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@Madame_Blossom: @Warsman:

The hunt had been a long one, but it had borne fruit. Having sensed the Celestial Witch during her training session with the young Knightfall on the Astral Plane, the Demon of Silence had immediately identified her as a likely threat to his rising power. However, her power made it plain that she would be no easy target, so he quickly dismissed the idea of attacking her while she was with her formidable allies.

Now however, she was alone, and engaged in a battle on the material plane with a foe of undeniable potency. Allowing himself a moment to admire both combatants masterful manipulation of magical forces, he determined that this was likely as ample an opportunity as he was likely to be presented with.

Opting to dispense with subtlety, the Demon clad his astral form in wickedly spiked armor, and he threw his full power against her mental defenses as a brute might attempt to batter down a door, hoping to penetrate them with the sheer force and surprise of his assault.

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@Warsman: (Thank you and sorry for the misinterpretation.)

She was faced with a question that was not hard to answer, "Yes." she responded coldly, what were his intentions she thought as the energies rippled through her like a pebble skipping across a lake. The sheer immense power gave her excitement it was a drug which she found no cure to, the grounds continued to shake, followed by the sudden gust of cold gale winds, the elements were pawns to the witch, she was conjuring forth the elements once again, this time giving them a dramatic entrance. The skies grew dark and grey, no artificial sunlight pierced through the thick clouds of destruction. The strong currents levitated her body in the air, she ascended to the skies like a goddess, her hair flinging in many directions which showcase her silky strands. From the skies the witch saw physical confrontation to be of no use as they proved little as an advantage for Ishin. "Die falsehood." the words directed the elements upon him, but as she watched to see her creation land pain on the Iron Tyrant she found her mind silently attacked. It was not from the works of Warsman but another, a foreign psychic ravager who long wanted domain over her. Conflict on both sides, her mind and body were in the process of a seizing moment.

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@Madame_Blossom: @Inner_Demon:

The sorceress had slipped into godhood for a moment, a lapse in judgment and the temporary excessive expenditure of her great power. Though Warsman could have easily disabled the attack, he found it took less time and energy to conjure mystical augmentations to his armor and layer a force shield over himself. Therefore, instead of siphoning the catastrophic forces raining down upon him, he followed the current of the ethereal maelstrom like a grain of sand follows the roaring tides of a tsunami. Thrown and cast aside with contempt by the merciless storm, the Iron Tyrant stopped as soon as the momentum of the elemental chaos did. He stood and dusted the charred remnants of the extra-dimensional soil from his armor, revealing its polished surface once more. He watched as the psychic turmoil he had introduced to the witch began to attract a daemon that had somehow found its way to the pocket reality.

"Interesting." He pondered, preferring to observe the events transpiring before him rather than aggravate either of them and finding his choice infinitely more amusing than the other option.

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@Madame_Blossom: @Warsman:

The Demon of Silence noted with some disappointment that the armored conqueror appeared, at least for the moment, to have ceased in his own assaults. His continued attacks would have made it far more likely that the Demon’s own would succeed, as the strain of fighting two battles on two different levels of existence would have challenged even some gods. Nevertheless, the Celestial Witch had to be exhausted after that immense display of power, if for no other reason than the human form not being designed to play host to that degree of energy.

Refocusing his own power, he once again threw the full force of it against her mental shields, where it collided like a massive wave striking the hull of a storm-battered ship. “Your defenses are some of the strongest I have ever seen, little witch,” the psychic predator hissed at her, telepathically, “but I can feel your strength waning. Submit, that you may lessen your own suffering.”

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@Warsman: Angel was surprised how quickly Warsman had responded to the message Angel had left for him, Angel smirked under his mask as the tyrant approached, @Warsman said:


Angel decided to stay silent breathing out of exhaustion staying silent.

"Too bad no one will remember you when you are gone."

Warsman raised his hand ready to fire, Angel was conflicted, he knew if he used his full power he could escape but he knew he wouldn't be able to defeat the ethereal lord in a head to head battle, he wondered what this beam would do Warsman had already blasted him once and Angel survived granted he had a giant hole in his chest but he healed himself and recovered, Angel still stayed silent, could he be transporting him somewhere could be the his castle or could be the vacuum of space, Angel still stayed silent but used his armour to cast a spell of protection and self sustenance and decided to take a chance and get hit with whatever blast the Warsman fired.

