needed because everything was said in the handshake, with a nod he left and next found himself in front of two brave comrades, Solor and Renton, both under Wallace Enterprises employment, Solor had finished his trials with Jor-El and upon recovering from the death of his child, he sought the opportunity of redemption in Britain, following Constantine's example.
Constantine was back in his bedless room, the screens reflecting his loneliness onto himself, one screen was on, transmission from a personal satellite orbiting the Solar system, on a pre-programmed expedition, the screen showed him the Armada, behind Earths reach was the real fleet, waiting for command, this is just the first wave, a set up. They may think the mother ship is down, their resources are depleted, but their was much more to come, these were not just invaders, it was a whole race, abandoning their planet for a better life. Constantine was going to make them extinct, he did not feel bad, no one else would know, the Skrull race had broken the law and this was only one branch of their giant race. Constantine picked up a big bag, and carried it down to living quarters of the Lockheart's, getting in was no problem, in the master bedroom he left the bag and a note explaining that these were his prized possessions and all the money he had, which was quite a lot, he felt a connection with these people and this was all he could give them, he cared for them and he felt like doing something nice, maybe they saw him as a crackpot, but his heart was in a good place. On the back of the letter it read, 'Sarah, Mike and Chevie... Have a nice life, Love Constantine'
As war waged overhead and fellow beings died Constantine made his way to Eclipse's room, on his bed Constantine left Eclipse his fathers golden watch, the only constant thing older than Constantine, the watch was strange and old but it was striking and powerful to the owner in an unexplainable way, but it affected the min and heart. He left a note explaining he felt it right to give to Jason, on the back it said 'To Jason, keep it safe until I get back, good luck, from Constantine'. This was how Constantine kept sane and true of heart, this was how he kept human. He made his way on to the roof were he noticed a missing chunk from the corner, but that did not occupy his mind, he looked to the sky and saw his target, on the edge of the atmosphere, far enough not to be pulled into orbit. Around him his clothes dissolved into energy and he wore a more fitting, super suit before shooting off into space, like a shooting star, noticeable from all other the globe, the site was almost beautiful, mesmerizing. Some would stop and stare, but he didn't have time to, the atmosphere broke around him and he burst into the vacuum surrounded by dark energy. He melted into the pilot cabin of the ship, causing the pilots to jump in alarm. A general went toward him and with one hand he broke his neck, before people could raise arms, he raised his, embracing life he began to glow with energy erupting from inside out, it got bigger and brighter, until... nothing. All that was once there was no more, his energy swept through the solar system and the control he put into the energy deciphering, ships and aliens from moons and planet was set in motion and it worked. The Solar system was unscathed, as was Earth. Their only problem was remaining ships, but they would run and hide as always. The only thing left of Constantine was the prerecorded message on the screen of every television below, a message from Constantine, a goodbye, a warning, an explanation, a sign of hope... a thank you.

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Levitating herself down from the sky to the floor beneath her she landed nearly perfectly. Taking a quick two minute break, she also made sure to check the skies for anymore ships that might be needed to be taken care of. The young girl hadn't taken part in this must action since the earthquake that had occurred in Vine City. Though even this was more frightening then the time the Titans got sent to the past when World War Two was taking place. Though Blair knew she had to stand up against these crazed Aliens, not in her life time they would be taking over Earth. 
"Woof!" Startled by the bark, she began to frantically look around to see if it had been who she thought it was. Then she spotted a Skrull holding her puppy Zachary in it's arms. It was smiling like the devil, which made Blair's eyes widen with fear as she followed his pupils looking down towards the dog. "This Dog.. This filthy creature, which is a so called pet.. Does it bother you for him to be in danger." The Skrull spoke to her like he was playing some game with her, to see how far she he could push her over the edge. 
"Let him go.. Please. I will not ask you again Sir, and if you don't..." As she Skrull put his hands around the throat of Zach, Blair's hands glew with light, she shot them towards the man while she closed her eyes shut. Opening her eyes she saw that they hadn't been in front of her. "What the hell..." "Looking for something?" Hearing a familiar voice she turned to see Arach-Knight standing with Zach in his hands, and with the Skrull below his feet. 
"Drew!" The pink haired hero ran into his open arms, as she grabbed a hold of her dog. Seconds after the mini group hug, she looked up to see a concerned look up to see him looking right at her. With him having a mask it took her forever to figure out if he had been either looking at her or something else. Thought most of the time when she would think he was looking at her, he was actually looking at something behind her, which was one huge fail moment for her. "Why aren't you with Eclipse? He's like.. your best friend. Is anything wrong?" Seeing him take a few steps back made Blair a bit worried about what he had to say.  
"Blair.. there's something i need to tell you.. Something i need to show you.. I.. I just want you to know before i show you this, that i feel the same way towards you too.." As he touched the bottom of his mask, she held Zach a bit tighter waiting for the suspense to be over with. He then pulled off his mask to reveal green skin. It wasn't the same face as Drew, the same face that had always been under the Arach-Knight costume. His small curved ears had been replaced by these scaly pointy ears, and his pale chin was also replaced with a hideous one. "No... This.. this can't be happening..." She through up a yellow wall of light between them as she began walking back.     
"Alright.. Well.. I'm a sleeper agent, my actual name is Jaxin. My family rebelled against the empire, and for our punishment they made us become.. this.. I don't agree with what my race is doing. Since i was also tricked into being your friend Drew, i remember everything that happened in his life. The first time he put on this costume, the first time he was able to ride his bike without any help, the first time he laid eyes upon last crush.. who was you..."  
Blair let down the wall of light without even moving out of the spot she stood in. Just like her Zach stared at Jaxin waiting for him to say something else. Surprised and a bit glad the alien slowly extended his right hand towards Blair, as he smiled. "Trust me on this.. I will help save your world." Glancing down at her puppy, she looked back at him. "Hmmm i don't really know.. I'll ask Zach and see what he thinks about it." She smiled jokingly. "Come on, let's take these B@stards down." "Woof! Woof!" Zachary barked playfully. "Haha you could come too Zachy."
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Location: Alaska…

His head continued to spin after being hit from behind as he looked up at three men who all looked exactly like him! As his head cleared and the room begin to stop spinning, he could begin to notice their green skin, pointing ears, and weird chins, making it oblivious that the Skrull’s had taken the form of him, but for what purpose? The young hero could only wonder, maybe to syke him out? To throw him off by making him think he wasn’t really who he thought he was? At this point it didn’t matter, because as he laid half-beaten on the cold metal floor, looking up at the three Skrull’s as they grinned down at him with a sick look on their faces, it didn’t matter who he was right now, because if he didn’t think of something quick, he wasn’t going to be around much longer to have a say in the matter.

Clinching his fists, he tried with all his strength to pick himself up, only to have the boot of one of the Skrull War Killer’s slam down on his chest, forcing his body to remain where it was, “Well looky here. Looks like he’s still got a little fight left in him. What do you say; we fix that real quick, gentlemen?” The Skrull said with a devious chuckle as he placed more pressure on his boot, pushing down harder onto the hero’s chest, his fellow Skrull’s laughing along with him. His face filled with anger, Charles glared at them with rage, wishing that he could simply pull out his gun and shut the green freak up already, but his body was still recovering from his fight with the Skrull Slight. His body was still aching slightly, though the pain from the smaller cuts and bruises had already faded, he could feel a bolt of pain rushing up his leg as he tried to move it, it wasn’t broken, but it still hurt like heck, not to mention having some alien punk’s boot pressed onto his lungs, making it harder to breathe through the pain.

“Come on! Think!” Charles said to himself as he continued to clinch his fists, now grabbing the Skrull’s ankle, trying to lift it from his chest, which only irritated the Skrull further, causing him to slam his foot down harder onto the hero’s chest, causing Charles to scream out in pain, spitting up blood and saliva, “AH!” Charles screamed. “Heh, now…time to finish th--” But as the Skrull began to speak, he was suddenly cut off as Slight burst into the room. “Get away from Him!” Slight ordered. Charles looked up at his fellow Champion, wondering if it was really him or another Skrull double, but as he watched two of the Skrull’s charge towards him, he knew it was the real Slight. Using his telekinetic, Slight managed to take down the two Skrull’s as they rushed towards the Hydro Hero. Turning his attention towards the Skrull who had his foot in Charles’ chest, Slight tackled the Skrull to the ground, making quick work of him as he beat the sick alien to a pulp.

"I've got you. And I'm gonna get you out of here." Slight said as he swung Charles’ arm over his shoulder, helping him up off the ground and back on his feet. Charles could feel the striking pain running up his leg as he got to his feet, urging Slight to slow down a bit as they made their way to the outside of the ship. Charles put up his free hand in front of his face, blocking the blinding sunlight from his eyes as they made their way out of the ship, making their way back onto snow covered ground. Slight stopped for a moment, allowing them both a few minutes to rest before continuing to move on, giving Charles a chance to explain the situation to his fellow teammate, "They're called Skrull’s. When they were trying to do whatever it is they were going to do, the leader of that little brigade spilled the beans on their plans. I guess they thought it didn't matter because I was going to die anyway. Slight...This is bigger than anything I've ever seen before. They are planning to take over the Earth, and by what they told me, they’re capable of it. I don't know if anyone else knows about this but we've got to gather this team up, and head back to HQ" Charles manage to say under his breath as he tried to speak less as he healed.

But as he spoke, Eclipse’s voice came on over the Slight’s communicator, of him giving an epic speech which could only put a smile on the young Star-Spangled Hero’s face, along with Eclipse’s explaining what the heck was going on. "Those ships are heading for the cities, I know it. I can fly, and you heard him. The island is in danger, and I can get back there and help." Slight said to Charles, trying to reason with him to let him go. With his leg beginning to heal a bit, Charles let go of Slight, managing to stand on his own two feet as he took a moment to think about it, "Okay... You can go. I'll stay and round up the team, and get back to COP's Island after that.” Charles answered back to Slight, though he didn’t like the idea of sending Slight off by himself, he knew his fellow hero was right and it wasn’t as if he had many other options. With a nod, the two heroes went the separate ways, Charles watched as Slight took to the skies, ordering him to make his way back to the rest of the Champions and help them anyway he could.

Turning back around as Slight become too far off for Charles to see, he was caught off guard as he felt another person slam him into the ground. "Tell me something only Charles would know." Looking up at his attacker, Charles was utterly confused to see that it was his good friend, Eclipse, of all people.   "I don't... I uh... What?" Charles muttered as he was still confused at what in the world was going on. "What are your feelings for Fulcrum?" Eclipse demanded once again. Charles shook his head, totally confused at what Eclipse was asking, making him wonder if it was a Skrull Eclipse or the real Jason, “What?! She’s a friend! A good friend! What do you mean, ‘feelings’? She’s a…she’s…” Charles continued to stutter, not even knowing that he was blushing as he couldn’t believe Eclipse was asking him this question. But Eclipse then smiled, getting up off of Charles, grabbing his hand as he helped him up off the ground, “ Only you would react like that to that sort of question, a Skrull would just give a straight forward answer." Eclipse replied, patting Charles on the back. “Yeah…” Charles whispered out of embarrassment, still blushing.

"I need you and the rest of the Champions to get back to the Tower. This whole Alaska thing was just a distraction, this is a full blown invasion we're dealing with here. They replaced Mistress Redhead and god knows who else..." Eclipse began to speak again, not giving Charles really any time to get his thoughts together, as he soon saw Charge Up…or at least, someone who LOOKED like Charge Up standing the hill that over looked the two heroes. "Um…Charge Up?" Charles answered as he pointed towards the Skrull imposter. And without a second hesitation, the Skrull Charge Up was quickly surrounded by other Skrull soldiers, who then opened fire on the two young heroes, “LOOK--”

But in the blink of an eye, Charles was stunned to find himself back in the team’s jet that they had arrived in, along with Hotaru and Warrior Guyver X. “—OUT….?” Charles finished with confusion in his voice as he looked around at his fellow teammates. Looking over at Eclipse, he figured that he must have used some type of teleporting ability to gather up them four and get them out of harm’s way. "I need you three to get back to Champion Tower and help out, this is a full blown invasion and the troops have arrived. Before not it was mind-games, playing with our heads and breaking the trust we have for one another. Now they're just here to kill us all. Go now. I'll find Cly and hold off the Skrull’s here. Sorry for being so blunt, but I made an epic speech earlier so I'm tired of talking. Go save the world, heroes." Eclipse said again with a smirk on his face before teleporting once again back outside the jet. Rushing to the pilot seat, Charles buckled himself in, quickly flipping on the engine as he tried to get the jet into the air, “Alright everyone. Buckle up; we need to get moving now!” Charles ordered to his fellow Champions as his eyes glared off out the window, seeing Eclipse as he stood between the jet and the Skrull Charge up and her men who were making their way towards them. Using his magnetic powers, Eclipse then lifted the jet into the air, causing the inside of the cabin to shake a bit as they rose higher and higher into the air, fire up the main thrusters, Charles hit the ignition, causing the jet’s main engine to fire off, sending them sky rocketing into the clouds. “Be careful, Eclipse.” Charles whispered under his breath as he continued to man the controls.

Location: A few minutes out from Champions Island...

