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Welcome to Paradise

Initially founded in the Middle Ages by wandering merchants and gypsies as a safe haven for trade and commerce, Elysia boomed into a sprawling metropolis in the shadows of the mountain ranges both to the north and south. Due to its open policy towards all religions, beliefs, and practices, Elysia became a nation of prosperity in the dark ages of intolerance that followed. Its neighbors in Croatia and Romania were always looking to destroy their smaller and - in their minds - pathetic sister nation.

Several wars came to Elysia's borders despite the mountains overlooking the many villages and towns. However, no matter how numerous the invading army stood, Elysia could not be conquered. Through accepting magic in its national policy of defense, Elysian forces managed to repel and outright obliterate those enemies who sought to undermine their homeland.

Its kings never wanted to fight wars of expansion. It simply endured battles for survival.

These attacks continued well into the modern age, with fascist troops from Nazi-controlled Croatia and Romania making their moves to exterminate the Elysians once and for all. With German engineering available to them, they actually managed to penetrate into Elysian territory by a larger margin than before. However, the king of Elysia at the time - a young Otto von Doom the First - taught them once more the meaning of pain. None were spared in the counterattack.

Jews and other undesirables to the Nazi cause fled to Elysia and were harbored in the island of acceptance in a raging inferno of hatred and intolerance. Millions owed their survival and families to Otto von Doom in these terrible times. These families remember Doom as a kind king who helped their ancestors endure the Holocaust. He is venerated throughout the nation almost like a god, but he refuses to be acknowledged as one. Personally, he finds it beneath him.

Today, Elysia is one of the most technologically-advanced nations on Earth. It boasts a super-soldier project that ensures border safety and maintenance as well as a Doombot armada capable of immediately responding to any threat, potential or otherwise. Combined with an undeniable effective security force, Elysia also boasts a series of powerful force shields developed to withstand any sort of intense bombardment.

Its capital lies in Doomstadt, named after the illustrious House von Doom.

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What's the national sport?

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@Rumble Man: Warball! xD

Cool beans.

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@Decoy Elite:

Get Mr. Hudson in here :P

@Rumble Man:

Worshiping Warsman.

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Hudson gave a large smile as he exited his helicopter, a large smile on his face. "How in the hell did you get into this place anyway?" His ally buzzed over the phone. "I couldn't get the stubborn son of a gun to even let me think about setting foot in his country." Hudson couldn't help but be a little smug about the whole thing. "It's all politics John. Now I'll call once I'm done here, give you update about the project." He closed his phone as he looked around for his escort.

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A Warbot strides up to the illustrious businessman, identifying him as Mr. Hudson before speaking in a monotone voice:

"Mr. Hudson, esteemed guest, follow me."

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@Warsman: Hudson smiled and nodded following behind the robot. "It's wonderful of your glorious leader to allow me to enter his country. I hope he understands how...unique my situation is coming into this lovely country."

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Before long, the two imposing figures arrive at the gates of Castle Warstein. The Warbot integrates its hand into the security system. The unique meld of metal and magic identifies the creation as one of Warsman's and the locks buckle behind the massive walls, forcing the gate down and the door to open. Beyond the mighty entrance to Castle Warstein is a grand plaza dedicated to statues of Warsman as well as a gathering place for the many hundreds of Warbots active in the area. The Warbot chauffeuring Mr. Hudson leads him past technological innovations that boggle the mind and border on the impossible, favoring instead to direct the foreign mastermind into the throne room of the Elysian King. Here, the iron tyrant bids the Warbot away with a gesture.

"Welcome Mr. Hudson! Long have I awaited your arrival here," Warsman says, standing from his seat and walking down the steps to the main leveled area of his court.

"Were you followed?"

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@Warsman: do they bend over and kneel to worship or do they use sacrificial means?

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@Rumble Man:

Kneel, of course. Sacrifice is such a needless way to garner the attentions of Warsman.

