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@Ziccarra_Liafador: @Glorious:

After hearing both of their arguments, Warsman crossed his arms behind his back and walked over to a window overlooking Warstodt. He surveys his kingdom, the very nation he sacrificed so much and risked even more for. His armored frame is silent for a moment, and then quakes to new life.

"Glorious. Ziccarra. Relinquish your gems. Now. If you two insist on bickering like children, then I shall take away your toys while you throw your tantrums elsewhere."

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"Spoken like a true mortal. You are truly blind. Have you ever seen, a star? Not the lights in the sky but the actual heavenly body? Have you ever created one, and watched it evolve and die? No? Your ignorance of the same universe you inhabit is what makes you my lesser and nothing else." Instead of toying with the Iron Tyrant and giving him one of the many duplicates he confessed. "That is impossible. Unlike the human my gem has now become apart of me. And to relinquish it would be to relinquish all my power."

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@Warsman: Z manifested her power in her hands and brought forth the mind gem. “If this is what you want then, let it be done” Z said, offering her gem to Warsman.

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"Then so be it."

Warsman, with all the mastery of the Reality Gem he could muster, blasted a wave of pure energy that altered the fabric of existence around Glorious, his intent being to draw the Time Gem from his disheveled corpse if need be.


He bonded the Mind Gem to his armor - the safest place for it to be - and thanked the Red Queen with a nod as the inner workings of his suit identified the gem as the authentic.

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@Glorious: @Warsman:

"This Quarrel is no longer my own" Z said, sitting her glass down on the table before exiting the castle.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: @Warsman:

Energy imploded as orange and silver light began to erupt from every orifice on the Glorious. Cracks manifested on his form, the same light seeping out from them as the power of the reality gem was turned on the inner working of his life support system. Like pieces of glass, splinters of the Glorious body were expelled before the implosion became an explosion of unparalleled force, capable of damaging both the Iron Tyrant and the entire castle as mushroom cloud of energy expanded in Elysia. The Immortal was no more.

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@Glorious: @Ziccarra_Liafador:

Suspecting as much, Warsman took the proper measures in containing the kamikaze attack from enveloping all of Elysia. First came his unparalleled mastery over energy as a substance. He contained the explosion and siphoned as much as he could before allowing his suit to absorb the rest. Before he became overcharged, the castle's security systems kicked in and began to convert the bomb Glorious had become into energy to supply all of Elysia with. After all was said and done, the converted power Elysia ran on would supply the small country with enough electricity for the next 60,000 years. However, in the heart of the proposed explosion was the object of Warsman's ire. He knelt down and took a small orange gem from the blackened ash that was once Glorious. His armor properly identified it as the Time Gem, confirming his suspicions, and he used it to destroy every duplicate Glorious had made in the process of possessing it, thus repairing the damage the immortal icon had done to the time stream. Finally planting the illustrious Time Gem into his armor along with the Mind and Reality Gems, Warsman at last felt somewhat safe. However, he collected the remains of Glorious and subjected them to extensive testing just for good measure.

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@Glorious: @Warsman:

The force from the initial impact sent Z flying into one of the heavily boulder walls of the castle. The impact knocked her unconscious

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Holy ish

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With the Mind Gem in place, Warsman senses Ziccarra's brainwaves being cut short by a sharp impact. He quickly materializes at her destination. Not beginning to want to be framed for her injury and spark war on yet another front, he brings her to the medical bay in order to treat her mild concussion.

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@Warsman: The blinded fool was unaware of why she wanted his blood to be spilled, emptied, and dried from his body. Would he really ask such a rhetorical question, she didn't give much thought to it as she found it to be a distraction for her from him, though she was quite aware of his powers, even witnessing his dimensional feat as well as his telekinetically enhance stats. Showing ease in disrupting the flight of larger boulders and smashing them to pebble sizes. "I'll keep the answer to myself and let you ponder on why I want you dead. Your blinded by power." unable to keep herself at bay the witch ionizes the air around them, sparks began shocking the air molecules within the skies and soon gave birth to a bolt of pure electrical force with intent on frying the Dark Messiah. Right after she conjured forth the elemental attack the witch pressed on through the area like a cheetah, her speed was quicker than the blink of an eye, giving her already close-contact with her foe. The witch then jumped with a balled fist readying to smash Warsman face.

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@Warsman: "It seems to me, that your plan hath withered away"

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"Your mannerisms are familiar," Warsman responded, lashing out his hand with augmented speed in order to catch the lightning bolt in such a fashion as to absorb it on the spot. His smoking armored hand was testament to the potential power of the bolt, now assimilated into his form.

"You would not happen to be attempting to avenge Ishin's defeat and subsequent disappearance, would you?"

Pointing his hand at the woman closing in on him in melee, his intent was to unleash the lightning bolt back in her face.

@Captain Trojan:

"Silence," Warsman began. "You are trespassing on Elysian soil. State your business here quickly."

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@Warsman: “I have not touched your land” He replied, floating in the air. “I’m curious as to why you haven’t struck out against your enemies”

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@Captain Trojan:

"The affront remains nonetheless," Warsman continued.