Looking on at the ships radar, Charles could see how many Skrull invasion ships had gathered around the island, he knew that they were about to be jumping into a battle that they may very well not walk away from. Flipping on the ships auto-pilot for a moment, Charles spun his chair around, making it so he was now looking back at Hotaru and Guyver, “Look, I know that this hasn’t been the greatest mission in the world, I know that our trust for one another has been shaken to the core, I know that our team has been divided. But even then, we have not been defeated, now I can’t give you some big speech like Eclipse, but I can tell you one thing, and Eclipse is right, right now, right here and now, we’re the only one’s standing in the way of these freaks and the whole freakin’ planet, us and ever single hero on the planet are all united to face this threat, right now we are Champions Of Peace. And it’s time we show these alien chump’s that when you mess with planet Earth, you better be ready for a butt-whoopin’. I don’t know what we’re about to jump into, but even if it’s hell on earth…and it may very well be, either way, we’re heroes assembled under the common goal of keeping peace for all of humanity, and today, we’re going to prove that to the world. Are you ready?” Charles then took a deep breath as he spun back around in his chair, not even looking back at his fellow heroes for their answer, only focusing on the battle that they were about to enter and asking himself the same exact thing.

Location: Champion City…

As they began to approach the city closer, Charles could see that the Skrull battle ships hadn’t yet noticed their small aircraft. Using that as an opportunity, he activated the jet’s clocking device, turning the entry plane invisible, allowing them to sneak past the large battle cursers and make their way to Champions Tower undetected. As the battle raged on around the building, the jet slower lowered down into one of the open docking bay doors of the tower, landing on one of the many landing pads inside the hanger. With a flip of a button, Charles lowered the back ramp that allowed them to exit the vehicle, “Alright, Champions, let’s move!” Charles ordered as he made his way down the stair ramp along with Hotaru and Guyver.   But as he stepped off the ramp and onto the metal landing pad, Charles’ attention was no longer on the battle, but now upon her as his eyes looked over at her as she pointed her claws at him. “Laura…?” Charles whispered with curiosity in his voice. Looking over to the corner of his eye, he saw Talon of all people, quickly he made his way over to her, not really sure why or how she was even there, for all he could do was smile for the fact that she was okay. “Laura, what are you doing here?” He asked her in confusion. Looking at her, he noticed her torn clothing, which only made him wonder what in the world she had been through and where she had been, but also how she got here, for as far as he knew, she wasn’t a part of C.O.P.’s. Looking at her throat, as he then noticed her scar from…he quickly shut up as he remembered…what had happened with them not to long ago. “Are you…okay?” He asked, placing his hand on the side of her cheek, giving her a slight smile as he looked into her emerald eyes.

For a moment her eyes met his own, but soon her eyes moved over, looking at his hand which rested on the side of her face. Taking in a slight sniff of the scent of his hand, unbeknownst to Charles it was the scent of another female, of Nightstorm, her smile she had on her face suddenly vanished, and without warning…SLAP! His face quickly jerked to the side as the palm of her hand slid across his own cheek, leaving a red mark upon it. Rubbing his cheek in pain, he looked back at her concerned, seeing as she glared at him with anger in her eyes now and her arms crossed. “What did I--” But before he could even muffle up a simply question, she turned and walked away from him. “Laura…wait!” He shouted as he chased after her.  But as he did, the entry building suddenly began to shake and rumble, until BOOM! Seconds later, Charles found himself lying on the ground, his head spinning as dust and smoke filled the air. Shaking his head, he tried to make sense of what had just happened. Leaning his upper torso upwards, he looked around, finding himself covered in the derbies, not seeing Talon, Hotaru, or Guyver anywhere in sight, looking upwards as his vision got clearer, his eyes widened as he saw that half of the tower was now missing and destroyed.

“Oh my gosh!” He shouted, astonished at what he was seeing. Looking over, he saw what was once his team’s jet now crushed underneath a large support beam. Getting back up on his feet, he began to look around again; only to look back up as a huge Skrull battle ship loomed high above, casting a dark shadow over the young hero. But his attention quickly turned forward as he found himself being surrounded by a group of Skrull soldiers, all of whom were read to take him down. Not wasting any time, Charles got into a fighting stance as two of the Skrull soldiers charged towards him. Quickly, he threw his elbow outwards, nailing one of the Skrull’s in the face, breaking his nose, sending green blood out of his nostrils, while jerking his knee upwards, jabbing it right into the second Skrull’s chest, knocking the breath right out of the green skinned alien.

As those two fell to the ground, the last three Skrull’s began to open fire, holding up his shield, he easily deflected their fire. Noticing what was left off a small pillar type support beam that was sticking out of the ground behind the Skrull’s, Charles quickly dived to the left, slinging his shield towards the Skrull’s, causing it to hit the Skrull on the right dead center on the forehead, knocking him backwards as the shield kept going, rebounding off of the pillar and sending it flying right into the back of the Skrull on the left’s head. Running forward, Charles rushed quickly towards the last remaining Skrull as it was distracted by his shield which bounced off the ground and back into Charles’ hands as he charged forwards, the Skrull then began to open fire upon the hero once again, only to have his shield deflect the attack as he continued to charge forward, slamming right into the Skrull with his indestructible shield.

Standing over the Skrull’s bloody face covered body, Charles looked around, seeing the group of Skrull’s all scattered around him on the ground, green blood splattered around them, as well as covering Charles’ shield and uniform. But without warning, Charles finds himself being hit by a blast of energy, throwing him off his feet, slinging him through the air and into a pile of rubble. “Uhhhh…w-what hit me?” He asked himself as he rubbed his now aching head. Picking himself up out of the rubble, he moaned as his body ached with pain from being hit with such a concentrated blast, looking up to find the answer to his new found pain.

Looking forward, he found a Super-Skrull standing across the room from him, the creature holding his hand up as it glowed with a strange yellow energy. “Oh, great.” Charles said out load as he quickly leaped out of the way, dodging the Skrull’s next attack, causing it’s blast or energy to hit the pile of rubble that was behind Charles to explode, sending chunks of rock, metal, and other debris in all directions. Not being quick enough, Charles was caught in the explosion, pelting him with rocks and other shrapnel as his body was sent flying forward due to the force of the blast. “Uh!” Charles let out a slight grunt as he slammed into the cold metal landing pad, his body rolling across the floor as pieces of rock and metal landed all around him. Getting up on one knee, Charles looked up at his opponent, shaking his head as it rang with a high pitch ringing thanks to the explosion. This Skrull was different then the soldiers he had just fought, this one was standing at about 7 to 8 feet tall, his body much more well built than the others, most likely thanks to whatever powers the Skrull scientist had enhanced his body with.

Making eye contact with the Skrull, Charles stood back up on both feet, his body now in a fighting stance as his hand clenched the strap of his shield which was on his right arm. “Alright then, let’s do this!” Charles shouted as he quickly threw his arm forward, sending his shield flying through the air, aiming right at the center of the Skrull’s forehead. But Charles’ eyes widened as the Skrull swiftly threw up his hand, like lightning, catching Charles’ shield in his bare hand as it came inches from his face, “Heh.” The Skrull let out a deep snicker as he threw the shield down to the ground as if it were a frisbee. “Ah, crap.” Charles let out a deep sigh as he quickly moved to the left, his hand sliding down his side, pulling his plasma pistol out f his holster as he then began to open fire on the Skrull. “Ha! That all you got?” The Skrull said with a laugh, holding his arm up, deflecting the bullets as if they were spitballs.

Putting his gun back in his holster, knowing that it wasn’t going to do him any good now, he continued to run around the Skrull. Leaping forward yet again as the Skrull let off another blast of energy, Charles performing a dive, rolling across the ground, avoiding the attack as he rolled back up onto his feet, not losing any of his momentum or speed as he kept running. Make a quick turn; he then began running towards the Skrull, his hand reaching for his belt, pulling out his knife as he dived back towards the ground, dodging another blast from the Super-Skrull, sliding right between the giant’s legs. Placing the knife between his two middle fingers Assassin’s Creed style, Charles rolled over on his side, allowing himself to roll up off the ground and back onto his feet once again, using the Skrull’s larger body mass to his advantage, Charles wasn’t going to give him enough time to locate the crafty hero.

Running towards a pile of broken support beams that were covered in other wreckage, Charles used them to as steps, gaining higher ground over the Skrull, using his agility; he made it to the top of the pile, leaping high into the air over the Skrull. “Araaagh!” With that large shout, Charles flew down towards the Skrull, his left arm out forward as his right arm, the one with the blade protruding between his two middle fingers, was raised behind him. Raping his left arm around the giant’s neck, Charles held on for dear life as the Skrull swung his body in all directions, trying to throw the annoying pest known as War Killer off of him. Releasing his inner Talon, Charles began to pound the Skrull’s back with his fist, impaling the Skrull skinned monster with his knife, pulling the blade out only to swiftly and fiercely jab it back in, every time causing more and more green blood to spew out of the creatures back, splattering over Charles’ face as he continued to let his anger upon the beast.

Frantically reaching backwards, the Skrull manage to grab hold of Charles’ shoulder, pulling the mad hero over his own shoulder, slamming Charles into the ground, causing him to let out a loud yelp of pain. Next, the Skrull grabbed the blood painted hero by the head, holding him high in the air, sling his arm back as he flung Charles through the air, slamming him with great force into another pile of rubble. “Why you little punk! For that I’m going to kill rip you limb for limb!!!” The Skrull screamed out in pain as he charged towards the down hero. Charles managing to get on his hands and knees, his paining aching with pain everywhere, he looked forward, seeing his shield only a few feet away from, “Oh, yeah?” Charles asked as he looked as the Skrull continued to charge forward towards him. Leaping forward, Charles jumped to his feet, sending his body forwards, grabbing his shield as he too charged straight for the rampaging Super-Skrull, “Well haven’t you heard? The bigger they are--Ah!” And as Charles and the Skrull came within just inches from each other, with one mighty leap, Charles sprang himself up into the air, his shield on his arm, sending it slicing towards the Skrull’s head, as if time had literally slowed for just a moment as the two warriors striking towards each other one final time, knowing that this would determine the victor in their clash, the two of their bodies passed by each other, so fast that it was as if neither of them had made any form of contact.

Landing behind the Skrull, Charles was crouched down on one knee, his eyes closed as he took a deep breath, the Skrull standing perfectly still behind him. Standing to his feet, Charles looked over at the Skrull, “--The harder they fall.” And with that, the Skrull’s whole head slide off his body form Charles’ shield slicing perfectly through the beast’s neck, Charles turned and looked away as the monster’s body fell seconds later.

Standing up perfectly straight, Charles’ mask was half torn, his brown hair protruding form his mask along with half his face now revealed. Blood rushing down his noise and from his lips, his face was covered with scrapes, cuts, and bruises, his left eye partly swollen. Many parts of his uniform were torn and ripped, revealing his slashed flesh, along with blood rushing from his wounds. If it wasn’t for his adrenaline still pumping through his body and his sheer stubbornness to simply die, he wouldn’t be standing right now.

“Somebody, please! HELP!” A voice cried out from the rubble, catching the young hero’s attention. Rushing over to where the cry sounded, Charles found one of the tower’s workers lodged underneath one of the metal support beams. “Hold still, I’m going to get you out of there.” Charles said, assuring the worker that he was going to be alright. Placing his shield slight under the beam, Charles used it as a lever, using all of his remaining strength, he manage to life the beam up slightly enough for the man to wiggly himself out. “Oh thank you! Thank you so much!” the man said to Charles who sat on the beam that hey man was just trapped under, taking a quick breather as he heard the man’s gratitude. “N-no problem…was there anyone else in here when the building exploded?” Charles asked the man. “As far as I know, no one else was in here. But these creatures are everywhere, they’ve swarmed the whole tower, and there are still other workers in the building! You’ve gotta help them!” Man shouted, begging Charles to rescue them. Placing his hand on the man’s shoulder as he got on his feet, letting out a slight squint of pain as his body continued to ach, “I’ll take care of it. But I need you to take whatever you can find and go help the other Champions outside, they’re going to need all the aid they can get out there. If you find anyone else, point them towards the armory and infirmary, tell them to get what they need and go help the others…that’s an order!” Charles shouted as he made his way towards a fleet of stairs that lead to the higher parts of the building. “Will do, sir! Good luck!” The worker shouted back to War Killer who didn’t look back.

“AAAHHH!” A woman’s screech echoed down one of the many hallways of the tower, as one of the tower’s female worker, along with a few others, ran down the hallway, trying to get away from a group of Skrull soldiers who began to open fire upon the defenseless civilians. “I’m only going to say this once…” the Skrull’s looked back, seeing War Killer as he stood firm behind him at the other end of the hallway, holding his shield high into the air, allowing the sun’s light to glare off of it, “Get out of my tower!” Turning their attention away from the workers, the Skrull’s turned their fire towards Charles who charged forwards towards their attack. Blocking their weapons fire, Charles leaped forward, performing a full front flip over the group of aliens, landing between them and the human workers. “< Kill him!>” one of the Skrull’s shouted in a strange alien language that Charles s couldn’t begin to make out.   Slinging his right foot to the side, he slammed his boot into the side of one of the Skrull’s head, crushing into the wall. His shield in his left hand now, Charles moved his left arm to the side slightly, hitting the other Skrull’s weapon before he could shot Charles at point blank, causing him to fire off at the ceiling, allowing Charles of bring his other leg around, this time sending the tip of his boot into the side of the Skrull’s chest.

“Everyone, evacuate the building…NOW!” Charles ordered the workers as the continued to fight off the attacking soldiers. But before he could react, one of them managed to fire off the weapon, but not at Charles, but instead at the fleeing workers. “No…!” Charles thought as his eyes widened. Thinking fast, he slung his shield back, aiming to so that it would bounce off the wall, sending it from the wall to the other side of the hall, completely blocking the beam of energy that the Skrull’s weapon had fired off, protecting the civilians from being harmed as the shield amazingly kept its momentum in the air. Grasping his hand around the Skrull who had opened fire behind its head, Charles slammed the Skrull into one of the glass windows that lined the outside of the hallway, looking out off onto the city, the Skrull’s skull cracking against the window, leaving part of the glass indented with the alien’s head, letting go of it as the creatures body slid against the window, blood running down the glass with him.

