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Debris littered the busy streets, police spent countless hours in the aftermath of the attack looking for survivors. The Reverend, Justin Thorpe had set up this mutant-human peace rally to help bring the two communities together; as a result of his efforts, he was the first to die. None of them really stood a chance, not one. How could humans believe themselves to be all mighty in the presence of Gods?

The food chain had been altered, once mutants and other metas entered the fray of things; humans found themselves competing for the same living space as mutants. Neither of the peace organizations had made lead-way in calming the tension between the species; the disappearance of the Genesis child, Kari did not help either. Each side believing the child to be the savior of their species, it was poetic justice. Two sides hated each other so much; but were reliant on a small piece of the other. Cat sat atop a toppled statue representing mutant-human peace, she seemed content twirling a black and yellow ribbon around. “It’s a shame, I believe if this world wasn’t filled with inbreeds his messaged would’ve actually been received here today.” A quick bat of her almond colored eyes, saw her face to face with a news reporter. “Listen up, I want to be as clear as I can possibly be; today a lot of mutants will die. I do not support humans, but I do not support mutants either; I can’t sit back and watch the world tear each other to bits, over a misguided feeling of dominance. Right now there are creatures rising from the oceans; intergalactic wars being fought in space; but the Earth is blinded. I shall make the choice for you”

Underneath her ass, a darkness throne appeared pushing her into the air. “I have located the genesis child Kari; and have strapped a nuclear device to her. It’s set to blow within a few hours; she and most of the mutants living in Carcas; will be gone. I have placed three triggers to my warhead across the capital city; I will gladly give you the first. One is the National Panthenon”

“ My gift to you” she said, dissipating within the darkness. Cat fought against the VV to protect the Hellfire Club just a few days ago; he knew they had come for Kari, but ultimately kept her mouth closed on the matter. Tranquil and Andres Knightfall both had plans for the genesis mutant, plans that would contradict hers; the necessity of playing ignorant on the matter aided her in concealing her own intentions.

Her actions would undoubtedly draw the attention of her own associates, as well as the adamant VV; and the Trinity, but just like the cogs in a clock each of them played a pivotal role in the workings of her plan.

Ziccarra POV

The Trinity Matron stood in front of a map of Venezuela, the exact same one She, Quintus and Zeon used to plot their campaign through the country. Catalina’s attack on the Peace Rally was an indication, as to the lengths she would go to, to ensure further instability. She wasn’t sure how, but Cat had gotten her hands on Kari; that was TWO “daughters” Ziccarra failed to protect, but unlike the lost Isadora; Z wasn’t going to take this.

The future of the Trinity seemed bleak, she hadn’t seen anyone aside from Jacob; since Malaga; she went on a massive push to recruit newer members, resulting in the emerald Ace Pyrogram, The Moth, on top of core members Homicide, Selina, Jacob and Spectrion. With Maya overseeing the completion of the new Trinity fortress; she’d be out of action.

Knowing very well that Xenon would strengthen security in Venezuela to locate the child for himself; she planned accordingly.

“Pyrogram, Moth and Homicide, you guys look for any trace of Nuclear activity that’ll lead you to Kari; but tread cautiously, I am sure Xenon will not take our intrusion with open arms. “Spectrion, Catalina is yours” She said, messaging each member as the Black bird soared.

“Expect heavy résistance at the bridge of appeal” she instructed again, remembering the enhanced forces that patrolled the borders of the Mutant Haven.

Note* (The Rules for The United Republic of Venezuela are in effect, which means nooo mas destruction Goku) =]

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Lost in the archaic scribe of the Namikaze tome Tranquil sat in a realm outside of the physical plane, his body left to bask in the Chi Springs just outside of Reisho's influence. No longer connected to the Hellfire Club after its subsequent destruction, dealt by Milo's own hand, the Keijijo Kaze had given up the search for Kari, believing her disappearance to be a permanent circumstance.

Returning to his corporeal form, Milo instantaneously transported himself to the three story home in L.A. he acquired many years ago. Upon arrival the Tranquil undressed and entered the bathroom eager to cleanse his body of the mental and physical taint accumulated in his time away with a hot shower. The water began to run down his immaculately sculpted body stimulating his pores with a bout of goosebumps before the steam began to fog up the mirrors and windows.

The inklings of a news report on the T.V. caught Milo's attention as the he massaged himself with a towel. Reaching his bedroom, the Keijijo Kaze began to watch the delivery of a speech being delivered by a former ally, Catalina Liafador. “I have located the genesis child Kari; and have strapped a nuclear device to her. It’s set to blow within a few hours; she and most of the mutants living in Carcas; will be gone. I have placed three triggers to my warhead across the capital city; I will gladly give you the first. One is the National Panthenon”

Just like that, the mutant messiah was ripped from the darkness and the spotlight shone on the young child once again. With effervescent speed Milo dressed himself, this time donning the Keijijo Elite robes accompanied by a hooded cloak. The mask was applied as the final accessory before another disappearance via distinct utilization of the chakra potaru amulet.

Positioned thousands of miles above the country of Mutant Monarchy, the Tranquil began to search for the child. With the highly detailed visual display granted through Heaven's Eyes, Milo could determine who was a mutant, as well as how strong of a mutant they were. Each and every individual was classified by a level of luminosity under his piercing gaze, yet none of this definition allowed him to discern the actual location of the girl. With his impeccable speed Milo could search the entire country in seconds for the girl, and remove her as well as the bomb from the country. Yet he had no interest in cheapening the struggle of others. Through struggle came strength and to deny those the chance to grow was deny his own beliefs.

Arriving at the Bridge of Appeal, his abrupt appearance startled some of the x gene inheritors stationed on guard duty. Raising their arms up to bear Milo quickly raised his hands in submission. "Now, now, no need to get hasty. By now I'm sure you've been informed of the threat to your livelihood via nuclear arms, as well as the death of your leader. This bridge is the only thing standing between your lands and the outsiders that intend to invade in search of the girl. Your leader has abandoned you and now faced with this duty you quiver in fear of what may take your life this evening." The small shake in their firing hands ceased upon the mention of fear, a weak attempt to hide such emotion. "Well I shall not be your executioner. Instead I wish to employ one of you in the task of locating the bomb." Immediately his finger pointed to young mutant woman with straight blonde hair accentuated with green highlights.

"You can emit radiation, can't you?" The woman nodded apprehensively, the confusion in her face caused by Milo's knowledge of her capabilities. Heaven's eyes revealed much about those with an X-Gene, even what abilities they may possibly possess. "Do not worry, I can see the truth. You possess an ability that will be pivotal in this day of reckoning. Reach out with your senses and you will be able to feel the nuclear radiation and see it as a cloud that has blanketed this country." Closing her eyes the woman began to work at detecting the emissions and within moments her eyes shot open with a look of amazement. "I can see it," she said, astonished by how easy such a task was. "Good, you shall be my guide."

Had this been a normal encounter, the woman and her colleagues might have denied Milo even a word. Yet Heaven's eyes allowed the Keijijo Kaze to influence the extraneous connections between subconscious emotion and conscious thought through something as simple as eye contact. They were made to believe in both the Tranquil and every word that fell from his lips. Like puppets, they were now held by intangible strings of control. No longer were they people of Venezuela. The woman relinquished her weapon and flocked to Milo's side. A doppelganger appeared in a mist of smoke and strode over to the remaining security forces. "My clone will provide support for your protection of the bridge. As an extension of me, place as much trust in him as you do your friend and I." Without word the couple vanished, seeking out the trail of nuclear bread crumbs that would lead him to the location of the girl

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The Recent death of Xenon had led to the country being fully mobilized for war. The shroud of darkness had fallen allowing for the Chancellor to fully enlist all capable men and woman to arms for the country, his inherent ability allowing for a manipulation of the entire populace due to an immense power amplification whenever in the presence of mutants, and in this case over three million mutants giving him an exponential power amplification. Being fully aware of the recent intrusion by @tranquil through a mental intrusion into his own military member however he ignored this intrusion curious to see what the man would do, the Chancellor possessing a finite amount of precognition had a premonition that Milo would serve a pivotal role in the events which were about to transpire, and the VLA Elite member with Milo would serve as a secretive eyes and ears through a mysterious telepathic link serving as a subtle intrusion into the events taking place, the Chancellor would use the man to find the nuke, and subsequently find it himself. Did Milo honestly assume he'd simply intrude into one of the elitist telepathic users on the planet and play them like a puppet without a second thought? Only a fool would assume such a thing, the Chancellor had allowed this puppetry being the true puppeteer.

Delicately placing his precious helmet upon his finely sculpted head knowing he'd be responsible for the defense of the bridge of appeal due to the same premonition making him aware that this day would entail a great battle, calling members of his country to aid him in defense @closure and @_strigidae_ would give him the notion if the two members of his council were worth keeping as officials in the country, if either of them failed to cast their presence in this inevitable war or betrayed him in the slightest, the'd be expelled from within the country and cast off as traitors. Making his way forwards the stopped off in front of the bridge, hands folded across of his divinely white chest looking behind of himself at the enlisted defenders, a multitude of VLA Elite and VLA standard Troops stationed to defend against any intrusion, or at least attempt such a thing. Feeling the presence of three million mutants empowering him to unparalleled levels the Chancellor was ready to reign Supreme.

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Catalina’s plans sparked what would be known as a New Order for the Ages. Right now aside from the occasional mercenaries; there were limited heroes working to keep the world in order. The only thing stopping the world’s “Elite” from obtaining total control of the Earth; was the personal quarrels.

After the HFC attacked the Trinity Compound, The VV should’ve finished the job, instead they fought each other; with very little opposition settling disputes between the factions could be facilitated with a simple meeting rather a physical confrontation. Very few thought like she did, instead of allowing the mind to take control and navigate the politics of world dominance; each player exhibited brute force in every confrontation.

Up until the point where she killed Milo, the Flower of Carnage had managed to keep a low silhouette in the grand scheme of things. The plan was genius, each and every grunt member of the world’s organizations were running into an old-fashion Liafador trap; those witty enough to see the formula traveled miles to spectate; and scavenge on the fruits of Catalina’s labor.

With her temporary alliance to Milo in full effect the Flower of Carnage slowly trekked across the bridge of appeal, being throughouly searched at each check point. The hilarity of the situation caused a cynical smile to crack the face of the viper; Catalina used the same techniques, Y used to lure Quintus and Ziccarra to New York City.

The VLA moved with uncertainty, even though they did their best to execute their security measures flawlessly; they indiscriminately searched for a reason to jail anyone. Y was clean, even after watching the ruthless guards nearly beat a man to death; she stood in Caracas still being escorted by the vigilante guards.

Judging from the citizens of Caracas, nuclear obliteration was just another thing to worry about, apparently their leader Xenon; a former member of the Trinity had been assassinated. The Supreme Chancellor issued harsh words regarding his future rule, and was undoubtedly looking for the Renegade Liafador weapon.

Though young, Catalina was highly intelligent; the nuclear trail would be an obvious find, which was why 3 triggers would be needed to activate it; however the exact locale of Kari and the warhead would still remain a mystery; thanks to the dark force.

“Sometimes in order to preserve peace, there must be chaos” Y whispered, extending her hands to the air. A small device descended in a wind Zephr to her; taking the device in hand the flower of carnage activated the first of three devices.

Cat needed just two more; one that waited idly in the pantheon, and the other in possession of a Reality Warping Ally; the prelude to Absolutism had begun.

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@tranquil: @supreme_chancellor: Originally Azrayne was just a girl born of a rather drug addicted mother and a political figure father, nothing special. Awkward family sure but nothing to really set her out of the ordinary. During high-school she began to learn of her mutant abilities a small level of telepathic and telekinetic powers mixed with the main mutation. A distinct ability to be able to detect and sense toxins and radiation, on top of that she could produce it with powerful effects. Azrayne was also rather rebellious believing in never abiding by anyones rule but her own. This is what would lead to her most common nicknames like Nukabtch or Duchess Nukem. Despite all this however the woman who bounced back and forth between red and blond hair was generally well behaved. She only acted out if someone had the audacity to tell her what to do.

This changed however when the war over VZ began. The growing conflict saw her family killed. Because of the propaganda like nature of conditional environments her mind was made up for her. Humans were the reason for her loss of everything. This was only further helped by her insistent nature of thinking law and order were bad things. With not much going for her the pyromaniac resorted to taking part in the ‘Spitfire games’ designed by Desiray Devinova aka Spitfire these games were a automotive sport. A series of races and stunts thats danger escalated do to the weapons put to use. It resulted in vehicular warfare in one of the most profitable but deadly endeavors.

Upon the restoration of Venezuela however the Venezuelan Liberation Army took interest in the thermonuclear mutant. She found herself enlisted into the Elite class not long after. Azrayne had a love for the training and conflict but not so much the ‘law’ element. Her abilities were also less then the others slightly which made her think herself the runt of the group. Her misguided thoughts, pride, and lack of regard for authority have made her a unstable element to say the least. Over the past months she had grown to be one of the most revered and feared being of the Liberation Army. Today however would be a critical factor in the deduction of wether she would end up something good or bad for this nation. Two beings of remarkable capabilities would take a hold of who she was in a moment that could easily lead into a terrible turn.

She didn’t care for the speech, being labeled an ‘inbred’ only made the rebellious blond want to snap a neck. Azra had agreed that the notion of humanity vs mutants was unwise. Bigger threats existed and humanity could be made into cattle. However it was frustrating to think this equalist would think she had the right to make a decision for the entire world. That she could favor humanity by placing a bomb in VZ but then dare to say she favored neither side. This broadcast had everyone on alert and naturaly by dumb luck or perhaps fate the nuclear mutation was at the gate the enigmatic masked Tranquil arrived. Unlike the pansy ass others who jumped Azrayne emitted instantly a trio of glowing nuclear charged spheres in her hands. She’d seen the video feeds of the events in NYC and if stylish attire was a factor then this masked man had left quite the impression. The man was quick to point to her and she figured it out before a word was said. They needed to find a bomb and if she concentrated hard enough she should be able to detect the weapon. She was also the only one crazy enough to show resistance to a man who’d left a mile wide crater in the ground.

Driven to do one task instead of many she managed to indeed find the signature. Faint it was, but still it was there and thus traceable. Do to the empathic manipulation the woman also involuntarily took up position at the man’s side. Her telepathic abilities made her aware of the manipulation, but her acknowledgment did not give her the capacity to resist. Simultaneously she could feel the faint intrusion of the Chancellor in her mind only further guiding her to a degree against her will.

“So tell me, Tranquil was it? What is your reason for being here. Your no mutant, child has no real purpose for you why bother coming? Also what will you do once we get close to the bomb.” She wasn’t an idiot obviously whoever captured Kari would have a plan. Someway to further mask the explosive if someone got close. The notion was gather as many mutant saviors and human mutant hunters into one location. That way when the bomb went off both were removed allowing for the ‘more perfect world’.

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A brief history of the new visage that is the drifter.2.0


I come from the outer dark regions of paradox, not a killer nor depraved psychopath nor mindless murderer rather an angel of death working not for man nor god but for entire galaxies.

Complete star systems at my beck and call, I do not take collected souls to heaven or hell...I am not this kind.

I am merely the spirit of casualties, the spirit of war, the enigma of death itself.

A ghost on the battlefield, haunting you until I rip your soul from your eye sockets and carry it to Paradox

Don't fear the reaper


“The dance of death...gruesome and rotten in its own ways. Something humans mock in film, television and other forms of entertainment daily.. The humans fascination with the cold embrace has puzzled even I for eons...but to be fair death is if anything inescapable. But this morbid curiosity will only lead to further depravation.

The question is

How far will one man go?

I swore that this planet would be my last to destroy. Every last human on earth would feel Paradox's hell. At last they would understand deaths true meaning and this true meaning will be hammered into them starting with the death of a small mutant girl..."

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Cat had to play this right, she fully intended to use the warhead; if not today then tomorrow. The problem was, once she used it; country after country would begin to proliferate the formula. The first time she used it; needed to be the last time.

“You know, I’m pretty sure everyone knows where to find you” Cat teased propping her on the warhead.

“People love the theatrics of drama; it’s what fuels the world; it’s a feeling that entices even the gods. It’s not the threat of war that make people realize it’s bad, it’s the actual war. The world thinks it understands how important you are; but it can’t truly grasp the importance of the situation; not without a “war”. Cat back stepped away from the gagged little girl; before dissipating into the darkness. Clara Mass had not shown herself, but Y intercept had; and just like the Viper was known for, she immediately activated the trigger for the warhead.