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Not satisfied with merely banishing the youth to a distant pocket dimension, Warsman followed him there. The Iron Tyrant crossed his arms over his chest, glaring down at the Amazing Angel with contempt in his grim eyes.

"You come seeking war in a country that has not known peace for 100 years. Speak quickly and wisely, lest I reduce your collective molecular structure to atomic slag."

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@Warsman: @Inner_Demon: The chaotic maelstrom and psychic invasion was almost too much for the witch to handle, but a fighter must fight on and survive in this kind of world. Her electrical strike had done it's job, it manage to work as a concussive force to push Warsman back a feet, a smile lifted on the goddess's face, such enchantments she thought. The subtle trickery and pain still provoked her mind, like a mild headache, she felt her psychic shields being pricked from it's outer core. She couldn't afford to divide her attention against a god in the making, Warsman, who easily force his will upon his subjects and taken out H.A.R.D in the process. The psychic entity or so it seemed spoke to her, taunting her to give up to ease her death while Warsman violated her body in every way possible. "No." she said hesitantly in her mind, slowly weakening she manage to continue on her psychic defense tactics, laying forth various traps and barriers one after another, a skill she honed since she could remember. The Mistress of Magic still had her imminent threat before her, Warsman simply stood with an air of confidence and arrogance, she wanted to wipe it off his painted canvas. First she needed to disrupt his power that brought them in this dimension, in this new land she was his and she knew it. No way to escape no chance of survival, as her elemental storm still progress and flow, she used her electrical bolts multiply times against Warsman once more, giving her time to concentrated with little concentration she had left. A witch's connection to Earth and mother nature was absolute, they were her servants and in dire times like these witches like Fan sought for protection and freedom and the goddess heard her pleas. Swirling winds of mixed rain enveloped her, she was bridging back the connection to the real world, once she felt the connection and pull she shattered the obstacle that prevented her from crossing the barriers of Warsman. With the magic of the goddess entwined in her spell the Eastern Enchantress released her magic gun, spell, and the world around them collided and shattered, ceasing to exist. The two then found themselves back in the outskirts of Elysia. "I was starting miss this place." a breathe escaped her mouth and the tones of rising confidence and corruption grew in the witch even more. Now her next task was to pass through the shields that protected the lands of this bloody kingdom and lay waste upon it.

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Angel had been transported to a place that he did not recognise, A dimension he had never been to but the Warsman was there with him.

@Warsman said:

"You come seeking war in a country that has not known peace for 100 years. Speak quickly and wisely, lest I reduce your collective molecular structure to atomic slag."

"I don't answer to you but it seems like right now I don't have much of a choice, I came here to fight evil, vanquish the unholy gathering of villains that currently resides here and if I've learnt one thing from journeying literally to hell and back it's that the quickest way to fight evil is to dive into the belly of the beast. So do your worst because with justice, right and God on my side their nothing you can do tin man."

Angel reached his hand slowly behind his back unfastening the Gun of Gabriel preparing for the being's attack.

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Once again, the goddess trusted in her elemental manipulation to win the day against her foe. Instead of the widespread destruction she sought, however, Warsman siphoned the energy into his two hands, magnetizing his palms so that they flawlessly flowed into his body. Smoking, the Iron Tyrant did not account for the dimensional barrier he had locked himself and the witch inside of to weaken due to the severe disruptive forces brought on by the massive surge in magical energies. Whatever the sorceress was truly capable of impressed Warsman as they fell back into real space.

"Your fight is with me," Warsman snarled, augmenting his body and armor both telepathically and mystically as to propel himself at impossible speed towards the witch with the intent to do her physical harm.

"You'd do best to remember that."


"You would be wise to forsake your faith in God, boy,"

The Iron Tyrant began to alter reality around the Amazing Angel. With a single thought he could wipe the youth from existence. He chose instead to create a white dwarf star in the sky above them, the intense heat from the concentrated fusion reactions melting everything save for the Steel Sovereign's unholy mastery of his own molecules.

"Because even He cannot save you now."

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@Madame_Blossom: @Warsman:

As the Demon launched a third assault on the Witch’s psychic shields, he was met with a clever trap, rather than mere resistance. What had earlier seemed to be weakening warding energy now whipped about and attempted to enclose him in a nullifying cocoon. Caught momentarily by surprise, he barely managed to wedge a clawed appendage into the gap before he was completely enclosed. Exerting the full force of his hate-fueled will, he slowly began to pry the enclosure open. His foe was powerful as well as talented; had his energy not been fueled by negative energy he had been feasting upon in New York, he may very well have been snared. As it was, he now knew to proceed with more caution in his attack.

