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Upcoming battle between myself and Rumble Man

Evolution of Religion.

Ziccarra was born into the Royal Family of Ninjeta, as it's Princess; she was the heir to a throne of a massive collection of planets known at that time as the Ninjetic System. When she was of age, she assumed command of Ninjeta and it's people, though she had a adept political mind, the physical strength she lacked in comparison to other Ninjans made her a subject of ridicule. Sensing the time of revolution was right, the Ninjan Noble class rebelled against the Royals and started the 1st Ninjan Civil War.

Ziccarra and Hayden

During the Civil War,Ziccarra enlisted the help of her father King Derekken to aid in the efforts against the growing Nobles, the war ended once Gwen Starks and Marisol Montez stormed the Ninjan Capital of Farwick and burned it to the ground. Ready to fight to the death, Ziccarra's father forced her to surrender ending a seven thousand year reign on Ninjeta. Ziccarra's mother, was killed by Gwen Starks, King Derekken managed to escape before his death. Hayden was sentenced to torture, and Ziccarra and her sister Maria were forced into exile.

Upon leaving the Ninjan systems, she learned that it was Mandrake the intergalactic space pirate whom supplied the munitions for the Noble uprising.

Known Powers: Strength, Keen Eyesight, Durability, Flight

We Are Legend - Death valley Warriors and Chaos Black

Upon arriving on Earth, Ziccarra was greeted by the new hero group known as We Are Legend; the group pledged that one day they would light up the darkness, and offered to show Ziccarra what being on Earth was like. Fearful that she would be ridiculed for her weak strength, she acted as if she had no powers. Using her somewhat scientific mind, she constructed a pair of power gloves and a battle suit to help protect the world. Midway into her time with WAL she found there was an inner most darkness slowly starting to eat at her; in an effort to find answers, she left WAL and was taken into the Death Valley Warriors. The DVW didn't help her quell the darkness as a matter of fact, they promoted the use of it; Ziccarra began to manifest the dark energy within herself, which aided her in the killing of Acer; the Darkness grew so strong that it eventually consumed her.

Chaos Black became the second persona of the Ninjan Princess, and with it a murderous intent grew; Chaos grew so out of hand that Ziccarra had no choice else but to separate herself from the elements that the darkness drew upon. While wandering the Sahara on her own, she was stopped by Renegade Lantern a member of the Green Lantern Corp, and a well known member of the Zero Squad. He attempted to apprehend Ziccarra, but Chaos attacked him in full force causing him to retreat.

During this time Ziccarra was contacted by Gwen Lopez, a mysterious woman whom had offered her home and resources to the Ninjan. Z couldn't understand why the woman was so generous but she did accept the offer to stay with her. Through this Z met the woman's young adoptive daughters Carmen Maya and from the beginning the three never got along. Z stayed with Gwen and Maya for about five years, even though the relationship between Z and Maya never improved Z began to refer to Gwen as her mother.

Added Powers: Light Manipulation and Projection. Dark Manipulation and Projection.

The Vine Villians, The Death Syndicate, L.O.V.E and The Hell Fire Club.

Sha left, the comfort of Gwen's home to avoid destroying it, Chaos had grown stronger and they're was no way for her to control it. In the midst of her confusion Sha was brought in by the illustrious Mighty Magneto, and made a apprentice of his. It was through him that Sha learned how to use her body's natural Magnetism as a weapon. Her entry in Vine Villians spurred her own splinter cell called the Death Syndicate. During her stay with both teams she killed both Feral Nova, her long time WAL friend and Lst Paladin a friend she had whom had been with the ICE Dragons. The power she commanded at such a young age put her on a formidable level with Darkchild; however after a courageous raid by the world's finest, the Vine Villians Finally fell and with it so did the Death Syndicate. Following the fall of the VV, Sha was attacked by her best friend Hayden Miles, whom had been hired by Gambler as his bodygaurd, the Ninjan drowned Sha in the San Francisco bay.

Having beating the Anti-Sha in the after life, Sha was granted her life back thanks largely in part to Chaos Black.

While Sha was a staple in the Vine Villians, her talents began to grow elsewhere, rejoining her "mother" Gwen, she took over as the head of the L.O.V.E organization. L.O.V.E happened to be an all female group with females from every alignment working to towards a goal. The Team consisted of a resurrected Feral Nova, Angelic Reaper and Jasmine Cole, Cute Devil, Primv3ra and Greygoose would eventually make names for themselves while in the esteemed organization. Sha, Feral Nova and Angelic Reaper became the final three of the KOV 2 tourney in which Feral Nova defeated Sha to win it.

