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time, a few hours before sun down.

place, Dark woods, near a river.

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He watched over the Underworld like the almighty ruler he was. The Underworld had proven to be the most deadliest dimension of all. Constantly going to war with hell. Resulting in flawless victories. Not even hell could not manage to mock the havoc and chaos brought on by the fatal sapiens of the underworld. Sapiens were the demons sent to hell that could not be controlled. There was only one place where these demons could be handled, and used. That place was the Underworld. Their was a ruler who sat upon his throne constantly wiping out races of beings from dimension. He was not yet to be stopped. This ruler was known as Demosapien. But most called him Demon.

Demon found himself curious of what earth might be like now. It had been decades since he had been to a corner store, gotten his first kiss, and even last saw his mom. What he thought would come out to be excitement and action was really a burden on his life. Demon had always though about leaving his powers rest. And walking earth again. Bu the evil the lurked through his body now was a cure that would not go. It was like a bug that e could not get rid of. Always returning when thinks its gone. Annoying and Hurting the people he loved most. But he had no other choice but too accept it the way it was. To use it to his advantage.

What he would give to walk down the street and see his friends once more, to get groceries for his mother, what he would give to once more experience family and love. Family. The ones who he had taken granted of. He never forgave his self. He had been cold blooded murder all of his child hood from the age of two. Now look at him sitting on a huge red and gold throne ruler of the underworld. Who would have expected that. But what he had to keep in my mind that the power he wielded was power that every man desired. The title he had was dearly wanted by many others. Demon had never underestimated his powers. Not ever. Though sometime he did regret having them.

It had been on this very day that he noticed he had begun to get old. His love for the human race had stopped him from hunting the souls he needed to stay powerful. Slowly and slowly the less he hunted souls the weaker he would become. It was something he could not stand for. There had to be another way. The murdering, the killing, the chaos, the havoc. Were those the only solution he had? Impossible there must be something else he could do. This has to be an alternate solution. But no matter how many time he though about it in his mind there was only way and that included murder.

What could he do. He thought to himself hard and well. There was a woman. What was her name. Her name Lillya Wildchild her soul would be enough to last him for the rest of eternity. As much as he hated the though o hurting a woman, this solution was better than the billions of innocent lives he would have to kill. The numerous amounts of souls he would have to consume. He couldn’t bring himself to do it for the love of the human race. Day after day he sent another demon to kill her but none ever returned. He had even sent his warlord sapiens to handle the job but still there had been no returns, no goodbye cards. They just disappeared.

One of his sapiens told him that she would be hard to capture. But for him it was hard to believe that his warlord sapiens had been killed by her. Then a though came to mind that always seemed to be true. “If you want the job done. You got to do it yourself.” Demon began to get himself in gear and prepare for that battle. He put on his black and white outfit with his belt and pants with the chains on them. And his long red trench coat. To top it off he added his favorite hat of skulls.(My avatar). He had to this alone so be he brought none of his mindless sapiens or demons to help, because the fact was they were useless beings who could not manage to capture a single woman.

Demon had opened a portal to a city by the name of Comic vine. A city of super heroes and super villains. I city love and hatred. A city of life and death. As Demon flew above the clouds he could fill the hot sun beaming down on him. As large drops of sweat trickled down his back. Even though he was not human anymore he still had their senses. He new when it was hot and when it was cold. It was almost too easy to find his opponent. She had the highest source of power on this planet so tracking her was the easy part. But he was worried about apprehending her. One he ahd manage to fid her location it was almost sun odwn. In a dark rain forest.

He found her sitting upon a rock. It was almost as if she was mother nature herself. He flew over her for a bit as he smelt the strong stench given off by the rain forest. He watched dears and bears run around wildly and yet this woman was not afraid. It was time to show her that being afraid was going to be her only choice. Demon used his teleportation to instantly appear on the ground in front of her. As he landed the earth shook strongly he looked up at her and gazed into her eyes. As he moved closer. Each step he took resulted in a clang from the chains on his belt. He looked deeper into her eyes.

WildChild I presume.

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The trees sang softly in the hot wind. THe day was steaming from the suns harsh touch. Thus is why she found herself basking by the raging river. Her hair of fire red dripped in joy as the river water danced over the shining strains that played in the suns dieing kiss, and the winds playful touch. the water licked at her cheeks, down her neck. then fading into her skin tight shirt, she had just doned on after her day's swim.

Standing up, she watched as her reflection shimered and danced in the waters face. With a soft smile, she tied her skirt around her waist, then her dagger at her outer thigh that was seen from the slit in her skirt that ran all the way up her leg. Red splashed with green on her shirt and skirt, matched her eyes and hair.

