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The dim light of the evening lamps that lined either side of the worn road was still bright enough to cause Dylan Burges to squint ungratefully. Pulling his beanie further down his eyes, Dylan pushed his headphones deeper into his ears and continued his slow stumble home past through the warehouse district of Kansas City. A handful of friends and himself had pitched in together and rented an entire warehouse to live in, which was fantastic for parties, but they slept on mattresses and had to pack everything up and hide when the building inspector came along, having been led to believe the warehouse was merely practicing space for the band. Dylan muttered to himself as his 'house' came into view at the end of the street, decaying from old age, the place constantly had an unusual odor. He had grown to hate it there. As a final curse escaped his lips it was echoed by a ear-shattering boom. Dylan was smacked by a sudden gust of hot wind that pried his beanie from his head, his eardrums were ringing from the sound of an explosion and as he strained to open his eyes he caught sight of his home in flames, a half a stereo was steaming on the road ahead of him having been launched through a window onto the street. "Oh sh*t," the words dripped slowly in shock from Dylans lips before his hand fumbled around drunkenly in his pocket for his phone and his legs ran forwards towards his burning warehouse. Dialing 911, Dylan yelled into it over the roar of the flames, "Fire, my-my hou-warehouse is on fire, err, Dylan Burges, I don't know, f**k, like, 28 Old Bucyrus Road, there was an explosion, yea, please." He hung up as soon as he made it to the front of the building and stood before its flaming walls in silence.

He knew the others were safe, they'd all gone out drinking together that evening, but all their stuff, everything they owned was still inside. Dylan continued to swear and clench his teeth as he tugged his jacket over himself and jumped lightly up and down, a weak attempt to psyche himself up for an endeavor inside to rescue his material possessions, when he suddenly heard a noise from the alleyway next to it, a large crack followed by the sound of rushing flames. His bobbing movement slowed to a halt and curiosity got the better of him, maybe the cause of the explosion or a sign the warehouse was about to collapse, something to show it wasn't safe to enter his abode. Peeking around the corner, Dylan found himself before something he was totally unprepared for.

Before him loomed the silhouette of a twisted body against a wall of flame, a figure that towered several meters high, blackened with burns, its head balanced precariously on a coiled neck that looked like it had been snapped and stretched and rolled like dough with eyeless sockets coated in viscous fluid and a long tongue that grotesquely swelled with a single, reddened eyeball embedded in its center with a pupil that flashed strange symbols. An arm was missing and its legs were a mass of spidery limbs that seemed to be stretching into the ground as the creature grew, twisting higher into the night sky. Further down the alleyway was a massive wall of fire, but Dylan hardly noticed that when faced with the monstrosity growing before him. As he bent his head back, Dylan found a pain in his throat brought on by years of smoking which had made the position a struggle, but his eyes were locked on the creature, as if mesmerized. Taking a step backwards, Dylan looked down in time to see one of the creatures tendrils snake its way along the ground towards him. Yelping in terror, the young man turned to run, but glimpsed the tendril banging helplessly against an invisible wall. A cold sweat broke out across Dylans skin as he continued to back away from the terrifying alleyway as the sounds of sirens echoed over from a few streets across, glancing over his shoulders he saw the flashing lights of a police car and a firetruck.

"Woooow-ee, look at that boy smoke," Freddy Jaufenthaler muttered as his unnaturally long fingernails clawed yellow gunk out from between his teeth, "Kinda' makes you hungry eh boss?" Freddy said with a sideways glance at his superior officer in the KCPD. Bill Auva'a remained silent as he sped the police car down Old Bucyrus Road, shaking his head slightly in disappointment. Freddy had been making subtle fat-jokes about the large Samoan for two months now and the Corporal was visibly getting tired of it. To them, it seemed pretty standard procedure as they led the firetruck towards the flaming warehouse, it was most likely a gas leak, something boring like that, they were in Kansas City, the dead-center of America which had gone on so long unscathed by any of the supernatural madness that plagued the world. Screeching the police-car to a halt, Freddy briskly burst out of his side, and waited for a moment, leaning his elbows back on the roof of the car to admire the fire as the fire-truck parked and Bill struggled to get his seat-belt undone. Slowly hefting himself out of the vehicle, the rotund policeman glared at the back of Freddy's head in muted annoyance before noticing the boy a bit further down the street, stood awestruck staring at the sky. Glancing up, it took Bill a few seconds to spot what had caught the boys attention, a massive creeping figure that only just peeked above the rooftops of the neighbouring warehouses. It looks like a colossal black tree which grew before his very eyes, branches weaving their way through the air, a body that twisted and turned further and further upwards. From hundreds of openings along the tree's length, pulsating orbs began to emerge, unaffected by gravity they floated upwards, attached to the tree by barely visible strands like someone had tied a hundred balloons to it. "Hey boss," Freddy's nonchalant voice, not having noted the threatening figure, struck Bill's ear with a piercing screech, jolting him back a fraction to reality, "The owner of this place is well and truly F'ed in the ol' A, eh?" Bill tore his vision from the growing monstrosity and didn't bother to pay any heed to his deputy, instead leaping into the car to grab his radio.


Winston Sharpe had spent an entire day trapped in that alien realm. His endless pursuit of knowledge, of answers to every existential question that plagued him endlessly; like purpose, point, why and how, had led to one of his duplicates attempting it, for science, for the knowledge. When beings drift to sleep their minds can subconsciously touch upon a state of being where they can tap into energies that border on third dimensional comprehension, a state of being which is the aim of true meditation. What many don't realise is that that state of being is in a sense, a place, it is called the dreamscape and many have ventured into its depths, psychics and sorcerers alike, the limbo between one state of being and the next, impossibly impassable by anything as feeble as a third dimensional being. The dreamscape isn't a set location however, it coats the entire universe like an ocean, polluted by the merest thought and Winston was foolish enough to attempt to break into it in the worst possible way. Having discovered an alien race that had waged genocidal warfare for centuries, with trillions dead on both sides and the literal word for hope being non-existent in their language, Winston had attempted to enter the dreamscape where their subconscious pollution was at its height, to enter a truly alien realm filled solely with seething rage and endless sadness. He had found himself trapped there for a day, fighting off ghouls the sight of which could have been cause for insanity, and after that day, he escaped back to Earth, outside an old hideout in good old Kansas City. Little did he realise he had guests, a host of them in fact. Six paranormal, parasitic nightmares inside his very head who made him a prisoner in his own body, taking possession of him and finding themselves in a brand new, untouched world to play in.

A madman blowing things up left-right and center had of course drawn attention and the members of the Champions know as the Umbra Sorcerer and Andromeda Night had rushed to the scene to quarantine and defeat the disturbance. The attempt had in one way, failed, but it was not a total loss, two of the demonic entities were vanquished in the fight and Winston managed to regain control of one of his multiple brains and reform himself. His remaining biomass was well on its way to its new goal though, reforming Winston's body as a life-giver for all the creatures it could recall from the alien dreamscape, a quintessential tree of life for the damned. And so there it stood, towering high over the neighbouring warehouses, it's branches beginning to block out the moon for those below, its roots cracking the surrounding roads and causing the neighbouring burning building to collapse entirely. From the many tooth filled maws that covered the four story and still growing structure, the fruit of the tree was being vomited forth into this world, wombs for that which never lived. The orbs pulsated and grew larger as they floated among and above the branches, attached by fleshy umbilical chords that traveled down the gagging, humanoid throat. Inside their flesh eggs was a hundred hearts beating, a thousand claws tearing, a ten thousand sharpened teeth gnashing. The first orb broke open as Winston was still falling. The newest lifeform on earth tore its womb into dozens of strands of skin with its teeth and claws, the ball literally burst apart in a shower of blood that splattered the ground beside Freddy Jaufenthaler who was frantically trying to yank Dylan away from the scene. Glancing up, Freddy's last sight was a dark maw, filled with rows of jagged teeth covered in spittle that dripped upon him before it closed on his upper-body, letting loose a spray of blood where its teeth sunk in.

