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The Pacific Ocean

One thousand, two hundred meters in the pitch black, uncharted territories of the Pacific Ocean's bathyal zone, the gathered crew remains nurtured within the accommodating interior of the POSEIDON, and shielded by it's fortuitous structural design and quantum-shielded exterior. Behemothic in it's physical dimensions and characterized by it's bulbous, whale-like front, sleek silhouette and pale blue hull, the underwater watercraft's technological impeccability renders it capable of unmitigated submersion, reaching the lowest of aquatic depths. With a propulsion system reliant on large deuterium-tritium fusion reactors as well as three aft-mounted plasma drives, the POSEIDON fluidly maneuvers it's gargantuan form in the dark waters, surrounded by deep-diving sperm whales, frilled sharks, and viperfish.

Helmet-less, but fitted into the stylish grey-onyx Madridista Armor, Santi sets foot inside the vessel's second deck, the Information Center. An expansive space populated by research and technology laboratories, an armory, and the briefing/communications room. Instinctively governing himself with a straightened, patrician posture reminiscent to that of his late father's swaggering mannerisms, the Spaniard insouciantly makes his way into the briefing/communications room, addressing all assembled main crew members, Mackenzie Sullivan, Xenon, and of course, his corporate superior, Antonia Dain. Issuing them all a courteous nod, Santi winsomely smiles, "Hola Ms. Dain, Ms. Sullivan", cordially shifting his sapphire gaze to the Mutant Maestro, "And of course, hola Mr. Xenon".

Confident in the collective ability of the various engineers and scientists so generously offered by the Avalon CEO to operate the various functions of the gargantuan vessel, the Madridista began. "Now that we have had a bit of time to acquaint ourselves with one another, I would like to commend Ms. Dain", meeting the artistic savant's eyes prior to shifting to the others in attendance, "For providing us with a highly competent team of professionals to help in operating POSEIDON. Not that I expected any less of you bella", casting a quick wink of cosmopolitan panache in his boss' direction. "And I would like to commend Ms. Sullivan for agreeing to come along as a combat specialist, in case we encounter some hostile underwater civilization. And of course, Mr. Xenon for providing us with additional resources", he smiled affably.

"Tis quite simple why I asked you all to accompany me in this endeavor. In addition to all of the resources and benefits you've all provided of course", sportively quipping, the Spaniard continues. "Tis because you are all capable. One is a genius, an intellectual, a hardworking entrepreneur who has risen to the top of the corporate world because of her excellence. The other is the greatest combat expert that I know, and the best assessor of defense technology that I have ever known. And the last, he is another genius, the Supreme Chancellor of Venezuela", he paused. "I would not have selected any of you if I felt you were less capable. Sincerely, I look forward to working with you all". Accessing the control panel before him with a quick swipe of the finger, Santi incites the emergence of a colossal, translucent, geographically detailed, holographic projection of the world's major oceans.

Outlining the established order of their aquatic journey, Santi informs. "The first ocean to be explored will of course be, the Pacific. Then we go to the Southern Ocean, then the Atlantic, then the Arctic. The last will be the Indian Ocean as I do not find it particularly interesting. It's warmth prevents the production of phytoplankton which makes the marine life there, limited. Are we all fine with this?", he inquires, "I need everyone's input to see if this will be the order of our oceanic exploration".

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The Maestro stood tall, his arms respectfully clasped behind of his back as his dark eyes surveyed the members of the crew, curious to see who Santi had entrusted on this trip. Currently clad in his standard attire, fully covered in the unassuming dark suit save for his facial features, the King of Venezuela modestly nodded as his friend welcomed and thanked him. Slowly shifting his vision towards Antonia Dain, casting her a good-natured smile as the same gesture was given to Ms Sullivan. The Mutant King evenly addressed the trio, "May I express my gratitude to all three of you. Firstly, for agreeing to participate, this venture will yield great results for humanity" Appreciatively peering towards Santi for a moment, "and thank you, for inviting me" readdressing the three again with a quick nod, the King continued. "I am sure you are all well informed, but my name is Xenon, leader of the Mutant Country known as The Republic of Venezuela, Ambassador, or otherwise known as the Supreme Chancellor" looking over to Miss Dain, he addressed her directly,"And thank you for making this venture possible Miss Dain, Andres, who was a close friend of mine, would be proud of such innovation and exploration, the pursuit knowledge was his life" Looking towards the unknown woman, Xenon introduced himself,"and it is my pleasure to meet you, Miss Sullivan, I hope to see why Santi has so much faith in you in due course, I expect to be impressed" Lightly chucking, his eyes dallied away from the woman, pensively gazing towards the holographic projection. "The highlighted route seems suitable, at least to me," he paused, allowing the crew to have input, "although I'm no expert of the ocean" unclasping his hands as his right palm rubbed his chin, he ceased talking to allow the other members a chance to speak, having nothing of value to say at the present time.

