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What is a man to a crowd?

What is a crowd to a king?

What is a king to a god?

What is a god to a nonbeliever?


What is opinion to Doom?

The answer is nothing.

I have served Lord Doom long enough to realize that nothing phases him. He is an adamant wall, against which nothing can stand, and under the shadow of which his enemies crumble. I have seen men like Yashimora. I have seen Champions, and Dark Vengeances rising from the ground, and the Allegiances of men who thought themselves the equal of the one true Elysian King. They were all wrong. They all suffered and died while their kingdoms crumbled, only to have Doom endure, persevere, and conquer.

My name is Skjovald.

When the masters of the house are done with supper, it falls to the hounds to finish the scraps.

And so, it falls to me to tell you this tale.


Lord Doom first accomplished the impossible when he gathered five of the six Infinity Gems. Only one would have secured his rule over the Earth, but such a small step would be an insult to his genius. He needed to secure all of them in order to rule all of the universe and beyond. Upon manipulating his enemies and securing alliances, he managed to overthrow Rama Khan for the Soul Gem. All he needed now was the Reality Gem, hidden in Asgard, upon Odin's very person.

Doom's armies were vastly outnumbered, but never outmatched. The attack, as decided by Clovis Hammerstein, would be a blitzkrieg. Lightning war. With the main force securing the front line, the elite of Elysia would plow forward, taking the fight directly to Odin. Doom, Hammerstein, Salem Hex and the Death's Head would constitute this assault. My Death's Head, marching alongside Doom himself to glorious battle.

Of course, it won't be easy.

Odin has already seen what Doom has been planning for the past few years. He will be ready. His armies of Asgardians as well as the honored dead einherjar will be waiting all along the rainbow bridge. The so-called heroes all across Midgard will be getting the message that Doom is preparing for war on a cosmic scale. Can't they see what he is doing?

Can't they see that they are the ones standing in the way of progress? That Doom is the only true answer to universal providence? No matter. Those who defy Doom will die for him.

That is the only law I abide by.

And I will see Asgard burn by it.

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Asgard was swept by the sound of its mightiest soldiers marching across the city, the clanking of armor almost unbearable to the ears as the army moved. The defense of Asgard was imperative, especially so today, and especially so against their opponent. Doom has come. Odin had anticipated his arrival ever since Doom began acquiring the infinity gems, the key to omnipotence, the key to becoming a true god. Today more so than any other before it, the armies of Asgard gathered, outfitting themselves in the finest armors and weapons, each of them following their command to the letter as they took up formation, each trained to die for Asgard, including Kiros.

Kiros in Asgard, Victor Grey in midgard. He stood wearing his full battle armor, his carefully forged headpiece in his hand. Doom would not withstand the might of the Asgard army, of this, i'm sure. Although he was not the commander of the Asgardian Army, Kiros was held in very high esteem by all the Norse Gods, due to both his accomplishments and the way he was favored by Odin. The reality gem is in Asgard. Kiros had already known this, but where exactly is it? he'd asked himself this morning before Odin had revealed to him how the gem was on his person.

Why not use it then, father? Kiros asked, although not Odins' son, the two held a very close relationship. Why not use it to prevent what is to come? He'd asked. 'Reality is a force of nature, it is not mine or Dooms' to control' the king had replied, showing restraint Kiros himself would not have shown. This is why he is king, he turned to leave the palace, knowing full well that as of right now, the protection of Odin was more important than the protection of Asgard itself.

Descending the golden staircase, Victor looked out onto the horizon, just as before, he knew this may be the last time he would see Asgard so serene. After stealing the beautiful glance, he put on his helmet upon his head, with the firm grip of a warrior. He marched to battle, ready to die for Asgard, ready to die for Odin.

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The great city of Asgard and a plane of existence in a realm parallel tars only way in and only way out except as guardians the very let you enter let you out but now Doom leader of the band of minions evildoers that seek to rule the universe are seeking then thing the gauntlet protected by Asgard for untold millennia little did Doom know Mr. yashimora had ties with Asgard thousand years ago and the king of Asgard is a acquaintance of his. On this sunny day of Asgard in the realm where kings were real and magic and science come together as one staircases, buildings, entire skyscrapers made of gold, were gods ruled, it is now going to be engulfed in war, with SWORD one of earth's lead protectors often wonder John impending alien invasion getting ready for the assault yashimora takes SWORD's flagship the Freedom and asks Asgard's ruler its king passage by calling out to him with telepathic abilities that he is desperately kept secret from everybody he asked him, "great ruler of Asgard King of Kings I seek passage to your realm to Asgard for I may grant protection for your people I will send but one ship and myself, you may command me as you wish when I am in Asgard I am here to help"! the King of Asgard replies to him opening a portal big enough for the Freedom to go through, the ship forces plasma engines going Mach 5 through the portal just before closes behind them as they reach over the skies of Asgard on the other side of the portal has guardians look up pondering who ship is that, why are they here and do they bring trouble?

As the Freedom hovers over the great city of Asgard it turns a 360° spacing towards the only known accessible portal to Asgard from the other side, from Earth that's would Doom and his minions would come from yashimora thought. As yashimora looked to out the bridge window he saw the Golden city in the distance to his left he saw the great bridge leading to the portal that leads to earth to mid-guard as they call it, he then pondered to himself, "I only bring my ship and a dozen special forces just in case but I doubt this will be enough to stop Doom I'm hoping I don't have to eat awaken my sword soul", as cc as guardian soldiers pointing up at him trying to communicate, he then said to everybody on the bridge, "all right, I want clean shots of the main gun sound whiny collateral damage with the city make sure they do not get past the bridge"! one of the bridge officers then replies to yashimora,"Sir, we can't use the main cannon it will destroy the bridge and the gate"! yashimora thinks in his head "oh great more good news", but these have enough of that already trying to stop Doom for me than doing this and failing in his siege attempt in Elysia.

He takes his leave from the bridge of the ship, takes an elevator down to the hangar Bay takes a transport to the main castle. Flying through the skyscrapers and the lovely golden houses filled with lush green trees and wildlife seeing as guardians enjoy their everyday life as they see yashimora's transport dropship VTOL fly past them pondering he thought they were about him. He then got to the castle steps as the VTOL ship landed vertically, side door opens as yashimora steps out as the King of Asgard greets them at the front steps, they shake hands but not in a traditional way they grab each other's arms where the arm bend's and shacked. yashimora then said to the king, "I wish I have come under better circumstances, but Dooms stubbornness has drawn me here, it appears is after something you possess called infinity gauntlet I only know of this because one of his dimwitted minions bladder it out before I left his kingdom". he then sees as he looks to his right a young strong looking warrior putting his helmet on, knowing his face it was Victor Grey, a fine warrior of Asgard one of the best, the sale bows his head to him and respect and as he rose his head he then said to the king, "I attend the weight at the front door for them, does your finest warriors wish to join me"?

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Ruby sat in the office of Avalon sitting there relatively bored today most people were still a little blown away by the events of Phili. It was some Armageddon type deal that was freaking a lot of people out. A body count was frightening to even think about. “Hey can we not talk about all that doom stuff like for reals.” Ruby remarked before vanishing in a flash of light.

When she came back into reality she stood before some kind of guard dude. “You are like really tall.” The red and black haired woman remarked looking up at the large armored figure.

“Ruby Blake you have been blessed with a weapon I forged long ago. Enchanted with a sense like my eyes. It knows what strategy is best in a fight. I had desired for the finder to have a lot of time to learn the weapon and its capabilities. Regretfully instead you have to come now.”

“Woah dude, your armor is shiny!” The god just starred at her. “Ok ok I get it got to be all combativeish I got this. I’m a total boss with these skills!”

“NO! You’ve no idea what you can do.”


“However your all I got as I have to stand guard here.”

“Holly Crap! Your Heimdall huh!”

There was a long sigh “yes.”

“Oh MY God! I am in frigin Asgard! ASGARD! I always thought the Bridge was made of skittles when I was a kid.” The large figure laughed briefly before scowling. “Right. I have a job to do. I promise I’ll do everything I can. Wont save the day probably but I will help.” With that the unexpected warrior went to the Rainbow Bridge, her crimson cloak fluttering in the wind as she advanced. It was hard not to freak out at the amazing architecture, and fascinating weapons and armor. She was dying to just explore the place but she couldn’t duty called. Scythe in hand Ruby was ready for anything. She however didn’t know anything about what she really was up against….maybe should have asked some questions before hand. “Oh well.”

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Energy is not matter but all matter contains some kind of energy. If an alchemist can grip the context of the energy they can do sometimes that which is otherwise impossible. Alchemy usually transmutes matter into different matter or changes it's form. But what if an alchemist tapped into energies, then suddenly fire could be given life, earth could function like a cannon. The entirety of the concept was rich with complexities. However Hex had the mind to grasp it all, for she was not a genius she was a fusion of brilliance. Alchemy had melded her mind to two others who's brains were like computers. And now perhaps the most elaborate and powerful computer resided in her mind.