Diving forward, avoiding the other Skrull fire thanks to their poor marksmen skills, Charles dived through the air. His shield hitting against the glass, causing part of it to crack from the blow, allowing the round metal disc to ricochet back towards Charles who caught it in his hand as he rolled against the ground, rolling over on his knees as he slid against the hallway carpet, quickly grabbing one of the weapons from a Skrull he had already defeated, Charles returned fire to his attackers, nailing the two Skrull’s right in the center of the head, killing them instantly. Throwing the gun to the ground, he jumped back on his feet as his eyes centered in on the last remaining Skrull, not even giving it to react, Charles held his shield forward, ramming the Skrull into the wall, crushing the air right out off his body.

" My name is Eclipse and I represent the planet Earth. I request an audience with the leader of this invasion."  Charles let the Skrull’s now lifeless body remain stunk in the wall he had just rammed him into, turning away from the creature towards a radio that one of the workers must have dropped while they were evacuating, hearing Eclipse’s voice. Apparently Eclipse was trying to negotiate with the Skrull leader, it wasn’t surprising to Charles, if anything he knew Eclipse would always give his enemy a chance to surrender, some may think of it as his weakness, but that’s just how Jason dealt with evil, believe that everyone deserves to live, even after they caused some much madness and pain. "Do your worst, little Earthling!"  The Skrull leader replied to Eclipse’s final offer. Charles’ hand grasps the radio tightly as he couldn’t believe how stupid these monsters could be.

“You fools!” Charles snarled with frustration as he punched the glass with his fists at how arrogant the Skrull’s were. “Oh poor boy…now ask yourself, who’s really the fool here?” A female voice called out to him. Turning his head, he saw a figure standing the shadows of the hallway entrance. “Vessa…?” Charles whispered as he turned to get a better look at the figure. Moving out of the shadow, Charles’ heart stopped as he saw the sun dash off of her light green skin, revealing to him Nightstorm…or at least who he THOUGHT was Nightstorm. “Why am I not surprised…I should have guess you weren’t the real Nightstorm to begin with.” Charles said as his bruised face was filled with seriousness. The Skrull made her way over to Charles, placing her hands over his chest, running her fingers across his torn uniform, “Yes, but you let your emotions get the better of you…and that will always be you and your people’s downfall.” She whispered softly to him in his ear. “Well…I won’t let that get in my way again!” Charles shouted as he slung his arm back, slashing his shield through the air, Skrull Nightstorm using her speedy agility, dodging the Star-Spangled Hero’s attack, as he performed a quick back-flip, putting a few feet between them both.

“Still as stubborn as ever I see.” She said mockingly to him as he charged towards her. “Stop speaking as if you know me! You’re not the real, Vessa, and I won’t allow you to pretend to be!” Charles shouted as he jabbed forward with his shield, only to have Nightstorm leap forward, sliding smoothly over Charles as his body tripped forward, causing him to land face first into the ground. “Oh you have no idea how real I truly am…” Getting back to his feet, he watched as she held out her green arms, using her Super-Skrull abilities to snap-shift her arms into crazy looking blades, “…now come here and give me a kiss, hero.” She said as she leaped forward, swinging her arms out towards him. Holding up his shield instantly, sparks flew as her blades clashed against his metallic shield, causing them both to push each other back a few feet away from one another.

The building than began to shake, as if an earthquake was starting, the entry hall trembled, Charles looked around, seeing as the Skrull ships that loomed above the city soon began to float all in one direction. “What on earth are you doing up there, E?” Charles said under his breath as he figured that this must be due to Eclipse using his gravitational powers, making him wonder if Jason even knew that he was literally disrupting the gravitational field around him and not just in the air. But before he could think on the matter, Charles was caught off guard as Nightstorm leaped into the air, coming down upon Charles with her two blade arms. Throwing his shield up, he managed to block her attack, but still knocking him on one knee. Grunting as the pain rushed through his body, he pushed up; pushing some of the pressure she was applying off of him, allow him to swipe-kick her legs out from under her, knocking her to the floor.

“Eh!” He let out a light cry as Eclipse’s magnetic trick suddenly caused all of the windows that lined the hall to shatter, sending glass in all directions. With a smirk on her face, Nightstorm dug her blades into the floor, using them to sling herself forwards by the distracted hero, causing his eyes to widen as his chest filled with a burning pain. Looking deep into the Skrull’s green Nightstorm eyes, her wicked smile grinning at him as his face trembled in pain, as his mouth began to fill with blood which he soon began to spit up. His eyes blinking uncontrollable, his head looked slightly down, his eyes falling on Nightstorm’s blade which now resided lodged into Charles chest, the blade covered with his red blood, forcing itself all the way through his chest and out his back. “Feel that? That’s what you did to me. That’s what it feels like to have someone who you thought cared about you stab you right through the heart. Can you feel it?! Can you feel the pain you caused me now!?! CAN YOU?!?!?” She screamed as she jabbed the blade further through his chest, causing him to yell out violently in utter pain.

And with just as less mercy, she jerked the blade out of his chest, causing him to fall to his knees, blood spewing to the floor as he spit up blood from his mouth. “W-what….what d-did I do….t-to you?” He managed to spit out. Her eyes filled with anger as he heard his question, without any warning, she glared at him with rage, with fury in her eyes she kicked him in the side, causing him to scream out in pain as his body rolled over towards the window, rolling through the broken glass as his body fell, “ARRRAGH!!!” He scream in horror his hand quickly grabbed onto the ledge of the building, pieces of glass jamming into his hand as his body hung in pain on the side of the building, blood rushing from every wound, running down his body and raining towards the hell on earth below. “What did you do?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!” She shouted as she questioned him as he hung to die. Looking up at her, as she stood looking over him, her blade drenched in his blood, her eyes filled with anger. “WHY DIDN’T YOU FIND ME?!?!” She shouted again in pure anger.

“Why….why did you leave me?” She asked as tears began running down her face. Charles looked up at her, seeing the face of the first girl he had ever cared for. “I thought you loved me? I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!?!” She screamed out again in another fit of rage. Charles looked away in shame; he couldn’t look at her…not at her face, not now. “I…I--” He tried to muster up the words to say, but she cut him off before he could form a sentence. “YOU WHAT?!” She demanded. Clinching his teeth, tears rolling down his eyes, the pain and blood rushing all over him, he let out a laud cry, “I’M SORRY!!!” He cried out to her. “Okay?! I didn’t…I didn’t leave you! You left me! You--” But before he could continue, she cut him off again, “BUT YOU NEVER CAME LOOKING FOR ME!!!” She replied back. His eyes were now blood shot red from both the blood and the tears that were drawing his face. “N-no…no I didn’t, a-and…and I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Gaining the courage to look back up at her, all her saw was now a broken spirit, a spirit filled rage and hatred towards him. “Oh…you’ll be sorry…” She said as she raised her blade into the air. Charles eyes looked around, seeing the chaos around him, the war that was going on below him, the ships being destroyed above him, and the first love of his life back from the unknown about to end him…and the worst part is, he deserved it. Whether or not it was the real Vessa, the real Nightstorm, she was right, she did leave him, but did he ever go looking for her? No. Whether or not it was his or her fault, she had a right to be angry; she had a right to be mad at him.

“…you’ll be very sorry.” Charles looked in fear as her heard the evil in her voice, standing before him was not the girl he once cared for, no. Whatever life this Skrull had before this, she had given it up to take on the mind and face of someone else, and somehow, without even realizing it, her creators wanted to create a soldier who could fool Charles and still kill him when the time comes, to create the perfect sleeper agent, but in the process, mixing together so much hatred and sadness into the perfect assassin, Whoever this Skrull was before, the day she become this, was the day she lost everything she was and become the monster that stood before Charles now.

As her blade rose higher into the air, Charles closed his eyes as he prepared himself from the death that was about to come, ready to face the judgment he deserved. But as she rose her blade up and was ready to end the hero’s young life, Charles’ eyes shot open as he heard her scream in pain. “AGH!” She yelled as she fell backwards. Looking up, Charles was shocked to find the last person coming to his recues, standing before the Skrull Nightstorm, was none other than Larry the Dragon. “Why you little--!” She shouted as she slashed towards Larry who quickly flapped his wings, avoiding her attack as she was still recovering from his mini-fireball that he pelted her face with.

While she was distracted, Charles quickly threw his other arm up to the edge, trying to pulling himself up as Larry took on a person who wore the face of the girl who gave him name. “Heh…good dragon.” Charles said with a snicker as he pulled himself through the window. Larry flapped his wing once more, sending him glided through the hall, dodging the Skrull’s attacks, letting off a puff of smoke, Larry quickly filled the hall with smokescreen, causing the Skrull Nightstorm to scream out with frustration, “Come out here you little pest!” She shouted in anger. And from within the smoke, Larry shot out, charging towards her as he fired off a few more balls of fire, only to be overpowered by her ash he slashed at the poor dragon, sending him slamming into the wall.

“LARRY!!” Charles shouted as he got to his hands and knees, blood rushing down to the floor still. The Skrull looked over at him, giving him a sickening grin as she walked over towards him, ready to finish what she had started, “Now…where was I?” Charles clinched his fists as his heart filled with anger, looking over at Larry; his eyes were overrun with rage. Looking up at Nightstorm as she stood over him yet again, raising her blade, Charles waited for her to bring the blade down, quickly pulling out his knife, slicing off her arm as it came near him. “AGGGH! I’LL KILL YOU FOR TH--” But Charles cut her off quickly, as he leaped up, slicing off her other arm with his knife, then swiftly bending his elbow in, slamming it into her face, shattering her green nose, knocking her to the ground.

Now standing over her, he looked down at her with an emotionless face, “This ends NOW.” He said in a serious tone. She soon began to chuckle and laugh as she looked at him, shaking her head in disbelief, “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me?! What are you going to do to me…Boy Scout?” She asked him mockingly. Charles threw his knife to the ground, not moving from where he was standing, only remaining where he was as he continued to look at her with the most serious look he had ever had. “Lady…Do I look like Andferne to you?!” He shouted at her. “Eclipse may being willing to show you sick people mercy, but when you come in wearing the faces of the people I care for, trying to kill the people I love….then I have no mercy for you, now I’m only here to take you green pieces of trash out.” She laughed at him again as she heard his words. “Well okay then big boy, do your worse….” Her lips then curled as a devious smile rolled across her face as green blood ran down her nose, “Charlie.”

“OH THAT IS FREAKIN’ IT!!!!” He couldn’t hold his rage in any longer, that was the last straw as he pulled out his pistol and pointed it dead on her forehead. But right as he pulled trigger, the whole building began to shake and shatter, throwing Charles across the room, hearing the gun fire, but not knowing what was happening. Moments later, he found himself looking up at the ceiling…or at least what use to be the ceiling, he was now looking at the smoke filled sky as a chunk of the top of the tower was now missing. Shaking his head, his eyes were still bleary to the things around him, his eyes bleeding thanks to a high pitch ringing, all he could see was a figure standing over him, but as his eyes began to come back into focus, his eyes widened as he found Nightstorm now standing over him, his shield in her hands which had somehow healed and reformed, raised over her head as she was read to bring down upon the defenseless hero. “Haven’t you learned anything from girls?” She asked him with a slightly insane grin across her ruined face. “There nothing worse than a woman’s scorn.”

But as she said this, Charles’ fears disappeared as a smile appeared upon his own face, as he saw a figure that was standing behind Nightstorm, and as she came closer towards the Skrull imposter, Charles couldn’t help but chuckle as he knew what was about to happen, “What are you laughing at?!” She demanded of him. Charles then looked at her as he continued to laugh, “I have learned one thing.” She smiled as she allowed him to humor her before she ended his pathetic life, “Oh really….and what may that be?” With a dead seriousness in his eyes, he looked deep into her emerald eyes as he said with a huge grin on his face, “Don’t tick of the girl with the claws.”

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The Painful Encounter

  Laura stood there, the whole word was now in slow motion as the dust settled and she could see War Killer standing before her. She could see the shock on his face but a warm reassurance was placed as she noted his smile that curled upon his lips. Her right hand was on her hip as her hair hung upon her shoulders in a tangled mess. She honestly didn’t know why she had to present herself in this fashion, why she couldn’t wait till after the war but if she’d learnt anything from him: It was not to put off till tomorrow what you could do today. “Laura, what are you doing here?” his confused face spoke wonders to her as she could hear the questions now: How did you get here? What happened? Are you alright?

At first she felt uncomfortable he had asked her a question and she so dearly desired to answer back. She even went as far as opening her mouth praying, hoping that a sound would come out of it but alas silence. And it hurt her, before she hardly said anything to the young hero because she really didn’t have much to say. But now after all they had endured she had an eternity worth of words just wishing to escape past her dry lips. She noticed a slight sadness in his face as she knew what he was staring at. Sure he felt responsible but it was what she deserved for playing the Judas in their encounter.

“Are you…okay?” he said calmly and with great care. Laura shot him a reassuring smile to show that nothing was the matter. He was safe, that was all that mattered to her. Gently he placed his hand on her shoulder causing her to swallow hard as she diverted to emerald eyes from his. What could she do? Just stand here and let awkward silence set in? It wasn’t like she was doing this purposefully, she wanted to say something but she just...couldn’t and he know that. Though he could never know what she wanted to say right now to him. As always she found herself drawn to never neglect those sparking jade eyes that now stared with great concern toward her.

