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@brahma_bull: @kratesis

The Vespa Vanguard blitzed through the area, his overbearing frame cracking concrete. Each stride cracking slab after slab, the air being forcefully beaten out of the way, his deadly wrist blade shooting forwards, attempting to impale the Mutant Messiah's exposed neck yet barely managing to salvage a mere scrape, almost without haste, the perniciously ambient effects of her deadliness were felt as his own blade was contorted, manipulated, and utilized cutting deep into his armored back somehow managing to cut through his Ancient Arcani Armor. Crying out in unrelenting pain Myrmidon was then forcefully taken, his body being violently crushed by the unmitigated might of the Mutant Militant's outstretched palm bringing him to an abrupt halt, the very second the Bulls hand gripped around Myrmidon's gigantic frame was the same second both of his wrists blades were contorted downwards, and then thrust upwards, attempting to both dig deep into the Goliath's abdomen area prior to digging his feet into the ground, adjusting his posture to avert being thrown onto the floor, and digging his blades upwards, longing for them to not just impale the bull, but make their way upwards through his entire torso penetrating and decimating every internal organ they so met on their transit upwards, finally exiting through the remnants of his neck.

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@brahma_bull: @orcus:To Peter's fortune his attack to the legs of the bulging wall of muscle hit causing moderate damage but not having the effect of tripping the man over like he so intended and he merely pulled out the blade from his leg and extended his arms what the hell is he doing? thought Peter before being hit by a super powered thunderclap sending a booming wave of force in his direction, he forced himself to take the brunt of the damage resulting in his arms head and ribs being blown right off as opposed to being shattered causing a pained yell to emit from the skull which flew away. His lower legs stood firm with the knees only just holding together through the wave began to repair along with everything else, his head came rolling back as did his ribs and arms all finding their correct placement back in his skeletal figure snapping and cracking together as Peter almost screwed his head back on his neck as it repaired itself growing much stronger adapting to the strain being applied making the pain grow dull and the attack have less effect if used again. Finally he was fully back together after about a couple of minutes.

He held out a hand and his sword found its way back into his hand, he looked around to see that a whole group of heavily armed men were attacking.The bullets pinged off the areas that were covered by amour and some simply missed, however he found that the bullets felt like a multitude of wasps stinging his bones sharply and they began to crack as each bullet made contact. The inner rage of Last Pyre came out and gave him the motivation to kill every single one of the soldiers and he powered through the hail of gunfire drawing it exclusively to himself in hopes of keeping some pressure off of his temporary allies with his bones becoming stronger and still repairing themselves making the experience slightly less painful and less damaging as he was peppered with gunfire, he sped along towards his target running quite quickly despite appearing fairly clumsy and managed to get close enough to take a brutal diagonal swing at his chest which at the close distance meant that the sword could cleave through the distance between the man's front and back with clothing resulting in the top half of him sliding off.

Moving on from what he put down as a lucky strike he moved onto the next soldier who was now much more worried about getting hit, Peter managed to get close and the soldier dodged and weaved as best he could managing to avoid getting hit twice by jumping backwards and doing a roll past him but as he tried to spring away once more the very large end of Peter's sword sliced and ruined the man's Achilles tendon leaving him rolling in agony screaming before Peter took a couple of steps and plunged his sword into the belly of the soldier twisting it and then pulling it back out and beginning to make his way to the next target. The bullets now felt like dull and not very noticeable versions of what they once were but collectively they were still painful enough to cause him to grunt and writhe in pain as he ran towards the men wielding the microgun aiming to stop the main source of fire power but about five metres away he was hit directly in the spine by a rocket which blew his whole back apart thankfully not shattering any bones but breaking him apart and reducing him to a pile of bones once more.