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For her part in enabling the deep sea endeavor, in addition to allocating a certain amount of funds to the exploration, Antonia hand-picked a number of her favorite and most deserving engineers and scientists willing to partake of the adventure. And though she herself typically kept a busy schedule, exploration of the oceans was something she'd been contemplating even before Santi came forth with his proposal; it just so happened to fall perfectly into place, and she would not miss it.

Her first task upon entering had been to completely familiarize herself with every possible discernible detail of the POSEIDON's inside environment. And so she had, making a soft rush to the briefing room just ahead of Santi himself, casting a taunting wink over her shoulder, mocking as if she had just won a race.

Contrary to her standard formal dress, she was garbed completely casual for the occasion, dressed lightly in a pair of tight-fitting jeans, casual t-shirt, and her favorite pair of boots. Acting in accordance with her present image, and not her on-call title, she planted herself in a chair off-center, issuing appropriately acknowledging greetings where they were due, without giving much to unnecessary ceremony for her part. Santi had covered things well, and she was already familiar with two of them anyway.

"Efficient enough. Well, as efficient as a trip around the world could be. I've just got one question...for now," she added with an artful grin and a shrug. "This...POSEIDON," she smiled at the name, "is she going to be able to carry us all through nonstop, or will we need to dock for fuel or other reasons?"

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The cool glow of dim lighting bathed the renegade agent in muted light as she remained in the shadows of the briefing and communications room.

The first to arrive after the request of appearance had been sent to the device that was always on her, she’d intentionally set herself up in a vantage point.

Along the back edge of the room was a bar-like shelf lining the wall, just wide enough for her to comfortably seat herself on, lithely toned legs tucked underneath her in a criss-cross pattern..

Clad in form-fitting head-to-toe black in the form of fitted skinny jeans and a v-neck t-shirt that clung to her slight hourglass physique, everything about her appearance obscured just who and what she was. The woman of a thousand names, the most talked about agent of the past three decades, and a myth about intelligence circles.

She was also a woman who was attempting to turn over a new leaf, and this was one of the first steps down that road.

Immediate assessments of all those in the room were taken, and of the camaraderie between the ragtag group of four, who by almost no other means would have congregated together.

A slight and respectful nod was afforded in Santi’s direction as he acknowledged her combat prowess, followed by a brief salute in the direction of Antonia, the one who had brought her on and into the realm of Avalon in the first place.

Xenon was the unknown factor here, the rogue element and blind spot in her knowledge. It was an exercise in trust for Mackenzie to be cooped up with three people. No matter the gargantuan size of the technological marvel that they traveled in, they were still underwater and while escape routes were available, they were not readily so.

His modesty and appreciation were noted, and factored into the assessments of character that she was building in her mind as Mackenzie smiled warmly, nodding her head in his direction as more praise was heaped upon her.

She remained intentionally silent, allowing the others to speak as much as they desired. Mackenzie had nothing of value to add at this moment, and as such, would remain silent.

Stretching one leg forward to hang off the side, while bringing the other up to her chest and lackadaisically wrapping an arm around it, Ren continued the cultivated image of casualness.

Surveying the images being projected, she found herself simultaneously impressed with the technological prowess combined with the mental acumen required to plan something such as this.

“No opposition.” Her opinion was offered, and noted, and that had been the entirety of what was needed from her input up to this moment.

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As expected, from the gathered crew-members in the briefing/communications room, Mackenzie opted to remain primarily mute while both Antonia and Xenon offered their valued input. Amused by the Avalon CEO's unorthodox sportiveness and admiring the Supreme Chancellor's showcased modesty and overt humility, Santi paid both their voiced words equal attention, subtly nodding from time to time as indications of his interest in their statements. "Muy bien, muy bien. Allow me to then address all of your voiced concerns beginning with who I believe is the most important and valued member among you, Ms. Dain", flippantly gesturing towards the entrepreneurial juggernaut prior to the escape of an engaging chuckle, "I kid of course".