This was all too perfect, this didn’t happen to Laura not like this. Happily ever after, she didn't know the meaning of the phrase. But it was happening and happening to her, and this was real. Just then a sharp pricing scent entered her nostrils as she inhaled a strong aroma found on his body, it was female. Instantly Laura’s eyes shot away as she couldn’t believe what she had smelt. She never doubted her senses, she was a Lycan and as a Lycan her nose literally never lied but she so dearly wished it did in this case. On his lips lavished around his waist even on his own hands remained the scent of a female that he no doubt had shared passionate moment with.

She didn’t know why she was so angry; did she honestly think he really cared? She wanted to run she wanted to just get away and go kill something. Nevertheless her first reaction was the raising of her hand and the quick action of slapping it against his cheek. She angry...no she was disappointed. She had kissed many men before yes, but she didn’t think he was like her. It was because he different it was because he did his best to remain pure to always keep on the positive end of any interaction with any female character. But now all expectations and thoughts about him had been dashed upon the rocks of realizing that he wasn’t the man she thought him to be.

“What did I--” as she heard those words she was already gone. Her back turned and hands turned into fists she stormed away and this time she wasn’t looking back. As he cried after her the only response she had was the tears that streamed down her cheek. She was done with him, it was over!... 

The First Battle

You know that feeling when you just want peace and your tired of the hell that’s raging around you. Well that was the feeling that ran through the young emerald assassins veins as the whole base began to shake violently. Then out of the corner of her eyes she detected a blast with great magnitude. It caught her off guard entirely and so her body went flying through the air before crashing into the remnant of the once structural jet. Her back cracked as she let out a silent scream before falling face flat on the floor. Her back was broken her right arm snapped and her leg barely attached: Just another day as a heroic neutral.

She laid a moment motionless her face to the floor as her eyes slowly opened and as they did pain flushed over her. She moaned as she felt her healing factor exerting itself to get Laura back on her feet. Rolling over light flooded into her eyes as she saw the large hole in the ceiling where no doubt the cause of the explosion had penetrated the roof. Now in its place was a monolithic support beam that stretched down from a large hulking Skrull ship above. As her healing factor started making good progress Laura sat up slowly her eyes till locked upon the vassal that now hovered hundreds of feet above which might have sounded far but sadly it was way too close for comfort.

Laura ‘s eyes then dashed as she began searching for War Killer’s body, oh if he was hurt she’d never forgive herself. Yet as she stumbled over the rubble doing her best to pick up his scent she noticed a reddish glow beyond her. By Now Skrulls had started pouring in like ants from an ant hill as they swarmed attacking anybody in sight. At first Laura was running toward the light next thing she knew an electric pulse surged through her veins sending her full force into a pile of shrapnel. Blood its sticky warm liquid swarmed down her face blinding her vision. She raised her twisted hand wiping the blood from her face only to have more pour down from her head. That blast was heavy, it wasn’t an ordinary weapon.

As her eyes managed to focus she saw a large Skrull standing before her. His gun was smoking with the blast that recently hit her as a wide smile was cast over his face. “Well little mutt looks as if space couldn’t handle you.” He said in a tone that caused Laura’s hairs on her back to stand on end. She slowly staggered to her feet cringing as the pain from her limbs registered in her nerve system. It was Kab’al the skrull Lieutenant who had taken it upon his shoulders to be her personal torturer. She wanted to get to her feet and run but after that blast and due to her body still recovering from the torture she had endured on the skrull ship, she was in a no win situation.

As he approached her getting nearer with each step she noticed the mischief’s smile and she knew it well. Almost every man she had ever met carried that smile upon his face one time or another. It was like the cold calling of her past ringing loud and clear through her ears. Each step her took nearing her cause the ground to shake. She forced herself to get to her feet but a she did his iron fist clasped around her shoulder. And with all the force he could muster he pushed her back into the wall retaining a grip on her still. Laura’s enraged emerald eyes stared back at him as she wished so dearly she could simply be rid of him and go search for any individuals who needed help.

“Looks like I’ve got you all to myself”. The young assassins brow raised in curiosity as a question soon emerged in her mind: why was she always in these situations. It was not possible that every man, ever enemy desired her for the same reasons! But her train of thought instantly derailed as she felt his hand over her chest. Her eyes darted toward his hand and then his face and without another thought both her foot claws unleashed and stabbed into his legs. He let out a cry on pain and ret reacted staggering backward while uttering curses. His enraged eyes darted for Laura but as he looked to her last location she was no longer present.

Though before he knew what was going on Laura rammed her legs into his head as she used a hanging bar above to give her the force necessary. As her legs came in contact with the Skrulls thick head she stabbed her foot claws that had remained unsheathed the whole time. Another raw shattered the area as he turned violently in pain. Laura used this to her advantage and slid down imbedding her fist claws into his back and using this to remain on him. And though he reached for her like a common scratch he couldn’t seem to grasp his hands around her. Staggering around and around several times in a circle he stopped before a devious smile arose on his ugly distorted face.

With that he started running to one of the large walls that had remained intact after the explosion. While he did this young Laura was making good of her time as she constantly kept withdrawing her right hand and stabbing him continuously. Though as her eyes wondered to what was before her she noticed he was aiming for a huge iron wall, and it instantly crossed her mind. He was going to use his force and the stability of the wall to crush Laura like flee. Knowing this the young Lycan didn't remove herself yet instead waited for the appropriate time and when it came she lunged herself up in the air leaping over Kab’als massive body and prepared to roll upon the ground and think through her next move.

But while in mid air all her thoughts were shattered as she felt his slimly hands curl around her legs. Holding her upside down like a little puppet he swung constantly. Laura was immune to air sickness but the fact that all her blood was running to her head, and the fact that her head literally had a hold in it gave the young assassin a sense of urgency. “Whats wrong sweety don’t enjoy playing?” his booming voice rang in her ears as he retained a mocking tone. As her body continuously swung upside-down she noticed the same metallic beam that was extended slightly beyond Laura’s present reach. Jade eyes fell upon the over grown bug as Laura spat at the right moment in his face “Little Wretch!” he screamed as he began to crush Talon’s legs harder and harder. She cringed as she felt her bones snapping it was like an alarm bell to say: Get this done now!

Finally as he swung her forward as he used his other hand to wipe his face. The young jade eyed assassin reached toward the pole and clasped her fingers tightly around it. Kab’al noticed this and with one swift pull like snapping a twig he whipped Laura so that she was one again havening before him. “Your cute when you struggle.” The Skull lieutenant might have just indented to pull his little play thing along but she had brought her own toy. With one quick action and all the force Laura could muster she impaled the pole through the Skulls upper chest. This caused him to let out a roaring cry as he dropped Laura’s now crushed legs and body to the floor.

The impact was hard enough as her left shoulder took all the force of the fall. She scrambled to her knees as she attempted to hide somewhere, regain her strength...she needed time! Her healing factor was already healing wounds for the Skrull ship dumping a whole load of new ones didn’t really aid Laura’s cause. “Stop!” she yelled in her mind a moment while taking a look around at the hell that was being dished out individually, so why was she trying to get away? Glancing back at Kab’al she noticed he had almost managed to remove the iron pole she had placed securely in his chest. Taking in a deep breath she started to crawl, not to get away. But her little Skrull lord had left something valuable behind. Outstretching her hand to pull herself over the broken she found it digging into her chest and legs. Now inches away she outstretched her hand desperately she needed to get the weapon. “Oh no you don’t!” she heard Kab’al cry out as with one foul swoop he unleashed a jolt of electricity toward Laura hitting her right where she laid. Now if young Laura had a voice she would be screaming her heart out. IT was one thing to be shocked but to be electrified while retaining a metallic skeleton made the pain ten times greater. As the pulses of electricity began to stop Laura’s burnt body lay face flat on the ground. The tip of her fingers were sizzled as her hands were so broken and bloody that all they looked like was a pile of burnt flesh.

Get up! She creamed over and over in her mind but her body didn’t listen. She needed to get up she had to! She couldn’t die! She had just escaped torture and escaped death itself she was not going to have her life lost at the hand of this Skrull! She wouldn’t! “What’s wrong little girl” he said approaching her as his shoulder over looked her torn and beaten body. Her legs retaining no feeling at all, in truth Laura was not even sure if they were still on her body. “I said...what’s the matter!” he screamed as he raised his feet slamming it down toward the emerald eyed assassin. Pressing down with all his might a wicked smile appeared on his face as he removed his foot to look upon the now dead corpse of the once fierce Talon, but to his astonishment all that was present was the ashes of the scrap metal and glass.

Soon the crackling of lighting could be heard as the Skrull instantly turned around to be meant head on with a bright light and beam sending him all the way to the back of the room. And as he slammed into the wall loosened bricks collapsed over him in one sudden and swift collision. Laura stood there not knowing how she could still be standing on her feet as she stared to ensure his destruction. The gun in her hand was smoking, yet the surge of electricity was resonating from all the power that had build up in her body previous. Falling to her knees her she pushed her hands against the ground and cringed at the sting of pain as her bare flesh touched the metallic floor. Most of her skin had been ripped off her hands from that blast along with her legs badly wounded. And her head, blood still continued seeping out of it like she was a broken bottle. 

The Rescue

Each gasp of breath gave her time, the time necessary to regain strength to get a game plan and to fight Char...War Killer! Her emerald eyes darted from where Kab’al had fallen to where she had once saw the dim red light. Taking in one final deep breath she forced herself to get to her feet. Sheathing her gun she placed it in the side of her belt and removed her claws from sight. AS she felt them re-enter her hands and wrist she sunk her teeth into her lower lip to divert her from the sting she felt. Tumbling over pieces of rumble and dead bodies of Skrulls she finally was able to see what....no who was causing it. A Young man, maybe in his late teen years, from his uniform she suspected him a new asset to the COP.

He was bleeding badly and the only thing propping him upward was a large bolder that securely kept him out of eye sight, gladly. She didn’t want to think what would have happened to him if he was out in the open. Approaching him cautiously she noticed her was fading in and out of consciousness no doubt because of the lack of blood is body was producing and losing. Kneeling in front of him she brushed aside his mess of locks as she observed a large head wound he was probably suffering from a concussion also. Moving her hand lower upon his shoulders she could see that a lot of his blood was still seeping out from his chest, he needed medical attention.

Looking at the fallen hero she could not help but re think her encounter with War Killer, it was similar if not an exact replica of this one. The Star spangles hero had been wounded by a vicious attacker in Vine City, Laura not knowing why saved him and from there...all this happened. Her emerald eyes lowered a moment as regret filled her mind due to her reaction toward him. She didn't even ask him the situation, she just assumed the worst. “Hay...” she heard the crimson crusader whispered looking at her “losing blood here.” He said his voice breaking up as he faded back out.

Desperately she looked at her blood covered hands, she couldn’t heal him! What was she thinking! She had Gemini back then she had the power to heal and now...now she was normal Talon she couldn’t heal him! Taking another stare at his wounds the cold realization overcome her as she knew he would not survive long enough to get any medical attention. Pulling his body so he laid flat on the floor she unleashed her claws and sliced down his uniform exposing his battered chest. “Please...” she mouthed to herself as she slid both her hands from his shoulders to his torso in desperation.

Taking in a deep breath she pushed forcefully as she prayed for Gemini to hear her cry. The whole world had stopped for her all there was now was silences cold sting. Shutting her eyes she remained hunched over him not giving up not letting go. “Gemini!!” she called silently her mouth moving yet no words escaping. As she opened her eyes she saw his broken body as she realised his pulse was slowing, he was going to die. As if she was attempting to resuscitate she pushed both hands overlapped upon his chest continuously. After at least twenty seconds she collapsed over him as tears streaming down her crimson stained cheeks. “Don’t die” she mouthed before lifting herself once again.

What was the point if she could kill a super skrull and not manage to save the life of her comrade! She didn't know him but he was a hero, he was young he was so much like...War Killer. And that was why she would not allow him to die, he needed to live, he needed survive she would not allow this young man to die! Once again steadying herself she did the same as before, placing both hands on the unnamed hero. For a long time there was nothing, not a word not a glow but then slowly a dim sapphire light began to resonate from the young Lycans hand as she felt her own power slowly leaving her to flow into this young hero. His red glowing body soon faded to a light blue as she could see the energy illuminate his veins as it flowed through him.

His heart rate slowly began to speed up as his breathing cleared. She witnessed firsthand as his wounds began to close and the bleeding stopped. As the glow slowly stopped and she was able to know his body was recovering she fell to his side laying on her back staring up. Her emerald eyes were racing around as voices started to grow in her mind. No more like whispers. Her head turned to look at the now recuperated hero as her mind fell back to War Killer. Was he alright was he even still alive? Or had the explosion killed him? No! She couldn’t think that! If he had died she would have felt it. She had a connection to that red white and blue clad individual. He was not dead, she would find him!

Sitting up partial amounts of her strength regained she looked over to the man’s life who she had just saved. She knew if she was to leave him here she might as well not have saved him. His life was now in her hands, and she needed to get him to a safe place. “Alright!” she thought as she staggered to her feet, that were now well healed. Lifting his heavy body over her shoulder it placed the palm of her hand against the large boulder to sustain her strength. She would take him to her room, it was on the opposite side of the base, and she doubted anybody would have gone there since she was the only room in that section that was occupied. 

