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Devil's Lake Diner

A place where nightmares are reality and men are beasts, a place where life and time have no meaning, a journey to the deepest recesses of your darkest thoughts and where you can even meet yourself but not yourself. Mankind has lived in fear of it for centuries and now it is your chance to experience Hell! The Devils Lake Diner has been around forever in some form or another a place where wandering misguided souls are drawn into its welcoming doors and though veiled curtains wander into their demise, many drop in for a bite but few have ever left are you up for the challenge, are you ready to dance with the Devil.

Important Areas

  1. The Diner: An unassuming and mundane disguise for the fiend that lies beneath, while nothing spectacular it is always kept in immaculate condition, from a distance teeming with life but as you move closer the life seems to fade away and this almost hypnotising energy pulls you closer like a sirens call and closer to the curtains behind the counter the front doors to hell.
  2. The Sea of Souls: The only way through to hell to salvation is through the Sea of Souls, A lone row boat with a lone rower his eyes and mouth sewn shut his ears block in, all he does is ferry those who tell him to doom. Only a fool would swim, fly or run over the water the undead who have failed to make the journey still sit in the vast ocean looking to add more to their family.
  3. The Castle of Satannus: A gargantuan structure oozing sinister energy the heart of evil resides with it's dark black walls, Situated on top top of a floating rock hurtling through hell, Blood gushing in fountains in the entrance lobby as a sick twisted joke. Many areas reside within this Dark Domicile.
  • The Hall: A sanctuary of all things evil and dark, The place where Crassus Calco rallies Satanuses damned army of darkness toward continued victory heavily guarded by Hell's Henchmen, where assemblies and bloodsports are held.
  • The Domicile: Where Satanus has his greatest champions live and rest where undead slaves are used to serve and satisfy his growing forces, where one would not want to venture and keep there life.
  • Crasuss's Quarters: The living quarters of hell's second in command a roman hero of debauchery and filth, a lover of fine art and the suffering of those beneath him.
  • The Refinement Area: Where hell's forces train their brutality and cruelty the undead that roam the streets of hell are used as target practise for those that have displayed evil that warrants reward equipped with an armoury and training facilities it is where Satanus's warriors spend the majority of their time.
  • Satanus's Throne Room: A room befitting a king granted to the Lord of Darkness a normal room with a throne and connecting bedroom but that is until he is angered and reveals his true form then the whole room is drenched in blood, sizes and shapes even gravity is distorted around you but it also reveals the gargantuan heart of satan which must be destroyed if you are to leave.


  • Army of the Undead: Bloodthirsty and with a need to maim and kill, devoid of human emotion and hungry for human flesh, weak but what these creatures lack in power they make up for in numbers with billions residing in Hell.
  • Champions of Hells:The most deplorable of monsters are Hell's champions, They have been nourished by evil and turned into massive creature twelve feet tall in height, extremely powerful, wielding deadly weapons and breathing fire, they practise the art of murder and pain not only on the undead slaves of hell but also on themselves to give them there incredible pain thresholds.
  • Crassus Calco:

The man poised to be the successor of Caesar in Rome his obsession even drove him to be the last knife in his back, His incredible cruelty and debauchery would become his demise as he was betrayed by a man he once wronged and was disguised against his will as the gladiator set to do battle with a man eating lion. Calco then journeyed to hell where he caught the eye of Satanus himself and became second in command he now wields great dark magic power, able to summon horrible creatures, burn any with just a though, protect and heal himself and use his magic to become both invisible and invulnerable for a time but his loyalty is questionable.

  • Satanus:

The lord of hell able to know your darkest secrets and use them against you, able to alter what you see but not what you think or feel, master of fire, Inflicting pain and suffering with but a glance at the weak minded, summoning horrifying creatures and use of dark magic but it is in his true form that he is nearly unstoppable becoming a collasal ethereal creature flowing with darkness, the only way to defeat him is by destroying his black heart.


  • Except for the Zombies all of these NPC's are a massive threat so please sell.
  • You have do a lot of fighting before you reach any of the big two.
  • Since there are no players controlling the characters you can type out conversations with them.
  • Everyone is a bit weakened when they arrive.
  • A story about how you got there would be cool and have FUN!
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Whoa.... 0.0

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@Closure: Thanks dude it took me alot of time to get the pictures and write in all out. I'm annoyed the pics messed up a bit at the end though.

