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@.Ajax.: Badass. Let's jump him together, then you let me take all the glory LOL.

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Actions speak louder than words, you insufferable brute.


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As long as I get to do all the fun, hard work ;)


You have not seen the brute arise yet, and lucky for you...that brute doesn't talk much; he is more into action ;)

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@Warsman: "I brought everything we'll need." He said with a confident smile. "Although I'm still working on the paper work, but Metro is convinced so it should go through."

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@.Ajax.: Haha sure thing ;)

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Perfect haha!

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"Most satisfactory. With the acquisition of the company, we are well on our way to establishing a foothold on every continent. When it does happen, I want subtle fear mongering. Monopolize the name 'superhuman,' turn it into something the media can blow out of proportion like they do everything else. Every last act of heroism committed since the rise of metahumans will be forgotten by how quickly the human heart can be influenced by the dollar."

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@Warsman: "Oh don't worry, I have someone in mind when it comes to the superhumans publicity. They could all be the greatest saints and the world, but the actions of one man will throw it all out the window."

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Warsman reclines in his chair, pressing his fingers together in a calculating way.

"Knowing you, I can rest easy about trusting this particular 'someone.'"

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@Warsman: Hudson gave a laugh. "Oh he'll try and kill us all. Not that he'll be a real threat."

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Warsman thinks back to the Reality Gem embedded within the confines of his armor.

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The air around the newly formed city was cleared. Outside its perimeter the witch observes through the eyes of possessed birds. Her vision from using binocular were blurred due to Warsman technological set up. Entering the complex defense would prove rather entertaining for the blood lusted witch, ironic as blood was the catalyst to her reality. "I'm coming for you." she whispered.

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A patrolling Warbot senses the malignant energies of a foreign magic and alerts its master. The iron tyrant responds in kind, teleporting to the location of the enraged sorceress and sauntering up to her with his arms casually folded behind his back.

"Welcome to Elysia."

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In the secret catacombs underneath Castle Warstein, the first official meeting of the clandestine Cabal comes to order. The Elysian King awaits the arrival of his esteemed guests along with the manipulative businessman Mr. Hudson, whom he trusts for uncertain reasons.

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@Warsman: @Mr_Hudson:

The Glorious decided he'd play human today, allowing a Warbot to escort him deep below the the esteemed Castle of the Warsman. Stepping past the machine made in the likeness of the conqueror, Glorious smiled politely at him and another component of this supposed Cabal. "And you are?" Glorious sad casually to the businessman.

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@Glorious: @Warsman: @Mr_Hudson:

“My aunt could not make it, but she informed me of my duties” Catalina said, appearing from seemingly nowhere. “I am Catalina Liafador, 1 LT of the Red Cardinals”

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@Glorious: @Catalina_Liafador: @Mr_Hudson:

Although Warsman disliked having a substitute arrive in place of the original Ziccarra, he ignored his feelings of agitation.

"The four of us is more than I had hoped would appear. Let us proceed with the meeting, then."

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@Warsman: @Catalina_Liafador: @Glorious: Mr.Hudson gave a quick nod and a perfect smile. "Hudson." He said introducing himself to his new allies. He turned to Warsman. "What's the first thing on the agenda?"

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"With the latest atrocities committed at the Congress of Vienna, humanity will be afraid of superhumans now more than ever. We need to act on this. Sell weapons that we control with the promise of neutralizing superhuman threats and protecting families. Sell drugs scripted with suppressing or even deleting superhuman powers and mutant genes. Inflame racism and intolerance. Make the world something that kneels to us, looking for answers. The latest acquisition of your company will provide us a means to do this and more."

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@Warsman: "My friends at Advent have actually made quite the discovery for suppressing super humans." Hudson pulled out a picture of a strange ore. "It's a extremely rare metal we named Ventasium, it seems to be able to block telepathic signals completely. The rarity is an issue, but we can at least nullify the more dangerous telepaths. As for how we sway the people to our side, I would suggest an assassination attempt by a third party."