The Second Battle

Taking in a deep breath she then took off in a run as fast as she could with carrying a young man probably double her weight. She could feel the strain building upon her arm and wounded shoulder but she refused to give up. Yet out of nowhere a bean of energy soared inches away from her face, causing her to stop dead in her tracks. Her head turned to see a group of three Skrulls one with the same looking weapon she had previously loosed. As another bolt was fired toward her she dropped to the ground to avoid it. Laying the young heroes body on the ground she looked around for something for her to use as a defence against this weapon. If she charged to her assailants she would surely be taken out by the sheer power of it she needed to block the power...she needed a shield?

Her eyes locked upon a hubcap that had no doubt broken off the destroyed jet. For a moment didn't move as her mind replayed the images of War Killer his fighting style how he used it. Laura was not the type to use shields she was more of a frontal assault kinda gal but now she had no choice but to use a technique she had only seen a couple of times. Her eyes glanced over to the still weakened hero and then to the broken off pieces of metal and just like that she dashed to her feet and ran. Like target practice the Skrulls aimed their weapons at her. Her eyes though never looked at them they focused upon the circular metallic pieces of shrapnel. Her hair blew behind her back as her breaths were each gasps for air. She ran with all the speed in her avoiding beams of electricity that surged both in front and behind her. Sweat poured down her face as she finally preformed a dive avoiding one large blast that managed to just miss the tips of her hair.

It felt as if she had entered into slow motion as her body soared through the air, everything had slowed down at all she was focused upon was the one thing she never thought she’d ever right with. And like pressing plan on a movie her body lunged into action as she rolled upon the ground reaching for the hubcap that was astoundingly still in pretty good shape. Securing her hand upon the thing that once attacked it to the wheel of the jet she turned to face her opponents as another surge of energy flew toward her. Wishing herself luck she placed it before her not sure if it would be able to reflect anything. Her eyes were tightened shut for a moment there was nothing but then with the full force of a tornado the beam made impact upon her shield.

The force managed to push her body back into that of a badly beaten support beam. Wiping the dirt from her face she focused her eyes on the three enemy Skrulls before jumping to her feet and charging toward them. They fired violently and though each blast carried with it a large amount of force, Laura’s will was stronger. Pushing against the gale she found herself now feet away and with that she held the shield so it was turned horizontally before like a frisby she threw it...and it went behind her. Now defenceless Laura stood trying to understand what had just happened. Watching   War Killer it always appeared so simple you aim and threw you calculate the distance times force and then you threw it...what did she do wrong?

It appeared as if the Skrulls were as dumb founded as Talon was about her missing shield, and as Laura realized that she charged toward the one and performing an axe kick she managed to relinquish the weapon from him. The other two skrulls attempted to grab her but to avoid it she dropped to the ground and sliced her left foot causing the second to stumble to the ground before impaling him in the head with her foot claw. Them from behind her she felt the tight grip of the third one wrap around her body and pull her to her feet. He them transformed his arms into rock like hands as his crushing force was increased by tons. She struggled with all that was in her trying to break free but couldn’t seem to brake free. And then when it appeared as if Laura was about to go down a light humming sound resonated from behind her as there was a loud “whooshing” noise and the grip of the green fiend instantly disappeared, causing Laura to drop on all fours. Swiftly turning around she unleashed her twin blades from each hand as she prepared to impale the SKrull that had so mysteriously let her go, but she froze in curiosity once more.

His body laid on the floor drenched in his own blood with his head a few feet away. Laura stood there as her eyes wondered to the head following the trail of blood until it ended in the most oddest places: Near her make craft shield. Slowly Laura approached it once more as she lifted it to fully observe the curvature of its sides to attempt and figure out what the hell just happened but before she got too engrossed she reminded herself who she was protecting. Getting back to the crimson hero his wounds now almost fully healed she placed the shield firmly in her left hand as she used her right to once again place him over her shoulder. With that the next part was simpler, she was able to dash down the hall, it seemed that most of the commotion was in the main hanger bays and meeting areas. After running down several corridors Laura’s was blatantly out of breath as the weight of the young man was weighing down her shoulders. 

Third Battle

Nonetheless the relief that overcame her when she saw her door was beyond full understanding. Unlocking it she entered placing the fallen hero on her bed, once he had fully come to she excepted him to recall some of what they had endured and put the pieces back together and not snoop around. With that she walked toward her window sill, gladly being so far off from the commotion out there she was able to see the Skrull ship that had destroyed most of the hanger bay. That thing was the source of commotion right now in the COP and she was not going to be content just standing by playing babysitter. This hero would be fine.

With that Laura brushed aside here midnight blue locks and turned to walk out the door. Just as her hand grasped around the handle she looked back at the wounded hero a moment as she couldn’t help but wonder what state the star spangled paragon might have been in. With that she left the room shutting the door behind her. As her emerald eyes peered down the hall way she was not content with heading back the same way she came. Picking up the metallic shield and holding it tightly in her right hand a light smirk appeared on her face. Running toward a nearby elevator she was able to pry the doors open, due to the lack of powering.

When the metal doors were parted she stared up the long elevator shaft. The main mode of transportation was somewhere stuck down below and not suspecting the power to come on any time soon she knew she’d have to scale the elevation shaft to get to where she wanted to go. Taking a step back her momentum was shattered as she heard a horde of Skrull soldiers approaching. With no time left she leapt forward digging her claws into metal beams that shot all the way to the ceiling. One of the Skrulls had obviously noticed her as they aimed their weapon for her back and fired. As Laura heard the beam go off from below she steadied her grip as the electronic beam rammed into her back. Yet instead of a surging amount of pain the Shield, that she had slid behind her shirt managed to absorb most of the blast.

With that she continued scaling the tall shaft each step placing pain upon pain on both her hands and feet. Eventually she reached the top and as she did she noticed that one of the Skrulls had shaped their arms into giant blades and was now following behind her. Seeing the escape hatch above she banged her upper shoulder against it attempting to loosen the hinges. After several failed attempts she stared at the dangling elevator wires and then at the Skrull that was now gaining swiftly upon her. Swiftly she reached for it and used her aerobic skills she made it so her feet were pointing upward and her head was now facing downward. A blast of energy surged near her head as it collided into the ceiling above sparks flying from impact.

Straightening her legs she used all her strength to embed her foot claw into the metal and then slide it to create a small hole. As a piece of metal soon dislodged itself and fell hitting the mutated Skrull on the head Laura saw that as her escape. Her hands burning due to the tight grip she held she twirled herself right way up as she jumped upward and managed to have her hands grip upon the edge of the now open shaft. Sun light from above flooded the elevator tunnel causing Laura to blink violently. With her hands around the rim she started to slowly pull herself through it. It was a skinny fit, but the magicians daughter was able to bend and twist her body so she was able to fit.

With almost her entire body on the roof of the COP base she was about to pull her leg up when she found her body now sliding back down. The Skrull had grabbed a hold of her foot and was now pulling her down with all his might. Laura’s nails dug into the smooth metal that plated the Champions’ roof. But no matter how much she tried she couldn’t seem to get a grip, not to mention the Skrull itself was substantially heavier than her. As her body slid nearer and nearer toward the puncture she had created Laura stopped struggling to gain grip and instead reached with lighting speed for her back removing the metallic shield and with all her might brought it down upon the roof. She did it so that the metal was able to sink in and anchor her, and that it did.

Holding onto dear life she struggled to pull herself forward desperately shaking her legs in an attempts to lose her unwanted passenger, yet he held on firmly. Finally it hit her, harder and slightly humiliating. One a swift nerve command she unleashed her foot claws which managed to stab the over grown frog in the eye and caused his grip to suddenly relinquish. With that he soon plummeted to his destruction and just to ensure so, Laura’s head protruded from the whole and watched until his large crash against the floor. Sitting up taking in one deep breath after another she laid her back against the ground and stared upward at the crystal clear sky. You know if today was not so crazy she might have gone to the beach.

Laying there deeply inhaling as she tried to recall why she got up here she slid her hand across her little hub gap shield. Looking at it a moment a slight smile appeared on her face as she could not help but be amused at how difficult this weapon actually was. Retaining her composure she briskly sat up. The Skull Ship that was hovering over the hanger bay was just up ahead, she didn’t have a choice: She had to climb it. With that realization she sprinted forward her feet beating against the curved roof, often avoiding holes that no doubt had been created due to beams of energy.   As Laura staggered to the large hole formed by one of the extending cables from the Skrull ship she looked up at the massive hulking vassal lodged in the sky before peering down. In truth she was still in a hunt for War Killer she had just forced herself to believe he was alright when in truth she wanted to find him. But he was a big boy he could take care of himself, anyways what would people think? Her always coming to his rescue! Clenching her fist the slicing noise of her claws bursting forward into sun light sung through the air before she wildly leaped toward one of the chords attacked to the ship, and she started climbing. 

Inside the Skrull Ship

After several minuets she was able to reach the top and once again form a hole in which she could squeeze through. From her surroundings it appeared if she had entered the cargo bay, it was littered with weapons, guns and other war implements.   As her head turned from side to side she noticed two large metal doors shut tightly. Slowly and silently ducking behind frights and beams she made her way across the floor. It was oddly silent causing Laura to be even more sceptical. Standing before the doors Laura sliced her claws across it forming her own door, and walked through. The halls were empty, no doubt most of the Skrulls were on the surface fighting against the heroes. As the young assassin made her way down the lonely hallways she slid her hand against the walls nonchalantly.

Listening intently to the vassal she started heading for the engine room. Once this ship was destroyed it would at least remove one of the things threatening the COP base. “Freeze!” she heard the hissing come from behind her. Laura froze her eyes dead ahead of her as she lowered both hands to her side. “Turn around and keep your hands up!” the guard barked harshly. Slowly she turned to face him; her tangled sweat and blood drench locks shrouding her eyes. As he ordered her hands lifted above her hand as her fists were relinquished. She didn’t know if she wanted this to happen or if it just did but as she unfolded her hands a blue blast of power...no fire was execrated from them. It dived down the hall toward her assailant instantly overcoming his body and within a matter of moments all that remained of him were his ashes.

Now the shuffling of footsteps could be heard around the corner, and though Laura wanted to explore this hidden power that Gemini had given her, she swiftly made tracks. As her body dashed down the halls ducking past in coming guards and making sharp turns she found the doors leading into the engine room, only snag was there was a key pad and the door had been laced to send bolts of electricity through anybody who attempted to pry them open, Laura knew this from experience on the mother ship where she had been kept. Spinning on her heal she prepared to run back down the hall to find a way to evade this but meeting her was a whole battalion of Skrulls at least a dozen all pointing weapons at her head.

Taking in a deep breath she tighter her hands forming fists as her claws slid through and just as she was about to charge the firing of a pistol resonated in her ears. Several of the Skrulls fell dead to the floor impaled through the head with a bullet. Laura didn’t wait to see who it was around the corner, she knew who it was. Dashing forward she rammed the first Skrull closest to her to the ground as she stabbed his chest continuously. Another attempted to gram her from behind but he fell backward as a dagger was thrown into his chest. At that moment young Laura’s eyes raised to see the colours of red white and blue before her, it was War Killer. She could not help but have a smile form upon her face as she got to her feet retaining her eyes locked upon his deep jade eyes.

Though their contact was swiftly shattered as he raised his weapon firing on an incoming Skrull attempting to attack Talon, and Laura returning the favour lifted her right leg aiming it at the young hero’s neck stabbing another Skrull in the side of his face. As the two dead bodies simultaneously fell to the floor the two teens stood a moment in silence. Laura utterly relieved to see that young hero alive had so many questions but they were all silenced as the patriotic partisan spoke regaining his breath. “I saw you scaling the shaft, I couldn’t let you save the day all by yourself.” He said as that childish smirk once again fell upon his dry lips. Breathing heavily Laura showed a crooked smile as she coughed out the blood that had been building up inside her mouth.

As her mind snapped back into reality she gestured to the key pad upon the door attempting to get a message across to the young man. War Killer placing his hand upon his cheek approached the door slowly staring intently at the key bad. Then with the push of a few buttons the doors suddenly opened. Looking back at Laura, who was not staring at him with an astonished gape he shrugged his shoulders “I was able to contact Mistress Redhead once I entered the ship, and she was able to tell me the activation code.” Nodding her head in understanding   she followed him in and before here was the main reactor core that powered the ship, keeping the population systems active.

“We need to bring this ship down.” The seriousness in the young heroes tone showed Laura that time must have been an issue.   “But first...” he said turning to face Talon as he slowly approached her. Placing his hand upon her bloodied cheek he passed his thumb across it. Laura’s mouth was open yet no words could escape them. “I was so worried.” He whispered before closing in and pressing his lips against hers. Her eyes widened as shock flooded through her mind her body like a bolt of electricity. Talon didn’t know what to do, should she pull away should she accept? But all the questions in her mind were silenced as her eyes slowly closed and she kissed him back. The moment was beyond anything she ever thought she would have felt, this was her dream this is all she desired.

Slowly she pushed him away looking at him with guilt filling her eyes as she mouthed the words “I’m sorry.” But as she did he placed his finger over her lips “Shhh” he whispered pressing in once more as he slid his hands down her back and their tongues met. Engrossed in the moment Laura found herself back to back with the wall as she was the victim of this utterly bliss provoking moment. Their bodies were pressed up against one another as her hands gracefully wrapped around his neck. She felt his hands gradually move under her shirt and she would have moaned if she could. Laura didn’t hesitate she didn’t hold anything back she had wanted this more than anything in the world nothing in her mind would cause her to stop, would cause her to kill this moment.