As expected, her former HFC companion arrived; given the severity of her plan, and how it might’ve contradicted his; she immediately wrote him off as an enemy. Ziccarra was here too, the puzzle pieced it’s self together; with two triggers needing to be activated before the nuke went off; Cat saw fit to address her opposition.

A darkness portal opened on the opposite end of the bridge of appeal; Cat deviously ascended from the bowls of her own darkness dimension; flanked to the rear by her own shadow. Her feline-like eyes scanned her opposition like a glutton.

“Oh, Mr. Chancellor Congratulations on your “promotion” Cat mocked. His army was massive; and arguably the most advanced fighting force in the world; surmounting them would be a problem in itself. “A few months ago, I unleashed a powerful neurotoxin in New York City; one that turned nightmares into reality. Since then, I’ve perfected my craft; and I stand on the precipice of revitalizing one of the oldest forms of combat. A Nuclear Biological attack.”

Cat’s throne appeared from the bowls of the underworld, levitating her into the misty Venezuelan air. As she levitated, the mysterious shadow guard combed her hair. “Ok Mr. Chancellor, this is what I want is the Southern Half of Venezuela; you can keep your little incest mutants. You will acknowledge it as Eba, you will acknowledge it as a human protectorate “territory”, or the alternative is always welcomed.”

Extending her hands forward; Catalina grasped the nearest guard, not physically; but by manipulating his shadow. “Let me borrow him!” she hissed, as her own shadowed drowned him in darkness. Within moments Cat had the guard within her own hands.

Many of the trigger happy VLA guards opened fire on the young Liafador; but a wall of darkness erupted; shielding her temporarily.

“THIS is a sample of what will happen if compliance is not met”; taking a small patch coated with the same bio-chemicals that were forged from Kari DNA. The patch seemingly did nothing on the surface, but underneath each of his double helix structures begin to feel as if they were being dipped in acid.

“Oh of course, I added a few things, you know to make this all worthwhile, Forfeit Southern Venezuela to me, or subject your people to this” The man’s skin began to erupt with boils; he wouldn’t live long, he’d the last remaining seconds of his life as a human being.

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Presently situated in an undisclosed location of surrounding visual bleakness, the vaunted Knightfall A-Lister's inherently magnetic, dark blue eyes studiously examine holographically presented information on a fluorescent, aqua screen aesthetically projected a foot from his immaculate facial features. "Hmm", the vibrant, luminescent hue of the intricately constructed screen faintly reflecting off his face as a pensive disposition overtakes his perpetually self-assured demeanor. Instinctively rubbing his strong jawline, Andres' simultaneous analysis of technologically extracted information from Milo's recently acquired Heaven's Eyes during the preparatory stages of Milo's meticulous optic surgery coupled with the secondary study of Charlemagne LeBeau's abilities obtained from past encounters consume the entirety of his apparent attention.

Inappropriately clad in nothing but navy blue designer Ermenegildo Zegna dress pants, the Debonair Don's muscularly sculpted upper body visually bare, exposing an artistically appealing Polynesian tattoo enveloping the entirety of his chiseled left arm and partially invading a minuscule portion of his bottom neck and chest. An ebony hued syringe of technological futurism mechanically linked to a thinly designed robotic arm delicately pierced into a surfaced vein on his arm, meticulously replenishing the liquidized Trion compound internally inhabiting his synthetically augmented physical form. Recent events have led to the unforeseen delay of his desired acquisition of Kari's genetic material. In combinational effect with LeBeau's unmitigated destruction of the globe's ambient mutants, particularly recently slain mutant supremacist Xenon, Andres' forced acceleration of current objections experienced substantial contribution from surrounding occurrences.

Having formulated a methodical course of action involving the collection of an unspecific quantity of the Knightfall Killer's genetic material for the purpose of developing an exotic, synthetic pathogen specifically antagonistic to LeBeau's genome, the Martial Arts Einstein has commenced his fervent attempts at locating the self-proclaimed Last Arashikage. However, his present predicament renders him unable to search for LeBeau himself, not until the replenishment of his internal Trion-reserves experience necessary completion. Communicative efforts reach his most battle-potent ally, Milo.

Utilizing a specific cluster of entangled particles between his M.D.D.S. and the quantum bracelet awarded to the former Keijijo Disciple for the establishing of superluminal communication, Andres began. "Senor Milo, tis been a while since your defection from the Hellflire Club. I hope this has not... damaged our own personal business", he continues, "I need a favor from you, one that would tip the scales in our favor against LeBeau. I will meet with you soon. But for now, if you can, if you find him. Collect his DNA, preferably the dead skin cells from whatever he touches within your vicinity. Tis simple. If you cannot find him, then if you please will, locate Kari and bring me her DNA instead. You are free to refuse of course", terminating his temporary communicative link with the Air Apparent, Andres focuses his attention elsewhere, hopeful that LeBeau would indeed soon emerge, intent on personally confronting the false Arashikage as well as locate Kari, both with or without Milo's assistance.

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The Chancellors eyes captured themselves in wonderment at the enigmatic sight of such darkness opening onto the other end of his iconic bridge, a woman so deviously striding through the bridge as if she belonged.

A shadow mysteriously following her as nature intended, yet somehow unnatural crept along with it...almost as if, the shadow was alive. The Chancellors arms regally folded across of his divinely white chest surveying this unorthodox beauty hesitant to converse at first, this notion was quickly averted once she spoke venomous words.

"Biological attacks?" A nonchalant chuckle escaped his serious face knowing he'd have mutants inside of the VLA able to simply override any biological destruction caused, three million mutants were a very fine asset to any leader. His eyes devoid of apparent emotion astutely analyzing this vixen contemplating whether or not to comply. His face turned as a single frightened guard was snared inwards, raising an imperative hand commanding the overzealous VLA guards who had previously fired upon the woman to halt as she so freely defended anyways.

His arms dropped to his side, then folded behind of his back upon his own identical placed levitation raising to eye-level with the ultimatum setting woman "That was unnecessary..." telepathically sending a message across to all of his VLA Elites who encircled the duo, around 15 women boasting the same telepathic and telekinetic prowess to the recently deceased Xenon ready to pounce.

Subsequently his vision gazed at the tortured VLA troop, snapping his neck to avoid the inevitably painful death. Kindness in his crude way "...The South?" His head titled upwards sending a secret message to recent Chancellor who'd taken his job @closure "...Your presence is required...you may possibly be greeting a new council member..." His mind the switching back to verbal talk to the matter at hand "You shall..." His eyes looked into the woman's own eyes, admiring her strength and courage to declare such a proposition "..Have your Eba" A sly smirked formed upon his features "Yet I shall pertain ultimate control over this land, I shall have the ultimate say in decisions, if I so choose to disagree I shall have command" His own offer, extending a hand of peace "And you shall be placed upon our Mutant council, as per Venezuelan law".

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@catalina_liafador: Dressed in ebony with a slight hint of purity was the supreme chancellor. And all by his lonesome did he oversee the chaos erupt in his newly acquainted nation. "No." Even with his enemy vanquished and the teen Impero gone, the emotionally disturbed politician felt as if God had denied him happiness. So much so he ignored the calls sent from his father some time ago, his thoughts lost in the constant cycle of self realization.

A new council member? instantaneously snapping away from his overly depressive imagination the pretentious progeny darted toward his plethora of television screens. On each broadcast he could see the bridge of opportunity, ravaged by the impurities of an oncoming wench...or two? Nevertheless he could sense the urgency as well as subtle hint of disappointment in the tone of his superior - a sentiment that'd only fueled his already misconstrued grievances.

@supreme_chancellor: I'm on my way. Before departing alongside his gorgeous blood stained VLA Elite, the son of riches stopped in his tracks. His yellow eyes darkened as the untapped metaphysical energy beneath his disturbed demeanor fought for euphoric release. However, rather than express the urgency of his increasing mental instability the often unhelpful Trinity member passed off his condition as untreated heart burn. As for those smarter than a fifth grader...his complicated nature was as apparent as the inability for world peace.

Soon enough the God fearing mutant found himself feet away from the epicenter of such unruly damnation. He hadn't a clue on his instantaneous velocity nor would he question his demanded emergence. Instead the borderline Norman Bates emulator cast away his conflicting feelings, his questionable resemblance to a certain demon, and adjusted his once inappropriate posture. "What is this madness?" He prissily stood upright, adjusting his slicked back hairdo whilst twirling his unnaturally cherished adamantium dagger.

"Why on Earth should we trust you?" He naturally questioned the lass with a knack for dancing shadows, watching her every gesture, prepared to lunge his prized possession between her pretty eyes if she even dared to issue an off putting threat. As for the surrounding forces of the world's most influential as well as arguably most powerful country, the yellow eyed leader telepathically commanded they follow his orders in the face of guaranteed death. Even though he wished for an immediate fatality, he knew in his heart of hearts his father knew best. They'd murder this wench in time....just as Xenon fell so would she.

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Sitting silently as she listened to Ziccarra speak to the group via communicator while she sat on the black bird, strapped in and equipped for their latest mission. The Legendary Liafador explained the situation to them, Kari was captured by another enemy, Catalina Liafador, who was just as well known for her sadistic and erratic behavior. When it came down to Catalina, it was impossible to try and figure out exactly what the young woman's plans were. But apparently she told them exactly what she had done with Kari... strapped a nuke to her, hid three triggers across the capital city.

“Pyrogram, Moth and Homicide, you guys look for any trace of Nuclear activity that’ll lead you to Kari; but tread cautiously, I am sure Xenon will not take our intrusion with open arms."

Pulling up her mask to cover the lower part of her face the killer for hire stood up from where she sat, they should have been somewhere above Venezuela now. The best idea would be to find Kari and get her as far away from civilization as possible in case they couldn't find the remaining triggers. But she knew her teammates, they would oppose her idea, it was all about saving everyone. It was some ridiculous rule of heroes that most of them die by, literally. How many heroes sacrificed themselves in order to save everyone? Even then, was it really worth it? People still die, thousands every day. 'Idiots' she thought to herself as she stood firmly on the ground.

Flipping on her com-link, she began. "I'll go to the National Pantheon and get the first trigger, if we're lucky we'll be able to link the radio-frequencies and figure out not only where the other triggers are, but where Kari is as well." She spoke before phasing through the jet, free falling downward towards the Earth. The chill of the air pushed against her body as her chocolate eyes spotted the Pantheon, it was still a ways away, but nothing she couldn't reach quickly on her own.

She would be able to move faster on her own, at least for the moment, she could get in and out before anyone even noticed, and would be able to get back to her teammates before anyone else could figure out it was her who took the trigger.

When she was close enough she teleported closer to the ground a 'thump' was heard as she landed on top of a building. Her eyes quickly began scouting the area, it seemed no one was around her... for now. Moving quickly and silently she moved passed law enforcers and military personnel. Unless they were able to sense mutants, she would be basically undetectable because of her fast movements thanks to her phasing and teleportation powers. It took her just a couple of minutes to stand just a few feet away from the Pantheon. There was heavy military security all around the building, and Cassandra couldn't help but give a venomous grin before vanishing.

Series of grunts, yelps and sound of men gargling on their own fluids were heard as Homicide finally came into view. Her Vernichtung Klingen dripping with crimson fluid as she walked right into the building, taking in a deep breath and flipping her com-link on. "I'm in, going into radio silence until I find the trigger, Homicide out."

The hunt was on.

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Replay of the emotionally charged Chancellor's declaration of retaliation echoed through the night sky. Over 2 million views on youtube alone and steadily increasing. The statistical anomaly having not gone unnoticed by the captivated VLA audience as they huddled around a labtop distracted from their duty of guarding the infamous Bridge of Appeal. A dereliction with deadly repercussions.
"Beautiful evening isnt it?" a presented placation of mocking inquisition un-apologetically interrupting their congregation.

"HANDS IN THE AIR! SLOWLY!" thundered a senior VLA commander. His authoritative presence governing the swift and disciplined formation of his men while thoroughly surrounding the ball-cap wearing stranger. Facial recognition rendered impossible through a culmination of obstructive lighting and shadows.
"I've got a better idea" smirked the devil in the dark. Elegantly maneuvering his fingers producing an invisible slice of refined telekinetic force mentally engineering an unseen razor of manifested energy. Instantaneously piercing the abdomens of multiple guards, effectively cutting the specialized mutant task force affiliates in half. "Now you shoot him, then shoot yourself." a telepathic push suggestively maneuvering the senior officer to execute his own lieutenant before offing himself.

Redirecting his concentration towards the telepathic defensive implementations intrinsically cloaked around the main entry point of the country, the Killer of Knightfalls entered a self-induced state of mental demarcation. Purposely divorcing himself from a conscious state in order to fully utilize the cerebral constitution of Xenon's abilities. A tactical misstep having cost Charlemagne and his compatriots a chance to evacuate the country before the venomous vixen, Catalina Liafador, unveiled her treacherous plot. Drawing every hero, villain, and mercenary back to the war ravaged South American haven in pursuit of a missing girl, or weapon, depending on ones moral outlook.

The Blood Bridge Massacre
But the implications stemming from the possible, "event" could not be ignored. With a new found ability allowing for selective pilfering of mutant powers at his disposal, witnessing a mass eradication of millions of mutants would inflate the human enigma's evolutionarily superior physiology beyond comprehension. Luckily, civil unrest and militarized decelerations, coupled with the Lethal Liafador's insidious power move, forced the Chancellor's immediate attention to be redirected. Shifting much of the focus previously directed at the Xenon murder towards the more eminent threat, thus granting LeBeau and his dangerous entourage a protective shield of lowered anonymity. Telepathic communications between the entrenched mutant murderer and the guerrilla terrorists known as the Hounds, days earlier, provoking a rapid mobilization towards the bridge.

Perfected pace culminating in the simultaneous assault from inside as well as outside, the bordering wall of Venezuela. Valiant in their vein attempts to defend the prestigious symbol of mutant independence, the VLA border presence was nevertheless systematically eradicated. Blood, bullets, and death, painted a murderous picture of methodical mayhem.

Using the most recent and favorite of his abilities, Charlemagne drew his hands away from one another telekinetically parting the re-enforced partition allowing the caravan of para-militants uninterrupted access inside the famed country. Tarp covered loaders, armored Gurkha vehicles, and the last pair of transformed T-Sents, streamed in beyond the wall.

Looking to his human hybrid enforcer, LeBeau nodded. "Now."

Ejecting from the ground leaving a spiderweb of concrete destruction upon take-off, the Superior Sapien blitzed underneath the bridge flatting his back along its underbelly. Strain contorted his face into an unrecognizable frenzy of exertion while the bridge began to tremble and crack. Larger and larger sections continued to break free in a display of raw unbridled power premiering itself through the Superior Sapien's paradigm of strength. An explosive shock-wave erupted as the exclusive gateway was ripped free and flown into the upper atmosphere.

Whirling his finger in a circle above his head with a sharp whistle for company, the Telekinetic Terror shouted, "Lets move!" hopping on the passenger side step up of a passing Gurkha, his destination unknown.
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The mutant girl was no fool, pondering the machinations of the man with whom she would be spending an undisclosed amount of time with. As the two traversed the skies of Venezuela Milo's senses detected multiple incoming threats. Indeed Catalina had lured the worlds champions out from every crevice. A small chuckle escaped Milo's lips as he realized how a single child had single handedly captured the world's attention and brought about the demise of mutants everywhere.

"You have a point. I have no true stake here. Yet for all that I have done, I am still human. I operate from both a logical and moral standpoint. I won't stand idly by while a child is used as a political ploy to ascertain land and power." Milo stated with firm resolve, as the quantum transmission of words from long time friend Andres Knightfall intercepted his thought track. Milo pulled to a complete stop, using the moment to truly project his surreal senses beyond the borders of the country. "Andres, I believe Lebeau is approaching the bridge of Appeals, you can intercept him if you hurry. I am currently in search of Kari; I've employed a mutated radiological specialist to assist me in my search and we should find the warhead and the girl soon. Contact me when you find Lebeau and I'll contact you when I get to Kari." he said before terminating the instantaneous communicative link.