The creature stood some eight feet tall, a writhing mass of tendrils and mouths which gnashed aimlessly in the air, bar the mouth that was clamped around the Kansas Deputy, which was busy gulping back his still kicking legs. It's tendrils whipped about through the air, each time making an audible crack as its eyes scanned the road it had fallen down upon. Dylan had only just broken free from Freddy's grip and sat before the beast in dead silence, a wet patch slowly growing along his pants as several of the creatures eyes locked onto him. Standing infront of the police car, Bill knew he had to do something. He had made sure the necessary authorities had been alerted but that wasn't enough, he'd just watched his companion be eaten by some otherworldly demon and he was not going to let it happen to this poor kid. With unsteady hands, Bill raised his gun at the creature and opened fire. The shots made an odd 'thwak' sound as they struck the creature, seeming to cause fractures along its skin. In response, without a moments hesitation, one of the whip-like limbs cracked in the air before being brought down upon the overweight Samoan, shearing him into imperfect unsymmetrical halves which promptly fell apart into a heap of innards. Dylan had only just broken into a sprint, the sound of an engine seeming to signal to him that the fire-engine had started up to flee as well. There was another crack in the air and a cold, pulsating, metallic tendril wrapped itself around his left-ankle, causing Dylan to slam face-first into the ground, breaking his nose and shoving his buck-teeth through his lower lip. Crying, Dylan clawed at the ground as the tendril pulled him back towards the writhing mass of a monster. Rolling over, the young man briefly caught sight of another creature falling from the sky, this one with wings which dove through the front wind-shield of the escaping fire-truck, causing it to veer and crash into a wall. It was hardly what was on Dylans mind however as he was hoisted above one of the creature's many maws, bits of Officer Jaufenthaler's muscle tendon's were stuck between its teeth and it stank like vomit, crap and bile. Staring into the mouth of death, Dylan watched his tears fall into the darkness below him as he whispered his goodbyes to his parents and apologised for his sins.


Winston had attempted to kill it and he had failed miserably, this was his punishment for being so brash. A shard of bone had penetrated his right thigh, his left thigh, his right ankle, his left ankle, from his left ass-cheek up to his left-shoulder blade, his right ass-cheek up to his right-shoulder blade, and a final puncture that had gone straight through the middle of him, protruding through his head. As he fell from the highest branch of the tree, Winston wondered why he was still alive, so much had been lost from his memories due to his possession, he was using a back-up brain, he wasn't even too sure how his powers worked anymore, but he was alive for now at least, to enjoy these brief seconds of free-fall, watching the trail of his own blood in the air above him, red streaks framed by fire, smoke and the organic branches of a cancer that could threaten the world. As more of its 'fruit' continued to burst open high above him, Winston tried to smile, for it was beautiful.

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What a strange day this had turned out for the young weather controlling hero. Had he’d known all this chaos would occur he may have just stayed in his bed and slept the day away but no he’d somehow gotten himself involved in a ferocious battle with some demonic creature that now had accelerated it’s attack on this dimension.

Minutes no hours had gone by and he’d lost track of time completely reacting to one disaster after another had a way of keeping the mind preoccupied. Beginning as a simple battle between a possessed individual against Andromeda and himself the situation had escalated to what appeared to be a full frontal demonic assault, both previous disgusting demon forms had been taken care off by Andromeda and Michael’s combined efforts however that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Several stories above him and his friend towered an enormous life force pulsing and beating like a heart, its arms stretching farther into the night sky branching out reaching for the stars. This black “tree” I guess you could call it was like its predecessors disgusting in every way, around the entire base off the tree and up its trunk dark orbs pulsed and floated straight up. Whatever these demons were planning this was clearly it this was their endgame and it was Michael and Andromeda’s duty to make sure they didn’t win.

That however was easier said than done and now that the shield that Michael had placed on the alleyway had been broken things were about to get much more interesting. Bystanders’ had unsurprisingly found their way in the midst of this supernatural battle and paid for it with their lives, one of the dark orbs above them had burst and a creature emerged covered in a bloody liquid attacked and gruesomely killed one of the men. It viciously tore through his abdomen easily shredding the abdominal muscles and puncturing the organs within; such as the stomach and the liver as well as snapping the Lumbar Vertebrae killing the man. Another however showed surprising courage and opened fire on the creature before trying to escape with a younger man sprawled across the ground but he and his bullets were out of their league and with a swing of one of the creatures many deformed limbs he was literally cut in half. It was a horrific sight to behold had Michael himself not experienced destruction like this before he would probably have been sick on the spot but that still didn’t mean that he was comfortable it was still nauseating to watch.

The pain in his shoulder was still piercing but the moon was up if slightly obscured by this demonic tree, he was however still able to draw on its power and heal his wound slightly. Healing spells were not his specialty but he knew of a few basic one's that could reduce the pain of an injury and speed up the healing process. Muttering the incantation to himself he looked up towards the sky and saw a limp figure free falling at an alarming speed towards the ground. Taking off into the air he ascended into the air but slowed his acceleration so that he wouldn’t break the bones of the individual as he caught the person in mid-air. It was the young man he’d saw earlier except covered in blood and puncture wounds. Descending as fast as the wind would allow Michael set the boy on the ground beside Andromeda. Above them more and more of the black orbs began to burst spewing various demonic creatures of all shape’s, sizes out. Some seemed to take the form animals but deformed and altered the ones that were lucky enough to receive wings ventured off into the night sky spreading out throughout the city. Looking towards his team-mate “Andromeda as you can tell we defiantly can’t do this by ourselves use your communicator and try to contact anyone on Champion Island or anyone you know I don’t really care at this point who just get someone on the line and explain to them to get their asses her as soon as and by as soon as I mean now. I’ll see If I can’t help this kid but from these wound and the amount of blood lose I’m amazed that he’s even still alive.” Turning back towards the boy the screaming and wailing of the creatures from behind and above him kept him from fully concentrating on him “Listen Im going to try and reduce the pain and hopefully heal you up a tiny bit but I’ve got to know what the hell did you do to bring this “thing” to our dimension and more importantly how do we stop it!” his last words were heavily emphasised the man in front of him should by all accounts be dead but seeing as he still somehow was clinging on to life Michael suspected there was a lot more to him than first appearances and If he survived an attack like he just had he sure as hell should have been able to talk.

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"I wouldn't say this to either Michael or our previous possessed amigo here. I would never admit to what I am thinking or fealing. Truthfully though I am overwriting my emotions to keep a level head. Dahlia Nightingale the girl part of me shes screaming HAX and is scared shitless. I don't think I can walk out of here in a single piece. Im a cyborg I run on a limited fuel source and then shut down. I hurled nearly everything I got at this thing so Michael could remove the curse, all I did was f things up more. Now I got a army to fight and even if back up dose come there is still time to buy for them to get here." The thoughts ran through the blue haired teens mind contemplating and loathing the situation. Next stop diagnostics check, just how fubar of a state was she in.

Energy cell seventy percent short circuiting from the lightning attack had it rapidly decreasing. Energy converters were in her tech at home which she didn't have at the moment. Fuel depleted used all the napalm for the fire attack earlier. Plasma battery half empty and leaking from sevral wounds. Right arm opperating at forty percent no articulation aside from up and down from the elbow joint. Left arm better condition still at ninety percent but the metal was cracked and fractured to much pressure and it would shatter. Legs still fine though a gear in the left was slightly out of place. She needed a repair kit, her backpack, Overkill to lend her some energy something. What she had was a friend telling her how evidently screwed they were. Telling her to call for back up, like she didn't know they were in a state of noobness? Oh she knew, she had the luctury of a computer brain that told her probability of coming out of this. It had her cussing in binary code in her mind. It wouldn't help to yell at him though so she cut emotions that might make her do that to. "Right smart thinking bro let me get on that, we're going to be ok" rust coated virus infecting liar she called herself. The equiavelent of calling oneself a filthy f-cking liar to her.

From her cyber cerebrum, cyberum as she called it, to the local Starbucks wifi to the satelite of NASA to the comunicator of Requiem. That was the passage of her high tech phone call. Tapping into military and police comunication as well. "This is Andromeda, or Dahlia Nightingale belonging to the Future Champions. As of right now Kansas City is in a Class A shitstorm thanks to demonic forces. A big tree that makes me want to gag up wrenches is spiting out demons instead of apples. Now I know I just broke like two misdemoner crimes and like four felonies making this call. I will also be hounest I just ilegally pirated eight cds....couldn't help it. And like I know there is a procedure I just ignored. None of the matters though if you want to avoid making Kansas City look more like the end of Racoon City." Sighing The cyborg kneeled beside the bloody victem. "I don't want to sound like a b!tch I really don't you made this happen though So I dont care if that spike is permanently lodged there. It got most its tricks from you, you can continue so get the hell up. You also owe me a wardrobr your jacking up my threads." Progams making her voice come of as compasionate and sarcastic in contrast to what nobody saw going on in her mind. Which of course was to hell with this city, this demon, these people and him. Dahlia thought nuking the city truthfully was the better way to go.