"But to answer your question. Si, she will be able to carry us all nonstop. A vessel named POSEIDON unable to dominate the sea would be a bit strange, no?", the Spaniard wittily smirked. "When I recruited my good friend here, Mr. Xenon, he and I arranged for there to be a surplus of backup fuel and other engineering necessities provided by his nation's resources, so thank you Mr. Xenon for listening to my suggestions and offering your own", casting a respectful inclination of the head in the Venezuelan head of state and government's direction. "I assume your concerns have been addressed for now, hm bella?", a succinct tease of implicit dalliance meeting the Avalon CEO in the form of a winning sideways tilt of the head. Proceeding with Xenon's previous statements, Santi begins.

"De nada mi hermano", first addressing his collaborator's sincerely voiced gratitude for the opportunity to accompany them in the aquatic excursion. "Though this endeavor was primarily motivated by my desire to amass knowledge, tis also for other reasons. We could solve the globe's food crisis, and partially it's economic one as well. The ocean produces 20% of the world's protein supply. Three billion people rely on the ocean for their livelihood. And 70% of the planet's oxygen is produced by the ocean. We can learn more about climate change, prevent ocean acidification. Uncover ancient, submerged civilizations, take whatever artifacts interest us for study and experimentation. Discover new types of marine life as well, possibly even intelligent beings like ourselves". Making use of the control panel, the Madridista shifts the holographic projection of the world's oceans to one highlighting their present location.

"Right now, we are one thousand, two hundred meters deep in the bathyal zone. There is no sunlight here, so there is no primary production. Here we are surrounded by the occasional deep-diving whales, the viperfish, the frill shark, the giant squid, octopuses, sponges, sea stars, echinoids, and other forms of marine life", he paused, "Here there is no plant-life because light does not reach this depth for there to be photosynthesis. Three thousand meters below us starts the abyssal zone where there is no light whatsoever. There lie several benthic organisms. You can find anglerfish, the giant squid, the black swallower and other forms of life. It is perpetually cold and boasts pressures of up to eleven thousand psi. Even deeper than that is the hadal zone where there are jellyfish, viperfish, tube-worms and whatnot. It begins at around six thousand meters and the pressures there can exceed sixteen thousand psi".

Addressing all those in attendance, Santi reveals. "I'm going to send several probes to investigate the bathyzal, abyssal, and hadal zones. They will actively transmit whatever information they acquire on the respective environments to POSEIDON's onboard Q-Computer. Meanwhile, I will ask to have POSEIDON ascend to the euphotic zone where almost all of the primary productivity occurs, and where approximately 90% of all marine life is found. Once there, I will use one of the many 'Atlantis' atmospheric-diving power suits to personally explore the zone. Any of you are of course, free to join me", a charismatic, upwards curl of the mouth bedecking his august visage, "And for those of you who would prefer to dive in an illuminated area, I suggest you do so because later we will return to these darker zones where I will do the same". Independent of whether or not he will be accompanied, the Spaniard departs to ready himself for his intended exploration of the euphotic zone.

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Nodding, the Venezuelan dignitary's mind casually wondered away whilst Santi was speaking. Although not ignoring the man, in fact, he'd understood every single word, a single thought slipped through his mind and managed to settle, lingering, the thought pertaining to the possibility of undiscovered, intelligent life. Swiftly trailing Santi, the Maestro wasted no time in voicing his inquiry, "The possibility to discover intelligent life living below the sea is...Fascinating, however, we must remember if they follow the path humanity has so habitually chosen, these hypothetical creatures may not be civil towards trespassers, they may be solitary and have no desire to engage in communication," Considering the possibility of an attack, the Mutant King continued, "has POSEIDON got defensive capabilities, and, do these diving suitscommand any defensive or offensive means of attack?" Knowing he would be reluctant to withdraw his specialized Vibranium underwater and risk the minuscule chance of the Anti-Metals exotic properties metal eating wavelength to somehow pervade through the water like sound vibrating through air and damaging POSEIDON. "If so, it may be wise to offer each crew member some guidance on how to approach using this weaponry. We cannot be caught off guard during an encounter," He thought, "that would be most unwise" folding his arms, the King awaited a response with eager ears.

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I sit alone in a dark, empty room, a stowaway, with nothing but my mirrored reflection, a few brain scans, and my thoughts to keep me company. Here I've been for hours, maybe days, or longer. I dunno. Doesn't matter.