She reached beyond all traits seen, passing even the achievement of antimatter. Hex deep in her studies had gripped even cosmic energy. The power of gods was at her fingertips digging deeper and deeper into her potential. If man was made in gods image, man just had to reach a complexity of god. Most would never ever so much as glimpse the surface of such an evolutionary awakening she had. Only one capable of besting her she thought was Doom and even then it might be open to speculation.

She arrived in Asgard with the other various forces of Doom. The bridge glittering with light from the entire spectrum. In the distance a land of myth and legend. A world that made most others look feeble. Science and magic melded into a singular fascinating style. The forests were lush with life and fabled creatures.

"Gods, just a fairy tale to make weaklings feel comfortable. Heavens, a lie painted like paradise. Our enemies today, are but false idols. Born with might. The only one fit to rule is Doom."

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Having recently fought Doom’s loyal lapdog in a gruelling, memorable battle within his own home just a few days ago, the Last Samurai of the Ronin’s Rest had allied himself with a woman, this woman, known as Natasha. Having agreed to accompany the samurai in his journey to Asgard to intercept and stop Doom, the Daimyo stood at the entrance to the realm of the Gods.

Garbed in his traditional samurai attire, red armour made from interwoven steel sewed together by the finest silk the world had to offer, quilted padding underneath the dragon scale segments to adsorb damage sustained as his adamantium katana lay in his onyx sheath, ready to be drawn. “Natasha, make sure to stick with me, if we get separated, you know the way back home” He looked down and smiled at the woman, hoping she would be alright.

“We will probably be separated, as I am going to target a single man. Just a day before you and I met, I was attached, by Doom’s loyal assassin; I intend to seek him out once more” Taking a single breath in as all anticipation left his system, the samurai warrior felt comfort in knowing he would once more be forced to draw his blade in battle, and fight for his survival alongside thousands of others. The chances of survival were low, and the prospect may have terrified others…It bewitched him, enthralled him, and utterly thrilled all his senses. His destiny had been decided even before his first breath. He was born to fight, born to die. A warrior of the finest form.

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A feast to be had, a grand bouquet served before him. Lo behold the armies of men, the legions of gods and the heroes that stand before him. Doom's lab had fun toys, while the previous phase was in motion the Devourer had some things to 'play' with. He followed behind a warrior [@skjovald: ], Doom did not speak instruction so in this case Jack will have to interpret on his own.

Ice. The abomination used the element that became a symbol of his brethren, allies that were persecuted by the bastard Gods. Standing on a tower of frost as he looms over a sizeable portion of the battle field, sending a earth rending roar that shook the foundation of the ground. His own way of saying grace, appreciating the food that is presented on the grand table. His left hand followed in a resonating shriek as they began the siren of war.

Stamping the heel of his foot against the highest point of the makeshift power the monster made several cracks that roots all the way into the ground, creating various crevices and openings on the semi-translucent structure. Segments separating while maintaing a somewhat magnetic connection, linked by invisible forces as they expand to mimic its previous shape. Gaps that are filled with air widen between each ice shard. Every point sharpening, several pieces fusing into creating larger shapes. It is a long range siege configuration, several gigantic ice stakes the size of minivans are suspended in steady position as they revolve in a drill-like motion.

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Silence befell the keep of Doom's Castle. The entirety of Doomstadt waited, withholding everything else, desperately afraid of only one possible outcome of the war that their king had staged. Above them roared a portal into Asgard, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Emperor Otto von Doom into its reality-bending throes. The Elysian populace had gathered around the estate, a hushed nature gripping their hearts.

Old footsteps, walking with a telltale limp, echoed throughout the empty and winding hallways of the illustrious mansion. They were propelled towards the meditation chamber of the Omnipotent Overlord, each cautious advance bringing with it a wizened grunt as the loyal butler hefted the heavy armor on no order of Doom's. This was his own decision. He parted open the door as quietly as he could and bowed.

"My Lord,"

"What is it, Basil? I am busy," Doom replied, absorbed in thought.

"My Lord, I have served you and your family ever since Sebastian von Doom, your grandfather of five past generations. It has always been my duty to arm them before their greatest battles, for a king must never be concerned with such menial tasks when their destiny awaits them," Basil said as modestly as he could, slowly placing the vindicated and freshly polished armor of his ruler upon the ground.

Doom cast a glare towards Basil that chilled his blood, but the butler did not budge. He remained resolute and bowed.

"Doom needs no one, not even in the name of tradition Basil,"

"Please, my Lord, allow me this one honor! For a fear, no - all of Elysia fears - that you might not return,"

"Nonsense. Asgard will not be my undoing, Basil, now leave me be,"

To Doom's intrigue, Basil did not obey. The butler remained at a ninety degree angle at the waist. His shoulders were quivering and his breathing passed through clenched teeth and a tightened throat. Doom recognized the sound of bitter tears dripping to the floor, and he paused for a moment. Never before had he seen Basil in such a state.

"Please, sire, set aside this one trouble for me to tend to. Your last thoughts before departing should be of how much your people love you, and not the condition of your unmatchable armor,"

A moment passed between them as Doom considered this. He had never changed the value of his words to anyone - not kings, not gods, for he was above such petty things. Yet, this man who had sworn his life and afterlife to the von Doom family administered a blow to his heart greater than any sword. Doom removed himself from the aura of arcane knowledge permeating his side of the room, and lifted Basil's head in order to see his face.

"Love is for lesser men, Basil. I do what I must because Elysia is the template for an ideal nation, the foundation for the rest of the universe. If my people love me for what I do, then that is their concern, not mine. You can rest knowing that your duty has been fulfilled by bringing my armor to me, but that is the extent of what I will allow you to do. Tradition is for kings who wallow in the past,"

Lifting his suit with a telepathic impulse, Doom encased himself in the iconic metal husk, the final component of which existed in the undeniably famous mask that formed the basis of his identity. He held it in his hands, looking down upon the mechanisms that would bind it to his face from behind the shadow of his hood. The obscurity of his real features eluded even Basil. With a loud hiss, the faceplate was sealed into place and Doom was truly ready.

"I look to the future, and I see only victory."


A single ship departed from Elysia, carrying with it the first wave in a colossal effort to overthrow Asgardian defensive formations. The crowd outside Doom's Castle hurled intricate bouquets of flowers skyward, hoping to reach their monarch with one last message of good tidings before he disappeared into the rift. The cries of admiration fell on deaf ears, however, even as Doom stood at the very edge of the immense aircraft plunging into the interdimensional gateway, which closed as soon as the vessel disappeared inside.

(@ult_nerx) The shapeshifter already acted as a sleeper agent inside of the Asgardian environment, securing alliances with various giant tribes that were aggressive towards the gods. The frost giants, especially, held dark grudges against the denizens of Odin's city. Slaves and outcasts, driven away to live in distant holes and caverns. By promising vengeance, Doom would have merely secured their interest. But by doing so through the Devourer, he fortified their unbending support. Already, their attack would begin - a preliminary bombardment used to shake the resolve of the amassed legions (@victorgrey).

Hammerstein stood beside Doom, ever the Emperor's Impenetrable Shield, the mammothine muscle of the time-honored general hardened in anxiety. They were the first to arrive, but would not be the first to attack. Instead, Doom would bend the rules of the conflict. Rather than settle it on one bridge, he planned ahead and instructed the Devourer otherwise. His armored gauntlets crackled open as his fingers, swathed in eldritch power beyond imagination, carved out the spacial rend between Jotunheim and Asgard itself, making not one, but four individual bridges - one for the giants to outflank the Asgardians with, and three more for them to besiege each of the postern gates around the walled metropolis.

Just as this came into fruition, several more interdimensional tears in space-time went into the emergence of dozens more carriers and battleships, each with Doom's insignia emblazoned on their hulls. The number grew substantially until all of Asgard became surrounded, its shielding put into question by a combined artillery strike from the Devourer's ice bombs as well as the uncompromising plasma and solid shell explosives brought into this existence by Doom's genius. Two battlegroups hovered just outside the field of view, abusing the confusion in order to launch raids on any potential counteractive reinforcements meant to relieve the city.

Using this momentary surprise, Doom unleashed the first wave of Doombots.

Sixty legions, roughly two thousand automatons each, adding up to nearly 120,000 in total, rampaged out of the carriers, landing on the main Rainbow Bridge in their entirety. They all raised their weaponized hands in absolute unison, the power of a mass-produced Cosmic Cube coursing through each of their artificial bodies became reality as the iron legion advanced upon the Asgardian position in force, firing at will. Phase One of Hammerstein's military masterpiece had begun while Doom closed in on his destiny.


"Your mission begins as soon as I arrive. Secure a way inside the city."

Doom had entrusted Salem with perhaps the most important part of Phase One. Now, he would see her succeed. Failure simply did not exist as a possibility.