Never Easy

Requiem looked at the rest, after being sent the emergency messsage the angel qued it in for a second time. That way anyone tech ileterate or busy had twice the opurtunity to here it go off. Those who showed up seamed few simply Tellumo and CPG by the looks of it. That would simply half to do. They found the fallen angel standing in the Hall of Champions her large pearly fearthered wings resting at ease as she held her blade pointing down deep in thought. Before her being the image of Scion, a Champion and friend missing in action that she longed to see again. Seamed like whatever they did nothing could regain some ground. The angel being the thing she was thought perhaps she was to blame. Something she failed to do or missed, the white haired beauty didn't think herself much a leader. Like most leaders though she blamed everything on herself.

Turning she smiled at the pair trying not to let her moment of self weakness show. "Why is it there only two of you, I blame you Blair why you got to scare everybody the hell off." Her mood sarcastic before droping into a more serious persona. "So as you heard Kansas City has finaly goten its own sh!t storm. Fortunate them they got some giant demonic essence. Personally I am not a fan of that so where going to go banish every inhuman thing there. For those of you who don't know Drom the rambling is a sign that shes coping. Scared out of her mind shes shuting out fear through cybernetics rambling, and likely some other stuff like watching terminator in one eye. In short the mission is a simple its big its scary its evil kill it before it kills millions. Questions? No. Moving on then." She gave them time to ask or speak anyway and then lifted a small back pack of Droms. Twisting light using it as means to teleport those with her the angel found herself within the city two miles south of the obvious target.

It was huge seamed to pulse like a racing heart maws knashing at anything near by. In a putrid vomiting fashion more fiends seamed to burst free it seamed constant and ever going. As if the apocalyptic horrors would just be spat out more and more an infectious cancer spilling out across the land. There so far was no need for complexity in a planing the angel rushed forward traveling as fast as her wings could caried her. Making haste to reach her cobalt haired friend. Electrical punk star near she was beaming with confidence Requiem fealt they had this. It was nothing to special of a mission a awful one but nothing they couldn't do, nothing they couldn't handle. That was when the eight foot tall fiend pounced leaping from a window and driving nails into her rib cage. The sharp bones portruding from the angels back as the creature pined her to the wall five stories below was the hard concrete eager to shatter bone.

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The tree continued to grow, like a hive of flesh it writhed ever upwards, its roots of bloody muscle snaked their way through the concrete across the warehouse district, causing parked cars to shudder and unleash the whir of their alarms. The warehouse on the other side of the alley also collapsed as the base of the tree pressed heavily against it. From above, more orbs continued to burst, splattering the floor below in a collage of dark red fluids as the wombs unleashed their monstrous spawn upon the world. On the other end of the alleyway, now totally obscured from the vision of the trio of meta-humans, the creature that had fallen to the ground earlier was joined by a host of others as more wombs popped. The ground quaked with each decadent monstrosity that thudded to the rubble that was once a road, surrounded by a web of pulsating roots. The many-mawed, black blob of a beast began to force its own tendrils into the ground as one of its mouths began to hack uncontrollably, a 'ghak" noise being repeated from its back before one of the mouths spewed forth a single figure, covered in black mucus, its arms and legs twisted and torn. Fred Jaufenthaler was reborn from the innards of the beast and was soon followed by the other boy who had been eaten. Their limbs grotesquely bent and broken, wounds seeped blood and mucus seeped into wounds, the duo stood amidst the small army of other-worldly beasts that were running headlong towards the city-centre in a murderous rage, however instead of joining them, the pair shambled through the rubble towards the crashed fire-truck where a small group of winged creatures were feasting upon the innards of the firemen trapped inside. Waving the beasts away, the duo pulled the corpses from their seats, dragging crimson streaks across the leather, before hopping in themselves and driving off in silence, the only sound coming from the fire-truck being its incessant siren.

To Winston, the siren was but a bleak wail that slowly trailed off, hidden under the screeches that emanated from the many mouths of the many demonic-entities that sprawled out from the tree. He'd gotten all too familiar with the blood-thirsty howls of the nightmarish beings and thus, the sound of a human voice brought immense relief for a brief moment. His nervous system was going haywire trying to reconnect itself, failing to register the fact he'd been caught in mid-air. His vision was hazed, and his blood-shot eyes darted about, trying to grasp his surroundings as he was carried to the ground; pulsating flesh, rubble, a ragged boy. Blood continued to be pumped from his wounds but he recognised the guy as one of the two who had helped release him from one of the possessed bodies, and the way the air flowed around them allowed him to discern that his powers were either mystically related or a mutation, barely attached to proper science. His eyes hardened with envy and loathing as his gaze fell upon the wall of flesh before them. There had been a time where he had earned a living dissecting beings such as his rescuer for the Hellfire Club, he had called them worthless, useful only to further science, now he seemed to be in their debt. Bast@rds. As he was placed on the ground, Winston stared up at the two who he presumed had rescued him. Both of their clothes were tattered and torn and they were splattered with blood stains, dirt and drool; they looked like they'd been fighting in trenches. One was short, shorter than he was, a female with blue hair that was frayed from the battle, and her eyes glared at him blankly, like the eyes of a doll. On the other side of him, was the boy who had caught him, with a mess of black hair who seemed a lot more wounded than the other. Winston began to tremble, his body shaking slightly with anger as his emotions ran rampant in his head. He'd unleashed unknown horrors upon Earth and other people were having to clean up his mistake. He despised them both, wanted to kill them to be rid of his embarrassment, but was grateful to them both and wanted to help. At a moment Winston should have been thanking them, his blood-shot eyes glared at the two with unspoken anger as they talked amongst themselves. “Listen Im going to try and reduce the pain and hopefully heal you up a tiny bit but I’ve got to know what the hell did you do to bring this “thing” to our dimension and more importantly how do we stop it!” The guy asked as he stood over him. The feeling came creeping over him, surging through his capillaries like bubbles of air, the magical spell Umbra cast began to set in.

The girl proceeded to kneel beside him, her blue hair partly obscuring her face as she talked, her voice a cool, composed mixture of compassion and snarkiness, "I don't want to sound like a b!tch, I really don't, you made this happen though so I dont care if that spike is permanently lodged there. It got most its tricks from you, you can continue so get the hell up. You also owe me a wardrobe your jacking up my threads."

Cracking his neck to the side to stare at the girl, Winston tried to talk but the torn skin inside his throat spluttered, forcing him to swallow blood and hack instead. The brief interlude was time enough for his mind to ease, the pain had ravaged his train of thought, logically, helping them was the quickest and most satisfactory method of solving the issue at hand. They had helped him in order to ascertain a means to defeat the monster that was about to ravage Kansas City and he would give them what information he was willing to let slide. Gently parting his lips, Winston strained to mutter as he pulled himself upright, the movement causing pain to shoot through his nerves again as he agitated his wounds, his eyes and fingers twitching accordingly, but the healing spell seemed to be doing its trick suppressing the pain quickly again, as the holes in his body began to mend faster than what the spell had intended, "It-echk-it's from a separate dreamscape, no attachment to humanity. You can -echk- rid it of the spirits possessing it, nuke it, wiping out every trace of it, or re-activate the dimensional gate-way and shunt it back from where it came, but the device would be -echk-, lodged in it somewhere and must be immediately destroyed after acti-echk-activation." His eyes stared the girl over as he continued, "Darling, you survive this consider yourself a walking Prada catalogue." As the words escaped his lips, the wall of flesh began to pulsate further, a writhing mass of veined muscle erupting from its side a few meters above them, a thick tendril which was slammed down towards them. Gathering what strength he could, Winston raised his arms and focused, every cell along their lengths being forced to undergo rapid mitosis, absorbing the god particles from each molecule in the air that touched him as its energy-source to elongate his limbs. His arms stretched awkwardly, shooting upwards towards the oncoming limb as his fists expanded in width, forming a barrier which the limb struck with enough force to cause the ground under which Winston sat to crack. The tendril proceeded to continue its growth, further tendrils erupting from along its length, trying to snake around the makeshift-barrier which Winston was forced to expand further around the trio. If either of the two looked up they would find a roof of biomass covered in strained veins that was steadily stretching downwards to fully encompass them as the creatures tendrils lashed down upon it.