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@Warsman: Hudson gave a bow. "It's good to see you Lord Warsman." He said with a smile. "No one tries following me anymore, although at least 10 different intelligent agencies tried tracking my phone. They think I'm somewhere over in Italy hiding out." There was a complete feeling of confidence in his voice, his smug smile never left his face for a second.

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"Good," Warsman replied, trusting this man more than he did anyone else for reasons only the two of them knew. "We have much to discuss."

He opened a secret folding path down into the clandestine meeting chamber of the Cabal and descended the spiral staircase, knowing his guest would follow.

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@Warsman: Hudson placed his phone on a table before he followed. "Never can be too safe with old John." He explained as he followed.

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(OOC: Going to continue this tomorrow. Cras es Noster.)

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(Awww I thought this would be the vine interpretation of the vampire society)

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A cloaked figure materialised in a deserted backstreet of Warstodt and looked around before fishing a grimy-looking pocket watch from a pocket, and tapping the glass a couple of times. "Is this thing off?" He asked aloud, more to himself than anyone else. Slowly, he opened his cloak and traced dark lines on his bare chest with his fingertips for a moment, then, seemingly appeased, he tied his cloak tighter and began to walk into the city.

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A Warbot approaches the foreigner, its monotone recording for a voice barking at him.

"Welcome outsider to Elysia. Please enjoy your stay."

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@Warsman: Materializing within the inner chamber of the Elysian King the immortal took a seat in his vacant throne, eying the gem of time with intrigue. He awaited the return of the Iron Tyrant, eager to discuss recent happenings and the future of this supposed Cabal.

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Maybe I'll visit some time.


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Having shown Mr. Hudson the extent of the secret meeting hall of the Cabal, Warsman returns to the surface after directing the illustrious businessman through the clandestine exit. He sees Glorious on his throne and instantly crosses his arms impatiently.

"Welcome to Elysia. You may remove yourself from my chair now."

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Whistler kept his eyes focused on the large castle walls above him while he instinctively climbed the large and contorted stone underbelly. He climbed carefully and intently making sure not to alarm any of the various warbots that guarded the capital city and more specifically the ones outside of the castle itself. He took special measures in order not to be detected by the machines. He laced his entire suit with polymer fibers that practically made him undetectable to most radar and sensor systems, however he could not help but feel exposed to these specific smart bots so he did his best to avoid them all together.

He continued to climb until he finally reached the top of the castle walls. He watched the illuminated courtyard below him carefully and thoroughly making sure to gather every single variable that could either help or compromise him in his mission to infiltrate the heavily guarded castle.

"Now or never big guy." He held his breath, turned his goggles EMF reader up and jolted through the courtyard and towards the front entrance of the castle.

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@Warsman: "Well of course mi'lord," Glorious casually slid out of the seat into a rather relaxed demeanor. "How are you?" he inquired, striking up casual conversation whilst eyeing the bedazzled jewel.

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"How I am is not relevant to your arrival here. Were you followed?"


Warsman feels a telepathic presence in the courtyard that does not match the ones of his various butlers and maintenance workers. He mentally activates a Warbot and sends it to investigate.

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@Warsman: "Why is it that everyone in this universe is so rigid and terse? Is there no time for conversation, because I've got plenty." Glorious snorted. "And no, I wasn't followed. And if I was, I wouldn't tell you." His smirk appeared then dissipated in the same instance. "So, how long?"

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The extra-dimensional being always had a way of wearing on Warsman's nerves remarkably quickly. The Elysian King walked up to his throne and took his seat, putting his hands together by connecting his fingers and thumbs in a calculating way.

"I have received word of confirmation from all save for the goddess. It will be soon."

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@Warsman: Whistler knew that there was no turning back now. The warbot searching the grounds had somehow been alerted of his presence and he knew that if he were to somehow outrun it more would just come in it's place. Whistler, against his better judgement, pulled out his M11 Sauer handgun, aimed and fired.

