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The belltower chimes midnight, the city becomes it's hunting ground. It punishes those who do wrong to the fullest extent of the lawless.

It watches as the thugs load a truck with stolen goods, hard earned valuables from innocents are taken with no empathy. Stolen goods cause fear, fear is not what it wants for the innocent, but fear is what evil shall learn to feel, their black hearts will be filled with the dark embrace of fear. With haste it drops down onto the hood of the van, a sound of creaking bursts from it's neck as it tilts its head. The face of the driver makes it all worth it, his eyes are open wide filled with tears, his mouth is stretched as wide as possible so his screams for help sound like an animal being slaughtered. Despite the lack of wording his cohorts release gunfire unto it. It doesn't flinch as the bullets pierce it's skin and seek the wall behind.

It lays seemingly dead on the tarmac in front of the van. These crooks are still scared as they throw a member forward to check for life, he does so by prodding the face of the creature with the butt of the gun. Assured that it's dead they promptly get inside their van to drive away, hoping to forget the nightmare that is the night they've lived. All seems well as they drive back to their headquarters, it's part of the larger network of operations run throughout the city, it's headed by a council of metahumans, you do a good enough job for them you get powers, do bad you get a mandatory vacation to hell, without pay. This wasn't a comment on death though, the leader of the operations is a demon, this is known only to a select few.

As they park in the alotted space the van submerges on an elevator into a sub-basement, a masterpiece of modern architecture and technological advancements that are hidden from the public. The dark council sits high and mighty above their worker drones, they enjoy the riches brought to them by their schemes. Now was the time to strike.

The lights were the first to go as the bulbs burst from their sockets as the still alive creature flashed out from beneath the van, within a second the back-up lights were revealed and activated, this was long enough for it to reach the council. It towered above them easily 7ft tall, the lights revealed it's deformed stance as it impaled three of the five members with a blade of hardened flames, they saw all around them cut to ribbons, peons and elites alike. The remaining two took immediate action, the demon leader tried to summon a creature from another plane to battle for him but mid chant his jaw was broken by a strong right hook, before he could feel the pain the being pulled the roof above him downwards crushing the demon instantly, it was promptly set alight with the neon blue flames that was the beast's trademark. The last remaining criminal broke down in tears as his body grew three times it's normal size, a green reptilian skin coated him as his teethshot out to reveal large ridged spikes. This beast ran towards it in a manner akin to a gorilla preparing to kill, this wasn't going to happen. Mere centimetres away the beast raised it's hands to strike, the elbows upwards remained in the air only to fall to the floor on the sides of the creature, the upper arms at the same time were pulled backwards in pain, the reptilian looked to the sides to see the smouldering flesh where it's forearms should've been. It finished the job with a pair of sweeping low kicks that projected the same hard blue flames as before, the torso slides off as if it was well oiled. The being grabs the head and torso of the victim to throw through the hole to the surface that was previously open. It jumps through to land outside in the pitch black alleyway, it stamps it's foot down and a crater is formed, destroying the remnants of the base along with the chance of any surviving.

The police would arrive shortly afterwards to find the long dead torso of the lizard-man with a note burned into it's flesh.

'I will purge the city. Criminals will be served justice by my hand. I am the Prevention of innocent deaths and suffering. Do not stop me.'


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