Turning back to his companion Milo embellished upon his previous narrative in regards to the current event. "If anything happens to that girl, I swear that I will wipe the Liafador Legacy from the face of this planet." Milo grimly declared. Although his mask intercepted emotional projections through his visage, the tone of his voice depicted great anger. "After discovering greater developments I realize that I cannot continue on simply one path."Subsequently following this statement was a burst of smoke clouds.

As the smoke settled four clones of the Tranquil hovered in the air, arms folded; awaiting orders. "You, focus your efforts on finding Y-Intercept. She is here and I trust that she will have some knowledge of where the bomb is or how to stop it. You," Milo's attention now turned to the next clone as the first took off with blinding speed. "The Liafador mentioned something about a trigger in the national Pantheon, make your way there to ensure that no one sets off the trigger." The next two stepped up, somewhat aware of what their objective would be. "The last of you, find Catalina. She possesses Kari DNA as well as many others. If that bomb goes off, she will be the key to cure to whatever ailments may be suffered by the radiation."

@y_intercept: The first clone, under the influence of the Lightning Aura traversed the area with nigh peerless speed, pulling to a stop before the Flower of Carnage, eyes heavily immersed on ocular study; aptly noticing the device she held in her hand. "Please don't tell me that is one of the triggers?" he said odiously, transitioning the interrogation to questions of location. "Where is the bomb Y?"

@homicide: Arrival at the monument was a bit startling. Myriads of corpses littered the entrance and the faint detection of life emanated from within. It took mere seconds for the clone, wrapped in the orange reddish glow of the flash cloak to survey the area and discover who it was that had slain the VLA members appointed to guard the facility. Closer inspection upon approach revealed this murderer to be a member of the Trinity; one he had seen in his invasion of the base in Helsinki so many months ago. Yet Milo had never engaged this woman on any level and from basic analysis could tell that she wasn't as morally just as some of her allies. "You there, I come in peace, if you may stifle your yourself for a second I have something to give you. My super speed has allowed me to search the entire area; in my search I stumbled upon this," Holding the trigger in hand, the clone offered it to the assassin, then continued his narrative. "I entrust this responsibility to you and the Trinity in hopes that your team will prove themselves capable of preventing the mutant-human war from escalating beyond this introductory stage."

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"Expect heavy resistance at the bridge of appeals." Were the last words issued by their inspiring leader Ziccarra Liafador. Though constantly plagued by extraneous ailments she never failed to rise to the occasion, a character trait Jason admired and respected her for. As the highest form of flattery, Spectrion sought to emulate her own courage as he swallowed the fear welling inside of him. Venezuela was the endgame; it was either do or die and Jason accepted the idea that he may not make it out of the country alive.

Nonetheless he had a score to settle. Catalina's abduction of nuclear warheads under his own guise by use of DNA extracted from the American Avenger during their initial confrontation had nearly cost Jason his freedom and respect. Unwilling to allow her to succeed and escape persecution for her crimes against the world, Jason sole intention was to apprehend the villainous woman. Yet when the blackbird positioned itself over the Bridge of Appeals, allowing Jason to peer out into the chaos down below, he realized such an accomplishment was easier said than done.

War had descended upon the Bridge, ushered in by an almost familiar figure whose telekinetic prowess and martial expertise was daunting. With gunfire and militaristic armaments creating shrouds of chaos that masked Catalina's presence from the American Avenger. The cargo bay doors opened and without warning nor concern for his well being Jason leaped out of the aircraft.

Soaring through the sky, approaching terminal velocity, Jason twisted his body mid flight; altering his trajectory so that he landed on a very specific area. The battle had caused countless bodies to stack on the battlefield. Though ashamed of the fact that these corpses would be used to cushion his landing, Jason continued on, knowing the stakes and how the game had to be played.

Shield drawn he hit the ground with a powerful thud, drawing the attention of the battling forces in his vicinity. The men descended upon him without mercy, firing off their weapons until the clip was empty. As the squadrons foolishly conducted a synchronized reload a circular disc emblazoned with red, white, and blue stripes surfaced from the American Patriot's location, ricocheting from target to target, rendering 15 men unconscious. As the shield ran its course the unarmed Star Spangled Saviour executed a series of punch and kicks that floored the opposition before he leaped high into the air, catching his shield and landing amidst another group of warriors.

Jason was sure to avoid direct confrontation with Venezuelan units as he engaged the enemy and it was not before long that they recognized him as an ally. One of the officers pointed to the man Jason now recognized as the human supremacist responsible for the deaths of multiple mutants. The C.I.A. had a bounty posted for this individual, yet his clandestine methods of operation and apparent military strength made him almost impossible to capture. Taking off in a valiant sprint Jason used his incomparable parkour prowess to navigate the heavily destroyed bridge. Narrowly evading his own demise as an unequivocal force seeked to completely remove the bridge from existence.

The supremacist had entered a vehicle and was escaping the area, Jason needed a faster method of transport lest he lose the man completely. Mid stride he spotted an enemy kick starting a 2013 MMX motorcycle, standard issue for infantry units in America. Using incredible speed and ample leg strength, the All American Athlete accelerated to a speed of 55 mph. Using this momentum to get ahead of the motorcycle he timed a well executed front flip so that he would land atop the rider. Just before landing the hero executed a spinning kick that ripped the enemy body from its seated position, opening a vacancy which the American Avenger gladly accepted. With the Gurkha vehicle that transported Lebeau in sight, Jason cranked up the speed, popping a wheelie as he pursued the Human Supremacist deeper into the mutant country.

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@the_last_arashikage: @tranquil: @cormac

Following the immediate conclusion of the scientific replenishment of his biological form's internal Trion reserves, the Catalan Cobra's apparent appreciation for Milo's accepted readiness in willingly accelerating present objectives regarding the locating of both Kari and the false Arashikage was wordlessly highlighted by the formation of a facially visual smirk of silent approval. "Bueno", subtly voicing his pleasure in instinctive response to the Air Apparent's informative conveyance of Charlemagne LeBeau's present location within the politically erratic nation of Venezuela. Irreversibly intent on momentarily confronting the martially potent Noir Rose for the cabalistically veiled purpose of collecting minuscule portions of the globally prominent human supremacist's genetic material, Don Andres gently rose to both feet with genetically ingrained poise and cultured aristocracy.

Zero Matrix-Camo Variant

Calmly turning his head to the right, the Martial Arts Don's ocular attention focused on an approximated silhouette of feminine frame. Cladding his divinely sculpted, muscular torso with the fashionable flair of a stylish, white, long-sleeved Ermenegildo Zegna dress shirt, Andres smiled while buttoning his fundamentally dapper clothing, "Vamonos madre", a subtle head gesture instructing the perpetually enigmatic La Espada to emerge from the physically shrouding shadow cast by a looming metallic structure of technological innovation. "Tis time to see how well that synthetic X-Gene's zepto-technology can replicate your original abilities". Directing his elegant steps towards an aerially suspended rectangle of translucent visage and physical enormity, the Knightfall A-Lister paused, selecting a white variant of his Zero Matrix light body armor, aesthetically sporting a covering camo fabric of physically resistant subatomic structure. Readily cladding himself in the combat-appropriate attire while subsequently strapping his habitually favored Trion bow and arrow to his back in stylistic fashion, Andres set foot inside the vibrantly pulsating gate of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, technologically suspended and controlled by a meticulously functioning ring of paper-thin Trion-alloy construction and generated by high-energy particle collisions. Immediately followed by the unfortunately mute La Espada, the Knightfall Rey's departure from his previously undisclosed locale, had occurred.

Materializing in the environmentally grim streets of the Venezuelan Republic, Andres and the Fraga Fatale remained nimble and cautious of their movement. Momentarily relying on the M.D.D.S. exploitation of the quantum entanglement phenomenon to relay communicative instructions between an M.D.D.S. axion specifically entangled with a zepto-manipulated axion residing in the organic brain of his reanimated associate, Cormac, Andres requested, "Cormac, my friend, tis time you prove your worth. Come meet me in Venezuela. Don't make a dramatic appearance", implicitly tasking the feral mutant with exercising necessary stealth while simultaneously utilizing the entangled between axions to locate the Knightfall A-Lister. Transitioning communicative efforts from Cormac to Milo, informing his close comrade of his presence within the Venezuelan nation. Focusing on prioritized matters, the White King, through faint after-image generating teleportation in La Espada's company, manifested several meters from the Bridge of Appeal, escalated visual perception enabling his identification of the considerable infrastructural damage done to the symbolic structure as well as ocular acknowledgement of the ambient carnage and ruthless blood bath incited by none other than the Master of Martial Arts Darwinism.

Within the Noir Rose's location while presently exercising technologically-assisted stealth and visually veiling talent, the lethal duo of the Martial Arts Einstein and the Fraga Fatale remained within substantial distance as well as the minimum proximity required for sensory detection and observation of their primary target. Mentally implementing characteristic patience, Andres waited for Cormac's impending arrival for the approaching execution of his formulated plan as he commences his meticulous following of the self-proclaimed Last Arashikage's movements, cautious of the presence of the human extremist's accompanying entourage.

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The time comes and goes. Clock ticks and tocks for everyone -mostly-. But things don't need to change everytime. From the first day she was found, the girl named Kari was the target of everyone and cause of many incidents. The good Trinity, sinister HFC, vicious Vine Villains and so on and on. No matter the cost everyone wanted the girl for one reason or another. First the trinity and then the fancy club of ours had bitten the dust and now with the girl's appearance wasn't a good news for people of Venezuela.

Adhene watched the show of her so called associate. ''...Mutants...Humans....Die...Wars...'' Now famous Liafador spoke for her holy ideals. Adhene find the show amusing. A little sign of a smile came with the movement of his lips. Adhene took the last sip of his wine before leaving the glass with some money. Taking his coat with a quick move, the black bishop left the glamorous restaurant. There were some better places to be right now and the restaurant wasn't among them anymore. The course was made and his mind was clear. His body started to levitate with the eyes all around met with him. Slowly moved up with dancing like moves. Upon entering the right height his body shot off like an arrow and left a little cloud behind caused by the breaking of sound barrier.

With the body of Doctor Laurent he was unable to achieve this speed. The mind of the young man's body, he currently used was stronger giving Adhene the capability to be more. When on the air he found himself lost in his memory. He remembered the first time he was in Venezuela. The deadly fights, uncalled destructions and himself. The lost boy of that time... Adhene tilted his head to leave the ghosts of the past to chatch the importance of the present. He didn't want to come before Xenon's rimely death. He never liked the man anyways. He remembered the chancellor's monologue. The subplot of war was entertaining to say the least.

The country was allready in alert with it's new guests. Pridefull chancellor, strong VLA agents and nobodies favorite, the citizens was on high alert. The threat of explosion was big. The loss of powers was even bigger. Black Bishop connected to his psionic might. ''Good day, mister chancellor. I am Adhene and I have come to aid you in this madness. So, I would appreciate if you'd inform your men.'' Telephatic message was sent to Chancellor while getting closer. He didn't actually care for anyone in particular here. His sole presence was of curiosity and the lack of bigger entertainment. His eyes scanned around from the air. The Trinity had arrived. His old collague Milo was here as well but the more interesting side of the battle had shown itself under the guise of a flying gateway. The so called knighfall killer had taken his place and wasn't alone.

The thought of crossing paths with the arashikage had left a little grin on Adhene's face. His body slowly changed it's stance to go for a landing but as he was about to move, he stopped. ''Andres? So finally decided to get his hands dirty?'' He said mocked even though he was alone. After his last battle and the death of his previous body Black Bishop didn't bother to visit his collagues thus his new body and status quo was possibly unkown to them. A knightfall and a knightfall killer sounded entertaining to him. ''Greetings, Senor Knightfall.'' He opened a telephatic link to the White King. ''Black Bishop here.'' Flew higher for a bigger range of sight. ''I am sure you allready have a plan but I thought you would appreciate a little more knowledge on your surroundings'' Using the link Black Bishop gave the image standing before him to the White King's mind.

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@supreme_chancellor: @tranquil: @catalina_liafador:

How long had this child been subject to being the hunted weapon of tomorrow. A few months, half a year, had her life sense mutation just been a case of running away? This wasn’t a life to live, particularly for a child. As the pair continued on the quest to locate the nuclear weapon the nuclear mutant herself found a motive within her contemplation. A reason to continue on this search, besides just the fate of her people. Kari so long as she remained on this planet at her present state, would be nothing but a tool. Many people might label the Thermal Nuclear Terror a rather destructive and vile woman. But that didn’t mean she was a total monster this child deserved a life. It was under this notion that she began to consider using her abilities to give the child cancer. It wouldn’t be a painful death just would limit how much longer she had to go on. Surely this action was better then a life long time of being nothing more then a excuse for terrorist attacks or militarily campaigns.

Even now she could hear the gunfire and distinctive sounds of mutant properties. Once again key figures and their lackeys of mutant and human sides were at it. Tensions already high were being given fuel. And the woman of destruction couldn’t help but ponder when it’d be time for her to step up and use her powers to cripple the weaker side. However what Azrayne failed often to make note of was the fact that her abilities also made her a slave of emotions. To much rage and she could involuntarily remove a city from the map. Much to the blonds pleasure the man known as Tranquil was like her unwilling to let a child be a weapon of war. They were by no means saints of virtue but at least they were in the right when it mattered the nuclear fem fatal had figured. Soon she witnessed the powerful chakra user construct clones to attend to other matters. A friend of hers within the city had toyed with the ability before and thus why Azra identified how it was done. And that was when it came to her.

“You seem to have the versatility of abilities, could you take away them as well? Kari lives a rather atrocious life what ever ‘good’ comes from her abilities, is crushed by the bad. Wars in her name, terrorist actions with her partially to blame. When we find her, the desired samples of DNA should be taken. Then remove her powers completely. Let man and mutant fight their own wars not be derived in these ways.” She was no genius hell she was usually the go in and level buildings type but a child didn’t deserve this life. Screw what authority figures wanted.

Radioactive waves continued to direct the Nuclear Duchess towards the location of the weapon of mass destruction. So similar was the woman and the weapon that with each second she grew closer and closer. It would only be a matter of minutes before the duo of explosive talents were within proximity of the weapon. There was but one problem as the signature grew more and more she got closer, but when she got within roughly twenty five yards the signature vanished.

“I can tell you it’s close I estimate within thirty yards at the most. However the signature vanished we’re talking nothing. I told you it’d be concealed didn’t I?” Generally speaking an ‘I told you so’ attitude was an ill and childish move. But then Azrayne rarely cared about such a thing it was part of her personality in fact. Following her smug remark to the master martial artist she continued to reach out to the Councilor in her head. Part of why the Elite worked so well was that they were almost always at least on a small level in contact with the others through a telepathic network. They were alerted when the place fell under the attack. It functioned kind of like a police radio but more clear and exact. Speaking telepathically the walking atomic bomb gave a report and retort to the leader of the people. “We’re close to the bomb I can’t pin point it’s exact location however. Did you seriously just fork over some fcking land!? To a woman who threatens us with a weapon of mass god damn destruction. Every other bastrd in charge of a nation says ‘we will not succumb to terrorism’ but oh not you. Nearly everyone here has lost the majority of their family from the last big explosion, but fck it lets just nod at the notion of it happening again.” She was angered and it showed physically as well as emotionally. Potent levels of radiation and toxic chemicals pored off the blond released in waves like ripples in the ocean without her ever really noticing.

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Amillia stood alone in front of the airlock, her arms folded, dress dirty from dragging through the dirt and corn of Nebraska. She'd run through the fire line that had been set up. A ring of ethanol-drenched ground and dried hay and cornstalks. The smell of accelerant rolled off of her.

Horatio inside of the Spartan mobile suit had walked his way across the upper deck slowly, conserving power, muddying himself up as he passed by rows of armed people. The upper deck had a ring of old fighters with their billhooks standing front of the fire line. After the fire line were the prime fighters, and then in the streets and rooftops, the droids. Lightening spears and guns, to cover the others if they fell back into the houses.

Amillia bashed her android hands upon the unbreakable surface of the airlock doors, as they rumbled with her fury but held true to their name. She watched with helpless eyes as her husband stood alone against a legion of synthetic enemies all programmed to be very hostile towards him. Locked outside of Horatio's creation his danger room, she screams out for him and continues to bash her palms against the airlock to no avail.

Meanwhile inside the room designed for extreme training sessions, the Maverick King makes his stand against overwhelming odds with Spartan being programmed to be only 74% effective. The suit is being restricted by its creator as he pushes his skills to their limit, forcing a pivotal breakthrough into untapped potential.