He was ready for the next pitfall: a series of barbed spikes that emerged from the walls of her psyche and attempted to skewer him. Astral forms did not perish the way fleshy ones did, but he noted with appreciation that the spikes were keyed to penetrate his own astral shields and cause a tremendous loss of personal energy. Instead, he created a mental construct; a mindless being of pure energy, that he sent ahead to trigger the trap and take the damage that was intended for him. The astral automaton did as directed, and as it was punctured by the spikes, both shattered into shards of harmless aether.

The next trap was particularly clever. The Celestial Witch had actually inverted a small portion of her own energy to turn it into a sort of astral quagmire; another mind that came into contact with it would be pulled within as a physical body would beneath quicksand, upon which it would revert to its normal state, effectively petrifying the intruder within her own mind, to be dealt with at her convenience. This was fiendishly clever; no amount of raw power would overcome it, and there was no way to bypass it. Still, a technique such as this required a great deal of concentration and strength to maintain, so was never infinite in usage. Snapping his clawed fingers, he summoned one of his lesser minions, a ghoulish mental parasite that barely qualified as sentient. Callously, he grabbed the miserable creature by the scruff of what passed for its neck and hurled it into the trap. Even with its limited comprehension, the parasite realized what was happening to it, and it thrashed and made some truly awful noises as it was slowly subsumed into the energy of Madam Blossom’s mind, although the sadistic grin that spread across the Demon of Silence’s malevolent visage seemed to indicate that he rather enjoyed the screams.

With that, he was through the last of the defenses. The Celestial Witch’s mind lay bare before him. Even with her physical and mental protections having been battered beyond recognition, her core remained defiantly beautiful. Astrally, she bore a strong resemblance to her physical form, but here she glowed with an intense, pure energy that would have defied any attempt to define it in material terms. She was, in essence, the opposite of the hulking, inhuman monstrosity that now towered over her, bearing a twisted smile that contained no trace of warmth or compassion.

Without a word, the Demon thrust his arm towards her unshielded mind. The limb transformed as it sped towards her, so that when it reached her it had taken the form of a lethally sharp blade. His blow was not aimed at any of the vital centers of her mind; he intended to take some time and enjoy the fruits of his labors. Rather, his target was her pain center, where a direct hit would send a flood of incomparable agony across her entire nervous system.

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@Zauberin: Thank you my cutie pie<3

@Warsman: @Inner_Demon: Everything was happening so fast, she could barely keep up with the extreme pace. Inside her mind a mental parasite attempt to subdue her while in the physical plane a warlord extremist was parring equal to her gifts. The witch would only meet more trouble as the battle on both planes continued on, with devoted persistence and faith in herself the alluring enchantress conviction in the out come of this disastrous battle was far from ending so quickly. Noticing the subtle pains in her mind this demon made his presence known to the two physical contenders on, Warsman made sure she kept her focus on him, as he then moved at quick speed. Hoping to whip forth a barrier, containment spell, to save herself or halt his movements the witch was then struck with pure mental agony. Impressive as her mental shielding were they were not full proof, the psychic barriers shattered and her mind was in complete submission to the wrath of her unknown spectral foe. The intense mental pain broke her concentration for any effort in casting a defensive spell before she knew it she was in physical submission by Warsman attack. The last thing she could process was the tyrant's word in remembering the words he said earlier about keeping the fight with him. Her body soar through mid-air as she felt the tough impact of Warsman's body pressing against her, before she knew it her body had touched the wards that prevented any breach from outside contact. Though this attack against her prove some usefulness as the might of her prey impacted her so hard that it bypassed the shielding allowing her access within the doomed kingdom. She could feel his presence even in the blackening darkness her shut lids provided, her mind was in a turmoil, her psyche slowly picking away and rearranged. Thankfully the power of dark magic that was now rooted in her veins protected mind and body, enough for her to instantly awaken from her near death state. "GET OUT OF MY MIND!" she shouted in her private mind, there the damaged that was done was slowly being rebuilt, each layer corrected by dark mystical energy. But the demon was hype on his ambition and he continue to fight through them with definite results, back in the Earthly planes she faced Warsman again. The elements was her trusted companion magic was entwined with the forces of nature, and so be it she would once again unleash their wrath upon the walking Apocalypse. The air grew colder and dark, raging lightning beckoned light upon the skies and the crying winds blew strong currents that was directed towards the enchantress's foe, sending a chilling wave of gusting gale force. "You kingdom will fall, kingdom come." the witch's face conjured a wicked grin so tainted with chaos and hatred that it would now consume her every being.