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Perhaps it was time to serve, perhaps not. Doom might forget about his trustworthy Hand of Doom whilst it leisurely faded away amid a brawl against the Star Spangled Super Soldier, old ally and, mostly, friend on harsh years. Now, albeit all his death-defying endeavors, Luke Craig was long lost withal cryptic and arcane thoughts, deployed by Doom's utmost intelligence and proficiency while handling magic and science. Yet, the somewhat bewildered youngster gazed the Asgardian troops with impervious eyes and noiseless lips, armor was fully attached, twin Skorpion submachine guns seized by firm fingers.

Reckless in combat, merciless when gifted with the delight of taking a life, aloof nigh death. Tonight, he would bathe in carmine blood. His blade, as sharp as a razor, glassing the tactical mind for the bloodshed. A wading armory, which purpose is murder. He traipses farther into the fields of bloodshed, a lonesome, considerably majestic figure, light steps, enhanced agility, expeditious movements, swimmingly averting any incoming projectile, blade or whichever weapon defied his glorious walk. Killing should wait for the adversaries worth of it weren't on the front lines. Abhorrent soldiers always go first. Always. Besides, Doom should savvy his Hand was no longer gone. The Elysian army would conquer, the impetuous troops would fulfill their thirst, the War Machine would keep turning and Nobody would be one of its wheels.

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She stood there at the gate not in armor but a black t shirt cut at the midriff with some band logo on the front. She had no stylish kimono or chainmail but a black skirt. A backpack was draped over her shoulder with a number of weapons. Loads of throwing knives, a metal base ball bat with spikes welded to it. From her knew home she'd found also a nice Ono(ax) and dual Kama. A katana rested on her back and most importantly the short blade of the samurai rested at her hip. An eight hundred year old weapon given to her by the closest thing she had to a friend.

Natasha stood beside a warrior a thousand years old. His armor practically mythic to gaze upon. The sight of the pair was likely off puting. A samurai of old, a gothic teenager. An ancient master of an old way, a vampire who had a obvious fetish for weapons. Yet the pair was similar in a way that made them an ideal duo. Their hearts fluttered at the the thought of conflict. The odds prepostourosly against them, it gave them excitement.

"I'll help you reach him. If you want my aid I'm there for you. If you don't want my aid in that fight though. I'm so gona kill me some giants."

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@skjovald: @emperor_von_doom: A smile stretched across his face as The Creation approaches the ranks of Doom. This certainly was not the first time The Great Devourer had invaded a realm, though this had become one of the few occasions in which the destruction had been accompanied. This day would be remembered as a day of hell for those who unfortunately witnessed the other end.

The ranks of Asgard were legendary. Their skill unmatched like every other aspect about them. Fearless heavenly warriors in outstanding numbers sworn to protect Asgard. Their oath would only lead to them being chained to Asgard as it was corrupted, being tied down as the water rises to them. Goliath had finally come to acknowledge the possibility of ruling Earth instead of destroying it, though destroying it would be a choice. Of course a weapon knows nothing of peacemaking; with Doom rising to power with the infinity gems it was a perfect chance to learn from a political master. Observe the strategies and rallies to leading an empire. Once Doom collected the final gem he would be the most powerful being in the galaxy, a cosmic force. Goliath would serve no less than the best, taking the front lines of his greatest moment could lead to perks once the universe came to be under his rule, it was a simple fact. Though it still bugged him., "Would Doom keep a cosmic beast alive capable of disrupting his rule?" It was an answer only told by experience not yet experienced.

None would surpass Goliath, those who betrayed would be ended. His power omnipotent, his strength unlimited, his courage even greater. The cosmos themselves would cower from his shadow. None would surpass.

Would they?

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I can smell you.

Between you and me are hordes of steel Doombots, hordes of sweaty barbarians, and there's enough smoke billowing to obscure most of the city we're trying to destroy.

But I can still smell you.

I never forget the scent of prey.


Once the first wave of Doombots launched, I knew this was going to be one hell of a fight. I knew it for a few years now, ever since Doom revealed the initial stages to his inner circle. This was going to be anything but easy. Death's Head had been designated to attack specific targets along the Rainbow Bridge, leaders and such. Simple enough. Take out the snake's head, but the body will still be thrashing around - aimless, but still dangerous. That's when we realized that it would not take a sword to destroy the reptilian spine of the Asgardian defense, but a series of bites. Bleed them out. Drain them of confidence. Then, tear out their throats.

A doberman.

And a rottweiler. (@shogunate)


"Get ready, Death's Head. I'd give you a compelling speech about honor and whatnot, but we already know our purpose and talking about it's not gonna help,"

Skjovald gripped the handle keeping him from falling due to the heavy turbulence. Bolts of concentrated magic, arrows thicker than boxing gloves, and the reactionary bombardments of SWORD vessels made it increasingly difficult the closer the DH landing craft traveled to the Rainbow Bridge.

"Thirty seconds, and that door's gonna open. Ignore the cannon fodder. That's why the Doombots are there. Aim for the important-looking ones, nice big helmets full of hot air and armor polished like they just got out of the car wash,"

Violently rocked back and forth, Skjovald opened a channel with everyone's favorite solar system eater (@_goliath_) via a Doombot riding next to the giant lizard's ear.

"See what you can do about those SWORD ships," he stated calmly as the carrier started to nosedive, continuing into: "Then just do what you want, big guy. It's all good," with a click, closing the frequency.

The pilot's seat, normally full of busy noise, seemed vaguely quiet. Before Skjovald could see what the matter was, he got his answer when the service automaton rolled down the aisle, impaled through the face by an arrow the size of an ironing board.

"Huh. Alright, change of plans. Everyone out, everyone out!" Skjovald grabbed a parachute, knowing his Death's Head to follow in kind.

Slamming his fist into the emergency eject button, the Old Bastard started a chain reaction by jumping out. Heavy ordnance whizzed by his face, almost clipping him out of the sky entirely. He knew Shogunate would be fine, as would most of his core of hardened killers. This was their moment. Pulling the cord seconds before impact on the Rainbow Bridge, the Houndmaster detached the safety harness and used Asgardian helmets as various leaping points for him to get to where he needed to be.

Smelling the fresh air gave him a new purpose. This extended beyond killing the leaders as initially prescribed, as he ignored the presence of one such figurehead (@victorgrey), designating Shogunate to take him out instead.


"Well, well, well," the doberman snarled behind his mask, the only iron-hued eye in his skull flashing menacingly.

"Fresh meat, imported straight from Japan. Asgard really knows how to treat its tourists."

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"Take out the Rainbow Bridge" Kiros commanded, much to the confusion of the nearby Asgardian warriors. "Lose the rainbow bridge?" one of them asked as the Doombots advanced from the rainbow bridge. Kiros fixed him with an authoritative stare "lose the rainbow bridge, or lose Asgard" Kiros replied, raising his mighty Odinsforge hammer which commanded the elements, ignoring the assault by air for the meanwhile, and preparing along with the rest of the Asgardians to destroy the rainbow bridge, which could be rebuilt if Asgard was still standing. "Now!" Kiros thrust his hammer as the sound of a hundred weapons hit the end of the rainbow bridge, shattering it as the doombots ground gave way, to drop them to the depths of the Asgardian realm. No sea underneath them, just an endless void. Spinning his hammer above his head, Kiros summoned a lightening bolt from the sky, bringing it down to completely demolish the Rainbow bridge, so that nothing was left where it once stood.

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@victorgrey: @mryashimora: @skjovald: The Doombot was answered with a single nod to it as The Gargantuan God leapt to the ship with arms open wide. He knew he needed to keep the SWORD battleship in condition for a purpose and now it was needed as his arms tied around the sides of the ship. He rotated the ship until the top deck was upside-down along with the rest of the ship. Goliath flew down to the gap of where the bridge once stood and impaled the cliffside of the gap with the battleship, leaving the main gun nothing to fire at but the darkness of the abyss. But the platform wasn't long enough yet, it was simply fixed by prying the hull in half, rotating the placement of the original bit, and slamming the second half into the other side. Effectively two battleships long of a mangled hull working as a makeshift bridge, still with a small gap in the middle that would be covered soon enough.

Though it was then time for Goliath to introduce an accessory saves for a special occasion, raiding Asgard and conquering he final infinity gem of reality was enough for that. His fist swung above his head, his smile now bearing teeth as his red eyes glimmered. A red dash burst across The Milky Way, made it's way through Earth and through the portal and onto Goliath's finger. As the ring settled a red shirt formed over his torso almost looking like paint on his scales, as a symbol appeared in the very center of that shirt.


His fins became heated and red, his already natural red eyes were engulfed in the color. A red aura lightly sheeted his body as the insides of his mouth visible past his teeth became red. A ground shaking laugh rattles the playing field as the Red Avatar conjured a crimson Warhammer in his left hand as he fired a bloody beam of Red towards Asgardians buildings across the Gulch. Jumping across the canyon towards an entire gathering of Asgardians soldier he slammed he ground below with the titanic Warhammer sending up a different kind of red.