"Okay... Lets see what you can really do!" a war anthem is sounded off, before his plasma saber is drawn... His shield which is manageable at full capability is too heavy at 74% so Horatio chooses to drive it into the pavement and use it as a barricade instead of an arm-shield. Spartan then crouches behind the discarded shield as the synthesized alien forces circle around him. They swarm, as he does his best to vanquish as many as possible but soon they overwhelm him with sheer numbers and bring the mobile suit crashing down to the streets. Horatio ejects himself from the Spartan via escape pod, with mini blasters in hand. His aim is flawless as he snipes many aliens along the way he is projected in arch.

His pod crashes down into the empty streets 300 meters behind the swarm... He quickly releases the safety restraints before sprinting off into a nearby building. Vanishing from their sight in mere moments, as the hunter becomes one with his environment. Now the real challenge begins, Horatio has programmed this scenario to run for the next 72 hours. A survival experiment that he plans on enduring for three days, the ambush master has many plans mapped out inside his ultra advanced brain already. His enemy has brute force and numbers to their advantage. His wife can do nothing but watch from the outside for now... Once she figures out the program is set to run for 72 hours however, she is beside herself with anger. "Oh... H*ll no... You can't keep me locked out for three days... Are you crazy?" she says as she plugs herself into the mainframe of the danger room itself as her A.I. interfaces with that of the Nemesis Enforcers own A.I. She is hellbent on finding a way in, and she will not be detoured for long.

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Receiving the urgent message of requested assistance from his savior, Don Andres, the reborn mutant stood just outside of the borders of this Utopian country equipped with an assortment of deadly upgrades given to him by Andres. The Quantum Supercomputer implanted within his mind. A synthetic X-Gene, Trion bones and trion claws and biological immortality.

Possibly the most dangerous reanimated organism the world had ever know. Having secretly made his way towards of the location under the guise of a terrified citizen he arrived to the side of Andres with a respectful nod "Andres" Clenching both of his fists as his trion claws aggressively protruded the sides of his knuckles, ready to deal decimating to any who would stand in his way.

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@supreme_chancellor: @closure: @tranquil: @614azrael:

Undisclosed location

It will trigger the bomb, whether the other two are active or not.

The Flower of Carnage, positioned on her knees; allowed her tongue to circumvent the length of her mouth, as the cache of seamen dripped from her brows to her sternum. Her partners took a step back at the arrival of a mysterious ally. “You have the WORST timing” she hissed spitting out residue. “Where’s the bomb Y” there was urgency in his voice; she was able to make out just how imperative without her mask. Using a face cloth to wipe the cascading seamen from her face, Y sighed before disclosing the information he needed.

“The Bomb and Kari are headed to the bowels of the amazon, by way of train. It’s been Catalina’s plan all along; draw the elite here; and then eliminate them.” Y revealed placing her cashmere robe over her naked frame.

“There are three triggers, I have activated one” she cut him a vindictive smile before explaining the whereabouts of the others. “The second should be resting in the national pantheon; but the third…the third is a mystery. Oddly enough it is the only one that matters; it will trigger the bomb whether the other two are active or not.”

The schematics of the situation at hand where set up so that Catalina would win in some aspect, either Kari would die; and the rarity of her genetic code would be optimal for bargaining; or she’d threaten the current chancellor into succeeding parts of Venezuela to her. Right now Cat’s plan was 100% on track, Southern Venezuela had just been traded over to her; with a high mutant populace; and a slight augmentation to her original strategy; she was ready to pave the way for Eden.

“Me and Cat where once apart of each other, I know how she thinks on most topics, but this…it seems as if she’s getting aid from an outside source?” Y explained, zipping up her lycra outfit ready to continue the search for Kari.

“This is a game, she gave us TWO triggers that will not blow the bomb unless the third is active, but if the third is active without the first two the bomb blows anyways. It’s a goose chase, secondly; we’re expecting widespread damage from her attack, but there will be none.”

Y pulled out a map detailing the Southern portion of Venezuela, “It’s nearly impossible for ONE nuclear warhead to wipeout an entire region; believe me I’ve tried; but it’s not impossible for a massive dispersion of germs and/or bacteria…don’t look for destruction…just look for detonation…” Y warned, abruptly ending their conversation.


Cat sat on her throne across from the chancellor, like a leader was supposed to be; he was stern in his conduct towards the Catalan countess. Though the strict parameters placed on her governing of EBA, or Eden (she hadn’t yet decided) hampered her free will; she shook the chancellors’ hand in agreement. Almost simultaneously another man appeared, given his erratic bearing; Cat counted on him to say or do something stupid.

He said something, but she paid him no mind; she had what she wanted and took great pleasure in not responding to a newcomer. “I must admit, I did not expect this at all” she said, purposely smirking at Noah.

It had been a while since her aunt, Ziccarra won Venezuela in a Monarch/Cardinal invasion; but it was the HALO/PEAK struggle that turned a once prosperous nation into a country operating below third world status; then Xenon came and revitalized the Venezuela culture and people to an all-time high.

What Cat thrived on was something people didn’t see; the brainwashing of the youth, the execution of the opposition without so much as a trial, and the undisputed political polices.

As she stood across from her new apparent ally, the shadow whispered in her ear; revealing that the “Mutant-Killer” had been spotted on the borders. Smiling with ill-intent; she slowly backed into a darkness portal to make sure “Kari” was safety enroute to the same location Ziccarra won, to claim victory in the Monarch war.

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“So can it be salvaged?” Maya asked, watching as Samantha digitally assessed the damage done to the former H.A.R.D Helicarrier. “It’s possible, but it’ll depend on if we can get the man-power to fund it; and the money for that matter.” She replied, still deep into her studies.

“You’re a Weston, don’t you own a bank somewhere?” Samantha’s head perked up a bit; it had been ages since someone called her by her last name. “Yes, but I’m believed to be dead; If Ashley and I were still on good terms things would be slightly different.”

“Why aren’t you in Venezuela with the others?” Samantha asked, actually trying to get rid of the prying blonde. “Venezuela? Why are they others in Venezuela?” Maya asked, having not been present when that order was given.

“The Chancellor of Venezuela was killed, Ziccarra’s niece Catalina has captured Kari; and plans on using her to destroy the mutant haven.” Sam explained, kind of curious Maya hadn’t heard of the trouble brewing in Venezuela.

“Hmmm that’s curious, Ziccarra vowed never to go back to Venezuela; after she met Xenon about potentially attacking Kalli” Maya exclaimed, leaning back in her seat. “You notice how…off she’s been lately?”

“No, what do you mean?” Sam was frustrated with Maya’s profuse talking, but the topic of Ziccarra being odd was interesting; partly because she thought the same.

“Well she’s been either waiting too long and/or too soon to take her insulin. She “stormed” the HFC compound but didn’t bring back Assault, and now she breaks her vow and goes into Venezuela? Discipline is something we can credit Ziccarra for, if she says something; she’ll stick to it…I guess not lately.” Maya explained propping her legs on the desk.

“I tried to read her mind, but I can’t seem to breakthrough her masks defenses. It’s like my power didn’t work at all” It wasn’t something she did all the time just when a person acted out of character.

“OMG” Samantha scooted halfway across the floor on her rolling chair to a computer. “I thought something was weird about this video, but I couldn’t put my hands on what it was.” Maya rose from her chair but was halted by the Chief Advisor.

“TRINITY, Come in this is Samantha, I repeat this is Samantha; Maya Lopez is now in charge of the field operation in Venezuela. At this time Ziccarra Liafador is an enemy of the Trinity. I REPEAT SUBDUE ZICCARRA LIAFADOR”

Maya stood with her hands folded, and her head slightly cocked to the side. “You want to tell ME what the hell is going on?”


Maya streaked across the Venezuelan skies in a vibrant yellow blur; the new details of her mission were to capture Ziccarra. As she streaked across the dimly lit sky, her body erupted in a pillar of concentrated light. Emerging in a new Red and Black uniform.

“Jason, Cassandra listen to me carefully. The masked woman currently leading you, is NOT Ziccarra Liafador; it’s Kari. Wherever Kari’s young body is being held; is the location of Ziccarra.” Maya somewhat tried to explain, flying at such a high altitude and blinding speed caused her message to sound winded. She purposely relayed the information over the unsecure networks hoping anyone would pick up the info.

Back when the Trinity Towers were attacked by the HFC, Kari touched Ziccarra; siphoning her abilities; thanks to the mask of Cortez; she was also able to completely switch consciousness with the Malagan Beauty. They whole key to this illusion was Kari’s ability to stay mentally unaffected by anyone’s mental tampering.

Since the attack, Kari had been secretly plotting with Cat to ultimately usher in a “New Order” for the ages, with that her choice on the mutant-human debacle had been clear. Humans.

Maya was able to figure this out, when her powers were temporarily removed, trying to read “Ziccarras” mind. “Cassandra, I need you to locate Kari. You have to make haste, LETHAL FORCE IS NOT AUTHROIZED.”

Maya underwent a series of brutal training programs under the tutelage of the former Cardinal Queen; she was taught to assess these type of situations.

She deduced that Catalina wanted to end the potential future of mutants and Ziccarra at the same time; by implanting Kari’s sub-conscious in Ziccarra. The swift progression of mutants ended with the death of “Kari (Ziccarra).

Cat wasn’t out to just destroy mutants; but take with them the only known mutant in her entire family.

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Telepathic and telekinetic interference had been contentiously disrupting the Arashikage's internal mental perceptions since having obtained the versatile abilities of the deceased Xenon. Creating an exploitable blind spot allowing the cerebral correspondence between the stealth based martial artist, Andres, and Adhene, to go unnoticed. Both of whom were secretly trailing the military convoy alongside the recently resurrected Cormac. Strategically formulating a plan of tactical interception as the Arashikage's pera-militant confederation delved deeper and deeper into the remote regions of the country.
*Zzzzt, We have a situation.* The alerting transmission prompting the Killer of Knightfalls to check the rear-view mirror, observing the stylishly requisitioned motorcycle rapidly closing in. Without hesitation Charlemagne ejected his body through the passenger window with a gymnastically executed pull up, mirroring the fluent vehicular extraction of a Nascar driver curling up, and on to, the roof of the armored plated transport. Absent verbal prompting Isadora quickly followed her adoptive father's lead. Passing an Israeli T.C.I. M89-SR sniper rifle up into his waiting hands.

expendables 2 sniper headshot

Dynamically displaying a level of perfected balance and equilibrium, the optically elevated depth perception of the LeBeau Legend rendered the need for scoop adjustment moot. A single shot ringing out shortly after the unorthodox sniper had taken a knee targeting the front wheel of the pursuing daredevil's bike before a second, methodically anticipated shot, followed. Calculatingly placed where the mutant killing machine predicated the target would end up, the deadly projectile's intended point of impact had been arrogantly ordained to slam into the star spangled savants back.
Self-induced narcissism then prompted the Noir Rose to take up a cross legged seat without confirming the conclusion of either shot, turning his back and pushing his telepathic focus towards the human rottweiler, the Superior Sapien.
"Locate and lock onto any and all elevated hot spots producing abnormal amounts of radiation. We've come to far to fail now."

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@adhene: @cormac: @the_last_arashikage:

Alerted of the recently absent Black Bishop's telepathic attempts with characteristic immediacy, the Knightfall Don appropriately shifts the M.D.D.S.' technologically innovative quantum cryptography-oriented security protocols for the purpose of enabling communicative links from externally originating sources. Relying on the M.D.D.S.' zepto-technological capacity for the interaction with quantum phenomenon, a temporarily established link with Adhene by entangling one of its supersymmetric axions with an elementary particle of his Hellfire associate's psionic waves via quantum entanglement enabled the instantaneous exchange of his ally's thoughts. "Hmm", pensively taking into consideration the potential advantage of Adhene's approximated aerial position while simultaneously reviewing the offered geographic information. Aware of the incomprehensibly complex nature of the M.D.D.S.' quantum matrices to organic minds, even those of psionic-augmentation, Andres opted against a direct response via the quantum supercomputer. Simulating telepathic communication via the crude replication of the physical properties of psionic particles fundamental to the elementary construction of telepathic waves, the Martial Arts Einstein voiced his gratitude, "Gracias, Senor Adhene, for your assistance", he continued, exercising quantum cryptography-based security by projecting his thoughts via photon-contained psionic transmissions, disguising his communication as naturally occurring photons, containing transmitted thoughts. "Unless however, you plan to facilitate my objective, tis best you do not interfere. But if you must, I do have a task for you", immediately terminating communication, allowing Adhene the time to appropriately consider the cryptic proposal.

Focusing his attention on environmentally transpiring occurrences, the Stylish Savant's visually veiled facial features via his light body armor's camo-styled mask altered in instinctive reaction to Cormac's anticipated emergence. "Bueno, you are here my friend", relying on the whispered registers of his voice for stealthy verbal conversation with the synthetically enhanced mutant. Directing the ocular attention of his perceptive, dark blue eyes towards the distantly positioned military convoy, "Our target lies in there. We will intercept him on my command", offering additional information via the transmission of digital information from the M.D.D.S. to Cormac's synthetically internalized quantum computer. Shifting his attention towards La Espada, Andres smiled, "Madre, your task is straightforward. Engage that.... thing", mockingly referring to the Superior Sapien with smug derision, "Keep him distracted until I have what we need". Further elaboration on his intentions with Charlemagne LeBeau were directed towards Cormac via quantum transmission, meticulously detailing the prioritized objective of collecting even a minuscule portion of LeBeau's DNA. Pleased with the brief yet effective exchange of necessary situational information, the Martial Arts Don de-materialized, physically manifesting himself several meters before the military convoy while La Espada directed her attention on the Paragon of Perfection, implementing her ferocious speed in an explosive forward charge towards the powerful specimen, all the while deceptively relying on her potent blood-bending for the potential restriction of her opponent's movements as an incoming fist, augmented by acceleration, sought to connect with his exposed jaw.

A subsequently generated afterimage as a remnant of his incipient teleporting served as a visual distraction as the Knightfall Don followed by teleporting towards the false Arashikage's immediate position, allowing no delay in his movements as his opening assault commenced. Opting to exercise his arguably peerless grappling pedigree while opportunistically exploiting LeBeau's seated position, Andres sought to ruthlessly shove his forearm against his opponent's chest, relying on his positional advantage and kinetic momentum to force LeBeau onto the ground, remaining relatively unconcerned with Isadora's approximated presence despite the momentary tensing of his muscles upon briefly meeting her eyes. Should initial attempts prove successful, the Poised Picasso would seek to sit astride the Killer of Knightfalls' chest in full mount while simultaneously relying on his substantial physical strength, bodyweight, and hips to control his potentially grounded opponent. Maximum positional dominance would be attempted by working his knees up under into the arm pits to considerably reduce Charlemagne's possibility of reverse grappling while altogether limiting arm movement. Optimistic of plausible success, Andres would move for the immediate collection of LeBeau's genetic material by allowing for a potential blood stain on his armored gloves through a potentially sustained facial cut from the Spaniard's incoming top strikes from the full mount position should he find initial success in forcing the Noir Rose to the ground, all the while instructing (via quantum transmission) Cormac to attack with immediate ferocity should his own grappling attempt fail.

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Flattened by instantaneous impact, the self-consecrated Arashikage showed absolutely no emotional aspects of unexpected danger, pain, or concern, as the heavy handed Spaniard unloaded with a vicious fabrication of intricately crafted ground and pounds. Technically sound, the Spanish Storm Shadow's speed negated any attempted guard moving straight into a mounted position during which time his previously allocated commands were systematically synchronized. The families fabled blood-bending techniques explosively culminating in the sudden disruption of the Superior Sapiens predetermined flight pattern as he too was taken be surprise. Suffering a precise strike to the jaw sending his body rocketing into the ground with Earth shattering reverberations leaving a series of topographical veins leading away from the crater size origin of impact.

"STOP THE TRUCK!" roared the misguided Knightfall heir. Her mind telepathically linked to the entire operation displaying a level of control far exceeding that of her father. Her ignition of a violent termination of motion had profoundly launched the master of martial arts Darwinism off the roof sailing through the brisk night air before acrobatically touching down with his right hand in order to spring-board into a standing position.