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@Mr_Hudson: @Warsman: “For the last few weeks, The Cardinals have been keeping New York City police busy by shipping in a fake mutant growth formula; all the while we’ve been migrating more and more members into the New York City streets. Our numbers now fall short just of Twenty Thousand.”

The young Liafador said, speaking on behalf of her aunt. “I say we cause an economic crisis first; and then cause something more massive. Blame it on the heroes and persuade the people to take up arms against them.

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"Give me a sample and I'll start manufacturing it by the ton," the iron tyrant replied, keeping the dangerous Reality Gem in mind as he spoke.

"I have the perfect person in mind worthy of an assassination attempt: the Director of H.A.R.D. - Evander Slade."

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@Glorious: @Warsman: @Catalina_Liafador: Hudson looked through his notebook, nodding at the Liafador's proposal. "Hmm, an economic hit could benefit Advent in the long run..." He closed his notebook. "So, what 'massive' event would you suggest?"

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@Mr_Hudson: "America's efforts are in keeping North Korea, Syria, and Lebenon at bay; while they're still focused on this, I'll have my international financier contract the money supply of the federal reserve" The young Liafador explained, giving them some insight of her own worth.

"After that stocks will plummet you can sell yours before hand, and by them back once your competition goes bankrupt" She added, leaning back in her chair. "We can swing it two ways; one we can blame the heroes for it; which will cause more exhaustion and seperation between humans and metas. OR We can swoop in an assist with Elysia; The US will be indebt to us."

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: "Seems logical, I could certainly use it as a political platform, say I'm defending jobs, voters always love that." Hudson said with a grin. "Ah, I would suggest we also make sure the superhumans can't interfere, especially this H.A.R.D group, we need to publicly demonize them. I say we find their most unhinged member and focus on them, force them into a corner where they have to be a villain."

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Going to take a nap be back later.

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"The United States are already so deep in their own imaginary sums of money that any amount of debt they owe to Elysia won't be paid. Another stock market crash will only cause more problems. We blame it on the heroes, turn North America into a nationwide battlefield, and divide what remains among us."


"There is a particularly mad individual, a wild card, who will play into that role quite handily. They call him Agent Creed. His psychosis will cause H.A.R.D. to crumble. I have heard rumor that he plans to find something capable of killing me,"

The iron tyrant chuckled once.

"Perhaps Slade wants us to find Creed and manipulate him for our gain."

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@Warsman: Hudson chuckled. "Sending your least stable solder on the most dangerous mission? Slade either wants him dead or it's a trap. No matter, we'll still be able to use it to our advantage. Inform me if you capture him, I think we can use him at Advent."

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"Someone of his level of mania would easily be susceptible to brainwashing. Introduce a strong personality to herd the others in line and we have a spy in Slade's ranks - not that we don't already have one." Warsman added cryptically.

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@Warsman: "Right, well he should prove the perfect pawn, we just need to make sure his connection with H.A.R.D is well known before we pull the trigger so to speak."

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"Then we put him on a pedestal and give him the limelight. We make H.A.R.D. the idols of the people - an era of greatness merely preceding them crashing down."

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@Warsman: "I think I know how we do it and we get the world off your back at the same time. We let them beat 'you' and then reveal that 'you' were just a impostor all along."

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"A malfunctioning Warbot would suffice. As far as I could tell, there were no casualties to Massachusetts or Quebec, but I shall send donations to repairing what damages were wrought. Such a ruse would easily be considered 'well-meaning' and would certainly rule me out as a 'terrorist' for the time being."

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@Warsman: "Exactly, not to mention if we're convincing enough we can even your greatest foes on our side. We'll certainly win over my home country."