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An army of mountains stood behind them, carrying icebergs as projectile weapons, they stood above the himalayas. Sons of Ymir, avenging their all-father who is slain to become the universe. Unlike the hungerer they harbor no wish to devour the gods, they just want to exterminate to extinguish the light in the universe. Justice, it has been used as a blanket term for genocide of nonhuman species. Back then they have little to no measures of self defense, against the weapons of the Gods that hover above them. Today because of Doom [@emperor_von_doom], the great Liberator they can finally be at ease. A monster has appeared in their midst with a vision of a field of corpses. Giant ice bullets from the tower are ejected from their prone positions accelerate towards the city of Gods. It is not the size that is dangerous, a minivan is hardly a threat to any Godly being. However it is the speed that makes them destructive, if the american railgun breaks the sound barrier at mach seven the ice barrage trumps that speed threefolds at the least. This is only the first volley. It is a siege weapon, aimed to break the walls and fortifications of the keep.

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Fire and smoke clouded a room on board the Freedom helicarrier, as Thomas 'Tommy' Bastion made five small holes into the chestpiece of his Flamethrower suit of armor. He had heard about this Infinity Gauntlet, and the stones it contained. If he could get that power, he'd be somebody for once. Not just another mercenary. He admired the thought, as he got into the large suit. Stepping down, he grabbed a large tin filled with .55 caliber bullets soaking in atomic radiation. Enough to kill an elephant just by grazing them. And with his aim, it never would be just a graze. Lighting a cigar, Tommy put the bullets in a container on his belt, also equipping himself with a large machine gun that's bullets could explode with the force of a grenade.

Tommy was afraid- he had to admit. A lot of people they were going up against were able to kill him. Something none of his targets have come close to doing before. Heck, there was a giant dinosaur with the ability to create almost anything with his ring, and lord knows who'll get to the Infinity Gauntlet before him. As he smoked his cigar, he pressed a button on his gauntlet. If @mryashimora required his services, he'd only need to press a button and he'd be there.

Looking out of the window, Tommy smoked some more, thinking about his odds against some of these people. Chances of his survival were slim. But he didn't fear death. He feared being useless. If he died, he'd be with his family and friends. If he died like a cur, some messed up freak would get the Infinity Gauntlet and be able to take over the planet- perhaps even the universe. He didn't know. Either way, he would rather die with purpose. Putting out his cigar by placing the burning end on his vibranium shoulder, he coughed a bit. Today was a good day to die.

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@victorgrey: ------This is @enoch_val_errys, using main account because of post limit---

Enoch watched a god, a true god shattering a huge,probably magical, bridge with a single hit.

What am i doing here, he sighed.

He had been in Asgard for the last twelve hours, being called there by Heimdall to defend a reign he didn't even know existed, called to fight forces far above his normal low-class-Daemon standard.

He was briefed quickly, as heroes and gods passed by casually, and started to grasp the true magnitude of what was happening there.

He was told to join Grey's side to defend Asgard from the Ice trolls, but all seemed so futile....

But he'd stand and defend that reign. because he knew it was the right thing to do, because he had powers and had to use them.

And basically because he was stuck , brought there by a magical teleporter-thing and the situation seemed to dire to just pop back the Heimidall and say: Nah, this isn't stuff for me, i'll go home. Tokio please!

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Kiros' senses were overloaded with all the stimuli from the battlefield, the sounds, the smell, the sights. The sense of touch as his hammer collided into the rainbow bridge, to bring it down. From beyond the abyss, the 'doombots' emerged, flying upward to continue their attack, but there was a more immediate threat as well. "Frost Giants" (@ult_nerx) Kiros commanded the sorcerers in his legion to concentrate on producing protective energy shields, their combined skill and power enough to protect the legion and the surrounding buildings from the damage of the high velocity pelts. Some of the more inexperienced mages were unable to sustain their allocated area, which meant there were small and occasional holes in the forcefield where the pelts seeped through, wounding a few asgardians. The bombardment continued, so the protective shields stayed up, separating the legion from the doombots, which meant the Asgardians were powerless to prevent their advancement.

A messenger ran to Kiros in the middle of battle, the god Kiros had his hammer raised to the sky, producing a powerful protective shield which surpassed any of the surrounding asgardians. "Kiros, Odin summons you immediately. It is urgent" the messenger tells Kiros. The younger god has light armor on, allowing him speed and agility, while sacrificing durability. Kiros ignored the message for a while as he focused on the advancing Jötnar. "And leave my legion behind?" Kiros asked, rhetorically. "I'm afraid you're being reassigned" the messenger was aware of the incoming doombots and frost giants, but showed little fear in the face of great danger, whereas Kiros showed none. My life is expendable for Asgard. "Reassigned?" He asked, his first thought that perhaps the All father was in danger, and needed himself to guard him. Finally, and reluctantly, Kiros ceased his forcefield which he'd erected, meaning the other Asgardians had to work harder to maintain the same level of defense Odinsforge gave them. Kiros immediately headed for the throne room, located at the centre of Asgard in Odins' palace.

Odins' Palace

The prestigious god entered the hall to Odins' palace, rushing towards the throne room. It was quiet, but filled with some of Asgards' most elite warriors, ready to die in service for their king, and their realm. The large doors to the throne room drew near, and beyond them lay Odin, standing in his battle armor, and holding his staff in his hand. "Father, what do you require?"

Five minutes later, Kiros exited the throne room, with a new assignment. The fighting will have to wait for now. "Raise the palaces' defenses after I leave" he commanded the nearby guards, of which two immediately ran deeper into the hole, ready to erect a protective shield around the palace. Exiting outside into Asgard, standing in the same place he'd stood earlier immediately before the battle, there was no serenity now. Just destruction, I must get to the weapon. Kiros mounted an Asgardian horse, and immediately set off, leaving his legion behind and manoeuvring his way through the battlefield, skirting the borders of Asgard where the fighting was less intense. Behind him, Odins' palace was enveloped in a golden protective field which would block out every matter and atom, rendering teleportation also impossible unless if the person or object didn't have to occupy the space through the protective field.

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She stood at the center of the bridge. Noble and valiant ready to take the enemy on by herself if she had to. Valiant and epic! And no one gave a damn. "Right why care about the girl who looks young and reckless. A little thing sure to go down. Hehe your all fckd." Ruby pulled a pair of headphones from her pocket plucking them into her ears. "Let's rock shall we Niss" she'd decided on a name, as someone with a N in her name she wanted a N centered Norse shape shifter. The Nisse were cute. She shortens it to Niss as it rimed with miss, something being off about her and her brother.

Mighty forces shattered the bridge it's glittering shards falling to oblivion. It didn't stop Heimdall's rebel at the least. Using speeds that were almost impossible to follow she darted towards the shards diving to the lowest. A kick off led to a back flip where her Uru sickle severed a bot head. Stylishly she kicked off the bot knocking it into the leg of another bot. Flight disabled it fell and Ruby kept at it pushing off another shard. Her scythe changed into a rifle firing magic high powered rounds through the heads of three more bots. Flipping one eighty so she was upside down she fired letting the rifle kick send her into another bot "sup" her blade sinking in it's chest before she tossed it simultaneously kicking off the bot and spinning wildly severing a series of machines in half. Like a Ping pong ball she bounced off a trio of shards. Now dangling over the other side of the bridge she changed form. A blond with Niss a pair of gauntlets.

Landing fists down she released a shock wave that tossed machines off the ledge. Ducking she then uppercutted a robot sending the head flying. Using the bot like a wall she ran up the torso flipping to kick the head into another bot. Landing on another her fist came down on its throat blowing it apart a parkour roll lead into a shot at another bots gut. Running and swerving bursts of plasma shot past her before she dropped to her knees skidding. Fists launching out punched holes in a pair of bots before two more shock waves sent more bots flying. Rising her hair turned white and Niss became a rapier. A wall of crystalline ice spearing through a number of bots.

"I am such a bad ass!" She squealed as she turned around. What she was that she'd done no significant damage, the body count was replaceable. The cosmic cubes in their chests meant a lot of the machines would probably self repair. And then there was the bigger names. These dudes had Goliath....she couldn't fight Goliath. "Well crap now what Ruby?" She asked herself.

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------This is @enoch_val_errys, using main account because of post limit---

Things where happening quickly.

The Mages of Asgard had created a powerful shield, that blocked most of the enemies ranged attacks, but at the same time made the robot's approach easier.

Those mages....some seem quite powerful. If I survive this war without losing this physical body, if we win and if i manage do do something useful during process they could help me.

Ok, it isn't something immediate, or probable, but there is a silver linen in being here after all.

This means i'll have to actually try and be useful.

Enoch noticed that a few, surely brave, warriors where ahead of the shield [@no_one_] and where battling the robots before they even got to the actual asgardian battle line. Enoch considered joining them, but realized that it would just have made things easier for the attackers, who's number already dwarfed the one of the asgardian defenders.

He also noticed that the god he should have followed [ @victorgrey] was leaving the front-line.