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The bullet pinged against the force shield surrounding the Warbot. Immediately alerted to the spy's presence, the automaton accelerated in his direction with extended metal hands.

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@Warsman: "And what will you do in the mean time? I mean you seem pretty satisfied so far. Would hate to see you become complacent."

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"I have something to keep me occupied." Warsman noted cryptically.

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@Warsman: "Well, there goes the neighborhood" Whistler uttered after watching the bullet hit the Warbot's force shield and fall as if it were nothing but a mere annoyance to the machine.

The Warbot quickly gained speed and momentum as it closed in on Whistle's location. "..oh you gotta be kidding me." He shouted as he watched it extend it's arms in his direction. Before the bot could attack, Whistler raised both his hands in surrender and prepared for the worst.

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The Warbot encased the spy in a orb of cosmic energy before descending with its quarry down into the dungeons of Castle Warstein. There, the prisoner is chained and stripped of any weapons. The iron tyrant emerges from the darkness of the torch-lit catacombs, the defining characteristic of the Elysian King being his crossed arms and proud demeanor.

"You may speak now."

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(Didn't see this until now. You're welcomed to visit at any time.)

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@Warsman: "Well, I must be off. Lives to ruin. Lives to take." Glorious nodded his head in Warsman's direction then turned and strutted towards the door. "This Cabal, I like it but too many people involved. Might have to thin the ranks a bit if you catch my drift." The immortal faded from existence the moment he reached the exaggerated exit to the throne room.

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"I gotta say boss, you look waaaay bigger on television." Whistler mocked as he watched the infamous Warsman stand before him.

"Getting caught wasn't part of my brilliant plan, but eh.. it still gets the job done I guess. I have a proposal for you."

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The steel sovereign ponders on the Glorious's proposition, weighing his options carefully.


"Brilliance does not extend to infiltrating my country and taking potshots at elements of my robot army - but I am listening."

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Whistler rolled his eyes and shook his head in disbelief. "You sound just like my mother.", he paused, before continuing.

"H.A.R.D" Whistler grinned. "Do you really think they or the feeble minded government they work for are going to really let you keep this pretty little rock all to yourself?"

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Warsman does not flinch at the proposed threat.


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Whistler sighs quickly , but subtly, making sure not to push his luck too much with the king and his patience.

"Well they're not... Right now they are all figuring out a way to push king humpty dumpty off his golden little throne and break him into a million tiny pieces. Trust me slick, I know these things. A few years back and I would have been right there with them, probably in the exact same room even."

Whistler dropped his playful tone and stared coldly into Warsman's eyes.

"You're going to strike first before that can happen... and i'm going to help you do it."

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"Even if what you say is true," the iron tyrant began.

"No one commands Warsman to do anything."

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@Arcane Xavier: Sh*t's about to get real :P

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This is only the beginning.

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@Arcane Xavier: I know. You're not the kind to settle :P

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"The time has come."

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@Warsman: "Good then, I don't like to wait."

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"I didn't come here to insult you or your massive ego, Warsman. I'm simply here to give you the heads up. I'm going to infiltrate H.A.R.D and when the time comes and you're ready to accept the inevitable....."

Whistler's body began to turn into steam and literally melt away into the wind, leaving his clothes, shackles and wetsuit behind.

".....I'm just a whistle away."

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@Impero said:

@Arcane Xavier: Sh*t's about to get real :P

I'll take them both down ;)

Warsman will permanently kneel before the Vine once I gain a particular item which should be very very soon ;)

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@.Ajax.: Aha, nice son, nice. I can't wait to see that :)

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I may be a hero, but I will shut that big mouth of Warsmans.

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"And so another piece has been added to the board. How amusing."

Warsman wraps his cape around him as he exits the dungeon, finding no further use in playing along with the spy's least for now.


"Good evening, Mr. Hudson. I trust that you brought the information I asked of you." The iron tyrant stated in reference to the businessman's latest acquisition.