"Keep moving Isadora. You know the protocol." preternaturally cracking his neck. Removing what had become his trademark apparel and using it to mockingly dust off his shoulders, theatrically sweeping his feet across the dirty trail symbolically drawing a line in the sand, Charlemagne LeBeau only half expected the dapper don to make a go of it here and now. Fully immersed in the anticipated mind set of every Knightfall plan being a gabardine of cloaked misdirection. "Almost didnt recognize you without the Armani exchange dripping off your shoulders. Class, prestige, aristocratic nuances, you must be a big hit with the ladies." his verbal taunting aimed towards the separation of the convoy from Andres' forces rather then attempting to agitate the perennial patriarch.

Dropping the various rigs and harnesses strapped throughout his body along with an assortment of rudimentary weapons, the Last Arashikage would have been lying to himself had he tried to ignore the burning desire to throw-down with yet another, nay, thee, Knightfall.

"Whatya say slick, want a shot at the title?" motioning along his waist framing an imaginary belt.

Meanwhile, a forcefully strained hand burst forth from the crater's unforgiving darkness pulling the bloody body of Charlemagne's so called Superior Sapien behind it. The surgical snipe of Shiva's favorite Striker had left him visually disoriented and confused. Unsure of the lethal La Espada's current location allowing for a momentary lapse in emotional control which in turn instigated an unbridled release of rage fueled heat vision into the open sky accompanied by a solicited vocal detonation. Shattering the windows of a nearby fishing hut. Registering her growling compatriots pain Isadora herself had to fend off an emotional reaction, stifling the urge to turn around, neglect the mission, and help her family.

"Should we go back?" questioned a concerned Hound. After a brief moment of silence, "No, keep going. If they die then they weren't the men we were led to believe......" she apathetically replied.

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In the study of a lavish mansion outskirting the old Grimm City a magnate of the city embibes red wine with memories of ten lifetimes to keep him company. The sound of eighteenth century opera plays at medium-low on a purists' dream of a phonograph while slouching in the high backed red velvet against a cracking fire.

His limp finger commands the ancient singer as she hits her notes.

Several weeks ago

Thomas was out giving proposals and statements per usual. His day ended on a high note with two women accepting a specific short time employment opportunity, in the government sector. When arriving home he turned on a lamp and threw his coat over the very same chair, when he lit the fire he looked across the flames to see a woman sitting in the adjacent. "And you are...?" Fear died in Thomas a millenia ago, surprise was a luxury. Sitting down in the chair he hears the young woman's story and becomes more attentive by the minute.

"You'll hand me land in the country, at what cost to me"

She smiles a wicked seductive smile and blinks two large brown eyes, continuing as though she had planned this out months ago. Beneath her jacket comes a small black box, opening it she reveals the contents, then shuts it abruptly, sliding it across the small table that sat between the chairs. For a long moment Thmoas contemplated and delegated in his mind over the chain of events that this would lead to. He saw more pluses than negatives. The box slides across the table and arrives in his pocket


Don Giovanni rises in temp in it's outstanding overture as Thomas pulls out the black box, "Lorem suscipere Dominum cibum sumus "

Opening the box The CEO unveils a small remote detonation button and instantaneously without hesitation, damns an entire country.

"Hmm... Chinese or vegan." e asks himself after throwing the device into the fire and picking up the phone to order take out, humming Don Gio with a high.

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In light of Venezuelan Chancellor, Xenon being killed by the mutant- murderer; Catalina has been given Southern Venezuela to govern; with Kari on her side; and Ziccarra at her mercy. The Liafador Legacy unleashes the final phase of her plan. Added by the future contractor of "Eden" the bomb is ignited, ushering Catalina into the next phase; the systematic massacre of mutants in Southern Venezuela.

Blood on the street.

Cat watched as, her aunt stuck in the body of the little child tried to squirm free; the darkness tendrils constricting her body were almost enough to completely take the wind out of her. “I hope you’ve been enjoying your little train ride” Cat hissed once again propping her leg up. “You’ve missed sooo much action; let’s see where do I start?”

Cat’s body grew moist just thinking about how well everything pieced together.

“My plan was a simple one really, kill one million mutants; thanks to Spectrion’s DNA I was able to do it without any trouble. Capturing YOU while you were still fused with the Genesis child was a bit hard, but nothing too extreme.

I lured all my potential enemies to one place; using one of their own enemies, you. Your friend Xenon was killed, by the mutant killer; the Chancellor handed me Southern Venezuela. Oh and your precious Trinity team is in shambles.”

Cat released the tendril on Ziccarra’s mouth allowing her to speak for the first time. “And what do you plan to do now…” Cat turned to the warhead, the fail-safe had been activated, it was about to explode. “I intend to kill one-million mutants; cheers to being my first” Cat quickly descended out of view via a darkness portal.

Steam quickly began to billow from the warhead; the toxic combination of heat and pressure caused the skin to boil right off Ziccarra’s bones. In her death the Malagan beauty did not scream; she simply embraced death like her mother and father before her.

The pressure from the steam eventually exploded ripping the freight train completely off the side of the mountain; a poisonous mushroom cloud of toxic chemicals soon began to disperse in the Venezuelan Atmosphere.

Though she knew the venomous air would affect both Northern and Southern Venezuela; she had the utmost confidence that Caracas would have defenses for this sort of thing. She dawned a long black gown with a gouging split up her thigh. Though it appeared she was alone, in a dark and cold place; but this place was a place where her powers reached their heights.

As the Umbrakentic Liafador paced the floor, hundreds of small yellow eye balls pierced the darkness ready to do their lords work. “Go my children, cleanse my land of these putrid mutants” Though Kari’s DNA would turn any mutant back to a human and vice versa; the shadows were here to send a message.

Cat appeared in the middle of Puerto Ayochuco with her Shadows at her back launching at attack; on the already hurting mutants of the city. “This is where, I’ll stand”

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@catalina_liafador: @614azrael:

The clone dispersed into a white cloud upon receiving vital information form the cream covered cocaine goddess. The conversation, now melded with the original's memory brought about a small fit of rage in which it seemed his esteemed nuclear tracker shared. A myriad of radioactive emissions surfaced in the form of a gaseous aura around the blonde, intoxicatingly potent to the Keijijo Kaze, whom, for all his strength had never encountered chemicals of such ferocity.

"You are right. Our target is that train," he exclaimed, finger directed to the left, as a freight train raced along the track. "We can't let that bomb go off while the girl is still attached to it. I'm going to go get her, I'd advise that you flee the country, my senses tell me that this won't end well." Instantaneous disappearance led the Tranquil on a flat out sprint at 300 miles per hour towards the moving train. It would take him mere minutes to reach the cart. The nuclear radiation distorted his senses as he neared, allowing Kari's exact location to remain unknown.

Running alongside the locomotive The Keijijo Kaze leaped on top of it taking a moment to catch his breath. The radiation was aggressively hampering his performance and he felt, human. Had the radiation been less effective, or had Milo been thinking straight he would've escaped when he had the chance. Taking a knee Milo could feel sweat pouring profusely from his forehead. Yet the heat he felt was nothing compared to the sheer explosive force as the bomb was activated, and a devastatingly weakened Tranquil was caught point blank. The radioactive elements prevented access of the deep reservoir of chi used to drastically increase durability. Utter destruction befell the Keijijo Bravehart, his body vaporized by the blast, not a single remnant of his existence left to recover.

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Feverishly maintaining throttle control the American Avenger's eyes were fixated on the heavy duty vehicle as it sped up the deserted terrain, dust flying in every direction due to tire rotation. The wind friction caused the hero to place his head down, lest his eyes be bombarded with the particles that flew through the air. It was in this moment that his danger sense ignited, a violent ringing echoed throughout his mind. jason's head shot up to view the mutant murderer crouched atop the vehicle, armed with a long barreled weapon, which Jason assumed to be a sniper rifle. Before he could think to swerve the bike of its directed course a shot rang out that spelled disaster for the All American Athlete.

A 7.62 mm nato round pierced the semi bulletproof front tire and the bike immediately lost control. Jason's body was jettisoned from the seat, twirling through the air as another shot penetrated his ribcage, puncturing his kidney with egregious force. Jason's body tumbled along the ground rag doll style for a couple of yards before a large rock impeded his travel. Various bone fractures, rapid blood loss, and possible wound infection were the least of his worries as the hero watched the mutant killer ride off, vision hazy. Mustering all his strength he rolled off of his black and used the rock as leverage to bring himself up to his feet as Maya's words came in over the intercom.

Failure was all Jason seemed to excel at, no matter how hard he tried. From the initial invasion of Helsinki, to the inability to apprehend Catalina and the instantaneous defeat at the hands of the mutant murderer, the inadequate performances added up. Maybe the young hero was in over his head. As strong feelings of doubt began to weaken his resolve Jason fell to his knees, finally drained of all his energy. A mushroom cloud erupted, which could be seen from miles away. The bomb had went off. Ziccarra was dead. Another strike against him. Overwhelmed by the weight of the many lives lost despite his efforts to defend them, coupled with the unending pain derived from the physical trauma endured; Jason collapsed subsequently after activating a homing beacon that would guid a recovery unit to his location for medical attention and evacuation.

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As bitter as the toxic terror was at the Chancellor’s choice there was still a pressing matter to attend to. The location of the bomb wasn’t hidden they discovered it was moving, a train was heading for the other half of Venezuela. She wasn’t a genius but it seemed obvious. The bomb was going to level what land was grabbed. Who did it and why alluded the lady atomic. The reason though didn’t matter to much however. Such devastation just needed to be halted that was the end of her opinion. Rebellious woman that she was Azrayne refused to let her city burn. The tragedy that was the first time didn’t phase her. Now however she cared for the providence, she couldn’t let it burn. So it was she flew using TK to amplify her speeds trying to keep up with the masked figure. When they reached the walls of this half of VZ she knew she just couldn’t keep up. In truth she wasn’t sure if even the mysterious Tranquil would make it. She might come close to the wall but then it sunk in. Why?

They were not her people anymore they didn’t matter the Supreme had drawn a line in the sand. Why argue with him? Instead let the people see the Chancellor for the man he was, someone who let a million souls suffer. Seize the moment to be something special to these people as well. This would potentially put her higher up the chain of command, from there she could get to know the rising ruler of the people. Betrayal was not her intent, however if it seemed the Chancellor was going to condemn the mutants, where better for her to be then where she could blow up parliament. Perched on the wall the jade eyed soldier snagged up a sniper rifle the scope augmented thanks to a mutant with impeccable design abilities. With this she watched the speeding Tranquil. She noticed the man who originally came off as untouchable slowing down in movement. He couldn’t even stand up….he was going to fail.

“All TK users Elite or not barriers up NOW!” The command was both yelled and telepathic. It was a head ache causing scream in both ways. The nuclear duchess attempting to insure that a shield went up to protect from the explosion. She leaped off the wall to try and offer a greater defensive using her abilities. A telekinetic shield covering her own skin in a thin but exceedingly fine layer. It would just barely spare her from the venomous air. That was just done to originally shield her from debris and the shock wave. At the time of the blonds actions she had no idea that a DNA altering virus was in the bomb. The main objective though was her desperate attempt to shield her homeland from the nuclear devastation. A speedster from the South was swiftly running her way clearly hoping to escape the explosion he likely saw a millisecond ago. He was young probably thirteen or so scrappy brown hair and attractive eyes. She couldn’t bother to help him. Despite his decreasing speed and stumbling nature which was cause for alarm.

Time’s up, the beautiful mushroom cloud reached into the air. The EMP wiped out all electronics planes not torn apart like paper plummeted downwards. A powerful radial shockwave spread out demolishing buildings and chucking cars aside. Radiation filled the air. Desperately the woman who could make such explosions attempted to absorb all that she could. Radiation and nuclear energy poured into her, gravitating to her location. She couldn’t take it all in but she desperately attempted to claim as much of the thermal weapon as possible.

Because of the TK barrier and Azrayne in front of him and the explosion behind the speedster was slammed into her reduced to a gory mess before ashes. Smoke rose from the blond’s shoulders and the rest of her body. Tranquil seemed beyond anyone she encountered, he fumbled and was now ash. The speedster running for his life began to fumble. “Keep shields up think there is something in the air. Sorry I couldn’t do more…So Supreme Chancellor you call the shots. What now.” Azra didn’t bother to wipe the blood from her face, the crimson mask of a thirteen year old was a good symbol for what had happened. “Personally I want to kill whoever’s responsible and then forsake the world that did us no good.” Redeemable humans like Tranquil, who in part was why this city was saved, did exist. Those types of people were the rarity though not the norm and to long had other sides played with nuclear weapons. Was time the lords of war saw a real one.

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@the_last_arashikage: @cormac:

Having successfully rendered possible the separation of the militantly prodigious Noir Rose from the protective company of the physically imposing Superior Sapien and his seemingly misguided niece, Isadora, the Knightfall Rey allows himself a momentary immersion in brief satisfaction. Calmly rising to both feet with genetically ingrained Knightfall poise, Don Andres' present pride in appropriately isolating the false Arashikage into a predicament whereby he finds himself at the apparent mercy of not only the Stylish Savant but his accompanying crony, Cormac, appears fully evident in the Spaniard's momentary facial alteration, a slyly constructed smirk of arrogant flair virtually veiled by his camo-themed masked attire. A subtle hand gesture towards Cormac's direction served as a wordless indicator, instructing the synthetically-warped mutant to exempt himself from combat for the time being.

Fearlessly, the Martial Arts Einstein's perceptive, dark blue eyes remain irreversibly fixated on Charlemagne's, "Heh, you're a difficult man to approach", Andres began, arms of chiseled muscular features folded before his sculpted chest, "Especially with that red and blue attack dog of yours around", implicitly mocking the Superior Sapien's adopted role as the self-proclaimed Last Arashikage's devoted bodyguard. "And clearly only you see the advantage in bringing a child to a battlefield", venomously criticizing Charlemagne's consistent practice of enlisting Isadora's services in his militant endeavors. "I'm going to enjoy this", with instinctive immediacy, vengeful anger ignited a white flame of righteous fury in Don Andres' mesmeric eyes. Before him stood the unapologetic murderer of his close friend Xenon, the ruthless torturer of his sister Ellie and lover Mercy, the modern-day Hitler obsessively fixated on the commencement of mutant genocide, the man responsible for Isadora's unexplained forsaking of her biological family, and the Grim Reaper of one of his closest siblings, Quintus. And perhaps, as a result of the accumulative acts, Andres innately sought not an immediate death for the Master of Martial Arts Darwinism, the elevating anger dictating the violent intentions coursing through the very fiber of his being requested, command him to make this man suffer before his potential death.

Forsaking conversational exchange for the remainder of their ensued battle, Andres began, opening his assault with an unorthodox approach, intelligently combining a complimentary set of his recently acquired synthetic abilities and incomparably lethal grappling potency. A rapid forward step of nimble execution functioned as the incipient occurrence of his attack. Channeling the muscular strength of his genetically altered percentage of Pink Muscle, primarily the percentage present in his legs for a forward charge of relative superhuman speed, substantially slower however, than his once iconic Zero-Field-originated speed. In the midst of his charge, Andres' reliance on off-line footwork almost entirely eliminated linear movement from his opening strike, efficiently cleansing his tactic from traditional telegraphing of one's strikes. Making cerebral use of his reach advantage, the Don performs a quick heel turn, perfectly executing a backwards spinning elbow strike, the adjoining virtually unbreakable quantum-shielded bones of his humerus and forearm seeking to lacerate the exposed left side of LeBeau's jaw. Or so it seems. Reliance on internally-inhabiting zepto-technology allowed for the White King's clever exploitation of Quantum Tunneling to replicate his own personalized form of temporary intangibility. Implementing zepto-technology's capacity for interaction with quantum phenomena, Andres opportunistically combines zepto-technology with internalized Trion, allowing every single elementary particle of his physical being to temporarily borrow energy from the system it is acting in, allowing the entirety of his subatomic makeup to surmount the barrier before him that is the Last Arashikage's body. Elusively phasing through his opponent's body as his antagonistic elbow strike was within inches from potentially connecting, the Grappling Guru cleverly re-positions himself behind the false Arashikage.