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@AmazingAngel: Congrats on your first location thread. Its badass.

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@AmazingAngel: Douglas kicked the chains off the door, flooding Satanus' Throne Room with white holy light. He turned to the wretched oozing mass and gave a one fingered salute.

"Gonna take more than zombies, demons and your fat bloated self to keep Douglas Mellon in hell, you %$@!#G &^%!" and with that he strode confidentally into the light.

Douglas walked out of the bathroom into the neon lit diner. He did a double take looking back at the men's room.

"Oh for %$@!#!" he cried "Not AGAIN!"

The jukebox increased in volume as the laughter from the Surfari's song 'Wipeout' took on a demonic tinge. He plonked himself down into a both and burst into tears. A waitress wandered up to him, chewing gum like a cow chews cud.

"Whadda want?"

Douglas wiped his face and took a deep breath in "Bourbon!"

"No alcohol before ten" she replied pointing to the clock, the hands seemingly never moved any closer to ten but always ticked.

He shook his head "How many times have I done this?"

The waitress shrugged "Honey, I just work here. You going to order or just waste my time?"

Douglas looked around for some cutlery to stab her with but convieniently they'd all magical vanished "Coffee"

"We're just making a fresh pot"

Douglas laughed in frustration "You enjoying this?"

"Yeah" she nosily chewed her gum, folded her arms and rolled her eyes "I love my job, brings me such satisfaction"

"Tell your boss, I'll get out of here!" snarled Douglas, his fingers curled around the table edge like an eagle gripping a perch.

"Honey, if I had a dollar for every time you said that!" she scoffed and walked back to the kitchen.

Douglas sat slumped in his booth in the deserted diner as the Eagles Hotel California came across the airwaves, mockingly getting louder as "...you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!" echoed in the diner. Douglas slammed his head onto the tabletop and groaned.

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"Argh I wish I had time for power naps" Early morning sun peaked through his slightly esque curtains as a knock at the door rung in his head like a clocktower bell. "Damnit the witnesses at..... twelve o'clock, I need a job or another one"

He opens the door and sees a strange man skinny, with red hair and a something he couldn't quite put his finger on, oh and flowers he had flowers. "Dude Valentine's day is on wednesday..... I think and I'm flattered but your not my type cause your a dude."

The man looked puzzled and slightly angered which soon became a forced smile. "No no this is not personal I've just opened my own business and I'm looking for Patrons, You seem like the kind of man who enjoys a bit of gluttony at an honest price."

Angel looked puzzled "Are you the Devil" He said with curiosity in his voice.

A sinister smile crossed the face of the red haired man, "Well if I've peaked your interest drop in for a bite, I guarantee you'll have a hell of a time." he said as he walked to his red Lamborghini and drove away straight through a red light

"So much for the day of rest" Angel closed and locked his door.

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@AmazingAngel: I love the diolouge, you can tell you enjoy writing; keep at it. Nice and interesting. We should collab when I'm not swamped with stories. Need any advice pm me.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Thanks for the feedback I was trying to give it its own unique style, I was also thinking about turning it into a full story if you want to collaborate on that or anything else but I'm really busy as well trying to get an article submitted to Cracked.com.

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What's cracked

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: Comedy website, They've had a magazine since the 50's and a website for about 10 years, they are one of the biggest most read comedy websites so I'm hoping to my article accepted.

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Cracked is this fun website where they do articles and things that can be miscellaneously fun to read, and also sometimes even educational.

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Angel parks his motorcycle by one of the trees in the nearby forest and wonders to himself how he found this place when it is so out of the way, he pushes open the door as the familiar bell ting rings in his ear. "Hello I got a flyer that says I get a free coffee can I substitute that for a hot chocolate"

A smiling red haired waitress saunters out from behind the counter, "Well hello their DARLIN, can a get'chall anything".

Angel seems agitated "What is the deal with red hair at this place, this isn't Wendys"

Her smile increase as she turns her head, "If yall like red you should try our Devils own steak so Rare it still bleeds".