This time he played dead, well... more dead and didn't immediately use bone kinesis to rebuild himself and allowed the individual bones to regenerate his right arm, shoulder and feet were still fully intact thanks to the armour and Peter found that he could still grip the sword which also remained unscathed, one of men by the microgun came over and kicked his head and during this whole time Peter had to try his hardest to stay as quiet as possible hiding the extreme pain of the rocket against his spine still. His other arm had now fully rebuilt and the soldier that kicked his head was not quite sure if the monster was dead for sure, his question was answered shortly and using his bone kinesis Peter raised his left arm and gripped the man picking him right off the ground struggling to get out of the grip of the arm calling for other to help the other arm then came up with the sword and whilst the man was trying to pry the hand off Peter ran his sword through the man going through his chest, he twisted the floating arm and ripped the sword back out leaving a gaping hole in the man's chest. This caused most of the soldiers to panic as they had just witnessed a pair of floating arms just murder their comrade, they all began to shoot at Peter again and once more an RPG was fired directly at the pile of bones which erased all that the bones had done to heal themselves and made Peter lose his focus on his arms causing them to fall suddenly to the ground. The soldier no longer took their chances and kept attacking the pile of bones trying to kill Peter who could be heard calling out in agony as yet another rocket came in and further destroyed his bones.

However, this was part of his plan. His bones were now broken and there were many smaller pieces lying around with some bigger ones, with great effort he tried out one trick that would hopefully catch all the soldiers. Every piece of bone was suddenly suspended in air and within a second all the bones flew out towards the soldiers like a deadly skeleton grenade, the people would manned the microgun became eviscerated and almost every soldier got hit by at least one piece of bone. Many of the troopers were now dead, dying or at least injured for the time being. He resumed rebuilding himself back up again which took around four minutes due to how much damage had been done, on the bright side his bones had taken so much damage that as the hail of bullets from the light machine guns came in he barely felt anything and the bullets bounced off his bones no longer doing any more then leaving either a dent or a smallish crack which repaired soon afterwards. The man wielding the RPG had gotten a bone stuck in his arm and had only just got a hold of the the rocket launcher from dropping it, he still needed to reload and he fumbled around on one knee in a bit of a panic due to his arm and by the time he did Peter had already reached him. Peter kicked the man in the face causing him to go backwards and the rocket to fire up into the air. Peter then ripped off the skull helmet to reveal the mutant man's face underneath and with his left hand he grabbed the man's face with his large skeletal fingers digging into the eyes listening to him cry out in agony before twisting his hand quickly to the left and then to the right before pulling hard and ripping the head off with the spine. (Predator style). He then threw the spine with the head like a javelin towards the apparent leader of the group of soldiers before moving on to each soldier killing not necessarily quickly but with much more ease then last time now that he didn't have so many bullets hitting him. As more men soldier came to reinforce Peter kept them down as best he could slaying them one by one and tanking everything they threw, even the rockets became less effective and he fell apart less the more he was hit but it did still hurt enough to make him cry out in horrendous pain every time he got hit and that spurred him on to keep on his onslaught never going directly for the leader and just depleting him of resources one man at a time or maybe two if he got a lucky hit.

If there was an end to this task force then Peter would then await the retaliation of the leader of the soldiers, if the leader decided to retreat he would refocus on the muscular man and once again just throw his sword this time aiming at the back of the man. But, in the more likely case where the leader would not retreat Peter would take up a fighting stance and allow the man with the skull helmet to make the first hit, "If you run now, I won't chase you". Said Peter who was willing to give this man some mercy.

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With admirable efforts much to Azrayne’s initial surprise the telepathic assault failed. Runes surfaced onto the face of the teenager which evidently halted the EVAs efforts. The crimson haired fem fatal wasn’t to surprised however. Fact of the matter was many adversaries tended to find some way to dodge such efforts. Despite the lethal unseen forces of telkenesis they could be felt. That was the one hinderance once TK was felt well it lost its subtlety. Rock and stone covered the teenager to spare the teen from dying. Following which the stone knight transferred underground further evading harm. The knight and his golem emerged yet again ready for their attempt to trump the violent red head. Now on the defensive a trained mind went instantly to work.