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(i didnt feal like jumping to Coven lol) The onyx and crimson colored robes mixed with the shadows of the hall like night mixes with the void of space. There is no distinguishing night from space, they're one in the same. And just like this Coven seamed to simply be a shadow, be the darkness. Her mind had seamingly escaped her mortal shell as she meditated in the hall. It had been long sense the priestess of the dark side had communed with her followers. Starend's mind snaps back to the mortal body and the sounds from the near by room came back, in the form of memories. Her ears had heard as her mind conversed. Now as one the graceful motions, fitting of a warrior of old and woman of class moved to take a seat. "I apologize, my mind was elseware. Do you Warsman really plan to let one think they beet you even for a moment?" The last part obviously a sarcastic jibe, the first time they'd met being a moment more of bravado. Her words were friendly, tone like silk. Even then however a sense of the dark, of something predatory lingered in the air around her.
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@Mr_Hudson: @Warsman: @614azrael: The discussion, was basic in nature. Economic downfalls, criminal misdirection, illusions of defeat, all a catalyst for a command of the world. The company seemed so absorbed in their ideas that the Glorious simply watched, machinations of his own manipulations manifesting as they went along. "No, a warbot will not suffice. It must be you they face, and you that falls. Though weak and corrupted by their own emotions the mortals are quite resourceful and will chase you to the end of the galaxy if they have too." He said these words with unmistakable nonchalance, uncharacteristic of the Glorious Immortal.

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@Warsman: Suddenly she wasn't alone anymore, the air had warped around her and it brought forth Warsman. A sudden smirk drew across her face, she could hear his footsteps approaching closer and closer. Such high arrogance in his voice as he welcomed her into his blood-bathed land. "Oh mighty Warsman how I come to beg for salvation and rest in your arms." a tone of sarcasm and mockery was in the nature of her words, turning around to face him the Eastern Enchantress looked at him dead in the eye, no broken concentration, she was focused solely on to her target. Mimicking his mannerism, she too folded her hands behind her back, she looked more graceful than ever, but it was something that Warsman saw no interest in. "You know I'm going to kill you right?" she said calmly as if it was part of her nature giving off a small laughter next, the witch stood locked into position while preparing an arm spell for if he were to strike first. The battle was in her favor and now it was time for the witch to roll her dice.

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The enigmatic Coven's otherworldly comfort in the shadows brought little trust of her to Warsman's heart. But as long as they were united in the duties of the Cabal, he had to rely on her and she had to rely on him. They were all intertwined in purpose now, a purpose to help each other. He leaned forward until his forearms met the table. He laced his fingers together and looked at the Sith lord with all the sincerity he could muster in his voice.

"No one defeats Warsman."


"Which leads me to my next retort. How do I know that letting H.A.R.D. overcoming me in our next encounter will help us in the long run? Or will it merely satisfy your own fascinations, Glorious? Rumor has reached my ear of a certain Ethan Starks lending his services to Slade. I refuse to let Starks have the glory of beating me, even if it would help us in the long run. I refuse to be humiliated when I could be victorious."


Warsman moved his arms from behind his back and crossed them over his chest. He had long ago wrapped himself and the intruder to Elysia in one of his characteristic force shields and he went about moving their supposed 'battle' far away from his beloved homeland. Instead of outside Warstodt, the two magi would do battle in a pocket dimension of the iron tyrant's own design, one where they could exercise the full extent of their powers without worrying about hurting anyone else - only each other.

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@Warsman: "I have sat in your throne Iron Tyrant, it is uncomfortable. Besides, what do I have to gain by a false victory against you? As much as the victors, nothing." Seeing Warsman's arrogance and suspicions taking hold the Glorious withdrew himself from the conversation with one last statement. "I know not who Ethan Starks is but heed my warning. Pride comes before the fall Warsman. Do not underestimate those whom you have beaten. Vengeance is a vehement fuel."

