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Location: On a deserted world

Time: Noon

Fighters Zee and Demon

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Somewhere in the unknown. Some where every man should fear, somewhere where chaos has no boundaries, or Havoc has limits. This place is only known by one name. The Underworld. Somewhere deep in the Under was ruler. A ruler who was Lord of Chaos. The God of Havoc. This rulers name was Demosapien. They called him Demon or Razor for short. Demon had created three realms of his own army of sapiens and demons. There were many who believed that hell and the underworld were one in the same. Actually they were like good and evil. When someone died and was sentenced to hell for their sins, the demon could not always handle most. The devil only took in the human race as demons. The evil villains who were sentenced to hell were sent to a place that they were sentenced to the under world. When you enter the realm of the underworld. you are no long a villain, you are no longer a human, you are no longer a demon, you are sapien. A foul beast of war. An unstoppable killing machine.

Demon was the only being in all realms, even dimensions, that could stop the vicious beast. Not only had he managed to discipline them, he controlled. He turned them into his own personal army. An unstoppable army. With his powers and his army. He had been an almighty conqueror. Conquering realm after realm. He had not just murdered for nothing. He had to consume souls to keep him strong enough. Unfortunately for him the murdering he had done had become like slat water. no matter how many souls he devoured. The next soul was wanted even more. He was an immortal so death was not a problem. But if he stopped consuming countless souls his powers would decrease. And surely someone wanted to kill him. He had been the most hate villain of all history. The numerous amounts of planets he had slaughtered. The amounts of new being he had devoured. He did not fear death because he was death. He was Chaos, He was havoc. He was the boogeyman you hid from under your bed. He was the Grim Reaper who came to take your soul. He was evil. And there was nothing anyone could do about it.

It was almost time to conquer another realm. Murdering for him had become like breathing. But there was deep fury in his soul that was anticipating every moment. A fury that saw death as game. A fury of evil, a fury hate. A fury. Razor began to gear up. He put on his black and white out fit. With his skull hat and his red trench coat. This had been his war outfit. He had to slip on his special black gloves though for his hands were the most dangerous weapons in all realm. Just by touch his hands murder many of the most immortal warlords. How was his possible? A man who’s took more lives than death itself. Hands that controlled power that no one had managed to reach. Hi hands were so deadly that no even he dared to used them in the art of battle for he had bee afraid of the power that they had. His whole hand was pure red. They had melted mountains with a mere touch. Their source of power had not yet been found. Whatever this source was it ran through his blood line. His whole family had the hands.

Demon slipped on the glove as the flashbacks of the lives he had taken with his hands vanished. As he continued to grab his gear. He latched two black gun holsters onto his belt. As he raised the guns from the small area they had been sat in. Within an instant both guns were in his hands. As he rubbed his hands down the gun he felt the stars that were in them. Twenty- five to be exact. Every time he used his guns to kill a great god. Another star would appear. The mystical power the gun with held was divine. A power that had no boundaries what so ever. A power that would be enough to blow all of the realms to smithereens. These guns were as D&D. But he called them DD for short. He played with the gun for a moment twisting it around his palm. Showing the magnificent gunslinger he was. As he felt the shiny metal rub over his finger. He could fell a chill. Not because of the temperature of the metal but because of the Supremacy and Dominance it had. It had been just as dangerous as his hands. There was one thing that not even he dared to do. For he feared it would kill him also.

He never let the skin on his hands touch the guns. Never. He would rather die than watch the power that would be released. He continued to gear himself up for he grabbed his sword. It had been a special sword to him. He bough tit from a place called High Caliber. He could not believe hat they sold such a powerful weapon at so low prices. He didn’t think they understood what their weapons were capable of. That had been the only reason he had not destroyed that realm yet. They had to be crazy putting a weapon of that power into the hands of a being as himself. Or either they had balls. He could respect that. He began to rally up all of his Sapien. He then opened himself to a portal to hell .He the devil had become allies seeing that they were more powerful together than not. After he had about a thousand sapiens and a thousand demons. He marched his way from portal to portal till he found his destination.