I was told to follow him....but whatever he is doing, i'm surely more useful here, in the thick of it.

Enoch unsheathed both The Incarnation's blade and the Wazamoto blade, and waited.

He was a few meters behind the last line of Asgardian soldiers, about 100 meters from the shield, and had a clear sight on all the field.

The shield will not resist once the enemy will have displayed his true power, and then, they'll find me waiting them.

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@emperor_von_doom: @_atomikill_: @pierpat: @no_one_: @_goliath_: @victorgrey:

As Doom's forces goes through portals around the city yashimora thought to himself," how the hell did they do that, I thought the only way and was the bridge without permission at least, there must be a traitor amongst the Asgardians"! he then sees Doom's airships teleport from all directions and then all the sudden the Gargantuan monster grabs a hold of this flagship shields breaking from the stress of his arms, the immense pressure crushed ship spine as a bumbles into the water on fire he worries about the men inside if they can make it out alive, the Asgardians behind him looked at the giant beast then the portal opened front of them to the bridge, a young girl in a hoodie carrying a safe the looked robotic steps forward through the portal, she didn't proceed to attack the bots Dooms bots, she started walking right past us and continued to attack the bots.

Then in front of them a lightning strikes destroying most of the rainbow bridge the Asgardian warriors behind yashimora start falling back, as yashimora blocks the lightning charge with his sword still the rainbow bridges destroyed in no one can get back in no more of Doom's reinforcements, of his minions, but yashimora and everybody else's trapped here until the king lets them leave through portal that he makes! then all of a sudden around the castle shield envelops it knowing he cannot get in but nothing can get out he runs to the end of the rainbow bridge towards the city to help, he then sees Thomas climb out of the rack of the Freedom with the special forces soldiers,yashimora then yells to him saying, "get your ass and those troops to the castle he must guard outside prevent them from getting in"! yashimora and starts running towards the castle seeing more doom bots and his airships get closer to the castle.

Then putting his soul and his sword as yashimora stops he does something that is forbidden but with great power, he concentrates for about two minutes as doom bots shoot and fly about as explosions and people running for their lives in the city happen, yashimora starts to transform the helmet begins the form, with alien insignias on the four head of the helmet area he develops a cape on his back, and a battle armor that has made up a mysterious metal that cannot be broken or cracked, he transforms into his warrior form some call it, is true form has come out, it's known as Sakara!

He then has the ability fly jumps up and cuts one of Doom's carriers in half, then throwing his blade at the second carrier sticking it right in the bottom, he flies grabs on the blade and cuts other carrier in half, "no more doom bots", he said in his head he then flies towards the castle seeing doom's minions causing mass destruction upon Asgard, he then lands in front of the castle was a sword drawn waiting for anybody to challenge him or to try to get past him!

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@_goliath_: @mryashimora:

Tommy started to get antsy on board the Freedom helicarrier, as he saw several ships fly around outside from a safe distance. There he went, with that useless feeling again. Breathing out heavily, he knew what he had to do. As he ran toward the hangar bay, he loaded up his guns, feeling the rush of battle once again. Aiming down the scope of his gun to make sure it worked, he was suddenly interrupted by a SWORD agent.

"Mr. Bastion, your orders are to stay on the brid-" She started, but was quickly silenced as she shrieked in pain- 400 pounds of vibranium had just stepped on her foot. Without apologizing, Tommy rushed to the hangar, spotting the hangar doors.

He grumbled something not to be heard in family friendly audiences, as he ran toward it, making sure all his guns were secure before jumping out of the hangar, surprised to find he was much closer to the ground than once thought. Stumbling in surprise, he noticed how the entire helicarrier was arranged, and noticed the large, red, burning dinosaur.

"H-Hey, um..." He wasn't sure if the giant monster understood english, but it was worth a try, "Can you throw me? Like, all the way to the palace?" He asked politely. Or, what he thought was polite. If the beast didn't understand, no big woop. Tommy would run to the palace. "It'd be great if you could, or maybe gimme that big red ring..." That request would most likely get shot down. But he wanted to prove his worth. Hopefully the dragon-thing would understand.

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@_atomikill_: The Beast cackled as his hammer dropped Asgardians bodies off the head of the hammer, until somebody called for him. He looked down at the grey...robot? It was taller than most of the Asgardians but nowhere near as tall as Goliath; he knew not if he was Doom or Asgardian but he still got to throw someone. He held out his ring fist and a red beam shot around the suit lifting it into the air, Goliath swung it around his head like a sling as he finally detached the beam and sent the red bubble soaring towards the Asgardian castle.

Goliath chuckled to himself as he bubble ran through a building and caused it to work like dominos and take out three other buildings. Goliath summoned back his Warhammer and screamed like a rabid cheetah as he thundered the ground with it.

However the force of the hammer only sent the bubble bouncing away from the palace and closer to the rubble of the rainbow bridge, I mean seriously, who relies on a dinosaur to throw them accurately? Only an idiot would think to use a dinosaur for that. I mean really!

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@pierpat: @victorgrey:

Some of the frigid stakes have penetrated to the sheath of protective magic, the tall pillar can only supply so much projectiles. In the first volley it seems that several have reached their goal, others had failed to do their objective. It is fine, as three towers erected behind his formation. The monster, afloat in a disc of frost as the rest of the structure vanished into an offensive manoeuvre. Some of the opened holes become beacons for the rest of the spikes to target, those who failed did not become the answer. Those who succeed lead the rest to swarm into the window, opportunity. A flood of shards ready to impale. To mark, insultingly. "It's only a matter of time, one god at a stake for each of our fingers to play with" Towers disintegrate into a horizontal hail of anti-fortress weapons, there seems to be a movement inside that fortified the shield. If this keeps up he might need to be launching icebergs, which would not be a problem. However it disrupts his rhythm, and that is not good for his mental game. Some of the ice become fragments, however some of the left overs are levitated around the barrier array. A ring arrangement of death orbiting the keep of the Asgards, sharpened points moving to create beelines towards individuals. One of the arrangements is set to crucify, splintering into four points to impale the limbs,

"It seems that we have to work harder gentleman" Nerx contemplates on eating the barrier, but first he will try to arrange his 'dirty snowballs'. Reaching up and away, however the arrangement of rings shifted their objective. It seems that this newly formed barrier, keeps the sharp from perforating but it doesn't act as a destructive means. It is time that he will find out if it is possible for Gods to suffocate, the rings condense on the outer reaches of the barrier. Forming a hermetic seal that spread steadily from the middle of the dome, outside trying to push in. Now he plans to laminate the barrier with a thicker level of ice as there is an 'idea' in the head of a monster. If he cannot get 'into' the shield then he will create a means to manipulate the entire structure. Now he signals the rest of the Troll army to lob away the icebergs in their grip. Each will break and make a stronger layer, overlapping and covering. From inside they may laugh off at the dumb plans, however things might be different when the keep is levitated several feet into the air and dribbled on the ground.

Back then there was an attack on one of the polar ice caps by [@_glacier_] a certain cryomancer, the devourer has ingested a lady who is capable of doing something similar. However his way is different, instead of forming fluidity with the skill-set he opted for a more ballistic application. He is not one to freeze living opponents, but he is the one to create ice blocks to cave in a person's skull.

There may be a temperature drop inside, but the hidden objective is to coat the shield, then lift the entire structure. What happens next? let gravity give an answer.

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@no_one_: @skjovald: @blooddiamond

"I can hear him. His every breath, every heartbeat" The nobleman muttered. Averting his gaze from the massive army and down towards Natasha. His humble eyes grew a little worried, yet, he knew she was capable. "Natasha, I would be honored to fight by your side" He proclamation, his golden eyes looked ahead, capturing the image of the battle in a single glance. "But first, we must clear a path," Unsheathing his adamantium blade, the Samurai commenced his march. Adorned in his finest armor, and accompanied by his dearest friend, Kenshin tore through many opponents, shed much blood, saw the fall of gigantic frost giants and the collapse of many enemy ships as he transversed through the battle, a battle unlike any other, a battle of the Gods and machine.

Mr Yoshida panted as he collapsed onto a single knee, a stray arrow having embedded itself into his chest, "Uh...Nat...Natasha, are you alright?" He asked, looking at his companion, and then snapping the arrow out of his wound as the skin slowly started to heal. Using his sword for balance, the samurai stood back up and continued battle, carving his way through more and more enemies before finally reaching his anticipated destination. The doberman. "You.." A warriors smirk decorated his features as his hand instinctively tightened it's grip upon the onyx hilt, blood already staining the blade. "..." With a cinematic twirl of the blade, the Daimyo deflected a stray bullet with ease and walked forwards, the deadly katana continued to be spun, "Skjovald!" Kenshin roared, awaiting his opponents gaze.

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All according to plan.