His agitated faces turns into disgust and bewilderment "As appetising as that sounds I'm vegetarian and even if I did eat meet only vampires and Chuck Norris drink blood."

Her smile becomes a snarl for a split second before turning back into a toothy smile. "Well there is just no pleasing you is their hun"

"I guess not"

"Well I'll see if there's anything in the back that might satisfy a picky boy such as yourself" She walks through the daunting red curtains behind the cash register.

After she leaves Angel slides slowly off of his seat and approaches the curtains, He peaks through "Thats unusual" he said as all he could see was pitch black darkness through the curtains. "Here goes nothing".

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This thread makes me want to create a Winchester rip-off character.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: The funny thing is I've only seen like five episodes of Supernatural.

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@AmazingAngel: Its a decent show.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: it seemed pretty good kinda like X-Files or more like Millennium.

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@AmazingAngel: Never watched those shows (saw one of the X-Files movies I guess). Supernatural is better from what I've seen.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: "GASP" Dude you need to watch both of those shows right now! They are fantastic and both those shows apparently inspired the creators of supernatural.

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@AmazingAngel: I'll take it under advisement, but promise nothing.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Spoken like a true shadow warrior.

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@Quintus_Knightfall said:

@AmazingAngel: Never watched those shows (saw one of the X-Files movies I guess). Supernatural is better from what I've seen.

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@AmazingAngel: (Shadow Warrior? Is that an X-Files thing?)

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@Quintus_Knightfall: No thats a you thing. Maybe I didn't read enough of your bio.

@_Creed_: Nice to see you've joined the board my homicidal compadre.

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Cool thread dude I might drop in for a bite some time.

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@AmazingAngel: Douglas looked up as the bell on the door rang and a man walked in.

"Hello, I got a flyer that says I get a free coffee can I substitute that for a hot chocolate" he said.

A smiling red haired waitress sauntered out from behind the counter, "Well hello their DARLIN, can a get'chall anything".

Douglas shifted in his seat, he'd never seen this waitress before. The man seemed agitated "What is the deal with red hair at this place, this isn't Wendys"

Her smile increase as she turns her head, "If yall like red you should try our Devils own steak, so Rare it still bleeds".

Douglas rolled his eyes at the pun "Very droll! Hey lady! Can I get some coffee over here?"

The pair ignored his shout "Hey! HELLO!" Douglas stood and walked over to them "Seriously! Am I invisible or something?"

"I guess not" said the man to the waitress. Douglas waved his arms at them and shouted some more to no avail. The man slid slowly off of his seat and walked through Douglas like he was air and approached the curtains, mumbled something and stepped through them. Douglas patted himself in disbelief "Why this is %$#@^G new!"

"What do you want?" came a shrill familiar voice. Douglas turned to see his waitress behind him, hands on hips, mouth doing overtime on her gum.

"I'm going to..."


"...to sit the $%^& down and try and order a coffee!" gulped Douglas, he quivered like he had a fever. The waitress walked off behind the counter, the red haired waitress nowhere to be seen. Douglas slid into his booth when a shiny objects shimmered on the table; cutlery. His hand darted out and grabbed it. He looked down at what he'd grabbed...a spoon. Well it was a start, finally a weapon in this hellish diner. Douglas slipped the spoon under his shirt. Douglas looked up to see the waitress standing over him.

"What do you want?" she snapped

"Y'know, what can I have?"

She looked bewildered by the question, her chewing stopped.

"Every time I ask for something it's denied or unavailable, so what can I have?" Douglas smiled like an idiot "Take your time, I seemingly have eternity!"

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@batkevin74: Angel stepped through curtain expecting a drop like he was falling through a fantastical rabbit hole, But still darkness like he was walking through a never ending abyss of pitch black evil energy.

"This doesn't seem very fair you know that right, you invited me here for a reason, did you just wanna get me out of the way, do you fear me, that I could defeat you, are you just a coward or if you're not let me in I'll face whatever you throw at me, run through your little maze, your box of tricks and them I'll kick your bid red ass, unless I'm giving you too much credit and you know you can't take me." He noticed a large daunting red door, a demonic face with a door knocker lodged in its mouth, "You sure you're ready for this", He knocks on the door and creaks open.

