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"Blatant." The clean pressed brooks brothers suited lawyer slaps his folder onto the table, a public defender sweating in the seat beside Will.

"Blatant, wanton disregard for the public and the youth in general. While playing basketball at the local recreational facility Mister Brody broket he hoop, along with seven individuals noses and ribs. His elbows may as well be knives your honor!" The jury snickers "This is NOT a joke! This man is a public menace. He has been slinging drugs since he was a juvenile with a lengthy, albeit expunged, record. Which I don't even need if you review what he's done in the last six years of his adult life. I ask- no DEMAND this man be taxed with the total of the medical bills, as well as do community service for no less than six months."

Will licks his lips and curls them into a sneer, his public defender shuffles the police records that spent more time working witht he law than himself, "Your honor Mr.Brody" Will smacks the PD's arma nd drags his hand stowards himself, the poindexter leaning in with one ear then looking at Will with a concerned expression, who opens his eyes wide as though to say chop chop. "The defendent wishes to ask the Prosecution for clarification..." Looks at Will, then back to the Attorney after adjusting coke bottle glasses, "Are you saying he balls so hard, muther F'ers want to fine him?"

The gavel's smack ricochet's through the courtroom "Order! This is a Surkis. Defendent is fined the sum total of fifty thousand dollars in response to the medical bills. Community service will only lead to more damage. " Setting the gavel down the judge crosses his hands and takes a deep breath for a long winded speech, "Mister Brody you have been accused several times of being at the scene of some...remarkable crimes. Murders, theft, drug rings-"

"Bang that muffckin gavel, dawg. You got me here on one soft @ss charge. " He rhymes.

"*BANG bang* case concluded"

Later that night

Ontop of the courthouse rubbing the breasts of a bronze statue absentmindedly while smoking a blunt on a lean, the Jersey Devil, the Jackal of all trades, the ever changing but never changed Flucks spots the judge leaving for his car in the back parking lot. A red crackle of energy sucking him into the sky and spewing him out in front of the rotund lawman, "You sat on high and judged lives."

The judge's name is Douglas Reihner. He has four children, a wife at home waiting. All his life he was a good man, payed his taxes, did what he thoguht was right. This wasn't his story. Falling back on the pavement the amber light of the new york street lamps illuminates the jawline of the villain ahead of him's jawline. No man had ever seen the face of the infamous Flucks before tonight. There was areason for that, "Drinking gin from a pitcher...like we don't got noses, like we don't got eyes."

"Please! It was a fair trial I could've put you in jail!" the judge drags himself backwards as rocks roll beneath his soft palms, Flucks strolling like a school boy forward. Kneeling in down to meet the Reihner at eye level "You abused your power, had the nerve to embarrass me in front of the crowd...like I was a coward. Can't get disrespected by a old man softer than powder. That sh!t'll get me usurped. Close your eyes or don't"


"This sh!ts gonna hurt" Grabbing forehead Flucks lets a neon red bolt travel down his arm and conduct into the old man's skull, eyes illuminating and boiling into white and bloody puddles that drip from his skull. One loud crack and he was back in his booth with his assistant tough chin Sin looking sexy holding a dry cleaned suit

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@Flucks: lol "this is a surkis"

I loved it. Are you bringing flucks into the NU or was this for prime?

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@Frenemy: lol Thanks

This is nU Flucks

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@Surkit: I love it even more now :D

By the way, did I just post in an actual RPG? You want me to delete my posts? lol

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lol nah it's just a quick bio story. Thanks for asking though

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Flucks keepin it guttah

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That sh!t was restrained :P Wait'll I write part 2

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I enjoyed it. It was good to me.

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hehe a new adversary >.>

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You liquidated eye balls! I like it lol
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@Chibcha1810: Me too :P Thanks

@614azrael: lol thanks