She knows I'm here. She's the one who told me to come along, claiming there's a special task I'm suited for. Details aren't plentiful, but she said enough to get my attention. 'Come along,' she said. 'I'll make it interesting. Come with us, and I'll show you how to restore some of your power.'

So far she hasn't shown me much. The pictures are supposedly modified details of my own brain, drawn from sketches the goddess described to Antonia from when I had my powers, and these are what I'm supposed to use to help myself so I can then help her.

The goal is to return my senses to at least some semblance of their former ability. The catch is I get no help. No surgery to forcibly (and painfully) mold things back to their proper way. I have to do it myself, using only my power, a mirror, and feeling, so I can get accustomed to using it with instinct 'for the future.' The mirror tells me what is done wrong and what is right...in some cases. I've gone through many different changes by now. My hair has changed between countless shades and hues, my eyes done the same, and even my skin. Working my brain isn't hard. Mostly it's tedious. And sometimes it hurts. I've lost focus and made countless mistakes. Even ended up blind once. But that tells me I'm close, in a way. Wading my way through the darkness of my senses, backtracking from whence I came, I look into the mirror and see...

Me. But not just me. I can see my skeleton. A wide grin readily spreads across my face. This is too good. I'm getting back to the old me again, and with this, I can see more clearly, to more precisely fix my brain and my powers.

Soon I can hear the crew clearly through the walls, as if they're standing right next to me. Just like before, I can tune my focus to various settings; nice to know I haven't lost a step. Now it's time.

I rise and crumple the drawings, then step into the hall and invite myself into the meeting room, past the funny talking winky guy and meet Antonia, who looks to be following.

"I'd say I've got a pretty handy means of attack and defense," she says to the man in black while nodding toward me. "Have you got it?" she asks me with a smile, but I know she knows by my emergence and the look on my face that I have. I'm not oblivious; even I know I don't smile much, but this is reason enough.

"This is my assistant, Trinity Blue. Reformed. She'll be diving without a suit."

I address the others with a simple nod and nothing more, except the exchange of analytical glares as always in first meetings. Add to that most who recognize me on Earth only know me as that destructive girl from the international news, and I'm not expecting much of a first impression.

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Charismatically curling his mouth upwards in a moment of cavalier certainty, the Spaniard coolly addressed Xenon's voiced concerns with expressed insouciance. "Por favor mano, calm down", he insisted, an urbane laugh escaping his armor-garnished frame, "What would have been unwise would be coming to such a journey with no form of offensive or defensive preparation, no?", rhetorically inquiring, left eyebrow raised prior to conversational resumption. "Do not worry my friend, you may rest easy, all of the things that I build have some form of defense technology. POSEIDON, in addition to being made of a high-grade Titanium-50 alloy, has her subatomic structure fortified by increased gravitational binding energy with what I have named 'Quantum Shielding'".

Offering greater elaboration, Santi continued his detailing of POSEIDON's technologically-roused defenses. "This vessel is a literal juggernaut, nothing can break through it with all of it's shielding active. In case additional protection is required, we can erect a repulsive barrier with the superpartner of the graviton, the graviphoton. It behaves like a photon but it generates a repulsive force, and we have harnessed this anti-gravity to develop fortuitous force field technology. And of course, the vessel has offensive capabilities as well, it's plasma-torpedo weapons system". Moving to address the Supreme Chancellor's comments regarding what form of weaponry can be accessed with the atmospheric divine-power suits, Santi informs. "No, the diving power suits do not have conventional weaponry. That is why we have an armory here where you can select most of my developed firearms, plasma cannons, particle-beam weapons, and other things. But the diving power suits offer unmitigated physical strength, tis designed for hard labor. And you can use it's thermal-plasma drill as a weapon, if you need to".

Highlighting their specific geographic whereabouts on the translucent, azure holographic projection showcasing POSEIDON's ascent to the euphotic zone, the Madridista politely smiled, "A geographic scan was made earlier my friend. I highlighted the dangers of a potential aquatic civilization as we move into areas we have no detailed maps for. But here, where we will be diving, there was nothing detected... yet, so we are most likely safe. I would never send you beautiful people", a winning smile gracing his debonair features as he meets eyes with all in the briefing/communications room, "Into the ocean unprepared... and likely to die. That would be most cruel". And as Trinity set foot inside the room, offering all in attendance simple nods of acknowledgement, Santi reciprocating her nod with succinctness, found his interest piqued at Antonia's revelation that the blonde woman required no diving suit. Quelling his desire to endeavor himself in studies regarding Trinity's physical makeup and biochemistry, the Posh Porthos cast a teasing smirk in the Avalon CEO's direction. "One-upping us with your assistant... interesting".