A series of rocks emerged from the ground ready to crush Azrael encircling her and eager to decimate her. There was no stepping back forward left or right, even going up were covered. Well it was obvious, the teen had done it himself go under. Using telekinesis to shove a crater into the ground leading to the evasion of this grievous attack. Repetition wasn’t an ideal attack in the modern world. To swing a blade in the same direction again and again usually was a foolish method, same principle here. Truth was that powerful action was brutal but having used it earlier she was readied for a defensive. And from that she launched an offensive. Potent assault evaded led the red haired atom bomb to make her dangerous approach.

With telekinetic fortitude Azra traversed the underbelly of the cracked asphalt and concrete. Simultaneously using her mental attributes to also pin point where the opposition was. Having appeared below the two she released a powerful display of telekinesis. This display of mental capacity could have thrown an oil tanker a hundred feet into the air. This outlandish move would hopefully toss this giant and teen several feet into the air. Best way to fend off the foe was to strip him of his strengths. The golem, the most potent of the duo used geokenisis used the earth so she aimed to leave no ground to go to. Of course she was no fool falling a hundred feet in the air wasn’t likely to end her opponent. Thus why she hurled three nuclear orbs at her foe. This trio of bombs would be liable to eradicate just about anything. Most things couldn’t bare a singular nuclear explosion let alone three. Azrayne would not let the explosions reach far enough to demolish the entire city. This however did not mean the explosions were any less on impact. Being struck by the three explosions or even near them would be equivalent of being in the dead center of three nukes going off. “Diversify or die btch” it wasn’t really necessary but the smart mouth comment was a testament to who she was. Her time in the armed forces of Venezuela as well as time as a teacher led her to drop educational if not foul remarks.

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@614azrael: David had no idea what was happening as he watched the girl disappear from an attack that should have killed when all of the sudden he felt something grab him from behind and pull him far away quickly just in time too because a powerful force erupted under the ground he was standing on he was saved .But Azkabar wasn't rather then save himself Azkabar chose to save David and he was launched very high in the air from the girl's attack surely that would not kill Azkabar so he would be all right .

David thought when all of the sudden giant balls of light were flung into the air David had never seen them before but he had a pretty good guess what they would do Azkabar did too the golem looked down at Azkabar his eye's filled with regret over his defeat at the hands of this girl had he not needed to protect David surely this would have been his victory.But he knew that he was just trying to excuse his lose he was never gonna hear the end of this when he returned to the demon world and with that the balls exploded and any remnant of Azkabar's body was gone Azkabar had returned to the demon world since his earthly vessel had been destroyed it would be a while before he could return.

David knew this was not over he was still in danger which means another demon was going to come so far David could only sustain two demons so this would be the last one if this one failed the fight would be over he had no idea who was going to come but when the feeling came over him he knew that someone was coming.And out of him emerged a demon dressed as a cowboy the only skin visible on him was the top of his face as the bottom was covered by a cowl his skin color was blue and his eyes were also blue except they were glowing and in his eyes you could see a red symbol where the pupil should be.

David had come to know this demon as Nightmare and he was very powerful Nightmare turned toward David "so then Azkabar lost then surprising but he did have a handicap after all " he pointed to David "so i am sorry but i don't feel like having to interrupt my fight to have to save you every time . He pulled out one of the western style revolvers he had and it glowed purple for a second and he pointed it at David and pulled the trigger a purple bullet came out going through David only he did not receive any wounds from it he simply disappeared .He then turned toward the girl "now that he is gone let's say me and you get to business ."

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The assault had almost no succes, surprisingly endured by Luke's antagonist swimmingly. The mask was barely removed, the punch had an effect equivalent to zero and his escapade was frustrated with relative ease. His foe lifted him upwards before hurling the youth with its colossal might against a wall. The Anonymous Vigilante attempted desperately to web something and escape the iminent fatal colision, but he failed. As his body entered in contact with the opposing wall, the humongous strengh of his foe, Brahma Bull, could be perceived. Easily piercing through the building and landing on a dreadful site, surrounded by shattered glass and debris of grey concrete. A dust veil lifted and, virtually at the same time, images, ravings, formed around Nobody's grievous figure.

