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Deep within the cornfields of mississippi, every breath was like a lumber for him, a continous struggle to get air into his lungs, The un-deceased scarecrow was rightly out of breath, slowly he breathed in and out, hay and stuffing fastly descending from his pockets and chest. Clutching his heart, he held onto a stake, so as not to lose himself to a fall. Why was he so woozy? dozens would ask, the simple explanation was is that deep within his heart and soul, he knew this was not where he belonged.
He had been forcibly pulled from his demension into a land known as the vine to many.  To add insult to injury, Drifter knew that someone would come for him. For every hero theres a villain, For every mercenary theres a target, for every angel there is bound to be a demon.

Someone will always oppose you for the simple reason that it go's beyond human capabilities for you to be loved by everyone.

As he stood up, and peered through the corn he watched over, He saw a winged warrior coming.

"A crow" The drifter noted in secret below his breath.

Pulling a pitchfork from beneath his feet, He readied himself and shouted into the heavens and sky itself

¡Tonto del Mortal de Begone!


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Hero, that's what some have called him over the years. When something goes wrong that no others can handle, that's when his phone rings. Today it rang while Hawk was playing with his son in his back yard. He tried to not curse in front of the boy as he read the message. His wife walked out picking up his son. "Where are you going today?" She always understood, she was herself Powered as they liked to call it.

"Mississippi, scarecrow comes to life they call a bird." He said giving her a look. "Don't call yourself a bird it bothers me!" With that he kissed his wife and son and took to the air. For most fliers Texas to Mississippi takes about 2 hours. Ten minutes later Hawk was over the location. There was corn as far as the eye could see. With his advanced optic eyes his scanned fields. There he was pitch fork in hand, yelling something that Hawk could not understand.

Hawk pulled his bow with his great strength and unleshed 2 arrows towards the drifter's shoulders trying to injure but not kill the scarecrow, as he landed about 100 feet away. The corn was high enough to cover most of Hawk's 6 foot 2 frame. It would be come a problem for someone, Hawk knew it wouldn't be him.

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The scarecrow shook the straw from beneath his boots, ready to pounce, like the great tiger set to claw the gaziell, like the snake awaiting to lunge at the mouse. As he continued to shake his fist with one hand and with the other shake his pitch fork, unceasingly cursing in foreign tounges. Upon finishing his rant, He screamed in a language the bird would most likely understand
"You ain't gettin' my corn boy!"

But without seconds notice the Hawk fired off his arrows from his legendary bow, each of them piercing the shoulder of the scarebeast, As he tugged out the arrows, stuffing began pouring forth from his sewed together socket, soon enough the arm went limp and floppy as every last bit of cotton and hay dropped from it.

As the bird-man landed nearly a hundred feet away, The scarecrow reached for his pitch fork once again and hurled it like a lethal weapon. Piercing through the vegetation and aimed at the hawk's chest.

Grabbing for his shot gun, he slowly moved through the corn, using the tall leafy corn as a shroud.

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With a thud Hawk's arrow pierced this man's shoulder. Zooming in with his eyes onto the man's wound, Hawk studied to see if his hit would cause any lethal damage to the scarecrow. A shocked look came over the winged warrior's face as he saw cotton and straw escape from the chest of his opponent. Hawk new his tactics would quickly have to change if he were to take down this man-thing. Moving closer towards the drifter, the corn disguised difter's attack until it was almost to late. With a flutter of his wings Hawk started to raise, but only got a foot before a stabbing pain entered his thigh. A large 3 forked pitch fork was sticking out of his leg. Blood trickled down Hawk's leg until he pulled out the tool. Red flowed freely for a minute covering his jeans until they were dark navy blue. Then suddenly the bleeding stopped. 

Hawk's leg healed quickly, but he leaned heavily on his well leg as he continued towards Drifter. Hawk was making his way when he heard the man's voice coming shouting "You ain't getting my corn boy!" This man is crazy! He knew that this scarecrow would not stop until he had cleared his mind. Pulling out several arrows out of his quiver Hawk ignored the stuffed man coming at him with a shot gun at the ready. 

With a shout he made his intentions known. "I like my corn POPPED!" In a large circle Hawk letting his arrows go. As they flew they lit up the sky. Normally used as flares Hawk had other plans for his arrows. Falling around a couple hundred yards around the men, the flares quickly flamed up the dry corn. Flames grew quickly and high as they spread into a circle. The flames were coming at the two men fast. The was no exit on the ground for the flaming circle was complete. The heat rose as it came. Hawk knew that he could take to the air at any time to aviod the flame. He didn't want to kill this man made of straw, but he saw no other choice. He waited for The Drifter. 

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"I like my corn POPPED!" the bird-man would shout at the cloth bound man. With that said, Hawk relentlessly let his arrow's go, illuminating the air around them. These arrows were flares of course but Hawk's plan for them was most definetly more lethal. The arrow's fire lit up the corn within moments, they grew higher and taller as every second passed, a circle quickly spread all around the two. No exit,  no looking back, it was either kill or be killed.
He had to much to live for, this was only his first battle, he had yet to feel the thrill of the kill, he was'nt going to die yet.

All the vegatation fell as nothing more then ash. Burnt useless ash.

"You.......touched....m---m....m---my c---c-a---corn?!? BURN IN HELL!" The scare-beast would scream an earth shattering shout.

As the circle arose, a plan formed up in his cotton stuffed mind, clutching tighter on the barrel of his gun, he pulled the trigger, firing five shots. Three bullets aimed at the left wing and two aimed at the right foot.

Without hesitation, he tore the remaining shred of cloth that was his left arm from it's stichs. Droplets of hay once again fell to the earth as he did, slowly he walked to the fire and dipped the arm into the very flames that surrounded them. With that, He clinched to the enblazed cloth and hurled it with momentum, aimed at the winged warrior's face. Of course he knew it would only disengrate as it flew the air but that fiery piece of cloth that once rested on his arm socket was only a distraction for his real plan.

He reached into his back pocket, aiming for one of his many gadgets. Finally, he found his grappling hook and firied it aiming for the Hawk's chest. If is plan would work, The hook would pierce through his heart and chest. Leaving the bird in a bloody dead mess,

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Ignoring the fire about to consume him Drifter instead attacked, settling for killing his opponent instead of saving his life. Shots fired and rang through out the corn field that was quickly becoming a raging inferno. Bullets can rushing towars Hawk's left wing, bouncing off the metal and landing harmlessly on the ground next to him. the two that hit Hawk's foot though quickly lowered him to the ground, cause he couldn't put pressure on the riddled foot.

Looking up to see a cloud of fire rushing at him Hawk couldn't avoid it from hitting his face and burning his skin down to his metal bones. Pain fan through his body from foot to face as he kneeled on the ground that had quickly become hot to the touch. At out natrual reaction Hawk drew in his wings together covering his body from attack as The Drifters hook bounced off his wings and landed on the ground. Looking up to see the hook ment to rip Hawk in half, he grabbed the hook and looked to the sky. With a great blast he took to the sky using his strength to try and pull drifter into the sky only to let him fall back into the firey circle from high in the sky. With a incredible fast fly-by Hawk pulled out his sword aiming at Drifter's mid-section trying to cut the straw man in half.

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Hawk hits Drifter so hard that he shits out straw.