Rising to his feet, Winston bared his teeth from the strain, if he gave in in the slightest this thing could smother them all. Without glancing at the two, Winston snarled at them, "I'll distract it long enough for you two to get the f@ck out of here, pull yourselves together and figure out how to take this thing down. You don't have long and don't let them bite you, something in their saliva," The strain visibly began to take its toll on Winston as his face turned red, the tendril had begun to bore bone through his hand-shield and it was taking an awful lot of effort to force the bores out, his brain hadn't fully re-wired itself yet, "they'll trap you in the back of your mind."

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Tellumo was oblivious to the voices of anyone surrounding him, not due to his tiredness (hours in front of a television screen didn't help though), but that he was too busy staring at what he would describe 'Jeezus-what-the-hell-is-that-it's-telling-me-to-eat-children!'. There was only two reasons that he was there, the fact that lives were in danger & somebody said 'Raccoon City' so he planned on killing zombies. Unsure what to do with himself, Alphonse casually walked into the inferno of a building to the surprise of those that watched, after a minute the building was no longer ablaze, although a ruin in the shadow of its' former self, that threat had been solved, yet all around the seeds of the tree of flesh were growing hungry. By the time he had left the husk of a warehouse a man that Tellumo had no recollection of was spouting warnings while seemingly connected to a literal meat shield.

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We are all held in the embrace of mighty Yggdrasil, the world-tree. We are but the fruit of its branches, to be born, ripen, and decay in time. Then we fall, are consumed by the keepers of the tree, and are born again. This is the world-cycle, and for time immemorial it will continue, until Ragnarock comes about and all becomes void.

I see the tree now. I am standing upon a branch, the bark gleaming like polished gold. When I look down I can see the pool of knowledge in which Yggdrasil soaks its roots. Looking up there is nothing but branches upon branches, silken leaves fluttering in the wind that moves the universes. A ripe globe hangs above me, just out of reach. With a thought I rise, and soon recognize the familiar continents of Earth. But what is this? A sister world…sharing the same stem, is encroaching. This one is streaked with mold, tendrils of white corruption reaching toward Earth. Below the spore-ravaged surface I see monstrosities, twisted in form and substance, gibbering and writhing in hellish delight. Four or five men and women stand on Earth, weapons drawn. But it is clear they will be no match. Then…all is suffused with golden light—

And all is darkness once more. Orpheus Ziev falls back into consciousness, the mists of vision parting around him. He can hear birdsong, though whether it be nightingale or dawn-sparrow his has no way of knowing. Visions dance in his brain of faceless leather-winged monstrosities, and tar-like masses of gaping maws. This is the worm in the apple, the blight on the tree of life. They fight against it, but chances of survival are minimal. They need another to force these blasphemies in the face of nature back into the rotten realms they inhabit.

Orpheus got to his feet, orienting himself by the grain of the carpet against his bare feet. He paced the room, (thirty steps to the far wall, keeping the ticking clock on the left. Thirty back, clock on the left), weighing each possible future. They were bleak. As far as his mind’s eye could reach, there was nothing but destruction on a global scale, fields of corpses reaped and fed upon by a cancerous World Tree. It would take more than a few pulled strings to drive back the eldritch fiends…it would take more than a hired hero, or an odd natural disaster. No, he would have to take care of this personally if there was to be any hope of survival. And yet…

I see a corpse lying upon a smashed car. Half the face is missing, but one glazed emerald eye stares up at the darkly congealing sky. Ichor drips from the gaping mouth. Before long, black roots cover the cadaver from sight, to be reborn again into monstrous servitude.

But…there were other visions. And they spoke of a new empire, greater than that of Alexander of Macedonia or the mighty Genghis Khan himself. And this was the beginning of that golden trail.

I see a man waving at adoring crowds. His hand is placed upon a Bible. The ‘Star Spangled Banner’ plays in the background.

There was never truly any choice. Free will is a delusion, fate rules all. And while Orpheus could traverse the warp and weave of fate, his tapestry was already woven.

Time was short, but Orpheus was not willing to be careless. He could not merely appear as he was, the ambitious Senator from Kentucky who had a good shot at ruling the United States…the knowledge that he had powers would ruin him. Nor could he appear as the diabolical Premonition, he who juggled possibilities with a thought. This would take someone knew…a super-man to be loved and adored. And when he gave Orpheus Ziev his nomination countless sheeple would follow him…

With enough money anything is possible.

White body armor laced with gold. Flaxen gloves and boots. A white cape with struts that appeared like wings, each ‘feather’ made of a fireproof, impact absorbing, lightweight metal. (Known as Solarium, the compound was discovered by Dr. Julius de Flamme, and released to the public as a sign of good faith, a sign of repentance). A delicately engraved and inlayed white mask to hide sightless eyes. And…a halo of shielded cybernetics that would amplify his psychic abilities as well as protecting him from the intense pain using his powers to excess gave him.

Thus was born Ambriel, angel of protection, and Earth’s newest hero.

Was time wasting? Not in the slightest…the great tragedy Orpheus had foreseen would not occur for another week.

Wormwood Rises

And so it was. On the seventh day, God rested and turned a blind eye to His creation, and that is when the fiends struck. The death-tree rose, the heroes were outmatched. A call went out, intercepted by a very special radio transmitter Orpheus had constructed long ago to help him in his villainous games. “This is Andromeda, or Dahlia Nightingale belonging to the Future Champions...

For the first time, Ambriel took flight. Using his telekinetic abilities, Orpheus simulated flight, sinking dramatically from the sky just as all hope seemed lost.

The city stunk of death and rot, of primordial muck that had been dredged up from the bottom of the oceans. It stunk of fire and wormwood, and the sick smell that all of humanity instinctively fears. Soot and ash thickened the air, hiding the sky from those who stared up and wondered why heaven had abandoned them. Blood, lymph, and water slickened the streets, mixed with the hellish milieu.

Telepathically, Orpheus quickly caught up on the situation. It was as he had dreamed it, and stopping the threat to Earth would be nigh impossible. But…with the master of probability, he who could re-align the very future, on Earth’s side, Orpheus had no doubt that victory would be had.

He had finished his descent, was in the heart of the storm. Beside him were his fellows, the heroes who would spread the news of his grandeur. “I heard thine call…ye may call me Ambriel, protector of mankind.” Orpheus mentally flinched…he didn’t know how long he would be able to keep this horrid façade up. But there was no choice but to grin and bear it. How else would he achieve his PERSONAL victory? Why else was he fighting but to assure that the world would be HIS for the taking? No fiends, from the depths of space, the planes of the dimensions, or hell itself would wrest it from him. “I am at thy service, send me where I might be of most aid.” All this time, Orpheus sent out telepathic pulses of well-being, to sooth troubled spirits and quickly gain trust. He could feel his psionic-enhancing ‘halo’ heating up as it amplified his thought-impulses. “But first I must evacuate the city, for I would not have innocent blood spilled on mine conscious.” Raising his arms high, Orpheus turned his face toward the blasted sky. He thought hard, pushing his abilities to the max (for while telepathy and telekinesis were welcome bonuses, his true abilities lay within precognition) and sent a message to all human minds… “Leave now, while you still can” and a sense of the utmost urgency that even skeptics would have a hard time ignoring. (And alas, Orpheus did not forsee the panic, did not see the traffic making it all but impossible for those he had warned to leave…for he was not omnipotent, even if he believed he was).

That was the easy part. The beast still squirmed in the heart of the world, and it must be cut out if the world would survive. Orpheus telekinetically unsheathed two swords from their scabbards at his sides, and waited for orders.

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I miss how everything had been years ago. The woman known as Cellphone Girl had been my best friend in High School. The two of us had amazing times together that i'll never forget. I miss her so much.

After the night that changed our whole group of friends lives everything for us changed. We soon went our own separate ways. Blair left for Vine City to pursue a career in being a Superhero, Jennifer went to college, while Chloe ran away from home. For a while I was abandoned by everyone. From time to time I get a phone call from Blair, but she's much happier and way too busy to chat for too long. I heard she was able to find Chloe recently, and that they are both on the Champions of Peace. I'm happy for them. I really am.

Pitch Black.

In my room i'm sitting in the center of a circle of unlit candles. As the darkness fills the room my eyes stay shut so I can focus more on the sounds around me.

If you listen closely there are sounds not many people ever pay attention to. With a fast moving world like today people are way to busy to ever sit down for a second and just relax. Meditation is the key.

As I listen I hear the sound of a footstep coming from my right. I continue to sit with my legs crossed to focus on it. It takes another step.

Suddenly I hear a multitude of steps. My eyes open as my head spins. The candles around me flicker on to reveal nothing is in my room. I'm all by myself.. for now.

I fear this is what haunted us years ago. What if he is after Blair and Chloe as well?