Had the Ultimate Insect fainted? No one could tell. His debilitated countenance, resting alongside the warworn structure of the edifice, alike his own fragile frame. The debilitated hero could hark voices of the past. A scene, which haunted him day after day. His brother, standing atop his layed body. Kids laughing. A mix of vermilion blood and tears dripping from his visage. Both fists clenched as he landed a powerful blow against his brother's chin. Luke Craig wasn't known to give up. After a consecutive loss streak, a broken nose and public humiliation, the boy could still stand. His own thoughts, echoing on both present and past. Don't give up, Luke. Never give up. He may be stronger and smarter, but he's slower. Exploit that weakness, an open wound. Show them, Luke, show them what you're made of. Never fall back, just get your head on the game and give everything you have. They understimate you, now they pay the price.

Hands tightened in fists of ire, regardful eyes, pursuing every single move of both allies and enemies. Head aching, countless wounds all over his torso and legs, one or two broken ribs. Safety was no longer an option. Onslaughting at the fight once more, the aracnid vigilante arose on the fight once more. Shattering teeth forming an odd grin. Focusing on the enormous figure, the Militant Mammoth, overweighted by enemies.

"I hope you are ready for round two, Bull. Because I am not getting beaten easily this time." he yelled while displaying astonishing acrobatic stunts, complementing his demonstration of skill with prompt slices, utilizing his equipment, and some web dosages, hopefully tying Brahma's feet together and forcing him to fall due to lack of equilibrium. If triumphant, the Ultimate Insect would continue tying both wrists together and binding his neck against the ground. Then, he would land with both feet on Bull's scruff.

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"Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance".~ Sun Tzu

This line can define my entire battle strategy. It might have seemed like I had lost it but that's the first thing that I'm going to teach him today about me, I never let my emotions blind me or get the best of me. I am always in control of myself even when it seems like I'm not. I have the ability to be as cold as the people that I fight, as people like him. Human emotion in warfare is a weakness that is the hardest rule that we must realize in this line of work. Human emotion will make you vulnerable, not some radioactive rock or super-sonics but caring for someone more than you care for the rest of the people that you are trying to save, because there will come a moment when a maniac will give you two choices which you have to be ready to make. You save your loved one or you save a multiple people, this type of choice is why I never married anyone, why I never fell in love. From the bottom of my heart I don't think I can make the right choice so cut off the option completely. I isolated myself from the world and became what I am today.

He is right, his reach is greater than mine which is an advantage that he has over me. The cluster of grenades is a clever move, I'm currently being zipped towards him making it nearly impossible to dodge them without letting go of the line which I won't do. I throw stun Vs which towards most of the grenades which differ from my regular Vs to the fact that they don't serve to cut but to hit targets, in this case the targets being the grenades making them go separate ways except for one, the one which I calculated would get far enough for me to kick mid-air right back at the Bull. What's next is also a smart move but highly predictable for a man of his strength and reflexes even without my precognition. It was an obvious move to use his strength to make me hit as many objects as possible while in the grapple. After I hit a stop sign I cut the grapple and slide towards him with the pull.

As I am sliding I throw an acid pellet towards his repugnant gas mask in hopes that I might get a glimpse of the bastard's face. When I'm about to reach him through the carefully calculated slide I try to kick him the testicles with ferocity for the dead's satisfaction also possibly giving me and opening to rapidly perform a one hand stand and reaching his jaw with my left heel, even if that attack too failed I would swing the heel back down towards his face in even more scarier speeds. This attack would leave me standing right in front of him, in the case that he in any way is not knocked out with all my speed and strength that could overwhelm most meta-human I will begin striking all of his nerves across his body and swinging one back fist towards his throat, two palm attacks towards his hear likely causing painful ringing, and finally ending with an uppercut towards his left cheek with the brutality of a two floor bus.