It proceeded exactly as foretold in the millions of battlefield simulations Doom endured, every detail playing out precisely in pace with the next immediate action. His storming of the Rainbow Bridge meant that either those gathered by Kiros (@victorgrey) would be lost entirely or they would have to pull back into the city and destroy the path. The hammer came down, crackling through millions of tons of mystically-enhanced light particles, each shred disintegrated like glass under a wrecking ball. The Asgardians performed a tactical withdrawal, expecting their Doombot adversaries to fall into the nothingness that awaited them.

They were wrong.

Through a complex mesh of machine and sorcery, Doom had accomplished the impossible and brought a material unlike any other into the hands of mortals. He called it Necrodermis, and its qualities as a "living metal" made it impossible to destroy outside of total obliteration. In other words, whatever existed because of its foundation would recover and actually start to regenerate. The Doombots smashed asunder by Asgardian weaponry reformed and melded whole again, just before a thunderous roar overtook the battlefield. All 120,000 of the Doombots that had invaded the Rainbow Bridge took flight, simultaneously, saving those frost giants who started to fall into the void and bringing them to one of Doom's four alternate bridges for safety, as well as to rejoin the attack in storming Asgard's secondary, tertiary, or even its quaternary gate. The Doombots latched onto the magic walls of Asgard, stabbing into the architecture with strong steel fingers and started to climb, blasting away arrows launched by the stationary archers or falling to the rocks only to regenerate and attack again. And again. And again.

The legions of Doom were not all accounted for on the battlefield just yet, however. Phase One and, just like Hammerstein ordained, the Asgardians were pushed inside their own city where they were at their most vulnerable.

As well as when they were the most dangerous.

The primary shielding coating the city flickered as the horrendously superfluous bombardment of ice, plasma, and solid shells tore at the concentration of the Asgardian mages responsible for keeping it alive. Holes started to form and rogue blasts were recorded around the metropolis, kicking up debris and bodies in equal measure. These pockmarks in an otherwise flawless design were the prime target for the continuation of the first wave of the assault.

With Doom's airships still hanging in a circular formation, encompassing every angle around Asgard, their hangar doors opened to unleash six more legions of Doombots, again numbering 120,000 in total, making it nearly a quarter of a million of these automatons littering the field. This formation was specifically aimed at those kinks in the armor, the weakened links, that the enormous gun batteries and glacial catapults had revealed and torn open. Sharks to blood, the Doombots swarmed into the city, taking the fight to the Asgardians once more. If they were to be knocked down, they would simply stand back up and continue their hellacious advance, all the while supported by the uncompromising firepower of Doom's finest artillery androids.

"It's about time you showed up,"

Doom did not turn away once from the holographic projection detailing every aspect of the conflict below. His flagship hovered just above Asgard, piling millions of tons of heavy ordnance into its uppermost layer of shields every minute. A black shape, humanoid and distant, remained close to him, honorable in its motions and loyal in its resolve.

"It is time to prove why you are my Hand (@_nobody_), above all others who serve me. You - who broke your Allegiance," he made casual mention of the shield now in Luke's possession, the deeds necessary for taking it only a recent memory, but a bloody one nonetheless.

"And who swore your life to Doom. Go - find the one named Kiros. Bring me his hammer."


Doom observed as the Devourer (@ult_nerx) ordered his frost giants to begin heaping ice around the barrier separating them from their Asgardian nemeses. Considering they lacked an appropriate avenue of flight, Doom entrusted that they had some sort of plan. Perhaps by surrounding the orb like wax to a mould, the Devourer wanted to encase the city in ice and...yes, exactly. By using the thunderous applause of the guns above him and the Doombots around him as a decoy, the Devourer wanted to caused untold havoc using his manipulation of the arctic element. Since the Doombots could auto-repair, anything he would be able to do to the Asgardians would not cause elongated harm to the automatons, and therefore render the city unable to defend itself for a few crucial moments.

As if to compliment this strategy, Doom continued the bombardment, drawing all attention to his ships as well as to the Doombots rather than to the shell of ice slowly blocking out the atmospheric lighting.


(@salem_hex) "I am aware that you have received multiple orders in the past few hours, but I have a somewhat irksome predicament,"

Noticing his right flank had been carved open by what seemed like a single man, he instinctively recognized it to be the work of Director Yashimora (@mryashimora).

"The SWORD pest has resurfaced. Eliminate him, so that I may rebuild what he has destroyed. I'm sure you can find some entertainment in bringing the child's temper to heel."



"I see your plan now," Doom remarked after a moment of silence, once his Hand went to retrieve the prescribed artifact from Kiros - or at least destroy him in the process.

"You're expecting me to fight through your legions, waste time and resources, and fight a fully rested Odin by the end of it - eh?"

Though he could not summon the full power of the Infinity Gauntlet, he had the greater sum of its parts at his disposal. And as of right now, he deemed it a suitable course of action to abuse their combined might for his benefit. First, he used the Mind Gem to its desired effect of ascertaining the specifics of the shield involved. Just as he suspected, it retained everything relatable to the words impenetrable and unbreakable, an immovable force through which no single piece of matter could find a way. Fortunately for Doom, with the Space Gem he could decide where he wanted to be regardless of what sorcery Odin commanded.

And he decided to be in the All Father's throne room, where he had isolated himself thinking that all would be well, where he thought his sons and daughters would be able to fight off a supposed evil and ward away chaos for all time. No longer.

The footfalls of Doom approached the golden seat, and the elite bodyguards of Odin stood stalwart, ready to defend their king to their last breath. With the Time Gem, such an event did occur remarkably fast as they aged into naught but dust, and their helmets and armors rusted and withered away. The All Father kept silent, knowing that the forthcoming battle always was inevitable and could very well be his last as king.

"Borson," Doom began.

"Relinquish to me what is mine, while you still have a kingdom to spare from Doom's wrath."

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Forget it. Bullets don't work against swords, we've established this.

Shut up.

We're back in the pit, Skjovald. A fight to the death. Keep focused. Bite his throat. Tear his eyes out.

"Kenshiiin!" he returned the samurai's battle-cry, removing the unfathomably deadly sword from its scabbard as he met the charge, blocking the crashing sensation of metal and muscle, plowing forward until he stopped on a dime, glaring into his nemesis's soul.

Words did not escape him. No biting remark, no scathing comment, just the diaphragmatic pulsations of quiet, steady breathing. They were in their own little world now, away from the rampaging Doombots and Asgardians fighting tooth and nail around them. This must have sent shockwaves of nostalgia through Kenshin. Only through battle could men like him have any shred of true joy. Skjovald understood, because he, too, was one of these men. Calling him a bloodthirsty monster didn't change anything. No amount of derogatory feedback kept him from slicing throats open. Doom made him into the perfect warrior, and he intended on fulfilling that purpose.

Close quarters combat suited this explosion of practice just fine.

Up, down, diagonally, a feint stab, everything came into play. Running through the basics tested their resolve last time. Now, it came down to pure skill. Blunt willpower. Brute strength. How sharp their fangs really were.

Between a doberman and a spider, anything could happen.

Skjovald unconsciously began to leap away and chase down Kenshin in turns from the collapsing Rainbow Bridge all the way inside the gates of the city. Still, the battle raged on around them, blood coating the ground only to have that periodic splatter ruined by a thick bootprint or a sandal pad scraping it away. Nothing else mattered. In their dance of death, there were no gods. No kings. Only each other, and how much they wanted to see the man across from their colliding blades die.

Just like old times.

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1000 years of battle had prepared Kenshin to face the toughest odds, 1000 years of battle had caused him to become callous and cold. He knew no fear, no pity, no remorse. War was sport, sport was war, and they were both life. His life, a life only a boy born to be a warrior could understand. Even after a millennium of battle fury and bloodshed had not desensitized Kenshin to the glory of a great fight. Even 1000 years later, his veins filled with an electrifying pulse of blood as the warrior before him posed a worthy challenge, even 1000 years later, the Daimyo felt the wild, effusive excitement of battle. The uncertainty of who would return home, who would be the one to share this fabled tale? The samurai, or the raging doberman? Only time would tell. For now however, he panted, assessing a gigantic slash across of his chest delivered by the perfect warrior, his eyes gleamed as his mouth was festooned with an energize smirk, blitzing forwards, Kenshin raised his sword, attempting to viciously send a downwards diagonal slash across of Skjovalds chest, and again, bringing it back up, an upwards diagonal slash, targeting the same possible wound, ending with a nimble step backwards, and an even faster step forwards, thrusting his mighty katana, aiming to penetrate the man's mighty chest as that same golden glow in his eye stayed, oblivious to the battle surrounding him, Kenshin would not leave this bout until one of them lay face down.

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Atomikill swore loudly as his red ball bounced toward the cliff. Knowing full well he'd die if he fell off, he desperately shot at the wall of the bubble, to no avail. Pressing a button on his communicator, he began to shout.