With evident ruthlessness he follows by seeking to encircle his left arm around his opponent's exposed neck, intent on positioning Charlemagne's trachea at the crook of his elbow, his right arm would follow, placing itself behind the Noir Rose's head while his left hand would proceed to grasp his right biceps. Should his attempt be successful, the Debonair Don would seek to bring both his elbows together, applying the lateral pressure from the biceps and radius bone on both sides of his opponent's neck, intent on restricting blood flow to the brain via the carotid arteries with a rear naked choke. If successful, the Martial Arts Einstein would follow by subsequently placing one of his legs across LeBeau's stomach while placing his other leg over his own shin, replicating a figure-four with both his legs as he would proceed with an attempt at considerably tightening his rear naked choke and figure-four, applying thirty tons of superhuman strength with the violent intention of choking the life out of his opponent, hoping to force his opponent towards the ground with a combination of his strength, and backwards motioned body weight. Elsewhere, La Espada, content with having temporarily disposed of the Superior Sapien, commences her inevitable return to her son's location as atmospherically escalating radiation levels prompt the M.D.D.S. immediate operation of Trion's energy-absorbing capabilities for necessary protective measures, rendering Andres largely unaffected by the increased radiation levels for the time being as a distantly originating shock-wave and explosion of thermal energy overtook the land.

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Mercy Sheridan. Sanguine. Sicarii. She had believed this situation was under the handling of adept individuals, but she had been wrong. There had been no stopping what was to come, that much was set in stone from the very beginning. It was the nuances on the way that they would have been able to fix and those involved, and she by her absence, had failed.

The skies of Venezuela were going dark as clouds moved in. Chaos was arising in the streets as people panicked. And Ziccarra Liafador was dead. Ellie had left in Mercy's hands a system that tracked certain close friends and in the instance that anything happened to them, an alert was sounded. The moment that Ziccarra's heart stopped beating, Mercy had moved into action.

Shoving down any feelings of anger and vengeance for a woman she had considered an incredibly close friend, the thought at this moment in time was for others. Clad in head to toe black, Mercy slid into the leather seat of her Lamborghini Veneno, the fastest Lambo ever produced and one of three in the world.

It was not hard to track down the LeBeau convoy and utilizing the combination of expert driving and relentless will, Mercy entered the fray of the Venezuela conflict.

The convoy, working under the leadership of Isadora Knightfall...LeBeau was rushing towards the location of Catalina Liafador. It was a shared goal between Mercy and them at this small moment in time. But they were unaware of the most recent development and Mercy would be damned if she'd allow that to be something they took Isa by surprise with.

Maneuvering into position, she came into line at the back of the convoy, keeping speed with them as they prepared to descend upon the Dark Queen in Puerto Ayochuco. She had no idea what Charlemagne's endgame here was, no idea if they were together or at odds, but she was doing the one thing she had sworn never to do again. She was allowing emotional feelings to dictate tactical actions.

Peeling away from the back of the convoy, well placed bullets would have dinged her car if it hadn't been shielded by her own telekinesis. With a single thought, the guns that were being used to shoot in her direction malfunctioned.

Driving tandem to the convoy, she weaved in and out, the Lamborghini handling like a dream, reacting to the slightest touch of her foot to the gas or hand to the wheel. Pulling alongside the vehicle that Isadora was riding on, Mercy rolled down the window and yelled out the passenger side of the car.

"Isadora, get in!" The look of bewilderment was clear on the young woman's face. But there was no time. Reports were streaming in of something in the air and Ziccarra Liafador was dead. Mercy had no idea how public that information was at this moment, but as of now, Isadora was her primary objective. She'd made promises not only to Ziccarra, but to herself.

The Hounds were clamoring to get to Isa's position and provide some semblance of backup as Mercy's vehicle kept pace with the convoy with little to no effort. The young Knightfall was reluctant, the features painted clear across her face. But this was of a grave matter. "It's about your mom. You need to get in the car right now! Do what you want once you're in here, but move it."

The passenger side door slid up as Isa made a graceful leap from the convoy into the car. With LeBeau's men screaming ruckus behind them, Mercy peeled out, carefully controlling the vehicle at speeds above 80 MPH, slow while Isa got settled.

She bristled in the seat and Mercy could sense the energy and the tension between the two of them. She still hadn't given up hope on her redemption, but she wouldn't push for it either. It would have to come from within herself.

Isadora didn't speak a word, she just aimed a cold look in Mercy's direction, prepared to take measures should she have to, should this turn out to be a trap. "I don't know if you hate me, I don't know if you can't stand to look at me, I don't know if you have an urge to kill me. it doesn't change anything about what's about to go down, it doesn't change anything about what's happened." A quick jerk of the wheel as she hit the gas and maneuvered around a blockade.

"Something has happened with Catalina. She released her weapon. That's not why I'm here. I've made promises, promises that have to be upheld." She set her jaw into a line, a small tic in the corner working as she tried to shove her own feelings of loss down. Carefully removing one hand from the wheel, she grabbed the folded letter that was on her lap. It was a letter that Ziccarra had entrusted to her, to be given to Isadora only in the event of her death.

"This letter is for you. What we do from here is your choice." The key word was we. Mercy would stand with Isadora in what her next wishes were. Screw everything she'd done, screw everything that had happened. Screw whether or not she wanted to be saved. Mercy was here anyways.

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Custodial concentration permeated through the prodigal Arashikage's pensive stare as her pupils drifted from left to right. Ardent words from beyond the grave vehemently vaulting themselves over the carefully constructed wall of emotionless fortification piercing the lost Knightfall's soul. Lips quivering, eyes blurred by withheld tears, Isadora's cold exterior began to breakdown. "I....." unable to find the words. Unable to look away from the patrimonial piece of paper saturated with her mothers scent. Instead all she could do was to bow her head in sorrow while clinching her mother's final goodbye against her chest.

"N...no....no no no NOOOO!"

her sudden outburst forcefully protruding the veins along her neck, her entire body despairingly flexed with uncontrollable tension and remorse. Clinching her fist, the Authenticated Arashikage began to rabbit punch the designer dashboard in a fit of overwhelming regret. A tidal wave of guilt had just capsized her entire World drowning Isadora in barrage of bereavement. The realization that her family, her true family, had been forfeited was more then she could bare.

"Ssssh, I know. I know."

the compassionate words of the secret assassin as she pulled the grieving Knightfall into her caring embrace ignited a reciprocation of radically safeguarded feelings. Burying her face deep under her would be guardians chin allowing it to reassuringly rest atop her head, Isadora cried uncontrollably while the World around them irrupting in a blast of irreversible tragedy.

The venomous Catalina had successfully launched her weapon of mass mutant destruction with the unknown aid of the entrepreneurial enigma, Animus. Its catastrophic shock-wave ripped through the atmosphere with a blinding reverberation of pestilential poison stripping mutants of their god given abilities. Unexpected gallantry courtesy of the nuclear war-machine Azrael had helped suffocate some of the potential devastation but not all. Even the god-like Keijijo grandmaster could not withstand the radiation of ground zero.

"Whats...whats happening?" questioned Isadora as she pulled away. "My powers? They're, they're gone........"

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Northern Venezuela

The bomb exploded, sending a massive mushroom cloud of toxic radiation in the air; Southern Venezuela was now a hostile environment to anyone bearing an X-gene. The ornate colors dancing in the mushroom cloud, enticed Y like the flute to the snake. Catalina, now situated in Puerto Ayochuo started the systematic cleansing of those immune to the toxins. The bridge of appeal, a symbol of Venezuelan dominance; had been destroyed, taking the main exit route out. Y’s alignment had been unclear; even after she triggered the activator; she still hadn’t decided whose side with. Milo’s aura vanished near the explosion; he was dead. Ziccarra was dead; Xenon was dead; though this conflict had not yet reached a conclusion, its aftereffects were already being felt.

Y turned just slightly, to be met by Catalina herself; her mastery over darkness and portals allowed for expedient travel. “You’ve seemed to learn a lot in just a few months. In mere hours you are responsible for the dead of my hated rival; and my ally. Yet, still you rage war.?”

Cat stepped from her own shadow, the massive mushroom cloud could vividly be seen behind them dissipating in the air. “Oh I get it, this is a “pep” talk.” Cat started allowing her hands to leisurely fall by her side. “Soke, a lot of people kill; it’s quite easily actually. Not too many people kill for good reasons anymore. It’s always to prove a point; or because they feel like it, but I’m so advanced at it; I drew everyone to this area; and some of the world’s elite are fighting each other RIGHT NOW!”

Y intercept had been alive for Aeons; the title of Soke had long been lost through time; but Catalina knew. She complimented her stance with a smirk. “Perhaps, you’d like to show me what you learned?” Y said, shifting into a fighting stance. Catalina wasn’t stupid; fighting Y in hand to hand combat was a death sentence; pushing her hand outwards; the eclectic queen of darkness conjured Y intercept’s shadow. “I need to show you bastards just how powerful I am”.

Within moments a succession of thuds could be heard richoetching from Y and her shadows’ limbs. “You thought my own shadow would match me?” Y asked masterfully, parrying the strikes from her shadow. Because Y’s eye’s placed her opponent on a Cartesian plan; her eye’s adroitly relayed her opponents strike patterns, sort of like pre-cognition.

Southern Venezuela

Kari still using Ziccarra’s body, pushed through the Southern Venezuela streets; looking for a convoy. The mayhem exploding in the streets of Southern Venezuela did not interest her; Catalina’s shadow soldiers were executing her orders without prejudice. It took the young Kari only a few hours to get the hang of Ziccarra’s body; she knew it needed insulin every 3 and a half hours, 2 hours if she tapped into her control of motion, like now.

Her orders were simple; locate and dispose of The Mutant Killer; his ideals and methods were similar to hers; however he seemed to have favored Ziccarra; if Cat was to eliminate her legacy, she’d need to kill her “allies”

Kari stood in the middle of the road activating the deceptive powers of Ziccarra’s legendary mask of Cortez. The road almost instantly transformed into an expansive desert; complete with camels. The first tier of her illusion was on, anymore would burden their ability to see through them.

“Look what I found lying around.” She teased, holding Ziccarra’s mask; finally appearing from the mirage in a Black Cardinal uniform. The shroud of darkness on her cloak protected her from the radiation. Kari gave Isadora a paralyzing stare from beyond the fox-nosed mask. Mercy’s presence would be a hindrance; the maternal figure was pressed to defend Isadora at all cost; but that wouldn’t stop Kari’s from rummaging through both of them.

“Attack when the enemy retreats” she hissed, sending an expansive energy shield outwards. They were not Kari’s objective, but the personal jealousy she had for Isadora; caused her to bypass her orders. Kari spent more time with Ziccarra than, Isa did; but did not gain favor in Ziccarra’s eyes. Using her control over motion; Kari emerged from the smoke of her own defensive shield firing psy-blades at both Mercy and Isadora.

Northern Venezuela.

Catalina sent a force palm to Y’s sternum vaulting the cocaine goddess into the air. Y rolled into a crouched position, but the wages of battle were wearing her body down. “You snake!” Y hissed; Catalina stood unscathed by battle.

“You see, your shadow was no match for you; because of your eyes; but the moment you made contact with it; I was able to download your genetic composition. I know every skill and every move you’ve ever been taught.” Cat smirked at the defeated soke, before opening a portal.

“As much as I’d love to stay here, and fck you with that dildo you’re always carrying around, I am late for a date.” Cat backed into a portal with “loki’s smile” and vanished back to Southern Venezuela.

Southern Venezula

“I’m tired of all this tedious travel” She said, standing on the bloody streets of Puerto Ayochuo. The skies over the capital city opened, and the Castle of the Umbrakentic Queen emerged from the eclipsing darkness.

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Mercy savored those seconds of Isadora in her arms like nothing she had savored before. The young woman was crying because her heart had just broken, and in those seconds, Mercy knew that there was somebody in there who needed her, whether she wanted to admit it or not.

That was torn away with the awful realization that Isadora had just been depowered due to the machinations of Catalina Liafador. Mercy was about to prep an evacuation from the country for the two of them, utilizing resources that she had stowed away, but they were cut off before that plan because a realistic possibility.

There was no difference in the abilities that Mercy had in her possession due to the myriad of sources of her abilities. There was one out that she had to possibly return Isadora's abilities, but there was no time for bloodletting at the moment.

"Son of a bitch!" She yelled out, slamming the wheel as Isadora made her revelation at the same moment in time the road in front of them shifted into a shimmering vision of something different. She knew the touch, she knew WHAT had done this, the question was, who was controlling it, now that Ziccarra was not.

That question was answered as she deftly spun the car around, knowing that there was no alternative to them at this point. "Things are about to happen very quickly." Mercy looked over at Isadora as somebody walking in Ziccarra's body moved towards them. It was not entirely hard to surmise who it was, given the circumstances. "That is NOT your mother and she is in possession of a powerful tool of illusion. You need to stay focused and stay centered in your own mind. You've played in others, you know what it feels like when something is messing with your own." The young woman was already bolstering herself for the upcoming altercation.

"And you may not have your powers right now, but you're still one of the world's premiere fighters. You were trained in the true ways of the Arashikage, not the ways that LeBeau believed and defiled. You're beholden to the legacy of Knightfalls and Liafadors. You bow to nobody and you rival the best on the planet when you're at half their strength. You don't need your powers to annihilate your opponent. Remember that, and remember who and what you know. Illusion can be built inside your head, but there will always be clues that allow you to remove yourself back to reality"

Push had come to shove and now it was time to do something. "When this is over, I want some time with you, Isadora." Pulling a knife from her boot and a gun from beneath the drivers seat, Mercy handed them to Isa. "Take them, use them if you need them, but you're better with your hands."

The two women moved in simultaneous synchronicity and exited Mercy's beloved car.

Her eyes settled on the child who wore the guise of her best friend and a look of pure and utter contempt came over Mercy's face. There was too much going on all at once as Mercy tried to fight through the illusions that she could feel were being built around her. Add that in with the worry for Isadora and the psy blade took her by surprise as the energy sliced through her forehead.

It triggered the neural pain receptors and weakened Mercy's legs. It brought her down to one knee as she gritted her jaw. It felt as if every nerve ending in her body had lit itself on fire and was burning down to her bones. The fact that Mercy was no stranger to pain allowed her to fight through, the thoughts of Isadora and the death of her friend moving to the forefront of her mind.

The desert landscape surrounded them, playing with Mercy's perception of what was real and what wasn't, for it was one thing to know what you were seeing was a lie and it was another thing to be able to break through that.

A dull pain throbbed inside her head as she rose from her feet, death in her eyes as she drew the weapon from the scabbard strapped across her back. Eyes flicked to the side to determine that Isadora was well before she moved forward several steps. Standing her ground approximately forty feet away from Kari, instead of moving forward with a physical attack, she simply stood there. Maneuvering her telekinesis, she weakened the ground beneath Kari in attempts to open up a sinkhole while simultaneously creating small spikes of telekinetic pressure forces, all aimed for soft spots on Kari's body.

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The Spanish Storm Shadow's nonconformity of conventional martial arts techniques when delicately woven into his innovative technological theology were impossible to anticipate. Allowing dynamic footwork to guide an impressive collection of misdirected movements so fluently ingrained that even the perpetual optical surveillance of the Hardcore Encore were unable to track them until it was to late. Feeling the vise like constriction of his enemy instantly coiled around his neck, LeBeau had little choice but to surrender himself to the ground. However the pansophic pankration polymath inherently turned his body slightly to the side cultivating a defensive angle for a necessary escape. Perfectly relaxed, monitoring his breathing, Charlemagne then shifted his hips inside the Knightfall's locked legs while simultaneously turning his chin towards Andres' shoulder relieving pressure applied by the choking arm. Bridging up and into the Knightfall's body in an effort to reverse the hold and establish top position with leveraged momentum. And although in any other circumstance the Killer of Knightfalls would have proceeded with an influx of devastatingly dropped elbows and ground and pound, he instead opted for a more conservative approach given the sophisticated grappling excellence threatening to reclaim a limb, neck, or worse.

With an energetically executed backwards somersault LeBeau had achieved the desired separation. Electrifying coordination and style choreographing the continual transference of movement from right to left, front to back, as he subtly mirrored the combat rebounding footwork of the legendary Arashikage. Artistically recoiling, feinting, and shuffling, as if preparing for a Kung-Fu showdown eclipsing any preconceived notions pertaining to a formal martial arts background with idiosyncratic maneuverability perfectly tailored by ritualistic regulation.

