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This is a continous RPG for anyone you pick a character from any comic and start off in a dimension e.g. Marvel is a dimension, DC is a dimension, dark horse is a dimension. you pick any character from a comic so if you really like someone choose them (unless there taken) you play as that character and do with them what you want they can turn bad, oor good you can make up a drug or something as long as your character never changes his powers (there are some exceptions so if you get a real good way like superman swaps powers or gains another power pm me) you play your character until death. if your character dies pick another unpicked character. this is kind of like being a comic creator you can be as imaginative as you like but just pm me first before you do something crazy. Okay you can go to different dimensions e.g. batman gone missing in one world wow a masked vigilante has turned up in florida is he a threat to the avengers. you can go from dc to marvel or whatever as long as theres a good enough reason e.g. a magical orb, and just so you know there will be a point on each earth that can take you to another dimension so if you have a good story of you finding this spot pm me say your story and what dimension your on and i while tell you were it is on that dimension (so you know each world has different cross bits). by the way if you have the power e.g doctor who you can rip a whole and accidently go into that dimension. oh you can join teams already existing and can create one.

there is an ooc

normal rules: http://www.comicvine.com/message/official-rpg-rules/8030/

any questions, problems pm me or ask/talk on ooc

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Deadpool walked the cold streets of Brooklyn he was sent to do a job and a job he will do. It was rather would he run out of bullets before he killed the guy. walking a corner and seeing to guys he quickly disappeared into the shadows he rolled behind a dumpster and pulled out his katana waiting for the guys to come pass he looked at the entrance..easy, one gaurd now had his back to DP, perfect he stood up put his hand over the mans mouth and stabed him in the back, Deadpool heard him scream faintly, then leaving the sword in there, he grabed the mans gun an and shot the other gaurd.

the man stopped breathing on Deadpools hand and the other lay on the floor dieing...easy.

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Sirens, bells, lose change hitting slot machines filled the air. Bright lights flashed as cocktail waitress’s flirted an took orders. The Mirage was a cash cow, and Gambit knew it. Earlier in the year, in a high stacks poker game, he had won no strings attached. Now standing on the ledge of his office, he over looked the floor of his Casino. Dressed in Armani and smoking a Cuban cigar he smiled,

“Life don’t get much better then this.” Patting a waitress on her ass as she handed him a drink.

He had long since left the X-Stiffs and had branched out on his own, but from time to time he still thought about Rogue and how life could have been. But that was the past, this, this was the future.

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Mr. Sinister paced back and forth in his laboratory, a vial of DNA in one hand, the other stroking his chin. "It just doesn't add up. I thought for sure that the Summers family was the one I wanted. But now, now Apocalypse tells me there is another. Who are these people? I've never even heard the name before! Whoever it is, they'd better be worth the work. What was the name again?" Sinister looks at his chart. "Oh yes, that's right. LeBeau..."

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Frank Castle has been in this cowboy city for days and has been in the same bar for hours. He has been Looking for a man named "Mad Max" a dangerous serial killer who nearly choked the Punisher to death back in New York. Frank takes a drink of his "Wild Turkey" liqour and leaves the bar.

The streets are abandoned, not a single sound could be heard. Frank unholsters his 1911 colt and prepares for an ambush. He starts walking slowly down the center of the street, his sidearm close to his body eyes looking everywhere. He suddenly hears a gunshot from the alley and rolls behind a dumpster. the bullet almost hit him.
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Deadpool stood back and looked at the door.

"lets do this in STYLE !!" he ran and dropkicked the door down a gun in each hand he stood on the door sliding across the floor shooting madly "THIS WAS STYLE" he shouted until the door came to a stop he looked around...none was there.

"Aah not again" he put his guns away and ran up the stairs a crimefighting tune playing in his head.

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That was close, too close.

Punisher cocks his pistol and runs towards the figure with his pistol firing away. the man fired back and hit Frank in the knee. Frank looks up and sees the face of the shooter.

"Who the hell are you?"

a friend.

The stranger attempts to hit Punisher with his rifle but ends up with a bullet in his stomach. The Punsiher always has a second pistol on him.

"Too easy"

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Ion is the torchvbearer of the green lantern coprs. The guardians believe that ion is the next step of the green lantern evoultion. The green lanterns a signed mission to ion that were to dangerous for normal green lanterns or he helps them.

Recently the guardians had called in Ion for a mission. Ion was stop the brailins from attacking the demailians. He was to stop the brailins ship and convince them not to attack. When they stop talking Ion soar throught space heading toward the brailins

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The fighter jets screamed through the air at mach five, their afterburners flaring as they came up behind the target. Up ahead something glinted red in the afternoon sun. Then the target burst from a cloud bank, the vapors trailing from his armour. The pilots nodded to each other,

"This is alpha romeo one to base, alpha romeo to base, we have contact, grid nine zulu."

They opened fire, sending four sidewinder missiles towards the target. He jackknifed in the air, boosters flashing on and off as he executed the lighting fast turns. The missiles shot past and with a burst from the weaponry in the suits palms they exploded. Inside the latest suit to come from his workshops Tony Stark grinned, these chumps don't stand a chance.

The two planes let rip with chainguns as they came within range, the high powered rounds hammering into the armoured carapace of the suit. Anger flared in Tony's chest and he spun in mid air, blowing a fighter out of the sky with a gesture of his hand. The other kept coming, slamming into him at hundreds of miles an hour. Tony grabbed the cockpit and smashed the hardened glass with a single blow.

"Son of a!"

The robotic piolt looked at him, six claymores and a note strapped to its chest. The note read, Hello sucker!. Fire engulfed the aircraft and Tony Stark began to fall.

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Suddenly a towering figure hovered over Gambit, his cane made of pure platinum. Looking up, Gambit smiled. Raising up out of his seat hand extended he chuckled,

“Mr. Fisk, please have a seat. Can I over you something to drink?” With a quick waive of his hand two showgirls made there way over to there table and each sat on one side of the Kingpin.

Gambit, is good to see you haven’t let fame and fortune go to your head. Its always important to treat the guests as if there the only person in the room, that’s just good business.

Meanwhile Gambit was admiring the platinum cane. Letting out a quick whistle, he joked,

“Tis good to be dee King no. So, tell me, what can I do for you?”

Well Gambit, that depends. Do you know were a man might find…..an assassin?

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Punisher finally got up after trying to cover his wound with some ripped peices of the dead stranger's shirt. A man approached from behind and the punisher swung around with his colt aimed at the person.

"who are you?"

the man smiles and replied:

Just a friend

Punisher's eyes widene and as the man tried to pul out his pistol from the hostler, Punsiher let two bullets make nice holed in the man's body.

"whats wrong with this place? its like these people are possessed or something"

Punisher started walking back to the bar while many more figures were following closely behind.

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Magik walked out of the battlefield her eyes red with fury, her whole left arm was covered in armour, she wiped the blood of her sword and put it back in its scabbard, her knees collapsed and she fell to the floor, sparkling blue tears filled her eyes and dropped to the floor making a slight splash as they hit. Then filling the ended wars deathbed with a loud roar, the x-mens' jet lifted up and flew off, leaving Magik a mess on the floor.