"Yashimora! I know you have a fleet of F35's at your disposal, and falling into a cavern because of some halfwitted dragon is not part of my job description!" He snarled into the comm as he fired more bullets at the wall. A pressing feeling got to his chest again, the fear of being useless, dying uselessly like he never existed in the first place. No. He would survive. Whether it was for Mom, Dad, Eddy, or the other three hundred people that died when the nuclear reactor burst.
Rushing toward the edge of the bubble, he managed to make it bounce in the other direction. Now if only he could get out of it. Like a hamster, he started running toward the palace. "Anytime you can get a missile to break this bubble, @mryashimora, I'd be much obliged!" He barked, not realizing he was crying on the inside of his suit till he spoke. That useless feeling.

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@emperor_von_doom: This was it, Odin now looked upon Doom, the emperor of his land, and if successful, nothing would be able to stop him. Doom was a force to be reckoned with, and he'd proved it today. "What is yours?" The All father calmly spoke. "It was never yours to begin with Doom. You are not reclaiming what is yours, you are conquering what isn't. The Reality Gem is with me for protection, protection from those who would choose to abuse its power" His staff was in his hand, powerful and befitting of the King of Asgard. However Doom wielded even greater power. "Nothing will satisfy your craving Doom, not even the power of the universe" the voice of Asgardian authority spoke, a yellow gem inside his staff, not for its power to be utilised, but so that it would remain with him.

"Mercy was never in your nature, you came here to make a point. It is not complete victory without you making it" He now raised his staff. Odin Borson was not a fool. The Odinforce was powerful, but could it defeat Dooms' infinity gems? He used the Odinforce now to resurrect every soldier who had lost their lives, and heal the wounds and injuries of every individual fighting for Asgard, whether they were from midgard or not. This would be his last will, the king prepared. With a battle cry, Odin prepared to fight to the death. Raising his staff, empowered by the odinforce, he fired a blast of ethereal energy with the power to destroy a star straight at doom. The fate of the universe, was in the balance.


@ult_nerx: The mages defenses broke, the artillery both from doom and the frost Giants was too much. Each mage taking the hand of two warriors near him, they all began teleporting outside their ice coffin, now outside its perimeter. The warriors and mages of Asgard, with their wounds suddenly healed, rushed forward to fight the frost giants and their allies, utilising both Asgardian weapons and magical expertise to fight their opponents.


Kiros had speeded through Asgard on his mighty and fast steed. His destination was just ahead. Now at a more secluded area, isolated from the heavy battle, Kiros remembered Odin, how he had to leave him behind. Little did he know Doom had already made his way inside the seemingly impenetrable fortress. He suspected Odin, even with his full power, would not be able to stand up to the power gem, and he had no doubt Doom would utilise all the gems to their full abilities. Racing ahead with his horse through a long street, it seemed as if Kiros was about to hit the wall ahead, but suddenly the ground gave way, allowing him to race into the passageway which lead him underground to the entrance of the great weapon. The passage immediately closed behind him. It only opened in the presence of an Asgardian horse moving towards it at the appropriate speeds, and the passageway and the existence of the weapon is a well hidden secret in Asgard and beyond, and Asgardians wouldn't talk.

Unmounting his horse, the relatively young god advanced to the great weapon which was buried under the ground, taking up the size of a battleship, it was in the shape of a thin isosceles triangle, pointed upwards and ready to emerge from the ground which concealed it. The weapon was powered by a fusion of Asgardian magic and technology, and was the most powerful cannon in the nine realms. Kiros walked under it, powering it up as it silently hummed to life. The outside world had no idea it was being activated, until Kiros ordered the ground to part so the weapon could begin firing, which he had not done yet. Let this weapon, be our salvation.

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@emperor_von_doom: @victorgrey: @pierpat:

Cover fire is provided by a benefactor, repeated salvos of destructive energy pepper the side of the gods. Acting as a diversion from the real threat that is taking place, a belt that slowly creeps upward to create a smaller dome. Those inside the barrier will be compromised, while those near the outside will face a red rain of pain from the emperor which is Doom. It is a good combination that benefits the siege forces.

The devourer sat in his location, unmoving atop the frigid disc as he spreads the belt upwards. Covering half first before moving down to the root. Planning to go as far as 'underground' to play with his ball.

Ice cudgels the side of radio towers descend upon the first wave of god warriors. The forces separate into melee and ranged forces, a third of the forces take center stage as they form a fence of ice behind them, about the height of their ankles but for a human sized being it is about the same when compared to a multi storey building. As with the magic that the gods have, their ice is no ordinary ice as it is fortified with their own unique brand of magic.

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@skjovald: @the_last_samurai:

"You look worried don't be Yoshi." The confident Natasha remarked before they ran the gauntlet. Often times one of them would catch a foe in a block while the other dropped the foe. Blood spilled and sparks flew in their wake in a violent advance. Stylized combat complimenting each other throughout violent executions. Across the snowy backs of frost giants, over debris of buildings and ships until they neared the target. They became centered on each other the worlds surroundings falling to the wayside as they crossed blades.

Yoshi had taken a arrow to the knees, the vampire felt compelled to make a Skyrim joke but now wasn't the time. When her companion looked for her she was no where to be found. Vanished into the wind, so where did she go? The roof of one of the facilities of Asgard. She watched her friend execute a downward slash, three throwing knives were aimed for Skjovald's sword arm. She leaped into the window of adjacent building and as her friend brought sword into an upward slash Natasha sent blades flying for the oppositions knees, four for each leg. She dropped to the streets as the stabbing thrust was made. A trinity of blades was thrown behind the warmonger. The design being that moving away from Yoshi would be painful.

Her distinctive power made her throwing blades flawlessly aimed thrown with an almost supernatural mastery. Her gift with weapons meant even more though in close corners. Thus why she charged forward at thirty miles per hour short sword and Ono in hand. Her a ancient weapon seeking to sever the spine of the man. It was subsequently followed with an ax swing aimed to cleave skull in two.

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The shield had fallen. great. The enemies had great cryomancers. even better. The young powerful god was not present to help them. Yahooo!

Enoch knew that to give the Asgardians a chance he had to seek the leaders of the assault, and the cryomancers that where conjuring all that ice.

With the usual frisson that accompanied the usage of his psionic powers, he took off in the air, breaking the sound barrier, and flew towards the rearward of the enemy force.

Stopping right above it, he started unleashing fiery fireballs upon them, hoping this would attract the attentions of it's leaders.

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@emperor_von_doom: @mryashimora:

"Consider it done." The witch responded to the Elysian King as she fought through wave upon wave of Asgardian's. They couldn't hurt her, she was beyond their petty mythology. And as the pink haired demon hybrid reached the barriers she grinned. One touch and her mind knew it's composition and with that she opened a door sized hole for her to pass through. Eyes as red as the blood staining her weapons.

Those soulless eyes fell upon Yashimora with radiant disgust. Put of course the unfathomably complex mind of the witch had concocted a game plan. "What was your name again? I notice you favor the blade please indulge me. I'd love this fight to be a noble one simply our speed strength and blades. No additional powers just what we can do with sword in hand."

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@pierpat: @emperor_von_doom: @victorgrey:

The Ice belt had successfully extended to cover the upper part of the dome, now they are extending below. To shut off their chances of escape. The experiment begins.

The bottom layer is still relatively thin compared to the 'belt' area or the top so it is possible to punch through, but it is gradually getting thicker. In truth the Giants on the back did their part by providing the ice, while Jack positioned in his disc provided the force that binds it together. Just like adding salt to ice cubes.

Another intruder comes to play, he is not one of the asgardians but 'lefty' immediately went insane upon the detection of the cosmic shard inside this one. Grind wants to eat, and he wants to eat now.

The giants in the front of the ice walls are careful of the Asgardian wave as they can take down giants with methodic steps, instead of fighting first they used their gigantic clubs to split the earth between them. Creating a chasm which separates their melee forces, since at closer distance the armed gods will aim for their ankles with their divine weapons. They are so good that chances are not taken, this way they can refocus their attention to the mages which may or may not have flight capabilities. Those are to be taken out first. The Doom guns above send steady fire outside the frigid dome.

Doombots can help pick off magicians, as they are dangerous. Who knows what kind of healing magic they may carry, so they are told by the Devourer to aim whenever they say or do funny things with their hands. Some of the giants are hit by the fireballs, but in this case the Devourer lets the auto-repair doombots to take care of the flying opponent while he focuses on the dome.

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Enoch noticed that some of the robots where taking aim.He had noticed that their firepower was quite good, and he surely would have not been able to take an entire volley without having to use alot of psionic power.

This ain't gonna End well.This was not the kind of attention i was seeking.

Avoiding the first volley, he landed a few dozens meters before them, having a few lines of giants between him and the rear of the attacking force.

He started slicing ad dicing the enemy, that while being quite strong and durable, was far too slow to avoid Enoch's blades.

He planned on getting to the rearward of the army on foot, cutting throgh the giants, being the sky-fire far too strong for him to attempt an aerial approach.

Cryomancers, i'm coming for you.