He steps out on to stark black stone floor stained with blood, He expression changes from confidence to intringue "I can feel that you're here but not here, Maybe on a different plane maybe uuuhh, In the diner I was just, wherever you are it feels like you've been there a while but I know a way we can both get out."

He walks up to the senseless rower "You can hold on for a few minutes can't you chief, will this make it worth your while" He takes a dollar out of his coat and puts in into the rower's pocket, The rower looks down in bewilderment, "Go out and buy yourself something pretty".

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@AmazingAngel: Douglas sat looking at the waitress, who wasn't sure what to do. Douglas smiled and rested his chin on his palms, elbows on the table and looked at her "I can wait"

The waitress pulled a red pencil from behind her ear and scratched onto her notepad "Bourbon, coffee"

"I've changed my mind" said Douglas "It's before..." He looked at the clock which coincidentally struck ten "Well what do you know, it's ten! Fancy %$#@^G that!?!"

The waitress glared at him, her eyes flaring red like coals. Douglas went to speak when he heard a faint voice, the voice of the man who'd walked through the curtin up the back.

"...wherever you are, it feels like you've been there a while but I know a way we can both get out."

"ORDER UP!" roared a voice from the kitchen, the waitress snapped to attention and went away. Douglas looked around the empty diner, wondering who the order was for.

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"ORDER UP!" Angel heard this anonymous call from an unseen malevolent force "Was that for me or you, I have no idea" Angel still talking with no response to the sightless, senseless, mindless rower. "did you order take out, aaww buddy" The rower still displayed the same blank expression.

"Ok lets get serious I don't have all day, it seems like they want to keep you away from reality, keep you in this illusion, maybe they're afraid, I don't know but from how hard they're trying I'd say they have a good reason, you gotta find a way out of hell but first you need to find your way in, maybe it's how I got in maybe it isn't but you gotta believe there is some way, otherwise there won't be. Just a thought"

He turns back to the rower "So you get radio on that thing or what"

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Douglas watched the waitress grab a few plates, spin on her heels and head back towards him with a tray of food. She placed it on the table.

"I didn't order any of this" he said,a smile on his face. She scowled and gripped the edges of the tray like she was going to club him to death with it "Why are you being so nice to me? Since I've supposedley done this a few times, it strikes me as strange that you'r..."

"SHUT UP AND EAT!" she growled in a voice that came straight from Below.

Douglas shuddered at the intensity of the voice but kept calm. He exhaled and calmly pushed the tray off the table onto the floor "This is not my order. I think you'd better get the manager"

The waitress went red, almost cartoon red in the face, her teeth audibly grinding together as she looked between the mess and Douglas. The dulcet tones of the Rolling Stones eerily hovered in the air.

-pleased to meet you. Hope you guessed my name-

"YOU INS..." she gagged as Douglas jammed the spoon up into the roof of her mouth. She tried to scream but Douglas' other hand was clamped on her throat, choking her.

"You're the worst waitress I've ever met!" he whispered as he rammed the spoon up further, black ichor coating his fingers as she writhed in pain and fury "No tip!" With that he snapped her neck and her lifeless body hit the floor. Douglas crouched and wiped his hands on her apron and retrived his spoon. He quickly searched her and got her notepad and pencil.

"Well Douglas," he said out loud to himself "You're trapped in a diner from Hell that you've been in for God knows how long. You've got a spoon, a red pencil and a notepad, and absolutely no %$#@^G what to do or where to go. Good plan!" He looked down to see the waitress stirring, her hand shakily trying to grab his leg "Or you could follow that guy who couldn't see you, through the curtain which could be the way out or the men's room?"

Douglas looked around to see the red haired waitress appear from earlier and lock eyes on him. She let out an unnatural hiss and charged down the diner at him.

"Now she see's me!" Douglas ran towards the curtain, threw it to one side and charged into the darkness.

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@batkevin74: Angel sat on the floor next to the rower nodding his head like he was humming a tune, when he began to notice a leg step out of thin air and then a full body steps out, A man who he kind of recognises.

The rower turns his head and looks at this new arrival "That's weird." Angel walks up to the new arrival and smiles "What you didn't stay for desert. I heard their chocolate lava cake is to die for if the waitress is to be believed."

