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The weakened Paragon cozily rested his shivering palms within his green bespoken jacket having been tailored perfectly for to his frame, Paragons were paid fairly well after all. The jacket having been designed with an interwoven Kevlar lining able to withstand simple knife slashes, yet anything more would easily go through it also being slightly fire retardant. He could have easily bought a sizable jacket with the same characteristics yet his naive ego had gotten the better of him, wanting it to be a "perfect" fit and look flawless, the green mysterious hood covering just enough of his face to look absolutely awesome. In his opinion anyways.

His body was tight and rigid as he made his way through the empty streets of New York contemplating whether to buy chips or pizza tonight, usually he would have taken to heroic duties wanting to claim the streets back of all the crime, but his training was not complete (or rather had only just begun) into the arts of combat and how to use a bow, so instead he would find his car, go home and rest.

Coming to a standstill next to his car the rain beat down upon his head sending shiver after shiver down his spine, fumbling around trying to unlock the door his hands shook with a wild shake causing him to accidentally drop the keys down a drainpipe "Sh!t" grunting angrily the Paragon rested upon the cold metallic frame of the car his hands holding his head, wanting to cry but revoking the tears not wanting to be seen. Unknown to him the rain would have masked this sorrow, and even more unknown to the hero his fate would be tested tonight by a most infamous attacker.

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5 Days Ago: At the Guild of Killers Headquarters

"This is an insult." Decoy said, waving the report of his latest mission in the guild-master's face. "This guy, this guy is just, he doesn't even have powers!" Decoy huffed as he paced around the room. The guild-master gave a sigh. "The employer wanted to strike while the hero was weak." He explained, but Decoy was having none of it. "It's ridiculous, we should just send one of the lesser members to deal with it, with my skills I should be taking on people who can destroy cities, not some bozo who doesn't realize that you stop being a superhero when you stop being super!" Decoy continued his rant as the guild-master quietly pulled out a gun. "Decoy how many men have you killed?" He asked, ending the young would be assassin's rant. "Well...I...none." Decoy mumbled as he grabbed the gun. The guild-master gave a small smile. "Then let this serve as your final test, prove that you can end a life." Decoy quickly nodded. "Yes sir." He gave a bow. "All glory to the Guild of Killers." He said. He quietly walked away, his mind buzzing. He would be the best, he would prove his skill to all of the guild, to the world...to himself.

Now: New York

Decoy watched his target fumble with his keys before dropping them into a drainpipe. Decoy quietly sighed, this was his great challenge his final test. A man so incompetent he couldn't even handle his own keys. But a job was a job. Decoy quickly created a illusion duplicate of himself, he decided to add a little extra layer to the situation. An illusionary woman being held hostage by the duplicate. The perfect trap, assuming this Pyro guy was as much of a hero as his Intel suggested. The duplicate placed it's gun against the fake woman's head as they stumbled out of the alleyway. "Say a word and you die!" The duplicate said gruffly. "So you're the mighty Pyro?" It asked, it's face hidden by a blank faced mask. "Don't look so tough to me. So here's the deal you're going to do my job for me and kill yourself or I blow little pretty here's brains out." Decoy tried to pretend that he wasn't offering the ultimatum so that he could avoid doing the deep himself.

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His hands held tightly on his face the Paragon removed them, upon doing so his eyes widened in stark terror at the ultimatum and mere sight of the hostage having a gun placed upon their face. Saying nothing for a mere moment before shouting slightly afraid, yet subtly edging closer "Your job!" His emerald eyes glowed violently "You're being paid to kill me, not.." His palm flew out pointing to the hostage taker "...A random woman! Shoot her and the police will be here in less than five minutes, and I'm sure I'll handle you for that long" His fists clenched angrily ready to pounce like a dog backed into a corner "Fight me like a man, you worthless piece of shit, can't even do a job properly without resorting to this crap - You're pathetic!" his jaw slightly hurt as he clenched due to previous injuries affecting him to this very day.