Finishing her time in both the Vine Villians and L.O.V.E the Ninjan Princess attracted the attention of one of the world's most elite men, Jean Luc Lebeau. Despite being warned by Mighty Magneto to stay away from the crafty assassin the young Ziccarra couldn't help but be attracted to the charm of the cajun. Sha was brought into the world famous Hell Fire Club and made the Queen of Diamonds, along with this change she agreed to wed the Future King of Kings however this was not to be, the time that both Z and Gambler spent was short but it was enough to shut the emotional valve off for the Ninjan, for quite some time.

She then got romantically evolved with Ronin Alexander, a member of the Zero Squad a known for being a harsh operative. Sha and Ronin eventually got married and had a daughter named Matina and a young son named Diego.

The MOBB DEEP Trinity

Following her embarrassing departure from the Hell Fire Club, Sha once again returned home to Gwen. During this time Sha had saw the depth of the evil hearts in the world and vowed to do something about it, her goals were placed on temporary hold. Kurrent a disciple of Renegade Lantern sought out Z. She then joined an elite group of world heroes known as Mobb Deep; they went by the teachings of Malcom X "By Any means necessary"

Kurrent, Sha and Acer

Working alongside some of the world's elite, including SuperTrooper, Ripcord, Kurrent, Acer, Morte, The Hottness and Alpha Guard. Mobb Deep worked hard in stopping the efforts of Jean Luc Lebeau and Ester Cotilliard; though neither side gained the upper-hand; however once the LAS raided the Zero Squad toward to retrieve the stolen Angelique Lebeau, Drifter killed Sha's son, while she was away.

The loss of Diego brought forth a darker side of Ziccarra, one that was slowly building within her. She used this time to not only refocus herself but gain control of her mind.

The Kick Ass Squad.

Shortly after leaving Mobb Deep, the Ninjan Princess created an organization of her own; The Kick Ass Squad was composed of a bunch of rookies and a few friends from WAL. She used her training that both Kurrent and Acer Provided to manage the team accordingly.

Though the organization didn't last because of lack of interest, Z began to discover secrets about the mind, and how through manipulation she could continued to achieve her goals.


Following the fall of Mobb Deep, Sha received a call from Andferne to join the famous ICE DRAGONS. Her "sister" Maya was currently under training from Sarah Lockhart to join such group, Sha figured she'd try it out. In the safety of the ICE Dragons she worked alongside, LP, Hawk, Nighthunter, Octagon Freak, Andferne, and a host of other heroes.

She spent much of her time, handling the common thug, or wrestling, which happened to be a pastime of hers. While she was busy working on a prototype for the Ecosphere, she accidentally turned herself back into a 10 year old kid. As a 10 year old she obtained dual membership to both WAL and ICE, however this was remedied once Sha used Chaos to repel the effects of the eco.

Eight Years after being exiled from Ninjeta, the Ninjan Queen was returning, this time period was called the Ninjan Revolution. Sha returned home and purged the Ninjan Empire of the loyalist to the Starks Regime. She invoked hundreds of new policies which opened up Earth as a port for Ninjan travel and even went as far as signing a direct order to expand in the Ninjan System.

However this had all ended once Hayden Miles returned to Ninjeta, the two former friends had a few small political confrontations which would eventually lead to a 2nd Ninjan Civil War. Hayden wanted revenge because of Sha's weak exterior, and Sha wanted to lead Ninjeta like she was destined to do. The Final battle saw Sha being beaten and forced to submit to Hayden.

The Secret War

A Ninjan beacon was sent back to the heroes of Earth which lead to an Invasion of Ninjeta, this event was known as the Secret War. The Heroes came and fought against the Ninjan forces however, Hayden Miles enlisted the help of both Darkchild and Gambler to fight back. Sha was killed by Feral Nova in the end, thus ending her time in ICE. What happened was Feral Nova beat Sha into a coma within her own mind allowing Chaos to run freely through the Ninjan Queen.

Chaos returned to Earth targeting some of the world's deadliest, she had a brief confrontation with the Feral Gem, Talon multiple battles with Feral Nova a fight with dreadmaster.

Chaos grew accustomed to living the life as Ziccarra, that is until Feral Nova destroyed Solace City, looking for Sha. The two battled vigorously resulting in a Chaos win; but the wormhole had been open Chaos remembered what happened to Ninjeta in the Secret War and Slowly plotted revenge.

The Vine Civil War 2010

During the 2nd Civil War, Ziccarra found herself as the commander of the Patriots; despite taking on such a prominent role in the Civil War; she sensed that her friend Feral Nova was in danger. Giving her mind to the chaotic Chaos Black, Z vanished from the realm of the living. As Chaos, Z terrorized Solace City attacking multiple people with the intent on further strengthening the chaos realm.