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@AmazingAngel: Douglas looked around "What the %$#@^G hell is this place?" He looked around at this massive cavernous space, an endless lake of brackish water and a small boat with a rower in it several hundred feet from shore. Douglas rubbed his ear, he could almost hear a voice saying something to him but nothing properly. "A lake of hell under a diner, well, that's where I'd put it...okay Douglas, you've been here before! You need to cross the lake and..."

Douglas turned to see several shambling, rotting corpses sneaking up behind him. He screamed like a girl and unleashed his spoon, waving it about like knife "I am so glad you're the Romero type and not the 28 Days type" Douglas made threatening gestures at them as they silently kept coming towards him, the seven of them slowly surrounding and herding him towards the waters edge. Douglas glanced at the water, it seemed to come to life; faces and skeletal hands reflecting on the surface.

"Zombies on land, skeletons in the water" grumbled Douglas "Add that to the demon waitress upstairs, this place is%$#@^G paradise! What next?"

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@batkevin74: The strange man continued walking almost like he didn't hear Angel's awesome and witty comment, The man kept walking and then "URRGGHH" A lumbering horde of the undead were right behind the two, The stranger let out a girlish scream, "Maybe I overestimated you" and then the stranger pulled out a spoon "Yeah definitely".

The stranger was backing up to the lake, The rower was now miles out, Even though he was rowing back Angel never noticed him leaving. "Hey Cabby we got shuffling dead over here hurry up." The stranger still couldn't see him, "Somethings very wrong here". The undead started picking up speed, "The zombies shouldn't be here, they've never been this side of the lake before, something is definitely wrong." Angel took out his flair gun and threw his staff up in the air. "LETS LIGHT IT UP" Nothing happened Angel's powers were harder to summon down here.

"DAMNIT" Angel raised his gun at the zombie and kept his staff at hand, The ceiling began to rumble, "I guess I'll have to hold on for a little bit, Are you ready to do this spooner?".

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@AmazingAngel: Douglas glanced up as the ceiling of the cavern trembled, creaking like a massive truck was rumbling over it. The zombies shuffled closer, the water seemingly stood up and reached for his ankles. Douglas grabbed one of the zombies by his outstretched hand and twirled him around, grabbed its wrists and used him as a shield/combat dummy.

"You stink!" coughed Douglas as he used the zombie to punch the other zombies, their claws tearing into the dead flesh instead of his own. The zombie cocked its head and tried to bite his face so Douglas pushed it forward into the pack, clearing a small space. Douglas leapt through and began running up the shore line. He stopped. A voice in the back of his mind

"do this spooner?"

Douglas looked around. All he could see was endless water, the roof of the cavern quaking and an almost comical pile of zombies untangling themselves from each other. There seemed to be someone or something lurking around, but he was unable to percive it. Douglas gripped his spoon tighter and made some stabs into the air to ward off an unseens threat.

"Okay Douglas think. Zombies bad, water bad..." Douglas said aloud to calm his fears "Whole %$#@^G place is bad from memory! Hang on a minute...where's the %$#@^G boat?"

Douglas looked to the water, the boat he'd spotted a few moments ago was nowhere to be seen. The zombies trudged up after him, ever so slightly getting faster as their shambling became walking. Douglas picked some rocks that has fallen from the roof and began flinging them at his pursuers, accomplishing nothing more than surface wounds.

"You need a boat...no, I need the boat!" said Douglas grabbing more rocks and firing them off. "The ferryman takes you across" He stopped, dropped his handfuls of rocks and put his hand into his jeans pockets and pulled out a small brass token "And you pay the ferryman!"

And with that, the man from earlier shimmered into existence before his eyes. Gun drawn, a staff in the other, looking quite angelic and almost out of place in the hellish place, especially since it was right in the centre of the zombies. Near the waters edge a small boat with lone rower; his eyes and mouth sewn shut and his ears blocked in with congealed blood and pus.

"Can you see me now?" asked Douglas as he ran towards the man, waving his spoon like a dagger, coming to his rescue.