Moments later I find myself in another room of my apartment. The walls are a pale blue, and with the house being dark it gives it a ghostly feel. I silently walk through the room as the palms of my bare feet touch the cold hard wood floor.

I swing my body onto the freezing cold black leather couch that stood across from a flat screen tv. Picking the remote from out of between the cushions I press the red power button turning the tv on.

In front of me a bright light illuminates the room causing me to flinch for a split second. Hearing the sounds coming from a new station I quickly open my eyes to see what's going on. I see a brunette woman with dark skin. Her hair reached to her shoulders. She had light green eyes that were only a shade brighter than my own. They were more wider than from when she usually told the news.

"In Kansas City there is a Giant Tree.. Killing many people in it's way. It's too dark to tell who they are but it seems as though some heroes have already made contact with the being trying to take it down." I could tell that she seems scared by how shaky her voice is.

I should at least help. This will keep my mind off of things for a little bit. I just hope I can be somewhat of help to them.

Pushing myself off of the couch I raise my hands. A sparkly blue light begins to pour from them my palms. In seconds it covers my whole body, and then in a slow pace it spirals off of my body revealing my costume. Saves me a crap load of time.

"yticsasnakotemekat!" I yell as my green eyes shift into a glowing red color. A glowing blue circle forms on the floor below me around my feet. I close my eyes.

Opening them I look out to see i'm not home anymore. I glance the area to take notice of there not being practically anyone outside. This street is deserted. Everyone must be inside, or they just freaked out and left.

I get caught off guard when my red eyes catch a glimpse of myself in the reflection of a store window. I see a young man with bright red hair, and tired eyes. His costume is basically all a black, with the exception of two red lines going down his torso. Once they reach his waist they curve to his sides and go down all the way to his feet. His shoulders are red as well.

I feel a cold chill crawl down my spine as hear loud sounds coming from behind. Staring back I see the tall beast. In front of them are a few faces fighting it. There had been a girl with blue hair and three lads with her. The one standing next to her had black hair and a red cape. Then another had two shiny swords in his grasp. One guy picked himself off of the ground and began talking to them.

I realized the girl with the cool hair, and the dude with the cape were both members of The Champions of Peace. I've seen them on tv, all over the internet, hell I believe they both might even have their own action figures.

I run over to them quickly extending my left arm towards the beast. "sutcetorp"I launch a quick barrier spell between the beast and all of us. I know it'll easily break through it but it can save us enough time.

I glance to the man who seemed to be giving orders he looked badly injured. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice how much pain he is in. I can tell he had a spell already working on healing him but it sadly wasn't going fast enough.

"Hey my name is Old Lace and i'm here to help" I rest my left hand on his shoulder as my eyes shift into a lavender color. I whisper "sdnuoweromon" I watch as his wounds begin to heal dramatically. Smiling I ask "and who may you be?"

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Sylvester 'Sly' James had lived in Kansas City for most of his life. Born 60 years ago in the East side of town, Sly was a former Marine MP, a lawyer who specialised in personal injury and other civil litigation before becoming a member, secretary, and later the president of the Missouri Board of Law of Examiners. Now here he was, Mayor of Kansas City as of last year and he had no idea what to do. The Chief of Police had alerted him to a series of distress calls all around the Stilwell area, near the airport, requests for back-up, claims of 'monsters' and before him now was the first footage of what was occurring in the south of the city. In his office, surrounded by his aides, Sly glared at the monitor before him which depicted a blurred lovecraftian beast hurdling itself down a street on a series of stump-like fists towards the camera-man who was screaming obscenities as he hurried into his car. The creature slammed against the wind-screen, cracking the glass and giving those watching a glimpse of its 'face', a swirl of muscle laced with side-wards eyes with tiny mouths on antenna like appendages jutting out of where its pupils should be. The room gasped then turned silence as the phone that was recording the image was dropped to the ground at the mans feet, the only thing the viewers were able to see being the pants of the driver growing wet as he started up his car. "There's nothing but the man, James Gray, crying as he drives off from here sir." One of Sly's aides muttered as the video was ceased.

"What on Gods green Earth was that." the words escaped like a hush from Sly's lips as his eyes remained locked on the frozen screen.

"I presume it's not from Earth and surely hasn't heard of God sir." Another aide muttered as she chewed nervously at her nails, "That thing isn't alone either, we've had sixty-nine reported similar cases from Stonebrigde, Belton and South Hampshire and they're moving north at an alarming rate, the Commisioner said we have roughly two hours to evacuate the rest of the city."

"That's not enough time, we're prepared for a Major Evacuation Procedure at best and even that requires at least eight hours." Sly replied as he leaned back in his chair, wiping a single bead of sweat from his brow. Looking down at the wad of paper-work before him, his eyes fell upon the folder labelled Plan D - Catastrophic Evacuation Operations [Citywide]. Flipping it open, he briefly flitted through the first page: As noted in the Foreword the authors of this plan were unable to identify a single credible scenario that is a) of sufficient magnitude to uniformly impact the entire city; and b) will provide sufficient advance notice to allow the City to implement a controlled evacuation. The Office of Emergency Management believes a minimum of 48 hours advance notice would be required to notify the public, organize and assemble resources, and to conduct an orderly evacuation. A groan escaped Sly's lips as the large African-American readjusted his glasses before glancing at his aides on either side of him, "Get me the President and the military, I want this situation contained, have every police-officer we have quarantine the area, these things can't be allowed to advance further."

It was then that a voice crept into his mind, urging “Leave now, while you still can”. Sly looked around, puzzled, as did his aides, before one of them raised an eyebrow and asked, "D-did, you guys also hear that?"


Elizabeth Jaufenthaler had also been born and raised in Kansas City, but she was only seven. It was late, but she was having trouble sleeping, she was in the midst of a slumber party, the other girls had stayed up telling 'scary' stories about ghosts and boys doing gross things but they all now lay snoring on a series of mattresses around her. The idea of Ghosts terrified her, dead invisible people who could be watching you at any moment, waiting to do whatever it was Ghosts did to people, like drink their brains, and having been the sole girl awake for the past hour, she'd mentally worked herself into a frenzy of fear that even the night-light in the corner of the room couldn't lessen. Whimpering, Eliza pulled herself out from under her blanket and softly tip-toed her way around the others as she crept towards the door. Looking around, she made sure everyone else was still asleep before she slipped out of her friends room into the dim living room where her mum was watching T.V. The woman was snuggled up in a blanket, eating ice-cream and watching a cop-show when she heard the little voice of one of her daughters friends whisper, "Muuum, I'm scared."

Slovenly turning herself around on the couch, Sarah Jaufenthaler sighed as she looked over at the girl before her who seemed on the verge of tears, "Oh Eliza, you poor honey, there's nothing to be afraid of, you must be exhausted it's way past your bed-time."

"Wh-when's your bed time?" Eliza asked innocently as she approached the couch.

"Well, grown-ups don't really have bed-times, I'm just staying up for Daddy to come home," Sarah smirked slightly as an idea came to her, "And you know he's a big-tough police-man, so if you want you can stay up for another ten minutes or so before he gets home then you can go to bed because daddy'll be here to protect you from anything scary, okay?"

Eliza grinned estatically as she hopped onto the couch and hugged her mother, spending the next five minutes watching a police-chase they'd already seen before a voice struck both their minds, “Leave now, while you still can”. Eliza screamed in fright and clutched the blanket as Sarah grabbed her and stood up-right, calling out, "H-Hello? Is anyone there?" Placing Eliza down, Sarah whispered to her, "You stay right there," before running to the bedroom where she pulled a hand-gun from one of the drawers. As she checked it for ammunition she turned to her side, to the window, in time to see a snarling set of teeth on the other side, its lips pulled back to reveal rows of teeth curved into a ravenous smile that filled the window-frame. Its gums were pink ad covered in bulbous boils that continuously swelled, until they burst full of puss that a series of tongues whipped out from between the teeth to lick at it as more boils grew in their place. Eliza could here screams and gunshots from her parents room, but was frozen in fear on the couch. Mum told me not to move. Mum told me not to move. The other girls suddenly appeared in the doorway to Eliza's room, four of them in total and they stared at Sarah's room in shock before the noise of the doorbell ringing shook their attention to the front-door near the couch.