Off in the horizon an ominous orange and reddish hue hung in the atmosphere beautifully capturing the portrait of death looming over the war torn country. But suddenly the Arashikage faltered in his theatrical shifting pressing the palm of his hand against his forehead and mumbling, "Isadora....whats, whats happening?" rhetorically questioning the unexpected severance of their telepathic link. Confusing wrapped itself over the disoriented supremacist, and with his attention otherwise preoccupied, La Espada moved in for the kill effortlessly floating across the dirty landscape preventing the ball her heels from ever touching the ground. Using her finger tips like fangs she plunged them deep into a plethora of essentially vital nerve clusters before LeBeau had time to react dropping him to his knees, blood leaking from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Unequivocally f&cking his sh!t up.

Eloquently posturing a ridge hand for a fatal conclusion, she was never the less interrupted. The Superior Sapien blazing towards her position forcing the femme fatale to unleash her previously postulated attack on him in a mind blowing expression of speed, accuracy, and combat anticipation. Instantly breaking the unbreakable, fracturing the indestructible. Shiva's favorite Serpent had instantaneously shattered the Superior Sapien's entire skeletal frame with a single blow rendering his body a heaping husk of deflated biological matter in perhaps the single greatest "oneshot" in combat history.

However, the slight deviation opened a window of opportunity which the sadistic Arashikage moved to capitalize upon. Somersaulting forward behind the deadly martial artist launching himself like a projectile, Charlemagne acrobatically snaked his arms around La Espada's neck gymnastically contorting his body up and over her own purposely avoiding landing on his feet. Instead he allowed his body to slam to the ground back first violently driving the neck cranked head of his opponent into the Earth and twisting. Disturbingly wrenching the hold as her body over took the fixated position of her head instantly severing the spinal cord killing her instantly. LeBeau's telescopic vision esoterically witnessing the last electrical impulses rushing through her cerebral cortex before releasing the hold.

"Ha....hahaha." barely managing a taunting chuckle. The severity of his injuries coupled with the toxic fallout of the recently detonated bomb slowing his healing factor down to an almost non-existent fluctuation, but still enabling the Ultra-Sapien to mockingly use his finger to illustrate the additional kill added to his impressive catalog. "Down....goes...... Frazier......."

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Deep within the recesses of Jason's mind the angered voice of himself disrupted the peaceful silence that once reigned supreme. "So that's it? All that training. All that suffering and this was your best effort? Did you think being a hero was all fun and games? Did you think that there was going to be happiness at the end of it all? This isn't a child's bedtime story or some comic book. You wanna be the hero? You wanna save lives? You gotta know what it feels like to lose some first. Now wake up."

The haze of vision returned as the whirring of helicopter blades cut through the air. Medics covered in hazmat suits hovered over the American Avenger, staring intently in search of signs of life. The pain of his gunshot wound lingered, yet it was no longer hampering his movement. Jason, now seated upright, caressed his side, only to find a myriad of bandaging wrapped around his torso. His head swiveled around, in search of a pistol as well as his shield. The hazmat suited doctors stepped back to allow their superior to step through, the man; dressed in a well tailored suit addressed Jason. "Looking for this," the agent said, brandishing the shield and placing it in the hands of the young soldier. "Also, I'd like to add that those schematics you drew up have progressed. A grandiose amount of already been distributed to the field and us back at Langley felt you should be issued your own copy."

The technologically advanced, gold plated pistol was a magnificent sight. One that Jason indulged in for only a moment before placing the weapon in his holster and rising to his feet, wincing slightly as the pain became more evident with movement. "Tell the pilot to take us over Southern Venezuela." The Agent eyed Spectrion nervously, unsure if his condition was fit to engage anyone. "You don't have to do this Jason. You need time to recuperate. Your wounds have been artificially healed. Over exertion may cause you to sustain more permanent damage."

"This is something I have to do. Catalina Liafador is a mass murderer and a threat to life not only back in the states, but all over the world. She will answer for her crimes." Jason strongly stated, staring out of the window at the havoc filled city of Caracas. It took all his strength to fight back tears, which kept his focus locked into the window and away from the view of onlookers. The Agent turned to the pilot and made a swivel motion with his fingers. The helicopter rotated 360 degrees and headed straight for the Castle of Darkness.

"Let me off here," The hero commanded, spotted Catalina amongst the corpses that littered the streets. Placing his mask over his face and his shield across his left forearm the All American Athlete leaped from the aircraft with warning, plummeting down to the surface below with uninhibited speed. Placing his shield ahead of himself the American Avenger hit the ground with earth rattling force, sending a heap of dust clouded debris in every direction. Rising from the small crater five meters away from the lean Liafador his face translated an inherent hatred for the woman. Charging her the hero may no witty remarks, nor declarations of his intention to incarcerate her for the crimes executed against man and mutantkind. He was not himself and if she had any understanding of the DNA she'd copied the woman would recognize this with each step he took.

Upon reaching close poximity Jason mustered all of his strength. The burning pain in his side only fueled his unbridled rage, as he cocked back his right hand for a devastating right cross executed with a jumping start; what those in the UFC called the "superman punch." This punch cut through the air with intense speed, giving Jason more than enough strength to viscerally end the woman's life if said punch connected. Absolutely sure that by no means would he be able to one shot his opponent Jason followed this punch with a whirling, spinning back fist, ignited by the speed of his altered momentum the moment his feet touched the ground. Yet with the shield covering the left forearm, this attack was only amplified by the force of the shield itself, which may possibly catch an evading opponent due to its sheer size. Unwilling to end this onslaught of attack Jason returned to a forward position, completing his 360 turn he then crouched whilst simultaneously whipping his body around Catalina's own. Positioned behind her the American Avenger attempted to wrap his arms around her waist and execute a belly to back suplex in one swift motion with enough speed and force to implant her head and neck within the concrete.

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@cormac: @the_last_arashikage:

Arrogantly convinced of his arguably peerless grappling pedigree's unquestionable superiority over all who dare indulge in close-quarter combat with him, the Stylish Savant's egotistical, irreversibly ingrained belief in his supposed untouchability regarding the unparalleled potency of his martial perfection rendered possible the camo-clad Grappling Guru's occasionally careless disregard for the prodigious talents of his selected opposition. Environmentally ensuing factors of accumulative effect brought forth the gradual diminishing of his genetically originating superhuman strength, the airborne pathogen unknowingly unleashed via the destructively generated eruption of nuclear proportions ruthlessly antagonized the only remaining X-Gene originating power in the entirety of his biology, the remainder of the Knightfall Don's extraordinary talents stemming from a synergistic fusion of technological innovation and a synthetic X-Gene.

A momentary period of authentically instilled surprise overcame Don Andres as the undeniably lethal Noir Rose's own boasted martial expertise enabled the commencement of ingenious grappling implementation. Having always prided himself as undoubtedly the greatest grappling combatant in both the documented and undocumented history of the globe, an overcoming sensation of instinctive shock temporarily seized possession over the Knightfall Don's disposition, unfamiliar with being intellectually outwitted in his most prominent of varied talents, the Martial Arts Einstein's visually veiled facial expression conveyed the bulk of his brief confusion, puzzled as to how his most secured of submission maneuvers had been so cleverly countered, the minuscule flaws in his attempt, methodically picked apart with cerebral clarity.

Eyes of characteristic composure and calculating perception widened with genuine surprise as physical re-positioning incited by the self-proclaimed Last Arashikage's martial arts Darwinism's unmitigated genius. From the versatile range of the globe's premier combatants ranging from the experienced Tiger of Babylon, Amaranth, to the aging mutant's elusive Death Dealing Daughter, Shirzad, never has Andres' preternatural grappling prowess experienced rivalry, and yet engaged in emotionally charged combat with Charlemagne LeBeau, the most despised of his antagonists, his legendary grappling mastery had been bested by who was now potentially his only clear rival in the perpetually evolving art of combat.

With his back facing the topographically perverted ground of their atmospherically grim battlefield, Andres braced himself for a potential incoming onslaught of top strikes from the Master of Martial Arts Darwinism, relying on his cerebral faculties for the formulation of an appropriate counter-strategy with rapid immediacy. Intent on somehow forcing his martially lethal opponent into his full-guard for an eventual exploitation of a mistimed top strike for an attempted submission maneuver, the Martial Arts Einstein's intellectually constructed tactic was rendered fruitless upon Charlemagne's instantaneous somersault-centered retreat, wordlessly speaking volumes of the Killer of Knightfalls' strategic approach, opting for an entirely different approach unpredicted by even the frenetic quantum computing of the Knightfall A-Lister's M.D.D.S., highlighting Charlemagne's unquestionable battle-centered ingenuity.

Rising to both feet with physical rapidity, the Catalan Cobra's synthetically augmented ocular perception was instantaneous in its detection of an approaching La Espada embroiled in combat against the Paragon of Perfection. Baring witness to his mother's ruthless decimation of the Superior Sapien with an accurately-timed counter-strike, the corner of Andres' mouth curled upwards in a subtly faint smirk of wordless approval, his visually pleased facial expression concealed by the camo-themed mask of his present light body armor. Apparent contentment with La Espada's momentous feat was immediate in a transition into sorrow. The Last Arashikage's opportunistic exploitation of the minute distraction produced by the Superior Sapien's defeat served as the catalyst for the Emerald Mamba's unforeseen death. Conditioned into an individual of hardened composure, Andres retained relative emotional control or so it seemed.

Temporarily forsaking his present obligation to do battle against the Lethal LeBeau, the Spaniard rushed towards the fallen body of his mother, disbelief seizing his eyes as accumulating tears were powerfully opposed, and yet strengthened by an emerging lump in his throat. "..Mi madre.... mierda..", dropping to both knees, delicately cradling the lifeless, cold body of a deceased parent, he could not help but blame himself for bringing her into the turmoil plaguing their family. Hanging his head, sorrow was abruptly replaced by ignited anger. "KILL him!", shooting a hateful glare towards Charlemagne, now instructing Cormac to do battle with the human supremacist, Andres' own wishes however, rapidly countered by the M.D.D.S. tasking Cormac to instead defeat but capture LeBeau for necessary interrogation and insight into the terrorist's planned mutant genocide. Meanwhile, internal zepto-technology operated feverishly, combating the accumulative ionized radiation and thermal energy from the previous explosion, his only remaining natural X-Gene stemming ability, superhuman strength, diminishing with every passing minute.

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@the_last_arashikage: @andres_knightfall:

Having been previously preoccupied with a multitude of enemies, slashing and dicing through enemy after enemy blood staining his skin and clothes like he'd just jumped into a pool of blood, his body riddled with inconsequential bullet holes which instantaneously healed seconds after which only gave way to another blitz of bullets to envelop his torso, not before long his ally had called for assistance which averted Cormac's attention elsewhere, darting forwards using his elevated combat speeds due to the synthetic X-Gene amplifying his abilities, his clawed fists protruding outwards the Trion inside of the claws energetically started to vibrate at a quantum level as the claws turned bright red, hot enough to easily burn through industrial strength steel he tried to viciously swipe towards of Charlemagnes chest prior to hearing the secondary command from the M.D.D.S. to capture and not kill the man, his claws vibrations drastically reduced in temperature as the Trion absorption properties redirected the heat from his claws into augmenting his physical strength almost instantaneously, his claws still in motion however as they dangerously swung into the mans chest, who skilfully maneuvered out of the way leaving only superficial cuts.

A short lived battle later involving Charlemagne valiantly combating the Trion clawed mutant, Cormac sustained injuries akin to something which would have killed over two dozen men, the only reason his body was functioning due to his almost unrealistic healing factor and bones averting death, this played a vital role in his unorthodox victory against the Arashikage he himself having nearly been slain. The Arashikage now lay face down, his hands behind of his back in Trion coated handcuffs which increased in strength and density upon any attempted escape. The feral mutant signaled to Andes"I...I got him"Prior to collapsing onto the ground himself, unconscious due to the physical and mental strain upon his body from fighting the deadly Arashikage, even in a weakened state.

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Before should could wallow in the moderate success of her leading attack; the ground beneath her shook, the very few moments she remained suspended in suspense cost her. Mercy returned fire; Kari twisted her body in an attempt to evade the TK spikes, twisting in the air; she landed with her palm pressed on the ground.

Her erratic breathing told the story; her body had been penetrated by the very strikes she attempted to dodge. Blood poured from her kidney; and just below her midcavicular line, despite the enormous amount of pain running through her body; she rose again pressed for a retort. She could feel her warm life-force running around the small of her back. The blemish on the back of her tunic became saturated; finally the blood built up; and seeped through the cloth.

She staggered around initially, the pain felt far worse in the body of a forty-one year old woman. Kari extended her index finger forward, giving off the appearance of an offensive attack. She slowly began to spin her finger in a perfect circle; this confounding act was Kari tapping into her control of motion.

With just three small rotations of her double jointed fingers; Kari increased her reaction time substantially; allowing her to pick up even the slightest bit of movement.Her seemingly adept mastery of the slain Liafador’s skill; was a testament to just how much time she actually spent with Ziccarra.

Mercy held back in her first attack; it didn’t have the intent to kill; something she’d have to draw out of her. Kari took a half-step, and pain rushed through her body; almost as quick as her reaction time.Trying her best to bypass the pain for the moment; Kari again defensively cast an illusion on herself; this tier two illusion was one of Ziccarra’s favorite; the Afterimage.

Despite Mercy’s power; her devotion to the fight remained split between Kari and Isadora; much like Ziccarra’s always was. Taking one quick step; Kari moved over 40 feet with a “flash-step”. Appearing behind both Mercy and Isadora; the Genesis Mutant sent a barrage of Psi-blades aimed not at Mercy; but at Isadora.

Hurriedly closing the distance between her and Mercy; to prevent a rescue; Kari lashed out three with intense strikes; using both of her hands. Her fist struck encased in a thick yellow blur; her intent was to hit Mercy’s Bracial Plexus in her left shoulder on her third strike.She couldn’t stay within close proximity, Kari could hear Ziccarra’s heart pulsating like a bass. She was quickly getting tired; it wasn’t from overexertion, nor was it from diabetes. Z’s body was psychologically effecting Kari; it would not allow her to hurt those it knew as friends.

The pain of her wounds increased exponentially; breaking from the area; she crouched to one knee; holding her kidney with a grimace. “Bad…idea…”

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@the_last_arashikage: @andres_knightfall: @cormac:

"Under Section 6 Article 1 Paragraph 4 of VLA Military Documentation given authority by being senior officer at origin point of a critical threat. I am commanding a lockdown into effect immediately." Azrayne’s status as one of the most revered and feared of the Elites allowed her to make the call, the effects were carried out instantly. Venezuela a nation seemingly filled entirely of just with mutants. With three million and counting it had a remarkable amount of resources. Granted at this time fighting and the bits of X gene targeting radiation dropped the numbers a bit, that percentage of loss however was not enough to dampen the resolve however.

Mutants abroad here had one thing in common, they had lost a portion of their lives to the nuclear attacks of others. They had been brutalized just for having a genetic evolution they had no control over. Hating a mutant was no different then hating a gay, or a negro, or any other stereotypical bull sht the world sadly embraced. And while many mutants might not have wanted more war and destruction, actions like this bomb stirred particular emotions. They were angry, no longer wanting to have to yield or be subjected to oppression. United in hatred may not be the grandest form of unity but it still was unification. One that would allow the survival of the people and a aggressive retaliation.

Lockdown, a process done to make sure those in stay in and nobody goes out. Normally it’s done on small scales, buildings prisons etc. Today it was a country wide scale. The walls meant to separate the province from the rest of the world, were approached by elementalists, device fabricators, construct makers and telekinetic users. The numerous mutants bringing up what further bariers they could to insure nobody could go over the walls. This blockade was further aided as the Elite and the ones who could make force fields aimed to construct a roof over the great land. From the outside it would look probably just like the walls had grown and a distortion was in the air from fallout. Inside however it was clear, a dome like barrier encompassed the location. It was a patch up job, mildly sloppy even. It made up for it though in the fact that so many people and so much will power had been emptied into the project though that it would prove efficient. From there what mutants had immunities and those with capabilities to rid the air of the toxin went into effect. Desperately working to eradicate the virus so as no further members of the land suffered the ill effects. Of course not every mutant could aid in the barriers or virus thinning. Claws, ferals, super strong, optic blasts so on they couldn’t play defense. So what did they do? Naturally those people went for offense.