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@AmazingAngel: (I thought I'd show you what I thought my guy looks like, kinda like Dominic West but slightly darker, wearing a plain grey t-shirt, black jeans, black & white sneakers)

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@batkevin74: Angel decided not to wait for his powers to arrive before attacking, The guy with the spoon ran at him almost like he only just realised he was there, "If you're trying to help, Don't try too hard I kinda got this." Angel shot fired his flair gun knocking out three undead, "If you want to help, I would suggest a fork." Angel runs at the wall of undead and uses his staff to pole vault over the top of them, His swings the staff at an approaching zombies legs and then kicks the undead monster in the head knocking its jaw off. About fifty undead begin to surround him "C'mon any time now."

A giant crack opens up in the ceiling, "LET'S LIGHT THESE GUYS UP!" A beam of light crashes through the ceiling like a bolt of lightning and claps like thunder illuminating Angel and knocking all the surrounding undead to the floor, Angel is now fully armoured, his staff and gun now transformed into their more impressive and powerful counterpart's. "HEY MAMMA MIA! CAN YOU SEE THE ROWING BOAT YET! THAT'S HOW WE GET ACROSS THE LAKE!" The man with the spoon (Who Angel thought looked like the guy from Mamma Mia, you know which one, that guy.) He was doing very well with what he had, "Okay you need something other than a spoon, Do you want my staff or gun." Angel waits for an answer and gets ready to throw one of the weapons to him.

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@AmazingAngel: Douglas watched the guy vault over the zombies with his staff, making some quip about a fork, either that or he swore at him. Douglas rammed the spoon into the eye of a nearby zombie, popping its eye out like one balled a melon!

"LET'S LIGHT THESE GUYS UP!" A beam of light crashed through the ceiling like the Almighty had shone a spotlight into this infernal place. The guy radiated power and energy as he transformed into a fully armoured, well angel. Douglas picked himself up off the floor, hand still firmly around his spoon.

"HEY MAMMA MIA! CAN YOU SEE THE ROWING BOAT YET! THAT'S HOW WE GET ACROSS THE LAKE!" said the Angel. Douglas saw the small boat was still there but the zombies were lurking and thrashing about. Douglas jabbed and stabbed them as he made his way closer to the angel and the boat.

"Okay you need something other than a spoon, Do you want my staff or gun?" said the angel readying to throw him one.

"I think I'll keep hold of my spoon thanks." said Douglas as he stabbed it deep into the underarm of an attacking zombie "Though you look like an angel, I've been in this place too long NOT to trust anyone except me!" Douglas wrenched the spoon out, bile and ichor flooding out the wound like he'd popped a wineskin "But the last one on the boat is a rotten egg!"

With that Douglas leapt and landed on the boat, rocking it violently. He flipped the coin at the face of the rower, whose hand shot up at lightning speed and caught it inches from his face. His gnarly calloused hands rubbed the coin before placing it under his seat.

"You coming?" called Douglas waving his spoon.

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@batkevin74: @batkevin74 said:

"But the last one on the boat is a rotten egg!"

"What a jerk" Angel said under his breath as the dude with the spoon ran to the row boat. "SLOW POKE" Angel said as he used Magic Moment to slow time, he gingerly walked past the running man and casually sat at the stern end of the row boat with his arms out, he put time back to normal as the other guy sat down and handed a quarter to the rower.

@batkevin74 said:

"You coming?" called Douglas waving his spoon.

"A quarter really? I mean come on man a guy who ferries dudes across a sea of murderess, vengeful skeletons at least deserves some paper." The boat journey begun and the spoon guy seemed baffled by the speed at which Angel arrived at the boat.

"Oh yeah and that's for me to know and you to find out" Angel slid over next to the rower patting him on the shoulder, "This guy huh." Angel said to the rower pointing his thumb at the mysterious man with the spoon "Yeah me and him go way back, we roomed together at Hogwarts for a few years before he found this magic ring and then Odin cast him down because he wouldn't marry his daughter after knocking her up at prom. Anyway I've shared so in the interest of full disclosure what's your deal." Angel said in one breath.

(Oh yeah and my guy looks like this)

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@AmazingAngel: Douglas looked quizzically at the 'angel' being chummy with the zombie-like rower of their boat. He almost wanted to push him in the water, but somehow he moved at speed that wasn't, well normal. But considering this was hell, normal was a relative concept. Douglas tucked the spoon into his belt, it would be no match for the automatic weapon his boat companion had, but at least it was real, and his, and proven in battle.