"Eliza! It's me, open up!" Came the familiar voice of her Dad and Eliza thus rushed to the door, wanting him to stop whatever was going on, wanting him to check Mum was okay, just wanting to hold him and cry and have him make everything better. Opening the door, Eliza's screamed at what she was confronted by. Before her stood her father, Fred Jaufenthaler, but he was not the man she knew. His legs and arms were torn open in various places so his muscles were visible, squirting blood with each movement, one of his legs was twisted backwards and its foot broken so it lay on its side, a few of his fingers were missing and the most disturbing aspect of all was that he was facing her backwards, his neck having been broken so his head dangled loosely over his back, facing forwards. A smile broke out across his upside-down mouth as his blood-shot eyes glared at the girls, small bumps emanating from his body before bursting open in a spray of blood to reveal dozens of tiny insectoid-creatures that swarmed into the house as Fred collapsed to the ground, chuckling, "Daddy's home."


This was a somewhat unexpected development. Winston gritted his teeth as the massive 'root' which was lying on top of them grew further tendrils which carved into the large-roof of a meat-shield Winston had made his own arm into, a large block of muscle that stood up above the ruined alley-way. Small columns of muscle had to be formed to support the barrier which were bored into the rubble around him and as his possessed body, this 'tree', continued to drill tendrils into it in an attempt to get at him and the others. It might have been protecting the others, but the tendrils were boring into his flesh in an excrutiatingly painful way and he didn't think he could support the structure much longer before the situation changed entirely. First, a literal Angel swooped down to the edge of the alleyway, garbed in white and gold with wings that bristled in the night wind. As the Angel's feet touched the ground, its voice boomed grandly at them, “I heard thine call…ye may call me Ambriel, protector of mankind, I am at thy service, send me where I might be of most aid, but first I must evacuate the city, for I would not have innocent blood spilled on mine conscious."

What the flying f-ck is wrong with today. Winston had fought Angels before, beaten one of their faces into a bloody pulp and dissected his fair share of them in the name of science, but now here one was, with a far more angelic air about him. Maybe the situation was dire enough for his sins to be overlooked for a moment in the name of helping others, maybe they had plans for him once this was all done, either way, now was not the time to be mulling presently useless thoughts, he'd just have to watch out for him. This 'Ambriel' had offered his services and that was a good start to fighting back. It took only another second for further man-power to appear.

"Sutcetorp!" The yell came from behind the Angel, a young man in a black costume with a red X across it was running towards them and the instant he uttered the words, Winston felt a great amount of relief lift from his arm. The tendrils were suddenly forced out of his arm which Winston began to reabsorb back to normal, blood dripping from the numerous punctures holes that were scattered along it. Gazing upwards, Winston stared in admiration at the force-field that was presently keeping the creature at bay, it was an odd sight, the massive limb hovering in mid-air, before returning his attention to the newcomers. The guy who had created the shield introduced himself as he neared, "Hey my name is Old Lace and I'm here to help," the kid announced as the five of them now stood in a make-shift circle, the massive root writhing above them in an attempt to break through. Old Lace promptly looked Winston over, noting his wounds that were still yet to fully heal, his memories of his own bodily schematics still being but a haze due to the fact he was functioning off of a secondary brain. The boy placed a hand on Winstons shoulder, whispering as his eyes changed colour, "Sdnuoweromon," in virtually an instant, Winstons body began to mend itself, joints clicking back into place, the puncture holes closing entirely. Winstons first reaction however, was to pull himself back, taking a step away as he marvelled at his arm as it healed before his eyes, before the Sorcerer spoke again, "And who may you be?"

"The idiot who started this," Winston stared back up at the root above them and grimaced, they were already at the core of the problem, face-to-face with a creature of limitless potential physical growth, armed with other-worldly arcane powers and with an army of ghouls that had scurried off to make a meal of Kansas City. Sighing, Winston levelled his eyes upon the four others before him, the Cyborg, the Angel and the two Sorcerers, trying to equate each of them as a tool in the plan to solve the issue at hand. Kansas couldn't be evacuated in time and the beast before them could not be killed by their hands, "We have to get out from under here, I'd recommend the sorcerers exorcise the 'tree' as I provide a distraction, my mind is still at the core of that thing, once the invaders are ejected from it I'll be able to retake control. Ambriel, you said you wanted to evacuate, I saw hundreds of creatures being born up at the top of this thing, they're making for the city, you should take the Cyborg and put a stop to them, it wouldn't surprise me if the military is up there in need of a hand." Taking a deep breath, Winstons eye was caught by a youth standing just beyond the group, he looked maybe 15 and was staring at them in silence, "Also, maybe get that kid out of the way."

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This night couldn’t get any more annoying. Above him the demonic winged creatures filled and infected the beautiful night sky spreading like a plague across the city as did the ground based deformed beasts causing chaos and anarchy wherever their disgusting paws could carry them. Inhabitants of the city had begun to scream, cry and run for their very lives, their collective noise resonated throughout the city streets unfortunately it did them no good those that were too close to this “Tree” or weren’t fast enough simply couldn’t escape the onslaught of the demonic spawns wrath.

Covered in grime and blood kneeling down beside the now excruciatingly slow healing man Michael could hear his team-mate call for help. Craning his neck to look up at the imposing figure they were battling nobody could deny that any help they got would be a blessing. Kneeling on the opposite of the injured mystery man Andromeda spoke "I don't want to sound like a b!tch I really don't you made this happen though so I don’t care if that spike is permanently lodged there. It got most its tricks from you, you can continue so get the hell up. You also owe me a wardrobe you’re jacking up my threads." “Ever the diplomat Andromeda I think that’s why I like her she’s just as upfront as I am” he thought to himself.

Laying across the ground the man faced Andromeda and through many gasps and croaks spit out along with much blood the details of how he had brought this horrendous being into their existence and how to finish it off. Looking back up at the ever growing, pulsing “tree” the demonic creature continued to spew from the orbs that littered its trunk and hung from its “branches” finally some helpful advice. Through the chaotic roar of terror that echoed throughout the city, it made hearing anything twice as hard but the sound of gravel being stepped on caught Michael’s attention looking up an odd, vein skin like substance was covering their view of the otherworldly “tree” second from opening his mouth something large and forceful smacked against this substance and he understood it’s purpose but it was the injured man’s turn to speak "I'll distract it long enough for you two to get the f@ck out of here, pull yourselves together and figure out how to take this thing down. You don't have long and don't let them bite you, something in their saliva; they'll trap you in the back of your mind.” Looking back over the makeshift shield Michael could just see the tip of the “Tree” and wondered how something like this could even exist I mean what purpose did it serve other that to cause mass hysteria and destruction.

Seemingly coming from every direction their call had been heard and help had arrived in various forms their leader Requiem had arrived as well as a member of Michael and Andromeda’s own sub-team Tellumo, another Angel also touched down wearing some of the most beautiful armour possibly on earth but the next ally was sensed by the Witch boy before he stepped out of the Shadows and into the light an invisible shield had been erected allowing there somewhat ambiguous ally to break his own concentration and for his skin, bone and muscles to bend and warp back into regular human flesh. This however didn’t deter the “tree” as it continued to raise its colossal roots and with impressive force swing at the raised shield. "Hey my name is Old Lace and I'm here to help, sdnuoweromon, and who may you be?" the boy probably around Michael age said. Michael felt the spell take it desired course and the injured man was healed he had to admit he was pretty impressed.

"The idiot who started this, We have to get out from under here, I'd recommend the sorcerers exorcise the 'tree' as I provide a distraction, my mind is still at the core of that thing, once the invaders are ejected from it I'll be able to retake control. Ambriel, you said you wanted to evacuate, I saw hundreds of creatures being born up at the top of this thing, they're making for the city, you should take the Cyborg and put a stop to them, it wouldn't surprise me if the military is up there in need of a hand." Orders he just gave Michael an order, a command however you want to describe it the Witch boy didn’t like being told what to do by anyone other than those he trusted but seeing the situation at hand he’d have to compromise here still that didn’t stop him from speaking his mind “Oh you recommend that me and…Old Lace here exorcise this being great advice you know you should become a counselor I mean who would have come up with that plainly obvious unhelpful suggestion.” Smirking “Anyways Its not that simple we don’t have the proper prep, it takes a certain kind of ritual to banish something this widespread and beside’s I don’t think I even know a spell like that do you?” looking at Old Lace he however didn’t wait for a reply before continuing “I didn’t even properly banish those other demons I just released their…….that’s it…well....it’s a bit of a long shot I’ll admit but… Old lace come with me I have an Idea.” Begrudgingly agreeing with the now uninjured man Michael let the rest follow his orders but before Ambriel, Tellumo, Andromeda and Requiem left to clear the city and Michael spoke to all of them and informed them of what he’d need “Everyone be careful but listen for this plan to work we need at least a clear mile radius from here all human souls including your own have” emphasising the word “to be that distance from here leave any dead bodies behind they’ll just slow you down and they won’t be affected do whatever it takes and as quick as you can good luck!”