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The Decoy glared at Pyro, taking the blast of insults. "Pathetic..." The real Decoy mumbed angerly, clenching his fist. "You think I'm pathetic?" His duplicate spoke, dropping the fake woman to the ground. She slumped over like a broken doll, Decoy was too angry to keep her movements realistic. "I am The Elite! The greatest killer on Earth!" The duplicate yelled, pulling out another gun. He pointed both his pistols at Pyro. "You never stood a chance, hero." He fired wildly, his bullets balls of fire that left trails of flames. He'd take out this punk and he'd do it in style. The real Decoy slowly moved out of the alley, blocking his presence from his opponents mind. He aimed his gun, preparing to fire while the hero was distracted. He could strike now, chances were he'd get a hit in, and then he could end it. Decoy glared at his opponent and then...he hesitated.

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The Paragon would have dived out of the way, yet nobody even a peak human could out-dodge a bullet moving near the speed of sound at point black range. Surely, the Paragon of Power would have had his destiny sealed, death would have been dealt before his worthless and weakened body.

A burning sensation infused with his stomach bursting pulsed through his nerves system the Paragon crying out with tears of sheer terror and pain too distraught to notice the man standing around hesitant to fire. Pyro flailed his arms around like he'd legit been shot too pained to realize it was an illusion, his fist crashed through his car window giving him some very real scars from this battle upon his knuckles as the glass cut deep, his mind came to his senses going to check the wound...and, nothing?

Pyro looked down perplexed trying to find a wound! Had the Gods saved him? Had a Paragon speed through and plucked the bullet from midair?! Without fully caring his bloodied fist dived into the rear sear of the car picking up one of his fatal triple pronged trident arrows waving it around trying to look onto anybody who was doing this then finding the illusion assuming it was real, the Power Paragon jolted forwards trying to literally jam his arrow through the mans neck out of the other side without any mercy.

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The fake Decoy disspeared with a blast of smoke. "Crazy son of a.." The real Decoy mumbled as he dashed back to his starting alleyway, still casting the massive fog illusion. Decoy's mind raced. His target wasn't as killer, he wouldn't do something so dangerious to another human being. Unless...No he couldn't have figured Decoy out after all there hadn't been a single clue. Decoy remember the girl and cursed to himself. He'd been played a fool. Luckily he knew how to fix this. "So I bet you think you have me figured out." A new duplicate said, appearing behind Pyro enveloped in fog. "Bet you think you're real hot stuff. But here's the thing. You're wrong. Whatever you think about me and my powers is wrong." Decoy casted his largest illusion yet. The ground shook, the building around Pyro crumbled apart, and the sky filled with dark clouds and lightning. Fire surronded the duplicate, it spoke it's voice echoing with power. "I am the Elite, my power is doing whatever I want." Meanwhile the real Decoy was strugling to aim at Pyro from the alleyway, his hands shook, he could barely breeze. Why was he hesitating? Why couldn't he kill one stupid hero? He quietly lied to himself, said it was because the guy was still standing, too hard to hit, he needed to knocked out first, a simple enough task. The duplicate smilled as it pointed it's guns at Pyro. "This time, please try and stay dead." It fired.

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The Paragon normally would have never murdered another human being but the recent events involving his failure to do so nearly resulting in the deaths of many, combined with his loss of powers drove the hero to a new extreme of justice, or rather the Paragon was just desperate. Desperate to escape this world desperate to prove himself a hero without powers, he could still be super. Or could he?

The hero was again anxiously confused by the illusions all cropping up speaking, taunting his very being trying to possibly cause for him to simply break down in terror. The smoke and fogs associated with the villains manifestations caused a slight suspicion within the Paragons heart as to why they had done that, the stabbing motion trying to gauge his arrow through the other illusions neck had proved futile, was this some kind of teleporting rubbish? Or was this simple somebody who was a ghost?...Pyro was confused, yet entirely confident knowing exactly what to do. Rushing to the side the grounding pounding and shaking like an earthquake had hit he simply ignored this notion remembering what the man had said before "I am the Elite, my power is doing whatever I want" so much confidence so much arrogance, he could do whatever he wants yet he hid behind smoke and fog. The Paragon had been in the hero business long enough to know what that meant, the man was an illusionist.

He ran through the fire keeping hope his cloths would reduce any flame damage yet ironically thinking the flames would have any effect caused them to (albeit without damage) send a burning sensation towards the lowers of his body, coursing up to his stomach. Smashing into his car glass flying everywhere cutting his face the Paragon took shelter as a bullet flew overheard the world was crashing in on him, imploding. He screamed, shouted at the top of his voice - having realized this was all some sick game "YOU'RE NOT REAL YOU BASTARD!" Pyro chanted over and over shouting, crying at the top of his voice knowing the sky was not really falling, the bullets had been too slow, the fire had been too cold. This was not real.