When they finally arrived it was a planet full of weird beast. H

e had hated what he had to do. But if it had been between million of lives and him getting weaker. Those souls had to go. As the sapiens began to go to war with the mighty beast. The war was almost too easy. They caused so much havoc that the screams of the beasts could be heard solar systems away. Their victory had seemed to be flawless. As The God of Havoc stood their letting all the souls make way inside his eyes. When all of the souls were consumed. He had decided it was time to go. Before he could open the portal to the underworld. The sapiens began to yell and screech. As he turned his head he saw nothing but blood splatter into the sky and sapiens falling like twigs. In a matter of seconds the all of his army had been slaughter by one man. Really he had no idea what it was. Lethal D cracked his neck and knuckles. Who was this beast that dared to challenge the almighty ruler himself. Who could have the power to do something like that.

Who the hell are you supposed to be.

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Zee the mightiest of all dragons. Feared from different realities for some of the things he had done. He wasn't the type to stay around after getting what he wanted. He wasn't the type to make friends as well. He only had about a hand ful of people he could talk to with out eating. Even though he gained energy from out side sources at times it was felt as though fighting was the one thing keeping him alive. Zee was for ever a state of evolution. He would constantly change and his powers as well. He couldn't keep track of how much he has changed and didn't mind it either. There was a variety of things he had taken on and taken down. He was use to the most of it. He was a one man army. His int being the most dangerous thing about him.

However in this reality he had stumbled upon a god like creature. But with the exact different type of aura. It was evil. Zee didn't have to have his high sense to smell that. The type of evil that came from the foe would bring any human to there knee's in tears but not Zee. The fist thing he did was out of the ordinary not to himself though. He went on a feeding frenzy. He thought demons were better then humans anyway. He didn't know who the leader was but could tell he was in his area. Soon enough he'd find out as he heard a voice with his oh so perfect hearing. He'd turn in such a slow type motion showing two eyes open glowing yellow. Armor around that blood red 9ft body. With four muscular arms looking as if there were flexing 24/7. Lastly his teeth as if he was forever in a state of an evil smile.

I am Zee. You need to be crushed.

He'd say in a monstrous voice. Surprisingly he was in a weak state but still a force to be reckoned with. Zee would slam his first two sets of arms on the ground. Nothing would happen but a small tremor. Suddenly huge hands would come from behind as they attempted to slam on the foe as if the two hands where connect to Zee from afar. As this happen his stomach would grow a little as smoke would come from his mouth. As it did so his second pair of hands would press hard on his stomach as a concussive blast of hard light shot at at incredible speeds towards the foe

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The man turned and faced Demon. Armor around that blood red 9ft body. With four muscular arms looking as if there were flexing 24/7. Lastly his teeth as if he was forever in a state of an evil smile. Razor had to admit he was impressed. The last person that tried to take out an army of sapiens didn’t make it past the first forty. He had not known who this man was but he could sense a large amount of mystical power. Razor hadn’t sensed that amount of power since his last encounter with Zeus. He and Zeus had been great enemies. Zeus had not been strong enough to take out Demon alone. So he used the help of all the Greek gods. There was another powerful god at that presence. A god who he had not liked very much. Odin the god of thunder. the Greek gods had battle the lord of chaos twice to stale mate. But it wasn’t until Demon returned with an army of demons and sapiens. That’s when the Greek gods finally failed to overpower the ruler of the under world.

Now he had since that same power. unfortunately he was alone. He could had used his necromancer powers to rebuild his army but it would take too much time and effort. He decided the best way to victory in this case would be quick and clean. It was time that he showed this guy that before he challenged someone as him self he would need to get his priorities straight. Not long before this battle had Razor been practicing his swordsman ship and fighting skills. He had almost forgot about hand to hand combat. He was so use to defeating his opponents with his dark magic that he had forgotten about the art of fighting. He had been a master in all forms of martial arts plus three of his own. Weirdly the names of his style were Lethal Fury, Chaotic Foul, and last Havoc Reign. Why would he name his styles that, as a very clever friend once said. The world may never know.

There was one form that The Lord of Chaos specialized in. The art of death. The art of murder. sometimes he killed people before they even know what happened to them. There was no way in hell he was going to pull that off on this opponent. This opponent seem to be worthy. Unlike the other. Who had just fell to their death within a matter of seconds. This would and for that reason he would not go full power. He needed to know whether or not he would be able to survive as a lesser evil. He would soon find out. He examined his surroundings so that he could time every move perfectly. Razor had not been a patient man. So if Zee did not confront him soon he may not be able to stand in the next few seconds. With that being said the creature spoke.