Yet as they continued a doubt slowly formed itself in the back of her mind, no more like a question. “How did he become this good?” Sure the hero was from another world and was much more than she previously expected from him but really how could be this good? He was many things but to her he was a boy scout and she never picked up any females scent on his body, and she knew he couldn’t have gotten this good overnight. There was no way War Killer was capable of making Laura feel this way. As much as she wanted this, she wanted to feel this she wanted him to do this she could not silence the voice in the back of her mind. And with that she did the most painful thing in the world, a thing she prayed she’d never had to do.

Her claws unleashed and lodged themselves with in his chest. Tears welled in her eyes as she pushed him away with her feet using the wall to give her the force needed. The individual staggered backward a wicked smile appearing on his face. “Aww too bad we would have had a great time.”He said and Laura instantly recognized the voice, it was Kab’als. Obviously the hideous beast had survived. An expression of disgust was placed upon Laura’s face as she charged toward him violently aiming her claws at him to slice him down once more. He grabbed her wrist pulling her in closer so their faces were inches apart. “Why not play pretend with me...” he whispered his voice returning to that of War Killers, yet holding a seductive tone, one that caused Laura to have goose bumps.

Staring into the eyes of the masquerade she found it hard to look away. Tears slid down her blood stained cheeks and as they did he wiped them away slowly. “Its okay”. He whispered in her ear pulling her in for another lust filled kiss, and Laura didn't fight it. Her eyes shut as her thoughts faded and for a moment just a moment she thought wondered if she could maybe pretend just for right now.   Maybe it was Gemini maybe it was another hidden personality of herself but them moments later she found herself standing before the decapitated body of War Killer, that now slowly faded into that of the Skrull lieutenant Kab’al. “He’ll never love you...” those were the final words of the monstrous being as his eyes closed and he breathed his last.

Wiping the tears from her eyes only to have more slid down her face she turned away, yet as she did she collapsed to her knees. She wanted to scream she wanted to die, how could she do this! How could she! How could she have left the young hero by himself! She didn't even go look for him, for all she knows he could have survived but now be dead! No! He was alive she was going to find him and tell him! She was going to tell him...she loved him. Getting to her feet she turned to the main reactor and slowly approached it stepping over the dead body of the Skrull. Standing over the computer she unleashed her claws and stabbed it over and over, unleashing all the anger that was within her. Eventually bolts of power started surging from the core as it was overloading. The blue sphere changed to a glowing read as a countdown was started “T minus 30 seconds to detonation.”

With that her body leaped up as if it had never been down. She raced down the halls ignoring all other Skrulls that charged after her. Gun fire could be detected behind her as bolds of energy soared behind her attempting to hit her, she dogged every one. Yet not to her knowledge her hands once again started to glow a bright blue. Her emerald eyes were focused on now a large hole that had been imbedded upon the front of the ship. The countdown was now in the teens as she leaped over one Skrull stabbing him in the chest before continuing. She was nearing the open hole now and as she attempted to figure out another way out she came to her only and last option: She had to jump.  

The Fall

As her feet left the ground she soared in the air a few moments as she almost thought she would fly. But once again her dream was shattered with the destruction of the Skrull ship. Pieces of shrapnel flew in all directions. In mid air her body now plummeting to the ground Laura turned to face the explosion. Grabbing the shield she tightened her grip as she was able to block the sharp edges of metal that was shooting toward her. With her back to the swiftly approaching ground she turned to see the slanting roof top that lead to the hole in the hanger bay. AS the wind blew her hair wildly the emerald eyed mercenary twisted her body so now the shield was aiming for the ground.

Balancing her legs upon it she prepared herself for the hard impact that lay ahead. Her eyes retained shut as the full force of her hubcap hitting the roof almost knocked her body off. Slowly opening her emerald orbs she cause see herself now; using the shield almost like skateboard she coarse toward the gap in the ceiling. Steadying herself with her hands still grasping the curved edges she then let go of her faithful curved defence as she leapt into the air performing frontal flip in the air. There was an estimated drop of about 30 feet to the ground. Laura fixed her body so her hands were pointing forward as if she was diving. As the ground was nearer she was now able to detect a broken wire hanging from the broken lighting system.

Extending her hands she managed to tightly gasp it, yet as she the skin of her hands started to be ripped off as she continued to slide toward the ground. Gritting her teeth she never relinquished her grasp she never let go. Even though her own flesh screamed for her to relinquish the cable she didn’t listen. Finally reaching the end of her string her body hurled itself madly out of control into a pile of rubble. Every bone in the young girls body ached. Her poor hands were blistered red as their bare flesh was now exposed. Her shoulder was dislocated and her kneecap was shattered: she wasn’t happy. Looking above the smoke from the exploding Skrull vessel could be seen sending a pillar of darkness into the heavens.

Since the fall Laura’s throat had been burning immensely for a reason she didn’t know. Slowly sitting up a scene instantly appeared in front of Laura, a scene that she really didn't see when falling toward the ground. A large creature...humanoid its back to Laura was standing looking as something someone. She held something in her hands. Laura detect it, her back still pained but she forced herself to stagger to her feet. Blood ran down her pale face as she wiped it away. She might not have known what she had fallen into but one thing she did know was the scent. It was the scent she had found on her hero, on War Killer on his lips. Slowly a fist curled as her eyes widened to see the beast held the star spangled shield in her hand and raising it high above a young man.

Laura’s blood froze as she saw that the beaten body that laid before this witch was that of her charming red white and blue hero. “Charles...” her lips mouthed.   “Haven’t you learned anything from girls?” the female spoke in an amused tone “There is nothing worse than a woman’s scorn.” And as those last words rolled off her slithering tongue she raised the shield ready to bring it down upon the fallen hero. Laura’s emerald eyes then managed to meet with that of the young heroes. Laura’s eye contact broke off as her fists tightened so hard that her nails dug into her own hand causing drops of blood to fall.

With that the woman turned to face Laura and a look of shock over came her yet as it did a devious smile curled upon her lush red lips. “Aww look what the cat dragged in.” The young Lycans breathing had become heavier like that of a panting dog as she continued to approach Nightstorm. “Little girl this is no place for you, I suggest you turn away and I won’t involve you in this.” “No.” Laura said with all the hatred of hell in her voice. The sound that resonated from her throat caught Laura off guard as she raised her hand to her thought feeling the wound that stretched across it. Her eyes then wandered to the sky were vague silhouette of the full moon could be seen. She didn’t know what was allowing her to speak but she wasn’t going to remain silent. 

The Final battle

“The moment you laid your filthy hands upon that young boys body, you can bet like hell that was the moment I was involved.” Her sound of her claws unleashing echoed in the sudden silence that surrounded these two femme fatal. The Skrull Nightstorm chuckled slightly as she extended her hand pointing her finger toward young Laura. “Be that your choice.” And with that her fingers stretched forth charging toward Laura like pythons ready to strike. They curved around one another as they were ready to embed themselves into Laura’s flesh. Yet as they crashed into the pile of rubble that surrounded Laura dust was awoken into the atmosphere clouding Nighstorms vision. And as the dust settled the green beast discovered that the only things her fingers had punctured was the wall.

Retracting her fingers to their normal length her head instantly snapped to look to her right as she mutated her fist into that of hammer and slammed beside her, but once again the dust settled to reveal nothing. Laura’s claws shimmered in the pricing sunlight that glimmered through the shattered ceiling as she remained crouched to the female Skulls left. The monsters head slowly turned as she shook her head sighing “Appears that I might have underestimated....” but before the woman’s sentence could finish Laura was on her feet leaping into the air as she performed a summersault aiming her talons toward the creatures face. As Laura neared the females head her body was instantly stopped in mid flight as Nightstorms arm rammed straight though Laura’s chest.

Blood seeped out of Talons opened mouth like a leech the shape shifted flexed her hand letting Laura’s body slid off it and crash into the wall. Laura crashed into the wall as her back snapped she let out a timid moan of pain as she fell flat on her face. Blood gushed from her chest like a fountain and though she placed her hand over the hole it didn’t do anything. On her knees the young Lycan staggered to her feet but found herself collapsing into her own pool of blood that was building up around her. On the ground she raised her head to see the now fully humanoid Nightstorm standing before her licking the blood off her hands with an amused smile on her face. “See child...you were better off being the slut.”

Laura’s canines grew to a point as the feral wolf with in her was clawing to be unleashed. “NO!!” She screamed as she, ignoring her wounds jumped to her feet preparing to stab the woman in heart but as she did with lighting speed Nightstorm reached and clasped her hand so tightly around Laura’s wrist her bones within started snapping. Clenching her teeth so no sound of agony would escape her lips Laura used her foot claw to slice upward and with enough momentum she swung her entire foot above her head and followed with a back flip. Her foot claw sliced up the Skrulls right side of her face causing her to let out a death like scream which also allowed Laura’s wrist to brake free. As her body spun through the air she turned to her side as she preformed another kick unleashing her foot claws as she sliced it across the masquerades chest.

Using the force she pushed herself backward and as her body skidded backward to a halt as her hand glided upon the ground. The puncture that had been formed in Laura’s chest was still visible but the bleeding for the most part had slightly stopped. Yet due to all the movement the Lycan princess was making her wound was unable to fully heal. Cringing in place Laura placed her hand over the wound while wincing. “You little...”The skull said staggering back as she placed her hand over the sliced side upon her face. “I’ll kill you!!!” she shouted as she charged toward Laura as both her hands fingers extended themselves shooting forward like vines ready to stab the young girl if she gave them the chance.  Laura racing toward her opponent, dodged the incoming fingers that tried to hard to grasp her.

Though as she attempted to disclosed the distance between the two one of the females fingers cut straight though her right shoulder. Even though a flood of pain ran through her body Laura didn't allow this to phase her. As the finger past through her bone and marrow Laura instantly swept her hand slicing it off as she continued running. Yet the moment she cut through another finger directly rammed toward her, before she knew it Laura found herself cutting through a forest of incoming fingers, no matter how many she sliced through they would just morph back and head toward her. This obviously placed strain on Laura’s momentum and she started losing focus. Laura’s brow winced as another rammed straight through her opposite shoulder and then her lower thigh. Despite the fact that she continued cutting herself lose that didn't chance the fact that her wounds were healing much slower.

The young Lycan could feel her power faded and her energy slowly seeping out of her like the blood that now stained her every foot step. Eventually tired of these games she leaped up into the air aiming and brought her claws down upon both of Nightstorms hands instantly slicing them off. With that her feet touched the ground as she attempted to kick toward the woman’s head   unleashing her claw once more but as she did something utterly unexpected occurred. As she raised her foot there was a swift slicing down and before Laura knew what had happened body instantly started losing speed.  

The Female Skrull unleashed hardened blow upon the assassins ribs shattering them and forcing Laura’s figure to form a crater into the floor. Her body was sent through the tile flooring as she could feel it spearing into her back and shoulders. Gasping for air she managed to sit up and when she was about to leap to her feet to attempt another attack at this monster she came to a hideous realization. As her eyes followed down to her legs she noticed that her right leg was totally detached. The pain obviously only suddenly hit her like a giant wave. Forcing her hands over her mouths she attempted to muffle a loud cry of pain. Her panting had grown uneven as her eyes diverted up toward Nightstorm, her emerald eyes had faded to a bright yellow as she was able to locate her other leg. Placing all her weight upon her finger tips she boosted herself upward using her single leg to propel her forward.

The female now whose appearance had slightly deteriorated sent her arm flying toward the young Lycan in an attempt to shoo her away like a fly. Laura’s neck snapped to the right as she reached for her sliced off foot, and use the claws that had remained unleash to cut off the Skrulls hand. With that the feral eyed assassin continued with her strike as she drove her hand claws into the woman’s chest. An earth quaking cry could be heard from the best as Laura forced her hands deeper twisting and twirling her hands in the creatures chest. “You...” but before she could finish Laura’s claws sliced directly up the Skrulls face once more. When Laura was about to boot herself away in retaliating Nightstorm lashed out grabbing Laura’s other leg and using her mighty strength she flung her against the floor like a towl.

Laura’s back snapped in arch form as she felt the blood leaving her head once more. Her hand released her other leg in the struggle, it now laid somewhere else in the room. Talon’s eyes for a moment remained close yet when they opened they and returned to their previous jade. Taking in one deep breath she attempted to sit upward using her working left leg to give her the extra boost but to her horror her left leg was gone. The young girls wide eyes stared, she had never seen her body in such a state and the pain? Oh the pain was beyond anything, tears started swelling in Laura’s eyes but not because of the hurt she was feeling but because she was losing! She was fighting for her hero, how could she be losing!

“Well…” The skrulls voice trailed off as she stood over Laura with that devilish smile curled upon her green face. “Looks as if I have the upper hand…” her head then turned as she lifted her right hand up which held Laura’s other leg. “Or should I say…upper foot?” she snickered. Leaning down she looked the young girl in the eyes as her slimly hand slid to grasp her cheek. “STOP LEAVE HER ALONE!!!” Laura’s eyes widened in shock as she glanced over to young Charles who sat there across the room, he had been the one to call out to her. Nightstorm glanced over her shoulder before returning her eyes upon Laura “I’ll deal with you after...” she whispered before getting up.

Laura wanted to get up she wanted to kill that monster she needed too! As the young lycan sat there helpless she watched as the Skrull woman shifted her hand into that of a large spear...where was War Killer’s shield? “This isn’t over yet!” the young girls enraged tone spiralled across the room. “Oh yessss it is dearest.” The jade beast said turning to face the broken girl as her brow raised, for clasped in Laura’s arms was the Star Spangled heroes shield. “What are you going to do with that little girl?” she said in a mocking tone. Laura’s eyes focused on the shield as she held onto it with dear life, she needed time she needed some time! With that she aimed the shield at exactly the right point before taking in a deep breath and throwing it.