Emerald eyes, Wild red hair, Soft creamy skin, long arms, with longer legs. To most she looked like a tree sprite, only taller, It wouldnt shock anyone to find wings glittering out her bare back.

Sitting back down on the warm rock, she watched the waters tumble over the rocks, The sun danced with its mirror self. Lost forever in a timeless moment. Reaching over, her fingers touched the face of the water, as though she was caressing the face of a lover, long sence gone. longing love, lost on her face, a pained need locked in her eyes, The deepest sadness, forever in her heart, drowned by the fear of her timeless being.

For she was timeless, She felt that death himself feared her..for he never came to claim her soul when she begged so hoplessly. Her body healed, as fast as it could be hurt, and being hurt, wasnt easy, not with her powers, Energy, as free and wild as the river, as deep and warm as the sun, as heartless as the artic storms. As loving as mother to a frist child. All raging within her body, within her world, she could draw onto the energy of very creature, very plant, even the smallest living things, where hers. to do with as she would, with enough power, she could destory the world..

A shiver ran down her body as she drew her hand back, shaking with fear of her realiztion. A tear flowed from her eyes, down her cheek and into the river where it was lost forever, never to dry, never to be felt again but by fish, and other beings that thrust.

the world was calm, soft and sweet, One could close their eyes, and sleep for the remiander of time. never to wake, never to want to. But the quite was disturbed by the sudden apearace of a male.

Lya blinked a few times as she sat up and watched him as though merely amused at his presance(sp). She felt each of his steps viberate though the rocks, even in the water. His eyes locked within her emerald gaze. Slowly she stood as he came closer, To flee Should he lash out at her. The river was at her back, ready to take her away to another world, a safer realm. Then his voice sang out in a wicked evil tone. Her name danced off his tongue.

"Aye, I am WildChild. You are?"

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He waited for the reply from Lya. He knew who she was he just like to make an entrance. The sun had began to go down but the heat still beamed on his back he used his energy manipulation with out making a movement sending the hot air in the opposite direction. Leaving only a cool breeze in at his presence. Though he was hear to retrieve a soul, it almost felt as if he was vacationing. Old memories of when he and his mother used to go out camping. The sound of the water smoothly running over the rocks. The birds chirping lovely songs all around him. Insects reminiscing. But there was nothing he loved more that the waterfalls. he had seen them many times on television but never in person.

Now right in front of him was a large waterfall. It was beautiful. how the suns heat waves bounced off the water and created rainbow type images. It was as beautiful his moms cooking. The flashbacks of his mom began rushing back to his mind like speedy sports cars. She was always bailing him out of jail. Taking beating for his troubles. sometimes even accepted being raped just so the cops wouldn’t take Demon in. Every since he had gained his powers. He had hunted and killed every single man that hurt or attempted to hurt his mom.

There were many who said that revenge wasn’t the right way to take things. But he always replied in the same way "Its not revenge. Its punishment." He had always thought to himself. What happens when he has punished all to be punished. There well always be one foul beat left. Himself. He figure he would know what to do when the time is right. Right now he needed this soul and he was planning on leaving with it also.

His thoughts were quickly shut down from the movement of the young lady she stood. He emerald green eyes peered deep into his own. His eyes were no color at all they were surveillance of the massacre that happens on the underworld. Thos who look into his eyes see a world that they never want to see again The one began to speak.

Aye, I am WildChild. You are?

He kneeled to the ground. As he placed he dug his hand into the dirt. His eyes began to glisten ruby red. As every plant began to die, every animal began to fall, the river were no longer filled with water. They were filled with blood. Never ending streams of blood. The looked up to the sky as orange clouds began to cover the area as if a large storm was coming. As he raised from the ground thunder struck the land around him knocking down tree after tree as he looked at them.

Merely with the snap if his finger the thunder stopped instantly. Leaving half of the trees that were there before. The chains on his belt began to depart and float in the air. And then almost instantly they zoomed out and latched sharp claws onto the trees. The chains began to pull the trees out of the ground. Soon there were four threes floating from the strength of a chain. This had only been four of his ten chains. He grinned at the woman as his jagged but pure white teeth were revealed.

I’m Demosapien ruler of the underworld. And I want your soul

The chains began to launch the immense trees at Lya. With hi mind Demosapien used energy manipulation to insert magnetic pulses inside of them. Demon grinned as he used his energy to cast thunder upon Lya while she still fought off the trees. The lightning strike seemed to race towards Lya as if she had done something to her. It made a loud screech as it passed through the air. He began to do random hand movements swaying his fingers back and forth. A small ball of electricity began to form in his palms.

And im going to get it whether you like it or not.

He then fired the two balls of electricity at Lya.