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He casually swept his arm aside, casting the blood he had drawn from the witch from the surface of his armor. What she did not fully comprehend yet was that her opponent could just as easily conjure or siphon away forces equal to what she prepared against him. Though she had ascended into godhood, throwing the elements down upon the Iron Tyrant as if they were nothing, the concept was the same as the most ferocious hurricane ripping through the endless ocean. Though the winds and storms could have destroyed anything else, the rain only deepened the waters. Raising his hands and magnetizing them to attract the lightning bolts, Warsman proved his point as he acted - once more - as a living lightning rod and absorbed the mystical electricity. However, the clever ruse of merely driving a vicious maelstrom his way was just that. While Warsman clearly rooted himself in a single spot, the witch used her control of the winds around him, throwing and bucking the Steel Sovereign through the air as if he were just a feather in a tornado. His cape tore from his shoulders, his hood following in kind, and nothing save for his armored form remained from the relentless winds. However, that was all he needed. Forced back down after soaring nearly a mile into the atmosphere, the Iron Tyrant emerged from the humanoid crater his body had imprinted upon the earth and stood once more, defiantly, in the defense of his country.

"I am only beginning my ascension. Behold, the powers that bend reality to my cause!"

With both hands, the Metal Monarch summoned the very basis of the universe, cosmic energy that formed the foundation of all existence. With such energy came the profound heat of a fusion reaction, sparkling white. The ground turned to glass as he held this energy. He had long ago augmented his armor and body to contain such raw power. With but a gesture, he unleashed the light from his grasp, aiming it with all haste towards the sorceress who attempted to defy his rule.

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@Warsman: (it just got real on your ending post lol, I'll wait for Demon before I post again <3)

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The white dwarf star that had suddenly appeared above there heads was creating enough heat to set him ablaze, The white magic protection he'd cast was still managing to protect him from the heat.

"It's hot out here, Good thing I brought sunscreen, SPF one thousand so I think it'll do the trick."

@Warsman said:

"You would be wise to forsake your faith in God, boy," "Because even He cannot save you now."

"I'm not afraid of you, theirs a plan here you may not know it yet but you've already lost." Angel continued to stare down the Warsman walking closer to him. "but if this were a fair fight, none of this reality bending crap you do then I would win, so why don't you take us out of this weird pocket dimension you have and we'll do this like men one on one and fist to fist."

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"That is where you stumble, among many other places, boy,"

Warsman lowered the white star, bringing it close enough to the surface of the pocket world that the ground begins to turn to glass. Added to this, Warsman creates an air of magic-disrupting particles by combining his mystic and scientific arts.

"You do not worship me like you should."

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Angel could feel his magic fluctuating, like there was a battle between Warsman's magic and Angel's holy energy, white white dwarf approached further Angel could feel the heat but not the burning sensation maybe not yet, maybe not at all.

"You do not worship me like you should."

"I'll never worship a mad thug like yourself, you don't know what it means to wield power like you think you do."

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"Then there is nothing left for you other than to die."

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"BLINDING LIGHT!" Angel weakened summoned up all of his power and exploded with powerful white holy light.

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Though the holiness of the light did not deter the omnipotent overlord, the brightness made him shudder for a moment. He recovered and the youth had disappeared. Casting down dimensional barriers and returning himself to Elysia, Warsman had confirmed that not even a champion of the Biblical God could stop him.

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"Why did you bring me here." Angel said while standing on a floor of clouds.

"Your valour is commendable but you're not invincible, you have much more work to do on this world, be vigilant but cautious, you can do great things, change history the history of the galaxy and I will guide you but you must be on this plane to do them."

Angel has been transported back to his home city of london, he looks around with a cagey demeanour.

"WARSMAN I KNOW YOU CAN HERE ME, THIS IS NOT OVER" He mounts his motorcycle "Not by a long shot".

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@Warsman: @Madame_Blossom said:


The sheer fury behind her words was enough to cause the Demon to stagger. Such magnificent power...if nothing else, his decision to delay his attack until she was otherwise occupied was proving to an impeccably wise one; he would not have relished being on the receiving end of this sorceress' full power and attention.

