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"When pride comes, then comes disgrace."

Archeron raised his hands and placed them behind his head, staring at the archer before him. He did not fear the archer, but he knew that pride preceded a fall, and, as such, he was wary of his opponent. He placed a hand on his sword, and readied himself, smirking through the curtain of white hair that almost covered his eyes. The Sun beat down mercilessly upon the two combatants, but clouds were beginning to roll in. Archeron took up a defensive stance and raised his free hand, beckoning the archer on by curling his index and middle finger towards him. A gentle breeze began to blow, Archeron's dark red coat fluttering around his ankles as he lowered his hand. He was leaning to the left, his left hand wrapped tight around the handle of Revolution. He already felt the dark storm of the soul power coursing within him, amplifying his already formidable array of supernatural powers and abilities.

"Begin." He said, his voice deep, his light blue, almost grey eyes focused entirely upon his opponent, his entire body tensed like a coiled spring.

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Robin begins by circling his opponent, watching him with anxious eyes ready for the demon to Attack

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Archeron stared, shifting his balance from right to left, releasing his sword, feeling the flow of dark souls to his own power slow, stifle, then stop altogether. His amplification was unnecessary for what he planned next. If his opponent really was the legendary Emerald Archer of Sherwood, he would have no problem. Archeron's own projectile weapons were smaller than arrows, faster than arrows, and generally more lethal than arrows. They were bullets. His hands delved into his coat, and wrapped around the butts of Heaven and Hell. He drew the handguns out, Sun seeming to be perfectly reflected from the surface of Heaven, whilst Hell's matte black surface seemed to absorb the light. Archeron himself was an accomplished marksman, and now he moved, shifting his entire body weight, then turning at the last moment, performing a perfect spinning backflip. His perceptions were far greater than any human's, and he picked out his target even in mid-movement, firing a spray of bullets from Hell, and ending with a trifecta of shots from Heaven as soon as he landed. Not one to sit still, he was still moving, cartwheeling and flipping towards the nearest wall, a blur of shining silver, smouldering black, and red coat tails as he displayed his skill.

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As robin watches his opponent, he quickly learns that his opponent is no normal human. He sees an item come out of the demons pockets Shining like it was created by the gods themselves. The best move now would be to disappear into the Dark misty clouds of the forest and await his opponents next move. Think fast, Run fast,Act fast.

Demon or not. He will feel the pain of my arrows striking his Heart in utter brutality

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Archeron scowled as he looked out from behind his cover. The coward had run into the forest. "That, my friend, will gain you no avail." He spoke quietly, knowing his opponent would not hear his words. Quickly ducking back behind his cover, he ejected the magazine from Hell, discarding the empty clip, and pulled another from within one of many pockets his coat hid. He slid it into the gun with an audible click, then holstered the weapon, then holstered Heaven as well. He placed a hand on the ground, his fingers clawing into the dirt, and curled the fingers of his left hand around the hilt of Revolution. He leaped out of hiding, drawing the large broadsword with a roar of anger. He didn't brandish the weapon, however, he merely rested it on one shoulder as he landed, throwing up a small dust cloud. The sky was beginning to grow dark, and Archeron knew that it would soon start to rain. Luckily, no water could quench the flames that burned in the deepest pits of the Abyss.

Revolution offered up its hundreds of souls, and Archeron felt them scream, squirm, twist and wrench within his form. Form did not matter, size, shape, space, time, were all immaterial. He was pain, and hatred, and vengeance, and justice. He extended a hand, the cry of thousands of souls sounding in his ears, and narrowed his eyes. At a mere mental command, a curtain of black flames leaped from his hand and bathed the trees where his opponent had disappeared. His face twisted into an evil smirk. He was going to smoke his enemy out. Like a rabbit. Run rabbit run. He thought, his eyes becoming dark with a sadistic expression of glee as the forest began to burn.

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Robin had almost finished Setting up His Impossible Plan to trap the demon When He saw a little fox run past him like it was being pursued by a ghost. Robin turned round to see what was once The entrance of sherwood forest Being burnt to the dust. All he could hear was the sound of his heartbeat, The flames of the fire seemed to eat up anything in its path. Robin covered his head before Giving out a loud Scream of anguish and Rage. Using skill and expertise He was able to escape fiery ring that trapped him and shut him from the Outside world. His next goal was to eliminate the demon. He charged towards the location of the his foe then proceeded to Lay heavy blows on the target with no thought of what the outcome would be. The rain started to pour, While it managed to subdue the fire it could not put down the fire that had started inside the Archer Robin hood!. The demon seemed to be taking little damage which enraged The Hood until His human physiology had kicked into place and left him exhausted and rendered useless.

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The rain began to fall, almost as if to give testament to the hellfire's power. Any rain that fell onto the black flames only seemed to fuel the fire that burned the forest. Archeron grinned as his target flew from smoke-covered branches, moving as the man did, everything that the archer possessed he had a perfect answer for. A hook that aimed for his jaw was ducked under, a rising punch dodged with a gentle lean back. A kick aimed for his flank parried with the flat of his sword. The blows were fast, expertly timed, and breathtakingly strong...for a human. Archeron was far beyond anything the archer could dish out, especially whilst he held Revolution in his left hand. His fingers were holding the sword in a death grip, his knuckles white on the handle of the soul stealing blade. His white hair began to cling limply to his head with rain as he moved in perfect tandem with the archer, their battle seeming to be a perfectly choreographed dance routine.

After a time, Robin seemed worn out, panting heavily, his chest rising and falling as the man tried to suck in oxygen to replace that he had lost in his reckless assault. Archeron looked left, then right, turning his head slightly, as if expecting another attack from another direction, and then grinned, raising his gloved right hand. He curled his fingers into a fist, and aimed the back of his hand for Robin's cheek. He tried to restrain his vast strength so as not to kill the archer should his blow connect with the exhausted and almost defeated archer. "You don't think things through, Steward of Sherwood. You participated in a direct attack on a much physically superior warrior, Guardian of the Forest. This seems to be things that are drastically out of character for the Champion of the Druid Spirits. So I ask you this question: Whom are you? You're certainly not the Robin Hood of legend." The son of Angelus smirked.

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Robin stood up and stared at the demons fiery red eyes and fearlessly said The World You See Is Too Small Then Walked into the forest Without looking back at the Confused Demon standing with his fists clenched. Before He could Speak a word of insult to the archer Archeron was somehow surrounded by an army of dryads. He could see the blood lust in their eyes then retreated to Analyse the Situation more clearly. Much to the despair of the demon he was picked up by a rouge dryad Who was unbelievably strong. Where are you taking me? The Dryad Only Replied with Father.....

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Archeron looked at the large Dryads that surrounded him. They appeared to be an amalgamation of the surrounding environment, large beings combined of trees and rock and dirt. He spotted one of the beasts reaching down to pick him up. They were strong, but slow, and as the dryad's fist lowered towards him, he jumped towards the being's wrist, and landed lightly, already moving, his sword in hand, slicing through the monster's other hand with his large broadsword. The soul stealing capability of the Revolution activated, but did not drain the being's soul completely, although it did elicit a scream of pain from the being's inhuman throat. He drove the sword into the dryad's throat, gripping it tightly, using all of his power, all of his unholy strength to drain the soul of the mighty beast of the forest.

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From a distance Robin watched as The demon slaughtered the dryads. He had no other option than to flee.

A demon had won over robin hood, But there will always be a next time....


As robin ran threw the forest he collapsed as Heavy memories started to surface. Images of Death Defying creatures,Gods,Demons, It was too much for The archer to take. He lay down And gave the loudest scream that his Body Could release...