His body shook in terror inside of his metallic prison nearly petrified before he came to his senses, bending over picking up his bow stationed in the car his trembling bloodied hands picked it up, his foot kicking open the door before jumping outside and staring at the illusions "Games over!" Shooting an arrow directly towards one of the illusions aiming for the heart before looking around, his sights trying to find the mastermind behind of this vindictive game.

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Decoy jumped out of alleyway as Pyro moved to escape his illusions. How had this happened? How was one man, with no powers, easily enduring all the pain his mind could muster? How was Decoy losing? He cursed as Pyro as he aimed his gun, Pyro had finally stopped. Decoy put his hand on the trigger watching Pyro ready an arrow. Decoy hesitated. " "Games over!" Pyro didn't, sometimes it's that simple. The arrow grazed Decoy's arm, he dropped his gun and more important his illusions. "You...but I was the best." He whispered cluching his bleeding arm. "This wasn't suppose to happen!" Decoy yelled, creating a illusion of a blast of smoke. He rushed off to his alleyway creating a hiding his blood trail while creating a new one that lead off into city. It would be while before Pyro would be out of range. Decoy ripped off part of his suit, using it to cover his would. He sat in the alley, bleeding and hiding like a coward. What happened from here on out didn't matter to him anymore, he could barely keep his illusions up, he could barely stand the very idea of what had just happen. He'd hesitated. He'd lost.

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The Paragon saw his arrow collide with the mans arm, a sensation of happiness enthralled his being as he simply watched the assassin jet off. Suddenly smoke appeared before the hero blinding him for a mere moment, disallowing to think it was real he could vaguely make the shapes as he scurried along towards a blood trail, thinking it may be a trick the Paragon bent down and put some onto his index finger, thinking it was fake he tried to taste it. Yet no blood taste was evident. A fake indeed.

Shaking his head slightly amused now he slung his green bow across of his back withdrawing a deadly arrow as a melee weapon in case of an emergency, the Paragon ran into a nearby alleyway which was close by assuming this is where the real aggressor was, it looked like a dead end. One turning until meeting this end, he ran forwards slowly stopping before turning the corner, withdrawing his bow and placing the arrow upon the frame he slid round the corner shouting, if the man was indeed behind the corner he'd not fire yet give a warning "Freeze - Hands in the air any movements wrong and my arrow will pierce your solar plexus!" He'd train his arrow on the man, if anything malicious was performed it would south fourth directly into his chest if not dodged.

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A Decoy appeared, in front of Pyro, his hands in the air. "You got me. Now what?" It asked with a sigh as blood dripped down it's arm. "You beat me, you beat some no name loser in an alley." The Decoy laughed a grin on it's face. "This is how far you've fallen." The real Decoy meanwhile slid away, he'd been standing right where he'd created his copy, but now out of danger he quietly tried to slip away. He needed to get away fast. He pulled out his cell phone. "I need help." He whispered in the phone once the guild-master answered. "Indeed you do." Came the response. "You have failed, after all the effort we put into you you still found a way to lose. It's a shame to lose another Decoy, but the rules are the rules." Decoy sputtered, his illusion fizzled in and out of existence as he did so. "What?" Is all he could muster. "It's simple. You are finished with the Guild. You are now our target." And then silence. Decoy and his duplicate spoke at once, as stared into the distance. "I'm a dead man."

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The Pained Paragon trained his bow directly up towards of the mans face wishing he had it inside of him to shoot, wishing he had the urgency to kill an assassin who would have (should have) killed him without hesitation. The entire reason for this affair, for him losing his powers was because he had not killed that villain, the reason he had lost his ring. Pyro could not do it. Not when they were cowering and fearful of life. The Emerald Archer watched the illusion speak of death, assuming it was talking about the arrow trained on his head Pyro spoke "As I said..." Lowering the bow the hero slung it across of his back twiddling the arrow in his fingers walking away while he whispered to himself "...Games over" without realizing he'd survived his first encounter without powers or training, maybe you could be a superhero without being super after-all.