Even as he ravaged her unshielded psyche, her energies attempted to rebuild the damage and rebuff his efforts. However, he could feel her strength flagging, could taste the damage and the pain that the ironclad conqueror was inflicting upon her. All that remained was for either of them to reach a vital spot in their efforts...

Suddenly, he found something. A memory, usually carefully guarded...a once-scarred face...a life brought back...a lover, a husband...a name...


With a bestial laugh, the Demon pulled the memory forth and tauntingly dangled an image of the former Impero before Fan's mind's eye. "My, my...so this is the kind of man that can capture the heart of an elemental goddess, is it?" He plunged his fist through the illusory image, causing it to violently dissipate."Do not fear, my lovely little lotus, I shall ensure that he does not have long to mourn your passing."

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Clad in loose-hanging cloth that covered only those areas deemed inappropriate by society, the goddess' statuesque figure moves silently across one of the castle's balcony. It was a quiet day in Elysia, the entire city of Warstodt visible from her perch. Her gaze was drawn specifically to the small area designated to the Red Cardinals, a spark of interest lit in her mysterious blue eyes. As she began to raise her hand, a shadow crawled unnaturally along her arm before reaching her fingers and solidifying itself into a pitch black raven. Almost instantly after his creation the raven took off, soaring in the direction of the Cardinals while Amora watched from the balcony with frigid eyes.

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@Inner_Demon: Suddenly everything in her mind grew black and empty, the man she loved had died before her, Ishin was gone from her mind. She couldn't quite distinguished it clearly from reality or illusion, either way it felt real. She felt witness to the death of her lover dying from the tempest that had evoked from Warsman wrath. The mental pain subsided and disperse, she didn't feel the pain but another, the pain of loss and death. A volcanic eruption had exploded and the witch was verging towards blood lust, she would now display and employ magic with no limitations than what was given to her traditionally, ignoring the consequences of nature and pleasuring her own desires. She was now channeling nature in a misconducted way, she was tapping into the darker aspects of magic, the more powerful side. Her throbbing veins now grew dark as the shadow that cast behind her and revealed itself under her fair fleshed skin, it was a beautiful display of corruption by the forces of nature, the very energy that empowered her. "YOU MURDERED HIM!" she lashed out with tears flowing down her face, flying towards the Living God, already her elemental winds dazed him but what she had now what hurt him even more. The walking apocalypse found her attack to be of child's play, in return he would show her true power, bending the laws of physics, reality warping, he had summoned forth a light of pure brilliance. The cascading heat turned the ground around him into glass, possible the same temperature of the sun, with no restraint he shot it her way causing her to stop in her tracks. She felt the universal energy he had manipulated , like him she was a manipulator of such forces, the ambient energies listened to her as the witch now touched the same pool of energy and manipulated it, transmuting the intense heat into a lesser degree of fire. Doing so was quite taxing but the witch's magic was fueled by her hatred and negativity, it knew no limits. Stretching her land arm forth she protected herself from the attack "You have no idea what I'm capable of now!" the Celestial Witch then channeled the energies provided by the moon as now it was night, the radiating energies empowered her, the child of nature fueled her magic even more. "Fire burn, fire ignite, bring me flames, now scorch the night, show them pain, and bring hell upon those who done me shame!" a poetic rhyming scheme was set in quick succession upon her completion a fiery wildfire trailed down his path, the corrupted witch now was in total ecstasy, the magic was too much. So much.

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Cast aside, the raging heart of the most brilliant star had been dissipated by the intense aura of pure magic the witch now exerted. Beyond her control, the forces she commanded manipulated her mind into thinking that she was in fact in control - yet they were picking her apart piece by piece. The raging inferno she had summoned to swallow the Iron Tyrant found instead its target to be far more resilient. Crossing his arms into a form of guard and augmenting them heavily with magic and telepathic forces, the phoenix collapsing upon him crashed like water against a rock. He dared to peek over the precipice of the guard he had formed. He sneered angrily.

"Fire? You think to defeat me with FIRE?!"

Slowly but surely, the Steel Sovereign began to move forward. One painful step after another and he dug his way out into a suitable striking position. Pulling an extraordinary amount of power into his boot-based jet thrusters, the Iron Tyrant aimed himself like a rifle - and fired. The resulting crash of scientific ingenuity created a sonic boom within the blink of an eye, splintering the glass made by the previous white dwarf star as Warsman pushed through the flames and at their source at incredible speed, his hands raised to atomize the witch who invaded his land and brought pain and death with her.