"Well then, I believe that will be all". Dismissing himself from their presence with a cordial nod, intent on commencing his aquatic experience irrespective of whether or not he is accompanied, Santi opted against using the Atlantis-diving power suit, and instead clad himself in the herculean-sized Bison Armor, a sealed environment with a quantum-shield reinforced high-grade titanium alloy exoskeleton, a secondary layer of highly durable specialized carbyne-fabric twice stronger than carbon nanotubes, a tertiary gel-filled layer underneath a thick black carbon-nanotube light body-armor for temperature regulation, and a final under-armor composed of a moisture-absorbing synthetic material telemetrically harboring one of the Spaniard's 'Multi-Particle Quantum Walk' Q-Computers. Appropriately armed with his HH-60 Assault Rifle and twin-bladed 'Ion Sword', and externally modifying the Bison Armor with a necessary propulsion system for underwater maneuverability, Santi transposes himself from POSEIDON's interior to the transparent, vibrant waters of the Pacific Ocean's euphotic zone. Undisturbed by the surrounding marine life, he moves forward, unaware of the nearby gargantuan, undiscovered organism that had eluded his vessel's sensors. An organism he would hopefully learn more of as he explores the waters with his crew-members.

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It was of little consequence to absorb the vast amount of knowledge being spread throughout the room.

The only time she broke the display of studious casualness was when the newest addition walked into the room, immediately assessed by Mackenzie on threat and prowess levels, as was natural reaction to all she came across.

The information revealed more than she had ever deemed to know regarding deep sea exploration. Mac’s realm of expertise was the grounded world, was life and death. She dealt in certainties, although her certainties were dealt with varying shades of grey moral ambiguity.

There was something new….something shiny….something clean about this endeavor. Something she was trying to transition more towards. Mackenzie Sullivan, the Renegade, had an almost aching urge to cleanse her soul and wipe clean the rivers of red blood that had stained it.

Focusing on the languidly casual movements of Santi as he exited the room, Mackenzie gave it one last once-over.

It was a myriad crew. Varying capabilities, varying powers, varying motives and varying ideologies, yet somehow cohesive in their formation. No overt or outright ego and no personalities who would naturally clash for the alpha position, something which could prove most treacherous for them at this point in time.

And yet she was still building in plans for possible problems, as was her inherent nature.

Slipping her legs out from beneath her, she gracefully slid down from her perch on the outlying table. The flat soles of well worn boots moved with unerring silence across the floor as the preternaturally graceful agent slid out the door, silent nods accorded to each occupant of the room on the way out.


Glistening red hair cascaded down her bare back, sweeping across a small myriad of scars, each helping craft a story in the violence acts that had been committed against her, acts that had been repaid tenfold in their own time.

She’d retreated to the personal quarters allotted to her. Functional and still high-class with all of the technological accompaniments that one could dream for.

Removing the remainder of her clothes, the renegade agent opened up one of the numerous cases she’d brought with her on this journey and picked out the technoweave suit that had been crafted for her, hooking into other tech that she used, and which would be able to pair itself to the systems of any suits that she dove in, allowing her an almost effortless control of it.

Zipping up what would appear at first glance to be nothing particularly dissimilar from normal mission guise, she slid back into her boots and exited her personal quarters.

The POSEIDON was gargantuan and beyond the scope of any technological marvel that she’d ever been in the presence of.

One could get lost in its halls, and on some other occasion, she would allow herself to. But at this moment, there was a mission, an objective, and at the moment, those were the only things driving her and distracting her mind from the almost overwhelming guilt that threatened to drown it.

Lightly pinching the bridge of her nose, she traversed her way to the communications hub, settling down on the back, resting the heels of her shoes on the edge of the amply sized seat and began surveying the weapons readouts, familiarizing herself with them should the need arise. It was her form of decompression, of preparation for the impending dive.

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Quantum Shielding, hm?”The Maestro smiled, “very clever,”He praised, feeling a little thoughtless in questioning his friends preparation considering Santi had been the one to conceptualize much of Xenon’s own weaponry during their youth. “Excuse me however, I must go and prepare my ownsuit for usage”Briskly leavingthe room as he cast Trinity and Antonia a friendly smile, the Mutant King retired back to his quarters.