Nightstorm watched as the lycans one and last chance to stop her flew straight behind her and as is did a loud laugh escaped the woman’s lips. “Wow...you know you had me there for a moment.” A devious smile had grown upon Talon’s lips as she stared at the jade beast a moment. As the woman turned once more ready to strike at the fallen hero a blowing sound resonated in Laura’s ears. Taking in a deep breath she watched as the young heroes shield spun toward the ceiling. Laura knew that if she had attempted a decapitation she would be unable to achieve it, so she did the next best thing. And as the eternal symbol of truth and hope rammed itself into the unsteady ceiling the roofing around that area instantly collapsed over the masqueraders head.

Laura’s body fell back as she inhaled deeply a moment. Wiping the dried tears from her cheek she located her other leg. Turning on her stomach she dragged herself across the floor as fast as her body could take her. She knew that would not keep her opponent down for long and she also knew that if she would have to time her healing factor into this equation. As her stomach and chest slid over broken pieces of glass and metal she found herself losing consciousness. Yet the young assassin was determined and so she kept her eyes upon the prize. In her mind though, the young girl desired to go to War Killer, to tell him how sorry she was before this fluke moments of her speech was gone.

Finally reaching her head she flipped on her back as she sat up. Become more dozy every second she reattached her one leg, for all she needed was one. As her eyes were focused upon the joining of her legs that same eerie voice spoke once more “Times up.” Laura’s head jerked upward as her eyes fell upon the emerald beast that stood now directly in front of Charles holding her blade high. The mouthing of the words no escaped Laura’s lips as she looked swiftly back to her right leg that in no way could be healed any time. And something happened in that moment, those few seconds. Even though it was probably no more than 6 seconds before this Skrull would kill the very last person on earth Laura had the strength to care about, it felt more like six hours. 

The Desperation

Her emerald eyes remained focused upon her leg as she started whispering “Heal!” Tears started to build up as they slid down her blood stained cheeks. She needed to get to him she had to! He couldn’t die! She wouldn’t let him! He...he was everything to her she couldn’t love him she wouldn’t! He was her only reason for living she joined this team to protect him, she had escaped the Skrull captors because of him and she was not going to let him die a meaningless death! She was not going to let him die! Not ever! Her grip hardened upon her leg as she began forcing the healing procedure to take place but even as she did she knew the healing would never be finished in time.

“I need power...” she whispered to herself. “I need more power...” her voice   started to sound more enraged as she murmured that over and over. Her eyes flashed yellow, then blue and finally crimson. Her hands began to glow as her body resonated a dim reddish light. Her teeth grew to a point as instantly a sound, like that of an earthquake or avalanche shattered the whole building. Nightstorm who was ready to bring the ax upon her ex lover turned to see nothing but smoke and ash from where the young girl had one sat. “Looks as if she’s deserted you...” the green monster said as she brought her hand down ready to impale the Patriot Paragon.

Yet just as her hand was lowered her eyes widened in shock as her green blood went spewing in all directions. “Ugh!!” she cried staggering back but as she did a piece of metal was impaled in her back causing even more pain. Reaching to pull out dagger which laid in her back a gust of wind and ref passed in front of her as her other hand fell to the ground. AS her arms started to grow back her eyes fell to the young girl that stood in front of her, at first she thought it might have been that snivelling pest from before but this one was different. Her hair...that wasn’t hair that was fire burning in the place of hair and the whole girls body there was no single wound even present. Her hands were gripped tightly against a sword, a sword whose blade was black as night and had smoke gushing from it. Her clothing was metal glad appearing like gold and silver laced upon her upper chest leaving her stomach exposed and then more of it clad in the form of a skirt upon her lower thighs.

“Times up...” the girls cursed voice said as a wicked smile grew on her face. Running toward Nightstorm she raised her sword bringing it down so slice the being in half. But as she did she was able to alter her attack to the right to stop an oncoming assault of fingers aimed to imbed themselves into her side. As she cut them like if they were mere twigs her bright burning eyes fell upon the jade beast. With one swing she was able to send her sword down the woman’s right shoulder not severing it but slashing it all the way down her chest before she leaped backward having her feet slid against the ground to make her body come to a halt.

The blood curdling cry of pain could be heard as the wounds that this metal clad crusader had unleashed started to start burning the remaining flesh that surrounded the wounds. In utter rage the green beast unleashed her arm shaping it in the form of a massive sword. She swung it violently toward the red resonating girl wanting to slice her in half but as it neared the girl her arm once again fell to the ground as Laura, now wielding the sword of Hades was hovering above the female skrull, her sword burning for more. “Funny...” Laura’s voice spoke “Look who’s got the upper hand now...”. And like an enraged dog Nightstorm charged toward Laura unleashing her full Skrull form upon the girl.

She ripped up a piece of the floor and threw it toward Talon with tremendous strength. Jumping forward she held her sword in both hands as she brought it down slicing through the pieces of metal before landing on the floor, head bend and her fiery hair laying over her face. Her bright crimson eyes illuminated her face as she turned to look upon the incoming mass of green ready to shred her to pieces. Yet as she did the Skrulls hand, which she had detached dug deeply into her back pushing through her front. Falling to her knees she wrapped her hands around the grasping arm as with a cry she pulled it out. Her hands glowed violently as she placed it ovr her wound was stared gushing out blood once more. The sword in her other hand disappeared entirely as her hair reverted back to its normal midnight blue.

Laura’s eyes flashed emerald as she coughed out gallons of blood before having her body wacked across the room into a pile of rubble. “See! You are weak!” Nightstorm said while panting. Laura’s small body slowly scourged out of the pile of trash she was in removing shards of metal and wood that had lodged themselves upon her shoulder and back. Sweat pouring down the girls feet she staggered to her feet as the wound that had previously been caused was entirely gone. “Your wound...doesn’t matter you’ll be dead soon.” The emerald monster cried out as she reached her hands forward clasping them tightly around Laura’s body and pulling her toward her. With their faces inches away and her iron grip around Laura’s body she said a smile curling across her face “Lets see how skinny those bones of yours really are...”

Slowly but painfully Nightstorm started to tighten her grip on the ground girl, and though she let out cry after cry of pain as the metal laced bones with in her were cracked, the skrull showed no mercy. Laura’s head fell limp as she stared at the ground tears swelling in her eyes, she wanted to look at him she wanted her last picture in her mind to be that of War Killer’s face but she couldn’t bring herself to doing it. As the smile grew upon the imposters face as her hands grew tighter and tighter around the Lycans voice she soon heard the young girl starting to chuckle. “What are you laughing about brat!” she said slapping her across the face. Laura’s head slowly turned to look upon the beast and Nightstorms heart stopped as those same crimson eyes were looking back on her.

From the slap blood seeped down Laura’s face as her whole body started to glow red once more. The Skrulls hands started to burn but she wouldn’t let go and instead she started grasping tighter and tighter. Laura’s blood stained brow rose as she smiled whispering “Is that all you got?” And with that like lighting the monsters arms fell limp next to her as she could have screamed but she was to overcome with shock and fear. “You can’t silence me!” yet this time the voice was not directed as Nightstorm but someone else. With that Laura’s hand clasping her sword tightly swung slicing off the females’ shoulders. Green blood poured down like rain, but as it hit Laura’s body it instantly evaporated. “Good bye Stacy...” she said with a devilish smile. 

The End

“NO! You can’t! This can’t be the end!...and...and how do you know my REAL name!?” Laura’s body paused a moment as her burning locks of hair blew aside to exposed her full facial features. Burning red eyes, blood stained brow and black lips: Now it was Laura’s turn to play monster. With that she raised her arm as if she was going to slice straight down the middle, and so the Skrull raised her hands in defence. But just then with mille seconds to spar she twisted her arms as she went for the vertical slice. It was all so sudden as the sword penetrated through the female imposters body Laura leapt into the air as she rammed the hilt of her sword into the woman’s upper part sending it ramming through the wall and following not to far behind was her legs.

As they both rammed straight through the Champions of Peace’ building they broke through the wall falling to the ground. Laura’s body could be seen hovering above as she watched as the Skrulls body even now was attempted to heal itself. “No...mercy....” she said in an emotionless tone as she aimed her hand toward the Skrull and just as the hulking body was about to ram into the ground and beam of fire fell from the young Lycans hands as she unleashed all the fury of hell and instantly disintegrated...Stacy. Slowly Lowering herself she returning inside the broken and beaten body, her body’s red glow now slowly faded but her eyes remained the same crimson.

Taking in one deep breath after another she approached War Killer letting go of her sword. Holding out her hand she caught his shield the moment it dislodged itself from the ceiling. The fire in her hair died and soon her midnight blue locks fell over her sweat and blood stained locks. Falling to her knees she placed her arms around her as she held him tightly not wanting to ever let go. “I...I..I’m sorry...so sorry.” She said gasping for air as her tears slid onto his ton uniform. Now was the moment she had been so eagerly waiting for, she could speak so why didn’t she? She wanted to say so much she had so much to say but no words escapes her lips.

Slowly she pulled away from him, her eyes returning to their previous jade colour. She slid the tip of her fingers across his cheek as she leaned in a moment kissing him on the check before swiftly pulling away and getting to her feet. Preparing to walk away she stopped and handed him his shield that was on the floor as she whispered “Please...don’t go outside.” With that she walked away, and the strength necessary to once again tear herself away was beyond anything. 


Walking at a brisk pace outside her eyes were focused on the hole in the wall, the one she had kicked the Skrull out of. She didn’t know fully how she did it she didn't want to not yet. Her hands slowly formed into fists as the red once again returned to her body. Sunlight flooded into her eyes as she jumped out the hole dropping a story before her feet landed perfectly upon the ground. For a moment she stayed like that gathering her strength...summoning the power. Clouds soon slowly began to form in the heavens as the light from the sun was blotted out. Getting to her feet she closed her eyes a moment as the impossible happened. Her body gave off a radiant crimson glow as the gravity of anything near her started to become unstable as they started floated

Extending her hand to the sky a bolt of lightning touched down upon her fist as the energy surged through her body the ground cracked a moment as her blood red eyes opened. As this occurred she started mumbling something in an unknown language probably even to her. Soon fire erupted from her hand as a pillar of flames flew to the heaven a moment as the sky grew red. Her whole body was engulfed in flames as she let out one final earth quaking scream before she accomplished her task. With her voice echoing off the heavens each Skrull that remained on earth, each little creature that had either entered into a battle or was now hiding like the coward it was...was killed. Genocide was not something Talon encouraged but the moment War Killer was brought into this, she knew she’d lost it.

She didn’t know where this power came from, it wasn’t Gemini it had to be her father’s Precise, yet she knew not even he harnessed darkness like she was now wielding her hand hands. The body of the remaining Skrulls on earth would instantly dissolve to ashes. Finally the pillar of flames instantly disappeared as moments later rain heavy cold icy rain fell from the heavens as the clouds returned to their regular gray colour. Laura’s body now both physically and emotionally exhausted started to fall but Laura, tightly grasped a hold of a nearby pole propping herself up. Her action only involved the Skrulls on earth, the ones in the sky she had no control over and she knew that the other COP members could deal with them.

As for if she really had wiped out all the Skrulls on earth...well time would only tell. She doubted anybody had seen her little supernatural special and she didn’t want them to. The young emerald eyed girl her clothes all tattered and torn staggered into the base once more. After managing to get her body to the second floor she pushed past the broken doors as she collapsed to the ground. Taking in a few deep breaths a light smile was brought to her face as she saw young War Killer there, standing but still in the building. Extending her hand outward telling him not to venture nearer she got to her feet attempting to stand as she walked toward him. Her moon light blue hair dangled drenched in sweat over her face as her exhausted jade eyes couldn’t look away from him.

Finally she managed to stand in front of him as she looked at him a moment with the same grin on her face. “I....are you okay?” she stuttered while asking. But then she was utterly overcome by a wave of disorientation as she collapsed upon the hero, her fully body weight causing them both to fall to the ground. Trying to get a grip of herself she briskly sat up her cheeks bright red as she stuttered trying to say an apology. “Laura it’s okay, I’m fine...thanks to you.” He said with that boyish grin as he sat up sliding his hand over her face. Placing her hand over his she removed it from her cheek as she stared deeply into his emerald eyes. And like before, she collapsed in his arms asleep, and exhausted. Though this time, she did it willingly knowing that she’d not have it any other way. 