I am Zee. You need to be crushed.

The words seeped through Razors head. Truth was he needed to be killed. The countless numbers of lives Zee would save if he managed to bring the immortal ruler of the underworld to his death. Though Demon had been powerful. He had been killed before. But only because of his immortality every time he is killed his body just resurrects itself in the Underworld. He had only killed once. When he tried to destroy hell alone. But now he had been much more powerful than before. Every demon in hell feared his divine powers. Demons thought were cut off when a pair of arms smashed his face into to the ground. As he was on the ground a hard beam of light pounded him. The pain was immense. Dam! He did not raise from the ground. Instead he phased his body into the ground.

Instead of one Demosapien coming up through the ground from the surface their were ten. They all surrounded Zee. They began to pull Katannas out of their back. In each hand their was a Katanna. That made twenty. What Zee would not know was that these were only holograms only one of them were the real thing. As all of the ten began to run at Zee he had no where to run for many of them ran towards him and others leaped over him. The only way out was to find out who the real one was.

Catch me if you can spoke the Demosapiens.

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Zee attack went perfectly as planned. He how ever was showing the lack of effort in this fight as he left his hand in the ground while the attacker got hit. Rather then prepare or start the next attack after that powerful light blast Zee just stopped and stared at what happened. However he knew his opponent definitely wouldn't be down from that attack for long. It was after all a start kind of a playful gesture of hello between the titans. Soon enough though he'd realize they weren't alone. The foe had made copies of himself. That was the idea at least. It worked. Zee was in the state of learning about his foe. He found out something new. He could make more then what it appear to be.


As they came for him he would pull his hands out of the ground while pulling out his second favorite weapon of choice. That sword. It weight many tons and was indestructible. Zee knew how to use it in the best of ways. As they neared him it was to late. However he only felt the stabbing of one. That came from his back Area. He reacted fast opening the second pair of eyes letting him see the truth as the others where. Fake learning this he would start to spin at the speed of sound with his sword out making a small tornado in hopes of hurting the foe while he was near. As he did this he would have immediately increased the gravity in the area by 2 while he started to shot out light spikes from his tornado like thing he was doing
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Dam! Demon had made the attack to quick. The plan was to let the holgrams attack first. This had messed up his plan. Soon there was a tornado with a sharp metallic sword sticking out of it spending at soundwave speed. Demon had not been prepared for this he was stabbed straight through his chest. The sword did not even pierce his skin but it did hurt. How was that possible. Maybe the sword was amgical. As the sword sent demon flying throguh the air. He activated the chains on his belt. This was because of his Necromancer powers. THe chains had seemed to come alive. like snakes swiveling throoguh the air. They zoomed towards the ground. They clamped deep into solid ground. Leaving Demon floating in the air as the chains held him up. He could always caught on his chains to break his fall.

As he looked towards Zee he was still in tornado mode. Before he ahd a chance to attack Zee light spike flew out of the tornado stiicking straight in Demons chest. Tha had hurt worse then lal of the other attacks seeing that light was on eof his weaknesses. Not just ordinar light though. A mystical light. What ever it was Zee possesed it. Zee would be at an advantage with the light. As Demon looked back and forth at Zee the tornado didnt stop. He had to react before the next move was done. Razor drew Calvin cluster. his favorite sword he began to shoot orbs of electricity out of it from the tip.

The blue orbs seemed to whistle as they flew towards thier opponent. He knew that Ze would ahve no tiem to react seeing that the electricity would et caught up in the tornado. with is sowr din position The God of Havo leaped into the air as he slo9wly doved towards his opponent swinging his sword furiously. He knew that the sword would have soem effect. Rather how small or little he woudl soon find out. As he kept swing before he actually land on the ground he attempeted bounce his feet back off of Zee's body. He then slid the sword back into its holder on his back.

Two can play that game

Razor looked to Zee. Immediately he began to send multiple blows at Zee's jaw praying that he would make contact.From the immense stregnth the blows would shatter glass of the left over buildings from the devastating war. From the sound. He stood there wiating for his opponent to bring the next attack. Unlike his alst he had timed this one perfectly. There was no way his opponent wasnt going to feel that one in the morning.