Lowering his height and coming onto a single knee, opening what looked to be like a black briefcase as flashing red lights seeped through its crevices, clicking open the device, Xenon back away. “Voice activation: Xenon - Security code 3471321A”He muttered, speaking into a little inbuilt camera and speaker as a small antenna popped out and scanned Xenon with a red light, quickly turning green as authorization was acquired. “Hello my King, how are you?”The Venezuelan Elite inquired, the voice being a pre-recorded program.

Smiling out of habit, Xenon answered. “I’m good Taki, now please, initiate the protocols planned prior to this trip" Taking another step backwards as the briefcase emitted a low rumble, the King's eyes widened as a blackish substance oozed out from within the briefcase and slithered across of the ground as it started to eerily crawl across of the ground before slithering onto Xenon's foot, and quickly after, completely covering his right leg with the dark substance.

"Taki," He said, looking down at his foot, "proceed" closing his eyes and holding his breath as the essence crawled up his body, slithering up his chest and like something from a horror movie, crawled into his mouth and disappeared. Xenon shivered, ignoring the uncomfortable sensation as the substance entered his stomach and in a few minutes time, would diffuse into his bloodstream.

Opening his eyes, he spoke. "Thank you Taki, now - Close" Nodding, the briefcase closed, and with that, Xenon left the room and paced towards where the suits were stored, having just ingested a cluster of specialized Venezuelan nanobots, specifically tailored for the sea.

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Pleased with the way Trinity greeted the room, as well as how she was received, Antonia beamed proudly as her assistant took hold of the group's attention, the squint of her hearty smile belying the minute sweeping motion her eyes made over the room's inhabitants, noting the friendly demeanor of both men, at least in their voices, and of even more interest, the cautiously calculating glare of the Renegade. The notice deepened her smile, but just as quickly, her eyes swapped back to Trinity, glad she hadn't seen it and taken it as a challenge. At that stage in her social development, she was still very much unstable.

"Well, you've got this big ship; I had to have something to show for myself," she chortled in response to Santi's jest, rising herself with the others to take to her own personal machinations for the deep sea endeavor.

Along with Trinity, Antonia exited to the private quarters she had selected for herself. Sealing the entryway, she sauntered through the meticulously kept room, reaching under the bed and removing a paint-stained black duffel bag. Disrobing, her clothes were folded onto the bed and replaced with a form-fitting, insulated diving suit hand-crafted with a Beta-Trion-based fabric weave, to be worn under the exosuit Santi provided. After a brief test ensuring functionality and comfortability, she prepared to take her leave.

As the door opened, however, she found herself faced with Trinity's bare backside, clothes piled at her feet.

"Trinity!" She exclaimed the girl's name in a whisper, grabbing her by the waist and jerking her into the room. Checking quickly to ensure no one had seen, she swept the clothes in with her foot and re-sealed door.

"Trinity, what the hell are you doing?"

"I'm diving without a suit," the girl said with a callous shrug. "And my clothes would get wet."

"But these people...they can't see you...like that." She understood even as she made her point that Trinity came from an extremely different culture, and was silently thankful that a lack of prudishness was the worst they were presently dealing with. She thought for a split second before settling on a solution, placing her hand on Trinity's shoulder. "Use your power of absorption," she ordered, and the girl did, her body weaving unto itself the properties of Antonia's fabric to a certain point, mostly giving the appearance that she wore an identical suit.

"Just stay like that until we leave the ship, and...don't get too close to anyone," she added, noting it wasn't at all difficult to tell her business from up close. "I'll lead the way. Stay behind me." With that, the two proceeded cautiously through the POSEIDON's corridors where Antonia would don a personally designated power suit, and afterwards, dismissing herself as well as Trinity from the vessel.

"You know the drill." With a nod, Trinity departed her company, headed already for deeper waters, for reasons yet reticent.

Soon after their departure, a small compartment opened in the suit, producing what appeared to be a red miniature toy shark, no larger than a guppy and no more lively than a starfish. As Antonia lay hands on it, however, it buzzed to life, miniature lights shining out of its apparent mouth and pectoral fins. For the time, it buzzed along with its maker as she too ventured off.

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Deeply submerged in the transparent waters of the Pacific's euphotic zone, the fortuitously armored Santi, accompanied by the enigmatic Trinity Blue and an impeccable intellectual in Antonia Dain, found himself generally surrounded by unassuming marine life, nothing to warrant his immediate investigative interest. Relying on the Bison Armor's dubbed Q-Computer 'Porthos', the Spaniard establishes a communicative relationship with the Avalon CEO as well as Ms. Dain's peculiar assistant. "The others are sure to come", he pointed out, manipulating the Bison Armor's propulsion system as he temperately maneuvers in the clear, sunlight-graced waters, his suit's sensors assessing the water's salinity and chemical composition.