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The killing blow had been dealt.
The Skrulls made the first move, kidnapping the heroes Closure, Talon, Charge Up and Mistress Redhead and replacing them, among others, with imposters. They lured the rest of Earth's heroes into traps, designed to eliminate them all. War Killer led Slight, Uchiha Hotaru, Warrior Guyver X and Cly to Alaska, the site of a crashed spaceship, straight into a Skrull ambush. Sovereign Son took the Shadow Squad: Crazy Eights, Dark Huntress and the Talon impersonator to Peru, where they ran into the demon-possessed Feral Nova. And the Young Champions, led by CellPhoneGirl, held down the fort at Champion Tower, where the shocking truth about Sarah Lockhart was revealed. At that moment, the Skrull invasion truly began. It seemed hopeless.
Yet, despite all this, the Champions of Peace stayed strong. Chevie Lockhart eliminated her mother's replacement; the Champions survived the Alaska ambush, defeating the Skrull disguised as Charge Up; Sovereign Son apprehended Feral Nova and discovered the Skrull on his squad; while Eclipse rallied the troops at the Tower. All squads made their way back to base, Champion City, the centre of the Skrull attack. Once there, Crazy Eights tore a huge chunk out of the ground troops; CellPhoneGirl, Slight and Wavelight destroyed many airships; and Sovereign Son donned a battlesuit, piloting it to the Queen's ship, where he freed the prisoners and guided them back to Earth. Then, the Mothership was revealed, prompting Eclipse to summon his power in order to decimate the air troops, destroying all of the warships but the Mothership. However, he also teleported all the Skrulls on board the ships back up to the remaining vessel, and gave the Skrulls one last chance to retreat before his comrades took over. They refused, and Commander Og-Har attacked the young hero in return.
The immortal Constantine took over at that point, nobly sacrificing his own life to destroy the Mothership before it could destroy Earth. Over half of the Skrull invasion was completely wiped out in that one move. The leaders of the invasion were annihilated, leaving the remaining ground troops without purpose or direction. With nothing else to do and only death awaiting them, these remaining soldiers attacked, causing as much destruction as possible, until suddenly... They were no more. Thanks to the efforts of Talon, most of the Skrulls on Earth were wiped out, with only a few stragglers and sleeper agents remaining. And so, the Champions of Earth were victorious. The Skrulls had been defeated and the invasion was over.
For the most part... 

Aboard the Mothership

"Out of my way, fools!" Roared Commander Og-Har, throwing Skrull soldiers out of his way and he marched towards his personal royal ship. For Og-Har was more than just Commander of the Skrull army, he was the Queen's brother and, following her death, heir to the throne and leader of the Empire. As such, his survival was the most important thing. But his subjects didn't care, they were in a total state of panic and rebellion. Og-Har had declared that Earth should be eliminated, but half of his army still remained on the ground. He was willing to sacrifice these soldiers and destroy the entire planet, but the others on board disagreed. So Og-Har retreated, heading for his only escape. 
With his superior strength he easily made it to the shuttle and was jetting out into space, away from his crumbling empire, when the Mothership exploded into a fiery inferno. "... What?!" The Commander exploded in rage. And his anger only increased when he realized that, according to the monitors in his ship, the entire ground fleet had also been taken out in a single blow. "No! My... My Empire! I have nothing left! No-one!" Slamming his fists against the display on his ship, the monitors switched to a recording of Sovereign Son, the one responsible for the death of his sister, leaving Earth, bidding a touching farewell to a young girl... "His daughter! Yes!" Og-Har yelled, his eyes dancing with glee as he set course for Earth once more. 


Landing a short distance away from Champion Tower, he sprinted to the base of the Champions of Peace, shifting his form as he did so. Along the way he bumped into a small human, but took no notice and kept running. Soon he arrived at the headquarters, with Chevie Lockhart in sight, disguised perfectly as Sovereign Son, even wearing an imitation of the same suit of armor. "Chevie!" He exclaimed in Mike Lockhart's voice, running towards the young girl and pulling her into a tight hug. As soon as he touched the girl, he grinned, pulling an alien gun from his belt. Mere moments later, the real Sovereign Son and Mistress Redhead arrived, their escape pod having now landed. "Stop where you are!" Og-Har yelled, revealing his true face as he wrapped one arm around Chevie's throat and held the alien gun to her temple. "I want you to see this happen! I want you to feel the pain I felt when you tore away my family! My entire species! The death of this girl will cause you one iota of the pain you have caused me!" He was screaming now, totally delirious, and spat a curse in his native tongue, pulling his hand in an attempt to pull the trigger. 
But nothing happened. Looking down at his hands in disbelief, Og-Har was left speechless as he realized that he had no fingers. "You should watch where you're going." A voice snarled from behind the Skrull, as suddenly a sword erupted from his chest, sticking out over Chevie's head and dripping green blood into her hair. The attacker used his sword to pull the Commander away from his target, withdrawing the blade and spinning the Skrull so they were now face to face. "I'm the one who cut off your fingers, in case you were wondering." He swung his sword swiftly, causing a clean cut straight through his opponent's neck. "I also just cut off your head. In case you were wondering. Scum." The young boy spat at his fallen enemy, the last of the Skrull monarchy. Turning to face the rest of the heroes, Chevie's saviour was revealed. It was someone Mistress Redhead had met before, when he attempted to lure Eclipse into a trap and kill them both. It was Hesperus. "I'm tired of playing with criminals." The ten year old assassin smirked. "I've come to ask for a place on this team, if you'll have me."    
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Shock swept across her parents faces as they watched the strange boy rescue her from the Skrull man who tried to hurt her, but she was looking past them all, the dripping of the Skrull blood on her head as she narrowed her eyes to see her Uncle surrounded by the other Skrull men and women left on earth, those that did not explode when Crazy set off the trigger were swooping in on him. Leaping down Chevies little hands pumped as she ran, leaping past her parents and the boy who had rescued her to save her uncle.   The whites of her knuckles showing as the little fists clenched, running as hard as she could the air beneath her seemed to spin as she began to lift off the ground, her power driving her forward as she screamed.


Her voice seemed to rip through the air, the screech breaking the sound barrier as the brains of the skrulls surrounding Crazy Eights shattered, green and red blood exploding around him, smattering his suit with the dripping flesh of his enemies. Chevie landed at his feet, her whole body trembling slightly from the residual use of her powers her little body heaving with anger for a moment before she looked up at his shocked face, covered in green slime. “It’s ok Uncle, I made the bad men go away” she patted his hand as she lead him back to the tower, stepping carefully over the bodies on the floor she made a face as her shoes squelched over a bit of Skrull skull “gross” she muttered as the pair walked in through the tower, passing her mum and dad dealing with Aunty Surreal’s son she smiled at the boy who glared at her for a moment before smiling back, almost leering at her.

 Crazy’s mouth still hanging open as he clomped behind the little girl, a gargling of words trying to form in his throat, the doors of the lift swinging shut behind them as a woosh of air covered the “fuccccccc****” that escaped his mouth, Chevies voice could be heard as the elevator raised “ooooh you said a nasty word Uncle”


Mike held Sarah upright as they limped into the elevator, her wounds from the Skrull invasion evident against the torn leather of her uniform. Dried blood sat across her hair, her hands raw, her nails chipped and torn from the endless torture they had inflicted on her. The only human amongst the others who were captured, Sarah had suffered the hardest.

Chevie and Crazy sat in the small lounge area as they entered, Mike helped Sarah to a chair as he led the others to the decontamination shower at the back of the house, the windowed off area built for times like this. Sarah smiled as she watched Chevie whine about stripping down to her underwear as Crazy whipped off his suit in the other cubicle.

Hei, the house maid and old friend of the family entered. A deadly trained and brutal Korean woman with a large gash across her face had been brought to the family home to help with Chevie and the housework after she needed a place to escape from her home. Carrying Chevies green blood stained clothes to take them to the laundry paused at Sarah’s side. Looking up startled, Sarah peering through her one good eye, the other bruised and swollen “What is it Hei?” The strong woman looked down at Sarah with some pity as she pulled a letter out of her pocket and handed it to Sarah, silently leaving the room. Frowning at the script on the front Sarah’s heart began to race as she ripped open the envelope and read the contents, tears streaming down her face as she finally found out what had happened to Constantine. His words touched her as she read on, the tears changing to small sobs as the hardened Sergeant, the pain of the torture, near death of both her husband and her daughter finally broke down.  The ink pooled on the letter as Mike entered the room, rushing to his wife’s side; she silently handed over the letter as he gripped her hand, kneeling in front of her. Mike pulled her close as he took the note from her and read over it himself, his hands white as they gripped the edges of the paper. The pair holding each other’s hands for a moment as they remembered their dear friend “He went out how he always wanted, pretty and young” laughed Sov through a gulped back tear. Sarah smiled weakly as she pulled back her hand to wipe the tears off her face. “We will have to use some of his money to build him a statue; we can put it next to Andy’s”

Mike nodded; turning to pick up the tissue box he pulled one out for his wife he stared at the cubicles smiling at his daughter and Crazy standing in the decontamination unit being hosed down.   Turning her head to watch them as well she sighed “you guys really trashed my suits” pushing up from the chair. Limping slightly Mike jumped up to assist as she walked over to wrap a towel around her daughter and pull her close for a hug, Chevie squirmed against her mother’s pull but let the hug come after a moment. Crazy and Mike spoke quietly as Mike filled him in on how Con saved the world.

Taking her daughters hand, Sarah led her to her room to change and sat the girl on her bed, watching as she dried off her hair with the towel trying to twist the wet hair into patterns. Sarah fished out clean clothes and left her daughter to change, aware of the coming of age of her youngest daughter, the thought leading her into a lost memory of another time she walked out into the master bedroom and slumped down on the King Size bed.

Con’s death was a mighty blow to the leader and she hurt from it, it had been a hard year running the team that was Andfernes goal, the change in leadership left her and Eclipse alone in the management. Eclipse’s burden keeping him busy often left the tough decisions to her, his brother and the drama about his future was something that he carried well.   Kurrent and Nighthunter had major issues occurring in their lives that pulled them away from the team commitment and a change was needed, she had been mulling over it for some time and the decisions were made recently, but it was not to be announced until we had all recovered from the damage done with the Skrull army. Today’s events throwing her even more, Hesperus now sitting in the Champion tower dining room scoffing down all the food they had that Charge could feed him. The boy would be part of them now, the Lockharts forever in his debt, but forever watching his every move, his mother had attacked Sarah not so long ago but deep down Mike still thought of Surreal as his sister and in some ways would always do what he could to rescue her… even if it meant taking in her demon spawn.

Sighing and raising herself off the bed Sarah looked in the full length mirror on the wall and ran her hands down the black leather cat-suit, peeling the second skin off, her wounds more prominent as the bruises and bloody cuts, bitten out bits of flesh and burn marks were exposed. The leader of the Champions limped to the shower turned on the hot water and sat in the cubicle, her legs too her chest as she wept for all that she had lost.


Sarah and Eclipse sat at the round table looking at all the members present, a few showing the same signs as Sarah of a hard battle one, while others were totally healed and ready for more action. The members of the Shadow Squad standing at the back of the room, brooding as the waited, never happy unless a gun was in their hand and blood spraying across their face. Her eyes lingering over Dark Huntress for a moment before catching a glimpse of Talon looking at War Killer with a smile that she knew, oh too well. Hesperus hunched in one corner was ignoring the odd looks of the other members as they eyed him off, she could feel Eclipse buzzing next to her as he felt his “other half” in the room. He had not been happy about Sarah allowing the boy to stay but accepted that if the boy wanted to change, at least here they could watch him. CPG, Closure and Charge Up sat together at one end, she could see that a bond had formed between Closure and Charge after the rescue and knew they would be changed somehow. Cly sat, nervous without his partner in crime at his side, but she knew the great dragon was zooming around the tower outside, next to him sat The Wanderer his face scanning the room, showing little but attentive expression. Ethan and Paragon shared a laugh as they waited on the commanders to speak, she took a moment to look at Ethan and wondered again at his loyalty but let it go as she glanced over the rest of the team that was left after the war, her eyes landing on their most recent member.

 Stephanie was one of her oldest friends and one of the most powerful woman in the world next to Sha, the fire goddess after being “rehabilitated” in their prison had been allowed back on earth, but under the watchful eye of the rest of the team. Her friends sat nervously in the chair nearest Sarah, the woman placing a hand on Steph’s knee to calm her down as she stood up to speak. Nodding at Eclipse who smiled at her she glanced at her husband who tilted his head at his wife, worry crossing his features as she winced as she rose.

“Everyone, you know I am not the speech maker in this group” a laugh went up around her as they all grinned at Eclipse “but it’s down to me to tell you about a few changes to be made” glancing across the room she locked eyes with War Killer as she went on “There is a new world breaking out and we need a strong foundation to fight it, we have rearranged the teams and would like a few of you to step up, War Killer, you will know lead the main charge with Eclipse” a smattering of applause went out as everyone clapped War on the shoulder “Dark Huntress, you will now be the second to Sov and Shadow Squad” Talon and Crazy near threw Cassie to the ground as they punched her arm, Sov turning to shake her hand as Cassie stood their mouth open for a moment before nodding firmly at Sarah “we will be switching up the teams and I will now take over the guidance of the younger members” Nods went out around the room “There is more but we can discuss that later” looking down at Eclipse she sighed as she saw Miss Lopez enter the room, nodding at her “there is something more that has occurred that I must share with you all, since the events of the Skrull invasion was dealt with by our team, the Government seems to have taken issue with this and have contacted me regarding it” looking around the room she knew she had everyone’s attention now their faces grim with anger, many of them having been through previous Civil War’s and knew what could happen “I have, of course offered them as much cooperation as we can, they will be here within the week to interview each of you about the event” anger washed through the room as the members all exclaimed their disagreement of this, some just sat others erupted. Waving her hands to settle them down she continued “I know, but we had no choice but to let them come” sighing slightly Eclipse put a hand on her arm and she looked at her fellow leader “Answer what they have for you, but do not submit, what we did was protect this world and they canno’t take that away from you” she slammed her fist on the table in frustration as she continued “we will get through this and come out the other side, I am proud to stand by each and every one of you and will protect you to my own death if need be” their faces stern as she spoke “The Champions faced adversity and came through it with love and hope, we will continue on this journey together” she looked up at Gwen “no matter what faces us, we are and always will be Heroes”