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If she had eyes they're look to Glorious would of been colder then the void of space. In but an instant the sultry potentially deceptive nature fell into the black, leaving nothing but a flat factual tone. "You propose his fall, a loss of OUR resources, man power, fortitude, and strength. For being so advanced your notion is that of a fool. To beat one of us is inprobable to trump us all is virtualy if not indesputably imposible. Power dose come with some betrayal, which is what you subtley hint at. However sever everything holding you up and you fall." Her voice swayed again into the most senceire of a voice. "My dear, please live up to reputation and avoid such a plummet." Her gaze once again swaying to the iron warlord. "That sounds more like the man I came to work beside." Throughout her speach she was adiment to use words like beside and our, to further secure the concept that they were one.(sorry so many spelling errors lol xP)
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@Warsman: The terrain shifted between the two enemies, it was a pocket dimension created by the imagination of the tyrannical lord. This was clearly not the work of magic, magic could not achieve the limits of such display of effect, just as teleportation was impossible as well. She blamed the modern views of the witchcraft and magic at fault, all not knowing that real magic was entirely different and not as blessed as those seen in movies. "Nice trick." she said, unimpressed with Warsman theatrics, she remained calm and grounded, but the dark forces slowly build her strength and anger. Her perception on things were warped by the corruption, she was slipping. The newly built environment limited on what she can and could not do, this proved to be undesired from her point. It seemed Warsman had the upper hand in this confrontation but the Magic Muse would now change that. The rough and earthy design of the dimension allowed her to levitate multiple boulders of varied sizes which were then immediately, followed, by flying towards his way by the will of her thought. This was just the beginning, she then took on a defensive posture awaiting his counter if he had one or not.

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Catalina watched the bickering and the sardonicism, losing interest in the meet; she prepared to take her leave.

“As much as I love talking ladies, HARD nor Warsman’s downfall interests me in the least. The teenaged leader push away from the table in disgust at the ego’s present. “In accordance to my grandfather’s will and testimony; the Shadow Guard (Cat’s Cardinals) have infiltrated New York City on a widespread level, importing an untraced fear gas capable of causing widespread paranoia”

The young teen, spoke walking in a pacing movement. “The Registration Act caused heroes to fight heroes; this toxin will cause human to fight human.” Cat ‘s feet began to descend into darkness. “In the Ashes of New York City; the world will learn what it means to fear what you cannot see”

Being completely eclipsed by the darkness Cat disappeared from the meeting, disappointed.

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@Warsman: @614azrael:@Catalina_Liafador:

The Coven's claims stirred his contempt for her as well as the others in attendance. In dramatic fashion the room became potentially darker, shaking as his temper rose. "Speak for yourself you cesspit of servantry! I lie no ones shoulders and the only weight I bear is my own. Do not confuse your own machinations with that of others as if this is a machine and we are only components. To beat one of us is more than possible. It will happen. The fall of each and everyone of us is written in history! The only thing we may control is how we fall. If you wish to feed his ego, and lead him as well as yourself to the inevitable so soon then I will not interfere. Others will rise, and hopefully, they will not be as weak minded as you!" the Sith Lord incurred his wrath, and he was mere seconds away from engaging her in battle. He had yet to show his strength in this time, but now he was more than ready to do so. "And if no one else is willing to say it I will. That girl must die. She is not the one that was originally summoned and she believes herself untouchable when in fact she is even weaker than this one," Gesturing a hand in Coven's direction, disrespectfully.

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Warsman settles in his seat, the disappearance of one and the disagreement of two leaving a distinct and profound aura of dread over him. He does not wait for the bickering to come to a head nor does he wish to pause it. The Cabal was made for discussions of this kind. He does, however, raise his voice so that it rises above all others, ignoring the callous blow to his ego that his fellow Cabal member made.

"So what DO you propose we accomplish, Glorious? You have been quiet this entire congregation and yet the first words you utter make at least two of us think you conspire against us. Be clearer in your plots and share them with us. We are all equals here and there shall be no secrets, as preordained by the gems we all carry."


"Bah. Child's play,"

Warsman smashes the stones asunder, telepathically augmenting his strength and durability to ungodly levels so that he appears to cast them aside with no effort involved. He goes back to crossing his arms once he is done with humbling the mystical mastermind's attacks.

"Tell me why you want to kill me." He demanded.

