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(So over the course of a week plus without electricity and internet i began having these recurring dreams, if I thought of them before I fell asleep they continued. And these are my dreams, yes my dreams are this elaborate. Enjoy, more to come)

I never would of fathomed that just out of high school, I would be in the middle of a colossal war. They say that it all started eight years ago when Fitzgerald and his team of family brought down the Program. Along side two older experiments Delon and Alexander Arkady they destroyed the main complex where the Program performed horrific experiments. But in the process they lost many lives, Fitzgerald and his entire team were annihilated in the blast. No remains were ever found, but with his dying act he made his death worth something. He took in all of the chemicals that the Program used on their experiments and plunged them into the earth. His own powers lasting long after his death, the earth beneath the complex blossomed into a large garden of flowers. After two months of growing they withered away, but he still had a trick up his sleeve even in death.

Fitzgerald had allowed those chemicals to be pollenated through the flowers, and over the course of a year each chemical spread over the entire globe. Giving the potential for further generations to have the powers that he and his experiments had, but only these potentials were given a chance to live a fruitful life without the fear of the program. From those potentials grew a massive community of people with extraordinary powers. I was one of the first to manifest powers, in Middle School is when most people manifested their powers. And in almost over night one fourth of the human population changed overnight. People of the world had no idea how to handle such a burst of joy and anger at the same time, it was the first time that anything related to the Program and the Cooperation had been made public. The government tried hard to hide everything, but soon everyone knew and it took the world by storm. At first it was pretty bad, everyone using their powers as they saw fit to use them. But soon the good guys triumphed, and instead of killing them or imprisoning them, another solution was found. Another year later forty schools were created to help train and school this new breed of human. They called us The Changed, and overnight we had a real home. Most of us cast out by our parents we came to live in a place where we were loved. An for a short time it was nice, two years went by and peace was all we ever wanted. Then some of The Changed, became evil wanting power and wealth and ruined it for the rest of us. Sparking the beginning of what I know now.

I wonder if Nefirim knew this would happen, I wonder if she knew that the world would go to shit. And I wonder why she never gave us a heads up, now I sit protected by those I called fellow students. Listening to them die protecting me, I can hear the Sninards at the door they will get in soon. Last Chance is the last I hear scream, he was a good man able to extend any moment by four seconds as if stopping time for those four seconds. Guess he wasn’t able to do anything in those seconds, but he bought me sometime. I write this in hope that someone finds this diary, and can tell that it wasn’t anyone in particular to blame for this war. It was everyone’s fault, The Changed, the Righteous, and our Governments are all to blame. Here is how it all started.

Four years Ago-Saint Millar’s School For the Changed.

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@Sicarius_: Lovin this sh!t, the flowers at the first paragraph was trippy

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You know the guy who made Terminator based it on a fever dream?

Good sh!t man, thats a vivid dream.

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oh it was almost a whole week of this dream so i got alot more to write on an continue off of

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I love the Fitz stuff curious to see more of dis
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@614azrael: danka, i enjoyed the dreams that spawned it

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haha the title but vivid dreams are a thing of the past for me :(

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@Clara Mass: it just popped into my head as a title an stuck. and awww no more hot n steamy dreams of me for you?

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@Sicarius_: LOL! Not even.

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@Clara Mass: you poor thing

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will be posting in this soon