Turning to the person that caused this he spoke again “You need to give them as much time as you can but..y’know don’t kill yourself.” Beginning his distraction Michael walked up to Old Lace his new friend was powerful no doubt about it and it would defiantly be very helpful but he needed to know something’s “Im assuming you know what channelling is right? Because what me and you are doing is gonna rely heavily on it. Have you ever heard of a soul dagger” focusing on the energy around his left hand he pulled his dagger straight from its hiding place ad watched it take form from thin air. Lifting it up it seemed to catch the light and gave off the same ghostly glow he had become so accustomed too. “This is a soul dagger there not in many grimoires or other books on witchcraft because well there's so little of them but that's besides the point, anyway it has many different abilities but the one we need to access is its ability to separate Astral from physical get it? We basically gonna realise the demon’s from their little make shift home and hopefully if theirs no human soul near for them to affect then they won’t be able to maintain their presence in this world fun right!” he said laughing “Okay come on we’ve got to get up higher to one of those rooftops makes it easier on us and that guy back their won’t have to worry about protecting us as well as getting that things attention.” Summoning the winds around him Michael was gracefully lifted off the ground so as to not attract the demon spawn’s attention, hovering just above the other mystic’s head “You coming or what?” flying higher he closed in on the nearby rooftop ready to hopefully destroy this thing for good and while appearing calm he was worried time was off the essence so he began to draw a circle on the roof with some ground up chalk he’d bought at the magic shop earlier that day ready to being their ritual.

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Requiem had managed to fend off the demon driving a blade through its maniacal skull and make way to the others. A crimson stained hand pressed to her side to repair the damage done to her. The next step soon to be issued foreword to the ragtag group. Old Lace whoever that was seamed capable though a tad weird not like she was one to judge. Ambriel was another unpredicted ally a apparent angel a faint feeling to the angel making her question the thought. Poser or brother however he was a use in the here and now no need to be skeptical.

"We have to get out from under here" the first words of the bringer of all this chaos remarked. Both Requiem and the cyborg finding it kind of obvious, standing there was not exactly productive. Of course where the angel was intuitive the teen rolled her eyes. "I'd recommend the sorcerers exorcise the tree as I provide distraction." Fair plan Ambriel fake or real and herself needed to be out fighting off the masses being slightly more the heavy hitters of the rag tag bunch. Soon enough Umbra was quick to throw in his own impute, Requiem was not their leaders she was here to supervise didn't feel right giving orders here.

You need to give them as much time as you can but///y'know don't kill yourself." Umbra remarked, Drom was quick to chip in. "Michael I don't think him committing suicide is the danger here. Belive are concern is him becoming noms for the packmen." The gamer remarked filled with angst her coping methods still in place. A more thought out plan hastily thrown together to stop the terror ripping apart this city. Requiem turned to throw down some suggestions the cyborg was quicker however. "Tellumo hi sorry haven't met in a less fubar circumstance. You know in clothes not scorched, dirty, muddy, bloody and coated in oil. My input use the elements, that was your ability right? Yeah use that to take out what spawnlings you can and of course remove as many alarms as possible. Fires buildings being weakened stop those. I don't get a pay check I won't stand around and let the buildings come tumbling down so please limit that some. Ambriel you bright colored Requiem wana be please help in whatever way you see fit. Removing citizens of course would be great." The android spoke in a quick blur of words which had a slight autotone quality to them.

Requiem watched as the blue haired teen ran off to a building. Turning on the heel with perfect grace the angel tried to make up for the slight rudeness. "Please pardon my little friend she's not got all her screws in place tonight. Thinking of a computer mind is rather sound however." Concluding her statement the angel followed Drom. "Hey genius you may want this before you go up there." Requiem remarked as she tossed the bag over to her friend. The bag housed the gear the cyborg needed to repair herself some limb replacements for her broken useless ones. A new fuel cell and thankfully the Brutus. A toy from Overkill before he vanished, based much like the three turret gating gun. Drom had it made into a slightly more portable one painted mate black and electric blue to fit her style. It wouldn't last for ever the eighteen barrels of course dispensing bullets impeccably fast.

"I shut off all emotions so I could do this easily my goal is to head to the roof and way waste to as many as I can. Both the exorcist dudes got some work ahead of them and I'm dead so risk isn't on me." Requiem nodded proud of the maturity behind the teen. Though it could have just been the electronic bits talking truthfully. Satisfied though the two parted the angel off to try and keep city in check and calm. Drom making way to the roof of the structuree, the sounds of horrors outside skittering along the walls. Vision switched over to an infrared pinpointing the groups of fiends. Motors began to spin before a thunderous sound of noise echoed in the room streams of bullets ripping through anything. Flesh pounded into a mulch from a weapon best labeled as over kill. This was really only the start of things however.

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"Oh no! Oh Heavens no! My head it's in my head!"

Tellumo struggled, gripping his ears as he rollled on the floor inside the blazing canvas which was once a town. His eyes closed he was unaware of his surroundings unknowing of a creature that he described as a "Exorcist rip-off" was cautiously approaching him. As the being prepared to impale him it became engulfed in flames from nearby buildings, a teammate (the current team forged by necessity) picked him up while at point blank range shouted to him...

"Kid are you alright?!"

To which he then replied...

"NO...! I have a song in my head! And it's Destinys' Child!"

He was then promptly thrown back to the floor as work had to be done & this was less than important. Dusting himself off Tellumo turned to see the charred corpse of what looked like a ash covered Cthulu, this sight brought many ideas rushing into his head notable ones include; does that count as calamri & I hope that's dead I don't wanna be in real life hentai. His idiocy stopped when one thought sprung into his mind, Alphonse sprung just like the thought to the side of the blue-haired girl & asked...

"Do you have a flame thrower because these things are flammable & don't recover so well from the heat? Oh & in my experiences I realized if you can't stand the heat you probably don't like being frozen either unless they're made of ice so freeze ray or beam or gun or ice machine will probably do the trick."

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The chaos swirled around Orpheus, and he could feel the chill that the abominations brought with them from their own twisted world. In the darkness behind his eyes he could feel them moving, sinking tendrils deeper into the Earth. Amid the whirling dervishes of rancid flesh Orpheus was a beacon, a statue of light and radiance resembling the serenity of ancient Greek statues…he was the calm in the heart of the storm. He could see the future, and he knew that the monsters could not lay a hand on him (though poor Orpheus, naïve Orpheus, knew nothing of how probability worked across dimensions…knew nothing of how his still-budding powers would be affected by creatures from another world). The rest of the world might burn, but Orpheus would never be harmed. He would be the one who walked amongst the ashes of Pompeii, and brushed smoldering dust from the faces of the damned.

He could not judge his position by sound or sight, so Orpheus was taking a page from the book of the bat, mental echolocation of a sort. By bouncing telekinetic waves off of surfaces he could get a rough mental picture of the world around him. As his fellows struggled and fought, shifting topographic maps of flesh formed in Orpheus’ mind’s eye, pulsing in stop-motion flashes. “Sutcetorp!” The call came from behind Orpheus, accompanied by a faint whiff of something that smelled like ozone and lavender…magic? Perhaps…whatever the case, Orpheus’ field of ‘vision’ was severely limited as some sort of dome formed over the small group of would-be world-savers.

We have to get out from under here, I'd recommend the sorcerers exorcise the 'tree' as I provide a distraction, my mind is still at the core of that thing, once the invaders are ejected from it I'll be able to retake control. Ambriel, you said you wanted to evacuate, I saw hundreds of creatures being born up at the top of this thing, they're making for the city, you should take the Cyborg and put a stop to them, it wouldn't surprise me if the military is up there in need of a hand.” Orpheus nodded. How hard could that be? He’d just have to stand by and make sure no one got eaten. People were already on their way out of the city after all…his telepathic message would have made sure of that. “Everyone be careful but listen for this plan to work we need at least a clear mile radius from here all human souls including your own have to be that distance from here leave any dead bodies behind they’ll just slow you down and they won’t be affected do whatever it takes and as quick as you can good luck! Piece of cake. Orpheus smirked, ignoring the android who was spouting orders at him at a register much too fast for him to make sense of. Whatever, he could figure things out on his own.