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The portal to Asgard fell onto Demo Goblin's sights, and rapidly, he begun to zoom forward to it, the wind pushing against him. He came to a quick halt as he arrived to the beaming, light portal, and a smile of achievement filled his face. "LEX... is this it?" The Demo Goblin woke his AI system. "Tracking your location, sir" LEX was processing The Demo Goblin's location. "Yes, it's it. You can go in there."

Don't be a coward, The Goblin thought to himself, gliding near the portal, which was letting off an Aura. "Devil may care" The Demo Goblin told himself, and quickly, he just went in there, and he let the portal take him in - into another world.


His body went numb. The Goblin couldn't feel anything. It was as if his mind was separated from his whole body, yet then, he was there. He was in Asgard, but he went in there with a thud, smashing on a bridge. "Ah! Crap!" He clambered to his feet, his glider beside him. "Are you alright, sir?" LEX's worried voice spoke.

"Heh! Ha!" The Goblin's wicked smile filled the whole land, as he jumped on his glider. Asgard was in front of him. He could see castles, large castles. And they were all in his site. Quickly, he begun advancing forward to them. Quickly.

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@pierpat: @emperor_von_doom: @victorgrey:

He told the doombots to perform an 'alpha stroke' on Enoch, seeing as he is able to hold of a measure of firepower. Lefty bit Jack in the neck and the devourer screamed in pain as there seems to be an internal dispute. Jack wanted the sentries to obliterate man into smithereens by ordering all of them concentrate target on a single point but the meat-puppet wants to 'devour' the man for the delicious cosmic shard* that lies within. That pretty face will fit inside the maw pretty soon.

So the bots just fired at a regular pace, they did not refocus on one target. Maintaining fire on the magicians as well.

The bastard managed to pass the melee forces, and through the Ice Throwers. This is nasty, so the devourer used the frigid disc to follow. The Dome construction is outsourced to 'Grind' now as the hulking beast focuses on the flyer.

Some of the giants, who are big enough that their knees dwarf skyscrapers are starting to feel unease. A fast opponent that they cannot see, and this is bad for troop morale. Those who are left alone continue on lobbing the icebergs, the blades are sharp but they are too small. However the psychological effect is there.

Devourer sees the flyer, and gains speed to tail the pesky interloper. Anxious to take a bite out of the man's head.

Some of the mages have taken fire, while others hide behind their shield brothers to cast spells. Doombots are agile enough to dodge while the melee giants take the brunt of the attack. Their big frames soaking damage while enduring divine energies, the ones with the clubs now scoop out large masses of the earth beneath to throw at the armies. Back and forth is how their fights go, taking damage from magic while returning pain in masses of earth.

*Cosmic shard is what Death-Gore defines 'powers', being able to detect and sense

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Noting that the Giant's skin was far too thick to actually do some damage with his swords, Enoch started using elemental blows, heating the incarnation's blade, that reached the astonishing temperature of 4000C°, and passing electricity to the wazamoto blade thanks to the Electric gem.

Finally, the giants started to feel damaged, even if the wounds still where not serious.

Even more stopped lobbing ice and started trying to catch enoch, but the only result they achieved was to manage to hit eatchother wile the avatar used their bodies as paths.

After a few minutes of chaos causing, the undying one noticed a figure[@ult_nerx], completely different from the rest, floating on an ice disk.

It was staring at him.

I don't have a good feeling about this.

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@pierpat: @emperor_von_doom: @victorgrey:

It is not that the giant's skin is impenetrable, but rather that there is too much space to cut. However the damage is still being done, and it hurts. Like a nasty wasp, the warriors must have forgotten to tell that the ankles are a great place to strike. So is the back of their neck or other places that are hard to reach. The very fact that it moves too fast confuses them.

When the blades glow some of the giants began to move in an unruly fashion, eventually this will compromise the formation. Hence why Devourer follows behind. They wouldn't even dream of catching this one in a thousand years, but some of them are agitated that they try to reach out. Dropping the icebergs on each other's feet.

After navigating through a maze of colossal entities Jack finally sees the wielder of blades, armoured lighter than the warriors but packing weapons more lethal. Jack did not release his gaze from the head of the Flyer.

His right hand pulls out a Crandall Hammer, the stakes made from a toxic metal.

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@ult_nerx: when i say i'm "using their bodies as paths, it's obvious i'm running on them, thus not hitting only the ankles, duh.

The weird one must be a leader of some sort. These brutes are confused enough, let's try to hurt the command ladder.

Running up the back of one of the giants, Enoch shoots three lighting bolts towards the Devourer, while creating a telekinetic shield as a precaution.

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One hand moved in front of him, a few seconds ago the space in front of him used to hold a sizeable iceberg that was held by a giant. What he does is simple, refill the existing 'gap' with iceberg.

This barely staved off the bolts but the thickness and density staved off most of the attack. He pushes the large construct to roll on the flyer. Slow, and dodgeable but his aim is to flank the flyer when he makes a move.

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As he watched the beast creating and molding ice, the elder realized that that....thing just had to go down.

He took off again, breaking the sound barrier and outmaneuvering the moving ice, and shot an energy bolt at the devourer, hoping that it would have a major effect in comparison with the electrical attacks.

I've already used a tenth of my psionic pool....hope this confrontation won't force me to use the Healing gem's power so early in the battle.

Behind him the ice construct hit the giant he was standing on.Enoch could not avoid a laugh.

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He thought that it had absorbed some of the damage but it appears that his timing is a bit off, as his arm felt numb. Dropping the crandall hammer on a chunk of iceberg below.

This time he caught the blast with his face, shockingly unlike his right arm that went numb nothing happened at all. As if he ate the lightning arc without ill effect. This might give his opponent areas to attack, so without further ado the hungerer accelerates the disc so that the can ram against the Flyer.

One arm is busy multitasking the construction, the other arm is numb. Now he will have to use his head to bring down this meal. He felt sorry for the giant, but that will recover soon.

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@ult_nerx: The beast didn't seem to feel the energy bolt, but the lighting attack that hit it before had an effect after all....

While Enoch was judging by the possibilities of going in close combat, with an unnatural swiftness the ice dis, with the devourer on top of it, accelerated intercepting the avatar's flight.

Luckily the Avatar had prepeared a kinetic shield, that absorbed most of the impact, but he still was radgoolled a few meters away.

Angry, the elder unleashed two wind blades towards the enemy, hoping he would not be able to resiste cutting force as well as he did with blunt force.

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Two useless arms, left one usable at the elbow while the other is temporarily out of commission. Well he can always count on his strong neck and powerful jaws. Gauging the distance will be an issue.

The impact had seem to flung the flyer away, however he has to be careful. This is a man who managed to damage him with lightning, this is a man who managed to disrupt the flow of his rhythm.

He rushed agains the blades of wind, a distinctive 'X' cut appears on his chest. A heavy wound inflicted by rushing towards the blade of wind, a gamble so he can get closer to the food.

A beeline made at the cost of his health.

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for the first time in many, many years of combat Enoch had seen someone intentionally getting hit by his wind blades running into them.

this guy really must want to come close.... And his mouth does not seem that inviting.

that said, the undying one charged the wazamono blade, heated the incarnation's blade, and charged his enemy, prepearing a diagonal slash at the level of his torso with the binding blade while pointing at penetrating the enemie's stomach with the japanese sword.

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"What was your name again? I notice you favor the blade please indulge me. I'd love this fight to be a noble one simply our speed strength and blades. No additional powers just what we can do with sword in hand."

"MY NAME IS SAKARA"! as he ran at her with full speed topping 127 miles an hour built like a cheetah he rushes towards her swinging his sword in front of them he then replied as he started running faster and faster, "a fair fight with no powers, you don't deserve an honorable death enemies of SWORD and the Federation deserve nothing but a quick decisive death"! he continued, " if you want a honorable death they're going to have to prove it, proved to me your swordsmanship and prove to me you can be a worthy opponent"! he shouts out the words in alien language, "ka, no, gin, kai, nori"! his sword began the glow a bright red then dimmed a bright blue alien language started going from the handle up towards the point of the sword and magical lettering glowing on the sword saying something unknown the meaning something powerful gazes upon her as… Sword above his head ready to strike hoping the make one and only one blow the first and final blow. his armor shining in the sunlight as in the background as guardians flight doom bots and doom's minions dead bodies hit the ground, swords clash, guns fire this was a war like no other.

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The wound made him more enthusiastic, like a boar in rage. Running amok towards a certain direction as his body pays the price, gathering wounds that is shown all around. His face being a good example.

One bite to the neck is all it takes, to get there he must want it. The fine alabaster skin, it reminds him of unicorn meat.

Both of them are in agreement as the other party decides to meet him head on, the first blade cleaved through the clavicle. Meeting with the old x shaped wound from the wind blade, the cut carried on an element of fire. The second one cut along the blade while it seemed to affect regeneration. He waits on the moment before the hands are pulled into position after the slashes, using this crucial moment to reach out to the neck as he prepares a bite.

Burned, shocked, cut and damaged. Now he takes his chance.