"I'm..." Douglas hesitated, contemplating options as the boat glided across the water "Ah %$#@^it! My name is Doug! I've been stuck here in Hell for...well long enough. So far I've escape from at least once, probably a dozen times but I keep ending up at the start again...so no I haven't escape, I've just done laps of Hell! Now what or who is a Hogwart's?"

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@batkevin74: "Never read Harry Potter huh? I don't blame you, I just try to keep my pop culture references fresh." Angel scratched his head curiously looking at Doug, "How long have you been down here?"

Angel seemed to change his mind indecisively, He wanted to know Doug's story but was too anxious to explain his story first, Because ya'know he's like that. "Wait a sec lemme cut you off, hello my name is The Amazing Angel(c) I fight supernatural beings like ninjas, demons and what not but I need to talk about this place, you and I were both here and we couldn't see each other, my good buddy Maverick over here (gestures to the rower, who didn't acknowledge the nickname) has made about five journeys while I've been here, see I think there's thousands of people trapped here for no reason other than there choice of eatery, anyway I've got a feeling that you know some tripe about this hellhole that I don't, so since we're still playing truth or dare, your turn."

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@AmazingAngel: Douglas looked at the guy in red and white jabbering away, dropping some references he didn't get. Who calls themselves the Amazing Angel? thought Douglas as the boat shot across the water.

"...you turn?" said Angel

"All I know that this is Hell. I've been here for seemingly ever, I don't know! Time runs differently here. What I do know is that whenever I think I'm close to getting out, I go back to the beginining. I guess that's the point and definition of Hell!" Douglas ground his heel into the bottom of the boat "What I do know about this place is; don't fall in the water, don't get eaten by zombies and you can't trust anyone because what you know, they'll use against you"

The rower grunted as it pulled the boat through the water. The Amazing Angel looked around at the vast sea as Douglas lowered his head, not praying but catching a brief nap as the repetitive, monotonous thump of the oar on the side of the boat, along with the lapping of the waves had an eerie calming effect.

"Besides, maybe I deserve to be here" muttered Douglas to his feet.

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@batkevin74: "I heard that."

Angel looked over at the man wracked with guilt. "Listen I don't want to know why you're here, You know your way around this place and thats all I care about right now, I have no reason to trust you right now but I will and I wanna know if you trust me because the only way we don't end like these guys," Angel gestures towards the sea, "Is for you to trust me, I know you want to get out and theirs obviously something you're doing wrong, let me help you."

As Angel finishes speaking a skeleton from the lake jumps out like a shark and grabs him, the skeleton pulls him down, his head almost touching the water, he grabs onto side of the boat pulling against the hellish creature. "F***, HELP ME OUT MAN!"

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@AmazingAngel: "#!%^$ HELL!" yelped Douglas as the Angel went over the side, a skeleton trying to drag him under like a crazed shark. The thrashing attracted others. Douglas looked around and booted the rower in the face, sending him to the bow. Douglas grabbed the oar and began smacking the skeleton the ancient wood caving in its skull, but still it clung on. Douglas grabbed the Angel by the belt and hauled him aboard as several more skeletons snapped at the his companion's heels. Douglas smashed them back into the water.


Douglas looked up at the very angry rower, his sewn together mouth stretching to the point of breaking at how angry he was. He held his hand out and motioned for his oar.

"Sorry" said Douglas handing it back. The rower pointed at him and then to the seat, Douglas complied and looked at the Angel "You okay?"

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@batkevin74: "You see, that's what I'm talking about!,that whole thing, we need to catch each other when we fall." Angel's smile soon turned to caution as he made a realisation. "They're not meant to do that, jumping out of the water is not what they do, they are following orders to take us out and I don't think they're done yet"

Several more skeletons started climbing onto the boat as both heroes stood at the ready, Angel swung his staff knocking a couple of skeletons off one side of the boat leaving the other side for Douglas, Angel used his gun to bind another skeletons hands together and kicks him in the head. "How you doing with your side compadre"

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@AmazingAngel: Douglas kicked a skeleton in the groin, and was slightly surprised that nothing really happened "I'm doing okay! Sort of"

Douglas clonked two skeleton's skulls together before pushing them back into the water, but still they came.