While monitoring the Chaos Realm, Chaos learned of another Ziccarra that had landed on Earth; this Z was from an alternate world and was currently working with the S.H.A squad. Pin-pointing this Z in a battle with Feral Nova; Chaos attacked in the middle of the fight attempting to absorb, Tori Lane, Z and Nova.

Nova entered the Chaos World and killed Chaos, freeing Z, Relena and others. Z returned to her normal state after being in captivity for more than 7 months.

Reality "M"

Z's return wasn't followed by a long break, she was quickly thrown into a conflict known as Reality "M". This was a world that her sister Maya's shattered psyche accidentally created. Z returned to face both Renegade Lantern and Feral Nova; whom were created by Maya's mind; Nova and RL beat the Ninjan Queen to a pulp however she was saved by a child of hers from another future named Stellaria.

Following Reality "M" Z decided it was time to retire, she took Zariah and Ka'len to Africa where she lived in Cairo and Zimbabwe helping out the villages. Her time in Africa; was full of wonder and learning, she learned multiple techniques for fighting; multiple skills which includes; making medicines and traps. About three months after her move to Africa; Gambler took over Africa and renamed it Utopia. Not long after Gambler's ascension to the throne of Utopia; he and Z secretly married and which she took over as the Utopian Queen.

As the Queen Z, entered non-aggression pacts with both DC and Y intercept meaning neither countries would attack each other. With the pact intact; Z annexed and conquered all the lands that originally belonged to Alexander the great. Upon completion of the capitol it was renamed New Jerusalem as an homage to the bible's New Jerusalem.

Z very reluctantly fathered Gambler's child whom she called Alistair; she didn't want all the power Alistair poessed to fall into the wrong hands therefore she left. She was taken by SOIF to another universe where she would eventually give birth. After giving birth to Alistair she returned to Earth where she saw her marriage to Gambler had come to an end; he had cheated on her; furthermore the Empire she had built for him had been gutted. Picking up where she left off Z became the Utopian Queen once again.


Z dyed her hair black and formed a group with two former Omega Justice members, Marc and Clue; the trio handled numerous missions inside of the Empire; however Z found out she had cancer and would die soon. King Derekken (Z's father) invaded and successfully usurped his daughter for the throne. Opting for a massive retreat; Z fell back to London to help Clue fight off numerous threats. Z gave her life to halt the advancements of the Red Lanterns on Ninjeta. That was the facade anyway, harnessing hatred towards those whom helped destory her homeworld, Z enlisted the help of the Ninjan Knight and Final Arrow.

Z sent the Ninjan Knight after Gambler, giving her strict instructions not to kill but to damage. The beat up body of Jean was given to Maya Lopez and the Trinity Foundation, Gambler was admitted into the Ruin Kingdom to flush out Cassidy Lockhart-Starks. Stashing Cass in Final Arrow's manor, drew the devils favorite demon out of hiding, this put the Osc in direct conflict with the Trinity Foundation.

While all of the heroes were busy fighting none of them were prepared for something that was a long time in the making. Seizing the oppertunity, Sha lead a full out Ninjan Assualt on Earth to cleanse it of it's evil ordeal.

The Black Cardinal

Following the events of All Out Assualt, The Ninjan Queen exiled her self to the province of Tibet to teach herself discipline; while there she takes on the role as the Black Cardinal, A teacher of reasoning a virtue. She leads a group of highly trained mercenaries known as the Cult of Cardinals. (Often called the Red Cult of Cardinals) through them, she hopes to usher in an extended time of peace.


  • World's Finest?

Back before moving to Africa, Sha and best friend Sarah Lockhart acted as the self proclaimed "World's Finest" this was an homage to their children Zariah and Chevie whom bare the title in the 31st century. Sarah and Sha worked together on numerous projects, however a rift occurred when Ziccarra took on the title as Utopian Queen.

Sha and MR had a fated clash which left Sha in the hospital and ultimately MR being defeated. Despite having destroyed the world Sha still feels remorse for her relationship with MR.

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Sweetness on a Stick, that was so perfectly written, I don't know what else to say. I love how you contrast the images of gods and falling into human traits. Sweetness on a Stick, that was awesome.

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@Lady_Liberty: Glad you like it.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Both of you have been fun to read thus far. I usually don't read the long RPGs unless its something that effects my character, but this one I have made an exception for.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador Even though it's not permanent I'm glad that your around... I've missed your company.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: I am crispy all over and my shoulder is blue rare

(its on the bottom, I do damage checks)

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LMFAO Rumble Man killed the Black Cardinal, I''m going to make Z powerless. I tried it before it didn't pan out. Not that I'm going to be active, but I'd like to write with you again sometime, maybe in a story setting. Perhaps on LW?

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