He left the shield and re-entered the Beginning of the End of the World. He could feel space/time beginning to crack as awful things wormed barbed tentacles through the dimensional rift. For the first time he began to truly worry…premonitions of the future tore though his brain in strobing visions. He could not tell where his false sight ended, and the might-be began.

The ‘map’ of his surroundings. Buildings falling, flesh rising.

A gaping maw, millions of rotating teeth screeching towards him.

A child standing on top of a collapsing building. He didn’t stop to wonder how it had gotten there.

Something translucent, and slimy, and with ten eyes, a million eyes, as many eyes as there were stars, and each one turns towards him.

He flies with fragile wingbeats through the smoke-heavy air, coiling into new horrors

Serpentine and ethereal, with a grasping, dripping tongue, and breath heavy with toxin

LOOK OUT!” screams the child, clinging to a crumbling fire escape. Unable to differentiate future from reality, Orpheus had completely missed the beast slinking up behind him, unhinging its jaws to prepare for its feast. Panicked, Orpheus spun around in the air, fumbling with his swords. The beast was nearly upon him, and he could feel the slight acid in its exhalations stinging his face. He lashed out, splitting the fiend’s smoky sides with his blades. Nothing happened. The monster was not on the Earthly plane enough to be harmed by mere matter. Orpheus’ breaths came in short sobs as he was faced with the very real prospect of his own death. The end of everything because he had to pull a publicity stunt. And worse…he had seen this future, seen what the monster made of him when it had eaten its fill. The shambling beast he would become, his foggy eyes taking on sinister and unworldly light…

It begins to seep into his mouth, choking him, and he can taste its oily putridity. He lashes out now with his mind, with all his might, twisting and pulling at his foe…it is blasted away from him, torn from his body, and begins to accelerate in a spiral, a whirlwind of mental force, being pulled in on itself, both torn apart and forced together until its weak mortal form cannot take any more and it vanishes to the higher plane where it can regroup.

Orpheus coughs and coughs, trickles of black steam escaping his lips. The child has lost his grip on the fire escape, and screeches as he falls. Orpheus, still shaking from his encounter with the Smoky Thing, dives after him, catching one grubby hand in his immaculately gloved one. He pulls the child up, not sure what to do with him…could he really stop for a single child when an entire city had to be evacuated for whatever arcane reason was needed to exorcise the demons from this realm? Most people should have already fled, or at least begun to make their way out of this cursed place. Not this kid though.

Orpheus’ decision was made for him when the kid clambered onto Orpheus’ back, arms wrapped tightly around his neck. He wanted to hurl the child away…this is not the kind of thing he had in mind when becoming a hero, but it’s not like he could throw him off a building or anything. He would just have to deal with this indignity for now.

“Are you REALLY an angel?” the kid asked. Orpheus was searching for human minds within the limits of the city…most of them were at the borders, though for some reason they weren’t getting past there? Well, that would be okay, but there were a few groups that were well within the radius the sorcerers or whatever they were needed to do their thing. And even with his cybernetic aid, the sheer amount of psionic force he had exerted was giving Orpheus a splitting headache. “Yes kid, I’m an angel.” He absolutely could not keep up the ‘yea verilys’ or any of that crap. “You don’t SMELL like an angel. And I don’t believe in God anyways.” Really? Really? This is what the kid had to talk about right now? When Orpheus was barely keeping himself alive, and could barely figure out where his enemies were, and when the world might end at any moment, the kid had to argue with him about what angels smelled like? Orpheus exhaled sharply, telekinetically altering his flight trajectory so they were headed toward the greatest concentration of people. “And what are angels supposed to smell like?” Being an atheist himself, Orpheus decided to leave the argument about the existence or non-existence of God to Nietzsche or all the amateur philosophers waiting tables. The kid adjusted his grip on Orpheus’ back, kicking him in the spine in the process. “Angels are supposed to smell like freshly cut grass, and real beeswax candles. You smell like my mom’s perfume.” Orpheus blinked in annoyance. “This is VERY expensive cologne, probably worth more than you are.” The kid had stopped paying attention a while back. “Hey, can I try on your halo?” He reached for it, pulling Orpheus’ hair in the process. “NO DON’T TOUCH--” Too late. The little brat’s hand closed around Orpheus’ ‘halo’ wrenching it out of alignment. A colossal blast of psionic energy radiated outward, crackling in the air. A few of the more ramshackle buildings crumbled, and by pure chance one of the roaming abominations was vaporized.

Orpheus began to fall from the sky, barely replacing the ‘halo’ on time. He resumed his original course. The kid was silent for a moment. “DO IT AGAIN!” he hollered, reaching for the halo a second time. Then he paused, noticing the burns on his palms--the circuitry in the halo was channeling an immense amount of power, it was extraordinarily hot--and started crying. Right in Orpheus’ extremely sensitive ear.

And in this way the avenging angel Ambriel arrived at the gigantic traffic jam on the bridge just inside the mile limit that would keep them all alive if people would actually get out of there.

MOM!” the kid began trying to jump off of Orpheus’ back. Sure, Orpheus would be thrilled if the pest split his skull open in his fall, but unfortunately there were a bunch of people watching right now, and that would not be good for his image. He slowly and dramatically lowered the kid to the ground instead, where he promptly ran off to grab hold of some woman who presumably actually wanted to have the brat around…Orpheus could not for the life of him figure out why. Touching family reunions finished (and how did the kid end up on a building anyway?) it was time to deal with the traffic jam.

The way Orpheus saw it (and he didn’t at all really) he just needed to create a few more roads and the cars would be able to move. Or people could get out their cars and actually walk, but it’s not like any of these morons would ever do that. Sighing, Orpheus began to rip out huge chunks of concrete, and lay them out in the thin air next to the road. His head felt like it had been hit with a sledgehammer…when this was done he was going to sleep for at least three days, presidential campaign be d@mned. Mentally holding up the new road (though putting on a show of physically lifting it) he told the people to go, “Mine friends, thou must leave this accursed place…travel quickly, and go far. Go with Ambriel’s blessing.” Name-drop. Excellent, now they’d all go tell their friends how amazing Ambriel is. And when Ambriel endorsed Orpheus Ziev in the upcoming election…well, that was just elementary. He was still grinning when cars began to move onto his new roads, and he first realized how heavy a car actually is.

He could feel his mind buckling. It was the same principal as someone weightlifting…it’s possible to pick up a weight that’s too heavy, but eventually one will have to drop it, and it may well cause some injury. As cars rumbled above him, Orpheus knew he could not hold up the road for any length of time. And if he dropped it…well, that would be bad. He could feel his brain cramping up, shooting broken glass through his veins. His ‘halo’ was whirring crankily, and would probably give out soon. Orpheus grit his teeth and tried to breathe. The road dropped six inches. Orpheus forced it back up, feeling something give. Blood began to trickle from his eyes and nose. “HEY! Ambromel! I still don’t think you’re an actual angel, but thank you anyway…” It was that stupid kid again…he hated that kid. He really hated that kid. He hated that kid to the very depths of his cold black heart. He hated that kid who had shown him what it meant to be a hero…

The last car made its way across the road. Orpheus let it fall, just barely getting himself out of the way. He was a mess…haematic streaks of blood ran from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. He was barely conscious, and wavered in the air.

He had forgotten something very, very important. He had forgotten that the monsters had smelled the human mass gathered there, and even if they hadn’t gotten there quite on time…well, there was one very tasty faux-angel there for the taking. Orpheus raised his head, smelling their charnel reek. “No…” he put his hands to his face. “Gotta be kidding me…” there must have been at least a dozen monsters, up to a hundred definitely. He couldn’t fight them individually…he was going to die. This was it. Actually this time.

Oh wait, no, he would just smash them all with a freaking meteor. Orpheus smiled slowly. Telekinesis was hard. But tweaking timelines was his bread and butter…he was a precog after all. And nothing was impossible…at any given time, in some universe, absolutely everything was happening. Was it really all that unlikely that a spacerock would fall into the middle of Kansas City? Not particularly.

Toothy tendrils reached for Orpheus, unaware that the sooty sky was darkening further. The rancid meat smell mixed with burning ozone. The air heated up. Orpheus smiled, blood still dripping from between his teeth. For a moment there was a new sun in the sky.

It crashed down with the force of a small earthquake, mashing the monsters into a vile paste. They screamed, barely in the human range of hearing, but Orpheus savored it. Chalky meteorite dust filled the air, coating everything in a gray film. But the monsters…in this part of the city at least…were vanquished.

Halleluiah, praise be to me.” Orpheus said, smirking.