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@Catalina_Liafador: Hudson frowned and tried to get the teenagers attention before she disappeared. But was it was useless, she'd and the group she represented had clearly made their decision. Hudson gave a silent curse, as his mind raced. Clearly it was his duty to save the people, he needed to stop her, but then sacrifices needed to be made. Not for a single moment did doubt flash across Hudson's face, and soon it faded from his mind. All he had to was wait, wait and let everything fall into place.

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(i love evil teams lol, just a big mix of chemicals. Only a mater of time before boom.) If the Sith Lord had eyes they would of rolled, almost as if mocking or laughing at a child. She was however without eyes and thus thankfully incapable of such a gesture. The pitch black blindfold all there was. "The Sith most galaxies speak of fell by a craving of power. They stabbed their lead in the back, to have it done unto them. It that betrays only gets betrayed. You say we'll die its inevitable I say, they can not break that which they can not comprehend. I've lived hundreds times longer then any of my race and any jedi or sith...and I'll live hundred times more. As one even if we fall we can obtain ten fold what we could in person. By the time we have all fallen and are no more, the victory of defeating us would be an achievment dwarfed by what we've done. For visual purposes lets say you alone, your acomplishments are as grand as the moon. If we can all stand beside eachother, backing the other, many powers forged into one. Then the size of our acomplishments in comparison would be like comparing the moon, to the sun. You've more to gain here then alone, this is simple logic surely someone as bright as you can see that." She watched as the other woman left, fading into shadow flawlessly. "She is inferior in comparison to her master but that does not make her inferior. She onviously has a plan, an execution that can rise us even higher. You want a throne, shes offering the cussion dont eliminate the building blocks of what could be your foundation." This time she taped the force, to project a calming aura. The hope being with gental voice and serene atmosphere the useful titan could be rational rather then make things into a pissing contest. Such a move would be like trying to drown a Sarlac Pit by the same means.(ROFL at that analogy and Starwars homage. Sarlac pit is what Boba falls in ep6)
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@614azrael: @Mr_Hudson: @Warsman: "We become the heroes that would never exist in this world. But for that to happen we need a few things to happen first." Bubbles appeared of numerical value as Glorious listed what he believed were necessary factors for progress. "One. Either H.A.R.D falls or you fall. We cannot play the hero with a terrorist amidst our ranks. Without you in the public eye, things will bode well for us. With H.A.R.D gone it will be easier to clear your name and allow true blame to fall upon them. Second," The number two surfaced just below one, in the same bubbly fashion. "The girl and her plan must be stopped. New York is the most famed city in the world. Halting such a catastrophe would capture the hearts of many in the world. Plus, she will become a nuisance in time. Now that I think about it, most peculiar that after receiving the gem the illustrious Ziccarra could not make it. With the mind gem could have made her appearance possible without physical proximity. I fear that the Liafador maybe straying from the path she was chosen for. This makes her a loose end, that must be eradicated less we face destruction by her hand."

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"Your council is appreciated, Glorious. I already have another person in mind if the Red Queen continues to prove unfaithful to our cause. As for your previous point, I find that it makes more sense now that you explain yourself. Calling me a terrorist and casting me out to the H.A.R.D. dogs and Ethan was not a preferred form of providing evidence of your motives, yet now I understand. I will stage a defeat, but only this once. I have already sacrificed much to regain my homeland."

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Starend's smile was as warm and comforting as star. Yet do to the rest of her the solace was also as dreadful as being pulled into a black hole. "Your opinions make much more sense now, the elaboration is much apreciated. Would I be right to assume I am to be the shepard of those saved and those defeated? Be it a pray of hope or pray of thanks, under the House of the Covenant each prayer grants a follower to our cause?"
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@614azrael: @Warsman: @Glorious: "So what of New York? We just let it play out? I think maybe we should be careful about our connections being known." Hudson said, a bit of concern leaking into his voice. "I think we should make sure to distance ourselves from each other publicly. Just in case one of were to...fall, we shouldn't all go down with them."