"Who are you to question my judgment in my own land? Speak."

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Hazard arrives on the border after chasing a seagull

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@Rumble Man:

The magic shield encasing Elysia is compromised and a Warbot is sent to investigate.

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Hazard bumped his face on the magic shielding and fell down the stairways, tumbling several times until he lands on a fruit cart

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@Rumble Man:

The sound echoes through the empty streets of Warstodt. The city had been evacuated just a few hours ago in preparation for the war. The automaton cast in the image of the Elysian King finds Hazard.

"Unidentified humanoid. Provide national allegiance. Identification papers. Priority."

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He presented a shopping list of delicacies special to this land, meat dishes and vegetable dishes of exotic flavors in the midst of war. Everything fits, and also a brochure with a pop art picture of their supreme leader.

"I would like to eat your beef"

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@Rumble Man:

"Insufficient." The Warbot retorts.

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The goddess hips swayed side to side as she strolled arrogantly through the massive hallways of Castle Warstein, her mind on everything and nothing all at the same time. Residing in the tyrant's home country wouldn't have been her first choice, but it was a necessity for the time being. The multitude of guards placed throughout the castle did nothing to halt her passage, fully aware of the agreement that granted her full access inside. Reaching a set of throne-like seats designated to her and the other members of the Cabal, she took a seat in her ornately decorated chair before drumming her fingernails in a bored fashion against the chair's arm.

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Hazard rephrased " I would like to engorge on the best bovine delicacy that your country has to offer"

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The Iron Tyrant did not specifically call for another meeting of the Cabal. Rather, he just wanted to have council with one of the members who could not make it to the premier gathering of the clandestine order. The bearer of the Soul Gem met his gaze as he entered the room.

"It pleases me that you could make this secondary meeting," he said, pacing across the room. "After all, I would hate to interrupt your busy schedule any more than is necessary." He added sarcastically.

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@Rumble Man:

"This unit required identification, not conversation. Refusal to cooperate will result in your disintegration, humanoid."

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Hazard gave the machine his 'registration' papers and somebody else's passport

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@Rumble Man:

"Your participation is appreciated. Welcome to Elysia."

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"Oh, did not know I am in Elysia... I thought I was in warstodt"

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@Rumble Man:

"Warstodt is the capital city of Elysia. This unit was welcoming you to the country at large."

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@Warsman: Meeting his eyes with an unwavering, frigid gaze, she responded to his sarcasm with conspicuous condescension. "Yes, well, it would do you well to remember just how busy I am," her gaze remained steady for several moments before flickering away as if disinterested in anything he had to say. "Now, why am I here?"

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"It seems very peaceful compared to the USA, and I like the rural setting with the mountains as the backdrop"

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"I have plans for the perfect army, one that will defend Elysia and my interests for all time - but I..." he hesitated, the thought of what he was about to say hanging in his mind because he did not want to admit such a thing.

"I need your help."

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@Rumble Man:

The Warbot does not answer, but instead flies away to pursue its next programmed task of patrolling the Elysian skies. The only place Hazard can get any answers seems to be the imposing castle firmly rooted on a large hill in the middle of the city.

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Hazard clanked his way to the gates as he dragged his bionic leg along, observing the archaic structures while paying attention to the spider webs on the corners. Security is top notch, he knows by instinct that the statues posed along the path can be set to strike at any given moment.

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@Warsman: Rising to her full stature, she stood with a poised and statuesque air. Although not interested in putting any more tension on their less than friendly alliance, she would make her position known. "Of course you do. And will continue to, Warsman, so I would tread a little more lightly when speaking to me," she said with venomous reference to his earlier sarcasm, taking a seat once more and lifting her hand. In a whirl of smoke a thin glass of champagne appeared in her hand before being brought slowly to her lips. "Just be sure to never maintain the illusion I am here to serve you, Warsman. My own interests have brought my here, and will keep me here until they are no longer my top priority. Are we clear?"

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The Elysian King stood his ground, not flinching even once under the goddess's vicious verbal barrage.

"I am in need of your assistance, but it is only for a single crucial juncture. Expediency outweighs innovation at this point. Unfortunately, it also outweighs politeness," he added vehemently.

"But the so-called 'illusion' that I maintain of your servitude to me is agreed to cease - because it never existed. I would never trust you enough to allow you to serve me. Now, shall we begin?"

@Rumble Man:

"You arrive at a dangerous time, foreigner," the Iron Tyrant remarks. "War is encroaching upon these lands."

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"War? well then I guess I should help, since It would be a shame if you beef dish perishes under the boot of the invaders"

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@Warsman: Amazing Angel crouches on the top of a tall spire overlooking, the town and more importantly overlooking Warsman's castle. Their was an evil presence here, actually many evil presences, menace and malevolence oozing from the gargantuan structure. The sixty dollars he'd spent on a spy listening device paid off, he was listening intently for the plans of the monarch Warsman.