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Zee hadn't been paying attention to well due to the attack he was doing. He knew he had gotten the foe however due to the fact he could even hear him get thrown back. However Zee's little victory was short lived as he could feel electricity coursing through him. Something he never expect making him stop the tornado attack towards the foe as he tried to get him self together. Soon after he would feel a mighty kick at the back of body thrust him forward at fast speeds. He would only stop himself due to the ability to control gravity as he paused in the air then turned around. He turned around just in time as well.

Punches upon punches came towards Zee's face at fast speeds. He was able to dodge most of them due to his ability of the eyes. However He took one crucial blow to the face that sent him flying back even farher cracking a piece of his tooth off in the process.

So you think you hot huh??

Zee would say this after getting up and the small wounds start the healing process. He would then close his eyes and open then again as they grew even brighter. The dragon was rising in strength and power. He was going from a mere 5 tons lifts to 100 tons now. He looked alot stronger now. More durable as well. His skin looked as it it was ripped with just muscles. Soon after he would put his left first hand on the ground and rise it up as his favorite weapon the glavie rose from the ground to his hands.

Let the battle begin

Zee would say as the entire Area start to darken now. He was absrobing all the light making the entire place pitch black. He would then Make a sound ball in his hand that grew bigger and bigger absorbing more sound. It already started out half the size of Zee and had spike on it. He would then throw it in the air towards the foe as it was gonna burst on impact shotting out sound spikes in all directions none able to hurt Zee of course. To make situations even worse Zee would release a type of sound vertigo from his body that would have the effect of disorienting his foe. Making it hard for him to hear well see well and even use his muscle well.

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Razor could see his opponents power.It was as his opponent. He atched his opponent raised up form th blast and began to speak. Zees body began to regenerate. His opponent began to grow into an immense state. $hit! Demon was suposed to do this quick. His opponent was iving him a hard time. Now the time for games had been done with. Demon rose into the air as he began to attack his opponent before he could make a move all light seemed to travel towrds Zee. There was only one glimpse of light that Zee would nto be able to ffect at all the red aura coming from his guns. He had not pulled out his guns because the fight had onot became that seriouse yest. Sound spike began to stik into The God Havoc like splinters. Befroe Lethal D had a chance to react he was soon he was bieng disable by something. It was as if his muscle tissue had been bieng eaten from the inside.

The Lord of Chaos grinned showing his large jagged teeth. He hd not been dissapointed in himself. For he had wnated to die a long tiem ago. He still knew that because of his immortality. He would awake from a slmber a hundred years from now. He had not even attempted to take the opppurtunity to take Zee out with his guns. With is last little stregth to move his arms he bit the gloves on his hands and slowly puled his ahnds out. He stared at the pure red ahnds. Legendary marking oveer thm. He would look at them once more for he didnt know if they would still be there when he awoke.

The god of Havoc died with the proper stance. He rested his hands across his chest. He began to go into deep deep slumber. It almost seemed as seconds later his eyes began to open. He thought it was maybe 100 years from now. But wierdly enoguh he could still feels Zee's presence. He seemed to be floatig in the air. his glowing bright enought to light up part of the area. His ahnds had not been part of his body. They had been soemthing totally different. they must had gave him th epower to hear, to see, and his favorite to move.

The Lord of Chaos fell to the ground landing on his feet. Then he then began to walk around as his movement made every chain on his body make a loud clang. Demosapien had now been pissed. Pissed to the limit. He felt as if his opponent had @$$ raped him a hundred time so over. He then drew his guns. This would be the first time ever that he let his pure hand skin touch his gun. He only hoped it didnt over power. He began to flp the two guns around in his hand. It felt good to be the most dangerous man in the world again.

He used both guns to shoot up into the air. As the black lasers shot high into the air they connected and became yellow. As he watched the laser go into the air he could hear the screeches of the trillions of souls he had consumed. The guns themself almost seemed to be a live with a passion for death an eagerness for souls. A orb formed at the end of thier line. Faster and faster the orb began to grow. It had soon become a large yellow orb twice the size of the sun. It had once more restored light on the planet. Demon began to claw at thin air as he seemed to be breaking into a portal. As the portal widened he looked at Zee.

For what you did you have hell to pay. I will come after you soon. But not for revenge but for punishment. i promise Zee Crushe you shall be punished.

With that said he leaped into the portal closing ti behind him. He was going to come back for Zee soon. Not for revenge but for punishment.