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Declan stood alone out in center of the barracks. He imparted what tactical expertise he could as well as sharpened the men's ability to implement improvised tactics on the go. Whatever hardships the legions that fought for the Iron Sovereign would face in the coming storm, it was Declan's duty to make sure that they were more than qualified to deal with it. Declan took a deep breath and breathed in the air around him. "It won't be long now."

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@Warsman: Are you ready? 
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A Warbot approaches Declan. The soldiers outside the barracks kneel, knowing that their sovereign is watching through the eyes of the automaton.

"Grand Duke Harrow, your presence is requested in Castle Warstein. Top secret information."

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@Clara Mass:

I am.
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@Warsman: Milo approached the Elysian borders, dressed like a vagabond as Warsbots descended upon him. "State your business." Milo's face remained dark behind a tattered cloth hooded cloak. "Your master. Summon him." The Warsbots looked to one another, shrugged then did as Milo asked, sensing no ulterior motive.

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Declan curtly nodded his head, "As the Iron Soverign commands, so shall it be." Declan's attention shifted from the autonomous creation to that of his men. "Carry on and proceed with your nightly exercises."

A few moments later Declan approached the entrance of the Iron Throne. Upon entering he knelt, "You summoned me your grace?

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The one and only Iron Tyrant approached the weary traveler, having been told of his desire to speak with him by the Warbots he monitored.

"I am a busy man. Speak."


"Yes, Declan. Tell me - do you know what the Infinity Gems are?"

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@Warsman: Twenty-four hours ago her superiors divulged in the recent happenings involving the individual known as Warsman. Although a visionary in a world gone astray, the organization dubbed H.A.R.D recently categorized him as top priority threat.  Taking this into account the well mannered lass thought it'd be wise for interference in whatever plans being mustered from the deluded hands of Evander Slade.  "Tell your leader....his guest has arrived."  And here she stood without a tinge of regret.  Her glimmering violet eyes examined the sheer beauty of this magnificent land, all the while her telepathic mind traversed the streets for any unworthy company.  
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@Clara Mass: Leslie, afinal o que e isto? Estavamos a falar e tu nao respondes para estar aqui? Nao gosto nada disto :)

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@Warsman: "As a child my father told me and my brother that they were the perfect means to an end. That if he possessed all of these fabled gems, that he alone could establish a dynasty that would last a thousand years. But I always took it a myth your grace. I'm a practical man. I only believe what my I can see with my one good eye. If that makes me a fool then a fool I am your grace."

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@Warsman: "What would it take, for one to ascertain a portion of your command over the mystical arts of magic?"

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@Impero: *Throws stacks. I do what I want when I want. 
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@Clara Mass: Fica calmo. Nao precisamos de violencia.

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@Impero: I'm nicest person around without a doubt. 
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"Practicality is a good thing to have,"

Warsman walked over to his Grand Duke and revealed a flawless orange gem - the Time Gem - to him.

"But an open mind is an even better possession," he replied, giving Declan the gem. "You have earned the trust of your sovereign. Do not waste it."


Warsman saw this as an opportunity to strike at Ishin. The vagabond was no mere homeless man, but the very person who defied him along with the Impero both in New York and Washington. He crossed his arms over his chest.

"Absolute servitude to Warsman - kneel."

@Clara Mass:

"Welcome to Elysia," Warsman said as he ascended the helipad steps to his illustrious visitor. "To whom do I owe this honor?"

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Dr. Alexandra traveled to the country of Elysia under the guise of writing a psychological paper on the criminal aspects of super-humans, her real intent was more sinister. She had become aware of a number of mutant insurgents against Warsman. She had come to see if any of these had powers that were of interest to her. Super-humans could be difficult to find unless they made themselves obvious. In prison, these people were obvious... and captured prey. It almost took the fun out of it. Now to find and gain access to this buffet...

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@Clara Mass: Eu nao acho. Estas a sempre a bater-me. Isso nao e ser simpatico Leslie :P

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@The Psyentist:

A lone Warbot descends from the skies, observing the doctor's behavior with malcontent.

"All outside documentation of Elysia must be submitted to the king for editing, approval, or - if necessary - termination."