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From: Arthur Devlin

To: Current Resident/s

Are you unique?

In my youth the mutant and meta-human population was miniscule to say the least, even more so as the bulk of us hid from view; Those of us who had the luxury to in any case. In this new era however, our number have soared, yet our unity is almost non-existent. We see every other week it seems, the rise of a new super power with the mission of absolute power; The building of new conglomerations on the foundations of vanity and posturing; with no forward thinking goals other than their own, no preservation of the world encompassing. Our once blustering number of heroes, scattered and dissolved.

This will surely be the whimpering end of our world if left unchecked

Some forty years ago, my father told me something that changed my view of the world forever and it was this- "I believe that history might be, and ought to be, taught in a new fashion so as to make the meaning of it as a process of evolution intelligible to the young." Those words set me on my course to become the greatest teacher the world can offer. The man who said them, the reason why I open the doors to my own home to all who wish to enter with the intent pursuing of knowledge and equality... By any means necessary.

Please understand this is not merely a place for children to congregate, but all people from all walks of life, do not be shy, here you are unjudged and equally accepted. To our possible adult candidates, we would appreciate possible staff members but there is no requirement or mandate for you to do so.

Now then, if you'll pull out the enclosed pamphlet you will see our grounds laid out in every aspect to show your parents or significant other

. Should you accept, I would humbly welcome you as a new member in the growing family here, at The Devlin Academy

Your's Truly,

Professor Arthur Devlin

The Estate: Ground Level

1.The main driveway, from here you can enter the dirt road that leads five miles before branching onto the Highway

2.The Path to the small zoo area, holding a handful of unique animals of different and new breeds

3.The path to the garage where all Devlin vehicles are housed. (Vehicles included are only land based with the acception of recreational jet-ski's )

4.The courtyard. (Hangar directly below)

5. we've placed in the court a statue of Icarus in to instill the old fables lesson: Only through hard work and preperation can you truly reach greatness

4 & 5

6.The main classrooms. This is where you will be trained in simple studies not uncommon to those found in mainstream curriculums, with the acception of open teaching of Darwinism directly beside Spirituality.

7.Our Garden

8.The pathway to our Boathouse which holds the bulk of (general) amphibious vehicles. From here you can enter Scott Lake

9.Office of the Junior Head Master/Mistress

10.The Atrium, for viewing Scott lake and spiritual meditation

11.Head Master Valdine's private office

12.The Men's/Boy's Dormitory

13.The observation tower. This is where we house our communications systems should our residents feel home sick

14.Mess hall

15.Teacher's Lounge

16.A recreational Hedge maze that leads to a romantic spot in the outer fields

17.Women's/Girl's Dormitory

18.Swimming Pool

19.Scott's Lake- (With Darwin Island in the background)


Built with refined and purified steel this underground base is nearly impenetrable. It is fitted with various Telepathic dissuasion units to evade mental intrusion as well as a top flight security system that would be near impossible to penetrate, let alone escape.

With the extensive expertize of one Artair Sinclaire, Arthur Devlin has purchased, repurposed, and upgrades a set of decommisioned private black ops military jet found in the Navajo Desert. These jets will be used for mission advancement when land vehicles are unfit to arrive in the alotted time.

The war room- The below ground meeting area for all field ready team members. This is where mission will be discussed and ruled on.

Current Staff:

Saint- Unspecified role

Artaire Siclaire- Professor

Trip- Groundskeeper

Spitfire- Mechanics and automotives teacher

Wolf Spider- Unspecified role




Sean Zeraz (?)


  • 1.To allow admittance to those who want to join
  • 2. To take on the challenges no one person or meta can with unity the end goal.
  • 3. To give you the tools and life skills to move forward in the world by yourself.


You can NOT have a battle without consent; open areas like the garden, hedge maze, and the forest surrounding the area are an exception


If you want to join it's just state it below

In character,We will recruit you in a short term quick ending spotlight rpg, how that goes about (Fight, handshake, drunk with the HM) is up to the recruit. If your against this heavily but want to be on the team, pm me and we'll figure something out

OOC this is a 'hero' team/group, but nothing is viewed in black and white.We're accepting to all members, evil isn't excluded, but you need to able to comply with the mission and cooperate on some level; otherwise whats the point feel me?

PM this account or Surkit with any questions

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(Looks interesting. Good luck!)

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want to point out it's a work in progress

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I like. Might even join up, if I can figure out who to use.

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Very nice, I like it good luck!

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X-Force? Lol


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Nicely done! d(^_^)

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*Claps* :D

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@ZombieBigfoot: Your in if you want to be.

@shadowknight666: lol yeah, not gonna call it that. I wanted to put my version of it in the JLI but never did. You'll see

Good looks everybody

Rolling his chair down the main driveway Arthur felt the minds of many traversing the roads ahead to visit his school, each with thoughts of fear, hope, and intrigue. The professor had a welcoming demeanor and a warm smile as he waited, though the veteran professor was nervous as well as anxious to see what the future graduates of the new Academy were like. He reaches down to the cente of his wheel to pull of a hot thermus, sipping the afternoon Earle Grey while waiting with a calm smile

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@Head_Master: XD Sounds interesting!