"Don't expect to find anything loco here in the euphotic zone", the Spaniard advised, "Here we're most likely to only find marine life that we are already familiar with. Though if any of you have ever wanted to play with a dolphin or whale.. or shark, now is the time". Following his subtle jest, the Madridista pauses, maneuvering himself towards small-scale corals spread across a rocky underwater surface. Examining the secreted calcium carbonate with technologically innovative sensors, he continues, "Because soon we will return to the deeper waters where our interest should be. Though not my biggest priority, imagine querida, discovering an intelligent underwater civilization. It would be interesting, no? For the hypothetical civilization as well. They will come across and meet a group of geniuses, and their friend Ms. Sullivan".

Diverting his attention from the tersely examined corals, he turns towards both Antonia and Trinity, lightly descending further into the Pacific depths, "Think of what we could learn from them, the artifacts we could bring back to study. It would-", pausing, his feverishly alerting sensors prompting him to turn towards his left, the Spaniard tilts his head downwards, his orange-hued visor vaguely making out the behemothic, unsettling silhouette an organism of truly gargantuan dimensions, it's enormity comparable to that of a blue whale. Boasting a partial resemblance to an elephantine squid or cuttlefish, the undiscovered cryptid completes it's descent, it's distant silhouette fading into the blackness of lower aquatic regions. "Ai Dios mios... you-you all saw that shadow si? Que locura..". Speedily recovering from his immersed moment of shock, dynamically overcome by his instinctive sense of scientific curiosity, the Mercurial Madridista collectively contacted both Mackenzie and Xenon via his armor's featured Q-Computer, "Xenon, Ms. Sullivan, I need you both out here, now".

Facing Antonia and Trinity, Santi sportively smirked, his comely features concealed by the sealed environment of his Bison Armor. "Those diving-power suits that all of you have, with the exception of Ms. Blue of course, they can endure the pressure of the ocean's deepest zones. And they have on-board sources of illumination. You can see where I'm going with this, no? I want you to accompany me, I'm going to dive deeper to find whatever that thing was. If there is a community of those creatures in the bathyal or abyssal zone, we have to find it. Vamos, vamos", he encouraged, commencing his gradual descent into darker waters, the Bison Armor's electrically-powered light source offering sufficient incandescence. Reaching Xenon, he issues a request, "Xenon, have them descend POSEIDON to 3100 meters into the bathyal zone".

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The sleek diving suit that ensconced the petite former agent was nothing short of a technological miracle. Somehow representative of her personal and fighting credence, it had only the necessities, combined with a sleek array of weaponry to choose from should the need arrive.

Mackenzie was expecting it to.

She was focused on the mission with a laser-focused intensity, but there was a marvel that one could not help but to behold in witness of the sights that were surrounding them. The oceans were the last of Earth’s unmapped terrains, and one couldn’t help but feel the size of an ant while exploring them.

Thousands of shades of blue, green, black and gray combined to paint a portrait that the wildest of imaginations couldn’t begin to fathom. It was art in motion, and truly an entirely different world.

Water sluiced around Mackenzie’s suit as she cut through the water, coming up on the flank of the Avalon expedition. Remaining a slight distance towards the right flank of the group, Renegade drank in every sight that crossed her vision.

The HUD showed an illuminated display in her visor, tracking the other Avalon members, as well as foreign organic and inorganic obstacles in the waters. It was a display that could be flicked on and off with nothing more than a spoken command.

“Coming up on your four.” Intuiting that it would be easily discernible jargon, Mac approached, the sleek black and gunmetal grey of her diving suit moving fluidly through the water, all senses, both technological and physical on the lookout for any imminent danger.

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Briskly entering the helm of the submarine, Xenon quietly placed his palm atop of the quartermasters shoulder and gave the command. "My friend, please descend POSEIDON to 3100 meters into the bathyal zone as of now, it appears that Mr Porthos may have encountered something" Pressing his temple, and engaging communications once more with his friend as the gigantic submarine started to descend. "Santi, I have given the order, POSEIDON is now entering the bathyal" Looking ahead at the radar, Xenon was unable to ascertain what was swimming above the scientists and Miss Sullivan.