"I think I know why it's getting crazier" yelled Douglas as he saw the floating object looming in the distance "We're nearing the Castle of Satannus! Look at that big, ugly #$%^ hanging above the water like an undropped turd!" Douglas kicked another skeleton off and turned to his companion "Do you have a grenade or something? I have an idea"

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@batkevin74: Angel punched another undead in the face with his iron gauntlet breaking its jaw and smashing it's teeth out, "Grenade? uuhh tell you what, gimme a sec"

Angel uses his staff to block off three approaching undead and push them off the boat, He pulled out his gun passing it to Douglas.

"I'm letting you use this, I'M LETTING HIM USE IT." Angel's last sentence was said while looking up, "Aim it at your target and think grenade, if you're the kind of person I think you are then this should work." The undead are becoming more ferocious as Angel turns his staff into a whips and whips at the the undead like a lion tamer. "Whatever you're gonna do dude, I'd do it NOW!"

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@AmazingAngel: Douglas took the weapon, which felt like metal jelly. It seemed to have a life and mind of it's own. Douglas gripped the gun in both hands and fired it up into the air.


A flare-like round shot from the gun, arcing high into the air and dropping into the water with a plop.

"Well that was really anticlim..."

A massive explosion, like an undersea detonation occurred, sending a watery mushroom cloud into the air. The explosion created a ripple, that turned into a wave the size of a three storey building.

"Now that's more like it!" smiled Douglas jamming the gun into his belt and gripping the side of the boat as they rode the massive wall of water. Skeletons still snapped at the boat but they were caught in the wash. The rower planted his oar firmly to guide the boat as it rode the face of the massive wave. Almost before they knew what was going on the floating Castle of Satannus was before them as the wave was reducing in height.

"I think this is where we get off!" yelled Douglas as he leapt off the boat towards the dangling chains that hung from below the floating structure.

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@batkevin74: As the wave came up higher knocking Angel off the boat, Douglas yelled and ran to the side of the boat.

"Surfs up dude" Angel had turned his staff into a surfboard and was now surfing the wave of forgotten souls, "Radical waves bro." He threw up the surfer sign and arches his back focusing on the castles of Satannus, Angel was still kicking at the skeletons that were trying to grab at his feet, he spun his surfboard in a full circle knocking three skeletons in the head, don't ask how he just did.

@batkevin74 said:

"I think this is where we get off!"

"Why are we jumping, I bought a ticket." Angel and Douglas both make a break for it, the wave hasn't gone down enough for them to reach the ground, "I got an idea!" Angel flying through the air moulds his staff into two sharp points and stabs them into the side of the castle "I tried surfing, now it's rock climbing." He sees Douglass about to pass him "HEY! GRAB ON" he throws out his hand for Douglas to catch before he falls to eternal torment.

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@AmazingAngel: Douglas saw the outstretched hand of the Angel and the dangling chains hanging from the bottom of the evil floating castle. His instinct to go for the chain nearly took over but he went for the hand, which was strong, solid and secure. Douglas breathed a sigh of relief as he hung in midair.

"We need to get inside quick." said Douglas "The castle is almost sentient. You sticking pins in the side will just pi$$ it off"

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@batkevin74: "Well it's either climb our way up or fall into the water thats overflowing, thanks to the giant explosion." Angel starts to contemplate his method of getting in when the Castle starts to shake and pushing out his climbing picks almost like it was refilling itself.

"Okay, I get it." He looks down at the Gun that Douglas is still holding, "I'm gonna need you to, aahh okay I know this is weird but piggyback position." Douglas seemed weirded out by the request, "And I'm gonna need my gun back, trust me on this." Angel grabs back onto the other pick as Douglass grabs onto Angel's shoulder but not wrapping his legs around his waist, he completely respected his decision not to. Angel straps his gun now in two separate slots on his belt one on the left and one on the right. "Okay let's do thi, whoa" both tumbled down.

WWHOOASH "Bingo it worked", Angel rose using his guns as a makeshift jet pack Douglas still gripping onto him, "Let's knock and see who answers."