Anyone who wasn’t a citizen was to be executed with extreme prejudice. Not to many forces had come to invade but those who did found themselves in a kill box. Claws and super strong beings would charge entire goal being to rip and pummel armor and flesh. Speedsters would perform daunting blitzkrieg tactics that were over before most knew of even the slight breeze at their back. Beings with precise aim or lethal energies picked off adversaries like well trained snipers. Humanitarian forces were not helpless, indeed they held their own. It was like instigating a nest of killer bees, every member banned to educate why the instigator should leave them alone. The result overwhelming tactics that ended with the ceasing of ones pulse, get burned and you learn not to touch fire is another way to put it. Sadly though Azra knew that humanity was to stupid to learn soon she may need to make a more obvious statement to the foolish sapiens who never seemed to grasp reason. During the nuclear duchess walk to the entry gate she smiled at one of the things she caught sight of.

A mutant teen was drowning a man by choke hold in a pond. The pond was no deeper then ones knee at most and in general such a tactic would have simply failed. The mutant had the ability to breathe under water however and used that to help succeed in the efforts. Even the most minor mutants could find ways to succeed in the fields of combat. There was one child who could do little more then talk without using his vocal cords. He did this though however by expertly pitching his voice so it seemed distant while screaming for help. He then was able to stab the human in the back. There was a girl who had nothing more then the power to make someone sweat by her touch. Such a minuscule ability, however she managed to use this to rapidly dehydrate a man and tire him out in just a few swings. Allowing her to finish him off with a simple trigger pull, that was the greatness of mutants. Even the smallest tricks, the most lack luster of talents in proper hands could be dominating.

As for the blood stained blond she was not a subtle combatant, not a light weight improvised soldier. Again and again and again she wiped forces off the map. Explosions occurred in her wake as T Sents and soldiers were fragged into oblivion. Nuclear marble sized detonations ruining chest cavities, telekinetic crushes ravaging machines. It was difficult to tell what blood was hers from small fighting wounds, and which blood belonged to her victims. Flooded with anger at the nuclear assault the blond atomic payed no heed to her wounds. Patience exhausted, having tried to see a light in humanity. Mercy a distant memory as the conclusion under current leaderships humans and mutants could not co exist came to her mind. Solace, the peace she found in knowing perhaps she could change the sorry state by use of her own abilities. And as her mind ran miles a minute with thoughts of future, thoughts of war, thoughts of resolution and revolution, she finally reached the broken bridge. Stepping out of the confines of the city let her eyes rest on a powerful scene.

The wind was faint her hair fluttering slightly, the bridge was gone letting her eyes rest on the reflection. A mushroom cloud in the distance accompanied by signs of ruin and flame. The city of Northern Venezuela still intact, a beacon of mutant perseverance against tyrannical oppression. At her right was the once mutant, a man of exemplary talents his name well known as Andres. He held a woman with snapped neck the morning and tears in his eyes powerful. The high class man never seemed like such a type, the sight of tears from him a crushing one. Down on his knees covered in battle scars with metal claws extended was another man. She didn’t know of him but she could see the resolve of the creature. An iron will unshaken even in battered state. To her left was another man in rather gaudy attire, he was shattered dead for sure. She didn’t know the man but could tell he was a colleague of the man laying on the ground cuffed in front of her. LeBeaue. Oh she knew him, every mutant knew him. Someone responsible for all the pain they endured, someone to be thankful for making the truth clear. The monster. The devil. The repulsive, sickening, disgusting embodiment of every fcking thing the nuclear generator loathed with a passion only equivalent to the energies she emitted.

Foot radiating of destructive energies, nuclear fires harnessed from her rage and the attack minutes ago on the south, she lashed out. Her steel toed boot hoping to not only break the jaw of the man but leave a rad burned scar for him to always remember her by. “Andres it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I am sorry for your loss.” Kneeling to look the Arashikage in the eyes she continued to speak. “But then again that’s not the only loss your accountable for is it Charlemagne? Andres I would like for you to keep this man here, you may do what you wish and I won’t intrude on any interrogation if you don’t want me to. This man however is responsible for a lot of suffering in these parts and I can not on good conscience let him leave this place.” She lifted the man’s head a telkenetic force squeezing the man’s hands wanting so desperately to break them and perhaps even doing so. “If I were you Mr. LeBeaue I would pray that god or at least Andres has mercy willing to be wasted on you."

"Because I Do Not."

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Cat turned towards her dark dwelling to await the pending arrival of the Lebeau; she stopped mid-stride as the ground quaked underneath her very foot. Turning south she saw him; the man’s identity she stole that started this whole ordeal. Having recently absorbed the patience of Y-intercept, Cat observed prudently as the Trinity member neared.

Cat’s adept eye’s caught Jason’s lunge; but her own shadow pushed her aside to take the blow. She watched as his fist slammed into the shadow; ripping the darkness from its head. The would-be sacrifice Cat’s shadow made went in vain; Spectrion’s shield smashed into Cat’s face with incomparable force.

Her head jarred around, releasing blood from her nose and mouth; the untamed rage of Spection continued; At this point Cat had no recollection of what was happening; the moment his shield smashed into her face; she was hindered by a powerful concussion.

Her body, still his to manipulate; was grappled backwards, ever present shadow Cardinal; opened a portal before the young mistress’s head made contact with the concrete. Her body was vaulted into the portal only to re-emerge a few clicks away.

Her head hung low, Cat’s eyes were expansive, and her thoughts weren’t in the present. Levitating around the enraged Trinity member; Cat’s shadow took full command dressing her in his full Cardinal garb.

Pushing her hands towards the ground the Liafador Legacy; manifest her darkness tendrils shot from the ground. Impact would cause devastating damage, potentially death; but that was not the aim of her attack. Opening portal in every one of his blindsides, Cat send a swift punch or kick through; each punch would feel like extreme acupressure, and was meant to further snag his attention.

She didn’t need to worry about his shield, just yet; she had become so Intune with the darkness; she could dissipate a limb and reanimate it at will. Dashing towards him; her shadow emerged before she could make contact feigning an attack; channeling her energy into a projectile; Cat launched her dark force from an angle. With everything currently going on around him; she was almost sure he’d succumb to one of her maneuvers.

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Catalina was different this time. More, experienced to say the least. Yet Spectrion's unbridled assault proved a powerful in the opening moments of the bout. The faithful shadow that did combat in her stead during the premier contest was removed from battle the moment it absorbed an attack meant for the ominous opposition. Yet Jason's sequence struck true, connecting with the intended target and delivering substantial damage before the opponent's vile manipulations allowed escape. Instantaneous offense followed the recovery and a newly invigorated Jason accepted the challenge with untamable malice.

Tendrils of pure dark energy shot from the ground subsequently after the All American Athlete leaped high into the air. Fixated upon penetration the piercing roots continued to surge from the soil, intent on striking the American Avenger with lethal force. With decisive dexterity the Star Spangled Savior used his hands to grasp the protruding spikes, and positioned himself so that he may bound off of the objects and use raw shoulder strength to launch himself higher into the air.

The tendrils reached their limit and the hero believed himself ready to convert his mental readiness to an attack. Yet his danger sense kept him aware. But in the air he had very little mobility and fell victim to a series of shots that sent a meaningful burning sensation through every origin of attack. His body was nearly crippled as it plummeted to the ground.

Yet his second wind kicked in allowing for a cat like righting of his stance at the pinnacle of descension. In a crouched position it took only a seconds breath for Jason to rise, meeting the straight forward dashing punch of the shadow he'd just obliterated. Each of his five senses told him this attack was real, but the possession of sixth was the minuet difference in this exchange. Trusting in only his supernatural awareness, Jason shut his eyes for a moment and let instinct guide his movements. A jolt in his left arm resulted in his shield being raised to deflect the oncoming dark energy force racing towards him.

Opening his eyes he locked onto the lethal Liafador with a hate fueled grimace and drew his pistol. Its futuristic design was developed based on an encounter with alien life forms from twelve years ago. The weapon fired disharmonic waves of energy condensed into bolts that traveled well beyond the speed of metallic ammunition but nowhere near the speed of light. Upon contact this energy bolt would destabilize any physical system by destroying the bonds that allow it to exist.

Firstly the hero rushed forward, gun held in the right hand and shield loosely held on the right forearm. Once again up close the hero leaped into the air, trying to execute a series of thrust kicks. Upon landing the hero would leap back into a flip that would created a reasonable amount of distance. Contact with the floor would initiate a night instantaneous toss of his shield with insane speed, aimed for Catalina's head. With superhuman reflex and accuracy the American Avenger would release a shot from the prototype pistol. This energy bolt wouls strike the center of the shield a moment before impact, subsequently altering both attacks trajectories. The bolt would rebound off of the shield aimed for the top of the woman's chest whilst the shield would fly low in an attempt to take out the woman's lower torso.

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The most compelling heroes are those that overcome weaknesses, in order to accomplish a goal. Spectrion had been the subjugated to Catalina’s conspiracy the whole time. Not only did she use his name to steal the nuclear devices; she was also responsible for the death of his friend.

Now, in what appeared to be the final act of this conflict; the vengeful hero faced off against the ambitious “Villain”. Despite the odds in her favor; there was nothing Cat could do that would diminish his tenacity; she’d have to fight him, she’d have to win.

The purple and blue toxins tumultuously tumbling in the atmosphere; prevented aid from Maya Lopez, who carried an X-gene. It felt as if the Earth was quivering in fear; each manifestation of force, left those who survived the genetic cleansing wondering. What would come next? Liberation or Damnation.

His attacks grew gruesome, the energy output and viciousness of his assault; suggested he wanted her head; however his blind rage allowed Cat to pick out strategic areas of exploit. The AOS she “borrowed” from Y-intercept caught his weapon, the moment he went for it. She side-stepped his landed; but fell victim to a flurry of kicks; the succession of successful strikes; broke down her defensive posture.

Aided by Y’s AOS and his own superhuman reflexes, Cat methodically crafted a shield of darkness to thwart pre-determined bolt. The energy shot hit dead on; in the center of her shield, it didn’t take long for the darkness to dissipate. She didn’t receive a chance to evade the shield; the shield smashed right into her hip sending her airborne.

Her battered body barreled over the cobblestone road, as she rolled to a halt; something strange began happening. Her legs, she could no longer feel them. Paralyzed in the middle of the street, the young Liafador flailed around in apparent defeat. Those that stayed to watch the battle of their fated; watched idly as Cat let loose a howling screech.

Realistically, she’d heal, but given the chance this now gave Jason; it was probable that this was the end.

Blood, dirt and hair covered her face, the feeling of defeat quickly set in on the Liafador. Crawling towards the massive castle hovering in the sky; her eye’s caught the glimmer of hope that propelled the Southern Veneuelans.

“No…” she whispered, with a slight quiver. “T-there will be no second coming of Christ…for you.” Pressing her hands against the ground; Cat pushed her darkness into the ground. One by one, tendrils emerged from the city streets; killing those that were unfortunate enough to be standing over them. Hundreds of Tendrils spiked through the city; eclipsing the town of Puerto Ayochuco in total darkness.

Still grounded, but defensively cloaked by her own darkness; Cat she began pressurizing the oxygen from the air. Could the star-spangled hero survive, Catalina’s Chaos drive?

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@catalina_liafador: The double edged attack proved victorious in egregiously wounding the Livid Liafador. Unending in his charge Spectrion sought to render the woman unconscious then apprehend her, and finally justice would be served. Yet a bloodcurdling scream halted his advance, danger sense keeping him wary of a potential last effort on her part. "There will be no second coming of Christ... for you," Jason acute hearing picked up beforing the wail of impending threats arised within his mind. Tendrils shot up beneath the All American Athlete and he positioned his foot with perennial precision atop the point. At the apex of his ascension the hero leaped up into the sky. Twirling through the air his ears began to pop viscously. An intense pain entered his forehead and his nose began to bleed.

The air pressure was changing, and the upper echelon biological processes his body incurs are only reason his equilibrium was not initially distorted. Looking below as he started to plummet into the sea of darkness his eyes searched for the vile queen of the south. Nowhere in sight. He couldn't let her get away, not now, not ever. To be so close and yet so far away. Jason, with a deep breath, recalled her last location from memory. Vision hazy, head throbbing, trusting only his instinctive senses and a shaky depiction of her form; the hero dove into the darkness, attempting to land where Catalina was situated and drive his elbow into her temple.

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Mercy selflessly protected Isadora; using a well-placed TK push to knock the young “Lebeau” out of the strike zone. Her sacrifice was not without consequence, Kari’s strikes did devastating damage to the nerves in her left arm. A well-intentioned sacrifice indeed, the astonishing memory receptors of the Sanguine; remembered the location of her Lamborghini Verano. Using the same TK she used to protect it from the bullets, she pushed the vehicle into Kari knocking the child off a nearby cliff.

Landing next to the unaffected vehicle was, the last standing legacy of the Malagan Beauty; the Legendary Mask of Cortez.


Cat retreated back to the corridors of darkness, evading what seemed to be impending death at the hands of Spectrion. Their rivalry, as of late had escalated to the highest extreme; that being apparent in the damage the once prosperous town. The small framed Liafador lay littered on the floor of her own darkness completely immobile from the waist down. “T—that wretched Cabron!” her face quivered draped in dripping blood.

The Southern Venezuelan leader would need to address the land that would formally be called EDEN; but not like this. For the second time in its prolific history; a Liafador gained control of Venezuela in a not so glorious revolution. Cradled in the arms of her own shadow; she shook in tears, not because she was injured; but the hatred she currently held for Spectrion made her regret her retreat.

Hours after Catalina seemingly vanished from the country, Southern Venezuela returned to the chaotic state that Ziccarra and the Monarchs left it in. The Anti-Catalina sentiment set in quickly, a large portion of the citizens protest the succession of the north.

Catalina’s shadow force soon swept through the streets murdering those that politically protest her new regime. Those that worked for the Northern Country, were diplomatically returned to Venezuela; if they weren’t accepted back then they were killed.

Backed by a powerful business owner; Catalina prepared the Southern Portion of Venezuela for a cultural brainwashing. Hours later, those that had means of viewing or listening; were finally able to hear the voice of their new primer.

Cat sat with her hands folded behind a hardwood desk; the bruises from her battle with Spectrion had not fully healed but, were no longer caked with blood. The desk hid the wheelchair she was temporarily fixed to.

"Stay the Fuck off my Grass."

Though she bore Loki’s smile; those watching new she had ill-intent. Still somewhat incensed about her fight with Spectrion the Primer; went right into her “Inaugural speech”

“Those of you screaming for the Lord to save you; save it. It’s over, I won. Those of you still twitching through life hoping my “Blood Hounds” don’t find you, stop hoping, they will. This will now be called Eden, whatever reserved national pride you had for Venezuela…kill it. In the coming months I will mold Eden into a country of Economic prosperity and a Titan of technology; there will be drastic changes that effect the way you live life; but you will adapt or you will die.

“As my reign begins, I implore all of you to begin thinking about National Birds, songs and all that National shit. My first rule as your leader….stay the fuck off my grass.”

Faces of Evil Prelude (3 Hours after her Inaugural Address.)

The Former Black Pawn of the Hellfire Club; Catalina Liafador, launched a devious plan to eliminate the mutants of Venezuela by using a biological agent to erase the X-gene. In the aftermath of Xenon's death; Southern Venezuela is granted to Catalina.

Cat sat impaitentially in a chair waiting for Thomas to finish his video conference with potential business partners. “We held up our end of the deal, now it’s time you deliver.” Gwen said, handing Cat a folder full of blueprints for what Animus planned to do in Eden. Completely apathetic she dropped the folder in the chair beside her. “We? I thought you were just a steady fuck” Cat cackled, not drawing a reaction.

“I don’t care what you plan to do in Eden, I trust you guys…loosely.” The 17 year old said, again before taking a glance at the well-dressed man in the threshold. “How long is this going to take, I have a meeting with the CSTO at the Kremlin about the production of an arc reactor.”

“Why do you need an arc reactor?” Gwen’s curiosity hit a fever pitch. “Because…I want one.” Cat teased. “I want to fuck your soooon” She dragged her words, whilst pointing in Curtis’s direction. Gwen’s head snapped to the doorway, showing Curtis on; before turning back to Cat.

“Listen to me you impetuous little brat, the only thing stopping me from ripping those twigs you call legs from your body and beating abstinence into you; is your relationship with Thomas. I will let you know my word carries weight; if you mention my son again; I swear I’ll end you myself.

“You made me a king” Cat chuckled, not interested in Gwen’s threats.

“Most kings get their heads cut off” Gwen replied, walking to see if Animus was ready for the meeting.


Animus and Gwen

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