He reengaged communications with all of the members, leaning in and peering at the monitor before glancing up, into the deep sea from the safety of the vessel. "The scanners are unable to detect whatever was sighted" He explained, folding his arms and leaning up again, "I'm going to stay aboard...For now" Looking at the crew, he felt their nervous rising.

Secretly, he was unsure they were fit for this role. Not that he was skeptical of their abilities, but Santi, Miss Sullivan and possibly even Antonia had all been through harshness, had the crew ever been exposed to life threatening situations? It was merely in Xenon's character to stay aboard and lead, as he had always done. "I will inform you of any occurrences, stay safe, over and out" Disconnecting the signal as he stayed standing, dark eyes fixated upon the screen.

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Once immersed in the waters, water rushes in through my mouth and nose. It is an uncomfortable feeling and I feel a momentary internal panic setting in the rest of me, like I'm dying, internally struggling as the fluid rapidly fills my lungs.

But then, just as it seeks to completely overwhelm me, my body begins to undergo a change. Automatic, it takes control without my even willing it. I can feel the shifting of my insides as, previously fit for the oxygenated interior of the watercraft, my body is seized by...adaptation.

No more struggling. No more discomfort. I embrace the water as it has embraced me, now with functioning parts enabling me to survive unaided.

The makeshift suit the master has made me put on vanishes at my command. I know my job. Even without a suit, I can withstand the pressures of their ocean's deepest zones. I can follow that thing. 'But no lightning,' says Antonia. I could 'fry somebody.'

"You know the drill."

As instructed, I take to pursuit, Cosmos enhancing my movements to allow for speedier tracking of the creature, while my mind reaches out in a double effort to see if I can't get a bead on how its brain works.

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Offering his accompanying entourage a single nod of acknowledgement as darker waters encompassed them, the Madrid Mamba relayed a secondary transmission to Xenon, "Don't worry Xenon, I'll exercise caution. These are uncharted territories. Oh and make sure that POSEIDON is not used to follow us. I don't want it's fuel to be exhausted beyond necessity. Have it remain at three thousand, one hundred meters in the bathyal zone". Resuming his descent, relying on his Bison Armor's feature as a sealed system and it's structural fortitude to alleviate the unrelenting pressure of the sunlight-less oceanic depths, Santi meticulously manipulated his armor's propulsion system, carefully maneuvering it, two thousand, four hundred and eighty two feet into the blackness of the bathyal zone.

Temperatures averaging at 4 °C took hold of the gelid water. Various species devoid of eyes occasionally drifted past him, captured only by the luminous photoreceptor of his hulking armor, and from time to time, deep-diving whales descended to feed. Scarcely populated, almost lifeless, the Spaniard, even in the company of his collaborators, encountered an odd sensation in these watery depths, true isolation from the world, and it put him at greater ease as he descended further, the crushing pressure noted by his armor's alerting Q-Computer, and as his technological sensors scanned and searched, locating only aquatic emptiness, doubt crept into the Madridista's mind, doubt that dissipated with alarming immediacy as an elephantine, distant creature established greater distance, it's telling silhouette discerned by Santi's dynamic photoreceptor.

"There!", speaking into the collective communicative channel shared by his companions, the Spaniard meteorically propelled himself forward, feverishly using his armor's propulsion system to it's maximum capability, for that moment he forgot those that came with him, he had only one focus, one target, all spurred by the persuasive powers of his inherent scientific curiosity. And so he pursued, and pursued, rapidly maneuvering through the freezing waters, his photoreceptor transferring the bulk of it's power to the armor's quantum-shielding as greater depths were achieved, limiting visibility, and soon, the sought after silhouette had gone as quickly as it had come. Disappointed struck the Spaniard as he settled atop an underwater rocky formation, lamenting his inability to reach his intended target. With his colleagues far from his vicinity, Santi subtly shook his head, silently scolding himself for yielding to his impulses.

Until faint incandescence cast a pale, blue hue all about him, and before him, a creature of gargantuan proportions, dwarfing even the behemothic blue whale, emerged. Resembling a cuttlefish or squid, it boasted two sets of three eyes embedded symmetrically on the lower dorsal surface of it's body, numerous tentacle-esque appendages extending below it's body and from the side. It's exterior enveloped by bony, heavily ridged plates, and the creature's pigmentation, pure black. Disbelief overcame him as two more emerged, his heartbeat accelerating, eyes gazing in wonderment, lips quietly parting, "....Dios mio..".