I Might bring Saint into this, But he's an Anti-Hero.

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@shadowknight666: You want to join just say the when

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@Surkit: ...

Ah F*ck it, Go ahead and add me and my alt

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Alright, I'm in. Gonna use Artair.

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@shadowknight666: Done

@ArtairSinclaire: Nice, added.


This is the team your looking for...
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@Surkit: ...let's see how well you do with obstacles :3

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@Kaligar Roxom said:



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I'm gonna make it a goal to start thread bashing -_-

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@Surkit: For the love of god could I please be the grounds keeper? XD

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@_Trip_: Most def, added you to the team pm

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I would like to throw Dave on here as a unorthodox counselor? He's too old to be a student, but he's not teacher or coach material >__>

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Contemplates Enrolling Sean >_>

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This thread is rated BA for BadAss

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@_Wolf_Spider_: Added. Welcome on

@The_Assassin_: Your call

@Gambler: Good looks

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I'll come on as the mascot. Best thing ever.

Good stuff, though. I like the way it got laid out.

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@Inpa: Hah Good looks

You really want in just let me know

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Spitfire for mechanics lessons, and maintenence? ^_^
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@614azrael said:

Spitfire for mechanics lessons, and maintenence? ^_^

Damn straight, welcome

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@614azrael said:

Spitfire for mechanics lessons, and maintenence? ^_^

Oh..Another mechanic...Thats..Great

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Surk ^_^ lets make this place stay awhile. Trip fixing n driving vehicles and shootn guns is all Spitfires about lol ;P
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@614azrael: You and me, are going to get along just fine luv.

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At least untill one of us steals the others guns/ride/drugs/tools/sound system, then its all hell :P
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@614azrael: All the more fun ;)

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@Surkit: Wait, so are you going to call it X-Force? Because I was thinking about starting X-Force with Metalcore. Just an idea, but if you're going to use it then it's chill.

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I was going to do something like this but not for mutants. I think I'm going to have to have wait now lol.

Good Job, by the way :3

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@The_Mercenary: Join me and lead the squad kid!

@Mei: , I know the Xavier angle probably threw you. It's for everybody. Join up and be the Second in charge. Head Mistress Mei has a ring to it ;)

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@Head_Master: What an enticing offer! I'm flattered :D

But Mei's only 16 lol. Maybe I can make another alt for this, though?

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@Mei: Of course

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A silver Aston Martin swept up the drive, a white-haired man in the driver's seat, a seemingly older man in the passenger side, is mouth agawk at the large mansion before them. The car stopped outside the large doors and the two men stepped out of the car. "What did I say Stanford. Is this place nice or what?" The white-haired man chuckled, making sure his coat would not get caught in the door as he shut it. Stanford nodded in quiet approval. "Now," Archeron said. "Let's find this headmaster, shall we?" The two men strode towards the front door, Archeron having to walk all the way around the car, but still reached the door first, and tapped it politely with his knuckles.

"Sir, are you well?" Stanford grinned. "A week ago you would have torn the door down hinges and all."

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@Sideslash: A young man with blonde hair and an above average build answers the door, looking at the two confusedly before realizing the invite had been sent, "Ah right. How are you? welcome to the Academy I'm James, everybody calls me Jimmy. Come on in. " As he shuts the door the sound reverbates for moments after, "Folllow me please, Prof's upstairs; Don't ask me how he gets up there" He says with a chortle before jogging up the spiraling stairs and navigating the extended corridors to reach a large wooden oak door, "Professor, company."

The Head Master nearly spills his drink as the excited anticipation arises. "Please please come in come in! How may i help you mister...?"

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F'serious? Daig.

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@Head_Master: Archeron smirked. "Zarek. Archeron Zarek. And it's doctor." He extended a hand towards the man. "And this is my long time friend Stanford Rigby the Third." Stanford bowed his head. "We were in the neighbourhood, and we were wondering if there were any vacant positions in your faculty. Myself, I am a bit of a science whiz, but my main area of expertise is physics. Stanford here used to be a lecturer in English Literature and Creative Writing at Oxford University." Stanford smiled.

"Seven years of moulding minds under my belt, sir." He announced with a certain degree of pride.

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@Head_Master: Can I help mold the next generation? I promise to uplift the kids and bring a whole new meaning to teaching

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I can see myself as a Kid Omega kinda student here, I'll join if you'd have me.

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(Flood protection)

@Sideslash: "Ah, Pardon me Doctor Zarek. As a matter of a fact there is. We've only just began taking applications." He nods to the servant respectfully, "I must say, I'm impressed sir.You both seem almost over qualified. May I ask what drew you to this particular school?"

@Clara Mass: BULL xD make a student alt, we need some

@Tellumo: Course

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@Devlin_Academy: If I find the right look, I'll have her son stop by

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@Devlin_Academy: Archeron shared a glimpse with Stanford. "Well, more than anything, it's really the nature of students here." Archeron smiled as warmly as he could manage. "You see, I am myself what has been termed a meta-human." Stanford was shocked that Archeron was revealing himself so openly. "In addition, if our application for teaching posts were to be accepted, I would like to offer an optional workshop to the children. It involves a matter close to my heart."