The Warbot's were being extra vigilant, Angel had managed to avoid the border patrol by latching on to a charter jet making its way to eastern europe but he still had take one out while he was sneaking to the clock tower, That might be a problem anyone notices.

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@Warsman: A small light entered her pale blue eyes as a smirk crept across her face. "My dear Warsman, trust is not required for servitude. Otherwise I'd have to trust you," she said, her smirk growing ever so slightly. Brushing a few strands of golden-blonde hair away from her mesmerizing face she relaxed a little more into her seat, taking another sip of her drink. "Please do, I'm more than interested in what you have to say."

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@Rumble Man:

"Report to my Grand Duke - Declan Harrow - for further information. I wish to be left alone to think."


Just as the vigilante begins to worry about being noticed, a Warbot senses movement in its immediate area that does not belong to others of its design. The automaton investigates further.


Her words shifted from poisonous to complimentary and invested almost instantly. The way she managed multiple versions of her own personality amazed the Iron Tyrant, if only for a brief instant. The only clue to his intrigue regarding this specific skill of hers was a ponderous glance before he continued speaking.

"The Warbots are powerful, but simple in nature. The clones I manufactured are numerous and skilled, but only human. I can keep producing them, but their memories will be reset to basic military training once a newborn is brought into the world. Though their souls are recycled, they have no memory of how or why they died before. I've tested their latent ability to walk into the same situation in which they've died before multiple times. It is a glitch in their design that prevents perfection. That is where the Soul Gem comes into play,"

Warsman demonstrated by raising his gauntlet and closing his fingers in the motion of conjuring a telecommunications spell. The portal between realities opened as the Steel Sovereign displayed dozens of possibilities for the War of Elysia to play out. All of them had the current data of the clones installed into the dimensions involved. All of them ended with Elysia falling to Slade's merciless advance.

"With the Soul Gem, the memories of the clones' individual personalities are not reset upon entering a new body. They remember past experiences, becoming wiser with each death and quickly learning how to adapt as they enter new life to fight once more."

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"Where can I find him?"

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@Warsman: "FREEZE TRESPASSER" A warbot had noticed Angel's very slight movement at the spire top and hovered up to the top of the spiral "STATE YOUR BUSINESS" the warbot then raised it's guns, "FIR" Angel cut the warbot off with a jumping staff to the face, Angel had turned the front end of the staff into a sharp point and lodged it into the eye of the deadly robot.

"You should have kept a better eye on me." Angel said as he pulled the staff out of the warbot, He jumped on top of the falling warbot as it crashed into the slanted side of a house, the sparks flew violently lighting up the night, seven more warbots approached, Angel jumped off the broken warbot as it slid off the slanted building crashing to the ground, "Let's do this." Angel still flying through the air fired three EMP shots from his Gun of Gabriel at nearest warbot, "That takes care of a few, for now"

Angel lands behind the de-powered bot driving the sharp end of his right gauntlet into the back of the warbots head and using it as a bullet shield from the others, "Let's finish this!" Angel jumps into the air off the head of the warbot, time seemingly slowing around him as a flash of light emerges under him as his Heaven Hog materialises out of thin air, it lands on the ground crushing another warbot, the incredible speed is more than the warbots can comprehend the bike circle's a group of them at ridiculous speed firing bullets shredding the robots to pieces.

"Four down, two to go" Angel runs his bike into another warbot jumping on its head and using his gun to plant a timed explosive, BOOM "Cool guys don't look at EXPLOSIONS" Angel walks away from the exploding warbot, Angel walks up to the final warbot severely damaged by the explosion, Angel points his gun to the camera "Hey WarZ hope you can hear this, you may not know me but I know you and I know what you do, so when I reach you I'm going to end you, Oh yeah and one more thing F*** YOU!"


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@Warsman: Her elemental feats were simply negated by the brute. "Oh no." she said in her mind, as her attack was then backfired, channeling the raw elemental force through her body and back into the atmosphere the witch successfully evaded harm's way. Her punch was disrupted in the process but she followed the physical feats with an aerial back-flip to gain distance. He stood as the foresaken one before her, a monster who defied all of the principles within the universe, possibly a god. The name of Ishin was brought in in the midst of battle this was just another method to escalate her anger and rising power, "Don't you dare mention him." her voice was poised with a sickly calmness, her pale complexion were that of snow, so cold and fragile, the pulsating veins of dark energy slowly erupts from within, making it quite visible. Slowly chanting, the grounds around the witch began to shake and rumble, foreshadowing a spell of immense power, waiting to strike Warsman.

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"Impressive," Warsman said as he drew closer to the epicenter of the disturbance in his kingdom. With a casual gesture of his hand, he assimilated the destroyed Warbots into a large mound of scrap and rebuilt them piece-by-piece while keeping his attention fixated on the intruder to his kingdom.

"Too bad no one will remember you when you are gone."

He raised his hand, energies glowing with the potential of blasting the Amazing Angel into a dungeon cell.


"You love him, don't you?" Warsman remarked venomously.

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@Warsman: (Did you just god mod me? O__o)

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(You said 'spell of immense power' and left it. I thought it would be up for interpretation.)


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